10 choses que vous ne saviez pas à propos de Detective Conan

10 things you didn't know about Detective Conan

10 choses que vous ne saviez pas à propos de Detective Conan
Detective Conan is one of the oldest Japanese manga series that we can find. It started in 1994 and is currently on the airWhatever the case, the name of the series is pretty simple and straightforward in that it does indeed focus on a detective who uses the name Conan Edogawa.
Here are 10 things you may or may not have known about Detective Conan:

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1. The English name is the closed case

In the west, people might be more familiar with Detective Conan under the English name Case Closed. There were potential legal issues with Detective Conan, so the series was given a new name in the said market.

2.The protagonist is Shinichi Kudo

The protagonist of the Detective Conan series is called Shinichi Kudo. In short, he is a high school student who sometimes helps the police by doing detective work, which gets him into serious trouble.

3. The protagonist uses the name Conan Edogawa

As a result, the protagonist uses the name Conan Edogawa to protect his true identity. Something very important because it has been made clear to him that he is threatened by unknown enemies. This is the same incident that allowed the protagonist to protect his true identity with nothing more than a simple name change.

10 choses que vous ne saviez pas à propos de Detective Conan

4. His science is rather loose

Often, the science in Detective Conan is more super-science than real-world science. For example, the protagonist was forced to swallow an experimental poison, which had the strange side effect of turning him into a child. This is how Shinichi Kudo is able to become Conan Edogawa.

5.Some people are aware of the change

Some characters in the series are aware of the change. For example, Dr. Hiroshi Agasa knows Conan's true identity, so he provides Conan with various gadgets to help him protect his true identity and continue his detective work. Similarly, Shinichi's rival, Heiji Hattori, also learned what happened, though interestingly, Heiji discovering Shinichi's secret actually made them get along better. To some extent, this is based on Heiji's concern for Conan's well-being in light of the criminal organization that has already attacked him.

detective conan

6. The others do not

That said, most of the characters are unaware of the change, including a few who probably should have been informed. For example, Conan lives with his childhood friend Ran Mori, who is very worried about Shinichi. Rather dubiously, Conan has gone to great lengths to convince Ran that he and Shinichi are separate people despite his suspicions about exactly where Shinichi has gone.

7.Conan uses other people to solve cases

Speaking of which, as Conan solves his cases, he tends to use other people to reveal his findings. In particular, he has been known to knock out Ran's father, Kogoro Mori, and then impersonate his voice to claim that Kogoro is the one who solved the case that came up. This has led to the result that Kogoro considers himself a great detective, although in truth he really isn't.10 choses que vous ne saviez pas à propos de Detective Conan

8. Conan tracks down the black organization

The enemy Conan seeks to track down before he can safely reveal his true identity to his friends is a criminal organization called the Black Organization. Suffice it to say that the Black Organization has engaged in a wide range of serious crimes, which means that its caution is understandable.

9. There have been defections from the black organization

Speaking of which, it is interesting to note that the poison that Conan was forced to consume had the same effect on other individuals. To be exact, it aged his creator Shiho Miyano, who did so in a suicide attempt. Previously, she worked for the Black Organization but defected because one of its members killed her sister, which earned her a new identity thanks to Dr. Agasa.

10. The designer has an end in mind

Series creator Gosho Aoyama has stated that he has an ending in mind for Detective Conan. However, he's in no real hurry to finish the series, which means that those interested should probably not expect the series to end anytime soon.


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