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5 Quotes from Draken !

Draken's loyalty and determination set him apart from other characters seen in Tokyo Revengers, here are the top 5 quotes from Draken in the Tokyo Revengers manga !

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5/ "You don't have to bow your head, just have a heart that cares."

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5 Citations de Draken!

Mikey is unable to understand the importance of showing respect, even to people he doesn't know. Upon seeing someone related to one of their members end up in the hospital after the battle with Moebius, Draken and Mikey were at the hospital and met her parents. Her parents blamed them for what happened to their daughter.

Mikey may be one of the strongest people Draken knows, but Draken reminds her how important it is to show respect and love to the people they have indirectly impacted.

4/ "All of our members have families. People they care about. We can't let any stranger get hurt. We can't have their friends and family crying."

5 Citations de Draken!

The life of an offender is not always fun and struggles. Many people who are not part of Toman have to suffer the consequences of their actions. Pah's friends girlfriend was attacked because of the fights Toman was involved in. Mikey was unable to understand the gravity of the situation.

Draken told him that protecting people who did not choose to be offenders was one of the most important things Toman should do. No one else should have to suffer the same fate as Toman if they had no part in his story. This shows how much Draken not only cares about Toman, but also the importance of each member's family and friends.

3/ "If I could do my life over, I would choose to live the same way. I have no regrets."

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5 Citations de Draken!

Draken's loyalty not only to Toman, but also to Mikey is important to note. He has risked his life behind bars to try to protect the gang he loves. Even though he has been through so much as a member of Toman, he claims he would do it all over again, without changing a thing. Even though he was facing the consequences of his actions, he knew that what he was doing had to be done.

The no-regrets concept is something everyone can relate to. Viewers can connect with what Draken has to say, as regret can lead someone down the wrong path or the inability to express who they really are. By watching Draken not only acknowledge what he has done, but also say that the love he has for Toman gives him a reason to not regret anything, fans can also accept the way they have chosen to live their lives.

2/ "Looks like they didn't need protection after all."

5 Citations de Draken!

During the fight against Valhalla, the members of Toman began to feel defeated because their defeat was imminent. They had given up and Draken intervened to say that he would protect all of Toman himself if he had too. After realizing that the fight was not over, the other members got back on their feet. Draken noticed that even if he wanted to protect them, they are quite capable of protecting themselves.

Not only is Toman strong, but each member was willing to put their life on the line to defend what they believed in. Draken's strength and Takemichi's speech gave them a reason to continue.

1/ "When I looked at the sky, everything else became irrelevant to me. I found peace."

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5 Citations de Draken!

A solemn moment between Draken and Takemichi, where Draken is on the ground after being shot looking at the sky. The sky reminds him of both defeat and peace because every time he looked at the sky, he knew he was defeated. Even in his last moments, he thought of Mikey and how this sky could save Mikey as it had saved him.

In that moment, Draken realized he had done all he could do and made peace with that. He had risked his life to protect the people he loved and knew that one day Mikey would understand.


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