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Armin Arlet

Armin Arlet

Armin Arlert is one of the main characters of the Attack of the Titans franchise. In the anime, he is dubbed in French by Adrien Solis and Victor Niverd.
Soldier of the Exploration Battalion, even if Armin is physically the weakest of his regiment, his intelligence and his strategic genius make him an indispensable asset.

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Armin originally lived in the Shiganshina District of the Maria Wall. After his parents died trying to escape the Walls, Armin was raised by his grandfather.

One day, Armin found a book belonging to his grandfather that described the outside world. He showed the book to his friend Eren, and spent most of his time with him talking about what was beyond the walls. He hoped one day to see the landscapes described. But his curiosity often got him into trouble with the other children who considered him a heretic.

The Fall of Shiganshina
In the year 845, Armin was once again cornered by bullies who mocked his deep curiosity about the outside world. Refusing to fight back, he was saved by Eren and Mikasa. Armin and his two friends then went to a riverbank, where Eren expressed his desire to join the Exploration Battalion. Just as Armin speculated that the Walls could not protect humanity forever, the Colossal Titan appeared and breached the Maria Wall. With the Titans infiltrating the Shiganshina District, Eren and Mikasa ran home to their mother. Armin tried to stop them but was petrified with fear. He managed to locate and inform Hannes, who went to rescue them.

Armin and his grandfather were able to get on a boat and leave Shiganshina. Once seated, he noticed Eren and Mikasa and wanted to talk to them. However, his grandfather stopped him, pointing out that they had just been through a traumatic event and surely did not want to talk. Puzzled, Armin was quickly distracted by the Dreadnought Titan hitting the inner door of the Maria Wall.

After escaping from Shiganshina, Armin's grandfather was recruited by the armed forces to recover the lost lands. Like most of those involved in the mission, he died. Armin was not fooled and knew that the government had sent civilians on purpose, so that in the end there would be fewer mouths to feed. Now without a family, Armin lived with Eren until they were twelve years old when they were able to join the armed forces.

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Armin Arlet


Even as a child, Armin had a deep fascination with the world beyond the Walls. He was naturally curious, and so had found and studied an illegal book about the outside world belonging to his grandfather. His unusual interest often earned him teasing from the other children. Too shy to defend himself, he often needed the help of his friends to protect himself. Coupled with his frail physique, this was a source of shame for him, leading him to have low self-esteem, and to feel that he was just a burden to others. So Armin has always wanted to prove his worth. As a child, he hoped that one day he would be considered the equal of his friends.

Armin continued to lack confidence throughout his years of training, and for some time after graduation. He considered himself useless and a burden because of his lack of physical strength. However, he eventually learned that his mind is an asset in the military, and that he can use it to help others. As a result, he gradually gained confidence, although he can still be hard on himself at times. The fact that he is so willing to sacrifice himself in order to achieve a goal proves that he still does not value his life.

Armin is exceptionally loyal and selfless. He is constantly concerned about the safety of his friends. He is always willing to throw himself into dangerous situations to save them, even to sacrifice himself for them. When he, Jean Kirschtein and Reiner Braun had to decide who would stay behind with a horse, Armin immediately volunteered without a second's hesitation. When Jean was wounded during a fight, Armin rushed to help him, putting himself in as much danger. But Armin is also very calm, and knows how to keep Eren and Mikasa under control when their emotions get the better of them. He once broke up a fight between Eren and another soldier, and prevented Mikasa from interfering during one of Eren's military trials.
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Armin Arlet

Armin is a very analytical person. He likes to solve problems with his mind, and take time to reflect on situations. Coupled with his intelligence, sound judgment, calmness, ability to plan ahead, creative ideas and thinking outside the box, this makes him a great tactician.

Armin has shown a great investment in the future of humanity, and is always looking for a way to improve things.

His hard and cruel life has led him to have certain beliefs about how the world works. Armin believes that in order to overcome the monsters, accomplish your goals, or make a difference, you must be willing to sacrifice everything, even your humanity. He admires strong leaders like Erwin Smith, Ian Dietrich and Dot Pyxis for this reason. He also believes that tactical decisions should be based on logic rather than emotion.


Armin has a boyish face, with large hazel eyes and a small pointed nose that is always distinctly a little red. His blond hair is styled in a long haircut with bangs all over his forehead. Armin has definite eyebrows and side burns noticeable, indicating his age. His frame is, as it has always been, relatively small and lacks muscle but not definition. During the Liberio attack,Armin is seen wearing a standard coat for concealment purposes before transforming.He is noticeably a bit taller and has shorter cropped hair.

As a soldier in the Survey Corps, Armin is seen wearing their redesigned black uniform for the night raid on Marley.

As a teenager, Armin was rather small for his age, although he had a somewhat defined build. He had a round face with blond hair cut in a bob style and large expressive eyes with brown eyebrows.

In his Titan form, Armin is completely skinless and extremely tall, similar to Bertolt's Titan. His Titan has elongated, skinny arms extending past his knees and very muscular legs with short, thick feet. His Titan's feet are shaped so that he can stand without falling over due to his proportions and height. Armin Titan's upper body is also quite lean, with an exposed rib cage on the front and sides. His face is missing a nose and almost all of his skin, which is replaced by bare bone. The eyes of Armin's Titan form are sunken and dark, with muscle surrounding them. Armin's teeth are shown due to the lack of skin on his cheeks. However, unlike the previous Colossus Titan, Armin's Titan has lips that are surrounded by muscle. What makes Armin's Titan particularly unique is the exposed windpipe that can be seen at its neck, with only two tendons in front of it. Also missing are visible external ears.

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Armin Arlet


High intelligence

Being physically weak, Armin is rarely assigned to the front lines and rarely uses his vertical equipment for direct combat. Instead, his greatest strength is his intelligence - innate abilities to deduce and formulate strategy, whether in a war room or on the fly. But Armin's keen eye for detail makes him a remarkable field tactician, a trait that sets him apart from his fellow trainees. His strategies help save his fellow soldiers on numerous occasions and, most remarkably, he has played a key role in deducing the identity of all Titan's Hostile spies among the 104th Training. Initially, Armin's intelligence was hampered by a severe lack of confidence, but after recognizing and nurturing this side of himself, Armin's potential as a tactician began to manifest itself, and even high-ranking officers took his strategic opinions seriously.


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