Baji Keisuke

Baji Keisuke

Keisuke Baji is a 15 years old teenager, and ex-captain of the 1st division of Tokyo Manjikai.

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Baji has long straight black hair that reaches his shoulders. When he prepares to fight, he sometimes ties it in a ponytail. He is also recognizable by his rather large canines. The young man is usually seen wearing the Toman uniform.


Baji has a pretty wild personality, and is a lover of a good fight. He loves the thrill of adrenaline and wouldn't hesitate to hit a random person, who has done absolutely nothing to him, just because he feels the urge to hit someone. Besides, he never hits without his smile which shows that he loves to fight, and he also always ties his hair when he feels that the fight becomes really funny.

He hides his emotions quite well and prefers to deal with his problems alone, even if it means carrying a lot of weight on his back, like when he announced himself as an enemy of the Toman and a new ally of Valhalla during the meeting of the announcement of the leader of the third division, Kisaki Tetta, all this in order to protect them.

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Baji Keisuke

He also never shows his weaknesses in public, or even when he is with someone, like when Kazutora stabbed him in the back during the confrontation between Tokyo Manjikai and Valhalla.

Nevertheless, even if he doesn't show it, he cares a lot about his relatives and has a big heart. For example, he doesn't want to see his mother cry, because he might have to repeat the year, and he also created himself the kind of gang that the Toman should be, a gang where everyone will put his life on the line for others. The job he plans to do is to open a pet store to take in abandoned animals and care for them.

Skills and Competencies

Baji is one of the strongest fighters in the Toman, he is able to defend himself against many powerful opponents by himself. He has great stamina, and is able to fight his way through 50 enemies with a deep wound in his back and only an iron bar at his side.



Keisuke grew up with Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Pachin and Kazutora. He even had the idea to found a gang when Kazutora, living in the territory of the 9th generation Black Dragons, was attacked. They created the Tokyo Manjikai, which grew and made a name for itself in Shibuya. That same year, in August 2003, he and Hanemiya went to S.S MOTOR to steal a motorcycle, with the aim of making a birthday present for Mikey. But that night, Kazutora accidentally killed Shinichiro, Mikey's older brother. Kazutora will be sentenced to 2 years in prison and will serve his sentence in a reformatory.

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Baji did not spend as much time there as Kazutora and returned to Toman. He often asked Mikey to forgive Kazutora.

During college, he became friends with Chifuyu. At that time, Baji had his hair neatly tied back and wore glasses in an attempt to look smarter. In reality, he had trouble reading and writing the most basic kanji. It was then that Chifuyu helped him write his letter and the two boys quickly bonded and became close friends, as Baji defeated the group that attacked Chifuyu in revenge.

Moebius Arch

Baji arrives with the rest of the Toman members to support Mikey and Draken in their fight against Moebius. Excited, he ties his hair and prepares for the fight. He easily defeats several members of Moebius, demonstrating his strength.

Valhalla Arch

Baji leaves the Toman under the pretext of wanting to be transferred to Valhalla where his friend and former member of the Toman, Kazutora Hanemiya is. In reality, he infiltrates Valhalla to collect more information about Kisaki, because Baji does not trust him. To show his loyalty to Valhalla, he even beats up Chifuyu, one of his closest friends. Chifuyu doesn't hold a grudge against Baji and even tells Takemichi that Baji is only in Valhalla to spy on them. Chifuyu knows Baji well and knows that he always takes care of things.

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On the night of the Valhalla fight against Toman, Baji was stabbed by Kazutora. Although not immediately fatal, the loss of blood caused him to faint and appear dead. Enraged by the apparent death of his friend, Mikey confronts Kazutora with the firm intention of killing him. Before things get that far, Baji stands up and stabs himself, claiming that Kazutora would not be the one to kill him. In his last moments, he told Takemichi to watch over Kisaki and to take care of his loved ones. He died in the arms of Chifuyu, thanking him for everything.


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