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Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno Bucciarati is the deuteragonist of Vento Aureo . He is a mobster and the leader of his own squad within the powerful Neapolitan gang, Passione.


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Sent to track down anyone who attacked Leaky-Eye Luca and making his debut as Giorno Giovanna's opponent, Bucciarati becomes the first to provide significant support to Giorno in his rise through the ranks of Passione.

Bucciarati is also a stand-up user who wields Sticky Fingers in battle.


Bucciarati appears as a man of average height with a slim figure. He has black hair down to his chin with straight bangs covering his forehead. His hair is adorned with a braid along the top of his head and a hair clip topped on each side of his bangs.

His outfit consists of an all-white suit covered with small black spoon-shaped symbols, with an open chest similar to Giorno , and zippers in random places alluding to his Stand, Sticky Fingers . Under his jacket is a lace top, which is apparently depicted as a tattoo in the TV anime.

Her appearance seems to have remained constant since childhood, with no particular difference outside of her height and clothing.

Bucciarati makes a small appearance in the one-shot wearing a blue two-button jacket plus matching sweater and polka dot shirt underneath, with gray pants and brown shoes.

Her black hair is still shown with a red tint, as opposed to her usual blue.


Bruno Bucciarati, initially presented as a cunning gangster, is soon revealed to be a virtuous and extremely determined, if brutal, individual.

During his introductory arc, Bucciarati acts as a seemingly affable gangster to Giorno Giovanna , beginning to chat about various topics during which Bucciarati reveals his more violent side. This behavior later turns out to be an act he endures with unknown people outside Passione and he would later behave in the same way with two airport security guards.

Bucciarati's most important character traits are his uprightness and natural kindness. Bucciarati is committed to the most honorable course of action, even if it puts his life in danger. For example, at the age of seven, Bucciarati chose to stay with his father when his parents divorced because he felt he should support the only parent who suffered from the separation. In addition, Bucciarati openly rebelled against Diavolo when the boss clearly wanted to kill his daughter, Trish Una , resulting in her untimely death. Bucciarati is loyal to the civilians in his territory, being considerate of them by accepting their requests for help, and is generally kind to the people he meets.

Bruno Bucciarati

Bucciarati respects and upholds several values such as resolve, praising Giorno's determination in their fight, altruism as he is willing to sacrifice himself for his beliefs and duties, and family loyalty, being outraged that Diavolo would dare to hurt his own child. Like his team, Bucciarati believes that resolve involves risking one's own life for a just cause, a standard he consistently upholds by putting himself in harm's way and betting on the enemy's slightest determination to prevail, right up to his culminating self-sacrifice against Diavolo. During their first fight, Diavolo even praised the way Bucciarati kept his conscience and tried to counterattack despite an open chest wound. He also readily admires that same determination whenever it appears in an opponent, noting that Giorno and Pesci (temporarily) have such determination.

However, Bucciarati also particularly despises the drug trade, which caused the death of his father and harms the population on a large scale, especially children, so any mention of it pisses him off. Because of his allegiance to Passione, who sells drugs on the street, Bucciarati is conflicted between his code and his duty as a gang member. Giorno notes that Bucciarati was at odds with himself when he used Sticky Fingers to hide in the body of a teenage drug addict. For this reason, he decided to quietly support Giorno Giovanna's infiltration of the gang while still working for the organization. Opposing Narancia's membership in the gang, telling her to lead a normal life, Bucciarati does not hold the gangster life in high regard. Bucciarati also despises malicious violence, backtracking on his praise of Pesci when he saw that Pesci wanted to kill Bucciarati's crew out of spite rather than tactical acumen.

In contrast to his righteousness, Bucciarati has a violent and ruthless side. At the age of twelve, Bucciarati murdered his father's would-be assailants in cold blood and, as a gangster, retained his tendency toward violence. During their first meeting, Bucciarati violently beat Giorno and called his interrogation a torture session and did not stop the team from beating and torturing Mario Zucchero. Having worked for a gang for years, Bucciarati is an experienced fighter, able to discern every time that the intention to kill is genuine, is not impressed by empty threats and is able to keep his calm even during a desperate fight. Likewise, Bucciarati will often use lethal force against his enemies, as demonstrated against Prosciutto and Pesci, whom he had run over by a train and dismembered, as well as against Secco, whom he stunned with a burst car tire.

In a fight, Bucciarati is both brave and cautious. While he is willing to sacrifice himself to win, Bucciarati will regularly attempt tactical retreats and sneak attacks, as seen when he tried to ambush Diavolo. The versatile Sticky Fingers in particular allows him to perform unpredictable tricks like giving himself a longer reach or suddenly disappearing and getting out of trouble. Even when faced with a physically weaker Stand, Bucciarati takes precautions and can be seen strategically retreating against Gold Experience; even more so against a stronger Stand like Oasis. Nevertheless, when push comes to shove, Bucciarati recklessly risks his life if it means he can win by following his philosophy of determination.

Bucciarati always shows himself to be serious, even as a young child, and generally maintains a serious and unwavering demeanor throughout the story. Furthermore, Bucciarati takes his responsibility as a team leader seriously, considering that a lieutenant has the dual function of accomplishing the mission but also supporting his subordinates. This makes Bucciarati extremely determined in a fight if the lives of his teammates are at stake, and Bucciarati regularly takes reckless actions to ensure their safety, such as pulling Prosciutto off a high-speed train to get him out and prevent him from aging the team for death. Throughout most of the story, Bucciarati always acts with a given objective in mind (take Polpo's treasure or Trish's bodyguard for example), and always takes it into account. As a result, Bucciarati can be seen holding back his less disciplined subordinates in terms of focusing on their objective. For the sake of his teammates, Bucciarati maintains a facade of austere determination, ordering his team to continue despite the recent loss of Abbacchio, even though he too was upset by Abbacchio's sudden death.

Bruno Bucciarati

Bucciarati has a strong relationship with his team, being stern but fair and praising them whenever he thinks it is deserved. His habit of seeking out the marginalized and treating them with humanity and often with kindness has indeed guaranteed their loyalty, allowing the majority of the group to remain united under him even when they rebel against the Passione boss. Moreover, each member of Bucciarati's team values his abilities and believes that under his leadership they can achieve greatness. For example, Guido Mista was released from prison thanks to Bucciarati, and Narancia was struck by Bucciarati's stern but humane demeanor toward him, both of whom ultimately trust him to win against Passione. It is shown that Bucciarati has a fatherly side with Narancia, whom he sheltered and advised to stay away from the life of a gangster, as well as with Trish whose worries of being the daughter of a mafia boss, he tries to comfort as best he can. In the brutal world of gangsters, however, Bucciarati is under no illusion that they are constantly risking their lives.


Bruno Bucciarati



Bucciarati's Sticky Fingers Stand allows him to create zippers on any solid object or surface, including his own body parts, which he can open and close as he pleases. Sticky Fingers also demonstrates exceptional strength and defense in combat.


Bucciarati is a remarkable fighter in a stand-up battle; after mastering the versatile power of Sticky Fingers, he can easily use the environment to his advantage, hold off enemies, quickly evade incoming attacks, and attack from blind spots. His natural altruism means that survival is not his priority, so his actions will easily surprise his opponents.

Bucciarati is also a perceptive fighter, having been able to quickly deduce King Crimson's weaknesses despite his mortal wounds and take advantage of them. He is able to analyze his opponents' fighting styles and perceive their strengths and weaknesses.

Lie detection

Bucciarati is able to tell if someone is lying just by looking at them, claiming that when a person is lying, their skin glows from perspiration. He can also taste a person's sweat to distinguish them as a liar, claiming that a liar's sweat tastes sweeter than normal.


During the events on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore W , Bucciarati received a fatal blow from the boss and was then healed by Giorno's Gold Experience . Bucciarati eventually reveals that his life was over at that time, however, his body continued to move only thanks to the "vital energy" that Giorno had given him.  In this undead state, Bucciarati lacked bodily functions such as breathing, a heartbeat or the ability to feel pain. However, it also made him immune to the effects of Green Day, and although the decomposition of his body gradually made him blind and deaf, he could still converse with others thanks to the ability to observe and feel what individual souls were thinking.



Bruno Bucciarati was born the son of a humble fisherman in a coastal town where he spent most of his happy childhood with two loving parents. The anime mentions that it was in a suburb of Naples.

When Bucciarati was seven years old, his parents decided to divorce. His father wanted to stay in the fishing village where they lived while his mother wanted to move to the city. Both decided that Bucciarati should choose who he wanted to live with. Bucciarati's mother tried to convince him to come with her to the city and get an education, but in the end, Bucciarati said he preferred to live with his father. Both parents were shocked, but Bucciarati's mother understood the reasoning behind Bucciarati's decision. Bucciarati knew, even at his young age, that once his mother arrived in the city, she would forget about the village, even though she was crying and sad at the time. However, her father would be left alone and would slowly age and die and he needed someone with him. This kindness was part of Bucciarati's personality.

Over the years, Bucciarati's father worked very hard in hopes that Bucciarati would one day move to the city and receive an education. One day, two men posing as fishermen showed up and asked to be taken to an island. The fishermen seemed strange, one even forgetting to take his fishing rod. Bucciarati's father took the fishing pole and went to look for the fishermen, but upon finding them, he saw that they were actually gangsters involved in drug trafficking with several other men.

Bruno Bucciarati

Bucciarati's father was shot seven times, but a nearby Coast Guard vessel passed by, forcing the gangsters to flee. The crew found him and he was rushed to the hospital. However, while Bucciarati's father was unconscious, the same two gangsters snuck into his room, intending to finish him off. While one stood guard, the other moved to kill Bucciarati's father, when suddenly he found a knife pointed at him by twelve-year-old Bucciarati, who had hidden under the bed to protect his father, knowing the people who tried to kill him. would return. Bucciarati killed the two gangsters but knew that the police could not protect him or his family from reprisals. So he joined Passione in exchange for the protection she could give him against the friends of the two gangsters who might retaliate.

For a few years, Bucciarati worked under Polpo, not thinking too much about the gang's actions, even though it was around the time the gang began selling drugs in the city. Five years later, Bucciarati's father died of complications from his operation, but Bucciarati knew that the gang was involved in the operation and that they were trying to separate him from his father. Ultimately, Bucciarati's trust was betrayed when he inevitably discovered Passione's drug business, but he could do nothing about it regardless. In the meantime, Bucciarati worked to build a team of trustworthy people, recruiting four teenagers and men at the nadir of their lives: Pannacotta Fugo, Leone Abbacchio, Narancia Ghirga and Guido Mista.


Bruno Bucciarati


One day, Bucciarati learned of Leaky-Eye Luca's death and was asked to investigate the case. Bucciarati also received a request from a flower store owner who explained that his daughter had mysteriously jumped from the top of a building to commit suicide and asked Bucciarati to take revenge on his daughter's boyfriend whom he believed to be the culprit in this incident. Eager to give the man closure but being against simple murder, Bucciarati therefore sent Mista to interrogate the boyfriend while Fugo convinced him to be sent instead. At the same time, Mista had spotted the Rolling Stones stalking Bucciarati but his confusion worried Bucciarati, who decided to follow Mista. Bucciarati was almost hit by the Rolling Stones but was saved by Mista by grabbing him and jumping from the seventh floor to destroy the stone, surviving the fall by landing on Fugo's car. Mista had learned that the Rolling Stones were showing that Bucciarati was doomed to die and sought to prevent this spell by destroying the stone. Seeing both Mista and Fugo injured, Bucciarati finally decided to investigate Luca's death.

Vento Aureo

Bucciarati meets Giorno Giovanna in a funicular and questions him about the murder of Luca . He uses Sticky Fingers to intimidate Giorno using Luca's body parts before engaging him and his Gold Experiencein direct combat, intending to kill the teenager. Bucciarati is hit by Giorno's stand, leaving him vulnerable to a follow-up attack that pulls a tooth out of his mouth. Realizing that a direct confrontation could be dangerous against Gold Experience's power, Bucciarati decides to flee and recover, but Giorno gives chase, refusing to let him escape. Finding a crowd of people, Bucciarati uses his stand skin inside the body of a thirteen year old child, but is quickly discovered by Giorno using the power of Gold Experience and his own missing tooth. Bucciarati decides to fight Giorno directly and pushes him to attack the arm of a bystander he has attached to himself and almost cuts Giorno with his zippers; However, Giorno detaches his own arm to hit Bucciarati again. Defeated, Bucciarati is caught off guard when Giorno spares him. He learns that Giorno's decision was based on his hesitation at the sight of the teenager's own arm in which he was hiding; he had been injected with drugs. Bucciarati was only spared because Giorno saw that he was a good person.

Bruno Bucciarati

At the end of their fight, Giorno declares his intention to infiltrate Passione and considers Bucciarati an ally, although the gangster is quick to inform him that if his ambitions to take over the gang or his involvement as Luca's killer are discovered, he will not offer him help as he claims that no one would help a traitor. After Giorno is introduced to Passione through one of Polpo's trials, Bucciarati explains to him that the most effective way to overthrow the Boss is to get into his good graces and proceeds to introduce Giorno to his group.

After Polpo is murdered by Giorno, staged to look like a suicide because he had used Gold Experience to disguise a gun as a banana, Bucciarati takes his gang to the island of Capri to seize four billion lire of hidden treasure that once belonged to Polpo, Bucciarati having helped him hide it in the past. After being attacked by the Stand Soft Machine and its user, Mario Zucchero , and after Mista defeats Sale , Bucciarati finally gets the hidden treasure and hands it over to Pericolo , who promotes him to the rank of capo and then immediately gives him the mission of protecting the boss's estranged daughter - Trish Una - from a team of rogue assassins who seek to kidnap her and use her to reveal the boss's identity.

After a failed first mission that results in an injury to Narancia and an entire street burned due to a battle between him and Formaggio , Bucciarati moves Trish and also retrieves a key to Pompeii for a turtle that has a stand that will serve as a place for the group. This leads to an altercation involving Fugo, Abbacchio and Giorno and the enemy Stand user Illuso with his Stand Man in the Mirror . After examining the key, the team finds further instructions to go to the Naples train station and board a train to Venice. Bucciarati notices that he is being followed by two assassins but finds Coco Jumbo, a Stand User turtle that can be used as a hiding place. Thus, Bucciarati's team hides in the turtle, confusing the assassins.

Bruno Bucciarati

Later, aboard a moving train bound for Florence, Bucciarati and Mista battle Prosciutto's The Grateful Dead and Pesci's Beach Boy. The Grateful Dead accelerates the aging of everyone on the train, including most of the group, leaving only Bucciarati and Mista to fight the assassins. Although Mista is nearly killed by Prosciutto and unconscious for the rest of the fight, Bucciarati ambushes the two enemies and pulls Prosciutto off the train with him, managing to get him off and back on the train in short order. However, Pesci is determined to avenge his brother and relentlessly attacks Bucciarati with the hook of his Stand. With Beach Boy almost reaching his heart, Bucciarati decompresses into several pieces to stop the hook. However, unlike the situation with Zucchero's head, Bucciarati's parts are really disconnected from each other, slowly killing him. He almost dies before the train heads and gathers his parts just as Pesci retracts the line from his stand. Pesci stops the train and Bucciarati confronts him on the outside, ending with Pesci falling victim to a barrage of blows from Sticky Fingers as he is taken down by the zippers and tossed into the nearby pond. Bucciarati and the gang continue their journey to Venice.

While the team steals a car, Bucciarati and Trish are attacked by Baby Face and quickly defeated, but Giorno intercepts Baby Face and beats him, also sending a snake after Melone to get rid of him. The team is instructed to use Moody Blues and discover Pericolo, who tells them to retrieve a disk containing further instructions for Trish's final delivery. The team then finds the disk, learns the instructions and reaches San Giorgio Maggiore, the final destination of their mission.

Equipping himself with a "lucky charm" - secretly a tracking device - from Giorno after reaching the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Bucciarati volunteers to escort Trish to the top of the church belfry to meet her father. Trish, having never met her father, walks away from the elevator. Bucciarati responds by reassuring her that her father loves her and that she will soon be given a new identity so she can live her life in peace. To further comfort her, Bucciarati allows her to hold his hand during the elevator ride. That's when, after noticing that the elevator ride was a little shorter than expected, Bucciarati turns around to see that he is actually holding Trish's severed hand.

Sneaking up on the Boss behind a column in order to assassinate him and save Trish, the Boss orders him to leave or die. As Bucciarati attacks, the Boss disappears and asks him why he would betray the gang despite a completed mission. Shouting that Trish never had a father in the Boss and that he will never understand how he feels, Bucciarati pulls out a cell phone to contact Giorno. Given instructions from his ally, he attacks the Boss through a nearby column, only to hit what he soon realizes is himself, left confused as his consciousness shifts to the other him. The Boss and his King Crimson reappear in front of Bucciarati and clean his torso, and though badly wounded, Bucciarati closes the wound to trap King Crimson's hand and strikes back.

The Boss activates King Crimson's ability again: the ability to erase time and see into the future. Effortlessly avoiding being hit, the Boss positions him behind Bucciarati and gives him a fatal blow that splits a large part of his torso. Dying and powerless to save Trish, Bucciarati screams and almost sees her killed by her own father before the Boss is suddenly sucked into a turtle; Giorno has used his Gold experiment to turn the Beetle's pin tracking device into a Coco Jumbo clone, forcing the Boss into the turtle. Noting how the boy always fills him with courage, Bucciarati gathers the strength to take Trish and escape from the boss by devising a plan involving the limited time King Crimson can see into the future. When Giorno reaches Bucciarati,

Bucciarati later tells his team about his betrayal and asks the team to accompany him. Abbacchio admits that he feels most at peace when he is with Bucciarati and Mista just wants to get the boss's fortune, knowing that Bucciarati would never fight a battle he couldn't win. Narancia begs Bucciarati to give him the order to follow him, but he is told to decide for himself. Fugo and Narancia are left behind, although in the end Narancia finally swims after the boat. Giorno notices that Bucciarati feels neither pain nor bleeding, and after having helped him to raise, he is

In Sardinia, the team investigates a stele near which the Boss would have taken a photo of Trish's mother. Abbacchio's Moody Blue returns to fifteen years ago, but Bucciarati is drawn alongside the rest of the team. Thus, the Boss is able to get close to Abbacchio and kill him. As a silver lining, Abbacchio manages to uncover the Boss' face with his Moody Blues in his final moments and relay his discovery to the team. Bucciarati receives a contact from a third party that confirms the Boss's identity as a man named Diavolo , and is told to go to the Colosseum in Rome so that the mysterious contact can give them the arrow that can unlock a power great enough to take away The Crimson King of Diavolo .

The team is ambushed in a coastal village near Rome by the guard squad members Secco and his Oasis and the sadistic Cioccolata and his Green Day . As a corpse, Bucciarati is immune to Green Day's mold and is therefore able to fend off Secco. The team is then able to travel to Rome, during which Bucciarati tells a stunned Giorno that he is a dead soul piloting his own decaying corpse and that this state is nothing short of a miracle enabling him to complete his mission. After a run at the Colosseum while the rest of his gang dealt with Cioccolata, Bucciarati manages to paralyze Secco by damaging his hearing by blowing out a nearby car tire, while Secco desperately holds Vinegar Doppiootage. However, Bucciarati manages to finish Secco off, sending him walking awkwardly into a garbage truck as the Passione member desperately tries to play with the zipper that was placed on his body, never to be seen again.

The battle with Secco takes its toll on Bucciarati himself, as his undead body shuts down. Bucciarati loses his sight and hearing. Incidentally, Doppio and Diavolo deceive him to lead them to the meeting point with the mysterious party, revealed as Jean Pierre Polnareff . Bucciarati is then fooled into thinking that the teenager is actually Trish, once Doppio is informed by Diavolo via a call that Bucciarati can only sense people through their souls due to being undead - Diavolo disguises his soul as Trish's and, once close enough, attacks and fights Polnareff and his Silver Chariot for the second time.

Once Silver Chariot is pierced by the arrow in Polnareff's possession after its user is effectively killed by Diavolo and King Crimson and transforms into Requiem Chariot, Bucciarati and Diavolo swap bodies due to the soul manipulation powers of the newly evolved Requiem Stand and Bucciarati's body, Doppio inhabiting it. To stop anyone in his body, Bucciarati orders his body to be shot. Eventually, after Narancia is horribly killed by King Crimson, it is deduced that Diavolo is hiding in Mista's body "behind" Trish's soul that also inhabits the body and Diavolo takes control. Giorno, Mista and Trish try to keep the arrowhead away from Diavolo, but the boss then decides to pierce Trish, sending Mista's body flying towards the arrow before anyone can react.

Fortunately, Bucciarati also deduces Chariot Requiem's weakness and destroys the soul light behind his head to save Trish, steal Diavolo from the Arrow and return everyone to their original bodies. This, in turn, allows Bucciarati's soul to finally transcend into the afterlife. As a spirit, he bids farewell to Giorno, thanking him for bringing him back to life, not only literally but by restoring the dying faith in his soul. Ascending to heaven, guided by angels, Bucciarati shows his appreciation for having met Giorno in Naples by leaving the Arrow in his hands, allowing him to access a greater power.


Bruno Bucciarati



Bucciarati Team

A valiant man and capable leader, Bruno Bucciarati is respected and obeyed by every member of his team. Although Bucciarati is strict with his subordinates, he also protects them and trusts them all because he recognizes their own value.

  • Giorno Giovanna: Even though Bucciarati and Giorno met as enemies, Bucciarati recognized Giorno's determination while Giorno saw that Bucciarati was at heart an honest man. They stopped fighting and started cooperating to stop Passione's drug trafficking. The two trusted each other and Bucciarati only admitted that he had become a dead man in front of Giorno. When Bucciarati expired, he greeted Giorno one last time, telling him that he allowed him to be at peace and entrusting the young boy to finish Diavolo.
  • Leone Abbacchio: While Abbacchio is Bucciarati's subordinate, Bucciarati and Leone act more like equals because Bucciarati also considers Abbacchio an elder. Abbacchio is the most willing to question Bucciarati's orders, but at the same time is willing to defend Bucciarati's authority. When Bucciarati rebelled, Abbacchio rebuked his foolish action but was the second to join him, stating that it made him feel at peace.
  • Guido Mista: Bucciarati first heard of Mista when he was being chased. Seeing that Mista had the will and honor, Bucciarati pulled some strings to get him into Passione. Now, Bucciarati trusts Mista as a valuable fighter, while Mista respects Bucciarati's abilities as a team leader.
  • Narancia Ghirga: Bucciarati met Narancia when he was a sick street kid. He then had him treated and brought back to school, at the same time indignant that the young Narancia asked to be turned into a gangster. The paternal severity of Bucciarati's reprimand made Narancia realize that Bucciarati was worth following and he always entered Passione. As a member of Bucciarati's team, Bucciarati trusts Narancia's abilities while Narancia is almost devoted to him. However, when a terrified Narancia asked Bucciarati, who at this point rebelled against Passione, to order him to go with the rest of the team, Bucciarati told Narancia to decide for himself, showing that Bucciarati expected Narancia to one day be mature enough to be independent.
  • Pannacotta Fugo: Not much is shown of the relationship between Fugo and Bucciarati, but Bucciarati respects Fugo's intelligence, and Fugo is functionally his right-hand man. After Fugo was expelled from the university, Bucciarati brought him to Passione, and Fugo felt indebted to him. However, this respect was not enough for Fugo to follow Bucciarati in what Fugo saw as a suicidal rebellion against Passione.
  • Trish Una: Bucciarati and Trish's relationship did not start well, as Bucciarati simply saw Trish as a way to get closer to the boss while Trish tried to act unpleasantly towards everyone. However, Trish, being the daughter of a gang leader and the target of assassins, upset the girl and Bucciarati tried to reassure her, offering her a safe hand in the elevator ride to the Boss for example. Bucciarati saved Trish from her father and so Trish began to trust him greatly. Bucciarati somehow seems to admire the girl's growing determination and resolve to fight against a predestined fate. Throughout the development of the story, Trish expresses feelings for Bucciarati especially in conversation with Narancia after the attack on Green Day. While calling him cold and distant, she implicitly wishes he would show a more openly caring attitude towards her. When Doppio pretends to be Trish, subsequently deceiving Bucciarati, the latter offers Trish a small estate in the suburbs of Neapolis and declares that she is entitled to peace and happiness, thus emphasizing his kindness, generosity and benevolent attitude towards the young woman. It is likely that Trish never knew this. In sum, Bucciarati sacrificed his life more than anyone else for her, and whether she considers him a surrogate father, a brotherly figure, or a lover is open to interpretation. generosity and caring attitude toward the young woman. It is likely that Trish never knew this. In sum, Bucciarati has sacrificed his life more than anyone else for her and whether she considers him a surrogate father, a brother figure, or a lover is open to interpretation. generosity and caring attitude toward the young woman. It is likely that Trish never knew this. In sum, Bucciarati sacrificed his life more than anyone else for her and whether she considers him a surrogate father, a brother figure or a lover is open to interpretation.


  • Diavolo Family: Bucciarati initially had an ambiguous relationship with his boss, having a duty to Passione to protect him and his father but also despising Passione's drug dealing. When Diavolo tried to kill his daughter Trish, Bucciarati was outraged that he would kill his own child and rejected him completely. However, this hatred was not reciprocated by Diavolo who did not understand why he rebelled but still respected his abilities as a leader. During the final confrontation, Diavolo let his anger explode and expressed his extreme disdain towards Bucciarati, calling him weak, the latter having practically defeated the semi-invincible state of the boss by solving the mystery behind the ability of Silver Chariot Requiem.
  • Prosciutto: The two met as enemies, with Prosciutto trying to kill Team Bucciarati in order to capture Trish. Bucciarati didn't think much of Prosciutto, considering him an opponent but nothing more. On the other hand, Prosciutto went from dismissing Bucciarati as an incompetent lieutenant to praising his determination in a fight, which reflected the assassin's motto.
  • Pesci: Bucciarati and Pesci met as enemies, Pesci trying to kill the Bucciarati team in order to capture Trish. When Prosciutto was defeated by Bucciarati, while maintaining his Stand to help Pesci, the latter was moved and acquired a determination that Bucciarati, on seeing Pesci again, somewhat admired. However, Pesci's cruelty caused Bucciarati to change his mind and call Pesci a "bastard," unceremoniously killing him.
  • Father: As a child, Bucciarati loved his father deeply. When his parents divorced, he chose to stay with his father, knowing that he suffered the most from the separation. In return, Bucciarati's father tried to work hard to pay for Bucciarati's education. When Bucciarati's father was almost killed by drug dealers, Bucciarati went so far as to murder the dealers to protect him. Bucciarati devoted his time to trying to right Passione's wrongs after his father's death. It is said that his inherent kindness and dedication is a legacy from his father.
  • Mother: As a child, Bucciarati and her mother loved each other. When she divorced him, she tried to influence Bucciarati to come with her, but Bucciarati refused. Moved by Bucciarati's kindness, his mother was both sad and proud of her son. Being separated by great distances, Bucciarati and his mother eventually stopped seeing each other, with Bucciarati only visiting her occasionally at Christmas.



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