Cell was a humanoid bio-organism created from the cells of Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freezer and King Cold. Dr. Gero's masterpiece, his goal was to become the ultimate fighter and he had to absorb N°17 and N°18 to reach his perfect form. But the two artificial humans having been destroyed in his timeline, his only solution was to travel back in time to the timeline of our heroes in order to achieve his goal. He is a major antagonist of Dragon Ball, being one of the 3 main antagonists of Dragon Ball Z.

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Cell was a hybrid being created successively by Gero, then taken over by his computer after the latter had abandoned his creation. His goal was very different from the Artificial Humans. Indeed, his goal was to be the ultimate fighter. In order to do so, Cell inherited cell samples taken during Son Goku's key fights (except for the events on planet Namek). Thus, Cell's personality was very much based on the Saiyans' adoration of fighting. He also inherited Piccolo's ability to regenerate indefinitely, as well as Freezer and Cold's cells, which allowed him to take over their ability to survive in space.


His personality has evolved a lot. Facing Piccolo, he was then not able to oppose his enemies and he stalked the earthlings in order to acquire a higher level than the Artificial Humans and Piccolo. It is important to note that his power never evolved by itself. On the level of his character, his fight against Vegeta shows how much he knew how to understand the Saiyans and their love of fighting. On the level of personality, he was not necessarily superior to them, since he usually made the same mistakes. For example, like Vegeta, he intentionally let Son Gohan awaken to his highest level, or he favored his muscular strength when he lost his temper like Trunks did.

When he reached his ultimate form, Cell was in full possession of his abilities, all the techniques he inherited are pushed to the ultimate stages. It's funny that he used a Freezer technique to kill Trunks during his resurrection.

He was not called "Cell from the future" or "Cell from another future" because of the absence of his present alter-ego, Cell (present), being destroyed by Kuririn and Trunks.

cell dragon ball z

Skills and Competencies

The Perfect Form is the ultimate form of Cell, the form he takes after absorbing N°18. This form undergoes a great physical and moral change.

In this form, Cell has wings again, his upper torso and shoulders become black. His face and hands turn gray and his feet turn yellow.

Cell is much more intelligent and now has a nose. His tail now shrinks and the tip stays below his wings, as he doesn't need it anymore in this form.

His abdomen turns purple and the underside of his skin is covered by his green shells.

Even if Cell is in his perfect form, it does not prevent him from regressing to a previous form if he spits out N°17 or N°18. The proof is that Son Gohan managed to regress Cell after spitting out N°18, after receiving a violent punch. But by coming back stronger, his absorption was no longer necessary.

CELL dragon ball z


Cell is a genetically modified organism formed thanks to the cells of Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freezer and King Cold which were collected by a spy micro-robot. It was not in fact directly created by Doctor Gero, but by his computer, the scientist having abandoned his project. Located under the main laboratory, his incubator survived the destruction of this one by N°17 and N°18 in the world of Mirai Trunks, giving Cell all the time to develop. When he reached maturity, fifteen years after the arrival of the cyborgs in Trunks' future, he discovers that N°17 and N°18 were destroyed by Trunks. Cell then kills the latter and takes his time machine. His goal is to go back in the past in order to absorb N°17 and N°18 to reach the stage of a perfect body. But to do this, he must regress to the larval stage because the time machine is too small for him, so he goes underground for 3 years to complete his development.

While the Z-warriors must contend with the artificial humans, with whom they cannot compete, a new threat now hangs over the Earth. Bulma has discovered that a second Time Machine has appeared somewhere on the planet. Near this one, our friends discover an egg and a monstrous molt. At the same time, a monster called Cell appears in town and absorbs the vital energy of human beings to gain power. Piccolo who, after suffering a setback, has decided to unite with God, and will meet this monster in Ginger Town and confront him!

Piccolo learns that Son Goku is not interested in the monster, Cell wants to absorb the two artificial humans to have a perfect body. Piccolo fights against him, but Cell uses the Taiyoken technique to escape. Son Goku, once recovered, tells Vegeta and Trunks about his plans. He wants to train in the Hall of Spirit and Time. One day in this room is equivalent to one year. This training aims at improving the power level of our friends quickly and efficiently. Trunks and Vegeta decide to go first.

Piccolo, on his side, is now powerful enough to face the artificial humans N°17 and N°18. He finds them and starts to fight against N°17. Both of them are on the same level. When Cell appears, Piccolo and No.17 join forces to try to eliminate the now much stronger Cell, but to no avail. Cell ends up absorbing No.17, which makes him change physically into the semi-perfect form of the monster and also makes him much stronger.


Trunks and Vegeta, after finishing their training, go to meet Cell. Vegeta fights Cell and dominates him. He finds it too easy, so he lets Cell absorb N°18. Cell has reached his goal, he is in his perfect form. Vegeta fights against him.

Vegeta, during his training, reached a new stage of power, the Super Saiyan Dai 2 Dankai, but even with his new transformation, Vegeta is no match for the new Cell. When Vegeta was defeated, Trunks also transformed into Super Saiyan Dai 2 Dankai, but still managed to hold his own against Cell for a short time.


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