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Charlotte Linlin (Big mom)

Charlotte Linlin (Big mom)

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom is the captain of the Big Mom crew, and the only female member of the Four Emperors.


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She is the matriarch of the Charlotte Family, which forms the infrastructure of her crew. She also rules over Totto Land as queen, and seeks to transform the Archipelago into a utopia where all races of the world can live together without discrimination or segregation.

Her epithet was revealed just after the Battle of Marine Ford by Eustass Kid, her real name was later mentioned by Pappug on the Island of the Fishmen. He is the main antagonist of the Tougato Arc and one of the main antagonists of the Emperor Saga.


Charlotte Linlin (Big mom)



Big Mom is a round, tall and obese woman with a chin often hidden by her torso. She has a huge body, exceeding 2.77 meters in Brook and is able to hold her body in one hand, as well as Jinbe, a three meter high fish-man. At the age of five, Linlin was already so huge that she was mistaken for a giant, and was as tall as the giant children.

Her face is chubby, and she has a big nose and a big mouth, big enough to devour a human, made up with lipstick. She has large rounded teeth and a long tongue that often sticks out of her mouth. Her nose is hooked and her cheeks are round and chubby. She has long curly pink hair that reaches the middle of her back. She also has a tattoo on her left shoulder, consisting of a red heart surrounded by thin lines forming another smaller heart.

Linlin often secretes large amounts of saliva when she speaks. During her frequent bouts of rage at not having some food available to her, her pupils take on a spiral appearance.

Linlin wears a pink tricorn with a Jolly Roger on the front, with two crossed swords instead of crossed bones and is imbued with a fragment of her soul, making it change expression and speak. The hat, on its top, is edged with a thick yellow line. Linlin also has a pink dress with red dots and white ruffles on her neckline and hem, with a large billowing white cape attached to her neck that falls to the ground. The outfit is completed with dark blue high heels, a turquoise beaded bracelet on both wrists, and gold and jeweled rings on all her fingers.


Charlotte Linlin (Big mom)


At the age of five, Linlin towered over normal humans and was the same size as a giant child. She had a much rounder face and had freckles on her cheeks. She wore a pointy dress very similar to the one she wears now, but this one reaching her neck and having a bow at the top.

At 28, Linlin looked drastically different from her childhood and old age. She was noticeably thinner with a visible neck and chin, and her features were noticeably smaller and more proportionate to her face. Her hair was long, but much less wild than today, and she had a large strand of hair falling on the left side of her face. In Oda's depiction, she wore a dark fedora, a bandana, and a dark top with a captain's coat draped over her shoulders.

At age 48, her neck was considerably larger and more muscular than it was at age 28, and she had a much larger and more pronounced jaw. By this time, she had already started wearing Napoleon and her polka bandana.

Five years ago, at age 63, she wore a purple and pink vertical striped dress.

Hours after her wedding cake envy began, it was noted that Big Mom became thinner, until she became emaciated.

Charlotte Linlin (Big mom)



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