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Code - Boruto

Code - Boruto

Code is an internal member of the organization known as Kara.

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At the time Kawaki was brought to Kara, Code was one of fifteen candidates selected to participate in Jigen and Amado's Ôtsutsuki ritual to select a receptacle of Isshiki Kama. Only Kawaki survived to become a real receptacle. Code had tremors and spasms like the unsuccessful and deceased candidates, but still managed to survive and obtained a white Kama. Some time after the Ôtsutsuki ritual and already deeply loyal to Isshiki, Code was so jealous that only Kawaki proved to be viable as the next Isshiki receptacle that he came to openly hate him and even made it clear that if Kawaki was not the next receptacle, Code would kill him with his own hands. Meanwhile, with the amazing reaction that occurred in Code's body due to the Kama implant and his mutation, Code's fighting abilities surpassed Jigen's. While any of Kara's people who became stronger than Jigen through modification would normally be eliminated to avoid undermining her position as leader, Code was exempted because of her unwavering loyalty, which led Amado to install limiters in Code's body that only the scientist could deactivate.


Code seemed to have a mocking and arrogant demeanor, as when he smiled when Jigen put Victor in his place and mocked Delta for being weaker than him, being sure that he or Boro could handle Naruto and thus was assured that one of them would be sent to confront the Hokage and get Kawaki back. In the anime, he lamented the fact that Koji had killed Victor, regretting that he couldn't do it himself. Code was shown to be fanatically devoted to Isshiki and resentful of Kawaki, who had been chosen as the vessel for Isshiki, lamenting his own failed Kama. Delta noticed that he was pleased with Kawaki's loss. He was described as Isshiki's most loyal subordinate and worshipped him and the entire Ôtsutsuki clan openly as gods. This respect extends to the other Kama-bearing vessels.

Even more, although the white Kama gave him greater strength than Jigen, he remained obedient and willingly accepted that limiters be implanted in his body. When he heard that Isshiki had disappeared, he was greatly affected and swore not only to avenge him, but also to obey his last decree to become an Ôtsutsuki himself in order to perpetuate the clan's legacy. He is also very perceptive, having realized that Boro had disobeyed Jigen's orders to dispose of some of Amado's cyborgs and instead stored them inside his base for future use. Despite his loyalty, Code can be lazy, as he had fallen asleep guarding Jûbi.

While acting independently, Code is shown as a very careful and methodical man. Knowing how risky it would be to face Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiwa in his weakened state, he preferred to resort to Ada's help, patiently moving forward to achieve his goals. He is also strategically savvy, having placed his claw marks at various locations around each of the Big Five Ninja Countries, knowing that they must deploy their forces to guard these locations even though they know they may be decoys. Since he had inherited Isshiki's will, Code was determined to pursue the Ôtsutsuki's goal of cultivating the Divine Tree and siphoning off all of Earth's life energy to produce a Chakra Fruit and evolve.


Code is a young man with an average build and short, tousled orange hair. A craniofacial prosthesis resembling a studded belt covers part of his scalp and face and stretches from above his right eye to below his left eye, partially concealing scars on his face. He has the Roman numeral Ⅵ under his right eye and wears triangular earrings that are the opposite direction of those worn by Delta. He wears a black and purple Kara cloak over a black long-sleeved shirt, a black (left), purple (right) and white (back) vest, a white tie and black pants. The right half of his vest and the ends of the pants and sleeves have a lined purple section and in the manga he has a silver pocket watch chain attached to his vest. He wears additional black studded bands under his sleeves, though they are rarely visible. As a child, Code did not have his bracelet and wore a black jumpsuit with a high collar. As a failed receptacle, Code has a white Kama on his left palm, taking on the appearance of a white diamond-shaped seal.


Being an Intern of Kara, Code has monstrous power. Although the true extent of his power is unknown, Amado noted that his maximum fighting abilities far exceed those of Jigen, making him the strongest member of Kara after the resurrected Isshiki. Even with his limiters in place, he is apparently still among the strongest of the Internes, being considered stronger than Delta, Boro, and possibly having similar power to Koji Kashin. Amado also believes that without Kurama, Code's current power could possibly defeat the Seventh Hokage. He was also entrusted with the custody of Jûbi. He can also use Inton to perform Communication Genjutsu. He is also skilled in unarmed combat, able to dodge and counter Kawaki's attacks easily.

Boruto Uzumaki

Physical changes

Amado had modified his body with the help of ninja scientific tools. Code is able to weaponize certain parts of his body. Like Kawaki and Delta, he was able to turn his fingers into razor-sharp claws that could slice through flesh effortlessly. He was also given the unique ability to mix his chakra and blood to create and spread numerous black stripes like the one covering his face and arms. These bands adhere to anything they come in contact with and act as a personal portal that he can pass through, partially or completely, allowing him to strike from anywhere the bands touch.

Unlike the other Kara Internes whose fighting abilities were enhanced by Amado, Code had received additional modifications to limit the enormous power he had gained from the White Kama.


As a failed receptacle of Isshiki Ôtsutsuki who survived the branding process, Code had a White Kama that gave him access to the pure power of his master. Although the extent of his abilities remains unknown, according to Amado, the way his body reacted to the White Kama gave him an abnormally great power, surpassing even that of Jigen. However, he is unable to absorb jutsu. As Isshiki had noted, it would eventually allow him to transform himself into a complete and perfect Ôtsutsuki, and to fulfill the clan's will to devour worlds and evolve in order to reach godhood. When activated, he spreads grey marks along the left side of his body, forming a pattern that almost mirrors Jigen's, extending to his left eye.

New Era

At some point after the Chûnin Examinations, Code looked at Naruto Uzumaki to determine if Momoshiki Ôtsutsuki had marked him with his Kâma before being killed, but found no trace of the mark on his body.

Arc Starting up Kara

In the anime, Code was present when Jigen called a meeting with the Interns, informing them of the destruction of one of their facilities in Ame by an External.

Receptacle Bow

ode attended a meeting held by Jigen to discuss the urgent situation regarding the missing receptacle. When Jigen dispelled the genjutsu, he said that they had to get the receptacle back at any cost. In the anime, he was called by Amado with the other interns to have their bodies checked for anything suspicious about the traitor under the guise of a simple interview; Amado also confirmed Victor's death, surprising Code. Meanwhile, Code found it interesting that Victor swore his actions had been sabotaged. He wondered if someone within Kara was after the receptacle now that it was in Phase 3. He also became suspicious when Boro already knew about Victor's execution.

Later, Code silently listened to the conversation between Jigen and Amado when the former confirmed that nothing unusual was detected in them. Later, Code had ambushed Jigen, who easily repelled his attacks. Code asked to deal with the traitor, which Jigen ignored and reminded him of his assigned mission, much to Code's dismay. Then Delta taunted Code about Koji Kashin being on Jigen's good side, and Code's need to impress him.

Growing impatient, Code decided to find the traitor himself, starting his interrogation with Delta since his number was "I". As he accused him, Delta countered that Code seemed happiest with the disappearance of the receptacle. Code was furious and ready to attack him, but Amado arrived to calm things down. He revealed that the system's monitoring of everyone had revealed no signs of betrayal. Amado insisted that Code should not rush in or he would make Jigen angry. However, since Boro and Koji refused to do so, Code was wary of them. Later, elsewhere in the hideout, Code took his anger out on Koji.

Kawaki Bow

In the anime, Code watched Delta pass by after receiving permission from Jigen to check on the progress of the mission herself and commented on Delta's simple-mindedness. Later, becoming impatient with Jigen's sudden disappearance, he told Amado about it. Amado told him that Jigen was recovering from his recent interview. With Amado still looking for potential traitors, Code assumed that Jigen's more lax approach to managing the interns' movements meant that he already knew who the traitor was. Amado asked Code to bring Boro in for his maintenance check. While Code insisted that he was not allowed to leave the base without Jigen's permission, Amado assured him that he would vouch for Code's actions, insisting that he would be a good help to Jigen. On that note, Code left. He found Boro with his cult, having tricked others into joining. He delivered Amado's maintenance request to him. Although he refused at first, Code threatened to use force, which prompted Boro to come.

After Delta was defeated by Naruto, Code was present when she reported to Jigen about her failed mission. He told her that she was too weak to fight Naruto and that the task would fall to him or Boro. He was also surprised to learn that Momoshiki had marked someone with his Kama, wondering if it had been placed on Sasuke Uchiwa before Delta revealed that it was Boruto Uzumaki. In the anime, he learned from Amado's scan of Boro that he was not the traitor either. Later in the anime, Code was amazed to learn that the combined efforts of Naruto and Sasuke were able to force Jigen into a serious fight, pushing his body beyond its limits. As Jigen began to recover under Amado's care, Jigen noted that the battle had been beneficial to Kara, as the only two threats to them were neutralized and Kawaki's Kama had evolved. Jigen asked Code to watch over Jûbi.

Later, in the anime, while Jigen was recovering after the battle against Naruto and Sasuke, Code was still with Jûbi. He reported to Jigen, who informed him that there had been no contact with Boro for a while and that he had been ordered to keep a close eye on him, as Konoha had learned of his whereabouts. When Delta reported that Boro was killed, Code offered to take care of the case, but Jigen asked him to stay with Júbi.

After Isshiki's death at the hands of Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto and Kawaki, Isshiki's soul migrated to Code and emerged from his White Kama to deliver a final message. Isshiki ordered Code to use his Kama to transform himself into a full Ôtsutsuki by sacrificing Boruto or Kawaki to Jûbi and eating the resulting chakra fruit, in order to continue the will of the Ôtsutsuki, devouring worlds and continuing to evolve until reaching godhood. Code agreed, but first asked Isshiki to name those responsible for his death, so that he could avenge him. After listening to him, Code continued to repeat the names of those responsible for Isshiki's death while activating his Kama.

Boruto Uzumaki

Arc Code

Not wanting to risk facing Naruto or Sasuke with his power limiters in place, Code ventured into Boro's hidden facility, killing eight of Boro's cult members for getting in his way. He asked Bug to lead him to Ada, a member he suspected Boro had not eliminated as ordered by Jigen. Without heeding Bug's warnings, he opened her capsule. However, she ignored him, but Code could not kill her despite his provocation. While she drank, Bug explained her ability that made most people fall in love with her. Ada also explained to him how her clairvoyance worked, aware of Isshiki's disappearance and having had an intuition of Code's objectives. She revealed the requirements for removing her power limiters, which would require Amado's participation. Since she was interested in either Boruto or Kawaki becoming her boyfriend without being forced to, she agreed to help Code with his goals, agreeing that one of them would be sacrificed to feed a Divine Tree and provide Code with information that would keep him ahead of his enemies.

Ada began to tell him all the current happenings of Code's enemies through his Senrigan. Code was surprised to learn that despite all her modifications, Ada could only use basic taijutsu. He noted that although he was interested in making Boruto or Kawaki his companion, there was still a chance that they would try to kill her, since they were not affected by her powers. Ada suggested that she ask Bug to wake up her brother Daemon. Immediately, the boy was very protective of her. Several guards from the lair came to destroy them according to their previous instructions and Code was amazed at Daemon's ability to instantly return all attacks on enemies, quickly killing the guards.

Later, Daemon quickly began to annoy Code, as he constantly stuck to him. As Daemon turned his attention to Bug, who was trying to escape, Code suddenly hit the boy with his claw marks, which were instantly returned. Code explained that he wanted to better understand how Daemon's power worked, commenting that his marks allowed him to teleport to wherever they were. As Daemon thought it was cool, Code asked him how his power worked. As he wanted to tell Code, Ada forbade him, citing the fact that she still didn't fully trust Code. Code was concerned that Ada might have other abilities that she had not yet revealed.

Boruto Uzumaki

Later, as Ada continued to monitor events, she alerted Code that Kawaki was alone and on the outskirts of the village. Code decided to take advantage of this moment and teleported into the area. She continued to guide his movements until he met Kawaki. Kawaki offered Code to kill him to avenge Isshiki if he left Konoha alone. Code thought the proposal was ridiculous and preferred to beat him into submission, still determined to personally kill everyone involved in Isshiki's death. He revealed his intention to continue Isshiki's plans and added that Kawaki was no longer the target of his revenge, as someone else wanted to meet him. He was about to take Kawaki back with him, but was interrupted by Boruto.

Code watched Boruto and Kawaki argue, amused that Kawaki thought he could protect the Hokage. Kawaki asked him to take the one who had convinced Code to exclude him from his revenge plans. Although Kawaki was willing to go with him, Boruto refused to let this happen. Code introduced himself to Boruto, worshipping him as Momoshiki's vessel, but still determined to sacrifice him to cultivate a Divine Tree. Boruto activated his Kama and the two began to fight. Code had no trouble avoiding Boruto's attacks with his claw marks and activating his own Kama, he explained that the main reason he was so powerful was because he had access to the combat experience accumulated by the Ôtsutsuki who created him. He continued to attack him, wanting to see Momoshiki's power. His interest was piqued when Boruto drew more power from the Kama. He was surprised that Boruto could draw so much power when he was only a vessel and still be in control of his body. Code consulted Ada, who attributed this to Amado's medicine and warned him not to lose until he regained his true strength. He considered Boruto a great sacrifice to grow a Divine Tree and tried to retreat, taking Kawaki to Ada. Kawaki resisted and freed himself with Boruto's help. He decided to be serious with Boruto, who suddenly fainted.

Momoshiki's consciousness took control of Boruto's body and started to attack Code, wanting to kill him and get Júbi. Code thought it was an honor to meet Momoshiki, but Ada insisted that he retreat. He tried to use Kawaki as a hostage, as Momoshiki also needed him as a sacrifice, but Momoshiki attacked him with a Whirling Ball, separating them both. He laughed at Code's inability to absorb jutsu. Naruto and Shikamaru arrived to save Kawaki. In the chaos, Code took Shikamaru as a hostage and Momoshiki decided to help him to kill Naruto, who was also a problem for him. Code was surprised to see Kawaki absorbing Momoshiki's Mega Swirling Orb with a Kama to protect Naruto.

Ada assumed that Amado had reapplied the Kama when he restored Kawaki's right arm. Shikamaru listened to her answers, confirming that Code had an ally somewhere. He continued to watch Kawaki and Momoshiki fight, until Naruto had to intervene to stop Kawaki from killing Boruto. Despite his earlier threat, he saw no point in killing Shikamaru anymore. Code watched as Boruto reappeared and allowed Kawaki to punch him in the chest.

Code considered his options, Ada warning him that she would not let him sacrifice Kawaki. He released Shikamaru and prepared to leave, telling Kawaki that someone would always manipulate him. Kawaki shrank Code's claw marks as he created them, preventing him from leaving and pointing out the trouble he was going to in order to eliminate the threats against Naruto. He told Code that his ally was also a target for him as Naruto's enemy and was preparing to kill him, but Code pulled Daemon from the claw mark on his face, mirroring Kawaki's attack and knocking him out before sending Daemon away. Thinking of Ada, he confirmed that Kawaki was still alive and recognizing the difference between them, decided to ask Amado to remove his power limiters before leaving. Back with Ada, she pointed out that Amado was protected in the middle of Konoha, where there were no claw marks to infiltrate, but he assured her that he had already taken steps on this.


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