Death Note: TOP 10 des meilleures citations de Ryuk!

Death Note: Top 10 best Ryuk quotes!

Ryuk from the manga Death Note, had a lot of good quotes throughout the series, here are the 10 best we selected.

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Death Note had many intriguing characters that fans loved to read about. Perhaps the most important character in the series was Ryuk. Although he didn't do much for the majority of the manga and enjoyed watching the events unfold rather than being involved, he was the one who started it all by dropping his notebook.

Rarely serious, Ryuk made many fans laugh. However, he also gave a lot of useful information because he was the one who wrote all the rules in the notebook. For this reason, he had many good quotes throughout the series.

10/ "The same old thing, day after day."

Death Note: TOP 10 des meilleures citations de Ryuk!

The reason Ryuk dropped his notebook in the first place was because he was bored with his life in the Shinigami kingdom. These are the first words spoken in the story. Before he got his hands on the notebook, Light also felt that the world around him was boring. The two needed each other for entertainment and had many good times together from the moment they met.

9/ "You thought I chose you? 'Cause you're so smart or something? It just happened somewhere around here and you just picked it up."

Death Note: TOP 10 des meilleures citations de Ryuk!

After Light had the notebook for a few days, Ryuk introduced himself. At first, Light thought Ryuk had chosen him and asked why. This was Ryuk's answer. Light also believed that Ryuk would hurt him and was glad that he could continue killing criminals until he was finally caught. Although Ryuk didn't choose Light, he was probably very happy that he took the notebook because it entertained him for years.

8/ "I can understand because you can buy apples with this money."

When Demegawa sent an army of Kira's followers to eliminate Near and the KPS members, Near used the money he received from L to distract his opponents and escape.

Ryuk watched everything on the news and wished he had the money so he could continue to buy apples, his favorite food..

7/ "I twist my body like a pretzel and do a headstand."

As humans are addicted to drugs and alcohol, Ryuk is addicted to apples. When he is not allowed to eat inside because L uses cameras to spy on the Yagami family, Light asks Ryuk what would happen if he stopped eating apples. This was his answer. Since the cameras would catch the apples but not Ryuk, Light asked him to find all the cameras so he could eat somewhere where no one would see an apple disappear.

Death Note: TOP 10 des meilleures citations de Ryuk!

6/ "Give me half your remaining life and you can have the eyes of a Shinigami."

Shortly after the two met, Ryuk revealed information that he had not told Light or written in the notebook. The most interesting thing he taught Light was that he could make a deal with him. Light would get Shinigami eyes but would lose half of his remaining life if he made the deal. Light refused to accept the deal and asked other people, such as Misa Amane and Teru Mikami, to make the deal so that he could use them to his advantage.

5/ "Humans are a riot!"

Death Note: TOP 10 des meilleures citations de Ryuk!

When L challenged Kira for the first time, he used a criminal named Lind L. Tailor to find out if he was in Japan. Thinking that he had killed L right away, the real L told Kira that he was using a man who was already to be executed. The real L hid his face and name, learning that Kira could only kill by knowing the identity of his victims. Ryuk was amused to see two people attack each other's name and face before the other could kill him. He was no longer bored.

4/"This guy has followed every step you take."

When Raye Penber, an FBI agent that L brought to Japan, followed Light, Ryuk told him that he was being followed. Realizing that he was considered a suspect more than he thought, Light began to act more cautiously until he killed all the FBI agents that L was using. This is what finally allowed L to reveal himself to people and the first major move in their game. If Ryuk hadn't warned Light, he might have been caught much earlier.

3/ "I don't care if finding the notebook makes you happy or unhappy. As a general rule, they say that humans haunted by Shinigami have nothing but unhappiness."

After Soichiro ended up in the hospital due to a heart attack, Light and L visited him. There, Light was finally able to confirm that Hideki Ryuga was an alias that L was using. When the three of them started talking about Kira, Soichiro and L agreed that having the power to kill was unfortunate.

Light told Ryuk that he felt exactly the opposite when they were alone and that was the Shinigami's response. However, when Soichiro got the Shinigami eyes and died, he was happy to believe that Light was not Kira, which led Ryuk to learn that there could be an exception to this rule.

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Death Note: TOP 10 des meilleures citations de Ryuk!

2/ "Death is equal."

When Light and Ryuk first met, the Shinigami explained that he would be the one to kill Light and that he would not go to heaven or hell. Fans had wondered what he meant throughout the series, but Light quickly figured it out. A flashback to their first meeting revealed that Light realized that the afterlife didn't exist and that nothing would happen to him no matter what he did. Ryuk confirms this and ends up keeping his promise to kill Light.

1/ "I told you at the very beginning that I would be the one to write your name in the notebook when you die."

Death Note: TOP 10 des meilleures citations de Ryuk!

When Light was finally caught, he had no one to turn to. Misa was not near him, Takada was dead and Light turned everyone who believed in him against him. His last resort was to ask Ryuk to write their names. However, the Shinigami did what he told Light from the very beginning and said goodbye to the person who cured his trouble.


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