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Don Quichotte Doflamingo

Don Quichotte Doflamingo

Don Quixote Doflamingo was one of the 7 Great Corsairs, King of Dressrosa, biological brother of Don Quixote Rossinante, captain of Don Quixote Doflamingo's Crew and a "former" member of the Celestial Dragons. He had, before joining the ranks of the Grand Corsairs, a bounty of 340,000,000 Berry. With his extensive mafia network, he runs the underworld under the pseudonym "Joker". This man is one of the main antagonists of the New World.

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As his name suggests, Doflamingo's pet is the pink flamingo, following the model of the members of the 7 Captain Corsairs corps. He always wears sunglasses with purple lenses shaped like inverted flamingo heads. His shirts and pants are all exotic designs and he walks on high heels which gives him a gangly gait. His hair is blond and short.

His most obvious and remarkable physical feature is that big pink feather coat that makes him look more robust than he really is. He is however very tall (more than Mihawk and Boa Hancock but less than Gecko Moria and Bartholomew Kuma) and very often sticks out his tongue or keeps his teeth clenched.

24 years ago, his hair was longer than it is now, he had two earrings on his left ear. He wore a pair of glasses on his forehead, in addition to the sunglasses he usually wears.

He has a white shirt with red stripes, a green belt, and orange pants with white stripes. He is also wearing black high heels. During the Punk Hazard arc, he wears a white shirt and pink pants. Originally, in the anime, Doflamingo had a red shirt with black pants with red stripes. However, when he reappeared during the events of Sabaody, his color scheme was changed so that he is represented as in the manga except for his glasses. In the manga, he has orange tinted glasses while in the anime, they are purple. He is often, if not always, smiling.

After the ellipse, he is still dressed in the same way except that he has now two earrings and his glasses are red.

In the SBS of volume 63, Eiichiro Oda draws the privateer captains as children. Doflamingo is already wearing sunglasses and is seen smoking and laughing out loud. His hair is a mess and his clothes are worn. He is wearing a low-collared button-down shirt and plaid pants.

Don Quichotte Doflamingo


Doflamingo's childhood was very tumultuous. At an early age, his father, Don Quixote Homing, gave up his Tenryuubito privileges to become human. Because of his new status as a human, Homing and his family were hunted by the families of former slaves. Doflamingo and his family had to leave Marie-Joie, and went into exile in an unknown city. But, this exile is the beginning of a hellish life for Doflamingo and his family. The former slave families of the Don Quixote Family, hunted down the family, and unfortunately, Doflamingo's mother was killed by one of the pursuers. It is because of this exile that Doflamingo knew for the first time, hunger and physical and moral pain.

One can assume that he blames everyone. Others have made him suffer, so he wants to do the same by delivering weapons to countries to wage war. He thinks that if he was able to deserve to survive today, it is because he was strong enough psychologically (among other things) to have endured. All these painful ordeals have hardened his character, making him ruthless and unprecedentedly cruel. For this reason, he says that only the strongest deserve to survive.

Don Quichotte Doflamingo

Doflamingo is the descendant of the Don Quixote Family, one of the 20 royal lines that created the World Government and left his country Dressrosa without a king, to sit in Mary Geoise, along with the other 19 royal families. Since the descendants of these twenty families are the Celestial Dragons, he is also one of them. For some unknown reason, his father decided to leave Mary Geoise with his family. They began a miserable existence. According to his own confession, he lost his mother at the age of 8 and killed his father at 10. He then brought his father's head back to the Celestial Dragons in hopes of being admitted back into their midst, but they rejected him and he and his brother lost their Celestial Dragon status. He then decided to start a new life, as a pirate. Following this logic, at the age of 31, (eight years before the beginning of the series), he became a Grand Corsair and began to build his reputation. He was present at the execution of the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger.

Afterwards, he returned to his homeland, Dressrosa, and planned a coup to take back what was rightfully his: the throne of Dressrosa (then held by the Riku Family, the new royal line chosen to rule the country). One night, he appeared, sitting in front of the window of King Riku's apartments. The latter immediately recognized him as a descendant of the Don Quixote Family and commented on his actions as a pirate, in particular the hijacking of the Celestial Dragons' ship on which were the offerings of several countries. He stated that he had threatened the World Government in order to obtain the status of Grand Corsair, a statement that Joker immediately confirmed. Doflamingo, on the other hand, does not dwell on this conversation and comes to the point: he proposes to Riku to buy the country for 10,000,000,000 Berry; in other words, he orders Riku to give him this amount if he wants the citizens of Dressrosa to be able to continue to live peacefully, without any war breaking out. Indeed, during the 800 years of the Riku Family's reign, not a single war has broken out in Dressrosa, which can largely be considered a miracle. He gives him time to think and reminds him that he has no right to ask for help from another nation nor to talk to his subjects about their conversation, pointing out in passing that it is his status as king that is being put to the test.

Don Quichotte Doflamingo

As Doflamingo expected, Riku had no choice but to accept his offer; however, it was all a trap that was inevitable from the beginning. Indeed, just as the required money was about to be collected, Joker took control of the king to force him to go to the southern city of Sevio and attack the citizens! He then also took control of the soldiers and Commander Tank to force them to attack the citizens and kill each other. In the surroundings, Doflamingo is accompanied by his three lieutenants, Trebol, Pica and Diamante. He then declares that the time for action has not yet arrived and that the country must tremble once more. Once the citizens of Dressrosa have hated the king from the bottom of their hearts, the time has come for the "hero" to enter the stage and take action.

No sooner said than done, because while the citizens continued to live this nightmare, Doflamingo intervened with Trebol, Diamante and Pica; he then ordered them to clean up and put an end to this nightmare. The citizens, who at first did not trust him (being a pirate) supported him when they realized that he had come to defeat King Riku and his army.

This meticulous and elaborate plan was successful as the Dressrosa army was completely decimated, King Riku was deposed and his daughter was forced to join his crew (he was interested in her powers). He managed to make the king look like someone who was trying to take the goods of his people. Moreover, during the Coup, Doflamingo did not get rid of Riku directly. Indeed, in the flashback of Kyros (Chapter 742) we see that he holds him captive in the Royal Palace, which is then in flames. Accompanied by his subordinates, Buffalo, Jora, Sugar, Gladius and Machvise, he tried to enroll Kyros in his crew, who was tied up with sea granite chains. Announcing the end of the Riku Family's reign, the former Commander of the Dressrosa army sacrificed his left leg and tried to attack him.

Surprised, Doflamingo understands that the offer is no longer valid and his subordinate, Sugar, turns him into a toy before his eyes, making him his first victim. Despite everything, Kyros and Riku manage to escape.

This is how Doflamingo became the new king of Dressrosa. He promised the citizens to make the country rich and to bring health to the citizens, knowing that this wealth is possible thanks to the slavery of the dwarves of the Kingdom of Tontatta. At the same time, he ordered his subordinates (including Diamante) to hunt down anyone with an affiliation to the former king (which led to the death of Scarlette, among others).

Don Quichotte Doflamingo


Doflamingo is one of the most complex characters in One Piece. His attitude, his extravagant look and his power make him totally unclassifiable.

At first, he seems to have a cheeky and cynical side that makes him constantly having fun and laughing at everything (including the most dramatic situations). Theatrical and voluble, he likes to draw attention to himself and expresses himself in a very eloquent language. He often puts himself on stage in a remarkable way, by making big gestures or by sitting in an incongruous way, like on the back of a chair, in the middle of a table or even on top of a pile of corpses!

We notice quite quickly that he is impulsive and unstable (two points of psychopathy), knowing also how to show a great seriousness (especially in front of the unexpected). We often see him go from one mood to another and his tantrums are formidable. He also likes to express himself in a very sarcastic tone, as when he evokes his past or mocks the blind loyalty of his subordinates. Except on rare occasions, he is constantly seen smiling or laughing out loud (hence his nickname: "Joker").

Don Quichotte Doflamingo

He has a total disregard for any form of authority, and seems to be treated with more or less deference in view of his power; as he himself tells his employer in Marie-Joie, he is not in any particular camp and serves the interests of the Government only because it amuses or excites him. In this perspective, we will see him abandon or lose interest in what previously amused or tempted him (such as, for example, his activities in the slave trade, under the pretext that it is "no longer fashionable"). His rhetoric about the One Piece universe, revealed in chapter 556, reveals a despicable being, but with precise and insightful reasoning, implying that the war in Marineford will bring about a justice governed only by the one who stands above all others and will precede the New Era he looks forward to, where only the strongest are supposed to survive.

Even after the two-year ellipsis, his purpose and true intentions remain rather obscure. We only know that he intends to impose his trademark "SMILE" on the world. Although he doesn't seem to be interested in dreams or One Piece, he wouldn't turn down the possibility of becoming the King of the Pirates.

Like most of the recurring characters in One Piece, he has a characteristic laugh: "Mwéhéhé" (or "Fufufufu" depending on the passage).

Don Quichotte Doflamingo

Skills and Competencies

As Captain of Don Quixote's Crew Doflamingo and an outstanding member of the 7 Great Corsairs, Doflamingo is a world famous pirate. He has a strong presence in the underworld (slavery, production and distribution of weapons of mass destruction and Zoan Smiles) as he is currently the most powerful and influential broker in the New World. (He goes by the name "Joker.") Indeed, his influence extends to several warring countries and his simple defeat of Luffy forced most of them to capitulate. His connections and network of influence are considerable as he was able to acquire the reincarnated Mera Mera no Mi that once belonged to Portgas D. Ace without any problem.

10 years before the current scenario, he managed to get hold of the wealth destined for the Celestial Dragons; his reputation was such that the World Government had to give in to his threats so that he could obtain the status of Grand Corsair, thus illegitimately. Doflamingo was originally one of them, but after his father Don Quixote Homing decided to lead a normal life among "humans", Doflamingo lost all his privileges, experiencing suffering and hunger for the first time. After killing his father at the age of 10, he returned to Marie-Joie, where the World Nobles sit, to regain his status, without success. However, he managed to escape, having learned about the National Treasure of Marie-Joie, which allowed him to regain the privileges of a Celestial Dragon, such as the ability to deceive the whole world, by falsifying his resignation of the Grand Corsairs, or the ability to mobilize the CP-AIGIS0.

Another important fact is that he was the king of Dressrosa for a decade; indeed, he managed to dethrone King Riku by force but also through a game of manipulation, exerting his tyranny over an entire kingdom, without anyone noticing. In other words, Doflamingo is so powerful that the strong Trafalgar D. Water Law chose not to fight him immediately, to preserve his energy and maximize his chances of defeating him (even though during all their confrontations he will be beaten to a pulp). "The Surgeon of Death" also stated that the Admirals would immediately hunt down the "Heavenly Demon" if he were to resign his status as Grand Corsair, which was also confirmed by Kuzan when he advised Smoker to warn Sakazuki about Joker, before he became too big a threat.

Finally, Doflamingo is a cunning, intelligent person, whose talent for tactics and psychological warfare are exceptional. Indeed, he has found an effective way to undermine the alliance between the Straw Hat Crew and the Heart Crew. By managing to appropriate the Mera Mera no Mi, he managed to manipulate Luffy by declaring that he had in his possession "something he wants more than anything in the world". Joker did not miscalculate, because as he had planned, Luffy who learned the news, participated in the Coliseum Corrida tournament to try to recover the Demon Fruit from his brother. After Sugar's defeat, he was able to regain control of the situation with his "Birdcage" technique as well as his survival game.

Doflamingo ate a Paramecia type Demon Fruit, the Ito Ito no Mi, which allows him to create threads from his fingers and control people as he pleases, like puppets. He can control people as he wants by moving his fingers accordingly. Doflamingo uses this power for the first time to force allies to fight each other (and kill each other), while Doflamingo himself stands aside and watches them. The limits of his abilities are unknown (for now). He is able to control several people at the same time, without any apparent effort (like the night he took over and forced the whole Dressrosa army and Riku to kill the citizens). Each of his victims who were under his control were unable to resist his powers and were thus totally powerless against him. This ability is strong enough to stop "Diamond" Joz who is physically strong in his stride, preventing him from further attacking Crocodile. We notice that he cuts Odz Jr.'s leg with a wire. Moreover, one of his attacks named in the video game (One Piece Unlimited World Red) is called Marionette, reinforcing the idea of puppet manipulation. His victims would only be puppets carried by these threads.


Don Quichotte Doflamingo


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