Fumikage Tokoyami is a student of Yuei high school. He plans to become a professional hero with his alter Dark Shadow. His alter (Dark Shadow) is weakened if he is exposed to too much bright light.

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Fumikage is a young man with a black bird's head, probably supposed to look like a crow's head. He has a slightly hooked yellowish beak, thin red eyes with a small black pupil, one on each side of his head, he has red necklaces around his neck. Despite the appearance of his head, however, his body resembles a normal human, with rather light skin. After his internship at Hawks, Fumikage became more muscular.

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His costume consists of a cape, black, but tinged with a dark purple where the light hits, that covers his entire body, stopping only halfway up his shins, and black boots. During the Common Training Arc, it was revealed that under this cape he wore a black t-shirt, bracelets, a pair of loose pants, similar to those worn by Katsuki Bakugo in his hero costume, and a utility belt with a double buckle.


Fumikage is reserved, serious and focused, although he is also noble and valiant. Although he doesn't talk much, he will directly ignore questions or requests that seem somehow unnecessary (like Tenya asking him not to sit on the desk) while he talks to other people in class. When Fumikage teams up with other students, he becomes more sociable, helping his teammates, reassuring their confidence, and thanking them for their efforts. In battle, Fumikage is known to be fierce and reliable, his strength and abilities rarely questioned.

Fumikage likes darkness and dark concepts, considering himself a "creature of darkness" and employing archaic speech that ends up portraying him as slightly scary or dramatic. Nevertheless, Fumikage is a bit unsure of his interests as they are more on the dark, fantastical side, and therefore more difficult for others to understand or relate to. Regardless of his association with dark themes however, Fumikage does not show any sort of malicious behavior. In fact, he cares very much about his friends and mentors, and if evil comes their way, Fumikage may end up feeling enraged or indignant, which can lead to disastrous consequences due to his alter being sensitive to his emotions.

Fumikage, Eijiro et Kyoka rejoignent la mêlée dans MY HERO ONE'S JUSTICE !  | Bandai Namco Europe

Fumikage also possesses great humility, being aware of his own limitations and understanding when he should back down or run away. He takes any advice he receives seriously and uses it to try to improve his alter and his abilities, showing great determination to keep up with great heroes like Hawks. Fumikage thinks little of fame and idolization, but he is proud enough not to tolerate being underestimated or despised by others.

While he was silent at first, and sometimes shy in the face of dangerous situations (such as when he thought the heroes should rescue Katsuki after he was captured), Fumikage later showed himself to be confident, brave, and worthy of the title of hero when he risked his life to rescue Hawks from Dabi.

Skills and Competencies

Overall Abilities: Tokoyami has always proven to be one of the strongest students in Secondary A. Tokoyami's skills have earned him 9th place in the Yuei entrance exam, with the fifth highest number of villain points, 5th place in the Alter assessment test, and 3rd place in the Yuei Sports Championship. Tokoyami has incredible mastery of his Alter Dark Shadow, using it for both offense and defense, increasing his mobility and even using it in rescue operations.

During the Sports Championship, he managed to attack Momo Yaoyorozu, who was on the defensive, and defeat her before she had a chance to fight back. Observing this performance, Midoriya noticed that Tokoyami is one of the strongest people in one-on-one fighting. Later, Tokoyami managed to hold Bakugo, another of the strongest students of second A, for a while despite being at a disadvantage from her alter (Dark Shadow not being at full strength) because her Alter is weaker in the daytime and thus fears the light and thus sensitive to the glow of Bakugo's explosions. However, All Might himself recognized Tokoyami's strength and gave him advice to improve. Todoroki was amazed by Tokoyami's strength after seeing his Dark Shadow's overpowered power pulverize and defeat Moonfish effortlessly, an A-ranked villain that kept him and Bakugo on the defensive. Midoriya stated that Bakugo's entire escort squad (consisting of himself, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki, Fumikage and Mezo Shoji) working together, has the potential to take on someone of All Might's caliber. Tokoyami's prowess was enough to attract the attention of Mister Compress, who tried to capture him after seeing him demolish Moonfish, as well as professional Heroes such as Hawks, the #2 Hero (at the time #3 in the Japanese Heroes ranking), who took Tokoyami on as a trainee.

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During the Provisional Licensing Examination, Tokoyami used the advice given to him by All Might and the experience he gained during the end-of-term exams to create Black Ankh, a special attack that suppresses Tokoyami's hand-to-hand combat weaknesses. He was able to do this in just five days of intensive training and then created two more special attacks related to Black Ankh. Through the alternate training he received from Hawks, Tokoyami improved Dark Shadow to the point where he is able to make it move away from his body (although the more Dark Shadow moves, the faster his energy drains), and develops an ability known as Black Fallen Angel. With his body becoming more muscular, Hawks stated that Tokoyami has overcome his weaknesses (i.e. close combat). Hawks' sidekicks are also impressed with Tokoyami's abilities, noting that he still has a lot to learn as a Hero. As mentioned in the Joint Training between the A and B classes, Tokoyami's skills have improved considerably. His newly acquired speed and strength allowed him to defeat Kinoko Komori and Shihai Kuroiro with one blow. However, because Tokoyami did not render Kinoko unconscious, the mushroom-producing heroine introduced mushrooms into her throat and lungs, effectively neutralizing the Jet Hero by asphyxiation.

During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Fumikage is once again shown to have greatly enhanced his power, and the ability to fight on all fronts. He was chosen alongside Denki Kaminari to participate in the assault on the Gunga Mountain Manor shrine, despite the fact that some of the opponents' light-based alters present a weakening risk to Dark Shadow. Using his new Special Technique: "Ragnarök", Fumikage managed to fend off Re-Destro, a villain capable of great mass destruction who even posed difficulties for Tomura Shigaraki, although it is unclear whether Dark Shadow was simply stronger or whether Re-Destro's prosthetics were too weak. Later, Fumikage returned to the battlefield after escaping from Fat Gum (no one had ever escaped before) and used his incredible speed to save Hawks from death at the hands of Dabi.

Increased Resistance: Even without Dark Shadow, Fumikage is able to withstand large amounts of damage. During the Common Training Arc, Fumikage quickly recovered from a punch from Dark Shadow (who was under Vantablack's control).

Developed Reflexes: Fumikage has incredible reflexes. Despite his superior speed and agility, Fumikage was still able to block all of Slice's attacks during their battle and later seized an opportunity to briefly immobilize him.

Animint on Twitter: "Dans My Herco Academia, l'anniversaire de Fumikage  Tokoyami tombe le 30 octobre #birthday https://t.co/dPBo8Mbray" / Twitter

Tactical Intelligence: Although not the most academically effective, Fumikage has proven to have a strategic mind. He ordered Dark Shadow to guard his team's blind spot during the cavalry battle and grabbed one of Shoto's headbands when the opportunity presented itself. Using the knowledge he has about Shihai's Black Integration alter, Fumikage was able to exploit the latter's power watch function by using his black cloak to trap the opponent, knowing that Shihai would instantly integrate with it. Against Dabi, Fumikage, although at a disadvantage due to the closed area he was fighting in, and the light generated by Dabi's flames, was able to exploit an opening created by Apocrypha's nearby attack and Dabi's tendency to monologue in order to escape the villain with Hawks' unconscious body.

Musical Talents: Fumikage proved to be very skilled at playing the electric guitar.

Dark Shadow : Fumikage's alter allows him to manifest a shadow monster that he can freely materialize and contract from his body. Dark Shadow's energy is limited and can be drained by bright light. When it is exhausted, Dark Shadow retracts into the Fumikage's body.

Dark Shadow's personality, strength, defense and control depend on the surrounding darkness. In bright light, Dark Shadow is weaker and smaller, but still has considerable strength and defense and is easier to control. In total darkness, Dark Shadow is much larger, which gives him much more strength and defense. He is even powerful enough to tear down multiple trees with ease. However, Dark Shadow is harder to control in the dark, which causes him to lash out.

As part of his training, Fumikage trained in a dark cave to increase his control over Dark Shadow, even when the darkness strengthens his alter. This training proved effective when Fumikage activated Dark Shadow in pure darkness and was still the same size as if it were in daylight. Due to a confrontation with a member of the supervillain alliance, Moonfish, it was revealed that in addition to light and darkness, there are more internal factors that influence Dark Shadow. According to Mezo, Fumikage's negative emotions (such as regret and indignation) intensify Dark Shadow, making him more undisciplined and powerful, but at the cost of Fumikage's loss of control, Fumikage himself has even stated that his anger causes him to lose control of his alter. Dark Shadow also seems to be able to eat because he took some food when the Second A celebrated Christmas.

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Special Techniques

  • Black Ankh / Cross of Life (Burakkuanku): Fumikage Special Technique. Tokoyami puts on and equips Dark Shadow on himself, wearing it like an armor or an exoskeleton. According to Tokoyami, by equipping his Dark Shadow on himself he mitigates his physical weaknesses.
  • Sharp claws of the twilight: Tokoyami launches the claw of Dark Shadow which attacks at high speed.
  • Dark Secret of Jet Wings: Tokoyami enlarges the Dark Shadows arms and crushes his targets with them.
  • Black Ankh Sabbath: Tokoyami launches a high speed attack using the momentum gained by Black Fallen Angel.
  • Black Fallen Angel: This is a technique that Fumikage designed under the tutelage of the professional hero Hawks . Tokoyami wraps himself in Dark Shadow's arms and lets himself be carried by him, while Dark Shadow flies by flapping his arms like wings. The way this technique works is that Dark Shadow is still floating in the air, so he can move while carrying Tokoyami. Step 1: Tokoyami takes off his cloak.step 2: Dark Shadow feeds on darkness and is more powerful so Tokoyami wraps him in his cloak and by opening Dark Shadow's hands he increases his freedom of movement.step 3: Then Dark Shadow carries Tokoyami by passing his arms around him and flies.
  • Ragnarök : Fumikage managed to master the unleashed form of Dark Shadow that we see during the summer camp. He uses it to project the creature of darkness on his enemies. In this way, he was able to break Re-Destro's artificial legs. This technique is so powerful that it demolished an escape tunnel from the Paranormal Liberation Front's lair. Before being controlled Fumikage was under the enraged form of Dark Shadow to the point that he could hurt a friend...

My Hero Academia : que signifient les noms des personnages de la série ?:  Fumikage Tokoyami - AlloCiné


Cloak : Fumikage's hero costume includes a cloak. He is completely dark under this cloak, making Dark Shadow stronger.

Necklace : Fumikage wears a red necklace on him all the time although it is not a hero's equipment...



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