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Gildarts Clive

Gildarts Clive

Gildarts Clive, formerly known as Gildarts of the West because he was the most powerful mage in the West of Fiore before he left to explore the world, is the most powerful mage in Fairy Tail and was also its 5th master, although he gave up this title and left to explore the world. He lost his left arm and leg, as well as several internal organs following a confrontation with Acnologia in X784. He is the father of Kanna Alperona and was the husband of Cornelia Alperona before her death.

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Gildarts Clive is a tall, muscular man with long, orange-red hair that falls to his shoulders. During the war against Arbaless, he grew a beard and a mustache, and his mechanical limbs seem to have become more elaborate, completely metallic, whereas they were made of wood. He now wears a massive black coat with four layers of fur on top, and wears a kind of armor made of high leather leggings, like boots, a black top leaving his abdominal muscles uncovered, his top covered by a cross-shaped leather strap going around his body. Underneath, he wears black pants held up by a belt.

Before, Gildarts had his hair plated back, short. His outfit consisted of a tattered brown-black cloak over his bare chest, with a raised collar and armored plates on his shoulders, pants and boots. Before his fight with Acnologia, Gildarts wore a black T-shirt. After his fight with Acnologia, he had bandages on his body, on his stomach, on the left part of his body and on his forearm.


Gildarts is an easy-going, laid-back person. He is as warm as he is friendly, and has a great interest in the new generation of Fairy Tail Mages. He also seems to be a bit distracted, and doesn't pay attention to what he's doing (for example, he doesn't recognize the guild or Mirajane when he returns in X784).

He is highly respected by all of Magnoria, so much so that the citizens have let the guild rearrange the layout of the city each time he approaches it, which allows the creation of a large deserted road that allows him to walk to the guild avoiding any damage: he has a tendency to pass through walls with his collapsing magic, rather than bypassing the houses.

When he enters a fight, he often reminds us that he is a sore loser and hates to hold back, and Happy has made it clear that Gildarts is well known for crushing his opponents. He needs time to adapt to his opponent's level, which he makes clear to Natsu before facing him on Tenro Island. He uses exclusively hand-to-hand combat while using his collapse magic to destroy things other than humans, such as the ground or magical attacks, to avoid human casualties. His fighting spirit is similar to Natsu's, as he admits himself, he respects his opponents but does not take them too lightly.

In many ways, Gildarts seems to be somewhat of a lone wolf. He left the guild three years before the series began and took on a 100-year mission by himself. He also left the guild once he was declared fifth master, passing the role to Makarof, which suggests that he may not feel comfortable with a high position, or at least doesn't like having responsibilities. He is also a womanizer, which does not prevent him from being a crazy father of his daughter (he behaves like a "Papa Gâteau", which irritates Kanna). He is also very close to Natsu and likes to give him lessons.

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Before the start of the series

It seems that Gildarts had a falling out with Iwan Draer while he was still in the guild, to the point that they now hate each other.

About 20 years ago, Gildarts met and fell in love with a woman named Cornelia, and they eventually married. However, Gildarts was so obsessed with his work that he abandoned Cornelia. Eighteen years before the series began, he was unaware that she was carrying his child Kanna.

Gildarts went on a mission three years before the series began. He is known to have taken both a 10-year quest as well as a 100-year quest, which is ranked above the S-rank quests, whose difficulty is ranked on how long it takes a person to complete. On this quest, he encountered Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse and was quickly defeated, losing both his left arm and leg, as well as an unspecified internal organ. According to what he told Master Makarof, without the appearance of Acnologia he would probably have been able to complete his 100-year mission.

Phantom Lord Bow

During Fairy Tail's attack on the Phantom Lord's guild, Gajil notices that Gildarts, as well as Luxus and Mistgun, are absent. Later, after the battle, Makarof wonders about retiring: he thinks of several people like Luxus or Mistgun and also mentions a certain Gildarts, then ends up saying that it would be impossible for him to be master.

Battle of Fairy Tail bow

While Natsu, who got sick from ingesting the Aetherion, is resting in Lucy's apartment, Lucy asks Happy if Luxus is "really strong". Happy replies that he was probably the strongest person in the guild, after Gildarts - proof that the members of Fairy Tail all (re)know his power.

Later, during the Battle, when Mistgun confronts Luxus in the Kaldia Cathedral, Luxus asks him who he thinks is the strongest member of Fairy Tail: Mistgun answers without thinking that it would be Gildarts.

Edolas Arch

Gildarts finally returns to the guild inn, something he hasn't done in three years. All the members seem happy to see him pass through the guild's front door, after having crossed the long avenue formed by the Gildarts Configuration of Magnoria. Natsu, more enthusiastic than the others, challenges Gildarts and... is defeated in a second. The master then asks Gildarts how the 100 years quest he had undertaken went, and it is with a carefree smile that Gildarts reveals that he did not complete it. He then asks Natsu to join him, as he has something to offer him.

When Natsu arrives at his house, Gildarts asks him where his relationship with Lisana is, not having been informed of her death, which makes Natsu angry. As he is about to leave, Gildarts stops him by mentioning that during his mission, he met a black dragon. He explains that this dragon attacked him and caused him to lose his left leg and some internal organs, as well as an arm, ending his mission. Gildarts warns Natsu that no human being can resist this dragon.

He is then, along with the other members of the guild & inhabitants of Magnoria, transformed into a giant Lacrima crystal and sent to Edolas by an Anima.

Arch of Tenro Island

While everyone celebrates the return of Lisana Strauss, who has returned from Edolas after two years of absence, Gildarts talks with Makarof about Mistgun's sad departure. A few days later, he is seen with Makarof at the announcement of the S Rank exam, which will take place on Tenro Island. Makarof asks him if he will stay a few days in the guild to be able to take the exam.

After the rules are explained, it is revealed that he, along with Mirajane and Erza, will be participating in the test as examiners (and opponents), a prospect that causes panic among the candidates, but makes Natsu euphoric. Their goal is to block the progress of the participating teams.

During the examination, Natsu and Happy meet him on the path marked with the letter E. Gildarts greets them and tells Natsu that he is unlucky to have bumped into him, but this doesn't stop Natsu from facing the most powerful mage in the guild. On the other hand, it's a one-sided fight, Gildarts manages to control Natsu perfectly without moving an inch, the fight almost ends when he uses scattering magic on Natsu, who gets split into a bunch of little Natsu. But the miniaturized young Dragon Hunter refuses to give up on this pretext and starts attacking Gildarts with all of his minis, Gildarts was annoyed by Natsu's outnumbering and makes him return to his normal appearance. As soon as he gets back to his initial appearance, Natsu enchains the Purple Lotus Furnace which makes Gildarts move from his initial position. This is enough for Gildarts to let Natsu continue with the S-rank exam, but Natsu refuses to leave while either of them is still standing. Gildarts then releases a large amount of magic that shakes the whole island of Tenro in order to make Natsu know fear, telling him that fear is not a weakness but that it helps to understand what his weaknesses are, then he lets Natsu continue the exam and goes to the guild with Fried and Bixrow.

Lucy Heartfilia

He then returns to the island when Grimoire Heart has arrived and comes to defend Kanna from a deadly blow from Bluenote. He then asks Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Wendy, Carla and Kanna to let him fight alone against Bluenote. The fight is fierce and Bluenote takes the advantage when Azuma absorbs the magic of the Fairy Tail mages by uprooting the Tenro tree. While Azuma is defeated, Gildarts returns to his normal state, so it is at this point that Bluenote decides to fight to the fullest, he conjures up a gravity-filled hole that pulls everything around inside, but Gildarts manages to destroy it and then finally finishes Bluenote off by hitting him with his Firmament Light Vortex.

When the fight against Grimoire Heart is finally over, the Tenro group gathers at the camp and Gildarts teases Luxus about being banned from the guild. Luxus insults him, while Gildarts laughs at him. The battle against Grimoire Heart seems to be long gone by this time. When Erza puts on a sexy nurse's outfit to replace Wendy, he rushes to the queue to be treated, like all the other men of Fairy Tail.

At the end of this arc, he is seen fishing with Natsu and Happy. Lucy and Kanna burst in and Lucy says, dragging Natsu and Happy further, that Kanna has something important to tell him. He listens to her, at first not very attentive but shaken when Kanna admits to him that she is his daughter. He then starts to panic, wondering who could be his mother, stating his very numerous conquests. Kanna gets angry, and he ends up taking her in his arms, knowing very well in reality who was his mother. It is Cornelia the only woman he loved and married, fully accepting the role of father, although Kanna did not ask him so much. Gildarts then asks her only to grant him the right to love her. Gildarts feels at this moment a very strange and extremely hostile feeling, which makes him look very worried, but Acnologia appears in the sky.

The Black Dragon of the Apocalypse has come to destroy the Island of Tenro. Gildarts remembers his fight and asks everyone to flee, because no one is a match for him. The master holds back Acnologia to let his "children" go. But they come back to his rescue and launch a terrible attack against the black dragon. The dragon does not suffer any damage and launches a howl, annihilating the island of Tenro.

Arc of the Year X791

The guild members are all surprised to learn of his relationship with Kanna. He is very paternal, and even very spoiled with her while she is a bit cruel, finding her father less cool than usual. He even offers her to go on a mission with her, but she refuses.

Grand Magic Tournament Bow

Before the Great Tounoi of Magic

As the guild has calmed down, Makarof and Gildarts go to the old Fairy Tail building, into a secret underground, which eventually leads to a room Gildarts has never seen before, in which there is a huge door. Makarof opens it with a series of simple gestures. It is here that Gildarts discovers Lumen Histoire, the guild's greatest secret. He can't believe it and asks Makarof for an explanation. Makarof explains that Mavis wrote that it was the true nature of Fairy Tail. Gildarts is stunned by this discovery and asks Makarof why he is telling him such a secret. Makarof answers that it is because he is the next master of Fairy Tail. Later, Makarof announces to the guild that he has decided to retire and introduces their new master. However, when he nominates Gildarts, the latter is not there and Mirajane lets it be known that he has left a letter in which he explains that he does not think he is fit to be a master. However, he takes this opportunity to give two orders as the fifth master of the guild. First, he wants Luxus to be reinstated in Fairy Tail and then appoints Makarof as the sixth guild master. He also announced that he had gone on a trip and that he would return when he felt like it. He also left a letter for Kanna in which he sends her a card that will allow her to see Gildarts whenever she wants, and he apologizes to her for leaving again without telling her. Kanna rips up the card and says she doesn't need it. He leaves a final message in which he entrusts Makarof with one last task, to make Fairy Tail the best guild in Fiore. He promises Makarof not to reveal anything about Lumen History.

4th day of the Grand Magic Tournament

Gildarts is on a lonely journey. On his way, he sees a young woman being attacked by three monsters. Under the spell, Gildarts intervenes, but before he can strike them down, the monsters flee. The young woman also runs away. Disappointed, he goes back on his way. Later, he enters a village where the villagers all seem to be depressed. There, he meets the woman he saved earlier. She apologizes for running away and introduces Gildarts to the woman who seems to be the village chief. She explains that they were attacked by a monster, plunging her village into great sadness. Gildarts devotes himself to defeat the monster. He finds it in a cave and finally defeats it without difficulty.

He returns to the village with the monster's horn, which will be placed in the center of the village. To thank him, the villagers organize a party during which the woman he saved seems to get closer to him. She whispers something in his ear, probably asking him to join her in a quieter place. Before he can follow her, a child shows him a lacrima on which the Great Magic Tournament is broadcast. It is there that he sees the exploits of Fairy Tail, in particular that of Kanna during the S.M.P.M. test.

When he saw the feats of Kanna in the S.M.P.M. event, he was so excited that he couldn't stand still and started to run around. During his run, he stumbles on a rock and falls to the ground, destroying the village floor. Terrified, the villagers rush to expel him from the village. Gildarts then starts laughing and resumes his solitary journey, fist raised.


Gildarts meets Natsu on his journey, then celebrates his reunion with him, partying, fighting with Natsu, but, as usual, Gildarts wins against the Dragon Hunter. After a feast, both of them fall asleep, but Gildarts notices that Natsu got up, so he finds him sitting on a rock, facing a waterfall, thinking. After a short discussion, they go to bed. The next day, the two friends fight again, to see the same conclusion as last night. But, after that, Natsu is caught by a monster, and Gidarts sends the monster away to protect his friend. After that, the two mages leave in two different directions.

Arbaless Bow

During the battle of Arbaless between the Fairy Tail mages and God Serena, Gildarts appears. While God Serena is using her various Dragon Hunter magics, Gildarts appears and breaks her spell with ease. Gildarts' magic power is so high that the ground around him begins to crack. All the members of Fairy Tail are happy to have him back, but God Serena gives him a dark look. Gildarts then says that he is hungry and he tells God Serena to step aside because he is going back to the guild.

When he sees his daughter Kanna, he doesn't hesitate to come and hug her and tell her that she is still as adorable as ever, but she asks him to concentrate on the battle. In front of God Serena, he says that he does not feel the magic power of a human living in his body. He adds that he was a great magician before, and that if he was still alive, he would force respect, but now, with the way he is, he is nothing more than a small fry. The former God of Ishgar replies that he is used to meeting idiots like him. Both prepare themselves to fight. The spriggan sends him a big attack, but Gildarts manages to break it easily. Before finishing him off, Gildarts tells him that he wishes he had fought him when he was still alive to see which one was more powerful, then he uses his Firmament Light Vortex spell to finish off God Serena, which he throws away, clearing the way for the mages to advance towards the guild.

A little later, he launches himself alone to the attack of the army of Arbaless. He thrusts his fist into the ground, creating a huge earthquake that wipes out a large number of soldiers. Much later, after Eileen's Universe One spell is dispelled and all the Spriggans are defeated or abandoned, August finds himself in Magnoria atop the Kaldia Cathedral and prepares to exterminate every enemy by casting a spell. However, Gildarts arrives in time and attacks the shocked August who counters with his scepter and the Fairy Tail mage asks his friends to let him deal with the Spriggan.

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Skills and Competencies

Gildarts has a magic, Crush, which is extremely destructive and can smash objects to bits. Being very forgetful, the main street of Magnoria has been reconfigured so that he avoids destroying houses inadvertently, this is called the "Gildarts configuration":

  • Firmament Light Vortex: Gildarts hits his opponent hard, sending his opponent into the sky.
    He is also capable of using Disassembly Magic, a variant of Crush.

    Gildarts has other abilities, especially physical ones, that make him one of the most powerful mages in Fiore:
  • Immense Strength: Gildarts has been portrayed as an extremely powerful character, with incredible physical strengt
  • Incredible Resistance: Gildarts also possesses incredible resistance, which allowed him to come out alive from a fight against the most terrible dragon: Acnologia
  • Expert in hand-to-hand combat: Gildarts has great physical mastery, which allowed him to dominate Natsu with one arm without even having to move. He also dominated Byro Cracy in hand-to-hand combat, even though he is ranked as one of the five most powerful men in Fiore in hand-to-hand combat.


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