Guido Mista

Guido Mista

Guido Mista is one of the main characters of Golden Wind. He is part of Buccellati's group and is therefore an ally of Giorno Giovanna.

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Guido Mista is a rather tall man, with a rather developed musculature and with black eyes and hair. He wears a red cap with a blue arrow motif at the end, a short blue checkered sweater and red pants with tiger stripe patterns.

Bruno Bucciarati


Mista is a very sympathetic and cheerful person, understanding rather quickly the perilous situations, even if he persists in believing that he will get out of them (he is always right on this point), but he is very superstitious and has a phobia of the number 4.


Bruno Bucciarati



Mista used to go out, have a good time and steal money from passers-by. Unfortunately, one night Mista saw a naked woman being raped by a man in a car and immediately approached the man, fought with him until he died, and then engaged in a fight with his cronies. He was shot at many times without the bullets hitting him. He then killed all his attackers. After this massacre, he was arrested, tried and imprisoned. Bucciarati lobbied with the influence of the Passione gang to free Mista and make him a member of the gang and his group.

Bruno Bucciarati

Meeting with Giorno

His first encounter and interaction with Giorno was when he drank Abbachio's urine, or so he pretended, because his stand turned the urine into a jellyfish to absorb the liquid. Mista wanted to know how he did it, but Giorno said he would not reveal his secret until they had talked about their stands.


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