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Gyutaro - Demon Slayer

Gyutaro - Demon Slayer

Gyutaro is one of the primary antagonists of the Pleasure Quarter Arc, and was the former Upper Sixth Moon before being replaced by Kaigaku following his death, this rank he shares with his little sister, Daki.


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Gyutaro was tall, with a pale grayish complexion, flecked with black, whose anatomy was somewhat strange in that his upper torso, arms, and legs were all extremely muscular while his waist was incredibly skinny, with his pelvis jutting out at an unnatural angle. He had thin, green and red eyes with bright orange sclera that slanted sharply downward at the sides, with the kanji of "First Quarter Moon" and "Six" etched into them. He had unkempt black hair that abruptly turned a brighter green around the crown of his head, worn in a messy manner with uneven bangs and several ahoges. Gyutaro has been noted on several occasions as looking very ugly.

Gyutaro is shirtless, wearing only a pair of loose-fitting blue pants, as well as seven pieces of patterned red cloth to decorate his body, one large one around his neck and three smaller ones around each arm.


Due to the hard life he has lived in near constant poverty and the tragedies he has experienced as a human, Gyutaro has portrayed himself as cruel, petty, and envious of anyone lucky enough to have a better life than he does, which has led him to develop a habit of sarcastically complimenting a person's best features, only to try to kill them out of revenge, as he tried to do with Tengen Uzui. A habit he seems to have is the tendency to inflict wounds on himself when he is angry, frustrated or jealous, as we saw when he scratched himself deeply when he was jealous of Tengen.

Having lived for over a hundred years and fought many Demon Slayers and Pillars, Gyutaro has become somewhat arrogant and prideful in battle, making a habit of underestimating his opponents and considering them inferior to him, as he did with the team of Demon Slayers sent to kill him by asking his sister to fight them and take care of them for him.

Despite his negative traits, Gyutaro has a sincere and strong love for his younger sister, Daki. Having raised her himself due to his mother's mental instability, this familial love was so strong that, although he has become a demon and has almost forgotten his human life, he retains a considerable attachment to her. As a result, he developed a tendency to occasionally spoil her and allow her to do what she pleased, even if her actions went against her interests. However, his love for her did not stop him from yelling and insulting her out of frustration.

After his death and final thoughts, Gyutaro does not regret the choices he made throughout his life - especially that of willingly becoming a demon and killing and eating hundreds of people for hundreds of years - which shows how misanthropic and bitter he became because of the terrible and difficult circumstances he had experienced as a human. However, he later states that the only real regret he has in his life is his sister, Ume, showing that deep down Gyutaro regrets that the negative influence of the way he raised her was the cause of his transformation into a selfish person. During her last moments, Gyutaro wonders if she could have had a happier life if he had not been in her life. He sincerely wishes that she would be reborn and raised by someone other than him, taking full responsibility for all her deplorable actions and showing how much he loves her.

Later, even in death, Gyutaro sincerely wanting a happy life for Daki by telling her to take a different path from his, showing that he wanted his sister to have a fresh start in a new life without him having a bad influence on her.

Gyutaro - Demon Slayer


Human life

Gyutaro was born into poverty, into the lowest class of the pleasure district. His mother often beat him and tried to kill him before he was even born, due to a suspected miscarriage, because she could not afford to feed him, but her efforts proved futile when she died of syphilis.

Throughout his childhood, he was mocked by others in the neighborhood for his appearance, voice and lack of hygiene. When his sister, Ume, was born, he gained a sense of pride and acted as a "Collector" in the neighborhood.

When his sister turned 13 and began working officially in a brothel, he returned home to find her bound, burned, and left for dead in a ditch because she had poked a samurai's eye out with a hairpin. He jumps into the ditch and begins to panic, tearfully demanding that his sister return to normal while cradling her body. As he embraces his dying sister, the same samurai sneaks up behind Gyutaro and slashes his back in an attempt to kill him. He then overhears the samurai talking to the brothel manager, who turns out to be the one who ordered Gyutaro to be killed. However, before the samurai can finish him off, he manages to jump out of the ditch and kill both the manager and the samurai with his sickle.

Although wounded, Gyutaro carried the dying body of his sister Ume throughout the Hanamachi district in search of help, but was refused help wherever he went. He eventually succumbed to exhaustion, with both he and Ume on the verge of death. Before the end, they were found by Doma, then of Superior Rank number 6, who was scouring the pleasure districts to devour the young women of the area. He then offered out of charity to "help" them by turning them into demons and gave them a few drops of his blood to start their transformation. He then happily challenged them to become powerful enough to be chosen by "that man" to join the Twelve Demonic Moons.


Gyutaro - Demon Slayer


Demonic life

As a demon, he and his sister, now known as "Daki", continued to reside in the pleasure district and continued to terrorize and feast on its inhabitants, brother and sister seemingly having developed a taste for eating only the most beautiful geisha and oiran in the district. After an unknown number of years, they were eventually noticed and recognized by "that man" and given the title of Senior Rank number 6 of the Twelve Demonic Moons, which they then shared between them.

In his long life as a demon, Gyutaro managed to kill and eat at least thirteen Pillars of the Demon Slayer Army, while his sister killed and ate seven.


Arc of the pleasure district

After a tantrum, Daki called out to her, Gyutaro emerged from her body, quickly taking her to another part of the room. He reattached her severed head, comforting her as he did so. Tengen attacked the pair, but Gyutaro quickly countered him, injuring the Hashira. He then praised the Demon Slayer for stopping his attack.

The mysterious demon further complimented Tengen's face, skin, flesh and size, as well as his alleged popularity with women. Feeling envious of the Hashira, Gyutaro threatened him with a painful death. Hearing Daki's complaints about Nezuko Kamado's involvement, he promised to take revenge on all those who had hurt her. Throwing his sickle-shaped weapons with great force, which came back to him soon after, Gyutaro was unable to harm Tengen or the bystanders he was protecting. He reaffirmed his desire for Hashira, which only increased when the Demon Slayer revealed that he had three wives. The mysterious demon unleashed his Blood Power: Flying Blood Sickles, a barrage of blood blades. His attack did nothing, as Tengen escaped through a hole he made in the ground, which surprised the emaciated demon. Gyutaro ordered his attack to turn, revealing its automatic tracking nature. Tengen deflected the attack again, launching and then detonating several small bombs in Gyutaro's vicinity. Wrapped in his sister's belt, Gyutaro withstood the blast, smugly declaring that they were one.

The emaciated demon informed his opponent that he was different from the previous Hashira he had fought, once again expressing his envy of Tengen's talents. He remained silent as the Sound Hashira dismissed his claims, which cited Gyomei Himejima and Muichiro Tokito.as examples of incredible talent, but countered by demanding to know how the poison from his Flying Blood Sickle had not yet killed the Demon Slayer. Moments later, Gyutaro smiled, declaring Tengen's claim of poison resistance a bluff, and blocked the Hashira's twin blades with his double sickles. Briefly clashing with his opponent, Gyutaro was furious that Tengen kicked his sister. He was then surprised when Tengen threw more bombs at him and his sister, from which he managed to escape unscathed. He quickly deduced the true nature of the bombs, a special gunpowder capable of hurting demons, leaving him confident in their eventual victory, but was surprised when Tengen's sword strike continued. Amazed by the Hashira's grip strength, Gyutaro deflected the attack, but ended up with a slight neck wound.Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma.

The mysterious demon reiterated his death threat, feeling that the arrival of the Hashira's subordinates was insufficient. Tengen remained confident in their victory, having deduced that cutting off the heads of both siblings at the same time was the key to success, but Gyutaro assured him that it would not be easy to accomplish. He also mentioned how he and his sister had eaten many Hashiras, fifteen and seven, respectively. He then watched silently as Daki was taken to the roof by Zenitsu, Inosuke going to help the young blond in his fight, but remained confident that she would prevail. Using his connection with his brother, Gyutaro closed one of his eyes and quickly attacked Tanjiro Kamado... He nearly landed a blow to the youth's neck, but was thwarted by Tengen at the last second, forcing him to stab him in the chin only inches from the fatal strike, and exchanged a flurry of blows with his opponent. In the midst of this confrontation, scarves of his sister's conflict above them came down, prompting Gyutaro to call Tengen's claim of success a lie, as well as calling his opponents incompetent for lack of movement control.

The Demon Slayers can be seen engaging in battle with the two demons of the Entertainment District, fighting fiercely on the roof and inside one of the brothels. As the building begins to collapse, Tengen finds himself caught between two of Gyutaro's attacks, but Tanjiro intervenes and manages to protect him from the blows. Tengen continues to use Sound Breath, 5th Form: String Performance to try to pin Gyutaro down, but Daki's obi interferes and protects his brother from the attacks.

Tengen starts to be pushed back by the obi, but Tanjiro intervenes to cut the obi and tries to distract Gyutaro. Meanwhile, on the roof, Inosuke and Zenitsu can be seen in trouble as they try to escape the attacks of Daki's obi. The boys realize that Daki knows how to attack them with the blood blades used by Gyutaro, preventing them from getting close to her. Now that the brothel has been destroyed, Tengen and Tanjiro must fight Gyutaro and the obi under the night sky. On a nearby rooftop, Hinatsuru appears carrying a large box filled with kunai darts and proceeds to throw dozens of them down on Gyutaro. At first he is confused by the random attack, but then Gyutaro uses his Blood Power: Arc Rampage to divert them from him.

Gyutaro - Demon Slayer

Gyutaro is shocked when Tengen continues to attack him despite being pierced with the darts. He tries to decapitate him with his sickle, but Tengen manages to escape his attack and manages to cut off his legs. At that moment, Gyutaro is hit in the neck by one of the kunai darts and fails to regenerate his feet, realizing that the darts were coated with wisteria extract . As his body begins to go numb, Tanjiro moves closer to him in an attempt to decapitate Gyutaro, leaving him seething with curiosity as the Demon Slayers quickly take over. However, at this point, Gyutaro manages to regenerate his legs and proceeds to attack them at close range. He uses his Blood Power, Rotating Blades: Flying Blood Sickles to emit numerous blood slashes to attack them. Before they can reach him, Tengen Uzui grabs Tanjiro and pushes him away to protect him from the attack. Within seconds, Tengen uses Sound Breath, 4th form: Constant Resounding Slashes to deflect Gyutaro's attack but finds that he has disappeared from his sight. To his horror, he looks up to the roof to see that Gyutaro has captured Hinatsuru and is about to kill her.

Tengen tries to save her but Daki's obi prevents him from reaching her. Tengen yells to Gyutaro to stop as he tries to pass. Tanjiro approaches the building and tries to use Hinokami Kagura to reach it but his body refuses to listen to him. Tanjiro quickly changes his tactics and uses a form of water breathing to quickly save Hinatsuru from Gyutaro. Realizing that he succeeded in saving Hinatsuru, Tanjiro decides to use both the water breathing and the Hinokami Kagura to increase his attack power. Gyutaro is surprised by Tanjiro's unexpected maneuver and charges him. However, at this moment, Tengen comes behind Gyutaro and swings his blade on Gyutaro's neck while shouting openly that he must Tanjiro. Tanjiro assists Tengen by also trying to swing his blade at Gyutaro's neck, but the demon manages to use his sickles to stop both of their attacks and tries to absorb their blades. Tengen uses his free arm to use his second blade to pierce Gyutaro, but his quick reflexes allow him to catch the tip of the blade in his mouth. Sensing that Gyutaro is about to release more blood blades,Hinatsuru pulls Tanjiro away from them, allowing Tengen to jump off the roof while pulling the demon with him.

As Inosuke runs away with Daki's decapitated head, Gyutaro suddenly appears behind him and impales him through the chest. Tanjiro watches in horror as Gyutaro grabs Daki's head while Inosuke collapses on the roof, he then looks at the ground and is again horrified to see Tengen lying bleeding and unresponsive on the ground. Zenitsu tries to warn Tanjiro of the impending obi attack, but before he can escape, the roof collapses beneath him and Tanjiro falls to the ground, apparently buried under the rubble.

Tanjiro wakes up from his dream and tries to recall his thoughts but before he can get up, Gyutaro can be seen standing over him, wondering if he is still alive. Gyutaro takes it upon himself to tell Tanjiro that Inosuke was pierced in the heart, that Zenitsu was in pain and trapped under the rubble, and that Tengen's heart had stopped because of the poison. He calls them all pathetic and asks Tanjiro how the demon in the box is related to him, and he answers by saying that she is his younger sister. Gyutaro starts laughing at Tanjiro's pathetic attempt to protect his sister and tells him that he should use his hands before he breaks his fingers.


Gyutaro - Demon Slayer


As Tanjiro dries on the ground in pain, Gyutaro reprimands him for his weakness and pulls him by the hair. He teases Tanjiro and tells him to try to decapitate him, but instead of attacking him, he slaps his hand on a small bag and lowers his head in defeat. Believing that he has broken Tanjiro's fighting spirit, he reveals his great idea to offer Tanjiro the opportunity to become a demon for the sake of his sister. Tanjiro suddenly looks up to the sky and Gyutaro asks him if he is trying to hold back his tears but to his surprise, Tanjiro replies that he was prepared for the moment.

With his face closing in on Gyutaro's, Tanjiro lowers his head and headbutts him with great force that stuns him momentarily. Daki yells at him to get up but as his legs wobble, and looks down to find that a kunai dart has been lodged in his leg. He realizes that when Tanjiro looked down, he opened a bag given to him by Hinatsuru which contained Wisteria Poison. Tanjiro manages to stand up while Gyutaro remains paralyzed and crouched in front of him, and uses his remaining strength to swing the blade at his neck.

Gyutaro - Demon Slayer

Having regained his footing and subdued Gyutaro, Tanjiro manages to draw his blade across Gyutaro's neck and press down to try to decapitate him. As he tries to force the blade down, Tanjiro sees himself in Gyutaro's position and thinks that if he were in his situation, he would want his comrades to kill him before he could live as a demon. Tanjiro continues to struggle to try to cut Gyutaro's neck but before he can do so, Gyutaro manages to emit his blood blades to push his sword away. Tanjiro is thrown off balance as Gyutaro regains his footing, forcing them back into battle. Gyutaro gets the upper hand and puts his sickle on Tanjiro's neck, but at that moment, Tengen regains consciousness and protects him from the sickle.

Despite being severely poisoned and missing his left hand, Tengen engages in a one-on-one fight with Gyutaro while noticing that he has perfected the musical score technique. It is revealed that his technique allows him to analyze his opponents' maneuvers and read them like notes on a musical score. However, the poison has hindered his ability to attack, which means that he can only defend Gyutaro's attacks.

Gyutaro manages to launch a powerful attack on the left side of Tengen's face, resulting in the loss of his left eye, and proceeds to stab Tengen. Tanjiro yells at Tengen after seeing him get stabbed, but Tengen orders him to ignore him and jump. Tanjiro jumps in the air towards Gyutaro and tries to decapitate him, but is apparently stabbed through the jaw by Gyutaro's sickle. The demon begins to panic as they take over and vibrate his poison to try and kill Tanjiro, but he continues to endure the pain and swings his blade at Gyutaro.

It is revealed that the demon siblings were able to keep the Demon Slayers at bay with a hidden ability. During the battle, Gyutaro controlled his sister and was able to see through her point of view, giving them the advantage. His poison also affected the Demon Slayers greatly, but there was always a team member who would sneak in, allowing them to continue the fight. Tanjiro can be seen swinging his blade at Gyutaro's neck, despite the demon sickle piercing his jaw. The strength of his arm is not enough to cut his neck, so he resorts to forcing his whole body through, ignoring the pain. Gyutaro notices the change in Tanjiro's scar as he develops a demon killer's mark and his eyes roll back in his head. The change in his demeanor proves too much as Tanjiro's blade cuts Gyutaro's neck, causing him to panic.

Meanwhile, Daki can be seen resisting Zenitsu's attempt to decapitate her. She tries to use her obi to kill Zenitsu at close range, but Inosuke unexpectedly rushes in, revealing that he protected her heart from being stabbed by rearranging her organs. He also reveals that the poison has no effect on him since he was raised in the mountains, before helping Zenitsu decapitate Daki. The three boys let out a roar as they gathered the strength to slice the demons' necks. After the long battle, Zenitsu and Inosuke managed to decapitate Daki on the roof while Tanjiro could be seen decapitating Gyutaro simultaneously on the ground. Their heads fall on the ground and roll until they are face to face.

As Gyutaro's body falls to the ground, Tengen notices something being emitted from it and becomes alarmed. Meanwhile, on a nearby rooftop, Suma, Hinatsuru and Makio have arrived to witness the end of the battle. As Makio starts to bicker with Suma about her behavior, Hinatsuru notices that something is wrong on the battlefield. She looks down to see Tanjiro struggling to breathe as he bleeds from his jaw, all the while trying to slow down the poison. Tanjiro looks at Tengen who is sitting in front of him and yells at him with a panicked expression. However, Tanjiro does not understand his sudden alarm as Tengen looks at him in horror.

After the battle is over, Nezuko and Tanjiro search for the heads of the higher ranking siblings. Tanjiro smells the demons and guides Nezuko to head towards them. When they arrive, Gyutaro and Daki argue violently about their defeat. Their heads begin to disintegrate as they blame each other for losing the battle, with Gyutaro degrading Daki for his uselessness. Daki retaliates by saying that someone as ugly as Gyutaro can't be considered his parent, which leaves Tanjiro looking at them worried about the hurtful words they spit at each other.

Daki and Gyutaro continue to argue as their heads begin to disintegrate,

Gyutaro - Demon Slayer

As he reaches his final moments, Gyutaro recalls his past as a human born in Kirimise to a prostitute mother. Before she died of syphilis, his mother tried to kill him several times, even after his younger sister was born. Because of his appearance and lack of hygiene, young Gyutaro was bullied and hated by everyone he met. Things began to change after his sister was born, as her beauty rejected his inferiority complex, and he used his ugliness, along with his newfound fighting skills, to become an effective debt collector. However, the good fortune would not last for the siblings. When Ume was 13, she blinded a samurai with a comb and was later burned alive for her crime. Having been away from work at the time, Gyutaro returned to find her barely alive and embraced her as she clung to life. He cursed the gods for returning his sister and for treating them cruelly, before being attacked by the same samurai. The samurai hits Gyutaro from behind,

The manager brazenly calls Gyutaro a nuisance and a bully for harassing the locals, before expressing her pity for losing Ume as a courtesan. Before the samurai can finish him off, Gyutaro viciously kills the manager and berates the samurai for having a lavish lifestyle before horribly killing him as well. As Gyutaro tried to find help for himself and his sister, no one would help them because of their reputation and situation. He walked painfully down the street until he finally collapsed and bled on the ground as the snow began to fall. The siblings lay on the ground dying, until they are discovered by one of the higher ranks, who proposes to turn them into demons. Gyutaro adamantly proclaims that he would become a demon again, no matter how many times he was reborn, always wanting to scare as "Gyutaro the debt collector".

Gyutaro wonders what Daki might have been like if he had raised her differently, before taking note of her surroundings. A younger looking Daki appeared behind him, disgusted with their current location and wondering where the exit was. The emaciated man ordered her to stop following him, becoming angry when she did not comply. A tearful Daki apologized for her earlier cruel insults, stating that it was because she had been unwilling to accept that it was her fault that they had lost. When Gyutaro still refused to let her come with him, Daki tackled him from behind, stubbornly refusing to ever let go, vowing to always be his little sister, no matter how often they were reborn, and reminding him of the promise they had made long ago. to always stay together. Finally accepting her company, Gyutaro takes his sister into the fire that awaits them.


Gyutaro - Demon Slayer



Overall Abilities: As a true top rank six, Gyutaro is an incredibly powerful demon with over a century of combat experience under his belt, making him an extremely deadly individual, having killed 15 Hashira in the past, the strongest and most skilled demon slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps. His immense skills and abilities were evident as he possessed the means to easily fight Tengen Uzui , the Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, and Tanjiro Kamado , a talented Demon Slayer who fought lower-ranking demons in the past, ended up crushing them in battle. Even when the battle turned in favor of the Demon Slayers, Gyutaro and Daki quickly managed to take control of the situation and overwhelm them.

Another testament to his power is the fact that despite being killed in battle, Gyutaro was still able to severely injure and maim Tengen, Tanjiro, and Inosuke and probably would have killed them if not for Nezuko's own Blood Demon Art and if not for his own arrogance getting the better of him, he probably would have won and killed them all himself, as Muzan Kibutsuji later stated. Even as a child with no combat training, Gyutaro managed to defeat an adult swordsman by himself.

Core Detachment: Gyutaro possesses the ability to completely detach his "core" from his own body, which apparently takes the form of his right eye, which he then implants into his sister Daki's forehead, which then enhances and strengthens all of his sister's abilities and powers. Through this, Gyutaro also develops a psychic connection with her and allows her to see, hear and feel everything she does and even possess and take control of her body to better coordinate their attacks.

Gyutaro - Demon Slayer

  • Immunity to decapitation: In addition, by detaching his "core" from his body, Gyutaro is immune to decapitation by Nichirin Swords . This effectively ensures that he and his sister cannot be killed unless both their heads are cut off simultaneously.
  • ESP: Due to his psychic connection with Daki, Gyutaro can also sense everything around him, allowing them to coordinate their attacks. This was shown when Gyutaro acted on information given to him by pure instinct and perfectly maneuvered his attacks and actions during battle, as seen in their battle against Tengen , Tanjiro , Inosuke and Zenitsu, where he perfectly coordinated his attacks with Daki's to launch multiple simultaneous assaults on all four opponents despite the fact that they were both fighting in separate locations and facing two entirely different pairs of opponents by manipulating his sister's actions and controlling her slings to strike in tandem with her blood blows to create powerful combos of surprise attacks.

Flesh Manipulation: Like all demons, Gyutaro possesses the ability to manipulate his own flesh to some degree. He primarily uses this ability to shape his flesh into an extremely sharp Kama that he can control through telekinesis. This was also evident as Gyutaro could merge his body with Daki's and then managed to impinge and infect Tengen and Tanjiro's swords with his Kama flesh in order to prevent them from effectively withdrawing their blades to hold them in place. He also demonstrated the ability to twist his neck backwards.

Immense durability: Gyutaro has an incredibly durable body. This was shown when Tengen and Tanjiro both used their Nichirin swords to attack Gyutaro's Kama made from his own flesh, but to no avail as they couldn't even slice him. When Tanjiro launched a surprise attack on Gyutaro's neck, his blade failed to make a dent in the body of the higher rank. Tanjiro only managed to knock Gyutaro's head off when he "summoned a hundred times" the strength of his body, awakening his demon slayer mark, to successfully slice through his neck.

Immense Regeneration: As a member of the higher ranks, Gyutaro's regeneration powers are extremely powerful. With his immense recovery speed, he could instantly heal self-inflicted scratches within seconds. Even more impressive, he could regenerate from the damage inflicted on him by Tengen's explosive beads, which possess enough explosive force to wound the bodies of higher-ranking demons. Even when he was hit with kunai coated with wisteria extract that could paralyze an ordinary demon for half a day and seal the movements of lower ranked demons, Gyutaro still managed to regenerate instantly.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: As a higher rank demon, Gyutaro has assimilated an extremely high concentration of Muzan Kibutsuji's blood, which has greatly enhanced his own speed and reflexes to levels that can surpass the Hashira. As seen with most demons, Gyutaro can also use bursts of speed so fast that he appears to teleport. He could also follow the lightning moves of Tengen, the Hashira with the fastest running speed of any of his peers, sometimes moving fast enough to evade his reflexes and deal him blows before he could even react. Gyutaro was also fast enough to block a barrage of fast kunai.

Poison Generation: Gyutaro possesses the ability to generate an extremely deadly poison, which he uses to coat his flesh with Kama. The poison is strong enough to almost instantly kill someone who falls victim to it, and those who do not will be severely weakened and may be rendered unable to fight. Even Tengen, who has developed a high tolerance for the poison due to his shinobi training, is greatly weakened by Gyutaro's poison to the point that he had to forcefully stop his heart to prevent it from spreading further. The poison had much worse effects on Tanjiro and Inosuke, although the latter has some form of natural resistance to the poison. Tanjiro was almost immediately incapacitated when inflicted by Gyutaro's poison while Inosuke was left in a near death state after a while.

Tactical Intelligence: Gyutaro has incredible tactical foresight and intelligence. He is able to use the information he has gathered from Daki to coordinate their attacks against his opponents. Gyutaro was also able to tactically use his Blood Demon Art to create unstoppable attacks. After seeing Hinatsuru fire a barrage of kunai, Gyutaro correctly assumed that mounting an attack that would normally be easily mitigated by his regeneration had an underlying motive and chose to deflect the attack rather than take it head on. He is also shown to use his flesh manipulation ability in creative ways, such as trapping Tengen and Tanjiro.Kama's blade in his flesh to prevent them from moving. Finally, Gyutaro understood Tanjiro's strategy of hiding the scent of the wisteria kunai with a prostitute's incense bag in order to launch a surprise attack.

Unlimited stamina and endurance: Like all demons, Gyutaro has an infinite amount of stamina and endurance. He was able to engage in combat with Tengen , a Hashira and Tanjiro for the duration of the battle without showing any signs of fatigue or exertion. Gyutaro also showed immense resilience to pain when he twisted his neck backwards to block Tengen's sword attack and had both his legs cut off, showing no signs of pain in either case. Even before he became a demon, Gyutaro was able to get his back slashed by a katana and did not flinch or show any signs of pain.

Art of the blood demon

Blood Manipulation: Gyutaro's blood demon art allows him to manipulate blood from his own body in a variety of ways. It is shown that he generates them from his Kama flesh or from open wounds on his body. It is implied that Gyutaro does not run out of blood due to his regenerative abilities, giving him a virtually infinite source of blood to fuel his techniques. In battle, he usually creates sickle-shaped barrages of solidified blood that are as sharp as blades and can move at extremely fast speeds to attack his opponents. Gyutaro is able to freely manipulate these blood blasts at will, altering their movements until they strike his opponent or shaping them to his liking.

Gyutaro can tactically use his Blood Demon Art to create unstoppable attacks that can overwhelm Tengen and delay the combined efforts of Tanjiro , Zenitsu and Inosuke . In addition, Gyutaro's blood strikes seem to be extremely deadly as Inosuke noted that a single scratch would be enough to kill him. The blood he handles also proves to be quite durable as Tanjiro deduced that his sword would break if he took the technique head on without deflecting it. In addition, Gyutaro can create a blood shield in the form of a dome, which he used to protect himself from a barrage of kunai, further illustrating his immense durability. Even more impressive, Gyutaro can create long-range circular streams of razor-sharp blood that can easily decimate the surrounding area.

Gyutaro - Demon Slayer

Fighting style

Kama Skill: Gyutaro has demonstrated mastery in the dual wielding of his flesh Kama in battle. As a high ranking demon, he has lived for over a century and has honed his skills to the point where he can surpass the Hashira, the most powerful swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps, in close combat. Even before he became a demon, Gyutaro proved himself adept at using his Kama for violence, easily killing a woman and later cutting an adult swordsman's head in half with them when he was enraged. With his demonic abilities, he can even control and move his Kama flesh by telekinesis, which Gyutaro used to make them come back to him like a boomerang. As noted by Tengen and Inosuke, Gyutaro's fighting style is comparable to that of a praying mantis. 


  • Flying Blood Sickles - Gyutaro unleashes several sharp, durable blades in the shape of solidified blood sickles as he swings his Kama.
  • Creeping Bow - Gyutaro creates a dome of solidified blood sickle blades around him that defend against incoming attacks.
  • Rotating circular slashes: flying sickles of blood - Gyutaro releases circular waves of solidified blood pointed from his body. This technique has a huge range and he is even able to activate it when his head is cut off.


    Flesh Kama : Gyutaro carries a pair of Kama made from his own flesh and blood. They are his main tools in battle and are extremely durable and sharp, capable of tearing flesh and easily blocking Nichirin sword attacks. They are blood red in color and coated with a deadly poison. Gyutaro briefly showed the ability to move his Kama by telekinesis, making it fly towards him as if it were a boomerang. As a child, Gyutaro owned a similar pair of Kama that someone left behind and was most likely his main inspiration for using a pair of Kama as a demon. 


    • Muzan Kibutsuji stated in chapter 98 that Gyutaro was the real holder of the top rank six position, not his sister Daki .
    • Gyutaro was one of Muzan's favorite senior ranks, as he highly values his position and greedy personality.
    • The word "Gyu" refers to the barkers who would entice customers into the entertainment district. After working as Gyu, he took the word and used it to name himself Gyutaro.



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