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Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Hanami is an antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is an S-class plague born from the fear of humans towards forests and nature. Hanami is an ally of the evil spirits Mahito, Jogo, Dagon and the plague master Suguru Geto.


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Hanami is a large white humanoid scourge with black lines running all over its body. Hanami has a helmet-shaped head that does not cover his teeth, branches instead of eyes and two black lines that zigzag along his face. As for Hanami's left arm, which is buried in a white cloth, is entirely black. On the other hand, the fingers of Hanami's left hand are white while his right fingers are black. Hanami also has a larger flower on his left shoulder. He is wearing black baggy pants that are held together by a white belt.

Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Hanami is a spirit who cares about the planet that humans have abused for thousands of years. He wishes the extermination of all humanity in order to save the Earth. Hanami believes in the ideals of Jogo and Dagon, wanting to replace humanity with the plagues because they think they are the true humans.

However, Mahito encouraged Hanami to embrace his savagery as a scourge because he considered his partner to have a tendency to act differently than a scourge; he believed that he curbed his desire to kill others and was overly considerate in battle. During his battle with Aoi Todo and Yuji Itadori, Hanami learned to accept his instincts and began to enjoy the thrill of battle, allowing him to push himself beyond his limits.

Although he is a scourge and surely does not understand the principle of relationships and feelings, he showed concern for his allies, such as when Satoru Gojo was about to kill Jogo and went to save him.


Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)



Arc Initiation to the Occult

In July 2018, Hanami accompanies Jogo and Dagon to meet Suguru Geto at a restaurant to discuss their goals. Hanami sits next to Dagon, while Jogo and Suguru discuss their plans. Suguru explains that in order to create a new era for the plagues, they will have to join forces with Ryomen Sukuna and make Satoru Gojo unable to fight.

Later, Hanami and Suguru watch Jogo lose to Satoru. When he is about to be interrogated, Hanami intervenes and saves him. Then they go to Dagon's territory, and Suguru says that this defeat proves that they should avoid Satoru until the operation to seal him on October 31 in Shibuya.

Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Bow Tournament

Later, Hanami talks with Suguru, Jogo and Mahito about the plan on how they will get the Fingers of Ryomen Sukuna along with three other relics located at the exorcism school.

During the Inter-school Amicale, Hanami infiltrates the school in Tokyo with Mahito, Juzo Kumiya and Haruta Shigemo. Hanami goes to the place where the students are fighting and meets Toge Inumaki. Hanami then fights him until they meet Megumi Fushiguro and Noritoshi Kamo. Hanami tries to attack the three students but Toge holds him back using an Incantation. Noritoshi and Megumi attack Hanami, but it does nothing. Hanami then tells them his reason for wanting to kill all the humans, and the three students run away.

They then combine their techniques to restrain Hanami and manage to understand that the weak point of the scourge. When Toge's throat gives way, Hanami takes this chance to hurt Noritoshi, but Megumi saves him before Hnami can finish him off. Toge intervenes again and sends Hanami flying with an Incantation, but the scourge gets up without a scratch.

Maki Zenin then suddenly appears and attacks Hanami followed by Megumi who slices his branches. The two students then attack Hanami together with cursed objects and Jade Dog: Totality. However the scourge manages to plant a seed feeding on occult energy to Megumi and capture Maki. Suddenly, Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo show up and save them. Hanami then fights Yuji who, during the fight, inflicts him a Black Ray. After being wounded, Hanami heals himself and removes the cloth on his left arm then continues his fight against Yuji and Aoi. During the fight, Hanami remembers Mahito telling him that he should enjoy his battles more. The scourge then manages to enjoy the thrill of his fight. Aoi, on the other hand, starts to use his spell and he and Yuji manage to overwhelm Hanami with attacks. Hanami is cornered and decides to suck the vital energy of the plants nearby and prepares to attack, but stops when Satoru destroys the curtain that surrounds them. Hanami is then hit by Satoru's Violet spell and is seriously injured. He manages, however, to escape. Hanami is then helped by Mahito to leave the site.


Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Shibuya Arc Drama

Before October 31, Hanami plays with Mahito and Dagon while Suguru and Jogo discuss finalizing their plan to seal Satoru. Later, Hanami plays mahjong with Jogo, Mahito and Suguru, while the master of plagues explains them how the Edge of Mercy works.

On October 31 in Shibuya, Hanami is with Jogo and Choso in the curtain surrounding the neighborhood. As Satoru arrives at their location, Hanami prepares to fight him with the others. Hanami starts to block all the exits, Satoru tells them that it's not necessary because he doesn't intend to run away. The plagues then surround Satoru with civilians. Then, Hanami and Jogo attack Satoru with the Territory Extender but Satoru manages to get away from them. Satoru then takes off his blindfold and says that he will shoot Hanami first since the scourge managed to get away after facing him twice before.

As Satoru gets closer to Hanami and Jogo, they attack Satoru. The exorcist manages to dodge their attacks and even manages to counterattack. While Jogo moves away from the fight, Satoru pursues him. Hanami decides to attack Satoru with his spell, but Jogo advises him against it. Unfortunately, Satoru quickly catches Hanami and rips off his branches. Choso manages to distract Satoru, allowing Jogo and Hanami to attack the exorcist. However, Hanami, now weakened, is crushed by Satoru's Infinity Power against the wall and ends up being exorcised.

Later, when Jogo is killed by Sukuna, Hanami meets Jogo with Dagon in the "afterlife". Hanami explains that they still have Mahito and that they will be reborn one day but a little differently.

Skills & Competencies

Hanami is an S-class scourge with an incredibly strong body, a spell that can materialize/control plants and the ability to hide his presence. He was able to take Satoru by surprise and momentarily take advantage of Yuji's vulnerability by using his flower field and a wooden monster to save Jogo and escape. Hanami was able to achieve this feat thanks to a combination of his tactical and evasion skills as well as his ability to hide his presence. Satoru himself praises Hanami's ability to escape, able to evade the great perception of the Sixth Eye and even claims to find Hanami much more threatening than Jogo.

Hanami was able to break through the barriers of the exorcism school due to his unique nature and was the cornerstone of his group's assault on the exorcist institute. The S-Class Scourge was able to take on six of the strongest exorcist apprentices in the school, rendering the majority of them unable to fight after facing him. In addition, Hanami was able to survive Satoru's purple spell after reaching his limit by fighting Yuji and Aoi, although he was mortally wounded.

During his final fight against Satoru, Hanami was the main target of the strongest exorcist because of their past confrontation. While Hanami was able to partially corner Satoru and was vital to his eventual sealing, he did not survive against the most powerful exorcist. He made a crucial mistake by switching between different types of spells that Satoru could exploit. Hanami's eye branches are his only weak points besides being very vulnerable. When the branches were completely removed from their sockets, Hanami's abilities dropped dramatically, making him unable to withstand another assault from Satoru.

Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Very high durability: Hanami has an incredibly hard and resilient body, capable of breaking Kasumi Miwa's sword on impact. He was also easily able to withstand Noritoshi's Reaping and Piercing Blood spells despite the fact that Noritoshi hit the flail on the head. In addition, a slash from Megumi's cursed sword did no damage to Hanami. Even when he was sent waltzing through a forest by Maki with the cursed S-Class Floating Cloud, Hanami received no damage.

After being hit at his weak points by Maki and Megumi several times, Hanami was always able to withstand their attacks, recovering quickly from their assaults and eventually overcoming them easily. The most that most students could hope to achieve was to block Hanami in time for more reinforcements to arrive. Only Yuji and Aoi were able to hurt Hanami enough to make him use his full power.

(It was noted by Gege Akutami himself that while Jogo has more occult energy and an elemental advantage over Hanami, he could not have survived Yuji's Black Ray assault followed by a Floating Cloud strike wielded by Aoi as Hanami could).

Increased Strength: Hanami has a high degree of physical strength and can easily overpower and defeat a human exorcist in close combat. Once Hanami finally closed the distance between himself and Noritoshi, it only took Hanami a few hits to neutralize the apprentice exorcist. Defensively, Hanami was also able to hold off Nue as the giant pet swooped at him in addition to electrocuting him.

Increased Speed: Hanami woke up fast enough to quickly escape with Jogo's head after a brief distraction from Satoru and Yuji. He was also able to run right past Megumi and Noritoshi, catching them both off guard while Hanami was some distance away from them.

Hidden Presence: Satoru stated that Hanami has a different presence than a normal spirit although he is definitely a scourge. In addition, he can move through plants and completely erase his presence, making Hanami difficult to pin down. Hanami is able to move underground using plants to quickly escape and break through magical barriers, avoiding the aforementioned exorcist's attacks twice. He also took Toge, a semi-class 1 exorcist, completely by surprise after killing another scourge that the student had just noticed.

Advanced Regeneration: Due to his nature as an S-Class Scourge, Hanami can easily strengthen his body with occult energy to regenerate lost limbs. He can also instantly regenerate weak points in his eye branches, but not if they are completely damaged and/or completely separated from his body.


Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)



Immense Occult Energy: Hanami has a naturally high occult energy level, though not as high as Jogo. The difference between his amount of occult energy and Toge's was so great that Toge quickly reached his limit in using his Incantations despite using rather weak words. He was able to use his spells continuously throughout his fights with Megumi, Toge, Noritoshi and Maki without getting exhausted. He has also mastered Extension and Extension of Territory, showing a great mastery of occult energy.

Innate Spell: Hanami's spell allows him to materialize plants and wood from his occult energy. From then on, he can create attacks of all forms such as giant roots that he can extend to long ranges and that are very resistant, but also balls of bark that he uses as projectiles or supports to float in the air. He can also create seeds that feed on occult energies in large quantities and fields of flowers that allow him to disconcert his opponents. Furthermore, any plant or wood attack can be erased from reality as quickly as it manifests itself.

  • Territory Extension : It's a technique which consists in materializing its vital space thanks to the occult energy in the surrounding area. Hanami wanted to use this technique during his fight against Aoi and Yuji, but was prevented by Satoru. 

Oath : Hanami uses a commonly used restriction. By disclosing how his spell works, Hanami can increase the effectiveness of his technique and deceive his opponents about how it works. Hanami used this tactic against Megumi when he planted his seeds in him to increase the effectiveness of his technique.

Extension of Territory: This technique neutralizes all spells it comes into contact with. It acts as a fluid shield that completely covers the user's body, like an aura.

Hanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Bow Tournament

  • Hanami vs Toge Inumaki = Interrupted
  • Hanami vs Megumi Fushiguro, Noritoshi Kamo and Toge Inumaki = Victory
  • Hanami vs Maki Zenin and Megumi Fushiguro = Victory
  • Hanami vs Aoi Todo and Yuji Itadori = Interrupted

Shibuya Arc Drama

  • Hanami, Choso and Jogo vs Satoru Gojo = Defeat


  • The name Hanami contains the kanji for "flower" and "honorable".
  • Hanami ranked 32nd in the 1st Manga Character Popularity Poll with 407 votes.
  • According to the official fanbook:
    • He is a scourge born from the forest.
    • The name of the Hanami Territory Extension is (朶だ頤い光こう海かい, Dai Kōkai).
    • Hanami likes to have pure air.
    • He hates humans.
    • Even if there are humans who are good to the planet, Hanami would kill them because he strongly believes that whatever humans are, the planet would be better off without them.
    • In the anime, Hanami's words make sense. He obviously speaks Japanese, it's just that his speech is put backwards.



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