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Hidan was an S rank ninja who deserted Yu's village and joined the Akatsuki. He teamed up with Kakuzu although they didn't get along. He was also the second new member of Akatsuki since it was introduced. Kisame called Hidan and Kakuzu the "Zombie Brothers" (Zonbi Konbi).

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When the village of Yu began to lose its military interest to tourist sites, Hidan became enraged at the turn of events. Considering that the shinobi living there should be killed, he slaughtered his neighbors before leaving Yu and joining the fanatical religious cult of Jashin, a religion that worships a god of the same name. The main precept of this religion is carnage, not causing total destruction is considered a sin. Through experiments with the secret technique of Jashin, Hidan obtained immortality. He eventually joined Akatsuki after crossing paths with Kakuzu who he considered a pioneer in immortality and later became his partner.



Hidan was one of the most rude and disrespectful characters in the series. He swore and pitied his allies and opponents alike, the opposite of a "religious" person. He very rarely used honorific suffixes when he spoke and even sometimes in a sarcastic tone, for example when he called Deidara "Deidara-chan". He was the only member of the Akatsuki who did not respect the leader of the organization, Pain, and he openly declared his urgent desire to kill him in front of the others. The only respect he seemed to have was for his god and, moreover, he was quite willing to use his name as an insult. He openly blamed his partner, Kakuzu, for his blasphemous habits, his love for money and the fact that Kakuzu frequently ridiculed Hidan's religion and fighting style. Despite this, whenever Hidan was in a killing mood, both worked impeccably together in battle, and one can infer that he cared about his partner from his panicked reaction when he almost killed Kakuzu when he was possessed by Shikamaru's technique.

Hidan had no qualms about the people he killed, considering the killing as a divine will and often took considerable pleasure in killing his opponents causing as much pain as possible. The amulet around his neck was a symbol of Jashin and he used it to pray to his god before fighting, asking for a good kill or (when not allowed) forgiveness. Given the conditions of his curse ritual, he willingly inflicted pain and injury on himself and showed a masochistic side, openly enjoying the pain shared between him and the cursed victim. Despite this, he reacted "normally" (that he took no pleasure in the pain) when he was hurt by someone else or when the opponent shared no pain.

Hidan's behavior in the anime bordered on insanity, he was frequently heard screaming when he attacked and laughing wildly when he was about to kill Asuma Sarutobi. Hidan seemed to hold a particular grudge against his enemies (and almost everyone else), even remarking to Shikamaru Nara, "If you only knew how much I'm looking forward to this moment" ("this moment" referring to his ritual to kill Shikamaru). However, his immortality made him arrogant and he frequently attacked his opponents without developing a strategy, except to acquire some of their blood. Although ridiculed for his foolishness by Kakuzu and Shikamaru alike, being obviously inferior in tactical genius to any of them and admitting himself that he was not very smart, he was able to analyze the nature and limits of Shikamaru's Shadow Manipulation and led the battle accordingly (although he kept his arrogant attitude even under these circumstances). Curiously, he seemed to panic when Shikamaru took control of his body, shouting at Kakuzu to do something in a rather panicked voice. He particularly disliked it when Kakuzu helped him in his fights and only called him for help when he decided he needed it. Kakuzu tended to return the favor by intervening too "late" and letting Hidan get hurt (though still alive) as punishment for underestimating his opponents. After his head was reattached to his body, he showed great hatred towards Asuma.






Hidan had medium-length silver hair styled backwards with distinctive purple eyes. He wore his Akatsuki cloak open shirtless, wearing only pants underneath and revealing his Yu headband around his neck and the Jashin amulet. He was also wearing dark green nail polish and his Akatsuki ring on his left index finger, which has the kanji for "Three" (San). When he was not fighting, he was always seen carrying his Three Bladed Scythe on his back. Part of his left ear was also cut off after his fight with Asuma.

In the Chikara Arc, after being "recreated", Hidan initially had no clothes, but later wore a black coat with a red lining, similar to the one worn by Kabuto and the reincarnated Akatsuki members at that time. Rather than having purple eyes, the recreated Hidan had eyes with dark gray and white sclera, with irises resembling those of snakes.


Hidan was a powerful S-ranked ninja deserter whose skills were enough for him to join the Akatsuki. With his partner Kakuzu, he was able to capture the Nibi jinchuri, Yugito Nii, despite his transformation into Nibi.


Hidan's main advantage was his inability to die, resulting from extensive experimentation with the various techniques of the Jashin religion. His immortality allowed him to survive several fatal attacks and almost any form of dismemberment. He even retained his ability to speak after having his head cut off. However, his head needed to be connected to his body in order to control it, so Kakuzu reattached it, along with other body parts, when necessary. Despite Shikamaru's attempt to shred him into a thousand pieces in an explosion, using hundreds of explosive scrolls wrapped around his body, it only succeeded in decapitating him (after weakening the tendons Kakuzu had used to reattach his head) with the full impact of the explosion. Although he was impervious to most physical attacks, as well as surviving the wounds they made him, he was still susceptible to suffering while he wanted to find pleasure in those inflicted on his opponents.

This inability to die was the first reason of this partnership with Kakuzu. Since Kakuzu could not kill him anymore, he did not need to find a new partner after his fits of rage. Although they both dislike working together, this advantage made them the ideal team. His immortality was exploited to mutual advantage by Kakuzu, where the pair could execute a combination involving one of Kakuzu's hearts by using Fûton - Ravaging Pressure in conjunction with Hidan attacking the opponent. Such an attack would maim the victim but leave Hidan intact. Although he is "immortal", he is capable of dying from lack of nutrition.


In battle, Hidan showed that he was very skilled in taijutsu. He wielded a Three Bladed Scythe which he used as a short and long range weapon. Despite its large and dangerous form, Shikamaru speculated that it was intended to draw blood, rather than inflict fatal wounds. He controlled it with a long metal cable, which was connected to a coil hidden under his coat. He was exceptionally good at handling it, able to deflect a swarm of shuriken thrown nearby. He also demonstrated tremendous aim and control over where and how he would strike, making it very difficult for his opponents to predict the weapon's movements. The unusual curvilinear trajectories it took made it even more unpredictable and Hidan was shown to be able to deflect the scythe unexpectedly perpendicular to a target even though the scythe was quite far away from him.

However, during his final battle with Kakashi and Team Asuma, the cable was destroyed by an explosive scroll attached to a kunai thrown by Shikamaru. Hidan claimed that the large size of the scythe reduced his attack speed and that he was the slowest attacker in the Akatsuki. Nevertheless, Hidan was extremely agile, having great acrobatic prowess and dexterity in dodging attacks. He was able to escape from a large fireball thrown at him at close range, which destroyed the building but he was standing in the rubble, and was seen to be able to dodge a chakra blade thrown at him from the air, planting his scythe in a tree trunk and using it as a bar, stopping its fall and causing the blade to miss its target with a startle.


Ritual of Jashin and Curse

Using his weapon, Hidan tries to acquire blood from his opponent, and after swallowing it he draws the symbol of Jashin on the ground. This process somehow "links" his body to that of his opponent. Once this bond is established, Hidan takes on a sinister appearance, close to that of the grim reaper, with black skin and white marks, like bones. In this state, he is essentially a living voodoo doll to his opponent; any wounds done to him also reflect on his opponent. Hidan refers to this as his "curse" and he loved to play with his victims by inflicting non-fatal wounds on himself with his retractable spear, obviously enjoying sharing the pain. Once he was done playing with his opponent, or if he wanted to kill him quickly, he would impale himself with a blow to the heart, killing his victim and giving him intense satisfaction.

Despite its effectiveness, the curse has many requirements to work and can be a time consuming technique. The curse can be avoided if the opponent knows what to expect and is aware of Hidan's inability to die. The link between Hidan's curse and his opponent could be broken prematurely if Hidan was taken out of the symbol; however, Hidan could remain in his transformed state, allowing the curse to be easily restored by him simply by returning to the symbol once more.




Part II

Rescue of the Kazekage

Like all Akatsuki members, Hidan was shown being present (holographically) at Shukaku's sealing to a Tail. When Zetsu revealed the presence of their enemies, Hidan proposed to fight Gai Maito apparently because of a failure to capture a jinchuri. Which jinchurriki and how this mission ended in failure remains unknown.

Hidan and Kakuzu

Hidan and Kakuzu made their first real appearance after cornering Yugito Nii, the jinchuri of Nibi, in the sewers of Kumo. At first, Hidan offered Yugito to be captured, saying that his faith did not allow him to fight an opponent and to let him live (for the capture of his tiger demon). Yugito refused her offer and transformed into Nibi, but the Akatsuki duo managed to defeat her and they gave her body to Zetsu, before continuing their journey to the Land of Fire.

When they arrived in Fireland, Hidan reluctantly joined them in attacking a temple, so that they could receive the bounty on the head of the head monk, Chiriku. The monk and his many subordinates were slaughtered and Hidan repeated his long ritual. Then Hidan reluctantly traveled with Kakuzu to take Chiriku's body to the nearest exchange point.

Reaching the exchange point, Hidan opted to stay outside, not liking the fact that the exchange point was hidden inside the smelly toilet. While he was waiting for Kakuzu to collect the money, Hidan was attacked by Asuma Sarutobi, Shikamaru Nara, Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki. Although he was immobilized and stabbed in the body by two large kunai, Hidan asked who the shinobi were and acted as if he had not suffered the fatal attacks, to the great surprise of the Konoha group.

Kakuzu arrived soon after, forcing Hidan's attackers to retreat. Instructing not to intervene in the fight, Hidan exchanged blows with Asuma, finally managing to get blood and initiating his curse, just before Asuma used Katon - Burning Clouds on him, causing Asuma to suffer third degree burns. Not realizing what Hidan had done, Asuma charged him and fell down in pain when Hidan pierced his own leg. As Hidan prepared to kill Asuma, Shikamaru, realizing what was happening, immobilized Hidan again, but had difficulty maintaining his hold. While Hidan was momentarily restrained, Shikamaru analyzed everything Hidan had said and done up to that point, finally understanding what the weak point of Hidan's technique was. With this sudden revelation, Shikamaru managed to force Hidan out of his symbol keeping him safe, temporarily freeing Asuma from Hidan's curse.

After cutting off Hidan's ear, to make sure he was finally free of the curse, Asuma beheaded Hidan. To the astonishment of the Konoha ninjas, the severed head cursed and reviled Asuma for doing this to him and then blamed Kakuzu for not intervening. Kakuzu pretended to ignore him, as he had felt it was Hidan's fault for telling him not to interfere. While Asuma and the others were in shock that Hidan had survived, Kakuzu reattached Hidan's head to his body, once again surprising the Konoha ninjas. As Kakuzu took care of Kotetsu and Izumo, Hidan returned to his symbol and reconnected with Asuma once again. Hidan threw his scythe at Asuma, only for Asuma to dodge it and for the scythe to stick itself in Hidan's vital organs. Asuma redoubled in pain and Shikamaru rushed to his aid, Hidan took the opportunity to stab himself in the heart with his spear, which mortally wounded Asuma. Asuma spat out blood and collapsed, just as Hidan smiled with joy, Izumo, Kotetsu and Shikamaru looked on with sadness and horror. Shikamaru insulted Hidan strongly and charged him, but he collapsed from exhaustion.


Konoha's reinforcements arrived just as Shikamaru collapsed. Although Hidan expressed his interest in killing them too, the Akatsuki leader called Hidan and Kakuzu. Angered and promising to kill the Konoha ninjas later, Hidan left with Kakuzu to a remote area, where they spent three days sealing Nibi (and, in the manga, another three days sealing Sanbi).

Once the sealing was finished, Hidan and Kakuzu left for Konoha, eager to continue their fight. On the way, both of them were once again ambushed by Shikamaru, who was waiting for them, this time accompanied by the other members of Team 10. Although Kakuzu managed to escape from Shikamaru's shadow, Hidan was still under Shikamaru's control and was forced to fight his partner.

When Kakuzu was at first sight killed by Kakashi Hatake, Kakashi prepared to finish off Hidan as well, but he was quickly repelled by Kakuzu surprisingly still alive. Free from Shikamaru's shadow, due to the inherent time limit, Hidan charged Kakashi, while Kakuzu launched elemental attacks on the pair of opponents. Realizing that the Akatsuki duo was too powerful together and that it was necessary to separate them, Shikamaru volunteered to pull the immortal away from the battle site. Hidan, having been captured by Shikamaru's technique too many times, was determined not to fall prey to it again and made sure to avoid the shadows. As he did so, Hidan laughed at Shikamaru who was fighting in a sneaky and distant way. While he was focusing on the shadows' attacks, Hidan didn't notice that Shikamaru suddenly appeared nearby, enough to stun him with a fist in the face. Hidan blocked it with his hand, connecting their shadows and as a result, he was trapped by Shikamaru's shadow and was taken away by him.

Hidan was taken to an area surrounded by wires and explosive scrolls, which Shikamaru had prepared in advance. However, Hidan had no desire to run away and he attacked Shikamaru when the shadow manipulation technique was interrupted. Hidan managed to acquire, in appearance, some of Shikamaru's blood. Quickly drawing his symbol and transforming, Hidan seemed to kill Shikamaru. Once Hidan left, the "dead" Shikamaru jumped up, still alive, and tried to decapitate Hidan from behind, but failed to make a deep enough cut. Surprised to see Shikamaru still alive, Hidan learned that he was tricked into swallowing Kakuzu's blood, so he destroyed one of Kakuzu's hearts.

When Hidan tried to kill Shikamaru in retaliation, Hidan was once again stopped by Shikamaru's shadows. With Hidan overpowered, Shikamaru covered him with the explosive scrolls all around, tying Hidan in place. With Hidan unable to move, Shikamaru activated a previously prepared mark to cause the ground beneath Hidan to collapse. He then informed Hidan that the forest they were in belonged to his clan and that they would make sure that Hidan would be trapped there for eternity. Finally, having an opportunity to avenge Asuma's death, Shikamaru lit a cigarette (in the anime, it was replaced by Asuma's lighter) and threw it at Hidan, causing the explosive scrolls to explode. Hidan was literally blown into pieces. Once Hidan's remains fell into the pit below, his detached head promised to kill Shikamaru by any means possible. Shikamaru caused the rock to collapse into the pit, trapping Hidan screaming under the rubble. He was buried in a place that the Akatsuki couldn't reach and so he was no longer considered an Akatsuki member.

Hidan died slowly from lack of nutrition.

Fourth Great Ninja War

When Kakuzu was resurrected during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, he took Hidan's absence as proof that he was still alive.




Creation and Design

In Naruto Hiden: Sha no Sho Character Official Data Book, Kishimoto revealed that Hidan's design, with the skeleton patterns and the scythe, was meant to look like a shinigami (死神, "God of Death," "Great Reaper"), because "Hidan uses curses and things." He also claimed that he originally modeled the scythe to have several special techniques, but "didn't have time to show them all."



  • The first kanji in Hidan's name (飛) means hisha, the Tower in shôgi. Similarly, the first kanji in his partner's name means "Fool".
  • Hidan is the only character in the series to be from Yu.
  • The amulet of Jashin belonging to Hidan appeared with the point of the triangle up in the manga and pointing down in the anime, but in episode 75, at 19:05 min, it appeared pointing up.
  • Before his debut in the manga, a character with no real similarities to Hidan appeared during an Akatsuki meeting. It is unknown if he was one of Kakuzu's previous partners or simply an old representation of Hidan.
  • The faces of Hidan and Kakuzu were each on a lantern in the end bonus of Naruto Shippûden episode 129, Hidan being on the left and Kakuzu on the right.
  • In chapter 323 of the manga, Hidan's headband was drawn by mistake with the symbol of Konoha.
  • According to the databook(s) :
    • His hobbies are "Jashinistic" activities.
    • His favorite food is pork chops. His dislikes are vegetables and pious food.
    • The opponents he wishes to confront are heretics.
    • His favorite words are "Massacre" (Satsuriku) and "Jashinism" (Jashin-kyô).
  • Hidan is the only Akatsuki member who never met Naruto Uzumaki. However, in the anime, Naruto met Hidan in Tsunade's dream created by the Infinite Tsukuyomi.




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