Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana was Hanagaki Takemichi's girlfriend in middle school. On July 1, 2017, she died as a result of settling of accounts between members of the Tokyo Manjikai, Takemichi will then do everything to save her.

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As an adult, Hinata wears her brown hair a bit longer than before: it goes beyond her shoulders. We see her wearing a long black dress with embroidered flowers. She also wears a necklace around her neck, materializing her relationship with Takemichi Hanagaki during their middle school years.

As a middle schooler, Hinata's hair seems thinner and shorter. It is cut in a square with a thin fringe that falls slightly over her eyes. She usually wears the Mizo middle school uniform, which consists of a white blouse and striped tie, a matching skirt and jacket, and black loafers.

As a high school student, Hinata's hair has grown to her shoulders.

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Hinata has a very outgoing and optimistic personality who is always finding ways to improve undesirable situations. Even when others become demoralized or hopeless, Hinata remains strong to push them forward.

She is an incredibly strong-willed and determined teenager, willing to take drastic measures to protect those she cares about. At the same time, this can make her reckless and not consider certain actions carefully, as she slapped Mikey in their first meeting while trying to defend Takemichi although she completely misunderstood the situation, which thankfully ended without major repercussions although with a reprimand of what her actions could have triggered.

Hinata is basically a very kind person who can befriend others quite easily and constantly looks out for others. Her bright nature brings comfort and reassurance to others who rely on her for support. Hinata can however be quite terrifying when she is angry, Mikey was impressed by the strength of her slap and Takemichi was beaten for infidelity.

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July 1, 2017 (1st Timeline)
Hinata and her brother Naoto are victims of settling of accounts between the members of Tokyo Manjikai.

 July 4, 2005
Takemichi rings at the door of his apartment, Hinata goes to open it and notices that he is wounded in the face. She then asks him if he has fought again, but he suddenly starts to cry, without any apparent reason, before apologizing and pretending to leave. Hinata notices nevertheless that he is not in his usual state, and then asks him what happened, as a girlfriend, she says she wants to know everything about him.

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Hinata Tachibana


  • According to the official character book :
    • Her image color is white.
    • She likes cocoa.
    • She does not like bitter coffee.
    • Her specialty is the piano.
    • Her favorite animal is the dolphin.
    • The people she looks up to and admires are her mother and Helen Keller.
    • The person she dislikes or fears is her father when he talks too much.
      Her dream is to be a nurse.
    • One saga (or failure story): "Takemichi congratulated me on the cookies I baked (I thought they were macaroons, but whatever!)"
      Her favorite place was the rooftop where she watched the fireworks with Takemichi.
    • A day in the life :
      • Go to school with Naoto, always a little earlier than his classmates -> Take a class -> Music class is my favorite -> Eat with friends during lunch break -> On the way home, I had a date with Takemichi-kun! -> Take a long bath before going to sleep, send Takemichi a good night and go to bed.
  • Since she was born on May 21, her astrological sign is Gemini.

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Hinata Tachibana



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