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Jellal Fernandes

Jellal Fernandes

 Jellal Fernandes is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. Before he lost his own memory, he was a black mage who was desperate to revive Zeref via the R-System. Jellal is currently a member and co-founder of Witch Crime.

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Jellal is a young man whose most prominent features are his blue hair and a red tattoo above and below his right eye, which he has had since childhood.

As Siegrain's alter-ego, he dressed in elegant but simple robes; consisting of a long white frock coat with black stripes on the edges and upper arms, a decorated stand-up collar, wide straps connected to decorated buckles closing the incentive on the front over a dark shirt, and matching pants and shoes . He also wore a ring on his right middle finger, and usually had the medallion attesting to his status as one of the ten holy wizards around his neck, hidden by the collar of his jacket.

Jellal himself is seen in much darker clothing, with his outfit consisting of a white shirt with a blue tint under a dark blue hooded cloak with light blue edges, two strings with shield-like pendants hanging from the hood and a prominent golden symbol on the left chest, reminiscent of the mark of Fairy Tail , plus simple, loose, dark pants tucked into laced boots.

Under these clothes is a special combat suit for hand-to-hand combat, designed for her Meteor Spell, revealing her toned and muscular body. In the manga, this takes the form of a tight-fitting outfit. This outfit is dark around Jellal's torso and mid-arms, while the rest, such as his shoulders, forearms and thighs, are light in color. On his shoulder and hips, Jellal has small protrusions on his outfit, which each come with the three holes, serving to help him in his aerodynamic efforts. The rest of the costume is decorated with groups of three fine lines on the arms and legs, with a double set adorning the chest. In this outfit, a metal necklace with a small pendant, strongly reminiscent of that of the Holy Wizard worn by his counterpart Siegrain is visible around Jellal's neck. In the anime, however, his battle costume is described as a simple purple sleeveless shirt with tight-fitting sleeves combined with extremely loose blue cargo pants (tucked into simple boots), which are held together by a pale blue belt and gloves.

Later, after his rebirth, we see him taking the clothes of a defeated member of Naked Mummy to cover his partially torn fighting outfit (in the anime, the clothes were rather those of Erigor ). This new outfit consists of a long black coat with golden trimmings, white bands around his arms, two red medal-like ornaments on each side of his chest, a tight shirt reminiscent of his old outfit and loose grey pants held up by a belt; the pants are tucked inside the boots. Seven years later, while his physical appearance is virtually unchanged, except for his now longer and shaggier hair, his attire now consists of a dark coat, very similar to the one he stole from member Naked Mummy, but with heart-shaped patterns running down. the sleeves and sides of the coat. Underneath, Jellal wears plated armor, which covers his abdomen, and dark pants with the Sorcerer Crime symbol. In addition to all this, Jellal wears a dark cape with a high collar.

During the Grand Magic Games, when he is disguised as his Edolas counterpart, Mystogan, Jellal wears the same outfit he wore during his time in Earth Land, and even chooses to use the former S-Class Mage's staffs as his own.

jellal fernandes


When he was young, Jellal was a kind and compassionate boy who cared deeply for his friends. He was always cheerful and optimistic, despite his slave-like temperament. After a failed escape attempt, he easily accepted the punishment in Erza's place and never lost his faith in being free.

Later, while being manipulated by what he thought was the ghost of Zeref, he changed drastically: Jellal became obsessed with the idea of building a new R-System and treated the slaves much better - until the end. to the extent that they didn't even think they were still slaves. But because of this method of treatment, they got more work done, which was the ultimate reason for Jellal to treat them as such in the first place. He sees his actions as a "game," even if said "game" results in the loss of life, including his own.

After being revived by Wendy Marvell , he suffered from amnesia and seemed somewhat afraid of the world. Although he does not remember his own identity, he does remember the names Erza and Natsu Dragneel, respectively. Upon learning of his sins, Jellal wished to die, as he believed it was his only form of atonement, but Erza convinced him that by living, he can find a way to make up for his past horrible deeds.As a result of these instances, even when arrested by the Knights and knowing that he would be sentenced to death, Jellal remained calm and even happy, just as he was as a child. Mavis Vermillion even commented that Jellal has the same "heart" as those in Fairy Tail, despite the fact that he is not an actual member.

Seven years later, after recovering his memories and regaining his original personality, Jellal is now a calm, mature, intelligent and kind individual. He has shown a cheerful side, as he often smiles when he is happy or when his friends are happy. While as "Mystogan", he makes sure that he acts calm and aloof, so as not to arouse suspicion that Fairy Tail is harboring an escaped convict. However, Jellal's regret for his past actions has made him feel the need to atone for his sins, which he has done by creating Crime Witch: an independent guild dedicated to destroying the dark guilds. Despite this, he still feels that he deserves punishment, as he told Ultear and Meredy that "punishment" is the theme of their guild. It is this guilt that keeps Jellal from expressing his love for Erza, which she returns to him, as he feels that he does not deserve her.

Jellal also seems to be quite protective of those he loves or, in some cases, those he has wronged. Some examples are when he saved Kagura from Neinhart's attack despite his grudge against him for killing his brother, or when he desperately tried to push Acnologia into the space between times to protect Erza, although he himself openly admitted that he had no chance of victory against the Black Dragon. Although he no longer had a death wish, Jellal was willing to risk his life if it would ensure the safety of his comrades.

Despite his rather serious nature, Jellal has a comical side, as in his fight with Jura Neekis, where (as a direct result of Ultear and Meredy sabotaging his battle with the Wizard Saint) he has hysterical bursts of laughter, as well as reacting strongly to the sensation of chili peppers in his mouth. Later, when he returned to his teammates, Jellal felt ashamed and said he had no words to describe his feelings of shame and embarrassment.

Jellal is a very honest person, as Erza stated, noting that Jellal has struggled with lying since he was a child.


As a child, Jellal was forced to help build the Tower of Heaven with other slaves, such as Erza, Sho, Simon, Wally, and Millianna, where he acted as the figurehead of their group.

There, after a failed escape attempt and subsequent seclusion, he was possessed by what he believed to be the legendary dark mage Zeref, supplanting his former kindly personality with a more violent one, driving him almost completely mad.

He exiled Erza from the island and took control of the construction of the Tower of Heaven in order to resurrect Zeref, and thus create a world of "true freedom". He bombed the ship that was supposed to take the slaves off the island, and later told them that it was Erza's doing, because she had gone mad with her newfound magical powers. Believing that she had truly escaped on her own and betrayed them, the slaves helped her build the tower for the next eight years to show their gratitude for saving them from certain death.

Growing up, Jellal was placed under the tutelage of the leader of Oración Seis, Brain , having taught Jellal some of his skills and magic, namely one of them being the Square of Self-Destruction .

Meanwhile, Jellal had made his way into the Magic Council using a thought projection of himself, named "Siegrain". Some time later, Jellal, as "Siegrain", met Erza Scarlet and prevented him from attacking her by lying to her that he was Jellal's twin brother.

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Arch of Macau

Sitting around a table with the rest of the Magic Council, Siegrain, supported by fellow Council member Ultear Milkovich , disagrees with the rest of the Council by showing leniency to Fairy Tail , much to the chagrin of the other Council members present.

Eisenwald Arch

Siegrain and Ultear discuss, with the Council, how Fairy Tail - the only guild the Council is annoyed with - manages to show up and save everyone from Lullaby's terror . Despite Siegrain's arguments that the Council should appreciate Fairy Tail's actions, they continue to be frustrated by Fairy Tail's reckless behavior. Meanwhile, Erza and Natsu's battle is interrupted due to Erza's arrest by the Council for the destruction caused by her, Natsu and Gray's battle with Lullaby. Before she is brought before the Council, she meets Siegrain outside the court, where he reminds her not to mention "it". He then joins the other Council members in prosecuting her, however, the trial turns out to be a farce and is instead just a formality to remind the world of the Council's power. When Natsu interrupts the proceedings by "impersonating" Erza, Siegrain smiles at his actions. Following this incident, Siegrain begins to take an interest in Natsu's abilities.

Bow Sub-Zero Emperor Lyon

Jellal (as Siegrain) is revealed to be the one who set the events on Galuna Island in motion by sending Ultear, under the disguise of "Zalty", to use Lyon Vastia to revive the demon Deliora so that he could control it. However, it is discovered that Deliora has been dead for a long time, making the mission a failure.

Bow of the Phantom Lord

Jellal (as Siegrain) is present with the other members of the council at Makarov's trial after the Phantom Lord war. He is seen smiling while Makarov was sleeping during the trial.

Arch of the Sky Tower

Jellal, in the Tower of Heaven , is taken over by his intermediary with the Trinity Raven Guild, Vidaldus Taka and sends Shô, Simon, Wally and Millianna to capture Erza in order to use her as a sacrifice for the resurrection of Zeref. The group succeeds, however, Erza manages to break free of his restraints and begins to fight with Jellal's minions.

Meanwhile, Siegrain is seen with the other Council members at a Council meeting, discussing the Tower of Heaven. The Council knows that a mysterious man, Jellal, is the builder of the forbidden tower, however, they are unaware of any other important information about him. Siegrain, having called his fellow councilors weak, tells them that the tower is too dangerous and proposes that the Council use Etherion to destroy Jellal's creation. With Ultear's help, Siegrain manages to get most of the councilors on his side, resulting in his need for a single final vote to ensure Etherion's removal.

At the tower, after Natsu defeats Wally and Millianna, Jellal walks over to his chessboard (adorned with pieces that represent all the people in his "game") and knocks over the pieces of the two minions, symbolizing their defeat. He is aware that Simon and Shô have betrayed him, however, Jellal is serene and instead orders the impatient Vidaldus and the rest of Trinity Raven to make their move in his "game".

Jellal then uses Magic to communicate with everyone in the tower, telling them that it is time to begin the "game of heaven," stating that the purpose of said "game" is to prevent him from using Erza as a sacrifice for Zeref's rebirth by defeating the Raven Trinity. He then informs everyone that Etherion will soon strike and destroy the tower, giving them an indeterminate amount of time to reach the top of the tower.

Back at the Council meeting, as a last ditch effort to get the last vote he needs, Siegrain tells the Council that Jellal is trying to use the tower to bring back the dark mage Zeref, stunning the Council, and causing Siegrain's proposal to win, with Yajima remaining the only one not to send Etherion away. When asked if he is willing to accept all the consequences that come with firing Etherion, Siegrain replies that Yajima is "waiting and seeing."

Jellal continues to drop pieces on his chessboard as the battles in the tower end, until Erza defeats Ikaruga and reaches him. As Erza prepares to fight him, Jellal declares that whatever his own loss or victory, it will be a sacrifice for Zeref. Jellal then announces that there are seven minutes left before Etherion strikes, and invites Erza to make the most of those minutes, attacking him with his dark magic.at the end of his thought. Erza manages to overpower all of Jellal's attacks and slice him with her sword, bringing him to the ground; Erza then climbs on top of Jellal and points her sword at his throat. She tells her former friend that he has not been able to complete the R-System, as the tower does not have the magical power required to perform the resurrection: at least 2.7 billion Edeas.

While Erza claims that she will simply force Jellal to wait for the fall of Etherion to destroy them both, Jellal claims that this is not such a bad idea, as his body is possessed by Zeref, and he is nothing more than Zeref's tool, incapable of being saved by anyone. Erza refuses his invitation to kill him, and the two embrace, waiting for the satellite beam to help them atone for their two "sins. Etherion strikes the tower, completely destroying the outer structure, but leaving everyone inside unscathed. Surprised to be alive after the explosion, Erza looks around and notices that the actual internal structure of the tower is, in fact, a gigantic absorption Lacrima. Jellal laughs maniacally, claiming to have succeeded in his goal, and explains that Etherion provided the tower with the 2.7 billion Edeas needed to bring Zeref back to life.

In Era , everyone is amazed to see the tower still standing, and an angry Yajima questions Siegrain, who, without answering, immediately disappears. He soon reappears in the Tower of Heaven, where Erza and Jellal are. The two then continue to say that Siegrain and Jellal are one and the same.

After the two merge, Jellal's magical power is fully restored. Jellal and Erza begin fighting again, this time with Erza dominated by Jellal's restored power. Jellal's bound snake spell spreads over Erza's body, holding her down and preventing her from moving. Erza is then forced into the R-System crystal to be sacrificed, however, Natsu suddenly appears and takes her out. Erza warns Natsu to leave her, as Jellal is too strong, but he refuses and knocks her out. He then prepares to fight Jellal, who gladly accepts the challenge.

Despite being hit several times by Natsu's fire dragon slayer magic spells, Jellal remains unscathed and belittles Natsu's abilities. He then proceeds to use his Celestial Body Magic, striking Natsu with remarkable speed. However, Natsu stands up, after hearing Jellal comment on the leakage of magic power caused by the damage to the tower.

Natsu's arrogance and further damage to the tower greatly exasperates Jellal, who in his fury prepares to cast one of his most powerful spells. Erza, awake and aware of the power of the spell, defends Natsu with her body. Paying no attention to Erza, Jellal throws his Altairis towards them, however, Simon appears and protects both of them with his body, much like Erza had planned for herself, and dies as a result. Jellal then proceeds to reprimand Simon for his action, calling it stupid and unnecessary. Such action prompts Natsu to strike Jellal in anger; Natsu approaches and eats some of the broken pieces of Etherion-infused Lacrima. Natsu eventually, much to Jellal's disbelief, manages to resonate with the Etherion and enters Dragon Force, causing Jellal to suffer a brutal counterattack.

Jellal briefly escapes him with Meteor , but continues to be outclassed by Natsu's newfound strength. He refuses to be defeated, and as they continue to exchange words, Jellal begins to cast Abyss Break , a spell that can destroy the tower. Before he can cast the spell, he feels the aftershock of Erza's wound and his magic fails. This gives Natsu an opening and, covered in a draconic aura, Natsu strikes Jellal in the tower, destroying much of it, leaving it simultaneously unable to hold the 2.7 billion Edeas of magical power stored inside.

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Unable to contain the magical power, the Sky Tower disappears into thin air. On the beach, after Erza is saved by Natsu, Erza looks out to sea and hears Jellal's voice, who says that she has become strong. Erza is surprised and claims that this is impossible; however, a slight smile can be seen on her face. It is revealed that Jellal, freed from Zeref's control, is most likely the one who saved Erza and Natsu by merging with the Etherion and guiding its magic into the sky. He is later seen floating unconscious in a massive river of Lacrima, which appears to be the remains of the Tower of Heaven after the explosion, and his presumed sacrifice to save Erza and Natsu's lives.

Arc Oración Seis

Later, Jellal, now in a comatose state due to absorbing the effects of the Etherion, finds himself, by unknown means, in the hands of the Dark Guild and a third party of the Balam Alliance , the Oración Seis , whose leader, Brain , is an old acquaintance of his. Jellal is first seen again in a cross-shaped coffin, wrapped in chains, while Brain forces Racer to bring him to Wendy Marvell . Wendy confuses Jellal with his Edolas counterpart, Mystogan , who once saved his life.

Because of this - and after witnessing Jellal's unconscious body injured by Brain - Wendy submits to Brain's idea of restoring Jellal, as Brain believes that Jellal can lead the Oración Seis to the magic they seek: Nirvana . After having five minutes to think about it, Wendy decides to do it, and Natsu arrives just in time to see Jellal restored and fully awake.

As soon as he sees Jellal, Natsu goes on the offensive, but is easily, and instantly, swept away by one of Jellal's spells. When Brain compliments Jellal on his power, Jellal turns around and causes the ground to collapse beneath Brain, sending him crashing down to the lower levels of the Oración Seis base, before walking away. Now in the forest, after walking away from Oración Seis' hideout and taking clothes from a defeated Naked Mummy member, Jellal mutters Erza's name.

He is then tracked down by Cobra , who has been ordered by Brain to follow him, as he might be heading for Nirvana. Cobra ends up in a big tree, and when Jellal touches it, it makes a big pillar of black light appear and a big tower rises from the ground; this being the real form of Nirvana. Later, Erza manages to reach Jellal's position, and it is revealed that due to the effects of Etherion, Jellal is now suffering from amnesia; the only thing he remembers is Erza's name, and he begs her to tell him who this person is. Erza tells Jellal that she is Erza and explains who he is and what he has done to his comrades. Irritated, Erza declares that if Jellal does not remember such horrible acts, then she will strike her sword into his heart in an attempt to force him to do so, causing Jellal to burst into tears, disgusted by the kind of person he is.

figurine manga esra scarlet


Suddenly, Cobra appears, demanding to know how Jellal discovered Nirvana. Jellal replies that he only activated Nirvana to destroy it, declaring that such dangerous Magic cannot fall into anyone's hands, revealing that he threw the Self-Destruct Square onto the great Magic. Ignoring Cobra's cries of shock, Jellal tells Erza that he will take away his possible hatred towards him by ending his life, revealing that he also put the said Square of Self-Destruction on himself to free Erza from the pain it caused him. comrades.

Just then, Brain appears and, having been informed of the situation by Cobra, calmly tells Jellal that it was he who invented the Self-Destruct Square and taught it to him, subsequently cancelling the Magic without needing the cancellation code. He taunts Jellal and unleashes Nirvana in all its power, revealing its true form as a gargantuan eight-legged city.

Jellal and Erza manage to grab hold of one of Nirvana's legs and stand on it. There, Erza persuades Jellal to cancel the self-destruct square and live, even though Jellal said he had failed to destroy Nirvana and that it was all over. She points to the remaining members of the Allied Forces , who are struggling to reach the top of Nirvana in motion, and says that it's not all over, encouraging, with a smile on her face, Jellal to keep living. Jellal smiles back, taking Erza's hand as the two prepare to climb up one of Nirvana's gigantic stone legs.

On Nirvana, Midnight appears before the two; Jellal fights Midnight first, however, he is easily defeated, as the self-destruct square he threw earlier leaves him severely exhausted. Midnight then laughs at him, before preparing to fight Erza.

Immobilized, Jellal can only watch the battle of Erza and Midnight, in which Erza fails to land a single blow on the black mage. When Erza is hit (again) and seemingly defeated, he comments on Midnight's incredible strength and hears about Oración Seis' first move: to annihilate the Nirvit in Cait Shelter , thus preventing the sealing of Nirvana once again. Jellal expresses his disgust at their goal, but Midnight fiercely reminds him that he himself is an evil man. Midnight then reaches out to Jellal, inviting him to be a member of the Oración Seis, however, Erza stands up and expresses his belief in Jellal's light. Resuming his fight with Midnight, Erza begins to pressure the black mage, gaining the upper hand.

As the clocks strike midnight, a wounded Midnight transforms into a huge black monster before Jellal and Erza's eyes, then attacking Erza with a powerful explosion before stabbing her and Jellal; Jellal screams Erza's name, seeing her about to die. However, an uninjured Erza is then seen cutting Midnight in front of the astonished eyes of an uninjured Jellal, revealing that the previous events were merely a visual illusion created by Midnight's Magic , which could not affect Erza due to her artificial eye.

Later, Nirvana's explosion on Cait Shelter fails due to Christina - led by the Blue Pegasus delegates and Lamia Scale - attacking one of her legs. Jellal and the others are then informed by Hibiki Lates that there is a way to destroy Nirvana: destroy the Lacrima in each of Nirvana's six legs simultaneously. Hibiki uses his Archive Magic to communicate with them, inviting them to each choose one of the crystals to destroy, with Jellal being assigned the sixth crystal.

As they prepare to destroy the Lacrima, Erza mentions that Natsu probably chose the first Lacrima on purpose, knowing that Brain's alternate personality, Zero, is most likely waiting there. Upon hearing Natsu's name, Jellal becomes shocked and speaks the Fire Dragon Slayer's name to himself with a cold, unbiased look on his face.

Jellal leaves the task of destroying the sixth Lacrima to Wendy and heads to the location of the first Lacrima, where Natsu is struggling in his fight with Zero, interrupting the battle by blowing Natsu away with fire. Zero, with a happy look on his face, asks Jellal if he has his memories back, to which Jellal nods. However, it turns out that Jellal only remembers Natsu and that he is their only hope of stopping Zero from destroying Cait Shelter. The fire he attacked Natsu with is his way of helping, as he remembered that Natsu gets strength from consuming flames. An enraged Natsu runs up to Jellal and punches him in the face, claiming that he is lying. Annoyed, Zero sends Dark Capricciovolant at both of them. Jellal, however, stands in front of Natsu and takes all the damage intended for both of them, causing him to fall to the ground. Jellal then creates golden flames on his hand and asks Natsu to accept the Flame of Rebuke: the power needed to defeat Zero.

Natsu finally accepts Jellal as his ally, taking Jellal's outstretched hand and absorbing the flames, entering Dragon Force as he does so. With Jellal's help, Natsu is able to defeat Zero, crushing him in the Lacrima, destroying him at the same time as his friends destroy theirs, thus destroying Nirvana itself.

As Nirvana falls to pieces, the two are rescued by Hoteye, who uses his Liquid Ground to transport them to the safety of the forest, where he happens to reside with the other mages who destroyed the Lacrima. Jellal refuses a thank you from Erza, and is then seen sitting with her, not far from the rest of the Allied Forces. Asked by Erza what he plans to do next, Jellal admits that he is afraid of regaining his memories. Erza comforts him by telling him that she is there for him, saying that even if they were to start hating each other again, she would not abandon the "him" sitting there with her.

djellal fernandes

As she is about to say more, the whole group realizes that they have been surrounded by a rune . The clearing is then stormed by the 4th Enforcement Unit of the new Magic Council, led by Lahar , who claims to be there to arrest the members of Oración Seis and Jellal himself. Jellal is then placed under arrest for federal treason, with everyone else protesting his capture. However, an upset Erza then yells at the others to stop, taking responsibility for the commotion caused by way of apology and telling Lahar that he can take Jellal away.

As he leaves, Jellal suddenly remembers Erza's last name, "Scarlet," and bids her farewell, being locked in the containment cart. Later, Erza tearfully mourns the loss of Jellal as she remembers that as a child, Jellal himself chose his last name, because of the color of his hair, stating that he chose it because it was something he would never forget.

Arch of the island of Tenrou

ellal is later seen in one of the cells of the Council prison. When Erza is almost defeated by Azuma on the island of Tenrou , he whispers Erza's name to himself, apparently aware of the battle that is going on. When Serena, guarding his cell, wonders if Jellal is casting a spell, the other guard, Nadal, replies that it is impossible to use magic in the prison and begins to torture Jellal with his magic staff. He wonders aloud if Jellal is hungry and declares that he will only give him food if he begs him, otherwise he will leave Jellal without food for a whole week. Jellal ignores him and instead asks Erza not to lose, which shocks both guards. Erza is somehow able to hear Jellal's call, which gives him enough strength to get up and continue the fight. When Erza finally succeeds in defeating Azuma, we see Jellal sense this and smiles accordingly.

Arc des grands jeux magiques

One year after the disappearance of Tenrou Island and the Tenrou team, Jellal, in prison, recovers his memories and is saved from imminent execution by Meredy and Ultear. The three fugitive mages form their own independent guild: Crime Witch , which is dedicated to hunting down the evil in the world caused by the Dark Guilds and Zeref. Over the years, the three manage to destroy several dark guilds.

In the year X791, five days before the start of the Grand Magic Games, Jellal, Ultear and Meredy send an anonymous message to the members of Team Natsu via pigeon, inviting them to travel to a suspension bridge in the West Woods. When the group reaches the other end of the bridge, Ultear uses his Arc of Time to rebuild the bridge, allowing the group to cross it. Once the group crosses, the three members of Crime Witch reveal themselves, and they have a brief meeting before asking the Fairy Tail Mages to investigate a strange Magic Power surrounding the Great Magic Games . In return, Ultear offers to enhance his own magical power by using his arc of time to evolve their magical containers, allowing them to tap into their second origin.

While Ultear works on the others, Jellal and Erza go to talk in private, where Jellal confirms that he has regained all of his memories. Jellal tells Erza that he is willing to die if she wants to get back at him by killing their friend, Simon. However, Erza refuses, as she thinks he has already atoned by Crime Witch. Jellal replies that he thinks death is the only way to truly redeem his sins, and Erza slaps him for thinking so negatively. She then gives him words of encouragement, telling him that being alive is a sign of strength. When Jellal says that she may be right, Erza angrily pulls on his collar and the two fall backwards off the rocks that Jellal was sitting on. The two roll down the embankment behind the rocks and land together at the bottom, with Jellal landing on top of her.

While she is underneath him, Erza tells Jellal that she didn't think she would ever see him again. She then begins to cry and the two embrace. However, Jellal pushes her away and tells her that they can't be together because he has a fiancée. When Jellal, Ultear and Meredy take their leave, Erza accompanies them.

When he, Ultear and Meredy sit down at their camp later, Meredy asks Jellal why he lied to Erza about having a fiancée. Ultear adds that it would be better for him to be honest with himself than to continue punishing himself. Shocked, Jellal replies that punishment is the rule of their guild and that he can't fall in love with people who walk in the light. Ultear and Meredy then tease him about his poor lying skills.

To the surprise of Team Natsu, Jellal enters the Grand Magic Games as a representative of Fairy Tail. Disguised as Mystogan - with Makarov's permission - Jellal becomes a member of Team Fairy Tail B, all in an effort to get closer to the field.

When the city suddenly appears in the hidden event, Jellal declares that it would take a powerful type of magic to create such a thing.

As the battles of the first day come to a close, Jellal is chosen by the fans to fight against Jura Neekis of Lamia Scale. When they meet in the center of the Domus Flau, Jura says that he will not hold back just because "Mystogan" is a member of Fairy Tail, to which Jellal replies that he will not hold back either, happy to have a chance to fight on behalf of Fairy Tail.

jellal fernandes

The battle begins with Jura using his Earth Magic , but Jellal is able to dodge it and retaliate using Mystogan's previous techniques, to go with his appearance. Eventually, however, Jellal begins to use his Celestial Body Magic after realizing that he can't win without it. Eventually, Jellal ignores his undercover mission and prepares to use Sema , a spell that will reveal his true identity. Ultear, watching from afar, sabotages the battle by extorting Meredy's sensory link, making Meredy eat chili peppers and tickling her, thus wearing down Jellal and giving Jura the victory. Mortified by the outcome of the battle, Jellal returns to his teammates in shame, where he is berated by all (except Mirajane); Jellal exclaims that he does not know how to respond to this embarrassment. After the events of the first day, Jellal stands outside the bar in which Fairy Tail celebrates.

During the events of the second day, Jellal remains relatively silent, merely acknowledging Luxus' warning about Mirajane's anger. He remains silent for the rest of the day, wondering why he didn't feel the suspicious magic he felt during the previous Games, even after the battles of the second day ended. After the second day of the Great Magic Games ends, Jellal and Erza meet under a bridge in Crocus . The two talk about the absence of the strange magical power that is felt every year. Jellal decides to inspect the organizers and starts to leave, and Erza tells him not to do too much. The two smile and Jellal leaves, happy that he and Erza can finally have a normal conversation.

On the third day of the Grand Magic Games, Jellal is replaced in the Fairy Tail B team lineup by Cana Alberona, as the guest judge for the third day is Lahar from the Magic Council, and watches Erza from afar as she competes in Pandemonium. Just as the final battle of the Third Day begins, Jellal, while walking through the streets of Crocus , suddenly detects the magical power that Crime Witch feels every year. Calling on Ultear and Meredy to stay put, Jellal runs straight to the source.

Shortly thereafter, Jellal coincidentally returns to the stadium in the middle of Sherria Blendy and Wendy's fight, where he sees Sherria get the upper hand and begins to scour the crowd for the source of the foul magic power. As he moves from one person to another, he accidentally runs into Doranbolt , who seems confused in his presence. Jellal then looks down into the Domus Flau and wonders if Sherria is the source of the magical power he feels, concluding that Wendy is in grave danger.

As Jellal watches the two girls fight, he wonders if he should intervene. He watches Wendy decide to continue fighting and is shocked when Sherria uses one of her most powerful spells. He finally decides that he shouldn't intervene and sits back, watching the rest of the match unfold. However, Jellal is worried, as he is being watched by Doranbolt, and is afraid of the complications that a member of the Magic Council might bring to the situation. When he realizes that the magical power has not disappeared, even after Sherria has stopped fighting, Jellal senses that the source is heading out of the stadium and uses his magic to pursue the person in question. Finding the source of the magic power, Jellal reaches out to grab the person, only for Doranbolt to block his path. Jellal argues with himself about whether he should knock Doranbolt out, but then he considers himself a Fairy Tail mage and finds it wrong to fight the Magic Council . Before he can do anything, Laharles finds himself together just as Doranbolt accuses Jellal of not being Mystogan, much to his and Lahar's surprise.

Jellal tries to escape his turn by pretending to be in a hurry and bypassing Doranbolt, but the Council Mage refuses to let him go, once again demanding confirmation of Jellal's identity. As Jellal declares that he is none other than Mystogan, Doranbolt goes on a rampage and rips off Jellal's cap and mask, revealing his face to everyone. The Rune Knight members are shocked, but before anyone can react, Yajima appears, calling Jellal Mystogan and slyly weaving a story to explain to the Rune Knights that "Mystogan" is not Jellal, but a member of Fairy Tail. After Jellal plays along with the ruse, the Council men apologize and let him continue on his way, though Lahar whispers to Doranbolt that he knows the real Jellal is ahead of them. As he leaves, Jellal telepathically thanks Yajima, who simply replies that Jellal should not get Makarov into further trouble. Although Jellal continues to follow the path to the mysterious person, thanks to Doranbolt's intervention, the person escapes.

Later that day, Jellal heads to Ryuzetsu Land arriving after the rest of the Fairy Tail members and the other competing teams. When Erza sees him, she asks what he's doing there, to which Jellal replies that he was chasing the source of the magical power, however, Erza chides Jellal for his poor disguise: the Mystogan mask and cap, and a pair of swimsuits. The two begin to talk, but in the midst of their conversation, Ichiya, who is running dangerously close to the edge of the pool, stumbles and flies in their direction. In a split-second attempt to stop Ichiya from hitting Erza, Jellal forces them both into the water, and although Erza is saved, she becomes embarrassed that he grabbed her chest in the process, much to her embarrassment, prompting her to apologize to him repeatedly, although she coyly declares that everything is fine. When Lyon and Gray fight later and freeze the pool, Natsu uses his magic to melt the ice, causing a large explosion. Erza and Jellal are both sent flying, and she lands on him in the ruins of the station.

Jellal also stays away from his team on the fourth day, hiding in the crowd. Once the day's event, Naval Battle , is over, Jellal watches the start of the day's battle games. During Natsu and Gajeel's match against the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth , Jellal is shocked to see Rogue and Sting enter Dragon Force of their own accord. Thinking back on Natsu's uses of Dragon Force, Jellal notes that on both occasions, Natsu received some form of assistance: the first by eating Etherion , and the second by consuming the Flame of Reprimand . Reflecting on this, Jellal is even more surprised that Sting and Rogue are able to enter the state on their own. As the fight unfolds below, Jellal continues to walk around the arena, surveying the crowd and the participants. Suddenly, he again senses the presence of dark magic power coming from somewhere in the arena. As he runs to find the person, Ultear and Meredy telepathically tell him not to let the person escape again, curtly replying that he knows.

Figurine manga natsu dragnir


Jellal locates and follows the hooded figure from the Domus Flau, wondering all the while who they might be. After following the person through the city, Jellal finally approaches them on an empty street, removing his cap and mask to reveal his face, asking the mystery person to do the same. The figure freezes and does not respond, and Jellal notes that the person appears to be a woman. The hooded figure then turns around, showing his face to Jellal, who can do nothing but spit out a firm denial as he stares at the mysterious person with absolute shock and horror. After speaking with the mysterious woman, the two part ways and Jellal regroups with Meredy and Ultear. As he tells them what he knows, the two declare their disbelief. Jellal continues to assert that there has been a huge misunderstanding and that they are all locked into a destiny that they cannot avoid.

On the fifth and final day of the Great Magic Games, Jellal sits down with Ultear and Meredy, listening to the two as they question what Future Lucy said and whether they should evacuate the citizens after learning what she told them. Jellal, however, interrupts them, stating that they should not go forward, as he is not sure he fully believes what Future Lucy told him. When asked, he states that something seems off. A little later, Jellal looks at Crocus as Kagura and Erza fight, a sad expression etched on his face.

Later, as Ultear comments that they don't know if what Jellal heard was true, Jellal thinks about Dragons, Magic and the Eclipse, and declares that something is wrong and that what he was told was not true, or the Lucy he was talking to was a fraud. Suddenly, Jellal, Ultear and Meredy all feel the same dark magic. As Ultear notes that it is coming from the city, Jellal tells them to stay calm, stating that if Future Lucy is with Natsu, then there is no need to worry.As the Games continue below in Crocus, Jellal sits, reflecting on the current predicament.

Suddenly, Jellal seems to finally piece together and realize all his doubts about the Lucy of the future, and why he seems to be so insecure about her. Questioned by Meredy and Ultear, Jellal recalls how in previous years the malevolent magical power came directly from the Eclipse door, and how this year the source seemed to move, as it attached itself to anyone who used the door. Continuing, Jellal notes how Lucy said she arrived in Crocus on the 4th of July, but remembers the day he almost got caught by Doranbolt chasing someone, this having happened on the 3rd of July. Looking at these points from a different angle, Jellal realizes that Lucy was not lying about his arrival time, but rather that the person he was chasing on July 3 was another person, who had also used the Eclipse Gate to return. from the future. With the idea of a second future visitor now clear, Jellal rushes his guild to Mercurius, desperate to discover the purpose the other person has for returning to the past. As the guild roams the streets of Crocus, Jellal wonders what the individual might be looking for and, moreover, which side he is on.

As Lahar and Doranbolt discuss contacting the Magic Council about Eclipse, Jellal suddenly appears behind them, seeking their help. After finishing his business with Doranbolt and Lahar, Jellal moves through the city helping to defend it from the Dragon's attacks. Along the way, he spots Erza surrounded by a group of Motherglare's minions and, seeing Erza fall from her earlier injuries from her fight with Minerva, quickly rushes to her aid, destroying the beasts around her. Asking Erza if she needs a hand, he bends down to help her up, but as he does, Millianna appears in front of the duo, spots him and goes berserk.

As she approaches the duo, Millianna is interrupted by Erza, who stands up shakily and tells her that she has already forgiven Jellal for everything he has done. As Jellal looks on sadly, Millianna shouts out all his sins and swears to kill him, though Erza replies that it won't get her anything. Before anyone in the group can speak, they are approached by Ultear, who, despite Jellal's protests, confesses to having been the one controlling Jellal all along, thus being the one responsible for the Tower of Heaven and Simon's death. Seeing Ultear acting this way, Jellal asks his guildmate if something is wrong, though Ultear brushes off his question and tells them all to stop standing around wasting time. As the time mage walks away, Jellal looks up to the sky, openly wondering what is wrong with the twisted world they live in.

Soon after, Erza is unable to walk due to her battle wounds, so Jellal helps her up and tries to walk away with her. As they travel through Crocus, the two realize that the eclipse gate in Mercurius has been destroyed, subsequently bringing the dragons and those from the future back to their time. Aware that they both survived by defending Crocus from attack, the two smile at each other.

Magic and abilities

Heavenly Body Magic: This is a powerful magic based on astronomical objects, such as meteors, stars and black holes. Jellal generates and manipulates the energy of stars in his body and uses it against his enemy. Jellal has shown tremendous mastery over this particular form of magic such as creating a pole made of energy to block Erza's sword.

Meteor: Jellal's body is surrounded by a cloak of Heavenly Body Magic, allowing him to move through the air at incredible speeds. Even if someone could detect his trajectory, it is almost impossible to catch him. With his speed, Jellal attacks his opponents with fast but powerful melee attacks. Jellal wears a special suit under his robes to better utilize this particular spell. During Jellal's battle with Jura Neekis, the speed Meteor gave him amazed even Jet, a mage who specializes in speed enhancing magic.

  • Great Chariot: In the air, Jellal places both arms on top of each other, the upper hand having only the index and middle fingers spread. Seven magic seals are then summoned in front of him and connect, creating a kind of constellation. Each magic seal then releases a powerful explosion of light on the opponent, forming the same pattern on the ground before exploding. According to Jellal, the destructive power of this spell rivals that of a true meteor.
  • Pleiades: Performing the signature position of his magic, Jellal summons six rays of light that fall from the sky, attacking his target consecutively.
  • Jiu Leixing : Jellal transfigures nine swords made of lightning and orders them to strike the target of his choice simultaneously.
  • Altaïris: Jellal crosses his arms over his head to begin casting the spell. As he prepares to cast the spell, all nearby shadows are drawn towards him, forming a small black orb that rapidly grows (inside are small white lights, giving it an appearance similar to the night sky), before releasing it towards the target. The orb appears to be incredibly dense and can hold an enormous amount of gravity capable of crushing anything in Jellal's path. This spell was used when Simon saved Erza.
    • Abyssal Pause: An extremely powerful spell that uses four different types of elemental magic (fire magic, earth magic, water magic and air magic) to attack the opponent.
    • True Heavenly Body Magic: Sema: An attack in which Jellal bows and points his hands downward, with all fingers closed except the index and middle fingers. He then begins to slowly move his right hand until it points upwards, causing the clouds above Jellal to begin to circle, creating what appears to be a cyclone. From the center of the swirling formation, a glowing orb begins to form, growing until a huge meteor emerges, falling rapidly to earth toward the intended target. When the meteor strikes, the force is strong enough to create a large explosion, engulfing a large area and releasing a powerful hurricane of air, also leaving a large crater in its wake. This spell was used to defeat all 4 members of Oracion Seis.

    Thought Projection: Jellal is able to create a particularly powerful thought projection that can physically interact with people and objects, despite the absence of physical form and is very skilled at doing so, having been able to fool the Magic Council into believing that his projection was actually a being separate from him, with the identity of being his "twin brother", named Siegrain and managing to grant him membership in both the Magic Council and the Holy Ten Wizards. His projection is also capable of donning a different outfit than Jellal's. The creation and maintenance of this specific thought projection is very taxing, essentially reducing Jellal's overall magical power by half; however, once this particular thought projection reunites with his body, the magical power returns to normal.

    Dark Magic: Jellal, due to his "possession" at the hands of "Zeref", is an expert in the use of Dark Magic. He was shown using this form of magic almost exclusively for his entire fight with Erza, in which he proved capable of creating the ghostly entities characteristic of this form of magic, using them to both strike and immobilize the woman with great skill. In addition, as a child, he could use dark magic in other more unusual ways.

    • Dark Grab: Jellal moves his hands towards the opponent, away from him. This will cause a pair of powerful, dark-colored arms to appear from a nearby surface and grab the opponent, immobilizing or choking him depending on the movements made by Jellal himself, who, after grabbing the target, is able to control the spell with one hand. In the anime, the spell instead takes the form of a large quantity of red glyphs, which surround the opponent, swirling around them and then catching them. These glyphs can also be used to lift the target into the air and bring them to Jellal.
    • Darkness Cage: Jellal creates a sphere of dark magic in his hand, before firing it at his target, releasing several ghosts that wrap around them, restricting their movement. In the anime, Jellal instead crushes a different-looking sphere in his hand, summoning several small masses of dark magic that grow and gather to create a sphere around the target, restricting their movement and inflicting pain.
    • Dark Vanish : A spell in which the target seems to implode from within, or is, at any rate, forced to disappear by unknown means, leaving only the clothes behind.
    • Paradise of Sins: Jellal creates a dark sphere that expands until it turns into several tentacle-like entities that rush towards the target, and on contact, spontaneously burst. Inside, the dark sphere seems to present the face of Ksitigarbha.
    • Black Round: Jellal extends his arm and releases a flurry of ghosts towards his opponents. They seem to be alive because when Erza Scarlet cut them, they shed blood. 
    • Bind the Snake: This spell appears as a snake tattoo. The snake snakes around the target's body, constricting and restricting movement. Jellal used it on Erza to immobilize him for the sacrifice ceremony to revive Zeref.

    Fire Magic : Jellal is able to use Fire Magic, a form of magic that, as the name suggests, allows the user to generate, manipulate and control fire. His mastery of this magic is enough for him to launch Abyss Break on his own.

    • Flame of Rebuke: This spell, when cast, creates golden flames in Jellal's palm, which he gave to Natsu to consume to defeat Zero. Upon eating them, Natsu entered Dragon Force, describing the sensation of consuming the flames as similar to "eating Etherion," implying that the spell is incredibly powerful. According to Jellal, creating these flames consumes almost all of his magic.

    Water Magic: Jellal is able to use water magic, a form of magic that, as the name suggests, allows the user to generate, manipulate, and control water. His mastery of this magic is enough for him to cast Abyss Break on his own.

    Air Magic: Jellal is able to use Air Magic, a form of magic that, as the name suggests, allows the user to generate, manipulate and control air. His mastery of this magic is enough for him to cast Abyss Break on his own.

    Earth Magic: Jellal is able to use Earth Magic, a form of magic that, as the name suggests, allows the user to generate, manipulate and control the earth. His mastery of this magic is enough for him to cast Abyss Break on his own.

    Self-Destruct Square: An extremely complex magic that Jellal used to attempt to destroy Nirvana and commit suicide. Without knowledge of its cancellation code, it cannot be dispelled. However, the creator of the spell and the one who taught it to Jellal, Brain, was able to dispel this magic without needing the code.

    Telekinesis: Jellal has shown the ability to move objects through the air without touching them, being able to do so even through his thought projection, Siegrain, causing a book he was reading to float to its place on the shelf. Offensively, Jellal proved that he was able to move a target in any desired way. By moving his hand in the direction he wants it to move, he moves the target away as if he were hitting it. This will apparently produce an invisible and powerful blunt attack to strike the target; an attack powerful enough to kill opponents, drawing their blood.

    Telepathy: Jellal has demonstrated the ability to communicate telepathically with others, prohibiting any "jacking" of his communication.

    Hexagon Barrier: Jellal can evoke very powerful magical barriers. He used a large variation with hexagonal designs to completely protect Erza and himself from Acnologia's attack, which suffered no damage afterwards.

    Expert hand-to-hand fighter: Jellal proved to be a capable unarmed fighter: while his speed was enhanced by sonsort Meteor , Jellal continued to attack and brutally injure Natsu Dragneel repeatedly with strong melee attacks, such as punches and kicks.

    Expert Sword Wielder: Although he has barely been shown to use one, Jellal, like his childhood friend Erza Scarlet, has proven himself capable of wielding a sword with impressive skill since his youth: during his time as a slave in the Tower of Heaven, he was shown to be able to reach the cell in which Erza was being held captive by himself, after sending all the guards there with a massive sword he had taken from one of them.

    Keen Intellect: Jellal is an intelligent, cunning, and ingenious individual who has shown a particular skill in deception, having been able to deceive both Erza Scarlet and the entire Council of Magic, even managing to become a member himself. He has shown himself capable of creating clever schemes and planning ahead, being the schemer of the plan to revive Zeref, whom he believed to be dead, and getting the Council to unwittingly work for him. Jellal's natural intelligence is matched by a vast knowledge and deep understanding of the magical world, with him being aware of powerful spells such as Unison Raid, and, thanks to his time on the Council, possessing in-depth information about the ancient Magic Nirvana, even knowing where it was hidden and how to unseal it. When Jellal was younger, Brain was impressed with how well he could learn and master the magic of the Self-Destruct Square just after telling him how to do it once.

    Enhanced Strength: Jellal displayed considerable physical strength, enough for him to send a man of Cobra's stature flying several feet away from him using only one hand; moreover, the feat was accomplished with a backward motion, and Cobra himself was sent crashing into Racer, causing him to stagger in the process.

    Immense Agility: In addition to his magical abilities, Jellal is fast, agile and has quick reflexes, easily avoiding and redirecting the blows of Erza's great bladed weapons, reacting to them with his own magic. He has also been shown avoiding the assaults of Jura Neekis' stone pillars with several remarkable acrobatic jumps. Jellal went so far as to perfectly dodge the attacks of Racer, a dark mage known for his masterful ability to use accelerating magic (or rather magic that slows down his opponents' perception of him), without resorting to his own spells; in addition to dodging even with his back turned, Jellal was also able to locate Racer's location afterwards and throw another member of his guild (namely Cobra) against him.

    Figurine Manga Erza Scarlet Hakama

    Immense Durability: Jellal is a very resilient opponent, who has proven to be capable of taking large amounts of damage without collapsing: during the events of the Tower of Heaven, he was able to continue fighting after being slashed by Erza Scarlet (despite such action subsequently preventing him from casting Abyss Break), and receiving a barrage of Fire Dragon Slayer magic spells from Natsu Dragneel , emerging unscathed from them; later, most importantly, he was able to survive Natsu's attacks after the latter entered Dragon Force, even after being sent crashing through his own Tower of Heaven. He was also able to merge his body with the Etherion and take control of it, which should have resulted in his certain death. However, he survived once again, entering a comatose state, from which he was awakened by Wendy Marvell's Celestial Dragon Slayer magic.

    Immense Stamina: Jellal's vast array of spells comes with the stamina to use them in subsequent revivals, with him being resilient enough to use Flame of Rebuke, a spell powerful enough to allow Natsu Dragneel to enter Dragon Force, replicating the effects of Etherion, the ultimate weapon of the Magic Council, after attempting to cast the Square of Self-Destruction on both Nirvana and himself, something that greatly weakened him.

    Immense Magic Power: Jellal has been shown to possess a great deal of magical power, enough to make him a member of the Ten Wizard Saints, a group containing some of the most powerful mages in Earth Land, as well as a member of the Magic Council, the governing body of the magical world; the latter despite both his young age and his authoritarian nature towards other older councilors. Such feats were made more remarkable by the fact that the one receiving these titles was not actually him, but rather the character he had created with his thought projection, Siegrain, which required a considerable amount of Jellal's own magical power to keep it active. Later, Jellal's magical power grew stronger to allow him to clear a large portion of the sky before activating his magic and defeating Neinhart as well as destroying several warships in a single attack. Jellal is also able to force the magic of a divine seed placed on him and transmit it to his realistic thought projection while maintaining it and defeating the divine seed itself.



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