Jiraya was a Sannin from the hidden village of Konoha. Known as a hermit and pervert with prodigious techniques, Jiraya traveled the world in search of knowledge that could help his friends, the various novels he wrote, and posthumously, the world at large - knowledge that was passed on to his godson and last student, Naruto Uzumaki.


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He was called "the frog hermit" (or "the hermit of the toads" in the French version of the anime) because of his link with the frogs of Mount Myôboku where he received a special training (Senjutsu or the Art of fighting of the Frogs) during some years of his youth with the frog master Fukasaku. At the end of his training Jiraya was given a prophecy by Ogama Sennin, the great patriarch of the toads.

After their defeat against Hanzo, they were given the title of Sannin to reward them for their hard work and strength. Jiraya took three orphans as his disciples: Nagato, Yahiko and Konan. He trained them for 3 years and gave them their independence after he was sure they had grown up, and told them to change the state of their country. He heard about their achievements and then nothing. He thought that they were dead. For him, Nagato was the child of the prophecy.

Jiraya was also the master of the Fourth Hokage: Minato Namikaze, the "Yellow Lightning of Konoha". He began to think about the prophecy and wondered if Minato was not that child as he told the Fourth Raikage, A.

After the Konoha War (12 years ago), he decided to stop meddling in other people's affairs and to take the path of the hermits.


Jiraya was a gregarious man, making jokes at his own expense and laughing happily afterwards. In his interactions with others, he liked to pretend to be selfish, upsetting them so that he could annoy them with his humor. Even when going into battle, he never missed an opportunity to strike extravagant kabuki poses and introduce himself in a dramatic way, these introductions were often interrupted in one way or another, and Jiraya was quick to express his displeasure with those responsible. Friends and enemies alike loved Jiraya for his eccentricities, admiring that someone so seemingly irreverent could actually be an extremely talented shinobi. He was deeply loyal to Konoha despite his many travels, not hesitating to threaten to kill Tsunade if she betrayed the village, despite their friendship. Jiraya also did not hesitate to try to kill his former best friend Orochimaru in retaliation for the death of their teacher, nor did he threaten the life of his former student Nagato when he learned that he was the true leader of the Akatsuki, despite the pain this caused him. Jiraya felt that his whims made him unfit to be Hokage, because he didn't think he was responsible enough for the position, and he felt unworthy of such an honor, because of his past exactions and failures.

Jiraya was an obsessive person without equal. His favorite pastime was spying on women while they bathed, a passion he openly displayed and was proud of his rare catch. He was nicknamed by Naruto "perverse hermit" (ero-sennin), because of his strong liking for women and his voyeurism in hot springs and public baths. He often justifies his vice as a source of inspiration for his writings; "Le paradis du batifolage", "La furie du batifolage" as well as "Tactiques du batifolage", the same books that Kakashi devours so much. This hobby brought him a lot of money (more than enough to pay off Tsunade's debts) which he spent at his leisure. Although he said that money, women and alcohol are the forbidden vices of the ninja, he didn't hesitate to break them all at the same time, a few hours after he lectured Naruto and stole all the money Naruto had saved, in order to treat himself to drinks and the company of pretty girls in a bar (even if his real purpose is to collect information). He did the same thing to Sakura (and by force of circumstance to Naruto, who refused to give him the money) in the Rice Country.

Jiraya's perversion turned against him several times. When he first met Naruto, he found no interest in training him. Naruto convinced him to change his mind by using the Sexy-Meta technique, Jiraya was so excited by what he saw that he asked Naruto to continue using it during their training. Itachi Uchiwa and Kisame also used this weakness in the hope of capturing Naruto, but without success. When he was younger, he spied on Tsunade while she was bathing but was seriously injured by her. Since then, he was more discreet in expressing his interests to Tsunade, making sure that his advances were only playful. Jiraya considered his inability to win Tsunade's heart to be one of the greatest failures of his life. Despite his boisterous nature, Jiraya was plagued by doubts and insecurities that his life was nothing more than a series of failures. Not being able to save Orochimaru weighed heavily on his mind, as did the death of his master, the Third Hokage and his student, the Fourth Hokage. Jiraya considered his achievements to be paltry compared to the previous Hokage and wished for a death as glorious as theirs. In his last moments, Jiraya expressed his pride in fulfilling his wish to have a heroic death.

One of Jiraya's defining characteristics was also his indomitable spirit and his will to never give up. Despite the many failures he had suffered throughout his life, he never succumbed to despair, always moving forward. Against Orochimaru, Jiraya revealed his vision of the true ninja. Even though he was mortally wounded, Jiraya's will was so strong that he wanted his heart to beat again to deliver one last message to the village.

Jiraya's greatest contribution is his teaching. He was the teacher of three of the most powerful ninjas of their time: Nagato, Minato and Naruto. He passed on his spirit to all of them. He showed a real affection for Naruto and became like his family. Even in his last moments, Jiraya's last thoughts were about Naruto, to whom he entrusted the future of the world. In the anime, before leaving for the afterlife, Jiraya's spirit used his last moments to put his hand on Naruto's shoulder in a final show of affection.

Jiraya was a great believer in peace and had a deep desire to change the hatred of the world. While he wanted to find an answer to the cycle of hatred that plagued the world, he was never able to find a way to do so. He never had a child, so he considered Minato Namikaze his son and, by extension, Naruto his grandson. He also had a strong belief in the next generation and that it was his job to set an example.



Jiraya is a rather tall man in his fifties with long white hair. He carries with him at all times the scroll that allows him to sign the frog summoning pact. His forehead band has the kanji "Abura", which means "Oil". A red line runs down from each of his eyes like a tear and he has a wart on the left side of his nose. By using Hermit Mode his body changes and transforms him into an older version of himself with toad-like characteristics.


Jiraya is a great all-around ninja, excellent in almost all ninja arts except Genjustu where he is a pitiful loser according to him. However, he fills this gap by summoning toads, specialized in this field, which allows him to excel everywhere. He is one of the three legendary ninjas and the disciple of the 3rd Hokage which gives him a certain fame and he does not usurp it because very few shinobi dare to face him. Even Itachi and Kisame didn't dare to face him in a two-on-one fight. He had the possibility to become Hokage, Homura and Koharu of the council of sages asked him themselves but he refused. The fire lord himself said that he wanted him to become Hokage because he liked him. Pain recognized that he was a "serious opponent". His insight allows him not to spend chakra foolishly and to analyze his opponent's techniques well.





Jiraya knows a wide variety of Ninjutsu techniques. He can transform his hair into an offensive or defensive weapon to fight and he can even make it take the form of a lion. Jiraya can use Rasengan like Minato and Naruto. He masters Doton (art of mastering the earth), like the "swamp of limbo" technique which can swallow Manda the giant snake of Orochimaru. His second affinity is Katon (art of firebending) and he can also create a detection barrier around him to spot those who cross it like with Pain and his invisible chameleon. He can also materialize the stomach of the big toad around him, this technique almost cost the life of Kisame and Itachi if the latter had not used the Celestial Light. He can also use a shadow technique which allows him to camouflage himself in the shadow of a person and control him.


He masters Senjutsu, which allowed him to become a hermit. Thanks to this mode, all his abilities are boosted and more powerful. Moreover, unlike Ninjustsu, he doesn't draw on his chakra and is not exhausted and with the overactivity that the hermit mode causes, the blows have much less effect on him. Also his Rasengan reaches a gargantuan size, he can give overpowering blows, he shows the power of his Taijustsu on one of Pain by kicking him which is enough to swell Pain's face and prevent him from seeing properly. However, his mastery of Senjutsu is not complete and he needs to fight in trio with Fukasaku and Shima, two eminent toad hermits, with whom he merges. Nevertheless, this mode transforms him slightly into a toad. This fusion allows him to perform very powerful combinations of blows. The trio can send a huge wave of oil on the enemy and engulf him.


Jiraya signed a pact with the toads and can therefore summon any toad from Mount Myôboku. His most powerful summoning is Gamabunta. He only calls her in case of extreme emergency because of her grumpiness which Jiraya does not mind and because the summoning consumes a lot of chakra. In duo with him, they can use "Oil Embrace": Gamabunta spits out a huge wave of oil and Jiraya ignites it with a katon spell, a powerful technique that could burn all of Manda's molt. He also summons the two great hermits to help him. Between them, they form a powerful team to defeat three of the six Buns. The only technique they have been seen to perform together is a wave of oil of gigantic size. To escape the battle site and rest, Jiraya summoned a toad whose body is another dimension. Jiraya enters it and rests there to analyze his enemy's techniques. However, even the enemy can enter inside and therefore Jiraya has to hide the frog well as in the ocean for example.



Part I

Chûnin exam

Jiraya had returned to the village to find inspiration for his books. He was watching the girls at the public baths when Ebisu, who was training Naruto Uzumaki to walk on water, saw him and tried to stop him but Jiraya, displeased to be disturbed, gave Ebisu a beating which impressed Naruto and he tried to become his student. He succeeded by using the sexy-meta.

Jiraya realized that Naruto was having trouble mixing his chakra and asked him to mix it in his bathing suit. He realized that the seal holding Kyubi was covered by the five elements seal that Orochimaru had put in the Forest of Death, making it difficult for Naruto to mix his chakra with Kyubi's. Jiraya destroyed the seal, but he was able to keep it intact. Jiraya destroyed the seal of the five elements and Naruto could finally walk on water.

Jiraya made Naruto sign the pact with the toads so that he could learn the summoning technique. But Naruto was having a hard time performing this technique. Jiraya threw him off a cliff so that the feeling of imminent death would make him use Kyubi's chakra to do a proper summoning. Naruto was then able to summon Gamabunta, the boss of the toads. Jiraya preferred to go away because of the bad temper of this one but at the end of the day he presented him the scroll so that he could see that it was Naruto who had summoned him.

Konoha Invasion

Jiraya participated in the defense of Konoha by summoning Gamahiro to crush the snake summoned by the Suna ninjas.

Search for Tsunade

Jiraya was chosen by Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado to be Sarutobi's successor and to become the Fifth Hokage but Jiraya declined the offer saying that Tsunade was more suitable for this role. So he went to look for her with Naruto who he convinced by promising to teach him a technique that surpasses Sasuke's Chidori.

Shortly after their departure, Jiraya left Naruto in their hotel room. Itachi Uchiwa and Kisame Hoshigaki took the opportunity to try to capture Naruto for the Akatsuki, who wanted to take Kyûbi. Jiraya intervened and the two criminals fled for fear of defeat against the Sannin.

Jiraya started to teach Naruto the Rasengan. He explained in three steps how to train the technique and Naruto had to pass each step to move on to the next. Jiraya was able to admire Naruto's willpower during this training.

They met Tsunade and her disciple Shizune. Jiraya asked her to be the Fifth Hokage but she refused, saying that wanting to be the Hokage was good for idiots which irritated Naruto who challenged her to a duel. The duel was interrupted when Naruto tried to use the Rasengan. Tsunade told him that if he could master this technique in one week, he would win his pendant inherited from his grandfather the First Hokage.

Tsunade took the opportunity to have a drink with Jiraya and drugged him with the primary goal of turning him over to Orochimaru to resurrect Dan and/or Nawaki. When Jiraya woke up, he returned with difficulty to Shizune and Naruto. He revealed that he had trouble mixing his chakra and had only 10% of his abilities because of Tsunade's drug.

When he felt better, they went after Tsunade who had joined Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi. There, they found Tsunade terrified by the blood that was flowing from Kabuto's hand. Orochimaru and Jiraya started to fight after Jiraya's unsuccessful attempt to summon a suitable toad against Orochimaru's snake. Orochimaru himself was weakened by the loss of his hands after his fight with the Third Hokage.

When Tsunade finally managed to overcome her hematophobia, Jiraya seemed to have regained all his strength as he was able to summon Gamabunta. A titanic battle began between the three Sannin and Orochimaru retreated. Tsunade decided to become the Fifth Hokage after seeing Naruto's determination to pursue his dream.

Sasuke Recovery Mission

When they returned to Konoha, Jiraya asked Tsunade to treat the psychological damage that Sasuke and Kakashi had suffered, as well as to take care of Rock Lee at Gai's request. Naruto went around the village to visit his friends and Jiraya was secretly watching him. Later, Naruto fought Sasuke shortly after Tsunade had healed him, but Kakashi interrupted the fight in time to prevent them from using their Chidori and Rasengan against each other. Kakashi noticed Jiraya and asked him if it had been a good idea to teach him the Rasengan and Jiraya asked the same question about Sasuke's Chidori. Jiraya admitted that he was surprised that Naruto used Rasengan against a friend and asked about his relationship with Sasuke. Kakashi then explained that Sasuke was a rival that Naruto wanted to live up to, similar to the relationship he had with Orochimaru. Now understanding things, Jiraya decided to talk to Naruto about it.

Sasuke ended up going to Orochimaru's house and Naruto ended up in Konoha hospital in his failed attempt to bring his friend back. Jiraya visited him and informed him that he would take him away from Konoha for three years of training. Knowing that the Akatsuki and Orochimaru would not be able to advance their plans for three years, which meant that it would be the perfect opportunity to prepare Naruto for the next time he faced them. But Naruto refused, feeling that it was essential that he reunite with Sasuke as soon as possible, Jiraya tried to convince him to abandon Sasuke, relying on his own experience with Orochimaru and pointing to Naruto's current state as proof that Sasuke no longer considered him a friend. These facts, combined with the many greater challenges Naruto would face one day, led Jiraya to conclude that it would be foolish to go after Sasuke. Naruto then replied that he would rather be a fool and Jiraya, satisfied with this answer, told Naruto to prepare to leave as soon as he got out of the hospital.


In the anime, shortly after leaving Konoha, they discussed the fact that Naruto should learn to counter the genjutsu if he hoped to be able to face Sasuke in their next meeting. Jiraya summoned Gamariki to help him practice dispelling the genjutsu, but Naruto found it difficult to do so and his chakra kept hitting Gamariki, who didn't appreciate it. Jiraya took Naruto to the Genjutsu Forest Village to try a different approach, but they found out that the village was forcibly ruled by Kandachi. They freed the villagers and attacked Kandachi, whom Naruto defeated with his newly created Giant Swirling Orb. As they left afterwards, Jiraya was happy with the way Naruto looked like Minato and hugged him, which made Naruto uncomfortable.

On the Trail of Naruto: The Paths of Friends

Two years after the beginning of their training, Naruto's control over Kyûbi's chakra improved considerably. Jiraya tried to give him better access to the power of bijû and used Gerotora to weaken Naruto's Hakke Seal. This caused Naruto to enter the four-tailed version 2 of his transformation and he lost control of his body. Naruto attacked Jiraya and almost killed him before the Sannin managed to suppress Kyubi's chakra. Naruto had no memory of what happened and Jiraya didn't say anything to him, preferring to redirect Naruto's training towards other activities, especially the control of his anger so that Kyûbi wouldn't wake up again and take over his jinchûriki.




Part II

Rescue of the Kazekage

Naruto and Jiraya returned from a journey that lasted two and a half years. In Konoha, Naruto and Sakura had to undergo the bell test to show the fruits of their training. Before the test, Jiraya talked with Kakashi and told him what he knew about Kyubi's influence. He gave him a seal that suppresses Kyubi's chakra as long as Naruto doesn't pass the first tail.

Jiraya commented the test of the bells as when he noticed that Sakura became a second Tsunade as well in term of technique as of character. He congratulated Naruto at the end of the test.

When Naruto went to save Gaara, Jiraya gave him some last advice about Kyûbi.

Sai and Sasuke

When Kakashi was very weak after using the Mangekyo Sharingan too much, Jiraya, Yamato and Tsunade visited him. There Jiraya explained how the chakra was developing on Naruto and the consequences it could have. So Jiraya said that he almost died twice, the first time when Tsunade caught him looking at her in the women's hot spring, the second time when Naruto, possessed by the demon chakra, reached for the first time the fourth tail of Kyubi and attacked him, as a result of which he kept a huge scar on his chest.

Arc Sanbi

In the anime, Jiraya returned to Konoha to congratulate Naruto for defeating Kakuzu of the Akatsuki. As Kakashi was about to take Team 8 on a mission to investigate one of Orochimaru's lairs, Jiraya distracted Naruto from this potential opportunity to find Sasuke by taking him to Yu for training. Since Naruto did not practice any long-range jutsu, Jiraya recommended that he use Cooperation Ninjutsu, synchronizing with his summonses, the toads, to compensate for this shortcoming. He had Naruto try to perform Suiton - Water Cannon with Gamariki, but their personalities clashed, preventing them from cooperating. Naruto instead summoned Gamatatsu, with whom he was able to cooperate, while listening to Gamakichi's advice.

Jiraya applauded Naruto's progress, but he was called to go and check the information he had received about the Akatsuki before he could see Naruto's latest progress. He left his student to finish his training alone, but before he left, he convinced Tsunade to let Naruto assist Team 8 in their mission.


Pursuit of Itachi

Jiraya visited Tsunade and told her rumors that Orochimaru had been eliminated by Sasuke. They then shared these rumors with Naruto and Sakura Haruno, who suspected Sasuke of acting against his brother, Itachi Uchiwa of the Akatsuki. Naruto suggested that they try to locate Itachi so that they, in turn, could find Sasuke. An Eight-Man Squad was formed for this purpose and in the anime, Jiraya and Tsunade accompanied them to the exit of the village.

While the Eight-Man Squad was still on its mission, Jiraya visited Tsunade to tell her that he had discovered the location of the Akatsuki leader, although he refused to give any more details until she had a drink with him. While drinking sake, Jiraya revealed to Tsunade over a drink that the Akatsuki leader was in Ame village. Ame was in the middle of a civil war, in which the leader of the organization was the head of one of the two factions. Tsunade lamented that Jiraya was always doing the dirty work, due to his role as Hokage, and they talked about their childhood and Orochimaru, who had died not long before. Jiraya then went to Ame to investigate the leader of the Akatsuki. Tsunade asked him to be careful and to send a toad if he needed help. Jiraya told her, as Hokage, that Konoha needed her, but she replied that Kakashi and possibly Naruto could replace her. Then they discussed Naruto's similarities with his parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Having been Minato's teacher, Jiraya said that he considered Naruto as his grandson. He warned Tsunade to beware of the Root before leaving.

Infiltration of the Village of Ame

Jiraya arrived in Ame, but he was immediately detected by Pain and his Rain Detection technique. During his infiltration, he caught two Ame ninjas discussing Pain. He captured them so that he could interrogate them. The first of his two prisoners was not very cooperative, so Jiraya demonstrated how "ruthless" he could be to those who did not answer his questions. He turned the Soul ninja into a frog. His companion was suddenly willing to give information. He revealed to Jiraya that no citizen of Ame had seen Pain. He surprised Jiraya greatly by telling him that the civil war was over, Pain's faction having won. Jiraya was horrified that someone could defeat the former leader of Ame, Hanzo, whom he and the other Sannin could not defeat. The ninja revealed how far Pain had gone to be considered a god by the villagers of Ame. By killing all the people who were related to Hanzô, even far away, as if they had been struck by a divine anger.

The Ame ninja refused to tell Jiraya anything about Pain's current activities. Jiraya let him go, admiring his loyalty. He then pulled Gerotora out of his body, explaining that he might be fighting a terrible opponent. He told Gerotora to take refuge inside Naruto if he didn't come back. Gerotora, containing the key of the seal that kept Kyûbi inside Naruto, didn't agree. Jiraya insisted, believing that Minato wanted Naruto to master the power of Kyûbi for an unknown purpose, and because of this Jiraya suspected that Madara Uchiwa was behind the attack of Kyûbi in Konoha 16 years before. Jiraya then sent one of his two prisoners to Konoha while he took control of the other one to explore the village. Konan discovered him and informed Pain that the intruder was Jiraya. Konan attacked Jiraya by wrapping the Soul ninja in paper and Jiraya freed him from the paper and from his control. Jiraya, surprised to see her, remarked that she had grown up a lot. Jiraya asked his former student who Pain was.


She attacked him rather than answering him, having been ordered to kill him by Pain. He quickly neutralized her and captured her. Jiraya remarked, having thought that Konan and his peers were dead, that he never imagined that they would be members of Akatsuki. Konan then told Jiraya that he should have listened to Orochimaru instead of sparing their lives and Jiraya insisted that he had done the right thing. Jiraya then questioned Konan about why he joined the Akatsuki and that it was not the right choice. Pain with the body of Chikushodo appeared and refuted the statement of their former master. Seeing Pain's Rinnegan, Jiraya assumed, despite his very different appearance, that he was Nagato.

Pain summoned a giant crustacean to free Konan from Jiraya's technique. Jiraya ordered Konan to leave them. Jiraya destroyed the crab, captured Pain and asked him what had happened to Yahiko. Pain replied that Yahiko had died and told him that he had become a god by saving the world from suffering. At Jiraya's request, Pain, as the leader of Akatsuki, intended to capture the nine biju to create a weapon that could wipe out an entire country. With this, the suffering caused by the use of this weapon would become a deterrent and bring peace. Jiraya insisted that it would not work. Pain, after freeing himself from Jiraya's technique, summoned a chameleon to prove to Jiraya that he was just a mediocre existence and had stopped evolving. Jiraya retaliated by summoning Gamaken.

Faced with his opponent's invocations, Jiraya, with Gamaken assisting him, decided to collect natural energy. Once the energy was accumulated, Jiraya entered the Hermit Mode and summoned Fukasaku and Shima to assist him. Having entered the Hermit Mode, Jiraya faced Pain with the help of the two great sages. The two sages asked why he needed their help, to which he replied that he had to kill his former student. Understanding the importance of the situation, the two great sages found where Pain's chameleon was hiding and eliminated it, forcing Pain to show himself. Seeing his Rinnegan, they thought about Jiraya's prophecy that he would have a student who would either bring stability to the ninja world that had never been seen before or chaos and destruction. Seeing that Pain had taken the path of destruction, they prepared for battle. Pain also prepared himself by summoning two bodies, Gakidô and Ningendô.

The two bodies that Pain had summoned rose up and also developed Rinnegan. Despite his surprise that there were three people who possessed the Rinnegan, Jiraya attacked the second body which came at him, this same body lost its sight because of Jiraya's attack. He joined the two great sages in a combined elemental attack, but the third body absorbed it and the Mega Swirling Orb that Jiraya had used against it. Jiraya tried to attack Ningendô by surprise, but this one had no difficulty to block the attack that Chikushôdô had seen, and then Jiraya tried to attack this last one, but Gakidô attacked him which allowed the first body to block the attack by summoning a giant panda as a shield, something that Fukasaku had noticed.

Since he couldn't get rid of Pain's bodies, Jiraya took refuge in the sewers and devised a plan for the two toads to prepare their genjutsu. When Pain found him, a clone occupied Gakidô by making him absorb flames, Ningendô was trapped in the ceiling by the Swamp of the Otherworld technique and when Chikushodô tried to stop Jiraya, Fukasaku and Shima launched their genjustu. Jiraya then stuck a big sword into each body. Just when he thought he was done, Shurado came up behind him and ripped his arm off. Jiraya was thrown outside.

The Six Bodies of Bread were together. He recognized one of the Six Bodies of Pain directly as Yahiko. He questioned his opponent again about his identity, but Pain's power proved to be superior. Jiraya managed to escape temporarily in a frog taking with him the body of Chikushodo who then stabbed him with a spear. Jiraya withdrew the spear with difficulty because it disturbed his chakra and he recognized the body that was used by Chikushodô by the scar on the front of the body. He came out with Fukasaku from the frog and recognized all the other bodies because he had already met them all during his travels. Shurado attacked him by surprise and crushed his throat. Although he found out who Pain was, Jiraya could not speak or move. He then found himself stabbed with five spears. His life began to fade and he remembered the many failures in his life: constantly pushed away by Tsunade, powerless to stop his friend from going down the path of evil, unable to protect his master and disciple etc. What saddened him the most was to die without having accomplished a feat that would sweep away all his failures.

He then remembered how Naruto had been named after the protagonist of his first book, as well as the fact that Minato made him Naruto's godfather. Since Naruto's ninyo was to never give up, Jiraya, being Naruto's master, made the choice to do the same, his real choice. He gathered what little energy he had left and sent a last message to Fukasaku, which meant "He doesn't really exist" on the toad's back and he fled with the frog containing Chikushodo's body and the remaining ninja of Ame that Ibiki Morino should question. He then sank to the bottom of the sea and died with a smile on his face thinking about Naruto, convinced that he was the child of the prophecy. He appeared in spirit form next to Naruto and then put his hand on his shoulder before disappearing, leaving a confused Naruto who did not know that this was his master's farewell gesture.





Deciphering Jiraya's last coded message became Konoha's top priority, although the code was not recognizable by the Decryption Unit. Only Naruto, one of the people closest to Jiraya, was able to identify the key to the code: the Icha Icha series. By taking the first word of each page that Jiraya specified, they got the message "the real one is not among them". It was only after examining Chikushôdô and questioning Ame ninjas that Jiraya's message made sense: The Pain Rikudô were controlled remotely by one person, Nagato. The Pain Invasion of Konoha was already underway when this was understood, but Naruto, after defeating the six Pains, was able to use the information to find and meet Nagato. It was also by using Jiraya's legacy and teachings that Naruto made Nagato see his own impact on their former teacher.

Naruto was very depressed when he heard about Jiraya's death and tried to blame it on Tsunade, who left him to fight Pain alone. Naruto eventually realized that Jiraya, by fighting Pain, bought him time for his own fight against Pain and he used this time to learn senjutsu which, in combination with what Fukasaku told him about Pain's abilities, allowed him to defeat Pain Rikudô. When he met Nagato, Naruto wanted to take revenge for Jiraya's death, but he decided to forgive Nagato instead, thus ending the cycle of hatred that the main character in Jiraya's book, Heroic Tales of Shinobi Hermits, was against. Nagato then realized that the same idea that Naruto had from Jiraya, Jiraya had from him, and that his actions in Akatsuki were contradictory to their ideals. So he sacrificed his life to revive those who had been killed in his attack on Konoha, the only atonement he could offer. Nagato later remarked that while Jiraya's was the first story in a trilogy and Naruto's would be the last, his was the middle volume that was best forgotten. During his final sealing during the war, Nagato told Naruto that he would return to Jiraya's side and that they would witness the end of Naruto's story together, calling Jiraya's life a true masterpiece.

After observing the confrontation between Naruto and Nagato, the Great Toad Hermit discovered that his prophecy was somewhat wrong: Jiraya would not train the Child of Prophecy, but he would train the Children of Prophecy, Nagato and Naruto, whose actions would lead the world to peace through Jiraya's influence. Obito Uchiwa, after plunging the world into the Fourth Great Shinobi War, blamed the actions of Naruto and Nagato for the failure of his Eye of the Moon Plan, as Jiraya was their teacher, Obito decided that, in a sense, The memorial itself was a rock with the kanji for "teacher" (師, shi) engraved on it, and Naruto left a copy of the Heroic Tales of Shinobi Hermits and the "Eternal Flowers of Hope" that Konan had given him. Later, Tsunade went to the memorial to have a drink in honor of her childhood comrade, which she did the day Naruto became Hokage.

Tsunade was just as sad as Naruto when she heard about Jiraya's death, which gave her another reason to protect Konoha from Pain, so that her sacrifice would not be in vain. She went into a coma in her effort to protect the villagers and it was then that the Fire Daimyo expressed his regret that Jiraya, having died, could not replace Tsunade as the Sixth Hokage. When the Fourth Great Shinobi War began, Kabuto Yakushi expressed his interest in reincarnating Jiraya to fight for the Akatsuki, but unfortunately he was unable to find his body, as it lay in the depths of the sea. Orochimaru, who everyone thought was dead, reappeared during the war with a new perspective. Tsunade said that this change could have saved Jiraya if it had happened earlier, but Orochimaru thought it was better for Jiraya to die as he was than to risk him changing because of Orochimaru's change. After Naruto shared his memories with the Shinobi Alliance, Tsunade and Orochimaru were shown remembering their former comrade, after which Orochimaru joined the fight on the side of the Alliance. While bidding farewell to his father, Naruto mentioned that of all the shinobi he had met, Jiraya was the one he respected the most.

Jiraya's legacy of goodness was even passed on to the new generations which included Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiwa, Chôchô Akimichi and the members of the 11 of Konoha where he encouraged these new generations to one day be better and share the goodness of life. At some point, Amado managed to obtain some of Jiraya's DNA and cloned him, naming the clone Koji Kashin, whose only mission was to eliminate Jigen, the vessel of Isshiki Ôtsutsuki. Naruto found Koji's style very reminiscent of Jiraya's and couldn't help but feel concerned for Koji's safety, despite his inability to understand the reason. Isshiki, reading Koji's mind when he was resurrected by Jigen, understood that Amado wanted to hold on to Jiraya's powerful destiny, hence his reason for creating Koji.

Bread Invasion

Jiraya was often present in the fight between Naruto and Nagato as they debated about the peace that their master had sought. When Nagato died by resurrecting all the people who died during the invasion, Konan offered a paper flower bouquet as for Jiraya before him. A memorial was built in his honor with the kanji "teacher" and Naruto put his first book and Konan's bouquet there.

Fourth Great Ninja War

Kabuto wanted to be able to get some of Jiraya's DNA to use, but his body was now lying at the bottom of the ocean, beyond the reach of any recovery.


  • Jiraya, like the other members of the legendary Konoha Sannin trio, borrows his name from Jiraiya (児雷也) a Japanese story character Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari (児雷也豪傑物語, The Legend of the Gallant Jiraiya), popular in kabuki performances. Jiraiya was a ninja, ruler of a powerful clan in Kyushu. After the ruin of his clan, he became the leader of a band of chivalrous thieves and fled to Echigo province. On Mount Myoko, he meets an immortal who initiates him to magic, giving him the power to transform into a toad. He finally finds Sarashina, the man responsible for the ruin of his clan, and kills him. Jiraiya then meets Tsunade, a beautiful young woman who masters snail magic, and marries her. One of Jiraiya's servants, Yashagoro, jealous and bewitched by a snake, receives the powers of snake magic. He takes the name of Orochimaru and decides to attack his former master. Jiraiya and Tsunade fight against Orochimaru, but they are poisoned by the snake's venom and fall unconscious. Another servant of Jiraiya arrives to the rescue. The story ends abruptly on this scene.
  • The parallel between the life of Jiraya and his counterpart is easy to make. If Jiraiya in the story learns magic and acquires the power to turn into a toad on Mount Myoko, Jiraya in Naruto will do the same on Mount Myôboku with the toads. The only difference will be in the way both heroes die and in the fact that Naruto's Jiraya, despite all his efforts, will never manage to make Tsunade his companion.
  • Jiraya prints the poses and the make-up in kabuki.
  • In kabuki, the red makeup designates the hero, a courageous character.
  • Since his appearance in the manga Jiraya was ranked several times in the popularity polls, once even in the top 10.
  • He was :
    • 10th in the second popularity poll
    • ?rst in the third popularity poll
    • 1st in the fourth popularity poll
    • 23rd in the fifth popularity poll
    • ?th in the sixth popularity poll
    • 19th in the seventh popularity poll



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