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Joy Boy (Nika)

Joy Boy (Nika)

Joy Boy is a title of great historical significance. It is still unclear how exactly this title is obtained, but people have turned to individuals with aspirations to change the world as its next bearer.

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So far, two people with the title "Joy Boy" are known to have existed. The first and most famous was an extremely relevant character from the Void Century who played an important role in the history of Fish-Man Island and left a certain object of unimaginable value on the last island of the Grand Line. He was first mentioned on the Ryugu poneglyph read by Nico Robin while he was at the marine forest.


Based on the historical recordings of this Joy Boy left on the pongeglyphs, it was thought that Joy Boy would return about 800 years after the Void Century. After Monkey D. Luffy awakened his Demon Fruit, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika , and his heartbeat took on the sound of "Drums of Liberation", Zunesha declared that Joy Boy was back.



About 900 years ago, the inhabitants of Fish-Man Island made a promise to a great man known as Joy Boy. He tried to raise Noah with the help of Poseidon, but he broke his promise on Fish-Man Island for some unknown reason.

At some point, this person became a comrade of Zunesha.

At another point, Joy Boy stumbled upon an island, which would later be named Laugh Tale by Gol D. Roger, and left behind a treasure that would become known in the world as One Piece.


The original Joy Boy left messages about his return 800 years later. One of these messages was to Fish-Man Island and Poseidon, apologizing for breaking his promise and promising that someone would fulfill it in the future. Another message was left on the unnamed island, stating that he would return in 800 years.

When Roger's pirates conquered Grand Line by reaching the then unnamed island, they read the message and learned the true history of the world but decided to leave it as is, as they were too early. Roger said he wished they could have lived for the same amount of time after learning the true story on Laugh Tale.

Half of the promise of Fish-Man Island was almost broken during the events of the Fish-Man Island arc, when Monkey D. Luffy was asked to protect the island no matter what the cost, even if it meant Noah had to be destroyed in the process. Before Luffy could completely destroy the ship, Noah's fall was stopped by a group of Sea Kings who were unknowingly summoned by Shirahoshi, thus saving the island from the Fishmen and maintaining the nation's promise to Joy Boy. However, the ship was still heavily damaged. The Sea Kings then took the ship to the forest of the sea, where they planned to repair it.

According to King Neptune, there is a legend in the royal family about the person who will fulfill Joy Boy's promise.

Monkey D. Luffy

Amatsuki Toki would use his abilities to head to the future Wano in search of Joy Boy's return day.

During Roger Pirates' journey, after the arrival of Kozuki Oden, they went to the island of the fish-men and on the way, Roger and Oden heard the Sea Kings talk about the birth of someone who will lead them in 25 years with the new Poseidon.. After the discovery of the crew on Laugh Tale, Oden returned to his home in the land of Wa, which also had a connection to Joy Boy, and made plans to open up the enclosed land for Joy Boy's return. However, his efforts were foiled by the shogun Kurozumi Orochi and the pirate Kaidou, and he was subsequently killed by the latter, so he left the task to his vassals.

At some unknown time, Kaidou heard about Joy Boy and sought out the next one for some unknown reason. King, a member of the Beasts Pirates and a lunarian, apparently believed that Kaidou could have become Joy Boy and changed the world, though he eventually came to dismiss the character as a mere legend. Some time after Oden's death, Yamato, Kaidou's child and an admirer of Oden, took Oden's name and after learning the truth from Oden's diary, worked to fulfill his dream.

After Monkey D. Luffy was defeated by Kaidou on the roof of the Skull Dome, Zunesha proclaimed that he could hear the "Drums of Liberation" and that Joy Boy was back. Luffy then began to regain consciousness and smiled, awakening his Demon Fruit and transforming into his Gear 5 form for the first time.



  • The first Joy Boy made a promise to the people of Fishman Island 900 years ago, but since the pongeglyphs were invented by the Kozuki family 800 years ago, his letter of apology was written at least a century later.
  • The original Joy Boy may be inspired by the Javanese king Ratu Joyoboyo, who prophesied 800 years ago that a hero called Ratu Adil would come after Indonesia's liberation from Japanese rule.


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