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Kaido aux cents bêtes

Kaido with hundred beasts

Kaido, nicknamed "Kaido of the Hundred Beasts" is the captain of the Hundred Beasts crew as well as one of the Four Emperors, the third to be mentioned by name, and the last to make his debut; he is also known as "The Most Powerful Creature in the World" (paralleling Edward Newgate "The Most Powerful Man in the World").

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Kaido and his crew are currently occupying the Land of Wa. He was also allied with Kurozumi Orochi before he decided to betray him for his plan for a new Onigashima. He is a former apprentice of the Rocks Crew.

He was first mentioned by Monkey D. Garp in Water Seven, and then mentioned directly by Gecko Moria shortly after getting the shadow of Monkey D. Luffy; his title of Emperor was revealed right after the Straw Hat Crew defeated Moria.

He is an antagonist in the Pirate Alliance Saga, particularly in the Wano arc, and the main target of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, started by Trafalgar Law and Monkey D. Luffy in the Punk Hazard arc.



Kaido is an abnormally tall and extremely muscular man, appearing at least six times taller than Eustass Kidd, the latter being 205 cm tall. He has a relatively small face, yellowish eyes under small eyebrows, a hooked nose and a long chin. He has thick veins on his forehead and pronounced lines around his nose. He has long, thick, swept back hair resembling a mane, a mustache that falls to his waist, long horns. A cross-shaped scar marks the right side of his stomach. In addition, a tattoo of red scales surrounded by orange and a white death's-head extend from his pectoral to his left wrist.

Kaido wears a dark blue feather coat draped over his shoulders, a kimono tied with a braided belt whose sleeves he has not put on, under which hangs various ribbons and two thick chains each attached to a separate piece of cloth on each side. Slightly above his wrists, he wears spiked bracelets.

When he is in the form of an oriental dragon, we find: his long hair that extends over his wavy body covered with scales, his tattoo, his long mustache and beard, his large scar, his spiked bracelet, his usual horns on the sides accompanied by two new horns on top of the head. He has two legs with claws at the ends. His eyebrows give him a menacing look.

In hybrid form, he has four more horns than his big horns, his chin beard has grown longer, his scales extend from his spiked rings to his neck and pectoral area. It also has two pointed teeth on the upper part of its jaw and what looks like a tail.

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Kaido is a ruthless and confident warrior who never misses an opportunity to gain an advantage in a war, as evidenced by his plan to attack Whitebeard during the latter's attempt to save Portgas D. Ace from execution. Kaido seems to harbor a general sense of apathy for most things, including the very nature of the world, his own life, and that of his subordinates, he is ready to start the world's greatest war. This recklessness, coupled with his apparent inability to die, has caused his multiple suicide attempts, all of which have failed. However, Kaido seems invested in his goal of creating an all-Demon Fruit crew, to the point where he tries to drown his sorrows in alcohol after receiving the news that he could no longer buy Smile-type Demon Fruit en masse.

He is also ruthless and not open to negotiation or apology, so it is unwise to provoke or underestimate him; Don Quixote Doflamingo, a former Corsair and Celestial Dragon known for his relaxed demeanor under any circumstances, was very afraid of Kaido's wrath when he became potentially unable to handle their business due to Trafalgar D. Water Law holding Caesar Clown hostage. One of his teammates later stated that Kaido would be very angry if he heard the news of the destruction of the Smiles Factory. This unreasonable attitude forced a group of Kaido's subordinates including X. Drake to try to give the news of Doflamingo's defeat to the Emperor from a distance rather than reporting it to him in person. Another example is his adamant refusal to allow Big Mom to kill Luffy, stating that he is her target, despite their shared past and the debt he owes her.

Kaido is very confident in his power and considers himself far above the Supernovae, referring to their actions as "petty pirate games", refusing to even take the Straw Hat Crew and the Heart Crew seriously despite the fact that they stopped his Smile trade; this is reinforced by the fact that he thinks defeating a Corsair is nothing impressive, referring to Doflamingo as weak.

Kaido also has a strong taste for alcohol, and this has consequences on his mood: he is first melancholic when he learns that he will not be able to have access to Zoan Smiles anymore, following Doflamingo's defeat, and thus realize his dream of creating a crew composed only of Demon Fruit users, then he becomes furious and violent when one of his subordinates thinks that Luffy and Law should be worried.

He can forgive his enemies for what they have done on the sole condition that they join his crew. This can be seen when he asks Shutenmaru to join his crew or when he says he is ready to forgive Luffy's actions if he joins his crew. Kaido can be surprised and stressed, as when part of Big Mom's crew arrives by surprise in Wano Kuni, Kaido fearing an all-out war.

Kaido is also able to prepare himself to face an enemy or to make a machination to take advantage, as he does with Kozuki Oden before his fight against him, because he didn't have enough men to serve him and feared a probable alliance between all the samurais of Wano, which proves that Kaido knows how to recognize the power of an adversary and doesn't let himself be guided by his strength and his pretentiousness as it was shown after the defeat of the Corsair Doflamingo, not taking the threat of Luffy and Law seriously.

Kaido is also a man of honor and knows how to respect his enemies. Indeed, he fed Big Mom in Onigashima instead of killing her directly so that she could keep her best form to face him. He killed Kurozumi Higurashi for interfering in her fight with Oden, creating a diversion to destabilize Oden, even apologizing to him for this unintentional trick; Kaido himself finished her off as a sign of respect saying that he will remember her death for a long time.

Kaido has no qualms about betraying his own allies, as he showed when he beheaded his long-time ally Orochi without any qualms when he noticed that he was no longer useful to him after his alliance with Big Mom's Crew. When the Nine Red Scabbards launched their Raid, Kaido declared that a pirate alliance never lasts long and that when Luffy and his crew realize the Samurai have been defeated, they will flee without bothering with them.

Although Kaido is shown to us as vicious and ruthless to his enemies, he does have a form of honor. When he met Big Mom again for the first time in decades, he told his men to remove the Sea Granite handcuffs she was wearing before fighting her in a fair fight. After her fight with Oden, he thought that Kurozumi Higurashi's way of helping her was disloyal, pretending to be a fake Momonosuke, so he decided to kill her even though she was one of Orochi's closest supporters. Kaido was solemnly impressed by Oden's strength and willpower after having stood for more than an hour in a boiling pot while holding back his servants during his execution. As a last sign of respect, he informed Oden of Higurashi's disappearance while apologizing for his interference in their battle and chose to kill Oden himself with a shot telling him that he will be remembered for a long time. For according to him, death is the end of man.

During the Raid. Kaido was shown impressed by the strength of the Supernova saying that it was a pity that people like them did not decide to join his crew, he showed them a great sign of respect and to stop underestimating them once and for all.




The Hundred Beasts Crew

Kaido cares somewhat about his subordinates. They seem to respect him, as shown when Scotch refers to him as "Kaido-sama" while Sheep's Head calls him "His Majesty". However, Kaido acts callously towards his subordinates when he is angry, having once thrown them out of his fortress with brute force by smashing Law and Luffy's posters. Before his supply of Smiles was cut off, Kaido's dream was to have a crew composed entirely of Demon Fruit users, being the best crew in the world ever.

Kaido set up a crew where only the strongest are in charge, which is pretty much similar to the Rocks Crew, where killing was commonplace. So he can organize duels between members of his crew, the Tobiroppo who want to take the places of the Okaban. He doesn't seem to care about his non-ranking subordinates, but the same is not true for the higher ranks; Kaido stepped in to save Jack's life when Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were about to defeat him; this may show that he needs the majority of his crew to increase his armed strength.


He is one of Kaido's right hand man. King does not hesitate to summon the Tobiroppo under the name of Kaido in order to gather them all to help the Emperor. When Orochi objected to Kaido setting up the "New Onigashima Project" King immediately lent his sword to his captain so that he could behead Orochi with it, showing a great degree of trust and understanding between them. King stayed with Kaido all his years because he was impressed by his strength.


He is one of the right hand of the Emperor. The latter respects Kaido by addressing him as "Kaido San". Kaido leaves it to Queen to take care of "breaking the will" of the individuals he wishes to recruit into his crew.


Jack is one of Kaido's right-hand men, which implies that the Emperor has great confidence in him and his power. However, upon learning of Jack's failure to rescue Doflamingo, Kaido laments more about not being able to build a crew of Demon Fruit users anymore, rather than about his subordinate's failure. Even after his failure to stop Ashura Doji, Kaido does not reprimand him. After his further crushing defeat by Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, Kaido interjected that he has no reason to see one of his Okaban dying before his eyes. He told him that he lost because of the strength of these two and then ordered him to rest.


The Tobiroppo are the six strongest headliners of the Hundred Beast Crew. Kaido seems to be very proud of them and wants to present them to Charlotte Linlin. He also entrusted them with several missions, he believes that the Tobiroppo are capable of catching his son Yamato.

The Tobiroppo also seem to have a great respect for their captain. Ulti is not afraid to criticize the Emperor's family problems while Page One is constantly berating him, but she sincerely believes that Kaido is the only one to inherit the title of Pirate Lord, as shown by her angry reaction after Luffy said that he would become one. Sasaki seems only interested in socializing with Kaido, despising everything else. Black Maria is also not afraid to act in an affectionate way towards her captain who doesn't seem to be bothered by her company.

X. Drake (formerly)

Before the ellipse, X. Drake seemed interested in meeting Kaido, having purposely provoked his subordinate Scotch on the Emperor's favorite winter island to get his attention. He is now presumably subservient to Kaido. His allegiance to Kaido was first shown when he crushed a rebellion against Kaido's subordinates on that same winter island. X Drake was in fact a spy in the Navy's pay working for a secret SWORD unit to spy on the Emperor's doings, so he is not loyal to Kaido. We can say that he attacked Scotch only to attract his intention and thus infiltrate his crew.

Scratchmen Apoo

Kaido met Scratchmen Apoo long before the alliance meeting with Eustass Kidd and Basil Hawkins; Scratchmen Apoo was a spy before Kaido fell from the Celestial Island and destroyed the pirate base of Eustass Kidd and Basil Hawkins; Apoo is therefore a subordinate of Kaido. When he arrived in Hakumai, he expressed great joy at participating in the Fire Festival and informed Kaido that they had lost contact with Jack. During the conversation, Apoo referred to the emperor as "Kaido-Sama".

Scratchmen Apoo was actually Kaido's informant, so he never wanted to join the alliance of Kid, Killer and Basil Hawkins. When Kid asked him why he betrayed them, he replied that he didn't believe in his chances to defeat an Emperor. He seems to spend most of his time with the Numbers and seems to be their guide. After Jaki, Goki, and Juki were defeated at the Fire Festival, he cried and added that it made him sad to see the Numbers defeated when it was a party where they were supposed to be drinking and partying. He then ordered Hatcha to go on a rampage against the Samurai.

Don Quixote Doflamingo and Caesar Clown

Kaido is a customer of Doflamingo's black market. Caesar Clown produces and delivers large quantities of the SAD substance to Doflamingo, which he uses to artificially manufacture Demon Fruit called Smiles, which in turn are sold to Kaido to create his army of Zoan Smile users. Despite this, they do not seem to be on friendly terms. Indeed, Law claims that Kaido would not hesitate to kill Doflamingo if he learned that he was unable to produce Zoan Smiles; Doflamingo himself has shown great fear at the thought of enraging Kaido.

However, Kaido did not seem to really blame Doflamingo for his defeat, as he recognized that Doflamingo was too weak.

Kurozumi Orochi (formerly)

It was revealed by Orochi, that he had to amass a lot of money in order to make an alliance with Kaido, some time after Oden left. Thanks to Kaido's fame and power, they could easily defeat the other Daimyos of the Land of Wa and thus set up all their weapons factories.

After Oden's death, they continued to build up their military forces, with Orochi running the land of Wa, along with some of Kaido's high-ranking crew, while Kaido stayed quietly on his new island which he called Onigashima, worrying most of his time about events in the outside world and his Smiles business. The two seem to get along well and have no conflicts with each other. After Kaido formed his alliance with Big Mom, he thought it was useless to keep Orochi as an ally and let him control the Wa Land; he beheaded him and announced that this was the end of the old Wa Land and also planned to transfer his troops to the Flower Capital and rename this land "The New Onigashima".

Big Mom's Crew

Kaido and Big Mom have formed an alliance following their battle. Kaido hopes to join forces to gather the Ancient Weapons to defeat the World Government and find the One Piece, and create a world of violence where only the strongest can survive.

Poster Wanted de Kaido




Gecko Moria

Twenty-five years ago, Kaido fought against the former Grand Corsair Gecko Moria in the New World, in Wano on Ringo's land, a fight that ended in Moria's defeat. This event devastated him, and caused the loss of all his subordinates; every time he thinks about it, he pulls a traumatized face; this is the reason why he will take it into his head to create an immortal army, in order to take revenge on the Emperor.

Alliance of Ninjas-Pirates-Minks-Samurai

Trafalgar D. Water Law intends to dethrone Kaido from his title of Emperor, but the Great Corsair is not able to do it alone. That's why he proposed an alliance to Luffy and the crew of the Straw Hat, a pact they accepted. Although Law said that their chances of success are only 30%, Luffy was not discouraged.

However, it is revealed by Law himself that he formed an alliance with Luffy not as a means to dethrone Kaido, but rather because he wanted to anger Kaido against Doflamingo by forcing the Straw Hats to destroy the Smile Factory. Law also notes that if they kill Doflamingo and destroy the factory, Kaido will transfer his grudge to their alliance.

Kaido knew both crews before he knew what they had done to him, and when he heard about them destroying his Smile source, he cried and cursed them. However, he still doesn't take them seriously, considering himself much stronger than them.

Within the Ninja-Pirate-Minks-Samurai Alliance, there was a traitor who informed the Hundred Beast Crew and Orochi's men about the alliance's movements, such as the rendezvous point that was originally planned in the Hakumai area at the Habu port. After the death of Shimotsuki Yasuie, Kaido became aware of the new rallying point of the allies, so he was able to act accordingly by blocking all access by destroying the bridges leading to the Tokage port in the Udon area.

During the Fire Festival banquet, the traitor Kuruzomi Kanjuro told them that the plan was a defeat and that the Red Sheaths were alive and well, and that the crews of the Heart, Kid and Straw Hat had landed at Onigashima. Although Kaido is aware that the alliance has entered the island, he sees no reason to stop the festivities, still not considering them a threat even to those on his territory.

Monkey D. Luffy

Kaido holds a grudge against Luffy and Law and considers them as children playing pirates. After the defeat of Doflamingo and thus the end of his Zoan Smiles traffic, he cried and cursed them for breaking his dream of creating a crew only for Demon Fruit users, so Luffy became his main target. After the events of Archipelago Totto Land, Kaido wondered why he returned to Big Mom's land, since he believes that it was him that Luffy wanted to bring down.

After his crushing victory over Luffy in Wa Land, he decided to keep him alive to break his will and make him his subordinate.

Kozuki Oden

He and Oden were enemies. Twenty-five years ago, Kaido and Oden made a forced bargain: Oden was forced to dance naked every week or else see 100 men die every day; he would give up his credibility in the eyes of the people to save lives and preserve peace, in exchange for which in 5 years Kaido would offer him a ship in which he could leave with his family and men. 20 years ago, 5 years later after the famous deal, when Hyogoro rebelled against Kaido, he killed 16 of his subordinates, imprisoned him and also killed his wife. This is the trigger that will provoke Oden's anger. After their fight, he will inflict a scar for life. Even if he won involuntarily, he will feel some anger towards Kurozumi Higurashi and will kill her. As a sign of respect to Oden, Kaido will execute him himself, saying that he will be remembered for a long time. Oden then told him to become stronger if he wanted to.

Despite Oden's death since then, Kaido still seems to be haunted by his fight with him, when the Red Scabbards gave him a general surprise attack, Kaido remembered Oden's trauma to the point that his scar started to hurt and make him scream in pain. Later, after assessing the strength of the Red Scabbards during their battle atop the Onigashima Skull, Kaido concluded that, despite Oden's will, the Scabbards would never be able to match their former fallen master. The Emperor even claimed that no living Samurai could ever match Oden's strength.

Eustass Kidd

Kaido defeated Eustass Kidd after their encounter at Kidd's lair and imprisoned him on his winter island. Kaido considers his defeat as an example to illustrate the difference in strength between the Supernovae and him.[27]

Afterwards, he would be incarcerated in the Udon Prison where Queen and her men were to break his will, if it went on too long, he would be killed. After Kid reunited with Killer under the alias of Kamazo, he would hold an even stronger grudge against Kaido, facing him during the Raid.

Ashura Doji

Kaido kept in memory the strength of this one, that's why he left him alive in Wano for 20 long years, hoping that one day he would decide to join his crew. When he will meet him again, he will propose him to join his crew again but this last one refused once more.

Shimotsuki Yasuie

20 years ago, after Oden's death, Yasuie and the other Daimyos raised an army to dethrone Orochi, but Kaido and his crew defeated them. The latter is the only one who survived and hid for 20 years in Ebisu village as a beggar, hoping one day for the return of the Kozuki Family.

Kozuki Family

Kaido became the sworn enemy of the Kozuki Family after he executed Kozuki Oden and his wife in front of their son and he chased Kozuki Momonosuke and his servants in order to get hold of the secret of the deceased pirate lord. For 20 years, nobody is allowed to talk about the Kozuki family under penalty of death. Kaido declares to finish once and for all with his history by proceeding with his New Onigashima project.


20 years ago, Hyogoro impressed Kaido and his partner Orochi with his strength, but refused to join their side. He then rose against the Emperor, who killed several of his subordinates and his wife. He then locked her up in Udon for more than 20 years.

Four Emperors

Edward Newgate (formerly)

Decades ago, Kaido, Whitebeard and Big Mom were all part of the Rocks crew. Thirty-eight years ago, their crew disbanded after a defeat by Garp and Roger. None of them have spoken about this story since, so only a few Navy veterans know about it, until Sengoku reveals everything to several Navy soldiers.

Since they were both Emperors at the same time, Kaido and Edward Newgate were not allies. Normally, they did not provoke each other; however, Kaido had the opportunity to attack his rival before the Battle of Marine Ford and did not hesitate to try. Two years later, Kaido cursed Whitebeard for being able to die while he could not.


When Kaido tried to stop Whitebeard from surrendering to Marine Ford, Shanks stepped in and clashed with him to allow the other Emperor to save Ace. It is unknown what happened during the encounter between the two Emperors, but Shanks arrived at Marine Ford unharmed.

Charlotte Linlin

Decades ago, Kaido, Whitebeard and Big Mom were all part of the Rocks crew. Thirty-eight years ago, their crew disbanded after a defeat by Garp and Roger. None of them have talked about the story since, so only a few Navy veterans know about it, until Sengoku reveals everything to several Navy soldiers.

Big Mom seems to recognize Kaido's strength because, after Luffy declared that he would defeat him, Big Mom replied that he had no hope of achieving this feat by referring to Kaido as a "thing". In return, Kaido did not hesitate to call her a "harpy".

In reality, the two Emperors know each other better than one might think, as evidenced by their conversation via Den Den Mushi, during which both argue about who should kill Luffy. Big Mom then reveals that Kaido has a debt to her, which according to him is no longer important but which his companion considers eternal. Moreover, according to Big Mom's words, they were partners before, which is confirmed during a discussion between Garp and Hina, where we learn that they were both in the crew of the Rocks, a crew disbanded when Garp killed its captain. This crew shone long before the era of Roger, which gives an indication of the age of the two emperors. Despite their mutual enmity and repeated threats to kill her if she ever came to Wano, Kaido still seems to have some form of respect for Big Mom, probably because of their shared past: Indeed, after being captured by Queen and taken to Onigashima Island, she seems to be considered a distinguished guest to such an extent that Kaido's subordinates expressly prepare food for her and obey Kaido's orders when the latter asks them to remove her handcuffs, even though the empress directly attacks him in the following second. This request can also be seen as a way to show that Kaido is not such a coward as to kill Big Mom, even though she is not at her best.

During their fight, Kaido and Big Mom decide to form an alliance to conquer the world and that they will kill each other once this goal is reached. Big Mom reminds Kaido of his debt the Demon Fruit of the Mythical Zoan type Uo Uo no Mi, Seiryu model which according to her, is a debt for life.

World Government

Because of his position as Emperor and his bounty of Berry Symbol.gif 4.611.100.000, Kaido is considered one of the most dangerous pirates and the World Government fears his strength very much.


Rocks Crew

Kaido was once a member of the famous Rocks crew; however, he was only an apprentice during the God Valley incident 38 years ago. After that, Kaido left to found his own crew. There is a similarity between Kaido's crew and the Rocks crew, Kaido seems to have taken up the deadly concept of war between crew members to become the most powerful.


He is considered as the son of Kaido. The latter, annoyed that he does not show up, hopes to see him at the banquet. His subordinates go in search of him. He also asks the flying warriors (Tobiroppo) to go in search of him, in exchange of which, he will authorize the one who finds him to face a calamity. According to his father, he disappeared on the day of the Fire Festival. He considers him as an idiot. Their relationship is tense because Kaido insulted Yamato by calling him an "idiot". They tended to avoid each other, but Kaido wanted him to participate in the fire festival that he and his team were taking part in. Yamato showed defiance towards his father, refusing to heed his summons order and having no qualms about attacking his Hundred Beast Pirate subordinates, such as Ulti and helping one of his enemies, Luffy. In fact, Kaido is also aware of Yamato's disobedient nature since he had to order the strongest of the Tobiroppo to force Yamato to join the Fire Festival in order to get him to cooperate with the next alliance with Big Mom. Yamato is actually Kaido's daughter. The two have a strained relationship, while Yamato idolizes Kaido's enemy, Kozuki Oden. When Yamato told Kaido that she wanted to be Oden, Kaido responded by beating her. However, Yamato has imitated Oden over the past 20 years to the point of even presenting himself as a man like him, and although Kaido disapproves of her idolizing him, he refers to Yamato as his son for unclear reasons. Kaido does not seem to be aware that Yamato wants to realize Oden's dream of opening the borders of Wano, a cause he opposes.

Figurine de Kaido en dragon Manga France


Skills and Competencies

As one of the Four Emperors, Kaido is one of the most powerful pirates in the world, reputed to be "The Most Powerful Creature in the World". He has attempted to take the life of Whitebeard, something very few people have dared to do, and has crossed swords with Shanks. He once faced Gecko Moria, one of the Big 7 Corsairs at his peak, and emerged victorious by killing his entire crew. It has also been reported by the Five Star Council that Kaido is one of the few people capable of killing Blackbeard. Emperor Charlotte Linlin also recognized his strength by telling Luffy that he could never defeat this "thing".

Furthermore, Trafalgar D. Water Law stated that Kaido could easily kill Doflamingo, a world famous and extremely powerful pirate. Law speculated that even with the alliance with the Straw Hat crew, their chance of defeating Kaido is only about 30%. Kaido also defeated a member of the worst generation, Eustass Kidd, whose bounty is Berry Symbol.gif470,000,000, with apparent ease, and refused to take Law and Luffy's alliance seriously, no matter what they have accomplished before; he does not consider the defeat of a Grand Corsair to be anything special.

Similar to the other Emperors, Kaido has many subordinates and pirates allied to his cause and is able to claim islands as his own. With Caesar and Doflamingo as associates, Kaido has created an incredibly powerful army of over 500 Zoan Smiles users, the Gifters.

Kaido's bounty is Symbol Berry.gif 4,611,100,000, the only people who had a higher bounty were Edward Newgate and Gol D. Roger, but since both of them are dead, Kaido has the current highest bounty in One Piece, which leads us to believe that the Navy and the World Government consider him as one of the most dangerous pirates in this world.

Physical Abilities

Because of his muscle mass, Kaido has enormous physical strength. He has managed to capsize nine giant prison ships. Kaido is powerful enough that his mere scream has caused visible damage to the area around him.

One of Kaido's greatest strengths is his inability to die; he has suffered seven defeats, been captured by the Navy or enemies eighteen times, been tortured over a thousand times, and been sentenced to death forty times. Yet, no execution of any kind has worked. Kaido has also jumped 10,000 meters from the sky to the ground, creating a massive shockwave strong enough to sink a nearby ship, and only emerges with a headache; suicide has become a hobby for him.

Kaido is as powerful as Charlotte Linlin, being able to fight on equal footing during their battle; like Shanks and Edward Newgate, Kaido and Big Mom were able to cut the sky in half after only one blow. Until then, no one has been able to stand up to Big Mom, which is highly significant of Kaido's power.

Fruit of the Demon

Kaido ate the Uo Uo no Mi, Seiryu model, a Mythical Zoan Demon Fruit that allows him to transform into an oriental dragon, in the same way as Momonosuke, the main difference being that Kaido has a gigantic size in dragon form and seems to control his transformations.

However, he can't maintain this appearance if he suffers too many powerful blows to follow like the ones Luffy gave him.

He is also able to cause lightning to strike by roaring loudly enough. Kaido has also proven to be able to lift the entire island of Onigashima and seems to be able to move it to the Flower Capital.


Kaido has a Kanabō, which suits his size; in conjunction with his immense strength, he was able to use it to send one of his subordinates out of his lair and onto Luffy.


  • Raimei Hakke (雷鳴八卦, Raimē Hakke, literally meaning "Rumble of Divine Thunder"): Kaido charges at the opponent with extraordinary speed and delivers a horizontal mace blow with prodigious force. Used for the first time against Luffy who was knocked out in one blow.
  • Hakai (覇海 Hakai literally meaning "Sea of Destruction" or "Sea of Haki"(Play on words with the Japanese Haki character)): Kaido, in the hybrid form of his demon fruit, and Big Mom prepare to execute this attack by bringing their weapon behind their backs and concentrating their Haki in it and then swinging their weapons which causes a powerful explosion almost as big as Onigashima Island annihilating everything in its path. Used for the first time against the Supernovas Law, Kid, Killer, Luffy and Zoro.
  • Kozanse (降三世 Konsanze, literally meaning "Conqueror of the Three Worlds"): Kaido, in his hybrid form of his demon fruit, climbs a few meters thanks to the clouds of flames he creates makes several turns with his kanabo by concentrating haki in it. This technique is a reference to the Buddhist mythology, to the King of Knowledge Trailokyavijaya. Used indirectly for the first time against Luffy.
    • Ragnarok or Naraka (引奈落, Ragunaraku literally meaning "Descent into Hell"): After using the "Kozanse" technique, Kaido dives under high speed and hits his opponent causing a shockwave and destroying the ground. This technique is a reference to the advent of Scandinavian Norse mythology or the Hell of Buddhism. By analogy, it also refers to the Kabuki theater, to the space under the stage. Used for the first time against Luffy.



Kaido masters Observation Haki and Weapon Haki. He also masters the Haki of Kings, as he showed it during his fight against Charlotte Linlin, another user of this Haki.

Kaido aux cents bêtes



Kaido was a mere apprentice to the Rocks crew, which he joined over 40 years ago. Thirty-eight years ago, in the God Valley incident, he and his crew were defeated by the alliance of Garp and Roger.

At one point in his life, he incurred a large lifetime debt to Big Mom when she gave Kaido the Uo Uo no Mi, Seiryu model, and Kaido ate it. Later, Kaido distinguished himself from the fiercest pirates with his strength and founded his own crew, the Hundred Beast Crew and took the title of Emperor.

Little is known about his past, except that he was defeated seven times, captured eighteen times, tortured more than a thousand times and attempted to take his own life on numerous occasions. Moreover, he was sentenced to death forty times, but never succumbed to his various executions. Finally, he sank nine giant prison ships on which he was held.

Twenty-three years ago, he fought a Great Corsair, Gecko Moria, and defeated him in the New World; specifically in the Ringo region of Wa country, although the details of the battle are unknown, Moria lost his entire crew there. Kaido also managed to take possession of a Road Poneglyph, one of four poneglyphs that could, when assembled with the other three, reveal the location of Rough Tell when deciphered.

Twenty years ago, when Oden and his nine servants were on their way to Onigashima, Kaido and his crew confronted them in the Udon area. In the ensuing battle, Oden managed to wound Kaido with his swords, which is the cause of the scar on his body. However, when Oden was distracted by Kurozumi Higurashi who took the appearance of his son and pretended to be a hostage, Kaido hit him from behind.

On the day of Oden's execution, Kaido joined Orochi to witness the execution. Oden then made a deal with Kaido to allow those who survived the execution to go free and Kaido gave him an hour. Kaido was amused to watch Oden as Oden stood in a pot of boiling oil while holding his vassals with a board. Although Oden successfully survived an hour in the boiling pot, Kaido and Orochi decided to execute Oden and his servants regardless. As Oden's servants fled, Kaido apologized to him for Higurashi's interference by telling him he had killed him, before shooting him in the head.

Shortly after Kozuki Oden's death, Kaido locked his daughter in a cave in Onigashima for a whole month with some other samurai who were also captives, after she used the Haki of Kings on pirates at the Hundred Beasts while realizing that his daughter's abilities were promising, but she had to be able to call herself Oden. He then placed a bunch of swords inside the cave so that the Samurais would fight for a single portion of food, among these three Samurais was Shimotsuki Ushimiru, the Samurais decided to leave to fight alone Kaido and his crew to leave a chance of survival to Yamato, they never came back.

Kaido then went to Kuri to put an end to the Kozuki lineage; he let Momonosuke die in the castle fire, not considering him worthy of killing him with his own hands although he survived thanks to the power of Kozuki Toki.

After Kaido and the shogun of the Land of Wa, Kurozumi Orochi executed Oden, they attacked and burned the castle of the latter before the return of the vassals. While threatening Momonosuke, Kaido told the boy that his father was a stupid lord. However, Kaido decided to leave Momonosuke in the burning castle instead of killing him on the spot considering him as a microbe.

About 3 or 4 years ago, Kaido and his main commanders had left Onigashima for an expedition. When Kaido returned, he was furious when he found his dragon statue destroyed by Ace and Yamato.

20 years later, he pursued Momonosuke and his servants in order to interrogate them about the secret of Oden, the location of Laugh Tale.

Some time in the last four years, he started to collaborate with Don Quixote Doflamingo and the scientist Caesar Clown for the transaction of Zoan Smile and all this, in order to create a gigantic army of users of these special Demon Fruits.

Several months before the plot of Wano Kuni, Kaido and Orochi met together at the castle in Flowery Capital to discuss the prophecy of Kozuki Toki. Orochi assures Kaido that Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kikunojo and Kozuki Momonosuke will come back this year because he received a letter from Kanjuro telling him that they will come back in 20 years after Oden's death. However, Kaido asks him to keep them alive to ask them something.

Arc Marine Ford

When Whitebeard was on his way to rescue Ace from his execution at Marine Ford, Kaido with his crew had a plan to attack him. However, Shanks intercepted the emperor before he could reach Whitebeard. It is not known how their encounter ended, but Shanks arrived unharmed at Marine Ford.

Arc Dressrosa


Kaido goes to Balloon Terminal where he finds Urouge, who has learned of his intention to commit suicide and allows him to proceed. From a height of 10,000 meters, he crashes on the island that houses Kidd's crew base.

The hole his fall caused was impressive, yet he only got up with a slight headache and found himself facing the Kidd, Hawkins and Apoo alliance. After cursing Whitebeard for being able to die, he yells that Doflamingo must prepare for the fight of his life, as he is thinking of starting an unprecedented war due to the fact that the world is boring him.

Arc Zo

After their meeting, Kaido formed an alliance with Scratchmen Apoo and defeated Eustass Kidd, placing him in a cell. After Jack's defeat, Apoo contacted Kaido in his fortress, revealing that they had lost contact with Jack's fleet after they attacked Zo for the second time.[20]

After learning that Jack's attempt to save Doflamingo failed, Kaido was enraged that he could not get Zoan Smiles, which meant he could no longer get Gifters. Kaido's despair turned to rage when one of his subordinates advised him not to underestimate the Luffy-Law Alliance.

Kaido then went into a rage, grabbed a gigantic club and sent his subordinate who was wielding Luffy's wanted notice out of his lair. Kaido angrily declared that the two Supernovae had only been playing pirates, showing the defeated Eustass Kid as an example.

Reverie Bow

After the events in Totto Land Archipelago, Kaido reads the newspaper and wonders what Monkey D. Luffy was doing in Big Mom's territory.

Later, he is contacted by Big Mom and the two argue about which one of them should kill Luffy. Kaido flatly refuses to let her have the Straw Hat and threatens to kill her if she ever dares to venture into his territory. Big Mom doesn't give in and reminds her of their shared past and a debt to her that she feels is eternal.

Wano Kuni Arch

On his way to see Jack, he crossed Speed's path with O-Tama, Kaido asked where she was going and told her that he had heard strange things about her. Still under the effect of O-Tama's powers, Speed attacked her captain but she lost and could not protect O-Tama.

While Jack is in the middle of a difficult confrontation with the uncooperative leader of the thieves, Shutenmaru, Kaido shows up in a new form interrupting the fight. He has become a gigantic dragon levitating in the air while Luffy and his friends look on in amazement. The Emperor orders his Calamity to bring Luffy back to him.

According to Law, the numerous factories are used to manufacture weapons that Kaido exchanged with Doflamingo for smiles thanks to their shadowy trade agreement. Kaido meets Shutenmaru and remembers their last confrontation. Kaido makes him understand that he passes the towel if this last one joins them. Basil Hawkins calls him to reveal where Luffy and his allies are hiding in the ruins of Oden Castle.

The dragon then rushes to the place with his destructive breath which ravages the last vestiges. He then receives a surprise punch from Luffy in the head. This blow is so strong that he crushes a part of the city with his head. He got up without visible damage after Luffy shouted his name, the latter having learned Speed's spell just before. The emperor asked him his identity, to which the straw hat answered with his usual phrase: "Luffy, the one who will become the King of the Pirates".

It is then that Kaido launches his fiery ray on the city, destroying a good part of it. But Luffy is in the air and hits him with his "Elephant Gatling" technique. Kaido gets hammered until he falls on his back. Shortly after, he resumes his human form and gets up. But Luffy continues his offensive and rushes the emperor, throwing his "Kong Organ" technique at him. Kaido resists but finds himself on the ground again, he got up again with his kanabō in hand and takes down the Straw Hat in one blow with his "Raimei Hakke" technique.

Kaido notices that despite the blow suffered, the Straw Hat shows resistance when he looks at it and this intrigues him deeply. He witnesses the use of the Haki of the Kings of an unconscious Luffy. The Emperor orders his opponent to be thrown into a cell. Kaido postpones to the next time to attack Trafalgar Law. He metamorphoses into a Dragon again and flies off to have a drink.

Shogun Orochi uses the notoriety of the Emperor during the interview with the CP-AiGIS 0 members at his castle to put pressure on them.

Kaido is informed of Big Mom's arrival by the reversed waterfall. He orders that the Emperor's crew should not enter the country otherwise a war will break out. He is aware that King has successfully intervened but remains serious.

A few days later, after Big Mom's surprise attack in Wano, he contacts Queen to warn him about Komurasaki's death and asks her to put the visual snail to watch his funeral.

When Shimotsuki Yasuie is executed, Kaido watches the scene on Onigashima Island, noting Orochi's madness while drinking.

After Big Mom was brought bound to Onigashima, Kaido ordered his subordinates to release her from her handcuffs and then a clash between two Emperors began, which cracked the sky in two over the island.

We can see that for some time neither of the two emperors want to give in, with one soldier saying that if this goes on any longer, Onigashima will not hold out. Kaido and Big Mom decided to join forces for a while. They will become enemies again later.

As the Hundred Beast Pirates were preparing for the banquet, Kaido asked his men to go and look for his son before he was informed that the Tobi Roppo had arrived. He wonders where Big Mom has gone. He learns that she changes her clothes.

Kaido is seen at the side of Black Maria who chose to stay there to celebrate. He comes to the conclusion that if Kanjuro has nothing to teach them about Laugh Tale, it is because Oden must not have transmitted anything to his samurais about it. He then orders his men not to attack Kanjuro when the latter arrives in the banquet hall since he works for Orochi. When he sees Momonosuke, he remembers the disappointment he had felt towards him, disappointment that increases when he sees that the boy has not changed. He also learned from Fukurokuju that the plot to stop Kozuki's rebellion failed and that Luffy, Zoro, Kid and Killer were present on the island.

Kaido then went to the concert stage to announce a project called "The New Onigashima". He then explained his plans which consist in finding the ancient weapons as well as the One Piece with his alliance with Big Mom. He also plans to transform the country of Wa by increasing the weapons factories in the Flower Capital and making every inhabitant work there. When Orochi objected, Kaido quickly beheaded him. He further explained that he planned to move his base to the Flower Capital, turn Wa into a pirate nation and make Yamato the shogun of "New Onigashima".

The two high ranking Orochi officers join the most powerful creature of the world. Kaido renews the question about his name that he asked Momonosuke 20 years ago when his father's castle was burned. He is willing to stop the boy's execution if he says he is not Oden's son. As he is about to use his Kanabo, the Red Scabbards give everything in a single attack to finish off their greatest enemy. Kaido is thrown to the edge of the roof where he is about to fall. Kaido recognizes Kyoshiro among his opponents. He thinks of Oden who wanted to chase him away from Wano.

As Kaido was pushed to the lower floor, the scabbards managed to inflict injuries on him because Kaido's trauma from Oden weakened him. While talking to the sheaths about their journey from Punk Hazard to Wa, Kaido tried to discourage them by stating that their pirate allies would betray them, to no avail. After hearing Luffy's declaration of war, Kaido transformed into a dragon and flew to the roof of Skull Mountain with the scabbards hanging from him.

At the top of the dome, Kaido commented on the Minks' ability to transform into their Sulong forms as he was joined by Jack, Nagi, and some of the Hundred Beast Pirates as they prepared to fight the Minks' forces.

Jack suffered serious injuries in his fight with the Minks, and just as he was about to be killed by Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, Kaido stepped in to defend his nakama. So he started his fight against the Red Sheaths and attacked them with a fire breath, but Kinemon managed to slice the flames in two and cut Kaido's mouth with one blow.

Kaido threw lightning bolts at them with a roar, but they dodged and each hit him in turn. Kaido was confused about how their attacks could hurt him. After Raizo threw the Boro Breath back at him, four of the scabbards - Ashura, Kinemon, Denjiro and Inuarashi - replicated Oden's Nitoryu stance and aimed at Kaido's scar with the same attack that Oden did, and also injured him.

He gets up with difficulty and says that the Red Scabbards' attack will not be enough to really reopen his scar from before and adds that he will never again come across a guy as monstrous as Oden before throwing air blades at them with his roar, causing Kiku's left arm to be amputated. Kaido then resumes his human form and wishes to finish this fight.

After getting the upper hand on the Red Scabbards, Kaido puts his "New Onigashima" plan into action by lifting the entire island of Onigashima into the sky with his powers and crashing it into the Flower Capital.

Kaido aux cents bêtes

As the island moved to its destination, Kaido was joined by Big Mom, and he provided fire and lightning to Prometheus and Zeus for nourishment to recharge. As Big Mom told him to leave Nico Robin alive, Kaido asked if his daughter Charlotte Pudding could read the Poneglyphs, but Big Mom decided not to wait for her power to awaken. When she asked him where he planned to put Onigashima, Kaido told her that he would put it on a castle in the Capital of Flowers that still represents a symbol of the Kozuki Clan. Big Mom began to inquire about the Road poneglyph, which led Kaido to tell her that her true intentions were coming out. She replied that she still considered Kaido a little brother and reminded him that she was the one who gave him the Mythical Zoan Demon Fruit the Uo Uo no Mi model Seiryu when the Rocks fell, which she believed to be Kaido's life debt to her. He pushed her away and said they could talk more about it after finding the One Piece.

Kid, Killer, Law, Zoro and Luffy later arrived on the roof. After Luffy talked to the injured Kinemon and Law teleported the scabbards to a safe place, Kaido tried to attack Luffy, but Luffy dodged him and retaliated with a powerful Gear Third punch that made Kaido bleed, shocking both emperors. Kaido, stunned by Luffy's power, thinks about the few people who could face him (Oden Kozuki, Edward Newgate, Shanks the Red, Gol D. Roger, Rocks) and wonders how strong Luffy has become. He then tries a Raimei Hakke on Luffy to see if he is able to resist it, and finds that Luffy is still standing after taking the attack. Big Mom suddenly attacks Luffy with a Heavenly Fire but is countered by Zoro. Kaido then tries to hit him with a Kanabō, but Trafalgar Law teleports Luffy just before Luffy takes the hit to talk to him.

While Luffy, Law and Eustass Kid are talking, they get attacked from a distance by Big Mom using Prometheus. Kaido then asks Big Mom to stand back and let him face the Supernovaes to see what they are worth. He is suddenly attacked by Killer and Zoro simultaneously when all of a sudden, the three captains stand up and prepare to attack him. Kid activates his "Punk Rotten", Luffy his "Bound Man" and Law his "Room". The spectacle facing him then makes Kaido laugh with joy, who compares them to real monsters. It is Luffy who launches the offensive by attacking him from the front with his "Kong Gun", Kid then attacks him on the flanks with his "Punk Vice", followed by Law who crushes him to the ground from above with his "Tact" technique. After having taken these attacks, Kaido gets up, activates his dragon form and stands next to Linlin, facing the 5 supernovas who want him dead. He then declares that the winner of this fight will be the closest to the title of Lord of the Pirates.

Kaido et Big Mom Vs Luffy Kid et Law

The fight resumes when Kaido sends "Kaifu" which damages the armed structure of Kid. This last one catches Kaido's head by reversing it on itself then Luffy follows with a "Kong Rifle". Law follows Zorro hoping to hit the heart of the creature with a "Gamma Knife". While Kaido is pissed off, Killer goes along the body looking to pierce the scales. In the back, he spins his weapon while doing a "Sonic Kama-a". Big Mom attacks Killer with "Indra" thanks to Zeus. As Kaido comes to his senses, Luffy sends his Rhino Schneider in his face. Zoro protects Luffy by cutting Kaido's frontal attack in two with "Boro Breath" and "Homura Saki". Zoro dashes off with "Itto-Ryu Hiryu loupant" Kaido who dodged after Big Mom warned him that Zoro's Katana was not just any blade. Kaido felt Oden's soul. After Charlotte Linlin did his "Daijizai Tenjin", he did a "Boro Breath" again but Luffy bombarded him with punches in a "Kong Gatling".

Kaido collapses and Luffy reaches the limit of "Gear 4". Kid and Killer wanted to finish the creature, but Big Mom prevented them. Kaido gets up and causes tornadoes with his "Tatsumaki" attack, he makes Luffy fly and he takes him in his mouth. Zoro prevents him by retaliating with a tornado and slices the scales of the beast. Kaido understands that he is using Oden's sword. Kaido counterattacks with "Tatsumaki Kaifu" and then activates his hybrid form saying he is having fun.

Kaido appears in his hybrid form. Law & the other supernovas hope to isolate the Emperors to increase their chances. Kaido smiles when he sees Luffy's determined facial expression as he comments on it.

While the fight was raging between the two camps, Kaido and Big Mom launched a synchronized attack the "Hakai", Zoro managed to block it momentarily which earned him a lot of damage as well as a part of Onigashima's skull, which allowed the remaining Supernova to dodge the attack and get out unharmed, then Kaido dodged a blow from Luffy which proved that Kaido feels the pain. But Kaido manages to hit him with a powerful blow, the "Ragnarok", making Luffy unconscious directly after the attack.

As Big Mom is about to fall into the sea, Kaido attacked Zoro so that Prometheus could help him, only to be suddenly attacked in the neck with an "Injection Shot" from Law with Kaido in retaliation afterwards. Looking at Luffy, Kaido mocked him for looking at him a second time while he was still unconscious, then mockingly asked Zoro or Law if he should crush his brain, eyes or heart. Before Kaido could do anything to Luffy, Zoro yelled at him to defeat him before going after his captain, where Kaido took the full brunt of the "Asura" attack only to be surprised that Zoro could also unconsciously use the Kings Haki. While Zoro complained that he couldn't even stun Kaido with his last attack and that it was in vain, Kaido however commented on Zoro giving him a permanent scar. Commenting on how annoying this generation was, he prepared to finish Zoro off, just for Law to come to Zoro's aid, teleporting himself and Zoro away from Kaido. Kaido, however, hit the two with a "Raime Hakke" from a distance while disappointingly saying that they could have conquered the world if they ended up joining his crew. This wishful thinking was however then put to rest by Luffy who confirmed that they, unlike Kaido, love the Samurai. Luffy then told Kaido that he understood why Kaido could strengthen his attacks and defense, claiming that he was imbued with the Haki of Kings, just for Kaido to confirm and that only a handful of elite people were capable of doing so, including him. He then prepared to hit Luffy again with his Kanabo, just so Luffy would block the attack and then be hit by Luffy without him making contact.

Despite Luffy's new ability, Kaido was still able to defeat him and make him fall from the top of Onigashima, regretting that he was not able to give Luffy a clear and safe death and that he let his emotions take over. He then declared that Luffy was not Joy Boy, then Bao Huang alerted him about Momonosuke's location in the castle, Kaido ordered him to announce the news of his victory over all of Onigashima while he himself pursued Momonosuke into the castle. Kaido finally found Momonosuke shortly after Kanjuro's defeat of Kinemon in the attic on the first floor, and prepared an attack of Kanabo coated with the Haki of Kings, striking through Kinemon's swords as Momonosuke cried for him while being carried away by Shinobu. Kinemon barely survived Kaido's attack and desperately tried to buy time to give Shinobu and Momonosuke a chance to escape, Kaido impaled him on the ground. Kaido then chased Momonosuke and Shinobu to the edge of Onigashima, pinning them to the edge of the void, but Shinobu used her ability the "Juku Juku no Jutsu" to rot the earth beneath her and Momonosuke, falling both into the void. Kaido then heard her child Yamato calling to her from the roof of Onigashima Dome, ready to fight her father.

Kaido used his dragon form and flew to the roof. There he mocked Yamato for trying to rebel against him, insisting that his child should give up and become shogun of Wano as he had planned. Yamato once again rebuffed Kaido's intentions and declared allegiance to Luffy, stating that Luffy would be the one to defeat him and throw the emperor out of Wano. With that, Kaido transformed into his hybrid form and confronted Yamato.

Kaido aux cents bêtes

Kaido began to emphasize how useful Yamato will be to his future arsenal. After Yamato attacked him in his hybrid form, Kaido revealed that he had had great trouble obtaining his demon fruit, but he never intended for her to eat it. The father and daughter pair then confronted each other in their two hybrid forms. He began to point out how incredibly valuable his fruit was - the Inu Inu no Mi, model: Okuchi no Nakami - and how a shame it was to let an aspiring Oden eat it. As he exchanged more blows with Yamato, he claimed that the demon fruit was Wa's guardian deity, so Yamato will have to protect Wa for Kaido. As she rejected the idea, Kaido pointed out that even if Orochi was the tyrant of Wano, he still turned the country into a weapons factory, a favorable action for Kaido. While Kaido rejected the idea of Yamato helping the samurai and freeing Wano, he attacked his daughter with Boro Breath, which collided with his own icy breath, creating a whirlwind between them.

After fighting for a while, Kaido attacked his daughter with powerful flying strikes. Kaido then confirmed that he was attacking Yamato with the intention of killing her. He said that because she carried the heavy burden of being called Oden, she had to prepare for an all-out war and not just a family feud. After Yamato confronted him about why he stole Yamato's freedom as well as Wano's, he said that there were no easy answers in this world. Then, they both attacked each other with Raimei Hakke, creating an advanced Haki of Kings clash

Kaido unleashes brutal attacks on Yamato as he mocks his daughter for walking alone, though Yamato disputes this, claiming that she has found friends like Ace, the cave samurai, and all those who have helped her over the past two decades. When Momonosuke and Luffy arrive on the roof, Luffy and Yamato hit Kaido with powerful attacks simultaneously. Kaido is immediately intrigued by Momonosuke, who proudly declares who he is despite his fear, and the emperor activates his own dragon form as he confronts Momonosuke and Luffy. He is bitten by Momonosue who takes advantage of his dragon form to attack him, and he and Luffy then have a clash of Haki of Kings, splitting the skies and inadvertently allowing Inuarashi and Nekomamushi to revert to their Sulong forms to defeat Jack and Perospero respectively. After this clash, Yamato and Momonosuke decide to flee, to let Luffy fight Kaido alone.


  • He was 21 years old at the time of the God Valley incident, where he was an apprentice.
  • Kaido's favorite drink is sake.
  • Luffy is the first opponent that Kaido considers worthy of a serious fight since Oden, so he is very happy and excited right now.
  • Kaido seems to be heavily inspired by Oni from Japanese mythology. Oni is a creature with the following characteristics: horns, massive size, and the use of a Kanabō as his main weapon.
  • He is the emperor with the highest bounty and the living person with the largest bounty so far.
  • He has the look of a prehistoric man. He has a rather thick hair, a primitive weapon (a club) and is half dressed. This side is reinforced by some of the crew members King and Jack who have ancient zoans.
  • Kaido's name may be based on the Japanese liquor, Kaido (海童). Ironically, Kaido is a heavy drinker of alcohol.
  • Kaido's real appearance, like Charlotte Linlin, differs considerably from the description of him given by Monkey D. Garp.He was thinner in face, with a pointed nose, a big smile and a sort of headband on his forehead.
  • The "belt" that Kaido wears is actually a rope called shimenawa, in Japanese culture, everything that is surrounded by this rope is considered important or sacred.
  • His first physical appearance in the anime was broadcast on May 1st, his birthday.
  • In the anime, Kaido's main tattoo features colors similar to the Zoans Smiles of Doflamingo and Caesar Clown.
  • According to an interview with Eiichiro Oda, when he first brought Kaido out, he found it hard to believe that Luffy would eventually beat him, and he wondered how Luffy would beat him with anything other than a simple punch.
  • His dragon form is reminiscent of Shenron from Dragon Ball Z as the holy dragon also has an oriental dragon appearance.
  • Both he and Momonosuke are oriental dragons, but Kaido's transformation is more adult than Momonosuke's, which is more childish.
  • Kaido has influence on the Kawara-Ban (Wano's leaflet) by deciding what can be marked or not without asking anyone's permission.
  • He can transform himself into a flying animal thanks to his demon fruit like Marco, Pell and King.
  • Kaido's horns strongly resemble the tusks of Mammoths.
  • Kaido usually refers to the old roads in Japan from the Edo period.
  • Kaido shares the title of "Most powerful creature in the world" with Yujiro Hanma, a character from the manga Grappler Baki.
  • In the seventh popularity poll, Kaido ranked 65th.
  • Kaido wears a shide, a zigzag-shaped paper streamer, often attached to a shimenawa or tamagushi, and used in Shinto rituals. One of these popular rituals uses a haraegushi, or "lightning wand", decorated with shide.
  • Kaido's favorite part of the fish is the skin
  • He is the only one of the Four Emperors:
    • Whose species we don't know for sure.
    • Whose nickname does not refer to his appearance, but to the theme of his crew.
    • Which was not shown as a child.
    • Whose main ship did not appear or was not named.
  • Kaido hasn't fought anyone more powerful than Oden in 20 years.



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