Ken Ryuguji (Draken)

Ken Ryuguji (Draken)

Draken (ドラケン Doraken), whose real name is Ken Ryûgûji (龍宮寺りゅうぐうじ堅けん Ryûguji Ken), is one of the main characters of the Manga. He officiates as the number 2 of the Tokyo Manjikai and is one of the founding members of the gang.

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Draken is a particularly tall and well-built teenager. His head is shaved on the sides and back, exposing his dragon tattoo located on his left temple, Draken's main feature by which everyone recognizes him. His blond hair is long on the middle of his head and forms a braid at the back. A long lock is also left on the front.

When he is in the presence of the Toman, he wears the standard gang uniform, in everyday life he seems to prefer to wear a long patterned jacket. He also has a small earring in his left ear, which he wore as a child and will also wear in the future.


In the present, his hair is black and is styled in the same way as when he was young. He is often seen in his work clothes.


Naturally calm, serious and composed, he can be ruthless towards his opponents and does not hesitate to throw himself into the lion's den when someone in his gang is in danger.

Like Mikey, Draken loves to fight and is always looking for something stronger than himself. He is mean to those who are inferior to him and lets them know that he doesn't like them. On the other hand, Draken is the more mature and logical of the two. For example, when he and Mikey are attacked by the father of a girl who was raped by the Moebius gang, Draken forces Mikey to apologize, understanding his rage and that it was better not to say anything at that moment. He is also fair: when Pachin decides to turn himself in to the police and take responsibility for Osanai's body, Mikey tries to convince him to run away but Draken decides to respect his decision.

Draken also sometimes lets his rage get the better of him and expresses his rage.

Draken can also be tender: he hates to show affection to those he loves but does everything to protect them. He takes care of Mikey, carries him to sleep, buys him his favorite food, accepts his whims and wakes him up for school. He also gave Emma a gift she had wanted for a long time.

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Hanagaki Takemichi

Takemichi meets Draken in the middle of his hard fight with Kiyomasa. Accompanied by Mikey, the two greet him and it is decided that Takemichi will be Mikey's "bitch." After a few time jumps, resolutions of petty arguments and a shaky rescue - the two seem to get along well. After Takemichi saves Draken during the fight with Moebius, Draken comes to respect him greatly.

Takemichi has saved Draken's life on several occasions and Draken respects him for it.

Draken also protected Takemichi from Akashi who wanted to recruit him for Brahman.

Sano Manjiro

Draken and Mikey are best friends and have known each other since 5th grade. Their first meeting occurs when Draken is tasked with bringing Mikey to a group of older kids for a fight. Obviously, the fight didn't last long because of Mikey's fighting abilities. This makes a lifelong impression on Draken, initiating their mutual respect and friendship. Draken takes great care of Mikey and can even be defensive at times. He wakes Mikey up every morning at 8:30 a.m. for school, gives him his favorite foods and carries him when he falls asleep.

Mitsuya Takashi

Mitsuya is the person Draken has known the longest of the Toman members. One night, Draken was walking around and eating Karaage Don when he sees a downed Mitsuya painting a huge dragon design on a wall. He sits there until Mitsuya finishes the artwork and offers to share the food with him. Mitsuya finishes the food and leaves nothing for Draken, so in exchange, Draken claims the dragon design as his own.

Later, Draken invites Mitsuya to the brothel where he lives. They play cards with the prostitutes and the two bond. Later, as Draken takes Mitsuya home, he asks if Mitsuya likes his mother's cooking, to which he receives the answer that her cooking is bad and that he would have his own. Draken wistfully replies that it's nice that he can even comment on his mother's cooking, because Draken is an orphan.

After several months, Draken is in the street when Mitsuya calls him. They both exclaim in surprise when they see that they both got the dragon drawing that Mitsuya painted at the time and then tattooed on their temples. Since then, they are inseparable friends.

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Skills and Competencies


As the second in command of the Tokyo Manjikai, he has the most authority in the gang in theory behind Mikey. In practice, his authority is about equal to Mikey's, so he can command all the members of the gang and they have already decided to side with him rather than Mikey.

Combat skills

Draken is one of the most powerful members of the Toman. Even after being hit in the head with a metal bar, he was able to fight and defeat 20 enemy gang members.

According to Mitsuya, he could single-handedly change the course of a battle with his fighting prowess alone. After single-handedly defeating a dozen Valhalla members in a matter of seconds, he sent Hanma Shuji tumbling several feet with a single punch, despite the fact that Hanma had protected herself.


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Draken was born in the Kabukichō district. He never knew his father and his mother was a prostitute who abandoned him at birth and died when he was two years old.

He got a tattoo in fifth grade on his head and was a self-proclaimed "Draken." He was feared by his school but not by the Sameyama group who beat him to submit to their orders. One day, they ordered him to bring them Mikey, a kid from another school who was as arrogant as Ken. He went to pick him up and brought him back in front of the group as agreed. Once in front of them, Mikey jumped towards Sameyama and punched him in the face, knocking him out and scaring the other members of the group. Ken and Mikey then became friends.

Mitsuya Takashi was also one of his childhood friends, a friend he met before Mikey. Mitsuya and Draken have a similar dragon tattoo but Mitsuya grew his hair to hide it.

Tokyo Manjikai Arc

Draken and Mikey visit the fights organized by Kiyomizu Masataka. One of the people introduces himself to Mikey, but Mikey ignores him and continues on his way, Draken explaining that Mikey only talks to those he is interested in. As Mikey walks past Masataka, Draken kicks Masataka in the gut, telling him to bow more when he faces Mikey. The Toman leader takes a liking to Hanagaki Takemichi and declares that they are friends. Mikey and Draken then disband the underground fight club, as it brings a bad reputation to Toman.

The next day, Mikey and Draken visit Takemichi at school. Draken beats up several senior students in the hallway because they irritate him, then orders them to line up flat on their backs so that he and Mikey can stomp on them. They want to spend time with Takemichi, but Hinata thinks that they are there to kidnap him, so she slaps Mikey and tries to leave with Takemichi. Draken stops her, but as she explains that she wants to protect Takemichi, Takemichi puts his hand on Draken and asks him to let go of Hinata, because there are things he will never give up again and asks them not to hurt him. Once the situation is settled and Mikey calmed down, Draken tells Takemichi that he threatened him, but it's normal that he wants to protect a girl and there are not many boys with a big heart like him anymore. Mikey, Draken and Takemichi then go on a date, where Mikey eventually reveals his plan to create a new era of delinquents and wants Takemichi to be part of it.

The next day, Mikey gathers his entire gang, as well as Draken, to a meeting, in which he announces that they have gathered to discuss Pachin's problem. Indeed, one of Pah's friends, got into a fight with Osanai, which led the Moebius members to rape his girlfriend, kill his parents and siblings, and steal his money. Mikey asks Pah whether or not he wants to fight Moebius and when Pah agrees, Mikey rallies the rest of Toman to the cause, declaring that they will fight Moebius on August 3 at the Musashi Festival.

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Later, Draken is then pursued by Takemichi who wants to be his bodyguard, offer that Draken declines. Takemichi decides to follow him everywhere to watch him secretly. He notices that Draken enters a restaurant where he thinks he might fight with Mikey, but it's actually a series of misunderstandings, because Mikey was grumbling not at his friend but because he didn't get a flag in his rice bowl and fell asleep after eating, which forced him to be carried out of the restaurant by Draken. At the hospital, Draken and Mikey visit the girlfriend of Pah's friend. The girl's father appears and scolds them both for being there before telling them to leave. At first, Mikey is reluctant to bow and show his apology because he doesn't believe they had anything to do with what happened to the girl, but Draken urges him to bow and does the same. After the girl's parents leave, Draken tells Mikey that it is their responsibility to not let strangers get hurt because of what happens in their world, he doesn't have to bow down, but he does have to care about others and have a heart. Mikey apologizes and tells Draken that he is glad he is by his side.

Moebius Arch
Valhalla Bow


  • Ryûgûji Ken VS. Sameyama Gang : Defeat
  • Ryûgûji Ken VS Peyan and the Moebius : Interrupted by Mitsuya Takashi and Hanagaki Takemichi
  • Ryûgûji Ken VS Hanma Shuji : Interrupted by Sano Manjiro
  • Ryûgûji Ken VS 100 best members of Black Dragons : Victory
  • Ryûgûji Ken VS Hanma Shuji : Victory


  • His favorite food is spicy curry.
  • His favorite motorcycle is his "Kawasaki Zephyr 400 custom".
  • Strength training is one of his hobbies.
  • He doesn't like older people who put on too much perfume.


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