Kiriya Ubuyashiki

Kiriya Ubuyashiki

Kiriya Ubuyashiki is the son of Kagaya Ubuyashiki and the leader of the Ubuyashiki Family. After his father's death, he leads the Demon Slayers Army as the 98th leader.

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kiriya ubuyashiki

Kiriya has light skin and large eyes. He has the same hairstyle as the rest of his siblings, a blunt bob with bangs covering his eyebrows. Since he was raised as a girl, he takes on a more feminine appearance during his first appearance.

During the Final Selection test, Kiriya wears a purple kimono with patterned flowers and a green obi. His head is decorated with a wisteria crown.

Later in the manga, after he became the leader of the Army, he wears a black kimono with a long white kimono jacket which reminds his father.

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In his first appearance in the series during the Final Selection test, Kiriya is shown as polite and somewhat emotionally detached after calmly and politely greeting the trainees in sync with his sister, professionally explaining the details regarding the test. He is somewhat unperturbed when Genya Shinazugawa rudely abuses his sister.

Later, when his father, mother and sisters die, Kiriya shows a completely different side of himself, displaying his leadership abilities. He immediately assumes his new position and organizes himself to watch and command the demon slayers in their attack on Muzan Kibutsuji and the Twelve Demon Moons, even though he has lost half of his family and hasn't even properly had time to mourn them. He shows more mental strength and emotional strength compared to his younger sisters, who momentarily burst into tears of grief.

However, once his plan results in the slaughter of many Demon Slayers, Kiriya breaks down under the stress and stops giving orders, much to the dismay of his sisters. He is able to pull himself together after Kanata slaps him.

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Kiriya is the son of Kagaya Ubuyashiki and Amane Ubuyashiki as the third child and only son of five children. He was born after his two older twin sisters and before his two younger twin sisters. As the only son of the family, he became the male heir, the next head of the Ubuyashiki family and the first to inherit his father's position as commander of the Demon Slayers Army.

Since his birth, his parents raised him as a girl because he was weak and fragile.


Final Selection Bow

Kiriya appears with her sister, Kanata, at the Final Selection to greet and inform the Demon Slayers in training of what is to come.

After the test is over, Kiriya describes the ranking system of the Demon Slayer Army and asks the survivors to choose an ore for their Sun Sword.

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More than a hundred years after the defeat of Muzan, Kiriya is still alive and the oldest person in Japan. This realization led him to be interviewed by a reporter, although he remained unmoved due to his advanced age. The fact that he lived so long is ironic, as the men in his family could only live into their thirties due to the disease Muzan had suffered from becoming a demon.

Skills & Competencies

  • Leadership Skills: Like his father, Kiriya has advanced skills in leading and commanding an army in battle despite his young age. He is able to immediately take command of the Demon Slayer Army's command structure and assist the Pillars as logistical support, guiding them into battle.
  • Intuition: Similar to her father and ancestors, Kiriya has a high, almost prophetic intuition, capable of making accurate guesses and assumptions that have often been proven correct.
  • Extraordinary Memory: Kiriya has shown a very good memory. He and his sisters are able to map and memorize the ever-changing Infinite Dimensional Fortress, creating accurate maps to navigate and guide the Pillars through it in real time.
  • Longevity: Due to their parent, Muzan, becoming the first demon, the men of the Ubuyashiki family were cursed with a mysterious disease, usually causing them to die in their 30s. However, after Muzan's death, the curse was apparently lifted. In fact, Kiriya was blessed with an unusually long life, still living over a hundred years later and currently being the oldest person in Japan.


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