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Kokushibo is a major antagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a demon affiliated with the Twelve Demonic Moons, occupying the highest position, the First Upper Moon.
Nearly five centuries ago in the Sengoku era, Kokushibo was a human named Michikatsu Tsugikuni, an ancient demon slayer and the older twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni.
Kokushibo is also the ancestor of Muichiro Tokito and Yuichiro Tokito and the one who turned Zenitsu Agatsuma's eldest son, Kaigaku into a demon and joined the Twelve Demonic Moons.

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As a demon, Kokushibo took the form of a pale-skinned, tall, muscular man with long, spiky hair with red tips that he kept in a ponytail. His most notable feature is the three pairs of eyes on his face with red sclera and yellow irises. His middle pair of eyes had the kanji of High Rank .and red flame-like markings were seen on his face and neck. Even so, his appearance was described as extremely dignified and majestic by the Pillar of Mist, Muichiro Tokito.

Kokushibo wore a purple and black patterned nagagi kimono and black hakama pants tied with a white cloth. He carried a fleshy katana at his waist that had eyes in the space between the tsuka enclosing the handle of his sword. The tsuba and the blade were also later found to have eyes and veins.

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As a human, Kokushibo's appearance was almost identical to his demon form, except for the number of eyes, his prominent eyebrows, and notably his less pale skin. His eyes had brown irises and normal white sclera like a human. As a child, he was usually seen wearing a white kimono as opposed to the purple and black patterned kimono he wore as an adult.

After being beheaded by Sanemi Shinazugawa and Gyomei Himejima, Kokushibo evolved into a grotesque version of his demon appearance, with protruding fangs, a pair of horns, sharp nails, and several sharp fleshy appendages on the back of his body.


Kokushibo was often very reserved as a demon, and with so little knowledge of the higher ranks, not much was originally known about him. He was an inflexible rule follower, punctual, and showed great respect for the hierarchy of the Twelve Moons - as seen at the meeting of the higher ranks. Kokushibo was also portrayed as humble, and he did not hesitate to admit failure or complain about any difficulty. He showed a strong sense of loyalty to Muzan Kibutsuji, with most of his actions done with the sole purpose of achieving Muzan's goals. Despite his outward reserve and humility, he was also rather cold; his words could be extremely harsh, especially when berating individuals. His threats proved to be nothing short of cruel and extremely serious, and he demanded absolute obedience.

Kokushibo was also truly delighted when the opponents he faced challenged him; such as helping to dress Muichiro Tokito's amputated hand on his swordsmanship, praising Gyomei Himejima for his unmatched human abilities, and sparing Akaza because he enjoyed the challenge of fighting him. However, because of this, he also felt irritation after realizing he was dead and pitied Gyomei for his impending death after unlocking his demon slayer marks.

He had a complex relationship with his human past. He showed something warm towards his descendant, Muichiro, praising his skills and determination, and decided to convert Muichiro into a demon to spare his life. At the same time, he referred to Muichiro and his abilities as the natural result of the transmission of his "cells".

In his duel with Gyomei, the demon's jokes suggested a fear of death. When Gyomei's marks appeared, Kokushibo preemptively lamented the loss of a talented fighter and urged him to become a demon to continue honing his skills. He seemed surprised when Gyomei vehemently rejected his offer and called his mentality pathetic.

It was revealed that as a human, Kokushibo harbored immense feelings of envy towards his younger twin brother, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, for his natural talent and incredible abilities. These feelings of jealousy and contempt were reinforced by seeing his brother grow into an old man despite Yoriichi having awakened his demon-killing mark, which was supposed to condemn him to die at the age of 25. However, despite this immense jealousy, spite and sheer hatred he harbored for Yoriichi, he still deeply loved his brother, as seen when he was touched by Yoriichi cherishing the handmade flute he had made for him as a child. Kokushibo shed real tears over his brother's death and even went so far as to keep the flute itself for the next few centuries in memory of his beloved and hated younger brother.

Probably because of his inferiority complex and his immense desire for strength, Kokushibo feared the prospect of defeat. So much so that he became increasingly aggressive and agitated when pushed further into a corner, making him more desperate in his attacks and use of his demonic power. During his battle with the Pillars, he realized the high price he had paid for the strength he so desired, becoming an ugly monster far from his idealized dream of becoming the strongest samurai just like his brother, symbolizing how his deep ambitions and resentment had warped him for the worse. Moreover, his exaggerated desire to surpass his brother even manifests itself in the form of his six eyes, implying his desperation to reach the Transparent World in order to surpass his brother. Later after his death, he greatly lamented and regretted his choices in life and began to openly question whether the path he had taken was really the right one. Kokushibo died without knowing why he was born and was full of regret and sorrow for not having been able to accomplish everything he had wanted.

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Human Past

Born during the Sengoku period, Kokushibo's birth name was Michikatsu Tsugikuni. When he and his brother Yoriichi were born, the twins were considered a bad omen, and when their father saw that Yoriichi had a strange birthmark on his forehead, he declared that he would kill Yoriichi. However, their mother Akeno Tsugikuni was outraged by his announcement, and an agreement was made that instead of being killed, Yoriichi would be sent to the temple and become a priest at the age of ten. Yoriichi and Michikatsu grew up very differently, with Yoriichi confined to a three tatami room separate from the rest of the house and kept away from his brother. Michikatsu, who snuck behind their father's back to see his brother, took pity on Yoriichi, who was thought to be deaf until the age of seven and clung to his mother's side whenever Michikatsu saw her. At one point, he gave Yoriichi a flute that he made.

When Michikatsu was about seven years old, he practiced swordplay while his brother watched him. It was then that Yoriichi spoke for the first time, shocking Michikatsu; however, Yoriichi's declaration of his goal to become a samurai like his brother was rejected, as he would be sent to the temple at the age of ten. Nevertheless, Yoriichi continued to watch Michikatsu's training, and one day, one of their father's men offered to give Yoriichi instructions. Although he only showed Yoriichi a basic stance, the boy was able to land four blows on the man. This incident baffled Michikatsu, who had never landed a blow before, and he begged his brother to teach him his secret. Much to Michikatsu's disappointment, Yoriichi only expressed his disgust for the fight and declared that he did not want to become a samurai anymore. Once, however, Yoriichi mentioned that before taking a stance, he would breathe deeply, examining his bone alignment, muscle contraction, and blood flow, implying an early form of the solar breathing style that Yoriichi would later adopt. This conversation led Michikatsu to realize that for Yoriichi, the bodies of living beings were transparent, leading him to pursue blade mastery with renewed intensity.

As Michikatsu studied the sword, he felt envious of his brother, who he felt was wasting his natural physical talent. He also feared that, now that their father was probably aware of Yoriichi's immense potential, their roles would be switched and he would be the one sent to the temple instead of Yoriichi. Yoriichi recognized this as well; the night their mother finally succumbed to her illness, he came to Michikatsu's room at three in the morning to break the news to his brother and bid farewell to Michikatsu, as he planned to leave for the temple before their father could make Yoriichi the new successor family member. Yoriichi expressed his gratitude to his brother for giving him heart and affectionately held the flute that Michikatsu had given him earlier. Michikatsu, however, was irritated, wondering how Yoriichi could cherish a flute that couldn't even play right, and watched his brother leave without saying anything. His jealousy of his brother only increased when he read his mother's diary after her death, which revealed that Yoriichi had known all about their mother's illness since her death and the increasing weakness of the left side of her body, and had planned accordingly. From that moment on, Michikatsu resented Yoriichi, whom he realized was not only physically gifted, but also a genius. He wished his brother dead, and for the next few years, without hearing anything from him, he believed it was true.

Ten years later, Michikatsu became a samurai and married a woman who gave birth to two of his children. One night, a Demon attacked his camp and left him the only survivor, but was quickly killed by Yoriichi who came to his rescue and apologized for not being able to save his subordinates. Seeing the object of his hatred again and twisted by jealousy, Michikatsu abandoned his family and became a demon slayer to train with Yoriichi. He watched his brother try to teach other demon slayers his own breathing technique without success. Anyway, he modified them according to their own strength, creating the first breathing techniques. Meanwhile, he trained alongside a Wind Breath user and honed his sword skills with them. Eventually, Michikatsu awakened a brand of demon slayer and developed a breathing style derived from solar breathing known as Moon Breath. Despite this accomplishment, it left a bitter taste as it was still not as powerful as Yoriichi's own Sun Breath.

As a demon slayer, Michikatsu was often proud of the uniqueness of his generation, but was irritated by his brother's optimism when he brought up the fact that the pair had no successors in line for their unique breathing styles, Sun Breath and Moon Breath.

Demonic Past

Frustrated at being unable to surpass his brother, as well as fearing the fatal death of those who awakened their demon-killing marks, Michikatsu was persuaded by Muzan Kibutsuji and became a demon, taking the name Kokushibo. Because he was also a breath user, it took him three days to completely transform into a demon. Eventually, he became the top rank one of the Twelve Moons, remaining at that rank for hundreds of years, while his original name was lost to history.

At some point, he killed the previous Oyakata (the father of the Oyakata of his time) and brought his head to Muzan.

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Sixty years after becoming a demon, he came face to face with Yoriichi for the last time. Yoriichi was devastated by his decision to transform, while Kokushibo became disgusted at seeing his younger twin now aged and decrepit, as well as furious at the realization that he had defied the fate of all marked demon slayers by being much older than 25 years. Beyond that, Kokushibo wasn't as angry to see him as he expected. Seeing Yoriichi cry shocked Kokushibo, as it was the first time he had shown emotion in his presence, confusing him. Since Yoriichi was still a demon-slayer and wanted to get rid of his human past, he knew he had to kill his younger brother. Despite his old age and apparent blindness, Yoriichi's fighting stance in order to strike Kokushibo frightened him, who knew then that his immense skill and power were still present. Although he grabbed his blade in anticipation, Yoriichi had already struck and sliced his neck. Kokushibo became angry when he saw that his brother's strength had not weakened at all and waited for a return strike, knowing that it would certainly kill him.

Yoriichi never got the chance to cut off Kokushibo's head completely, dying of old age when he got up. At that moment, Kokushibo became really furious, seeing that his ever excellent brother had appeared before him after transcending everything and to die of old age instead of losing a battle, also knowing that even Muzan could not scratch Yoriichi, his one fair chance of battle is now lost and his brother remains undefeated forever. Enraged by the feeling of inferiority, he cut Yoriichi's body in half, but inadvertently broke the flute he had given him as a child. Seeing that he was still thinking about himself after his transformation, Kokushibo could not help but shed a tear. Unable to really break his bond with his brother, he decided to keep the flute for himself.

After that, Kokushibo helped Muzan kill all the users of the Sun Breath to prevent another demon slayer from having the power to kill the Demon Lord.

After fighting many Demon Slayers through the centuries, he encountered a Demon Slayer about 300 years before the present with an ability similar to Genya's devouring demons to enhance his own strength. It is implied that this demon slayer's ability was not as skilled as Genya's since Kokushibo killed him just by cutting his torso in half.

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Overall Abilities: Kokushibo was an extraordinarily powerful demon, proven to be the strongest of the Twelve Moons and the second strongest demon in existence, just behind Muzan Kibutsuji himself. As one of the oldest demons in the series, he had fought many demon slayers and gained vast experience and knowledge of combat. He was able to easily decipher the techniques and skills of at least two Hashira and overwhelm them in battle. His physique is one of the most refined and immense in existence, as he is not only a user of total concentration breathing, but also a marked individual as well as a member of the Twelve Moons with the highest concentration of Muzan physique enhancing blood in the organization.

These overall abilities and skills allowed Kokushibo to defeat two Pillars with minimal effort, and then fight Sanemi and Gyomei, the latter of whom is considered the most powerful demon slayer in the current generation's demon slayer corps. Even when Gyomei and Sanemi awakened their demon slayer marks, which increased their physical abilities far above their normal limit, he was still able to defend himself against both simultaneously.

As a testament to his power, it finally took a combination of attacks from Gyomei Himejima, Sanemi Shinazugawa, Muichiro Tokito, and Genya Shinazugawa to even inflict a significant injury on him. He was so strong that the only way for the demon slayers to win was to immobilize him, which cost Muichiro and Genya their lives, the latter having to use a Blood Power to do so, meaning that normal attacks would not work at all against Kokushibo. Towards the end of their fight, he even gained the ability to regenerate his severed head, leaving the sun as his only weakness. In the end, Kobushibo's loss was mainly the result of his determination wavering as he realized that his lust for power had turned him into a monster, forcing him to stop regenerating, rather than the skills of his opponents.

Biological Absorption: Kokushibo has the ability to absorb human bodies through physical contact. Although this trait was never displayed, it indicated that Kokushibo would absorb demons that challenged him and were defeated. It is probably safe to assume that he uses this method as a faster alternative to consuming humans or demon slayers.

Demon Slayer Mark: Kokushibo awakened his mark when he trained under Yoriichi. Its specific abilities are unknown, but what is known is that it greatly enhances the demon slayer's abilities, making them much stronger and faster than they can normally accomplish, but at the cost of being cursed to die at age 25. As a demon, not only was Kokushibo no longer bound by the curse as demons are immortal, but the brand's abilities were further enhanced than when he was a human.

  • Transparent World: Similar to Tanjiro, Kokushibo has obtained the ability to constantly see the "Transparent World" through the use of his three pairs of eyes. This allows him to see the muscles, blood circulation and joint movements of his opponents. He can accurately predict and anticipate the movements and attacks of his opponents with this ability. He was also able to identify that Muichiro was his descendant, immediately discern the skill level of Muichiro, Sanemi and Gyomei with a single glance, and see that Genya Shinazugawa was consuming demons to gain strength by examining his cell structures.

Extrasensory Perception: Kokushibo can detect the presence of others outside of his perception range, as was shown when he dodged Genya's shots and appeared directly behind him even though Kokushibo was not looking at Genya at all. With the Transparent World, he could perceive body structures and see through the bodies of his opponents and use this information to predict their attacks and movements. He also seems to be extremely proficient in the use of the Transparent World, being able to trace a young child's heritage back to his own lineage with a simple glance. He is also able to immediately determine the strength of his opponents by examining their muscles and body structure. Aside from his vision, Kokushibo also seems to be able to keep track of the location of his peers around Infinity Castle, which is evident as he no longer felt Akaza's presence upon his death.

Flesh Manipulation: Like all demons, Kokushibo possesses the ability to manipulate his own flesh, though at a much higher caliber since he has assimilated much of Muzan's blood. He has used this ability to grant himself several eyes that increase his vision to superhuman levels. He also used this ability to create an extremely durable and sharp katana with a handguard and scabbard. For this reason, his katana can never be destroyed because he can regenerate it as he would with normal wounds.

  • Sword manipulation: As an extension of his flesh manipulation ability, Kokushibo can manipulate a detached part of his body in the form of his katana. This allows him to easily regenerate parts of his body if it was destroyed or damaged, which has been shown repeatedly when the blade returns to its original form when Gyomei or Sanemi damage it with their attacks. In addition, he can freely manipulate the shape of the blade, shown when he grew three additional blades from the original blade to increase its range and further increase its size, turning it into a weapon similar to the Shichishito (seven-pointed sword). While engaging in combat, he can manipulate the length and size of his sword strikes, allowing him to cover a distance normally impossible for a human swordsman to reach. Later, Kokushibo also demonstrated the ability to grow and protrude multiple blades from his own body, allowing him to perform a multitude of strikes without swinging. This attack was powerful enough to easily blow up two Pillars and destroy Genya's Blood Power, as well as cut many columns in the room in half from its activation.
  • Monstrous Transformation: later on, after pushing his head back while fighting Gyomei and Sanemi, Kokushibo was able to transform into a more monstrous form with several appendages on his back that enhanced all of his abilities and powers to about the same level as Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji. Kokushibo himself said that in this state, any attack against him would be meaningless and that the sun would be the only way to kill him.

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Immense durability: Kokushibo had shown immense physical durability, as seen when, despite Gyomei's use of his flail and axe to attack both ends of his neck, he still did not move. His neck was only severed due to the combined efforts of Gyomei and Sanemi putting all their strength into forcing his neck to be severed with Gyomei's axe, as well as both of their weapons turning bright red, which further hindered his regeneration and durability.

Immense Regeneration: Kokushibo has one of the most powerful regeneration abilities in existence, second only to the demon king, Muzan Kibutsuji. His regeneration speed is even faster than Akaza and Doma, pushing back his ear and right arm nonchalantly and effortlessly. Later, after being decapitated by two marked Pillars, Kokushibo was able to regenerate his entire head and managed to defeat death by decapitating after being decapitated by weapons made of scarlet crimson ore and scarlet iron sand, a feat considered impossible for demons and only accomplished by two other demons: Akaza and Muzan. However, while the speed at which he grew his head back was much faster than the first, his regeneration after being decapitated became unstable, causing him to take on a monstrous face. His newly regenerated body was also unstable, requiring constant regeneration to keep it from collapsing.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Kokushibo possessed immense levels of speed probably far exceeding that of any of his other higher-ranking brethren, as evidenced by the fact that he cut off Akaza's arm before he, or any of the other higher-ranking demons present, realized it. He displayed his phenomenal speeds on several occasions. First, he was able to effortlessly outpace Muichiro's misty breathing techniques, moving so fast that he seemed to have teleported. Muichiro himself said that Kokushibo's speed was in another dimension compared to his own, although it was marked. When Genya used his shotgun to shoot the top rank from a distance, Kokushibo managed to "teleport" to his location before the bullets could reach him, even getting his arm cut off as he arrived. Afterwards, he cut off his other arm and his torso so quickly that it appeared he wasn't even moving.

Later, when his fight with Sanemi began, he could easily follow his techniques and movements despite the fact that he had to exert himself to the limit to stay alive. When Sanemi used his brother's shotgun to shoot at the top rank, Kokushibo was fast enough to block the bullets even when the shotgun was very close to him. After feeling the need to try harder, Kokushibo mastered the Wind Pillar with a single technique that was fast enough that he couldn't escape in time, delivering a multitude of cuts and slashes all over his body. Against Gyomei, the strongest Pillar of the current generation, Kokushibo was still more than capable of keeping up with his unorthodox attacks. Even after the two Pillars were marked, an enraged Kokushibo could unleash sword attacks that even they could not fully react to. His speed posed such a threat to his opponents that Muichiro had to sacrifice a leg to keep the Higher Rank from moving so that Genya could completely immobilize him with her Blood Power.

Tremendous Strength: Kokushibo displayed incredible physical strength, lifting a gigantic sword much heavier than an ordinary katana and swinging it continuously at speeds faster than the eye can see without rest or effort. Since he has assimilated more blood from Muzan Kibutsuji than the top rank three, Akaza, a demon who can break the ground with his bare fists, one can assume that Kokushibo possessed greater or comparable physical strength to him.

Indomitable Will: Only because of his goal to surpass his younger twin brother, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, Kokushibo possesses a superhuman will and indomitable spirit. When he was about to be killed, he forced his regeneration to evolve and pushed back his own head with a myriad of enhancements, all because he wouldn't allow himself to die until he achieved his goal.

Tactical Intelligence: As a talented swordsman who has been around for over four centuries, Kokushibo has experienced countless combat situations and threats that he has learned to overcome and circumvent. This was shown in his battle with Three Pillars and Genya, where he was able to adapt to their special and unique fighting styles and tactics almost instantly after witnessing them. For example, after Muichiro unleashed his first attack against the top rank, he was able to determine that he was a Mist Breathing user, a talented one at that. This was further accentuated by the fact that Kokushibo was able to face Sanemi and Gyomei simultaneously despite the fact that they are both marked and use different breath styles, meaning he would have to face 2 very different opponents at once, which he did successfully, even overwhelming them several times.

Unlimited stamina and endurance: Kokushibo possesses absolute and infinite stamina and vitality, never tiring and always remaining in top physical and mental condition at all times, while being able to withstand waves of assault as if nothing had happened. Although his ear, then limbs and whole pieces of his body were repeatedly torn off and destroyed, he never once showed a sign of pain or agony.Even when his head was crushed by Gyomei Himejima's spiked flail, he remained resilient.

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Blood Power

Crescent Moon Blades: In addition to his fighting style: Moon Breath, his Blood Power allows him to create and manipulate dozens of sharp blades in the shape of a traditional crescent moon from his katana flesh. They are supposedly created from his blood and can be bright yellow or bright blue in color. These crescent moon blades are extremely chaotic, constantly changing in size, length and speed, making Kokushibo's attacks extremely unpredictable and unreadable as they have no defined pattern. This bloody demon art greatly enhances the power of his techniques, making each of his sword strikes extremely deadly and dangerous. He also seems to be able to use his Blood Power as long as his katana is drawn, allowing him to create crescent moon blades even without swinging his sword or unleashing a technique. The volatile nature of his Blood Power makes it extremely difficult to get around demon slayers. Sanemi said that without his years of experience in demon slaying, he would not have been able to defend himself against Kokushibo's attacks.

Kokushibo's Blood Power appears to have a secondary ability that allows him to manipulate the shape and range of his sword slashes when he unleashes his moon-breathing techniques. His slashes usually create and are surrounded by a red/orange crescent shape that carries his crescent moon blades. Kokushibo seems to be able to control these slashes to some extent, increasing their range and shape to attack his target in ways that are impossible under normal circumstances. When he distorted his katana to give it the appearance of a branch, his slashes turned into a light purple color. Kokushibo demonstrated the ability to exponentially increase the range of his sword with his Moon-Dragon Ringtail technique and to shape his slashes into a circular form with his Drilling Slashes, Moon Through Bamboo Leaves technique.

Fighting Style

Master Swordsman: By training and perfecting his fencing skills for over 400 years and greatly improving his physical abilities, Kokushibo became the most powerful and skilled swordsman of the modern era, and the second strongest swordsman in existence, behind his younger twin brother, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. As a demon slayer in the golden age, his fencing was already exceptional as he learned it from Yoriichi himself and later stated that their techniques were so refined and legendary that they had no hope of passing them on to future generations.

Kokushibo's skill with the blade enabled him to defeat Akaza, a hand-to-hand combat and martial arts prodigy, as well as surpass Doma. With his exceptional sword skills, he could single-handedly take on Sanemi, Muichiro and Gyomei when they were marked as well as Genya when he assimilated his blood and gained a small part of his power and had access to the blood demon arts. Kokushibo's swordplay was enhanced by the development of his own blood demon art, which greatly improved the lethality and power of his techniques, making each of his sword strikes incredibly deadly.

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Sword skills

Moon Breath: Like Kaigaku, Kokushibo was a demon who used breath styles. His breath style, in particular, is one of the most dangerous and powerful displayed so far. Enhanced with his Blood Power, he can create numerous chaotic crescent moon blades when cutting that vary in length and size during crescent sword attacks. Kokushibo himself had continued to develop this breathing style and had created more than a dozen techniques over the centuries he had lived.

  • First Move: Dark Moon - Nocturnal Sanctuary: Kokushibo draws his sword quickly and slices rapidly in a singular horizontal crescent motion, creating many chaotic crescent blades. This technique is extremely reminiscent of Iaijutsu.
  • Second Move: Moonlight Mother-of-Pearl: Kokushibo makes several crescent-shaped slashes that defend him from incoming attacks, sending out a barrage of crescent blades.
  • Third Move : Abandonment Murder Moon - Chain: Kokushibo swings his sword quickly in two gigantic crescent slashes, from which a storm of smaller crescents spread, causing enormous destruction in a small area.
  • Fifth Movement: Cursed Spectral Moon Vortex: Kokushibo makes several overlapping curved slashes, creating an ascending vortex of sword slashes and crescent moon blades.
  • Sixth Movement: The Lone Moon in Eternal Darkness - The Avici: Kokushibo throws a wild barrage of crescent-shaped slashes several feet in front of him. This technique was powerful enough to overwhelm Sanemi Shinazugawa and so long range that it tore through the surrounding pillars.
  • Seventh Move: Mirror of Doom - Moon Reflection: Kokushibo swings the gigantic version of his sword in a powerful crescent-shaped front slash that creates powerful multi-directional slashes in the ground at long range.
  • Eighth Move: Lunar Ouroboros: Kokushibo uses the gigantic version of his sword and creates a singular gigantic crescent-shaped slash that slowly decreases in size, creating dozens of crescent moon-shaped blades.
  • Ninth Move: Decreasing Moon - The Perpetual Cycle: Kokushibo creates a stream of vertical and horizontal crescent-shaped slashes at long range as well as numerous crescent moon blades with the gigantic version of his sword.
    Tenth Move: Piercing Cycle Strike - Ivy Moon: Kokushibo creates a long-range triple-layer twister slash full of crescent moon blades with the gigantic version of his sword.
  • Fourteenth Move : Tenman's Crescent Moon: Kokushibo uses the gigantic version of his sword and creates a chaotic vortex of powerful omni-directional slashes at very long range that destroys everything within its attack radius.
  • Sixteenth Move: Lunar Rainbow - Selenite Fragments: Kokushibo creates a barrage of descending crescent slashes from an extremely long and wide range, resulting in a powerful sixfold slash crashing into his opponents; the attack itself is powerful enough to create several miniature craters where the slashes landed.


Kyokokukamusari: Kokushibo carries a fleshy, demonically modified version of a sun katana that he used when he was a demon slayer. As its appearance suggests, the katana is created from the flesh and blood of Kokushibo himself, and due to the immense durability and hardness of his body, his katana is as sharp, if not sharper, than an ordinary sun sword. His sword is fleshy red in color, similar to the color of blood, with veins and his eyes all around the blade and even the hilt. However, it is not known if these eyes can be used to extend his vision. The hilt of his katana is circular in shape with 4 slight indentations, a center with 3 eyes and several black veins and a golden border. He also wears a sword scabbard at his waist that has the same fleshy appearance as his katana.

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