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Livail Ackerman

Livail Ackerman

Livai Ackerman (Japanese: リヴァイ・アッカーマン, Hepburn: Rivai Akkāman. ), often referred to as Master Corporal Livai (リヴァイ兵長 Rivai Heichō), is the Captain (兵士長 Heishichō) of the Tactical Squad within the Exploration Battalion. He is known as the most powerful soldier in the Army of Heaven.


Livaï has medium-length black hair, shaved on the sides. He has intimidating bluish gray eyes. Despite his small size, he has a very developed physique. Apart from his almost constant frown, his facial expression is neutral. His unruffled demeanor makes it difficult to guess what he is thinking. Whether in civilian clothes or in uniform, Livai is always seen wearing a white scarf tied around his neck. Sometimes he wears a tight fitting long sleeve shirt and a suit.

Even when his team is killed during the 57th Extra-Muros expedition, he keeps a straight face. For the most part, he wears a military-style uniform and a green coat carried over from the Exploration Battalion on the extramural expeditions. When he was forced to leave his duties due to injuries, he was seen wearing a black suit with a simple white shirt. The author revealed that Livaï had "appropriated" this suit. When he was young, he wore a white shirt tucked in, with the collar turned up and a leather jacket over it. His pants were black and baggy, and he wore boots of the same color.

As a boy, Livai was a skeletal, malnourished boy. He had long, disheveled black hair and looked dirty and tired.


Livai is described as a "clean freak" by those who know him personally, as he prefers his environment to be spotlessly clean.

He can't stand to see himself or his equipment stained in any way. However, if the situation calls for it, he is not the type to take this into account, for example by saving Eren in the Forest of Giant Trees, or by grabbing the bloody hand of a subordinate, comforting him during his last moments.

Despite this "impeccable" image, Livai has a cold and unapproachable personality. According to Petra he is violent and impenetrable. His manner of speaking is rarely polite, and he sometimes makes rude or inappropriate comments. His dark sense of humor, often misunderstood, is unpleasant and can even be construed as vulgar. He tends to express things in a strict and insulting manner. He provokes his opponents to the point of putting them down, which usually destabilizes those around him.

Even if Livai respects the order of the military structure and discipline, he also seems to have some contempt for authority. At Eren's trial in court, he insults the shopkeepers, calling them "fat pigs" and noting that the Special Brigades were unable to take care of Eren. It seems that he also resents the military police, presumably for their interference and attempts to undermine the Exploration Battalion on a consistent basis.

At one point, he even mocks them by saying that they have never fought or even seen a single Titan, and suggests their membership in the Battalion.

Livai, however, has a softer side, but one that he rarely shows. One of his most prominent characteristics is the high value he places on the preservation of human life.

He himself has stated that he hates to see soldiers die unnecessarily, and advises his subordinates to use their instincts correctly, which could cost them their lives or save them. When he finally finds out from Hansi that the Titans may have once been human beings, Livai seems to be mortified by the news.

Because of his dangerous profession and personal values, he is very concerned with the welfare of his subordinates. When the order for early retirement was given to the wall during the 56th Extra-Muros Expedition, Livai was visibly frustrated that his soldiers had died because of an unsuccessful mission.

We also see him ready to resort to violence to avoid Eren being executed at his trial, even though he has nothing against him. Livai, despite his cold and serene nature, showed strong feelings when he lost his whole team, and then risked his life to protect Mikasa who was blindly running towards the Female Titan, which cost him an injury.

In addition, he also stated that he carries the will of his fallen comrades. His grudge against the Titans gives him the strength to continue fighting. It is possible to notice that even in painful situations, as when he is close to being killed, Livai keeps his cool.

Personal history


Livai was not a wanted child at first. Her mother, Kuchel Ackerman, was a prostitute from the Underground City who became pregnant by one of her clients. She still chose to keep the child in secret from the biological father and against her brother's wishes. Despite this "accident" Livai was loved by his mother.

Because of the pregnancy, her mother lost clients and therefore money. She could not feed herself properly and therefore could not feed her son. She died of an illness a few years later, before Livaï's eyes. When Kenny Ackerman, Kuchel Ackerman's older brother, went to visit her, he discovered that she was dead. Beside the bed, he found an extremely thin child sitting in front of his mother's bed.

In a rare show of compassion, Kenny decided to take care of him. However, he did not consider himself a good father figure, so he decided to raise Livai as best he could and taught him knife skills, how to get along with people and violent behavior. Livai also learned to use his own inner power that he possessed as a member of the Ackerman Clan. Time passed and eventually Kenny taught Livai everything he knew. One day, in the underground city, Livai started a fight with a standard thug that he easily won. At that point, Kenny decided to leave him behind, convinced that he had taught Livai the skills necessary to survive.

Livaï, Furlan and Isabelle

In the underground city, from which he had never left, Livai lived in a house with his friend Furlan Church.

They were the leaders of a popular group of bandits in the underground city. Their goal was to collect enough money to get a civilian passport to go to the world above.

Life was going on for the two of them, when one day a girl walked into their house without warning. Her lack of hygiene irritated Livai and when he called her a "kid", she rebuked him by saying that she was not a kid. Behind her, some men were chasing her and, when they saw Livai and Furlan, they asked them if they had seen a girl around. The men then recognized the two leaders of the famous group of thugs and preferred to coax them.

Furlan and Livaï did not answer. According to the stalkers, she tried to pass by the eleventh staircase that leads to the outside, without paying. In reality, the girl was holding a small injured bird against her, which she wanted to release back to the surface. Then one of the men saw the girl and went into the house without permission, to pick her up. He put a hand on Livai's arm out of compassion, when the latter cut off part of her hand. Livaï did not remain there and gave him five punches before throwing him at the door, while saying to him not to touch him with his dirty hand, if not he would risk to dirty it.

Afterwards, Livai and Furlan recruited this girl who called herself Isabel Magnolia into their group. They trained her to use the Three Dimensional Maneuver. Some time later, a mysterious man was waiting for the trio in front of their house. He offered a job from a powerful man in exchange for a handsome reward.

He then led them up the eleventh staircase, where they had a discussion with this man in a fancy carriage. The man promised the three young men a citizenship passport and a lot of money if they accepted the mission. Later, the trio moved into the city with their three-dimensional maneuvering equipment and overturned a cart filled with apple crates. The MPs tried to stop them, but they were quickly lost. The Exploration Battalion took over.

There was a chase through the streets of the underground city and finally the three bandits were caught. Livai disarmed Mike Zacharias with a simple little knife, and when he was about to kill him, Erwin Smith protected his comrade. When Livai noticed that his friends had been captured, he forfeited the case. They were handcuffed by the soldiers and put on their knees in front of Erwin. Erwin asked them a series of questions about where their three-dimensional maneuvering equipment came from and how they learned to use it, but Livai refused to answer. Mike then plunged Livai's head into a puddle of dirty water at his feet to put pressure on him. Furlan finally answered in his place, not to see his friend getting beaten up anymore. Livaï finally gave his name and Erwin proposed him either to go to prison with his two companions, or to join the Exploration Battalion, because his strength could be very useful to them. After a short time of reflection, Livaï finally accepted to join the army.

New Mission

Erwin used blackmail to make Livai join the Exploration Battalion and become a soldier in the Paradise army. Obviously, Livaï is forced to accept and he joins the Battalion. His goal with Furlan and Isabelle will be to recover important documents and also to kill Erwin Smith. Afterwards, they were accepted directly into the Battalion without even doing the required training camps because Erwin was convinced that they were key elements in the reform of the Exploration Battalion.

Afterwards, Flagon directed them to their room. The room consisted of a bunk bed. When Livai approached the bed, he touched the wood of the furniture and a pile of dust fell, which disgusted him.

Flagon said that since they lived underground in dirt and dust, they were probably used to dirt, but here there was cleanliness, order and tidiness. Livai turned around vexed and called him a bastard. The two men were about to argue, but Furlan interrupted them by apologizing for Livai's attitude, adding that they would try to keep the place clean. He reminded Livai that they didn't want to draw unnecessary attention to themselves since they were there for two reasons; to retrieve documents and get them to Nicholas Lobov and to kill Erwin Smith.

Afterwards, they headed to a training camp. The goal was to cut the Titans into pieces. Livai took the swords and held them in a different way from the standard way of soldiers. He held them in reverse. Flagon told him that if he wanted to get killed, this was the best way. Livai told him to leave him alone because the blades are only meant to cut the neck and nothing more. It didn't matter what technique was used to accomplish this single goal as long as the goal was achieved. Several people tried to cut the neck of the wooden Titans but for some, their blades broke. Livai, however, used his own fighting style and spun around very quickly to cut the wooden Titans' necks. He was moving too fast for the other soldiers to see him in action, but they could see the result: the wooden Titans' necks were cut.

Since the trio still hadn't found the documents, the three friends concluded that Erwin should probably keep such information on him at all times and that the upcoming expedition outside the Walls was the best opportunity to kill Erwin and steal the documents since everyone would be focused on the Titans, but Livai told his friends to stay behind him. None of them had faced a Titan before and an expedition outside the Walls is very dangerous. Livai's friends managed to convince the young Ackerman to trust them, even making him smile.


Towards the light

The next day, the Exploration Battalion set out on an expedition outside the Walls.

Furlan noticed that the landscape was unbelievably beautiful. Livai said that it was incredible and that even those who lived underground could go outside the Walls. Livai was at first sight blinded by the sunlight, but afterwards the reaction of the three recruits was very positive. Isabelle and Furlan were amazed. With a smile, Livaï said that it was not bad.

Shortly after, the team encountered a 14-meter Titan[30] as well as a 15-meter deviant Titan[30]. several soldiers tried to kill it, but failed. Livai and his team decided to kill it. 31] He told his superior not to underestimate the fighting style of the trio. The members of the Battalion laughed and said that it was obviously impossible for them to take down a Titan of this size. Livai said that Furlan and Isabelle would have to try to cut the Titan's legs so that it could not move while he himself took care of killing it. Livai used his three-dimensional maneuvering equipment and jumped off his horse to grab onto the Titan's back with his blades in his spine. Furlan and Isabelle cut off his legs. Livai used his grappling hook and aimed at the back of the Titan's neck and cut it off.[32][30]

Despite the fact that all three were proud of their achievement, Erwin blamed Livai for using too much gas, which irritated Livai, who asked him if he was supposed to prioritize his equipment over the lives of his friends.

A little later, a heavy rain began to fall, limiting the vision of the soldiers. It was then that Livai realized that it was time to kill Erwin and get the documents without being seen. He ordered Furlan and Isabel to remain behind so that the formation does not realize that the three left their
position. Before he got very far, he discovered a large number of corpses that were the work of a deviant Titan who had been lured away by the group of humans. Livai realized that he had probably missed it and turned around to find his friends. Livai arrived too late and discovered Isabel's head and Furlan's torso. He became blinded by rage and slaughtered the Titan by cutting off every part of his body except the neck so that he could lash out as much as possible at the Titan responsible for the death of his friends, all executed with incredible speed. When the rain stopped, Erwin found Livai crying next to the Titan's corpse. Erwin told him that he was the only survivor and congratulated him for that. Livai lunged at him with the intention of killing him, but Erwin grabbed his blade and revealed that he had always been aware of Livai's intentions. He also added that it was too late because the documents were already on their way to Commander-in-Chief Daris Zackley.

This stunned Livai who realized how much he had lost and that the mission had failed before it even began. Before he sinks too far into remorse, Erwin tells him not to regret his choice, because if he did, he wouldn't be able to do any more without doubting himself. Livai decides to stay with the members of the Exploration Battalion and when another expedition begins, he tells himself that he won't regret his decision.


49th Expedition Extra-muros

In the year 850, Livai participates in the forty-ninth expedition outside the Walls under the command of Erwin Smith and Hansi Zoe. At one point, Hansi says that she has seen a Titan and leaves on horseback to go and see him and watch his habits and ways of acting. Livai and her task force chase the major and the aberrant Titan, which had remained quiet until then, and lead them to an open area of the forest.

There were trees spaced far apart and a tree stood in the middle. When Auruo tried to kill the Titan, Hansi interrupted him in his movement, which allowed the Titan to grab him, and the soldier was almost devoured, but the captain intervened and killed the Titan. Hansi wanted to blame her for killing him, but Livai, after cleaning her blade, took her by the collar and told her that, because of her fault, Auruo could have been killed and that she should be less careless.

It was at this point that Petra Ralle said that she had seen the body of someone in the central tree. It was a decapitated woman. There was also a notebook on the ground that Livai picked up and began to read. It belonged to Ilse Langner, the owner of the notebook, a former soldier in the Exploration Battalion, whose body inside the tree was decomposed and decapitated.

Battle of Trost Arch

Livai is first seen leaving Trost with the Exploration Battalion for the 56th extramural expedition, the same day the Colossal Titan attacked the District. He is seen rescuing a soldier dying in the grip of a Titan before killing two others. As with his loyal subordinates, Erwin ordered him to retreat to Trost as quickly as possible, as it was possible that the door had been broken.

After Eren blocked the door with the giant ball and chain, Armin helped the giant ball and chain out of its titanic form, but they found themselves facing three Titans. Suddenly, Livai cut the necks of the three Titans and positioned herself to face the monsters. Later, after Eren wakes up in a cell, Livai assures him that the strongest of the 104th Training Brigade will be allocated to join the Battalion. He and Erwin talk with Eren, until it's time to go to court.

Livai attended the trial, but when Eren started to shout and insult his superiors, Eren arrived and kicked him in the face, followed by a dozen kicks. He told him that he had to respect his superiors, or he would be treated like a dog. He then addressed the members of the court, saying that if they had seen Eren as a Titan, then they had surely seen him kill 20 Titans by himself and without difficulty.

Bow of the Female Titan

During the trial set up to debate Eren's potential danger to humanity as an intelligent Titan, Livai violently beats Eren for disrespecting his superiors.

After the trial, Livai gives Eren his special jersey to take care of him for a month, and moves to the former Exploration Battalion HQ inside the Pink Wall. During their stay at the castle, Livai orders Eren to sleep in the dungeon so that he can't cause any trouble in case he accidentally transforms.

At some point during the month Eren stays with them, Livai comes up with a plan to get Eren back from his Titanic body if he loses control, causing him to lose his human limbs.

This allows a delighted Hansi to plan experiments related to Eren's transformation, however it is discovered that he is no longer able to do so.

After that, his hands not healing either, they decide to postpone the experiments, until Eren accidentally generates a partial Titan body while trying to pick up his fallen spoon.

As this happens without warning, Livai's special corps members suddenly change their attitude towards him and start threatening him with their weapons, summoning him to say which side he is on, the human side or the titan side. Livai then orders his men to calm down, and he returns to drink his tea.

During the 57th expedition outside the walls, Livai and his team, as well as Eren, are placed in the safest place of the formation.

As the formation is suddenly attacked by an army of Titans arriving on the right flank, it deviates towards the Forest of Giant Trees and Livai' s group takes the central road.

Once the female Titan who pursues them appears, the group starts to doubt Livai's orders, but they continue to go forward.

Eren then decides to transform, but as Petra asks him to trust his team, he hesitates. It is through Livai's intervention, saying, "We can never know in advance what will happen.

We choose according to what we think is good or not. I only trust my strength. So, if you want to transform yourself, go ahead", Eren finally decides to trust his companions and to continue. For this reason, the female Titan is captured by the Exploration Battalion.

Shortly after, Livai separates from his team. He joins Erwin and prepares to extract the person controlling the Female Titan by cutting off her neck.[46]
Livai and Mike attack him and try to cut off his hands to discover his ability to harden his skin

Erwin orders the guns to be loaded with explosives to blow the Titan's wrists off, Livai jumps on her head and threatens her, telling her how much he wants to face her to avenge the deaths of countless of her soldiers.

This causes the Female Titan to react violently, immediately starting to scream.[48] After a while, Titans from all directions arrive, seeking to devour the Female Titan; Erwin commanding the operation, Livai and the rest of the elite members of the Battalion try to defend her, turning the tide, but ultimately fail.

Erwin orders everyone to withdraw and return to Karanese Erwin notes that the steam from the corpses will make it difficult for the rest of the Battalion to see the flares.
This makes him realize that the person inside the Female Titan may have managed to escape, and he orders Livai to reload with gas and blades.

After the Female Titan returns and kills Livai's team, he and Mikasa join forces to retrieve Eren; Livai tells her to distract the Titan, but avoid trying to kill it, as she is able to harden its skin Livai then begins to attack the Female Titan, and after a series of successful attacks, he immobilizes it.
Seeing that the Titan is now powerless, Mikasa disobeys Livai's orders and attempts to murder him, which leads to Livai spraining her ankle in an attempt to save Mikasa from the Titan's hardened fist.

Using momentum from the last attack, he cuts some of the Female Titan's facial muscles, causing her to open her mouth and reveal Eren inside. He proceeds to rescue her and they flee.

On the retreat to The Karanese District, the rest of the Expeditionary Battalion is attacked by several Titans after one of the soldiers goes out to retrieve the body of his fallen comrade.

As the Titans gradually close in on one of the wagons, Livai, unable to fight due to his injury, orders the other soldiers to throw away the bodies of the fallen members in an effort to lighten the weight of their wagon and lose the pursuing Titans. After that, the cart is able to put some distance between the Titans and him.

Back in Karanese, while the Battalion is rejected by the public for their failed mission, Livai is approached by Petra's father who reveals to him
The reaction of Livai to the revelations of Petra's father

that she writes permanently to her father.
He tells Livai that, being a father, he is worried about Petra's decision to devote her life to him, as she is still too young and has her whole life ahead of her. Livai continues to walk in silence, without answering.

A few days later, Eren is called to the capital for another trial to decide his fate. Livai, along with Erwin, Eren and others have a meeting in the old Battalion HQ before this, since Armin has a theory about the true identity of the Female Titan himself, does not participate in the operation, however, and does not see himself near Erwin during this time.

Towards the end of the operation, he saves Eren from Annie's crystallization by cutting the neck of the Assaulting Titan.


Clash of the Titans Arc

When the Titans are spotted inside the Pink Wall, Livai accompanies Hansi and the majority of the Battalion as they make their way to the Hermiha District. Pastor Nick of the Wall Cult unwittingly joins them and Livai keeps an eye on him, with a gun at the ready. Although Nick does not reveal any valuable information, he tells them of someone who knows the secret of the Walls and is allowed to reveal it to the public if she wishes.

Livai arrives in the Trost District with the Battalion, though her injury from her battle with the Female Titan forces her to stay behind. Circumstances have forced the members of the Special Brigades to come out from within the walls to help fight the Titans, and a few of them express disappointment that they haven't seen any Titans nearby. Livai sees through their bluff and invites them to join the Exploration Battalion any time they want, so they can see Titans as much as they want.

Major Turning Arc

After Eren's rescue, Livai joins Dot Pixis at Erwin's bedside, where the commander is recovering from the loss of his arm. Hansi and Conny report their findings on the Ragako village theory, and she says that their findings support the theory that the Titans were, at one time, humans. Livai is horrified that all this time he was killing humans. Hansi offers him some comfort, saying that there is no solid evidence for this and that it is still just a theory. Livai watched Hansi and Conny leave, then turned to find Erwin smiling strangely. Erwin's reaction surprised Livai and he gave him the nickname "Erwin the creep". He asked the latter why he was smiling, to which Erwin replied that they were a little closer to the truth. Skeptical, Livai told him that they would run out of men before they could find out. He then informed Erwin about some of the decisions he has made, as well as the idea of forming his Tactical Squad to protect both Eren and Historia.

Livai then joined his team at the location of their hideout. After briefly complaining about the degraded state of the place, he raises the issue of closing the Maria Wall hole.[69] When Armin talks about the possibility of using Eren to plug the hole using his Titan strength, Livai says that it is all up to Eren.When Eren agrees with the plan, Livai orders Hanji to take care of the experiment. However, Hansi informs her about the murder of Pastor Nick. Livai deduces that the culprit was probably near the place where Eren and Historia were imprisoned. He also guesses that Nick could not reveal any information. Hansi continues to blame himself and they finally decide to go and capture the culprit while keeping the initial plan. They have to complete two missions at the same time.

They start the experiment with Eren's powers, and Livai is also there and orders anyone to move. When Eren stops responding, Mikasa heads straight for him. Livai toys with the idea of punishing her for disobeying orders, but Armin announces that the experiment is over. After Eren wakes up, he is informed of the results of the experiment and learns that he is unable to use his hardening ability. Livai complains about the situation. Mikasa tries to support him, but Livai says he doesn't blame Eren and notes that the situation inside the walls is "shitty".

Hansi translates his words and encourages everyone to keep fighting. Later, the group receives orders from Erwin and leave their location and head towards Trost. As they walk through the crowd, they are approached by people who blame Livai and the Exploration Battalion for the loss of their jobs. They continue on until Livai notices a car with one of the people inside kidnapping Eren and Historia. In reality, Eren and Historia are hidden and the kidnapped are Jean and Armin disguised and used as bait to track down and capture the kidnappers.

Livai and his team arrive, standing on the roof where Jean and Armin are being held. Mikasa asks about Livai's injury and he tells her that his leg is moving quite well. The leader of the bandits turns out to be Dimo Reeves, the merchant boss who was blocking the door with his cargo the day Trost was invaded. Reeves claims to know nothing and Livai suggests they go out and talk. At the top of the Pink Wall, Livai says he's not there to lecture him, but to find out what Reeves did with the Special Brigades. Reeves reveals that there was no deal and that if his company didn't cooperate his employees would be out of work and he would be dead.

Although Reeves' company does a lot of good for Trost, Levi recognizes that it won't last and compares Reeves' fight with Special Brigades to the Exploration Battalion's fight against the Titans. To get Reeves to fight too, Levi offers to hand over Eren and Historia on three conditions: the Reeves company will work against the Special Brigades and with the Exploration Battalion, the Reeves company will trust the Exploration Battalion completely, and the Exploration Battalion will receive priority access to any luxury goods. It's a tough deal, but Reeves agrees and sets a trap for Djer Sanes and Ralf of the First Division so that they can be captured by the Exploration Battalion.

Djel is then tortured by Livaï and Hansi Zoe. Hansi pulls out his nails and teeth while Livaï punches him repeatedly to make him talk.

Later, Livaï says to Historia Reiss that she is the one who will have to be the new queen of the Walls. But this last one feels unable of it because she is too afraid. Livaï takes her by the collar and starts to tell her that they do not have time for her small whims. She is terrified but nevertheless ends up accepting. Through all of this, we also learn that Livai would be in Mikasa Ackerman's family because her mother was named K. Ackerman and that he was the disciple of his uncle, Commander Ackerman.

Livai found himself on the roof of a building spying on Military Police soldiers placing coffins in a car. According to him, it could be that inside these coffins he could have Eren and Historia. Being with Hansi's Squad, Livai talks with Nifa and asks her if she has ever heard the name of the infamous serial killer named Kenny Ackerman. She says that she has heard the name before but she seems convinced that he is just a legend. Livai says he was his disciple but Nifa doesn't believe him. Suddenly, a man appears on the roof. A man wearing a bowler hat, a white shirt, a customized Three Dimensional Maneuver and two pistols in his hand. He shoots Nifa and an unidentified soldier from Hansi's squad in the face.

Livai realizes that his comrade Keiji has also been killed. Commander Ackerman realizes that Livai is still there and he flies over him and down to the roof saying, "hey Livai! You have grown well!". Keny rushes in the air and takes out his pistols while Livaï draws his sword.

The pursuit continues, Livaï kills some soldiers of Kenny's team but Livaï is forced to hide in a bar. He positions himself under the counter while waiting for Kenny. When the commander arrives, they have a small conversation about their common past but this discussion stops when Livaï shoots a rifle bullet on his mentor, which did not fail to make him fall on the ground. Livaï gets up and throws a chair through the window to bluff Kaney's guard. His plan works, Duran, one of Kenny's soldiers, takes the bait and shoots the chair several times before realizing it's just an object.

Discover the figurine of Levi Ackerman

figurine livail
Livai uses a grappling hook on his 3DM to climb onto the roof and uses Duran's body as a shield against his opponents' bullets. Duran's comrades barely have time to reload their ammunition when Livai is already gone, having slashed the necks and stomachs of both men. He goes to join his team and asks Mikasa to protect the wagon with him, while Kenny's members follow them.

Later, the team manages to escape and they all hide in a forest. After that, Mikasa goes to comfort Armin for his previous action but Livaï tells him that it is normal, that it is the consequences of the new life he has chosen and that he will have to deal with it.
The Battalion in front of the HQ of the first division of the special brigades!

Mikasa gets angry with him and asks him why he has to say things in a raw way. Livai ignores her, turns to Armin and asks him if the woman he had killed a few hours earlier had hesitated before shooting Jean and also if he thinks he made the right choice.

The next day, in a forest, Armin is chosen to be the bait to attract two soldiers of the Special Brigades, who are on patrol. The plan works and Livai and Mikasa steal the equipment of the two soldiers. The soldiers in question turn out to be Hitch and Marlow. Hitch wants to know if Annie was captured by the Battalion because she disappeared after the battle of Stoehess, when two titans clashed in front of the Sina wall. Livai reveals that Annie was indeed the Female Titan and that she was captured. Marlow asks if he could join Livai's team, but Livai refuses. The corporal asks Mikasa to prepare the horses because they are going to leave for the First Division Headquarters. Livai also adds that, for once, it will be their turn to attack first.

Following Livai and his troops' attack on the First Division Special Brigades Headquarters, the squad emerges with a hostage who is presumably the head of the HQ and Livai's team retreats to the entrance of a nearby forest. Master Corporal Livai then starts to ask questions to the man held hostage. He asks where Historia Reiss and Eren are. The soldier does not answer and tries to wind up Livaï by threatening him of all that could happen, with him and the prisoners of the battalion which they hold. He shares his certainty: the first man killed will undoubtedly be the highest ranking officer, Erwin Smith. Livaï is not impressed and breaks his arm as a punishment for the "shitty speech" that the prisoner had just made. Shortly after this episode, still at the foot of the tree, Sacha alerts the corporal that people are approaching. It is in fact Hansi accompanied by Hitch and Marlow who come to inform Livaï that the government fell. The Livai squad is happy to learn that it will be cleared, but there remains the problem of the kidnapping of Eren and Historia to be solved. Hansi believes that Rodhess Reiss is behind it.

She assumes that the place where he took Eren and Historia is the basement of the Reiss church. She then sets up a plan of attack with Livai and they all head towards this famous church to save Eren and Historia in time. Once there, they realize that Kenny Ackerman is with them and that he is very well protected by his squad. A fight breaks out between the squad and the bodyguard. But Rhodess Reiss ends up transforming into an extremely strong titan (much bigger than the Titan Colossal) and makes collapse in the passage, all the pillars which support the basement. Livaï and his squad help Eren to free himself but fall very quickly in bad position because of the collapse of the ceiling. Under Livai's pressure, Eren finds a vial of Rhodess (which says "armor"). He grabs the vial and moves towards the titan before swallowing the content. He then transforms into a titan and manages to harden his skin. He saves all his comrades.

Connie finds a way out so that everyone can get out. Once outside, Armin notices that the titan is very large, very hot and that it is undoubtedly Rodhess.

The next day, after defeating the Rodhess titan, Livai finds Kanye in agony against a tree. He tells her that he is the only survivor of his team and points out that his wounds are too severe for him to make it.
However, Kanye puts his hand on a syringe stolen from Reiss, allowing him to transform into a titan. Livaï tells him that he could have done it earlier, but Kanye is afraid not to use it correctly and to lose everything stupidly. Kenny then gathers his last strength to tell Livaï that the weakness of human beings is to have an obsession for something to the point of becoming slaves. For him, it was the thirst for power. Kenny had managed to analyze this human aspect in everyone around him, but still did not know Livaï's.

Livai listens to him carefully before asking serious questions about Rhodess Reiss' intentions toward humanity. But Kenny is unable to answer them. Nevertheless he raises an important point, that of the disagreement between Reiss and Ackerman. Livai understands that he and Kenny are related, so he asks him who he is in relation to Kuchel, his mother. Kenny replies that he was her brother, which makes him Livai's uncle. Like Mikasa, Livai has Ackerman blood in her veins.

The conversation digs into more and more personal topics and Livai then asks Kenny about his abandonment. Kenny sarcastically explains that he was not a father when in truth he could not teach Livaï anything more since his strength had finally been released, and that he had all the cards in his hand. He wanted to leave him to fend for himself if he wanted to get back on track.
Kenny never lost faith in Livaï and to show it to him, he entrusts him the syringe before dying.

Return Arch to Shiganshina

On the way back to shiganshina Livai kills all the titans surrounding the Bestial and then starts the fight against the bestial titan he slices his limbs, but he is attacked by the titan cart which was stationed next to him, the cart takes Sieg Jaeger (bestial titan) in his mouth so that he doesn't get killed by Livai Sieg and the cart want to save Bertolt but Eren threatens to kill him, so they go to look for Reiner who was going to be slit by Hansi

Arch of the Mahrs

We see him participating in the battle of Revelio when the exploration battalion attacks the camp for eldian (attack led by Eren)

Return to Paradise Arch

Livai places Sieg in captivity in a dense forest, accompanied by a large number of men, and explains that it will be difficult for him to escape in such an environment. Sieg merely asks if he could bring Gabi and Falco, to show them the trees, but Livai replies that it will depend on his actions and behavior. Reluctant at first, Livai refuses to let his subordinates drink the wind imported by the mahrs, but finally gives in, telling them only to take it easy and not to end up drunk.

A few days later, Sieg explains to Livaï around a campfire his methods to transform the villagers of Ragako into Titans. Once the explanation is finished, Livaï answers that he is disgusted by Sieg's lack of guilt, and that obviously for him human life is worth nothing. Sieg taunts him, and answers that, by dint of trying to guess the moods of others, he will never find a loving woman. Sieg then changes subject, and asks if he will be able to speak soon with Eren, to which Livaï answers that it is not of his call, and that he does not know anything about it. Both of them finally agree that it would be a mistake to make the two brothers meet too late.

After a new lapse of time, a messenger belonging to the Exploration Battalion arrives at the camp, and informs Livaï of the assassination of Daris Zackley. He then explains to him the plan of Pixis, having for goal to put an end to the movement of the Pro-Jägers. Livaï then remembers the death of all these men, of all these soldiers of the army who had sacrificed themselves to save Eren, of which he relives his first transformation. Boiling with rage at the idea that all these deaths had led to nothing, and that Eren betrayed him, he ordered to change the pan, and to make Sieg eat a Pro-Jäger, while waiting for Historia to give birth. According to his idea, once the queen has given birth to her child, the Pro-Jäger host of the Bestial Titan would be devoured by her, and Historia would then possess the Titan of Sieg. Livaï ends up by charging the message to go back to Pixis and tell him his plan.

Skills and Competencies

Three-dimensional maneuvering

Livai is excellent at 3D maneuvers, so much so that everyone says he is the best at it. It is also said that he is as powerful as a whole brigade, that he far exceeds all other soldiers. He would have been extremely strong even before he joined the Exploration Battalion.

He also showed his ability to anticipate an attack. When he fought the Female Titan, he anticipated his punch and acted accordingly. He also impressed Commander Smith during the chase under the city of Mitras and this influenced his decision to hire Livai into the Battalion. He moves at such a remarkable speed that Mikasa says she can hardly see him and the blood doesn't even touch his skin because he is so fast. His great speed allowed him to escape from a whole team of elite soldiers of the army from the gunshots of a whole division. He is able to kill 6 deviants from 3 to 18 meters with great ease.

by Livaï Ackerman
Combat skill


Hand-to-hand combat

Livai is a man skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He is able to kill several people without his weapons and, he can twist someone's neck with one hand. He is able to stop the titans only with his body. During the mission to find Eren in the forest of giant trees, Mikasa went for the neck of the Female Titan, who was straightening her hand to hit Mikasa.

But Livai only jumped on her hand to prevent the titan from killing Mikasa, however it cost her a sprained ankle. His strength is so great that he broke Eren's nose and a tooth in one kick during his trial. The corporal has incapacitated Reeves' and Ackerman's men with hand-to-hand combat and with ease.

He is also very good with knives. And everything he knows about fighting, he owes to Kenny Ackerman and his environment. Indeed, coming from the underworld of the capital, Kenny found him and taught him everything he needed to know about fighting and strategies to survive.

Livaï is able to use the objects of his environment to allow him to achieve his goals and this, quite easily. When Kenny Ackerman attacked him, he took refuge in a bar and used a wine bottle to see the reflection of where Ackerman was located and he also used a rifle to shoot him.

Later, he used Duran, a member of the Anti-Human Team to protect him from Duran's teammates' bullets. He also used the grappling hook of his 3DM to pierce Duran's neck, who had just been tricked by Livai into throwing a chair through the window and pretending it was the captain trying to escape. Ackerman also uses sound guns. A kind of gun that emits a shrill noise and can distract the titans.


  • (To Eren during his trial) "This is just my opinion... But when it comes to teaching discipline to someone, I believe that pain is the most effective method. What you need most right now is not theory, but a practical lesson."
  • They are slow. Erwin and the other bastards are keeping us waiting. The special brigades will eventually get there first. They must be having a hard time shitting.
  • (To Naile) "So, Naile, you have as little thought as you have hair on your chin? You don't seem to understand what's going on."
  • (To Farlan and Isabel) "I don't want to be responsible for the lives of anyone but you and Isabel."
  • (To Flagon) "Blades are only made to cut the necks of titans. Nothing else. So leave me alone and let me use whatever posture I find comfortable."
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Eren Jäger

As a soldier advocating the survival of humanity, Livai is highly respected by Eren. Upon meeting Eren personally, Livai treated him like an animal but was impressed by Eren's passion. Livai began to treat Eren as he treats most others: disdainfully and coldly. However, Livai also becomes a mentor of sorts to Eren, understanding the good potential the young recruit is capable of having, and offering him advice during his moments of doubt. Later, he becomes more patient with Eren, forgiving him his mistakes, and nurturing his growth as a soldier, and as a vanguard for the hope of humanity. In the last arc of the manga, Livai will definitely withdraw his trust in Eren and will be the one who will allow Mikasa to kill him.

Armin Arlelt

Armin is seen by Livai as a normal member of his team, but he tries to comfort him in his own way when Armin kills a member of the anti-human team, telling him that his choice was probably not the wrong one because, thanks to him, John is still sitting with them and is not lying in a grave right now. He then makes the choice to save Armin instead of Erwin. As soon as Armin wakes up, Livaï tells him that he is now in possession of the power of the Colossal and the spirit of Erwin.

Naile Dork

Naile, as for all the members of the Special Brigades, is a cowardly fool in Livaï's eyes. He tells him at one point that he has as much intelligence as hair on his chin.

Furlan Church

Longtime friends, they met in the underground city and worked together for a long time. Livai valued Furlan for his ingenuity and has full confidence in him.

Mikasa Ackerman

Livai seems to have a high regard for Mikasa. He gave her a role in the rescue of Eren and protected her from the female Titan and sprained an ankle because of it. They are both the last descendants of the Ackerman Clan, a line of warriors that is the product of an experiment with Titans.

Erwin Smith

The relationship between Livaï and Erwin was not very friendly at first. After being captured and blackmailed by Erwin to join the Exploration Battalion (see:Attack of the Titans - Birth of Livai), Livai initially wanted to kill him, but later chose to put aside his revenge. Erwin was to become one of the few people in whom Livaï placed absolute trust by obeying his command and every one of his judgments. However, this does not prevent Livaï from speaking in his unpleasant way around him. Erwin is the person Livai has chosen to serve, because of his condition as an Ackerman; it is by fighting alongside him that he can unleash his potential, a potential that Erwin is the first to have detected. He admires Erwin for his ability to do what it takes to achieve his goals, without worrying about what people will say. He says he is ready to follow him to hell without regret.

Petra Ralle

As a member of his squad, Petra was highly respected by Livai even if he doesn't really show it. It is possible to see this when Livai shows for the first time in the series a sense of sadness or something close to it by only stopping in front of Petra Ralle's dead body and ignoring the others during the 57th Extra-Muros expedition. Later, when she was dumped off the wagons, he turned around and noticed out of the corner of his eye a body that looked like Petra's. Later, when Petra's father came to him to tell him that his daughter was very grateful to him for having been under his captain's command, Livai seemed devastated.

Hansi Zoe

Livai seems to find Hansi often impulsive, dangerous and often laughs at her. He finds her obsession with the titans rather exaggerated. However, he knows that she is an excellent soldier.


Annie Leonhart

At first, Livai didn't seem to be very concerned about this Titan, but when he realized that he had lost all the members of his Team, Livai made it personal and completely destroyed the Titan in less than a minute. Nevertheless, after her identity was revealed, he didn't keep any particular hatred towards her as he had towards Sieg.

Kenny Ackerman

Commander Ackerman is a person in whom Livaï places a lot of esteem and honor. He admits to Nifa that he was the apprentice of this infamous serial killer. We notice that, even if he had once honored and loved Commander Ackerman, he does not hesitate to shoot him and to want to kill him twice.

Sieg Jäger

Sieg is his sworn enemy since the Battle of Shiganshina where he saw him stoning Erwin and the young recruits and this in fun, considering it as a baseball game. Besides that he had promised to Erwin Smith to kill him. In his two confrontations with his titan, the Bestial Titan, Livai won in a flash. Since the first confrontation at the Battle of Shiganshina, Sieg, aware of his weakness against him, avoids direct combat, even if it means using cowardly strategies to eliminate him or abandoning his own companions like Bertolt Hoover. This hatred is not only expressed physically in the course of the manga, there is also a will to test him psychologically for example by making him notice that if Mahr discovered his treason he would not give much of a chance to his grandparents. Nevertheless this has little effect on Sieg. It is to be noted that this detestation is reciprocal, Sieg not missing the opportunity either to taunt him or to put him down but in a more subtle way.


  • Livai was ranked 1st in the Character Popularity Poll, which places him ahead of the main protagonist of the series, Eren Jäger.
  • His name is of Hebrew origin and means "attached" or "join".
  • His name was inspired by the American documentary, "Jesus Camp".
  • In Attack of the Titans - Live-Action and Attack of the Titans - End of the World, Livai is replaced by Shikishima. Shikishima is the opposite of the latter, a haughty character, mocking and without any consideration for the soldiers around him.
  • Livai is in his first part of 30 years in 850.
  • Livai is often called captain by the members of his team, which is rather ironic, since captain is the lowest rank in the Human Army.
  • According to Mikasa, Livai is so fast that the Titans' blood doesn't even reach his skin.
  • At a recent convention, Isayama said that Livai once wanted to open a tea store.
  • He sleeps on average 2-3 hours.
  • He sometimes has mild insomnia, according to Isayama.
  • Livai seems to have a penchant for black tea to the benefit of a tea leaf collection.
  • Erwin is the person he trusts the most. As Ackerman, Isayama has designated Erwin as Livai's lige/lord.
  • "Livai" is also a diminutive of the Hungarian first name "Levente", which means "existing" and is of Slavic origin.
  • He takes his shower for about 3 minutes.
  • He is lax on his diet.
  • His small size is inspired by Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Astro Boy.
  • He likes tall people.
  • In the character interview of Livai, Hansi and Erwin, it was revealed that once Livai had to force Hansi to shower. Indeed, not wanting to do so Livai himself bathed her by hitting her until she was unconscious.
  • According to Isayama, Livai has a high tolerance to liquor.
  • He does not change his clothes to go to sleep. In fact, he sleeps on a chair and does not care about his sleep.
  • The author confessed that he wanted to change Livaï's size by enlarging him.
  • He cuts his own hair with a clipper.
  • According to Isayama, Livai's type of wife would be someone who respects household standards. Isayama also answered the question "what type of woman would Livai be attracted to," with "tall people would surely be his type.
  • On March 6, 2021, a statue of her was installed and unveiled in Hita, more precisely on the forecourt of JR Kyūshū Hita Station.


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