Mahito is one of the main antagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is an S-class plague born from the hatred of humans towards other humans. His ultimate goal is to eradicate humanity and replace the human race with plagues. For this purpose, Mahito joined forces with the evil spirits Jogo, Hanami, Dagon and became their leader, but also with the plague master Suguru Geto.

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Mahito is a humanoid scourge with a scarred face. He has one light gray eye and one blue eye, long gray hair that extends past his neck and is cut into three large strands tied at the ends. In addition to his face, Mahito has stitches all over his body, giving him the appearance of being sewn from scratch.

Mahito normally wears a black shawl that is split into three pieces on the left sleeve. He also wears matching pants without shoes.

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Mahito is a sadistic and immature character who likes to play with human emotions. He believes that he was born from human transgressions and sees himself as the very embodiment of human hatred towards other humans. In short, Mahito believes that humans should be annihilated and plagues should rule in their place.

Mahito has no sympathy for human lives and seems to place little value even on his own life. He is devoted to his cause, believing that reviving Ryomen Sukuna is more important than his own well-being. As long as the plagues finally reign supreme, Mahito doesn't care if he will be around to see this new era. Unlike his ally Jogo, who is very angry and arrogant, Mahito can remain relatively calm and is jovial in nature. However, the two scourges agree on the same goals as far as their purpose is concerned.

Kento Nanami describes Mahito as extremely immature and has a superficiality similar to Satoru Gojo. He likes to play with humans, even in combat when his life is at stake. Mahito befriended Junpei Yoshino because he saw him as a toy that could be fun to play with. He forced Junpei to become a master of plagues by feeding his hatred. When his toy became useless, Mahito used it as a persuasive effect against Yuji Itadori.

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Mahito is also very philosophical about the concept of souls. He believes that the human soul came before the body and is intrigued by the very nature of the soul. His spell is derived from this obsession, and he uses it to experiment on human victims to gain additional knowledge.

Skills & Competencies

Mahito is an unregistered S-class scourge. He is younger than Jogo and therefore less experienced and less powerful. Despite this, Mahito is far above what an S-Class Scourge would normally be. He has a very high intelligence and an extremely dangerous spell.

In a one-on-one fight, he managed to overpower the class 1 exorcist, Kento Nanami by rendering his spell useless. After this fight, thought that Mahito should be exorcised immediately, otherwise he would become much more frightening for the exorcism school in Tokyo.


In the two-on-one battle of Mahito and Kento with Yuji, Mahito would have probably defeated the two exorcists as well if Sukuna had not intervened. During this fight, Mahito was able to become stronger while his life was in danger, allowing him to attain certain abilities such as Territory Extension.

Later, during the Shibuya Drama, Mahito went further into his limits, being able to create entire clones of himself that were indistinguishable from the original, while developing his soul manipulation abilities. During his battle with Yuji and later, with Aoi Todo, he managed to send several Black Rays at both of them, allowing him to gain enough understanding of occult energy and his own soul, further increasing his power.

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Increased strength: Mahito has great physical strength. He hit Yuji during their second fight hard enough to make him spit blood. He could easily destroy many of Kokichi's Mechamaru and was strong enough to pin Kento down. He also made Aoi spit blood even though Aoi was protecting himself with occult energy.

Increased speed and reflexes: Mahito also has immense speed. He was able to overtake Kento's guard in their fight by using Absolute Alteration. He was able to outrun Yuji and attack Todo so fast that the only thing he could do was concentrate his occult energy. Mahito also has great reflexes. In fights with Yuji and Todo, he was able to react to and counter their attacks, and even followed Aoi's Boogie to some extent. He even fought Yuji and Kento alone, while dodging their attacks and countering extremely quickly.

Great tactical intelligence: Mahito showed very high intellectual prowess, especially for a flail. He was able to accurately deduce that the exorcists were investigating him and was able to set a trap for his pursuers. Mahito can also conjecture his opponent's skill level and even his fate after only a few exchanges. He was able to do this accurately against Kento and he was able to realize that Yuji had the ability to see souls because of his relationship with Sukuna. He is also very skilled at using a variety of tricks to deceive his opponents. Along with Suguru, Mahito often acts as the brains of his faction's operations.

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Increased Resistance: Mahito is very difficult to kill. Not only does his spell make physical attacks meaningless, but even Mahito's soul is extremely resistant to damage. Kento tried to crush Mahito's body, but throughout their battle he expressed that he did not feel pain even when the attacks hit him. When Yuji was able to hit Mahito's soul and he and Kento got the upper hand on Mahito, he was able to resist the blows.

Immense occult energy: Mahito has a large amount of occult energy at his disposal, even more than Sukuna's receptacle after consuming three fingers. Mahito is able to use his spell repeatedly without depleting his occult energy. Only his Territory Extension used large enough amounts of occult energy to deplete his reserves.

As events progressed, Mahito developed his control over occult energy. The first major results of this were shown in his fight with Yuji during the Shibuya Drama, when he used various manipulations of his occult energy to fool his opponent. Mahito's control was eventually refined enough that he could use the Black Ray repeatedly.



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