Manjiro Sano (Mikey)

Manjiro Sano (Mikey)

Manjiro Sano (佐野(さの)万次郎(まんじろう), Sano Manjirō) or Mikey (マイキー, Maikī) is one of the central characters of the manga. He is one of the founding members and leader of the Tokyo Manjikai gang.

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Mikey is a shorter than average young boy with a rather boyish face. His blond hair is tied back in the middle and flows freely to the sides.


8th Timeline

When he first appears in the present, Mikey has the same face as in his youth. His hair is black and he has the same tattoo as Draken and Mitsuya on his neck.

10th Timeline

In the latest timeline, Mikey's face is much darker than it has ever been, his huge dark circles giving him a tired and depressed look. His white hair contrasts with his totally black clothes. Mikey has a tattoo of the Bonten on the back of his neck, the pattern of which is similar to the earrings worn by his half-brother Izana Kurokawa.

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Manjiro has a rather extravagant personality, being able to adopt several behaviors extremely different from each other, depending on the situation in which he finds himself and the influence of those around him.

Mikey is a generally jovial and carefree teenager who likes to play pranks with his friends whom he considers to be close to him, and usually adopts a nonchalant posture. It is with the people very close to him, such as Emma or Draken, that we discover another facet of Manjiro, which is that of a child. He has been keeping an old towel as a cuddly toy for years, and can throw a fit because he doesn't have a flag on the dish he ordered, which he says is the only advantage of the children's menu.

As the chef of Tokyo Manjikai, Mikey's aura changes dramatically and becomes more imposing. It is Mikey's charisma that makes his strength and allows the gang to stand, because of his presence and his aura, Mikey manages to spread fear in the enemy ranks and to motivate his allies. As a pillar of the Toman, Mikey believes that he must not show any sign of weakness, otherwise the whole gang would be weakened. In the meeting before the fight against Valhalla, Mikey however allowed himself to not show righteousness and "act like a kid", explaining that he did not want to fight Baji. However, he got up right afterwards to galvanize his troops to go fight Valhalla and bring Baji back.

Mikey cares a lot about his friends and gang members and is willing to do anything to protect their honor. For example, he does not hesitate to drag the whole gang into a conflict with a more powerful gang to avenge the friend of one of the Toman captains, and announces that as long as he is there, no member of the gang will lose a single fight.

Despite his appearance of a straight and invincible man, Mikey would have already cracked without the support of people like Shinichiro, Draken or Takemichou guiding him to the path of righteousness and away from any hatred or "bad violence". Mikey has something inside him that he can't control, dark impulses. He was able to control them slightly when Shinichiro, Emma or Baji were by his side, but can fall at any time without them. It was these urges that caused him to beat Kazutora to death when he killed Baji, and it is because of these urges that Mikey has become a man willing to kill his friends and himself in most of the present.


Skills and Competencies

Toman Leader

Manjiro is the leader of the Tokyo Manjikai, in every sense of the word. As the leader of the gang, Manjiro has the entire membership under his command. At the height of the Toman, 450 men were under his command. He also acts as a guide, his presence alone being enough to unite all the gang members at once and make them believe in any victory.

Combat skills

Mikey is the Toman's main strike force, his great reputation and countless victories have earned him the nickname "Mikey the Untouchable", indicative of his power and the fear he inspires in his opponents. He is strong enough to take down opponents considered powerful with a single kick or to single-handedly lay waste to a gang, and his enemies regularly comment that they can't believe he is just a college kid.

Fighting technique

Unlike most thugs, Manjiro was introduced to martial arts in his youth, and was already considered a prodigy at the time.

His signature move is a circular high kick performed at superhuman speed. This unique circular kick is usually performed with his right leg, hooks his opponent's head with his foot and then smashes it against the ground. This move has taken out a large number of opponents who are considered powerful, contributing to Manjiro's great reputation.


Mikey also has tremendous stamina, having gotten back up in shape after being hit and knocked down by anyone.

Mechanical knowledge

As the brother of an expert mechanic and an avid motorcycle fan, Manjiro has acquired extensive mechanical knowledge. He has been seen repairing or assembling a motorcycle.

History and Biography


From an early age, Mikey was raised and guided by his grandfather, a martial arts master, so he underwent rigorous martial arts training and was recognized as a genius. He lived with his grandfather and brother in his grandfather's dojo.

When he was in elementary school, Emma Sano came to live with the Sano family. It was then that he was given the nickname "Mikey" so that his sister would not feel left out for having a foreign name and the two became an inseparable sibling, often mistaken for being a couple.

In fifth grade, Mikey meets Draken when Draken is told by older kids to bring him to them for a beating. Mikey takes an interest in Draken and agrees to go meet the older kids. When they arrive, Mikey immediately kicks the leader in the face and breaks several of his teeth. Mikey then invites Draken to spend time with him, which Draken happily accepts.

During the first year of high school, Mikey decides with some friends to form a gang, which he names Tokyo Manjikai.

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Arc Tokyo Manjikai

Mikey and Draken go to the underground fights organized by Masataka Kiyomizu. Mikey is initially shown to be quite carefree and informal, but when he is greeted by the audience, he becomes more distant. Despite the crowd's reactions, Mikey does not recognize any of them, but approaches Hanagaki Takemichi. After being introduced, Mikey gives him the nickname "Takemitchou" and decides that from then on, the two will be friends. Draken and Mikey then break up the fighting ring, declaring that underground fighting is not allowed in Toman.

The next day, Mikey and Draken go to Takemichi's class. Learning that Takemichi has been kidnapped, Tachibana Hinata runs after them and, finding them, she slaps Mikey and tries to leave with Takemichi, but Draken stops her. Mikey then declares that he will kill them both, but Takemichi protests and asks him to forgive Hinata. Mikey prepares a punch, but laughs and tells them that he was only joking, since he would never hurt a girl.

Takemichi, Mikey and Draken then leave after Hinata apologizes for misinterpreting the situation, an apology that Mikey accepts, but reprimands her, because her actions could have put her in a dangerous situation if he was a bad person. After telling her that she is a good girl, he advises Takemichi to take care of her. The group rides their bikes to a river and Mikey mentions that he likes Takemichi because he reminds him of his older brother who is 10 years older than him and who passed away. He states that he wants to create an era of delinquents like the one his brother participated in and asks Takemichi to help him.

The next day, Mikey gathers everyone to the meeting. He announces that they have gathered to discuss the problem of Pachin. Indeed, one of Pah's friends, got caught in a fight with Osanai, which led the Moebius members to rape his girlfriend, kill his parents and siblings, and take his money. Mikey asks Pah whether or not he wants to fight Moebius and when Pah agrees, Mikey rallies the rest of Toman to the cause, declaring that they will fight Moebius on August 3 at the Musashi Festival.

Deciding to become Draken's bodyguard, Takemichi decides to follow him around to watch him without permission. He notices Draken enter a restaurant where he thinks he might fight Mikey, but it's actually a series of misunderstandings about Mikey not getting a flag in his bowl of rice and falling asleep after eating, which forced him to be carried out of the restaurant by Draken. At the hospital, Mikey is with Draken, going to visit the girlfriend of Pah's friend. The girl's father appears and yells at them both for being there before telling them to leave. At first, Mikey was reluctant to bow and show he was sorry because he didn't think they had anything to do with it, but Draken pushes him to bow and does the same. After the girl's parents leave, Draken tells Mikey that it is their responsibility to not let strangers get hurt because of what happens in their world, he doesn't have to bow but he does have to care about others and have a heart. Mikey apologizes and tells Draken that he is glad he is there with him.

Moebius Arch

Mikey is reunited with Draken, Pachin and Peyan in an abandoned warehouse, Takemichi joins them, trying to cancel the confrontation that will take place between Toman and Moebius, warning them that someone is doing everything to make this confrontation happen, however, Takemichi can't tell them how he knows. Takemichi insists that it's a trap, which eventually annoys Pachin, who threatens Takemichi with death if he continues. Mikey then declares that Toman will go and fight Moebius since he has made his decision. While Takemichi declares that he won't back down, Draken stops Pachin, declaring that maybe they need to get to know Moebius better before they act. Mikey then wonders if Draken is against the Toman. Finally, Osanai shows up and ambushes them with some Moebius members. He then hits Takemichi before being intercepted by Pachin, who wants to fight Osanai. Mikey orders the others to watch the fight.

However, Osanai easily defeats Pachin, but Pachin apologizes to Mikey for being useless, Mikey then tells him that he didn't lose. While the Moebius members are laughing at Mikey and the others, Toman's leader approaches Osanai and knocks him out with one kick. Mikey then declares that whoever thinks that Pachin has lost must leave or he will kill him and as long as he is with Toman, they will never lose to anyone. Just then, police sirens outside are heard, everyone tries to run away. At that moment, Pachin stabs Osanai in the back, which shocks everyone. Pachin then apologizes to Mikey and tells them to run away because he intends to turn himself in to the police.

Following Pachin's decision to go to the police, Mikey and Draken argue and end up fighting. Despite this, Toman splits into two factions: the Manjiro faction and the Draken faction.

Mikey is then seen in front of Takemichi's house as soon as Draken leaves. Both of them wonder what the other one is doing there, also saying that they are there to see Takemichi, who is their friend. Draken and Mikey argue constantly, throwing Takemichi's things against each other while destroying them. The argument between Mikey and Draken is then interrupted by Takemichi, unaware that he had feces on his head. Mikey and Draken laughed and ran away. They later made up and apologized for their behavior.

On August 3, at the festival, as Draken is ambushed by Moebius, Mikey arrives at the scene, getting off his motorcycle, he then realizes that he was called away so that Peyan could be with Draken and break the Toman, but he wonders who put him up to this. Mikey then fights Hanma Shuji, who introduces himself as the temporary leader of Moebius. Mikey tries to kick him in the head, but Hanma manages to block him. Hanma, along with 100 members of Moebius, warns Mikey, Mitsuya, Takemichi and Draken not to run away, only to find that the rest of the Toman has gathered, arriving on motorcycles and ready to fight.

As the fight begins, Mikey approaches Peyan and asks him why he attacked Draken, even though they have reconciled. Peyan rejects the idea that the Toman has abandoned Pachin and attacks Mikey. He states that Pachin was everything to him and that if the Toman abandoned him, it is natural that he would become their enemy. Peyan knows that Mikey can beat him with one blow, but wonders why he doesn't fight him and only blocks his attacks. Mikey then brings Peyan's head up to his and tells him to look at him and asks if he saw him rejoicing at their friend's arrest. Mikey then orders him to keep hitting him until he is satisfied, but he doesn't want to fight his own family and wants Peyan to return to them.

Upon learning that Draken has been stabbed, Mikey orders Takemichi to take care of him while he is busy fighting Hanma. The fight ends with the Toman defeating Moebius. Impressed by Mikey's stamina, Hanma tells him that he is about to witness the creation of Kanto's most sinister biker alliance, Valhalla, and reintroduces himself as Valhalla's temporary leader.

While Draken is in the hospital for surgery, Mikey rushes to the hospital with his motorcycle. He reassures those present that Draken is a man of his word and that he has promised them that they will rule the world together, so he will not die and they must believe in him. At the end of the procedure, the doctors come out and inform the group that the operation was a success and that Draken is alive. The group is happy and celebrates while Mikey is alone in the corner, crying with relief.

While Takemichi visits Draken in the hospital, Draken gives him the first jacket of the Toman that Mikey wore and Mikey wants to give him for helping them save the Toman. Draken then tells him that Mikey is on the roof of the hospital and encourages him to go and talk to him. When Takemichi arrives, he finds him deep in thought and after telling him about the recent events, Mikey asks him how Takemichi knew about what was going to happen and when he sees Takemichi panicking, he quickly changes the subject by making fun of his extravagant outfit and by thanking him for saving Draken.

Valhalla Bow

Black Dragons Bow

Tenjiku Bow

In 2018, in a new alternate timeline, he has fled to Manila, Philippines to escape the authorities. Remembering something Mikey had told him in the past about his brother visiting Manila, Takamichi finds him there alone in an abandoned building. It is in this very place that he is killed by Naoto's hand.

While Emma was half dead, Mikey took her on his back to the hospital to save her life. But unfortunately, without success. When Draken heard about this, he was furious about the death of the one he loved and hit Mikey, but Mikey relented. Later on, while the Toman was fighting the Tenjiku, he came and thanked Takemichi. He went forward, passed between Kisaki and Izana saying to let him talk to Takemichi and thanked Takemichi once again. In a flashback we can see Mikey surprised when he learns the truth about Takemichi and his power. Draken asked Mikey how to deal with the opponents as they were 200; but Mikey answered him by saying that it will be hot for them. He shouted that they should bring 2000 men. While the other members of Tenjiku were crying because they recognized Mikey, Mikey asked them what were those faces. He continued saying that it was time to fight.

Izana came towards him and hit him but Mikey dodged. Mikey then told Izana to finish the fight. During the fight, Manjiro asked Izana why he killed Emma but Izana didn't answer and explained his childhood with Shinichiro, Mikey listened but didn't say anything then he asked him again if that's why he killed Emma but Izana said he took everything from him and Mikey got a kick that made him fall on the ground. Mikey remembered when Shinichiro had asked him what he would do if he found out he had another big brother. He was hit by Izana and then hit again. Mikey asked him if he didn't give a shit about anyone in Izana and he hit him hard. He went on to ask if he felt the same way about his men but he said that they were not fighting for him but because they were afraid of him. Mikey then asked him if this would last much longer from the guy who has always lived alone. Izana reminded him that he also had no one but Mikey said that he was wrong because he still had an older brother and Izana a younger brother. He then told Izana that he will save him. He hit Izana and told her that he would not touch him again. He dodged some more of Izana's punches and gave him some more. He then asked her why he never opened up to his family because he and Emma could have helped him. But when Izana threatened him with a gun, he didn't shoot back and stayed put. He then told him to shoot if it would make him feel better, Draken told him to be careful because he was really ready to shoot. Mikey ignored him and asked Izana what he was waiting for to shoot him. When Izana revealed that he was not his family, he hesitated to save him. Later he told the Toman and Tenjiku that this battle is over. We see him again later during the assault to capture Kisaki and the burial of Emma.

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  • Sano Manjiro (child) VS Boss of Bachikan = Victory
  • Sano Manjiro (child) VS Sameyama = Lightning victory
  • Sano Manjiro VS Nobutaka Osanai = Lightning victory
  • Sano Manjiro VS Hanma Shuji = No resolution
  • Sano Manjiro VS Hanemiya Kazutora, Chome and Chonbo = Victory
  • Sano Manjiro VS Hanma Shuji = Lightning victory
  • Sano Manjiro VS Shiba Taiju = Lightning victory
  • Sano Manjiro VS Kurokawa Izana = Interrupted (Indirect victory)


  • Manjiro means "ten thousand" (万, man), "order, continuation, following" (次, ji) and "son" (郎, ro).
    • Mikey's nickname means "who is like God" in Hebrew.
      • Mikey is a shortened form of the name Michael.
  • Manjiro's surname, Sano, means "help" (佐, sa) and "field, countryside, plain" (野, no).


  • His favorite dish is "Rice with Dorayaki Taiyaki omelette" (with the flag).
  • His favorite bike is his CB250T, also called "Babu" because of the noise the engine makes.
  • Sleeping is one of his hobbies.


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