Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze nicknamed "Yellow Lightning of Konoha" was a legendary ninja who became the Fourth Hokage of Konoha village. Ninjas from enemy villages were ordered to run away if they came across him. He was the husband of Kushina Uzumaki and the father of Naruto Uzumaki. Today, he is considered a legend.


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When Minato was at the Academy, his classmate Kushina Uzumaki thought he was unmanly with a flaky face and that he looked "unreliable". Nevertheless, he had the ambition to become Hokage to be recognized by the villagers of Konoha. Kushina thought he was a dreamer with impossible plans.

When she was kidnapped by Kumo ninjas, Minato was the only Konoha ninja who noticed the hair she had left behind. Against the Kumo ninjas (chûnin and even jônin), Minato revealed already at a young age (remembering that he was a genin at that time) an immense intelligence in addition to an incredible agility and speed. After rescuing her alone, Minato revealed to her that he always admired her hair. Not seeing him as "flaky" anymore, Kushina fell in love with him. He had the chance to be trained by an exceptional jônin, as it was one of the three legendary Sannin, Jiraya. It was from him that he learned to summon toads, by signing the pact of his blood.

According to Jiraya, his master, Minato was the kind of prodigy who appeared only once a decade. His kindness in addition to his steely temperament made him a worthy Hokage who loved his village above all. According to Kishimoto and many people in the manga, Minato became Hokage at a very young age. It was also said that he was very handsome and many girls were under his spell.

Kakashi Gaiden

As a Jônin, he was the trainer of an exceptional ninja, Kakashi Hatake, nicknamed the copy ninja or the man with the Sharingan as well as Rin Nohara and Obito Uchiwa. He participated in the Third Great Ninja War and went directly to the front while his students were sabotaging a bridge. He arrived to help them and saved Kakashi from the Iwa ninjas but could not do anything for Obito. In his past, Minato had faced the future Fourth Raikage and Killer B, showing his superiority in the process. It is known that in the past, he taught his teleportation technique to Genma Shiranui, Raido Namiashi and another ninja who were his special guard. It was during the Third Great Ninja War that Minato was feared as the legendary "Yellow Lightning of Konoha". He was able to single-handedly defeat an entire army of enemy ninjas in a matter of seconds, while only four Konoha ninjas remained on the front lines. His own teammates thought that even for him, it would be impossible to defeat so many ninja by himself, something that another Konoha jonin responded with: "you must not close your eyes even for a moment. It will be quick. He ended the war by destroying the Kanabi Bridge with Kakashi and Rin.

Fourth Hokage

After the war the Third Hokage, Hiruzen decided to make Minato the Fourth Hokage. During his reign as Hokage, he decided to integrate Kakashi into the Anbu to better monitor him. He also asked Kakashi to watch over Kushina during her pregnancy. During this same period he was visited by Jiraya, who thought that his student was the child of the prophecy. It was probably during this visit that Minato and Kushina decided on the name of their child, the same as the Hero of Jiraya's book, Naruto, which made Jiraya his godfather.
The birth of Naruto Uzumaki took place in a secret place that only Minato, Hiruzen and his wife Biwako knew about. During the birth, Minato's goal was to maintain the seal because the seal was weakening during the birth. During the birth, the masked man killed the Anbu members who were protecting the entrance of the cave and infiltrated the birth place. After Naruto was born, the masked man killed Biwako and Taji, and grabbed Naruto, threatening to kill him if Minato didn't get away from the jinchuri.

The seal of Kushina, which was holding Kyubi, was getting weaker and weaker, which worried Minato, who also wondered how the masked man managed to get through the protective field. Tobi ordered Minato to get away from Kushina if he didn't want Naruto to die. He carried out his threat, but Minato quickly saved his son. However, Tobi had placed explosive scrolls on Naruto, forcing Minato to teleport away. Fortunately, Minato, carrying Naruto in his arms, managed to escape the explosion unharmed. Tobi took Kushina somewhere else, freed Kyûbi and took control of the bijû. He tried to eliminate Kushina, but Minato appeared and saved her. She told him that they were heading to Konoha and that he should stop them. Minato looked at the masked man with a threatening look before leaving. Minato took his wife to Naruto, took his Hokage robe and left to stop Tobi.

Minato arrived in Konoha at the Hokage Monument, only to be spotted by Kyubi who sent him a Tailed Demon Orb. Minato countered the attack with a space-time barrier that sent the bomb away from Konoha, alerting the village to its presence. Minato was then ambushed by Tobi who tried to take Minato to another dimension. Minato used the Flying Thunder God technique to quickly escape. Minato didn't understand the technique that Tobi had used at first. Tobi reappeared in front of Minato.
Realizing that Tobi's power and knowledge were abnormal, Minato asked Tobi if he was Madara Uchiwa, but said that this was impossible, as Madara had long since died. Tobi speculated otherwise. Minato concluded that Tobi, having a space-time technique superior to his and Tobirama's, coupled with his ability to control Kyûbi, were too dangerous to be allowed to live. Minato attacked Tobi, but he passed through him and Minato understood how Tobi's technique worked. With the fight now settled with speed, the two opponents charged towards each other, Minato threw a space-time kunai, which only passed through Tobi and then executed a swirling orb. Tobi grabbed Minato's cloak, thinking that he had won, however Minato teleported right above Tobi with the previously thrown kunai and hit him with the swirling orb.

Tobi moved away from Minato but Minato hit him again by teleporting in front of him with the seal he had used during his previous attack, and released Kyubi from his control with a Sigillar Pact. Acknowledging his defeat, Tobi moved away from Minato, leaving a safe distance between them, declared that he would have another opportunity to rule the world and teleported away. Meanwhile, Hiruzen and the Konoha ninjas managed to push Kyûbi out of the village. But when Kyubi prepared another orb of Tailed Demons, Minato returned to Konoha, then summoned Gamabunta and asked him to hold Kyubi still long enough for Minato to knead enough chakra to teleport him away. Minato took Kyubi away from the village, who escaped the explosion of the orb of the Tailed Demons, and went to get Kushina and Naruto. Kushina set up a force field with her chakra chains to hold Kyubi back, Minato then asked her what she was going to do, Kushina replied by saying that she was going to use all the chakra she had left in order to seal Kyubi again and die with him. Minato declared that she didn't have to use her chakra to die with Kyûbi, he also declared that he intended to seal his chakra, as well as half of Kyûbi's chakra in Naruto, that he sees in him the child of the prophecy who will save the world from a disaster, announced by his master, Jiraya.

But Kushina protested against the use of the Imprisonment of the Dead and making Naruto a jinchuri, asking Minato why he would sacrifice himself so that she could meet Naruto when he was older. He persuaded her that it was the right thing to do because he could never replace her as a mother. The god of death seized Kyûbi, but sealed only half of the chakra in Minato, in front of the Konoha ninjas present, including the Third Hokage. Minato started to prepare the ritual to use the Seal of Hakke, but Kushina started to weaken and Kyubi took the opportunity to try to eliminate Naruto.

However, Minato and Kushina managed to stop him just in time, Minato summoned Gerotora and gave him the key of the seal that he was about to put on Naruto, making Hiruzen understand that Minato intended to make his son a jinchuri to save the village. Minato gave Kushina one last time to say her last words to Naruto and finally Minato performed the eight trigrams seal on Naruto.

Minato Namikaze (L’éclair jaune de Konoha)


Minato is presented as a gentle person, very kind and honest. Indeed, he was listening to the others, even to the lies of his students like Obito, who however remained charmed. He showed signs of regret towards Obito. He would have liked that this one becomes Hokage and seems to feel guilty of the psychological metamorphosis of Obito. However, he knew how to be firm and determined when it was about protecting his dear ones, he considered Konoha as his family and wished to protect it more than anything. He died as a Hokage protecting the village from the attack of the fox demon.

He was protective of Naruto during his birth and the Fourth Great Ninja War. Although he died relatively early during the period of Naruto's life, he was present during his transformation into Kyubi and showed the wish to leave his son his heritage and Konoha. His last wish was that his son be treated as a hero. Unfortunately it was the opposite that happened, Naruto was not very appreciated by the inhabitants of the village because he was the carrier of the nine-tailed fox demon. Jiraya said that he was a first class ninja, trustworthy and intelligent. He also said that he was not the kind of person to do things by chance, so much so that he had doubts about Kyûbi's attack and about Madara's death.

Minato is said to be the greatest and most talented Hokage in history. His master Jiraya, in a discussion with Tsunade, said that Minato was not afraid of anything and that his determination to succeed was the fiercest and the greatest he had ever seen, qualities that Naruto, his son, inherited. Unlike Naruto, Minato was a very calm person and knew how to make decisions very quickly, especially in crisis situations. He knew that his reputation inspired terror in his enemies but despite that, he had a great respect for them, something that will be reciprocated by some of his enemies of the time like the Fourth Raikage or B.


Minato was a man of normal height, blond with blue eyes and was compared several times with Naruto in terms of physical appearance.

Unlike Naruto, he had long blond locks that framed his face, and a face that was thinner and more attractive than Naruto. According to Jiraya, Minato was considered to be very handsome, who was very successful with women, which is not the case with Naruto. Moreover, during a discussion between Naruto and Kushina, she regretted that he had inherited his physique, even if he has the same hair and eyes as his father. Minato was talking about the jônin outfit, with the green vest and the ninja sandals. After becoming Hokage, he wore a long white cloak with red flame patterns on the bottom and the kanji "四代目火影" (meaning "Fourth Hokage") written vertically in red color on the back.

When he was resurrected by the Edo Tensei his appearance hardly changed, however the signs of reincarnation were present. He had a scar on his face and several on his cape. His eyes also changed, the sclera around his pupil turned black.

When he entered Kyubi's Chakra Mode, his body looked like Naruto's. He was covered with a shroud of shreds. He was covered with a yellow shroud of chakra, on which his seal was clearly visible. He also gained a collar of magatama around his cloak, his pupil turned red. Finally, his hair pointed upwards with the two most extreme strands, resembling horns.


Minato Namikaze (L’éclair jaune de Konoha)




According to Jiraya, Minato was one of the most talented ninjas the world has ever known, so much so that he was considered the Child of Prophecy, the "savior of the world. He was considered the greatest genius by his master. His skills were so advanced that even the Fourth Raikage said that no man could surpass him. During a discussion between the Third Hokage and Anko, Anko regretted that the Fourth Hokage was no longer in this world to stop Orochimaru. At a very young age, Minato managed to defeat 3 experienced ninjas from Kumo, in charge of capturing Kushina Uzumaki.

During the Third Great Ninja War, enemy ninjas were ordered to flee if they encountered Konoha's "Yellow Lightning" on the battlefield. During that same war, he single-handedly took down an enemy army in a matter of seconds and ended the Third Great Ninja War. Minato was also able to stop a Kyubi attack, so much so that Tobi found it necessary to intervene to stop Minato and buy time for the destruction of Konoha village. At the end of their fight, Tobi had to retreat after being seriously injured by Minato. The masked man said that he was honoring his title of the Fourth Hokage.

Like the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, he was able to sense the presence of several enemies in the vicinity just by putting his finger on the ground. In fact, Minato's fighting style was partly inspired by the Second Hokage, using the same sensory technique and perfecting the teleportation technique of the Flying Thunder God invented by the latter. During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Minato was complimented by Tobirama Senju. During his lifetime, Minato was feared, feared and respected by his enemies. Today, even after his death, he is admired by the new generation as a hero, but also by old enemies like A, the Fourth Raikage and Bee. Naruto has a great admiration for the Fourth Hokage, which will push him to always surpass himself especially in the mastery of Rasengan, a technique of the Yondaime Hokage. Moreover, during his training to master the Fûton Rasen-Shuriken, Kakashi told Naruto that he is the only ninja who can surpass the Fourth Hokage. Minato is considered as one of the greatest Hokage. His name is known all over the world.

Chakra and physical prowess

Minato was hailed as the fastest shinobi of his time. Although this recognition was due in part to his Time-Space Ninjutsu, Minato's speed and natural prowess with the Instant Move technique was immense: he could easily outrun three other Kage-level ninjas and engage an enemy or retrieve an ally before anyone else realized what he was doing, he could cover a considerable distance in a short amount of time, and he could execute a technique before an opponent could even finish theirs.

Minato had excellent reflexes, he was able to react fast enough to catch Naruto and prevent him from being stabbed by Tobi. He could also avoid Tobi's Kamui technique fast enough to escape from Tobi. His speed was often compared with A's or Naruto's in his Kyûbi Chakra Mode. A admitted that even with his Raiton Chakra Mode, which improves his already immense speed and reflexes, that he was still too slow against Minato. Even when his brother helped him, he was unable to get his hands on him.

Minato had great reserves of chakra, capable of summoning Gamabunta, as well as teleporting Demonic Orbs or even a biju. His chakra control was very refined, as evidenced by his creation of the Rasengan and his ability to make seals with one hand.


Minato learned from Jiraya how to use the summoning technique to summon toads and was one of the few people to gain Gamabunta's respect and full cooperation. He could also use Summoning - Destruction of Stalls when he brought down Gamabunta on Kyûbi. He had skills in Ninjutsu Barrier being able to create with the previous Hokage the Scarlet Face Cube. Minato was also an experienced sensory ninja, able to detect chakra signatures at great distances. For closer targets, he was able to detect everyone in an area by putting his finger on the ground. Minato was also proficient in Katon, Futon, Raiton, and Yin and Yang Chakra release.

Swirling Orb

Minato spent three years creating Rasengan by observing the Orb of Tailed Demons. It is the highest level of form transformation and does not require hand signals to perform. Instead, he used a concentration of his chakra in the form of a sphere in the palm of his hand and immense damage is inflicted on the opponent upon contact.

Minato had a great mastery of the Rasengan, able to form it with one hand and its normal version is even bigger than the Rasengan used by Naruto or even Jiraya (about the size of the Giant Swirling Orb). The short preparation time needed to create a Rasengan gave Minato an advantage over his opponents in battle. For example, in his fight with Tobi, he was able to form the Rasengan on his right hand after throwing his seal kunai, which allowed him to deliver a devastating blow immediately after performing the Flying Thunder God. His goal was to combine the Rasengan with his nature transformation, but the task was too difficult and he could not complete it before his untimely death.

According to B, the Rasengan was originally based on the Tailed Demon Orb with the addition of the rotation to allow a normal ninja to use it.

Minato Namikaze (L’éclair jaune de Konoha)

Space-Time Ninjutsu

Minato was famous for his space-time technique, the God of Flying Thunder, which allowed him to teleport to any location with little or no movement. Minato could do this through the use of his special kunai. Minato could wipe out an army of ninjas in the blink of an eye. Minato could teleport with his kunai, even when he was moving in the air. He was also able to apply his seal to solid surfaces with his hand, allowing him to mark his opponents and give himself an easy way to track and hit them. He also integrated this formula on Kushina so that he could always come to her aid at any time. Tobirama said that Minato's technique was superior to his own.

For defensive use, Minato was able to use a space-time technique to counter large attacks such as a Tailed Demon Orb, sending the explosion away from the village. He was even able to teleport things as big as Kyûbi himself, but at the cost of a lot of his chakra due to the large size of it.


During the fights, he favored the use of his space-time kunai, handling them skillfully and taking advantage of their particular shape, which made them even more suitable for close combat than the traditional kunai. His kunai had the particularity of having three points. All his kunai were marked with a seal so that he could teleport to the place where they were planted to, for example, dodge an attack.

During the Third Great Ninja War, Minato teleported to a Konoha division that could not attack because they were being pushed back by the opposing techniques. He gave them his special kunai, which they threw as far as possible. This way, whenever he was attacked, he would have a free place to go. Before he had destroyed the opponents' shelter and killed them, a ninja asked a question and asked if Minato would survive, another answered "Guys, you will be able to watch the Konoha Lightning in action...".


Minato was very skilled in fûinjutsu, partly because of Kushina who taught him some of the techniques of the Uzumaki clan. He knew the full capabilities of the demon seal and knew that it could not completely seal all of Kyubi's chakra into the god of death. Minato could also suppress his opponent's ability to use a summoning technique. Minato had also sealed Kushina's chakra and his own chakra inside Naruto, so that they could see him when he was older, and help him to face Kyûbi.

Kyûbi's chakra mode

Before his death, Minato sealed half of Kurama's chakra into himself; once reincarnated, he was able to use a cloak similar to Naruto's Mode, which surprised Sakura. He seems to have the ability to activate this mode, Naruto was amazed, and even Kurama complimented Minato. It seems that he can seal or unseal his seal at will to get Kyûbi's chakra. Just like Naruto, it seems that he is able to transmit Kyubi's chakra. When he used Kurama's chakra and Naruto's chakra, the power of his Flying Thunder God technique increased and he could teleport a ninja army. But for that, they have to be in contact with Kyûbi's chakra.

He is able, like Naruto, to create the head of Kyûbi and to transform himself in bijû mode thanks to that, it seems that he gains some capacities of Naruto like a bigger physical strength, demonstrated when he attacked Obito with Naruto.


Minato is able to use Senjutsu as shown during his fight against Madara but his attempt failed. The circumstances of his Senjutsu activation are unknown but it is known that he managed to activate it without the help of Fukasaku and Shima. Having never used it in real combat, Minato seems unable to master this technique for very long. Moreover, he explained to Kakashi that he couldn't knead his chakra properly and that it took him too long.

However Minato does not seem to have any partial transformation into a toad as it was the case with Jiraya. His eyes became identical to Naruto's one, namely a pupil having the shape of a horizontal stick.


Minato was shown to be very intuitive and intelligent from a young age. He was very perceptive, having the highest scores in the history of the Academy. Minato was the only one who noticed Kushina's hair tracks. After seeing a technique once, he could correctly deduce the basic mechanics as well as the strengths and weaknesses of Kakashi's Chidori for example. During difficult events, he was still able to maintain his composure, assess the situation and make appropriate plans of action.

Part II

Bread Invasion

As Naruto was about to commit the irreparable by removing the seal imprisoning Kyûbi, Minato appeared to prevent him from doing it. Minato explained to Naruto that he had placed the seal in such a way that he would appear if eight tails were to be formed; he also revealed to him that he was his father, which brought tears of emotion and a punch from his son, asking him with rage why he had sealed the Kyûbi in his body, which brought him so much misfortune during his childhood.

Sorry, Minato answered that not only he believed, and believes, that his son, being the son of a Hokage, would be able to use the demon chakra, but also because he knew that Kyûbi was manipulated by someone during his attack, 16 years before, and feared that he would come back to attack. It would be a member of Akatsuki wearing a mask. Naruto immediately thought of Tobi. According to Minato, to defeat this man, it would take an extremely powerful power (that, for example, of a Jinchûriki)... He explained to Naruto that Nagato was probably manipulated by Tobi, playing with his emotions to manipulate him in order to achieve his own goals, coming back at the same time to the subject of hatred mother of the wars between ninjas, subject already repeated by Jiraya and Nagato. He then disappeared, after having closed the seal of Naruto and rested all his hopes on his son.

Minato Namikaze (L’éclair jaune de Konoha)

Fourth Great Shinobi War - Paroxysm

Minato was then resurrected by Orochimaru after freeing his arms from the Imprisonment of the Dead with the previous Hokage.

Minato asked Orochimaru how he managed to undo the seal of the four symbols. Orochimaru explained that after he lost his arms, he studied the ruins and documents of the Uzumaki clan. Hashirama, not knowing Minato asked him his identity, he answered that he was the Fourth Hokage. Hashirama was happy to hear that the village had prospered long enough to have a Fourth Hokage, but Minato explained that he had died before Hiruzen. After hearing Hashirama's story, Hiruzen felt guilty and blamed the events outside on himself, saying that he had made many mistakes as Hokage. Minato retorted that it was not his fault and that he had done all this for the good of the village saying that he had not lived up to his expectations by dying against Kyûbi. After Sasuke finally made the decision to head to the battlefield to protect the village, Minato was eager to meet Naruto again to finally make up for what he had not been able to do as a father and bring him a huge gift.

As Hachibi and Killer B tried to send the Tailed Demon Orb to the sky, it disappeared. A kunai hit the ground and Minato appeared in front of Naruto and Sakura. After introducing Sakura, whose character he found almost similar to Kushina's, Minato asked his son to stay back a little while until his friend arrived. To everyone's surprise, he switched to Kyûbi's chakra mode and then tried with the help of the other three Kage to seal the Jûbi with the Scarlet Faces Cube and the Senpo technique - Gate of the Great God

While Naruto and Sasuke were defending Sakura, Minato noticed that Naruto had succeeded in transforming nature on the Rasengan. When he saw the combination of Naruto's Giant Shuriken Orb with Sasuke's Enton - Susano Kagutsuchi technique, Minato imagined to call it "Shakuton - Wind Halo of the Heavenly Arrow of Black Flames" (Shakuton - Kôrin Shippû Shikkoku no Ya Zeroshiki, Literally meaning : Miraculous Element - Whirling Wind of Light and Arrow of Darkness) then he smiled and finally thought that this name was too complicated. Then when Obito reappeared after his fight with Kakashi, Minato noticed with the others that he was about to use a jutsu to resurrect Madara.

Sasuke was the fastest and ran towards him while Hashirama and his brother prepared clones to attack Madara in case Obito succeeded in his jutsu before Sasuke arrived. Minato, on the other hand, acted discreetly by waving his hands. After Sasuke's attack failed, Minato appeared and pierced Obito with a clone that teleported in front of him. This teleportation was due to the previous seal that he had applied during his fight against the young Uchiwa when he attacked Konoha under the mask of Tobi.

Minato recognized Obito and was saddened, he explained to him that the mark of his Hiraishin never disappeared and that, like him, he would have liked him to become Hokage. Sasuke arrived on the scene and, at the moment when he thought that he only had to take care of Madara and Jûbi, Obito, who was thought to be dead, spoke and questioned his words. Jûbi disappeared by being sucked up by Obito who became Jûbi's jinchûriki.

Birth of Jûbi's Jinchûriki

As Obito had just become Jûbi's jinchûriki, Hashirama tried to seal him, but in vain. Obito destroyed the barrier previously formed by the four Hokage, Minato asked him to stop, but Obito didn't seem to remember who he was. Hashirama, Tobirama and Hiruzen faced Obito, during their fight, Naruto worried and asked his father to intervene to save Hiruzen, but this one explained to him that it was not possible because it would have been necessary that this one was touched by his seal. Sasuke told Naruto that instead of worrying he should analyze the fight. Minato thought that Sasuke was good at understanding how the Edo Tensei works but Minato added that the Edo Tensei needed some time to regenerate.

So he decided to go and create an opening with Hashirama, but Madara decided to fight him at that moment. Obito, on the other hand, saw his body suddenly deformed and crashed into the debris of the battlefield. Minato realized that he was not yet used to his bijû and that it was possible to take advantage of this moment to defeat him. He ran with a clone to use his Rasen Senko Choo Rinbu Kosan Shiki technique. At the same time Naruto and Sasuke were attacked by Obito. When he activated Hiraishin, he realized that the mark on Obito had disappeared, which prevented him from using his technique. Naruto with his Kyubi chakra arm grabbed his father, taking Sasuke too, which allowed Minato to teleport them away from Obito. Minato wanted to use his technique again when Obito was taking the damage of his own attacks, but when he approached Obito, Obito had finally managed to get the upper hand on the Jûbi and appear in a new form.

Obito ripped off Minato's arm, but he managed to escape with his Hiraishin. In his maneuver, Minato noticed that a black sphere appeared in the place of his lost arm and was ready to explode, so Minato wanted to jump with it to protect the others, but a clone of Tobirama took it and teleported with it and returned it to Obito. Unfortunately, the attack ended in failure.

Minato Namikaze (L’éclair jaune de Konoha)

As the two Hokage were about to attack, Sasuke attacked Obito, but it didn't work. Minato together with Tobirama rushed to attack, one of Minato's clones stood in front of Naruto and Sasuke who had used their combined technique, Minato was hit. At the same time Tobirama used a combined technique with Minato, Exchange of the God of Lightning of Tobirama and then Aka Shakuton - Kôrin Shippû of Minato, which had the effect of exchanging the places of Minato and Obito and thus allowing the combined technique of Sasuke and Naruto to reach its goal. Unfortunately, Obito had become immune to any ninjutsu since he was now able to cancel them, which meant that Minato's arm would no longer regenerate, so the regenerations of Edo Tensei had no effect. After Gamakichi's attack, Minato tried to lecture Obito again, but Obito told his sensei that he was happy to have been a student of the Hokage, because of that he didn't need to be. Obito also reproached Minato for never being present during the important moments, Minato thought that it was all his fault that Obito became like that, if he had recognized him when he attacked Konoha, he could have stopped him, he could have prevented Naruto from becoming jinchuri and he could have prevented the death of Kushina. But Naruto, who had understood Obito's flaw, attacked with Nidaime and managed to hit him with Senjutsu. Minato was impressed that he had mastered the same technique as Jiraya.

Then a strange voice called out to him, the second half of Kyûbi told him that his son was a good kid, having been able to put his other half on his side. Minato turned around and noticed the other half of Kyûbi, this one said to Minato that it was not necessary to let his son deal with the situation alone. He then added that he was not going to associate nicely with his other one and, concerning the death of Kushina and the fact that his son was a jinchuri, that he was not for nothing as for the current situation. Then he added that his son was not a child anymore and that he was trying to change this world. During the fight, Obito made appear a tree which could send orbs of biju and that in total there were four of them. The problem is that Tobirama and Minato could only teleport one at a time. Minato proposed an idea but Obito guessed it, Minato wanted to teleport the tree, but Obito wouldn't let him.

Naruto proposed to his father to join their fists so that the two halves of Kyûbi could discuss. Meanwhile, Obito told Naruto that the next day was the anniversary of the death of Kushina and Minato, so he pointed out to Naruto that it was also his birthday. Minato then noticed how well his son had matured and become strong, before launching an attack with his son. Naruto's idea was to teleport the alliance and by touching Naruto's fist, he managed to teleport the ninja army thanks to the contact they had with Kyûbi's chakra. Tobirama complimented him but for him, it was nothing compared to the many mistakes of his past. Minato admitted that it was worth it, he also wanted to talk more with his son but his son told him that a simple look was enough for them to talk before mentioning Kushina's chakra. Naruto then told him that he knew that his father was as bad as his mother for this kind of things. Minato burst into tears, feeling that Naruto was in the same state as when he was with Kushina, able to do anything with his determination. After Naruto managed to combine Kyûbi's chakra with senjutsu, Kyûbi told him that he would be an excellent support. Naruto asked him to attack with him and Minato used Kyubi's chakra to give him a form similar to Naruto. He then used the giant Rasengan and asked Naruto to transfer his senjutsu chakra into the Rasengan, Tobirama teleported them to Obito, but the attack failed because of a black shield of Obito. Minato asked his son if he had any idea how to destroy him, Naruto thought of combining his senjutsu with a Tailed Demon Orb. But before he could use it, Obito performed his Mugen Tsukuyomi technique.

Obito used Júbi in his last form the divine tree, Minato and Naruto were thrown by the tree, Minato managed to escape but not his son. Minato was worried about his son, Tobirama asked him if he couldn't use his technique, but Minato told him that the divine tree had sucked all his chakra from him. But thanks to Hiruzen's intervention, Naruto was saved. When Ino transmitted Hashirama's message to the alliance, she felt what Naruto felt deep inside him, which was transmitted to the whole alliance, Minato then learned some events of his son's life. Then Minato transmitted all

Minato Namikaze (L’éclair jaune de Konoha)

When Obito was down, Sasuke ran towards him to give him the deathblow, but instead Kakashi used Kamui to reappear on Obito and kill him. But while Naruto asked Kakashi not to do it, Minato intercepted him and made Kakashi understand that the only one who could understand Obito was him. He then said that Naruto's speeches had an impact on Obito and that he got that from his mother. Then he saw, as in Naruto, the heart of Obito, and understood why he had acted like that. Minato then told them that the only one responsible was him and that he could not protect Rin. He then thought that maybe it was because of Rin that he was here today. He then asked the Alliance to seal Madara and then listened to Obito and Kakashi's speech. While his two students were discussing about Naruto, Obito started to cough. Minato thought that it was because of the extraction of Júbi, but the part of Kyúbi which was sealed in him, explained that he would not die, because he had the Gedô Mazô in him and that this one possessed a powerful life force. Minato reassured Kakashi and told him that Obito's days were not in danger. Kakashi then asked Minato to stay with him. Obito then wanted to use the Heretic Statue - Eternal Cycle of Reincarnations and told his master that maybe it was because of Jiraya that he lost. But before he could use his technique, the Black Zestu appeared and started to take over Obito's body.

Minato and Kakashi watched helplessly as Rinne Tensei brought Madara back to life. Madara then summoned Gedô Mazô which came out of Obito, Minato then asked Kakashi to absorb it but Kakashi only managed to take his arm. While Minato, helped by Kakashi, was fighting Zetsu Noir, Kyûbi asked him to prepare himself to transmit his chakra into Naruto because this one had been extracted the Yang part of Kyûbi by Madara. Gaara and Sakura arrived and Gaara asked the Yondaime Hokage to transmit the Ying part of Kyûbi into Naruto. Minato then asked Kakashi to take care of Black Zetsu with Gaara's help, while he was preparing, he thought about the promise he made to Kushina to save her son. While he was transmitting his Ying part to Naruto, Zetsu Noir intercepted Kyûbi's chakra. Minato tried to attack him with a Rasengan but it was too late, the Ying part was now in Zetsu Noir and Madara arrived as a backup.

Minato felt the power of Hermit Rikudo much more than when Obito mastered his power. Madara explained the history of chakra and told Obito that he was still Madara. Minato, with the help of Gaara and Kakashi, tried to intercept him. Minato activated the Senjutsu and teleported in front of Madara attacking him with the Rasengan. Unfortunately, Madara dodged it and cut off his second arm and was caught by Gaara. He witnessed the confrontation between Obito and Madara, the latter having managed to recover two bîjus, Kakashi came to help him, and Minato saw the duo team up again. Then he asked Obito to take care of his son. He joined Kakashi and Gai, then the former asked him about his Senjustu. Minato explained that he had not mastered it very well and that this was the first time he had used it in a real fight. But only Taijustu and Senjutsu could defeat Madara. Gai attacked Madara with the Opening of the Eight Heavenly Gates and Minato was surprised that Gai knew how to use this technique. After Gai's attack, Gai was totally exhausted and Minato gave his kunai to Kakashi to throw at Gai, but it was Rock Lee who saved his master.

Despite his injuries, Gai decided to open the eighth gate even though Minato and Kakashi were against it. He proved to be able to take advantage of Madara. Minato decided to intervene to support Gai, he informed the others about the black balls, and then asked Kakashi to use Kamui on Madara even though Kakashi's eyesight was failing. Minato then asked Gaara to carry Kakashi with his sand, Gaara replied that his sand was slower than Madara's technique, but Minato reassured him that he would use his kunai to move them. Minato was then surprised to see Rock Lee using the same technique as Gai, but Gai found himself helpless. Minato told him that he was fine as he was and that he was one of the youngsters that Gai wanted to protect. He then gave his kunai to Rock Lee to assist Gaara and Kakashi. As Gai took advantage of Madara, Minato shouted at him to strike with all his strength, Madara used his black ball technique and Lee threw the kunai at just the right moment. Minato teleported in front of the black balls and teleported them away to allow Gai to hit Madara. He then teleported to Konoha and watched the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Kaguya Ôtsutsuki Attack

He then noticed that he could no longer feel Madara's chakra, but also Naruto's. Minato decided to go back to the battlefield and found the Hokage. The four of them discussed about the technique used by Madara, Hashirama found the body of Madara, that's when the Hermit Rikudo appeared and asked the previous Hokage for help. After Naruto and the others defeated Kaguya, Minato and the previous Kage brought back by the Hermit Rikudo summoned the bijû, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi. Minato wished Naruto a safe return and then Rikudo Hermit announced that he was going to make the previous Kage disappear. Naruto went to his father to talk to him one last time. Minato wished Naruto a happy birthday and admitted that he wished he could have stayed with his son longer. Naruto comforted him by saying what his mother had said to him before she died. Minato saw his son crying and understood the message and promised to tell the whole story to Kushina.

Minato Namikaze (L’éclair jaune de Konoha)




After Minato's death, the Third Hokage told the villagers about Minato's last wish to consider Naruto as a hero. However, very few were able to separate their hatred of Kyubi from Naruto, so the Third Hokage forbade anyone to talk about the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, especially the younger generation, so that they would not feel any hatred towards Naruto, which the rest of the villagers perpetuated. He also hid Naruto's relationship with Minato, in order to keep him safe from his father's enemies and did his best to give Naruto a comfortable life. For years, Naruto didn't know the identity of his parents.

Even when he didn't know about his relationship with Minato, Naruto always admired the Fourth Hokage very much, considering him a hero who gave his life for the village. Naruto would become overjoyed every time their similarities were noticed. Before Naruto left Konoha to begin his training with Jiraya, he looked at the face of the Fourth Hokage on the Hokage Monument, asking him to take care of him. After learning that Minato was his father, Naruto was proud of him and felt that it was his responsibility because of his parents' sacrifices, to prove himself worthy of being the son of the Fourth Hokage.

With Minato's death, the Third Hokage was forced to resume his position as Hokage, a role he filled until his death, having never been able to find a replacement of Minato's caliber. Minato himself was considered the hero of the village and one of the greatest ninjas in Konoha's history, so much so that the villagers mourned his death every time a tragedy struck the village. Because Minato was never able to tell anyone what happened during the Kyubi attack, the villagers came to their own conclusions and the Uchiwa clan was suspected of the act. Jiraya admitted that Minato would not have sealed the Demon Fox into his own son unless he had a good reason to do so and that Minato had decided that Naruto should take control of Kyubi, but he could never know why.

His seal prevented Urashiki Ôtsutsuki from extracting Kyûbi's chakra, allowing an adult Sasuke from the future to find a way to fight Urashiki without Urashiki taking all his chakra.


Naruto Shippuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower

Twenty years ago, Minato was assigned to a mission with Shibi Aburame and Chôza Akimichi in Rôran to capture a nukenin from the future of Suna named Mukade who wanted to build an army of puppets using the power of the Ryûmyaku, an ancient underground source of chakra, and planned to rule the future, thus becoming master of the Five Great Ninja Lands. Minato asked the Third Hokage for permission to take his student with him, and he agreed.

When they arrived in Ronan, Minato and his team saved Naruto from Mukade's puppets. Realizing that Naruto was also from the future, Minato told Naruto to leave Ronan until they finished their mission, so that he wouldn't change the course of history. However, Naruto ended up saving the Queen of Ronan, Sara, and attacked Minato, thinking that Minato wanted to kill her. He decided to tell Naruto the purpose of their mission which was the capture of Mukade who arrived six years before him, changed his name to Anrokuzan and became the minister of Rôran. Naruto recognized Minato's face and told him that he looked like the fourth Hokage. While Shibi said that it was impossible since their Hokage was the Third and not the Fourth, Minato told Naruto to stop talking about the future. Sara didn't trust them and ran away to prove Anrokuzan's innocence. Minato told Naruto to protect her while they searched for Mukade themselves and gave her one of his kunai of the God of Flying Thunder.

While Naruto and Sara were fighting Anrokusan in the basement of the city, Minato and his team reappeared and helped Naruto while Sara rescued the men that Mukade had kidnapped to be his slaves and thus to build his puppet army and put them in a safe place with their wives and children i.e. in the garden of the Ryûmyaku.

Mukade merged with these puppets, becoming a giant puppet using the powers of the Ryûmyaku. In order to stop Mukade's regeneration, Sâra had to stop the flow of chakra from the Ryûmyaku while Naruto and Minato were fighting him. Naruto attacked Mukade with a Swirling Orb, while Minato looked on in amazement, but was unable to defeat Mukade. Having used up all his chakra resources and being exhausted, Naruto was saved by Minato who told him to attack Mukade's weak point with his Whirling Orb when Sâra managed to stop the flow of chakra feeding Mukade. Naruto told him that he didn't have enough chakra but Minato offered to give him some. Minato told him that it was impossible to do it, because Rasengan is the technique created by the Fourth Hokage and only he and Jiraya were able to master it, Minato told him that he was able to do it realizing not only that he will be the Fourth Hokage in the not too distant future but also that Naruto is his son. Having the same type of chakra, their swirling orb merged, creating Absolute Swirling Orb and killing Mukade.

After Minato sealed the Ryu-myaku completely, Naruto and Yamato started to disappear because their time left in the past was over and they had to return to their own time. In order to keep the course of history unchanged, Minato decided to erase the memories of all the people present. However, Naruto told Minato that he wanted to talk to him, but Minato refused, telling Naruto that they would meet again. But Naruto persisted, and told Minato that if he can't talk to him now, he won't have the chance to do so in the future. Sending them back to their time, Naruto asked him if it was possible that Minato was his father. Minato interrupted him and said that if one day he would have a son, he would want him to look like Naruto, Naruto smiled and had tears of joy, before he was sent back to his time.

Naruto, the movie: Road to Ninja

Detailed article: Naruto, the movie: Road to NinjaIn this alternative world, Minato was still alive, as was his wife Kushina. But he never became the Fourth Hokage; instead, Sakura's father, Kizashi Haruno, did. Moreover, Kushina and Minato had a son named Menma who was Kyûbi's jinchûriki.


  • The first name "Minato" means "Port" (港), and his last name "Namikaze" (波風) means "Wave and Wind".
  • Minato is ranked ninth in the sixth character popularity poll and seventh in the seventh poll.
  • Minato's silhouette can be seen in the third credits of Naruto Shippûden, standing behind Naruto and Sora and underneath Kyûbi, in reference to the latter's attack on Konoha that unites the four characters.
  • In Konoha Party, Minato suddenly appears in the stadium corridor when Naruto is running to the bathroom. All these appearances in this special film were only for comic effect.
  • In Naruto Shippuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower, Minato's chakra is light green in color, unlike the normal blue color.
  • Minato's Pierrot Studio Settei shows that he was 147 cm tall when he saved Kushina from the Kumo ninjas.
  • According to the databooks:
    • His favorite hobby is reading; Jiraya's novels being his favorite.
    • He would like to fight Jiraya.
    • Minato's favorite food was Kushina's cooking.
    • He completed a total of 847 official missions:
      • Rang S : 39
      • Rang A : 323
      • Rang B : 216
      • Rang C : 147
      • Rang D : 122
    • His favorite phrase was "The shadow of fire illuminates the village" (火の影は里を照らす, Hi no kage wa sato o terasu).
  • On the cover of chapter 178, the color of Minato's coat was reversed. This was corrected in the digital colorized edition of the manga.
  • In episode 200 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Minato appears as a card in the Gemaki deck and is one of the rare cards in that deck.


Minato Namikaze (L’éclair jaune de Konoha)




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