Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata is a student of Terminale B (3-B) of Yuei High School with the pseudonym, Lemillion. He is one of the top three students in the academy along with Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado.

He was the heir apparent to hold the One For All before All Might decided to transfer it to Izuku Midoriya. He is considered to be the one who is closest to becoming the number 1, counting the pro heroes. However, he lost his Alter during a bloody fight with Overhaul, for the protection of Eri, being hit by a special bullet making the Alters disappear. He gets it back afterwards but we don't have more information about it for the moment.

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Mirio is a tall young man with a muscular body who has a number of visible scars around his forearms. Mirio has blue oval eyes and a nose that is noticeably rounder than most. He has blond hair, the top part of which is arranged in a crest, while the bottom part is worn swept back.

In his school uniform, Mirio dresses like most male students, without the blazer. He wears a belt with a large rectangular gold buckle in the shape of a carnivorous maw.


Before becoming a member of the Big 3, Mirio had long hair that he wore tied in a ponytail. It is assumed that he cut it off so that the support department could use it to make him a hero costume that works with his alter.

His hero costume consists of a tight white shirt, the number "1,000,000" stamped in yellow on his chest with matching trim on his torso and shoulder pads. Two green lines act as a belt around his waist, some similar on his shoulders, which dip sharply in the center, forming two Vs. Underneath, he wears dark blue pants and white boots. Above his shoulders he has a long red cape, also with thick gloves of the same color, and he completes his costume with a yellow visor that acts as a mask.





Mirio normally comes across as extremely awkward and very energetic with some peculiar habits. Based on his personality alone, many tend to wonder how Mirio can be one of Yuei's best students. He has a very optimistic attitude and is also almost always smiling. His personality is what makes Sir Nighteye think that he could be the man to replace All Might as the Symbol of Peace.

Mirio doesn't allow his laid-back nature to cloud his judgment or hinder his dreams of becoming a hero. He has proven to be an extremely hard worker, turning an almost unmatched ability into one of the most powerful alters in the world. Mirio is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills and tries to work towards his goals by accumulating different experiences to learn from.

Like many young men and women, Mirio was inspired by All Might to become a hero. Knowing that he cannot save everyone, Mirio chose the hero name "Lemillion" because he aspires to be a hero who can save over a million people. Despite Mirio's uplifting personality, he can suffer from failure just like everyone else. He has an excellent understanding of hero protocols and controls his emotions in order to see the big picture.

Lemillion and Deku acted for the greater good when they chose to allow Eri to leave with Overhaul. However, their inability to save her tormented them once they discovered the truth. This put a big damper on Mirio's normally cheerful personality and gave him immense guilt. His guilt caused him to promise to never let Eri get hurt again, a promise he would keep no matter what.

Mirio is also extremely brave and, contrary to his laid-back nature, he has experience dealing with dangerous people and is not easily scared. He was able to talk to Overhaul in a normal and cheerful way, while knowing that Overhaul is a dangerous yakuza criminal. He also outsmarted the entire combined hero force during the Police Raid against the Eight Precepts of Death and fought Overhaul, Chronostasis, Deidoro Sakaki, and Shin Nemoto by himself.

In addition to his courage, Mirio was confident in his abilities. He knew that he could defeat the entire Second A to teach them a lesson and was even bold enough to take on four of the Eight Precepts of Death alone. Mirio clearly believes in his strength and always shouts "POWERRR!!!" after winning a fight.

Lemillion repeatedly displays the values of a true hero. He risked his life and even sacrificed his alter to keep Eri safe. Although he knew what he would do to his career, Mirio allowed his alter to be destroyed in order to inspire Eri and keep his promise to never let her know pain again. It was Mirio's bravery that allowed Eri to awaken and pave the way for the heroes to defeat the yakuza. Lemillion even continued to fight after losing his alter and protected Eri from Overhaul. His incredible tenacity made Shin Nemoto wonder if he was even human.

Despite losing his alter and mentor after the raid, Mirio remains steadfast in his hopes of becoming a hero. His cheerful personality has not faded and he is strengthened by the last words Sir Nighteye spoke to him. He even refused Izuku's offer to receive One For All and told Tamaki Amajiki that he was in no hurry to get his powers back.

Mirio Togata

Skills and Competencies

Mirio Togata is one of the most powerful characters in the series. Mirio's hard work has earned him the title of Yuei's most powerful student, and he is even considered the best candidate to be number one among all pro heroes. He has incredible control over his almost uncontrollable alter, so much so that the Second A considered him invincible. Mirio is able to show meticulous precision on when and where in his body the Permeation should be active while making rapid movements. For these reasons, guarding against his attacks in battle is impossible. Through rigorous training, Mirio has mastered instantaneous transport through the repulsive property of his alter, being able to adjust the direction and positioning of his falling body to control the trajectory of his ejection, as well as using experience-based prediction to resurface himself next to targets, allowing him to strike them from any angle. To an outside observer, Mirio gives the illusion that he is somehow teleporting, due to his apparent disappearance and reappearance at various locations, which occurs almost immediately.

Mirio possesses inhuman strength and amazing deductive abilities. He was able to defeat 18 of the 20 students in Second A, including some of his elite students (excluding Shoto Todoroki, who felt unworthy to participate in the match against Mirio due to not having his provisional hero's license at the time, and Katsuki Bakugo, who was still under house arrest), all of whom fought real villains, with a single punch to each student's gut within seconds. Thanks to Sir Nighteye's training, Mirio has deductive skills that allow him to accurately predict his opponent's movements. His mastery of prediction, combined with his physical tools and incredible alter, make Mirio incomparable in battle.

As Lemillion, he has proven his strength on the battlefield against very dangerous criminals like Overhaul and his followers. Despite the unbalancing effects of Deidoro Sakaki's alter, Mirio was able to defeat him and Shin Nemoto with great speed. Although still under the effects of drunkenness, and protecting Eri at the same time, Lemillion was able to overpower Overhaul and Chronostasis in a two on one fight.

Overhaul was so outmatched that he was forced to use one of the few precious alter destructive bullets on Mirio to even the playing field. Even then, Mirio was able to use his reflexes and incredible brute strength to hold his own against the villain.

Mirio's alter allowed him to become intangible, letting him travel through solid walls and the ground while letting enemy attacks escape him. As a child, he often fell behind with his alter, but after training with Sir Nighteye, he improved dramatically. He strengthened his use for combat and was able to take down several enemies while ignoring their attacks. However, when he becomes immaterial, his clothes slip through him, leaving him naked. By activating his alter, he can slide across the ground, then reposition and deactivate himself to be pulled off the ground in another location.

However, while completely intangible, he can no longer see, hear, or breathe, and can only experience a falling sensation because he still has mass. He can also remain immaterial while he is physically allowed to launch counterattacks. Although very powerful, Mirio's alter is not ideal for rescue because he has no defense of his own: if he uses his alter the victim he is protecting is not protected at all from a possible villain. This was especially true when he saved Eri from the bullet that eliminates alters, where he had to take it without any other alternative. His eventual power if he had inherited the One For All would have made him almost invincible and probably the number 1 by far, potentially surpassing All Might thanks to the combination of his two alters.

Mirio lost his alter after his fight against Kai Chisaki, in which he was hit by a bullet containing the Alter Destructive Drug, taking the bullet instead of Eri, a decision calculated for Eri by Shin Nemoto. However, according to Shota Aizawa, once Eri has a better grip on his Rewind, Mirio's own alter will be restored.

He finally gets his alter back in chapter 292 where he can be seen for a brief moment rising from the ground and shouting his trademark phrase: "POWER". In chapter 293, he explains that it is thanks to Eri's alter that he recovers his alter. This one had been training for several months on lizards, to learn to use Mirio Togata


Mirio appears for the first time when Izuku takes out the garbage. He is in the wall and let his head out. He wanted to see the second who had been fighting and shows him the direction of the garbage room. The next day, he arrives in class with Nejire and Tamaki, to speak to the seconds about the new program. At first he gets a big wind from them, then he decides to organize a general fight in the Gamma ground. He manages to beat all the students one after the other, then, explains them his power and how he made it so powerful. He also tells them about the internship program, which interests Izuku. Later, he meets Izuku and All Might and asks the student what kind of hero he would like to be. This one answers him that he would like to be a hero who can be counted on and who saves everyone with a smile. He explains that Sir Nighteye would like him.

The next morning, they go to his agency to make sure that Izuku is accepted. He explains to him that Sir loves humor and that it will be necessary to make him laugh. When he and Bubble Girl come out of the office, he explains to her that he didn't have to take an exam because Sir Nighteye already liked him. When he comes back, he learns that Izuku is taken and is very happy for him.


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