Mr Compress

Mr Compress

Atsuhiro Sako, also known asM. Compress, is a recurring villain affiliated with the League of Villains, was a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad and later became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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He followed the footsteps of the Peerless Thief, who was his great-great-grandfather and became a wanted thief in the whole country, being one of the most "experienced" members of the League. He and the rest of his team are the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp arc and the Paranormal Liberation War arc. He was arrested after his defeat in the Paranormal Liberation War.

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 Mr Compress


Atsuhiro is a tall, thin man with pale skin and semi-circular, slightly inward-slanting brown eyes, and he has a particularly sharp nose. He wears a combination of a mask, hood and hat. Under his mask reveals that he has short black eyebrows and a head of curly brown hair, similar in shade to his eyes.

In his villain outfit, he wears a dark orange shirt with a raised left collar and a green striped bolo tie with an oval-shaped azure brooch around his neck, a black vest and black suit pants. He wears knee-high white boots with black wedge heels and toe caps, plain dark red gloves and a brown top hat, a red ribbon tied around it and a pale feather sticking out, on the left side.

Above his head, he wears a black hood with a hole for his mouth as well as his eyes, over which he wears one of the multiple white masks he owns, each with a different black geometric pattern. In his first appearance, he also wears a dark yellow double-breasted overcoat with buttoned shoulder tabs and a high collar, which comes down below his knees, and in addition he carries a silver cane with a gold handle.

After Overhaul destroys his left arm, Giran gives him a replacement prosthesis which he now wears.

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Atsuhiro uses his alter on his lower back in an attempt to escape Best Jeanist , permanently maiming himself.


Mr. Compress is a showman at heart who likes to command every event he attends and be as flashy and entertaining as possible. He is talkative, humorous and arrogant with both his allies and enemies.

Mr. Compress has a habit of monologuing and showing off his skills as a performer. This proved to be a flaw in his villain skills; he allowed Bakugo's escort squad to catch him because he spent so much time taunting them. Mr. Compress also nearly lost possession of Katsuki Bakugo after taking a moment to bow out after his victory.

Mr. Compress is often the voice of reason among the League of Villains and seems to care about his comrades; he acts as a mentor to the younger members and often keeps them under control. After Magne's death, he immediately took action and attempted to overpower Overhaul on his own. This action cost him his arm, but Compress quickly got his revenge by destroying Overhaul's arm later on.

Although little of his past or motivations have been shown, it is revealed that Atsuhiro is the great-great-grandson of Oji Harima, who stole from rich heroes and gave that wealth to the people. Atsuhiro joined the League of Villains in order to fight against such a corrupt system and rich heroes, exposing the perceived injustices of hero society.

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Overall Abilities: Atsuhiro is a very capable and resourceful villain, with incredible stealth abilities, coupled with the speed, agility and control of his Quirk Compress. He is mainly useful when it comes to setting traps. If Atsuhiro has marbles containing certain compressed objects, he can use them as a means of obstructing the path of enemies, throwing said marbles in the direction of his opponents and returning the objects to their original size. Thanks to Atsuhiro's creativity and ingenuity, he is able to take advantage of his alter's deactivation property to affect the environment around him, such as placing a marble holding a large compressed rock under a car, then launching the vehicle into the air through the marble's decompression process. In another offensive way, Atsuhiro uses his Quirk to selectively compress a single body part of a person, severely maiming or sometimes killing them. Compress also functions as a way to burrow through solid objects, making Atsuhiro essential for escaping and infiltrating closed areas. Using Compress on himself allows Atsuhiro to be transported anywhere without being detected. He often uses his Quirk to capture people in compressed logs without being noticed, and before the victim can alert nearby allies.

During the Vanguard Action Squad invasion, Atsuhiro demonstrated his espionage effectiveness by using his alter, which requires physical contact, on Katsuki and Fumikage Tokoyami while the couple was part of a group of 5 people, including Mezo Shoji, whose Dupli-Arms alter grants him enhanced senses. Overall, Atsuhiro single-handedly captured the two former students before their classmates noticed, and was only captured when the masked villain made his presence known. Successfully completing the Vanguard Action Squad's mission and escaping, Atsuhiro easily outran the AU's pursuers in the beast's forest by jumping through the treetops and even evaded Shoto Todoroki. even escaped his multiple jobs. technique "Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall". While escaping from the following students, Atsuhiro was taken by surprise when Mezo, Shoto and a battle-worn Izuku Midoriya crushed him to the ground. During the Kamino incident, Atsuhiro, along with Himiko Toga and Twice, forced Katsuki on the defensive, before he was rescued by his classmates. With the help of Magne, Atsuhiro almost managed to take Katsuki back, only to be intercepted by Mt. Lady, who knocked out the villain in flight.

When the League of Villains encountered Overhaul, who had killed Magne in the exchange, Atsuhiro was quick enough to catch him off guard and attempted to capture the yakuza leader. Unfortunately, the hat wearer's efforts were in vain as he was hit by an experimental alter-destroying bullet, temporarily erasing Atsuhiro's alter and causing Overhaul to destroy his left arm. Much later, Atsuhiro incapacitated Snatch , spinning around and touching the Sand Hero , while the latter was fighting Dabi . By squeezing the Pro Hero engulfed in flames, the two villains effectively defeated and killed Snatch. At the revival celebration, Atsuhiro faced various members of the Meta Liberation Army, but began to struggle until he was saved by Twice's "Sad Man's Parade" technique. After the rebirth celebration, Atsuhiro became a lieutenant in the now unified Paranormal Liberation Front.

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Mr Compress

At the climax of the paranormal liberation war, Atsuhiro was forced to mutilate his hindquarters in order to escape Best Jeanist's fiber bindings, before proceeding to quickly free Tomura Shigaraki , Spinner and Skeptic from their own restraints. In doing so, Atsuhiro destroyed more of his body, such as his clothes that were being manipulated by Best Jeanist, all to avoid being restrained again. Successfully freeing his bound allies and securing Dabi, Atsuhiro admitted that his efforts were his last and was eventually defeated by Mirio Togata .

Improved Agility: Atsuhiro has above average agility. Primarily, Astuhiro has shown the ability to move effortlessly from one movement to another, dodge attacks effectively, and jump quickly across high ledges and through forest canopies, while performing many other athletic feats with minimal effort. His most notable forms of lightness come from his Quirk app, which is capable of quickly compressing targets into small marble-like objects without the opposition's knowledge. At the height of the Paranormal Liberation War, Atsuhiro quickly crossed the back points of the gargantuan Gigantomachia in order to reach a constrained skeptic.
Keen Intelligence: Atsuhiro is an ingenious villain who thrives in a supporting role. He can act as the brains of an operation as well as act effectively on his own. As a former stage magician, Atsuhiro is a self-proclaimed master of deception, evasion and illusion. True to his word, Atsuhiro uses many creative tactics in combination with his Quirk Compress to mislead his opponents. A key example of this misdirection is when he compresses a target into a ball and is ready to be revived by his opponents. Exceptionally careful with his captives, Atsuhiro uses his illusionist skills to clandestinely create decoy marbles and swap them with those holding the real targets, thus fooling anyone who tries to steal from him. Atsuhiro also has good judgment, as he knows the limits of his own abilities, and can gauge another person's strength level after seeing them in action once. He decided not to fight the hero candidates ofUA High School, so he made a hasty retreat instead.

When Bakugo's escort squad caught up with him and seemed to succeed in retrieving the captured Katsuki and Fumikage, Atsuhiro perfectly fooled his pursuers into thinking that the marbles in his pockets were the ones that housed Katsuki and Fumikage. In reality, they were actually decoys containing ice that he had discreetly compressed while dodging Shoto's cryokinetic assault, and Atsuhiro kept the original marbles in his mouth. Once the Hideout Raid team appeared at the villains' bar, Atsuhiro realized that the televised press conference was being used as a ruse by the hero team to get the League of Villains to fall. During the rebirth celebration, Twice attempted to create clones of Dabi and Atsuhiro, but the latter villain refuted the idea, pointing out that if all members of the MLA and Deika City are destroyed, then the League of Villains will not have the fodder to hold Gigantomachia once the monster arrives in the metropolis. When the Paranormal Liberation War was coming to an end, Atsuhiro noticed the Near High-Ends in the distance and deduced that Tomura could transmit orders to Nomu after regaining consciousness. But due to Tomura's disappearance and loss of consciousness, Atsuhiro had to wake him up properly for the body-enhanced villain to effectively command the Nomus.

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Escape Artistry: Atsuhiro is an escape artist who has been trained by his family to deduce the means necessary for escape. This can be seen by the way he recognized and devised several ways to escape using his Quirk: compressing under his opponent, using misdirection, digging safely from the basement to the surface, or concocting methods for him and/or his allies to escape the constraints.


Compression: Atsuhiro's alter allows him to "compress" anything in a spherical area around his arm into a small marble-like object without damaging it. He can only compress his target if he touches it.

The weight of the target is reduced to their sides, making them very easy to carry. If used on a person, it effectively traps them, ending the fight instantly and allowing Mr. Compress to remove them without difficulty.

The alter can also be used on certain parts of the body, quickly and effectively maiming the target. It is implied that Compress' mutilation of a body part is painless, as Atsuhiro used it to remove one of Kai Chisaki's arms as well as to mutilate his own lower body; neither of them seemed to suffer deeply during the process.

He can also use his Quirk to compress himself into a log, as seen in the Vanguard Action Squad invasion.

Atsuhiro's Quirk Factor is in his arms, and after losing his left arm to Overhaul, Compress activation is now limited to Atsuhiro's right arm.

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Mr Compress


Prosthetic Arm: After losing his left arm to Overhaul, Atsuhiro carries a functional robotic arm as a replacement that was provided by Giran. He eventually began to succumb to wear and tear and his hand was broken after being thrown by Gigantomachia. After becoming a lieutenant in the Paranormal Liberation Front, he received a replacement prosthetic that allows him to shoot his marbles from his fingers.


Atsuhiro's first name contains the kanji for "pressure" (圧atsu?) and "great". The kanji used in his surname means "urge/force" or "impending".
Atsuhiro loves magic.
Atsuhiro's ranking in popularity polls is as follows:
Ranked 47th in the third popularity poll.
Ranked 58th in the fourth popularity poll.
Ranked 42nd in the fifth popularity poll.
Ranked 26th in the seventh popularity poll
Atsuhiro's Japanese voice actor, Tsuguo Mogami, also voices USJ Nomu and Hood .
Atsuhiro is one of the few people who turn out to be the descendants of one of the three most infamous villains: All For One , Destro and Oji Harima. In Atsuhiro's case, he is Oji's great-great grandson.
Atsuhiro shares his birthday with Minoru Mineta .

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