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Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji is a demon, the first of his kind, the ancestor of many other demons, and the main antagonist of Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is also the demon responsible for the assassination of most of the Kamado family members and the transformation of Nezuko Kamado into a demon.


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Muzan looks like a man in his early twenties with unnaturally pale skin with dark green curly hair and almond-shaped eyes. His pupils are vertical, like cat eyes, and red plum in color. He also has sharp, blue fingernails on his hands.

In his first appearance, Muzan wore a white fedora with a black ribbon and a somewhat extravagant outfit. The outfit consisted of a black embroidered tuxedo and white tie over a black dress shirt and white suit pants. He also wore black loafers.

As seen in Rui's flashbacks of his meeting with Muzan, the demon king sported a slightly different hairstyle and outfit in the past than when he first appeared. When he met Rui, Muzan's hair was straighter. He also wore a loose tuxedo and a white half-cape over it.

Muzan has the ability to change his appearance and shape. When he met with the lower ranks, he arrived disguised as an elegant woman wearing a long black yukata, so the lower ranks did not initially recognize him. Later, he transformed into his latest cover identity, the adopted sickly son of an old couple taking the form of a young child aged 10 to 11 with pale skin and black, silky, smooth, neatly combed hair. His main outfit in this disguise is a plain white button-down shirt and black cargo shorts with long socks and moccasins.

After neutralizing Tamayo's poison and emerging from his cocoon of flesh, Muzan's hair grows longer and turns white due to Shinobu's poison accelerating his age. He also grows numerous mouths on his limbs, each lined with a set of incredibly sharp fangs, which he can use in attack and for regeneration purposes. His skin also appears to have a dark red mass growing from the ends of his limbs and spreading across his body.

It is later revealed that Muzan has an array of scars all over his body, wounds inflicted during his first battle with Yoriichi, that he was burned to the cellular level and these wounds were never fully healed despite hundreds of years. They are not visible but are revealed as he weakens.

During his final struggle and as a means of slowing the effects of the sun, Muzan adopts an enlarged demon baby form, about as tall as a three-story building when he rises. In this form, he has very pronounced blood vessels throughout his body, small claws and hooked teeth.

Muzan Kibutsuji


Muzan is ruthless and exceptionally intelligent. He sees no value in the humans he has met and shows little value in his own subordinates. Rarely upset or visually happy, he seems completely monotonous and detached in most cases, even when he cruelly murders his own subordinates. The only time he shows emotion is when his vision of perfection is advancing or when his subordinates completely submit to his will. The manga shows him more expressive, especially when he is enraged and his facial features are exaggerated to show him as such (perhaps as a way to display his normally unreadable emotions). In the anime, his expressions change slightly and his tone of voice tends to be consistent at almost all times, accentuating his detached attitude.

The most important trait that Muzan possesses is extreme narcissism and obsession with becoming the perfect being. As he has had nearly 1000 years to live and observe, with hardly any real challenges, his extreme egocentrism is almost expected. He considers almost nothing his concern except overcoming his inability to walk in the sun, which is his main motivation. His long life and obsessions have led him to want every plan he concocts to be absolutely perfect, and his god complex prevents him from seeing his own failures. His belief that he is the closest thing to a perfect being leads him to have zero tolerance for any failure, brutally punishing those who fail him or those he considers weak, even if the failures are minor.

His inflated ego and delusional sense of self-worth are so great that he cannot bear to be ridiculed or corrected in any way, believing that others exist only to serve him. This also means that he rarely takes an opponent or a threat seriously. He brutally killed two drunken men simply for being rude to him, and killed their companion when she had done nothing, all the while proclaiming his own perfection and superiority over them. This event suggests that Muzan has unpleasant memories of his weaker human past and is very aware of his abnormally sickly appearance, immediately afterwards with a long denial that he is in poor health, ill, let alone on the verge of death. In all likelihood, a bitter reminder that he is still flawed. When he finally managed to confront Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the man responded to Muzan with a tone of pity and sadness for the life he had led. In Muzan's mind, this only registered as insults and threats, which he used to justify his hatred for humanity and demon killers.

Furthermore, his delusional sense of omnipotence is such that he compares himself to natural disasters, namely something that is far beyond what humans can compare and struggle with. As a result, he believes that demon killers are a group of deviants who cannot accept the natural order of things and resume their lives as normal when others simply move on in the wake of tragedy. His analogy speaks to his complete inability to feel sympathy or remorse for his actions, as none of the murders he has ever committed (directly or indirectly) were the result of an accident but of carefully orchestrated acts of pure evil.

He has proven to be quite manipulative and cunning, able to blend normally into human society, even having a family to add. A long life and continuous practice has enabled him to take on many roles in society and play them competently, including children and women if he wishes. This life has also given him great intelligence and an ability to think tactically. Muzan is a quick thinker and a strategist who can handle unfavorable situations quickly and quite well, although this may also be due to the fact that the loss of his subordinates means nothing to him in the long run.

Because of his perceived superiority and two-faced nature, he feels little attachment to his henchmen, using and discarding them as disposable pawns whenever he sees fit. He does not allow his subordinates to question his will, routinely adopting brutal reprisals if they do. Many of his subordinates, in turn, are deeply afraid of him and carefully weigh their words and thoughts for fear of saying anything that displeases him. He is able to influence many demons to his side with promises of power, vengeance and greatness, as long as they serve him. His intelligence and manipulation shine here as many find the promises quite appealing, as he meets many of his subordinates at their lowest point, while their emotions are easy for him to feed. Alas, all these promises are ultimately false, as Muzan cares only for himself and has no qualms about killing his own men to protect his own safety.

When not hiding behind a facade, his sheer malice and overflowing violent intent is so incredibly malignant that it can be seen by others. Specifically, Yoriichi Tsugikuni described her as being like boiling magma coming out of a volcano ready to consume everything.

Beyond his egocentric behavior, there is a sense of self-preservation that can easily override his megalomania, paranoidly cursing his subordinates in a terrifying manner so that none of them can say his name either, or be killed instantly in a morbidly cruel manner. When pushed into a corner, Muzan's usually calm, arrogant and superior stance crumbles, opening the way for panic and fear to take root as he desperately fights for his life, adopting more drastic measures to protect himself. This obsession with survival may well explain Muzan's brutal homicide of three civilians after meeting Tanjiro the first time as he was forced to remember his sickly past with the former, and his encounter with Yoriichi with the latter, due to his hanafuda earrings, the two major events in which he nearly lost his life.

Later, in his defeat and final moments as he burned by the sun, Muzan showed a much more vulnerable side of his personality as he slowly disintegrated into ashes and lamented his life and choices. It is revealed that Muzan's true fear of dying and immense desire to live and survive was due to the fact that he was born "dead," where his heart constantly stopped in his mother's womb and was assumed to be stillborn until he struggled to breathe before his cremation. Revealing that Muzan's desire for "life" and his almost constant struggle to simply breathe as a human, built his obsessive ambition to survive, and he felt truly vulnerable every time he was reminded of his human frailty because of it. Even on the verge of death, he is still totally unrepentant in his actions of killing, murdering and consuming humans for a thousand years and even stated that when he died, he could not remember a single person he had killed.

Muzan Kibutsuji

However, as Muzan slowly died from the sunlight and his final reflection on his life, he came to truly accept Kagaya Ubuyashiki's words about how everything dies in the end no matter what, and even he would experience death one day as the only true "immortal" thing in the world is one's emotions, feelings and memories. This realization brings Muzan to tears and truly moves his heart, leading him to ironically adopt Yoriichi and Kagaya's belief and stance about focusing instead on leaving "something" behind in order to become truly "immortal."


Muzan Kibutsuji



When Muzan was in his mother's womb, his heart stopped several times. It is said that he was stillborn, had no pulse and was not breathing. However, when he was taken to be cremated, he gave his first cry.

When he was young, he was diagnosed with a disease that would kill him before he reached the age of 20. The doctor treating Muzan gave him a special prototype drug. Angered by his worsening condition, Muzan killed him. Only after killing the doctor did he realize that the drug actually worked and had given him a strong body. He realized that he had to consume the flesh of humans to survive, but he didn't mind. His new and more serious problem was his inability to walk in sunlight, as it burned him severely. It was at this point that he really regretted killing the doctor before he could finish his treatment with his medicine, Blue Lycoris. He searched the whole country for the flower, but couldn't find it. Therefore, Muzan began creating other demons and planned to spread them around the world, hoping that one of them would find a way to defeat the sun or at least help him in his quest for the plant. This desire to be in the sun again became his only real goal and he spent hundreds of years pursuing this obsession.

Around the Oei era, Muzan finds a young girl named Tamayo, suffering from a life-threatening illness. She meets Muzan and, wanting to see her children grow up, allows him to transform her. Unaccustomed to her new body, she inadvertently kills her own family to survive, as well as another group of people. This decision haunted her to the core and she became resentful and hateful towards Muzan. But because of Muzan's immense power, she was unable to kill him successfully. Muzan enslaved Tamayo and she followed him everywhere as a humble servant.

Soon after, he found Michikatsu Tsugikuni, a marked demon slayer and user of the Moon Breath. Michikatsu wanted to become more powerful than his brother, and hated the fact that his marked status meant that his life would soon be over. Muzan proposed a compromise: he wanted a demon who used the breath and in exchange, the demon could live forever and perfect his technique. Michikatsu agreed and Muzan gave him an extremely high concentration of his blood, emerging three days later transformed and taking the name Kokushibo.

Later, Muzan and Tamayo met a demon slayer named Yoriichi Tsugikuni. From the moment they met, Yoriichi sensed Muzan's malice and anger, comparing him to boiling magma. Simultaneously, Muzan found nothing in Yoriichi that resembled anything dangerous and did not fear his opponent. Already satisfied with having Kokushibo as his subordinate, Muzan tried to kill Yoriichi without warning. Yoriichi, however, was able to dodge the blows and discern Muzan's weak points, seven hearts and five brains moving freely around his body. Yoriichi combined all of his forms into one strike and turned his blade bright red, allowing him to cut through all of Muzan's weaknesses and dominate him. For the first time in his life, Muzan was knocked unconscious, unable to heal, sat in a pool of his blood and stared angrily at Yoriichi, ignoring his question about what he thought was the value of a life. When Yoriichi moved in to kill him, Muzan used what energy he had left and split his body into a powerful explosion. Although Yoriichi was able to destroy almost all the fragments, the ones he missed escaped and allowed Muzan to regenerate again.

Muzan was deeply scarred by this encounter and, with the help of Kokushibo, the two men slaughtered all those who used the Sun Breath, hoping to prevent another demon killer from having the power to kill him. They almost succeeded in wiping out the breath completely. Fearing greatly the man he considered the true demon, Muzan never directly confronted the demon slayers again and sent demons in his place for the most part. He continues to fear Yoriichi even after his death.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan hears news of a massacre involving the violent deaths of sixty-seven people. He goes to the village before meeting the culprit, an eighteen-year-old boy named Hakuji. He expresses his disappointment because he believes that a demon committed the act, not a human. Hakuji threatened him but was silenced by Muzan who pierced his head with his hand. The Demon King spoke of his plan to form a faction of twelve powerful demons and asked the young man if he could handle the amount of blood he was given. Hakuji, shattered by his loss and with nothing else left, did not resist and became the demon Akaza.

During the Taisho era, Muzan was able to locate the Kamado family who had the Sun Blast technique. When Tanjiro Kamado was in town, Muzan attacked his family and injected them with his blood, hoping to create a demon that could resist the sun. However, he was disappointed when the family died from the poison of his blood, thinking that creating a sun-resistant demon was not so easy after all. He left their home, apparently unaware that there was one survivor, Nezuko Kamado, who later turned into a demon.


Muzan Kibutsuji



Arc of the First Mission

Muzan is first mentioned when Sakonji Urokodaki reveals to Tanjiro Kamado that he is the enemy of the Kamado family and that he might know how to return Nezuko Kamado to her human form.

Asakusa Arch

Walking through a crowd in Asakusa, with his "family", Muzan is accosted by an angry Tanjiro. Muzan's daughter asks him who the young demon-slayer is, and the demon in turn asks if there is anything he wants from him. His wife then approaches them, asking if Tanjiro is someone familiar to their family. Muzan denies it, suggesting that the boy mistook them for someone else. Then he quickly stabs a man who was passing by, turning him into a demon. During the commotion, he and his family leave while Tanjiro is forced to deal with the transformed man.

Afterwards, Muzan sends his family back in the carriage without him, stating that he has work to do. He wanders into an alley, where a drunken man passes him. The man then laughs at him and insults him, saying that he doesn't like rich people like him. When the drunken man points out how pale his skin is, Muzan smashes him against a wall and kills his older brother with a swift kick. He then turns to the drunken man's cowering girlfriend and asks if he has she thinks he looks pale or near death. Muzan answers her own questions and tells her that he is infinitely close to perfection. He then sticks his finger in her forehead, injecting so much of her blood that her cells melt. Then he calls Susamaru and Yahaba and orders them to kill Tanjiro.

Bow Recovery Training

Since Muzan is able to discern the location of the demons he has given blood to, he seems to be able to locate Nezuko at the Ubuyashiki domain, but he is unaware that Tamayo has removed his curse from Nezuko, making him unable to locate her.

The six lower moons come together and Muzan appears in the form of a woman. He is very disappointed by Rui's defeat, so much so that he declares that he will dissolve the lower rank and will only rule the higher moons. He kills Kamanue after reading his mind when he had disrespectful thoughts and Mukago for contradicting him. While Wakuraba tries to escape, Muzan decapitates him and makes him unable to regenerate. Rokuro tries to plead with his master and asks for more of his blood to prove himself. Seeing the Demon as a failure, Muzan becomes incredibly angry and kills him for "ordering" his leader around. Before killing Enmu, he declares how much he enjoys making humans suffer and thanks Muzan for letting him be his last victim. Seeing Enmu's potential, Muzan gives him a large amount of blood. Enmu almost dies because of his new power load, but manages to survive. Muzan then gives him one last chance to prove that lower rank members are not useless.

Arc Train de l'Infini

Muzan leads another life among humans as a little boy named Toshikuni and claims to have a skin disease that prevents him from being exposed to the sun. After killing Kyojuro Rengoku, Akaza introduces himself to Muzan and announces his victory. However, Muzan is not satisfied enough with the Pillar's death and is rather angry that Akaza let all the other demon slayers present escape, further blaming him for not finding more information about the Blue Lycoris.

Arc Quartier des plaisirs

In the Pleasure District, Muzan talks to Daki. He tells her how proud he is of her and that he hopes she will become even more cruel and stronger. He also lets her know about Nezuko and leaves it to her to kill her.

After the fight, he orders the higher moons to gather in the infinity castle. He stands on the ceiling and experiments, trying to remedy his weakness to the sun. Muzan tells them that he will not allow any failures, like Daki and Gyutaro. Muzan regrets putting so much trust in her and wishes Gyutaro had fought from the beginning. He asks them to serve him with more suicidal devotion and states that he hates change. He thinks that change only means decline and that he hasn't changed for so long, since he is practically perfect. He then sends Gyokko and Hantengu to destroy the blacksmith village before leaving the meeting.

Arc Village des Forgerons

Muzan senses through the Hantengu that Nezuko may indeed have become the Demon who defeated the sun, making his assault on the Sun Breath family a success. He is disguised as a little boy when he hears the news. His adoptive mother and her maid enter the scene but Muzan kills them instantly. He is extremely excited and decides to take Nezuko.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Bow Pillar Training

He appoints Nakime to the top rank 4 and makes her more powerful. He uses her to search for the locations of all the demon slayers. He is very impressed by her efforts and compliments her. He says that he is sure to find Nezuko and Kagaya soon.

Final Battle Arch

Infinite Dimensional Fortress Bow

Muzan appears at Ubuyashiki Mansion and spots Kagaya. He mocks him for his weak appearance and Kagaya tries to lecture Muzan and points out that the Pillars will never stop trying to kill him. Muzan laughs and attacks Kagaya. But before he can kill him, the mansion explodes, and Muzan is caught in the blast. The explosion, which was accentuated by spike traps, manages to injure Muzan. Before he can fully regenerate, Tamayo appears and uses his Blood Power to hold him in place, while using a drug capable of turning him into a human. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gyomei Himejima appears and destroys Muzan's head. However, the demon makes it grow back instantly. As all the other Pillars join the fight, the Infinity Castle appears as if it is sucking in everyone nearby and scattering them. Muzan says he will slaughter them all tonight.

While the demon slayers manage to defeat most of the higher moons and try to locate Muzan, several of the lower level demon slayers manage to find his cocoon. He emerges and eviscerates all the slayers nearby, while trying to regain the stamina he lost in his fight with Tamayo. He takes her head and mocks her for failing to kill him, ridiculing the fact that the drug she designed was useless. She angrily asks Muzan to return her family to her, to which he replies that she should join them on the other side and crushes her head; Yushiro perceives this. He then starts to slaughter demon slayers and reaffirms his vow to kill them all.

Thanks to Nakime's ability, Muzan is placed in front of Tanjiro and Giyu. Muzan asks Tanjiro why he is so concerned about revenge against him, when he came out of the massacre of his family alive, and can therefore resume his life if he wishes. Comparing himself to a "Great Calamity", he says that it is impossible for humans to take revenge for natural disasters such as rain, wind, volcanic eruption or earthquake that take the lives of loved ones, humans continue to live, and that fighting against him is the same kind of madness. So he concludes that the demon slayers are fighting him because they are a group of deviants, and he is tired of dealing with them. Tanjiro is furious and says that Muzan should not have been allowed to exist.

The fight begins, Muzan extending his arms to make long-bladed whips, holding Giyu and Tanjiro at a distance. The latter, enraged by his opponent's inhumanity, tries to get in between Muzan's blows, but fails to do so and is wounded near the eye. Giyu pulls Tanjiro away by reminding him that Muzan's power is greater than that of all the Higher Moons. Muzan wonders if they can defeat him with only three Pillars, as he states that Mitsuri and Obanai were killed by Nakime. He performs more sweeps that Tanjiro can hardly avoid because of his injured eye, as he stumbles. Before he can kill Tanjiro, Mitsuri appears destroying the walls and attacking Muzan with her Breath of Love, but she is unable to inflict any damage on Muzan, much to his frustration. Obanai also appears and assures that they are both alive.

The demon, furious, asks for explanations to Nakime, but learns that Yushiro used his own bloody power to take control of the moon and that he is going to force Muzan to leave the Infinity Castle. Annoyed by this opposition, he tries to regain control of the castle from Yushiro who tries to absorb his cells through Nakime. An attack by Giyu and Obanai puts Muzan on the defensive, allowing Yushiro to retain control, and Muzan blasts Nakime from a distance by crushing his head. While Nakime's remaining cells are still alive, Yushiro uses them to take control of the continuously moving castle. Muzan attacks again and manages to injure Tanjiro, while the castle shakes. Before Muzan can deliver a critical blow to Mitsuri, Tanjiro throws a broken Nichirin blade that stabs Muzan in the head, making him miss. He becomes furious with Tanjiro as the castle shatters to the surface.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Dawn Counting Bow

In one city, demon-slayers are asked to keep Muzan busy for another hour and a half, until sunrise. A furious Muzan, now with whips on his spine, emerges from the debris and dares them to try, swinging his limbs wildly. The Pillars seize the opportunity to wound him, but to their surprise, he regenerates so quickly that he cannot be decapitated. Before he can mortally wound them, hordes of low-ranking slayers disable the Pillars, ready to die as human shields while Muzan kills dozens. He figures they were lucky to die immediately and points to Tanjiro as an example of the opposite. Showing a horrible burn on his face, Muzan reveals that he injected Tanjiro with his blood during his previous attack and that his body will be destroyed, boasting that he is already dead.

As Muzan and the Pillars exchange blows, he notices that demon slayers with their mark activated can resist the effect of his demonic blood. As Muzan tries to deal a fatal blow to Mitsuri, Gyomei saves her. Sanemi takes the opportunity to slash Muzan from behind, then throws vials filled with flammable liquid and proceeds to set Muzan on fire, to which the Demon protests that he is dirty. Sanemi insults him by saying that he is the dirty one and swears to kill Muzan.

As the battle rages on, the Pillars have trouble fighting Muzan who proves to be too powerful for them. An exhausted Mitsuri who does nothing but dodge is eventually injured and forced to abandon the fight despite her desire to fight. Obanai takes note and tries to fight harder against Muzan, attempting to slice and punch his severed limb to delay his regeneration, but makes only a minimal difference. Remembering his own past, he decides to fight for her and die to find her in another life.

Muzan's blood begins to damage the Pillar, Giyu loses the ability to hold his Sword of the Sun, with only a little over 15 minutes left. Just as all seemed lost, Chachamaru, Tamayo's servant cat, appears and throws syringes at the Pillars, dosing them with a serum that counteracts Muzan's poison. Muzan kills the cat and is irritated that Tamayo is still standing in his way, even after his death. Obanai thinks about how Muichiro managed to make his blade redden and concentrates on his grip, making it redden as well, but he starts to lose consciousness due to lack of oxygen, barely able to avoid Muzan's attacks and Giyu unable to reach him in time. Obanai is sent flying and miraculously manages to avoid Muzan's attack as Muzan's right arm and spinal whips are severed. Muzan wonders how this could have happened and realizes that there is no way any of the Pillars could have cut him, he is then hit on his left arm, which makes him notice the jagged cut in his arm. Muzan correctly deduces that someone is attacking him while being hidden thanks to Yushiro's technique. Feeling the air parting around him, he locates his three attackers, who are none other than Inosuke, Zenitsu and Kanao, whom he manages to slash just barely. Gyomei is surprised to see them alive and Inosuke boasts that he has a huge supply of Yushiro's paper so that anything Muzan tries is useless, but he is reprimanded for chattering more than necessary.

Obanai takes the opportunity to slice Muzan's arms, which regenerate more slowly because of his red blade, a fact that Sanemi points out. Zenitsu and Kanao become invisible again and attack Muzan in unison, causing the demon to complain about their little tricks. Gyomei is glad to have more support as he is able to clash his axe and iron ball to heat them up by friction, increasing their attack power. It doesn't take long for him to hit the left side of Muzan's torso. Sanemi and Giyu do the same and clash their blades which turn red. The Kasugai crow warns that there is 1 hour and 3 minutes left before dawn, and that the demon slayers have regained the advantage.

The demon slayers take advantage of Yushiro's papers, which allow them to see each other, and launch relentless assaults on Muzan. Gyomei concentrates and is able to discern Muzan's unnatural biology, advising them to concentrate so they can see them too. Suddenly, Muzan performs an undisclosed technique that allows him to defeat all of his assailants simultaneously, injuring them and crashing them into nearby buildings, maiming Gyomei's left leg and Giyu's right arm in the process. Kanao Tsuyuri is left with a broken blade, kneeling and in shock. Before Muzan can kill her, Tanjiro, having recovered, saves her by slicing Muzan's arm, leaving him shocked, and takes her to a slaying doctor for safety. Seeing Tanjiro's mutated face from his poison, Muzan comments that he looks terrible, and now wonders who the real Demon is between the two of them. Seeing Yoriichi's image in Tanjiro, Muzan feels disgust for the slayer.

Their fight begins when Tanjiro remembers the movements of the Sun Breath he witnessed in his dream, and his father's advice. He realizes that the movements must be used consecutively one after the other, which will lead to the 13th and most powerful movement. Although he feels discouraged that he does not have the abilities of Yoriichi or his father, Tanjiro nevertheless ventures to attack Muzan, who sees the ghost of his former enemy in the young demon killer. Tanjiro is able to discern Muzan's secret technique, a set of extra whips catapulted from his tights at immense speed taking his enemies by surprise after getting them used to his current attack style. Turning his blade red, Tanjiro begins to unleash the movements of the Sun Breath, trying to get stronger on the verge of death.

Muzan is not impressed as Tanjiro's technique is nowhere near Yoriichi's level, seeing him lose his strength, he tries to secure the chance to finish Tanjiro once and for all as he weakens from exhaustion and his own injuries. Muzan, however, is unable to deliver a finishing blow, to his own surprise, and realizes that he is also weakening. He deduces that this is Tamayo's doing as he has absorbed her cells and attempts to communicate with her essence in the cells to ask what the drug she injected him with really is. Tamayo's essence mocks him, which irritates Muzan, who destroys what's left of his consciousness and scans his memories instead. Upon seeing his memories, he learns the truth: Tamayo, Yushiro and Shinobu Kocho have indeed developed a drug that turns demons into humans, but they have added an additional poison with a powerful aging effect that triggers itself if the humanizing venom fails, causing Muzan to age at a rate of 50 years per minute. Muzan realizes that his body has weakened as he fights to keep his youth. He begins to calculate how long the drug has been active, about 3 hours, which means he has aged 9,000 years. Tanjiro continues to release successive movements of the Sun Breath, irritating the demon with its persistence. With 59 minutes left before dawn, Tanjiro is able to connect all twelve movements and resolves to use them all again more quickly than before.

We learn that Chachamaru survived Muzan's attack because Yushiro had demonized the cat before the fight. He starts to heal the injured demon slayers. He concludes that Gyomei is unable to fight any longer due to the loss of blood and limbs, before treating the others.

Muzan continues to lash out at Tanjiro who is gradually deprived of oxygen and loses his footing, but he is saved by Obanai, who was himself treated by Yushiro and lost his sight when Muzan used his tentacles. Tanjiro is worried but Obanai reassures him that he can see through Kaburamaru, his snake. The two separate as Muzan chases Obanai and destroys a building in an attempt to kill him, but he fails. Muzan can't believe that a simple snake can help the demon slayer read his attacks, while Obanai and Tanjiro combine their attacks. As Muzan weakens from the aging venom and the efforts of his opponents, scars become visible all over his body. Tanjiro realizes that it is the wounds inflicted by Yoriichi, burned to the cellular level that never healed despite hundreds of years, that reveal his weak points.


Muzan Kibutsuji


Muzan is horrified at the sight of his wounds, thinking that Yoriichi, a simple man who showed no apparent hostility was actually the real monster between the two of them by crippling him as he did. Tanjiro and Obanai continue their assault on Muzan with only 40 minutes left before dawn. The demon becomes agitated and tries to escape by trampling the corpses of the demon slayers he has slaughtered. Tanjiro is angry and throws many sun blades at Muzan who deflects them. Obanai stabs Muzan in the neck from behind, forcing Muzan to use his spinal whips which are stopped by Tanjiro; Tanjiro tries to give Obanai a pair of Yushiro's headbands so that he can share Kaburamaru's vision. Although Muzan injures both of them to block their efforts, Kaburamaru manages to retrieve the papers allowing Obanai to fight in much better condition. Muzan slowly succumbs to panic as he is out of breath and his strength reaches a critical threshold. Their fight is followed from afar by Nezuko who is crying from her right eye.

Muzan is increasingly pressed by Tanjiro and Obanai's attacks and with 35 minutes to go before dawn, Muzan deems it useless to continue the fight and tries to split himself into pieces, escaping in the same way he did against Yoriichi. Tanjiro warns the Pillar of the Serpent and panics that between them, they will not be able to destroy all the pieces of flesh. However, Muzan is unable to divide because a third drug injected by Tamayo has the property of slowing down cell division. Muzan communicates with Tamayo's essence who happily warns him that there were not three effects but four, the fourth drug making Muzan spit blood as it triggers the destruction of cells after the activation of the 3rd effect. Tamayo's essence taunts Muzan by telling him that the death he so feared is coming, adding that it doesn't need to be stronger than him to kill him, as weakening him is enough, and taunting him that just as he will do anything to live, they will do anything to kill him.

The demon tells himself that normally the attacks used by demon slayers should not be threatening and that prolonged regeneration should not be tiring, but Tamayo's drugs have turned otherwise manageable attacks into deadly threats and he is unable to fully acclimate to the toxins in his body, which are far different than those used to kill Doma. In a desperate attempt to survive, Muzan opens a gaping mouth in his chest and unleashes a powerful blast against Obanai and Tanjiro, leaving the latter convulsed and stunned. With only 25 minutes left before dawn, Kiriya, who is watching the fight from afar, begs someone to stall Muzan. Her pleas are answered when Inosuke attacks Muzan by throwing himself on the Demon, furious of the previous defeat and crying for the comrades that Muzan killed and injured. The Demon, unable to use his technique, retaliates by plunging his arm into the ground and enveloping Inosuke with his tentacle.

Muzan Kibutsuji

The slayer is saved by the timely intervention of Zenitsu who tells him that Tanjiro is still alive, begging him to do the same for the sake of Nezuko, who returns to normal. Muzan sends his arm on Zenitsu and makes him crash against a building; the young man is saved by Inosuke who stabs Muzan's limb, before being pushed back with another blow. Muzan is very tired and irritated that the two slayers keep getting up to fight him.

Zenitsu uses his Lightning Breath, Seventh Move, successfully slashing Muzan. However, the attack is more shallow than expected. Inosuke continues to attack Muzan with his techniques, forcing the Demon to use his shockwave once more. Before he can attack the young man, Tanjiro recovers and unleashes successive Sunblast techniques, realizing that Muzan needs to recharge before using his shockwave. Tanjiro weakens after using one of the breath moves, giving Muzan an opening, but he gets his tentacles sliced by Inosuke. Zenitsu tries to join the fight but is unable to gather enough speed to use his techniques. Muzan carries Inosuke to a building and Tanjiro loses his footing, while Zenitsu manages to recover enough to use one last attack, but is himself injured by Muzan. Tanjiro seizes the opportunity and stabs Muzan by pinning him to a building, unable to use any other techniques as he plays everything to keep Muzan in place. The latter tries to kill Tanjiro but suddenly, Mitsuri, having recovered, clings to his tentacles and rips off his left arm, shouting at him to stop, while Muzan's right arm and tentacles are cut off by Sanemi. Having no choice, a huge beastly mouth appears on Muzan's forehead and tries to devour Tanjiro who can do nothing but stay put. To protect him, Obanai puts himself in danger by being torn apart by Muzan, as dawn breaks.

Muzan panics at the sight of the sun and desperately unleashes a powerful shockwave, catapulting his attackers, except for Tanjiro, who loses his left arm but remains firmly in place trying to redden his blade, when Giyu appears to help him; together they wound Muzan. In response to the sun's threat, Muzan expands and takes the form of a large demon baby, absorbing Tanjiro in the process. As the demon tries to move into the shade, hordes of demon slayers block his path by throwing shelves and ramming vehicles as he struggles to find a way through. He is soon blocked by another group of slayers, who push a bus over him to prevent his escape. Muzan begins to burn from the starlight, forcing him to fight for his life. Before he can crush the demon killers, Sanemi appears and slices off his right arm, cursing the demon's persistence and demanding his death.

As he attempts to climb the bus barrier, Gyomei attaches a chain to his neck, aided by multiple slayers who join together to take down Muzan. As he burns hotter and hotter, Muzan resorts to digging to escape, forcing Giyu, Sanemi and Obanai to attack him to drain his stamina. Soon, the chains break in what seems like a desperate moment; Tanjiro, still inside Muzan, manages to ignite his blade and wound the demon, causing Muzan to flinch in pain as he begins to disintegrate in the sunlight. As his body is completely reduced to ash, the once invincible demon who ruled the shadows of Japan, spreading misery and suffering for millennia, finally confesses defeat, ending this seemingly eternal war with the victory of the demon slayers.


Muzan's defeat, while significant, proved to be a costly victory for the Demon Slayers, leaving dozens of members dead, maimed, heavily injured, or dying.

Moreover, despite his death, Muzan managed to turn Tanjiro into a demon with his last breath. By transferring his blood and memories into Tanjiro's dying body, Muzan manages to revive him as a demon, considering him the king of them all. He influences Tanjiro to conquer the sunlight and realize his dream of ending the Demon Slayer Corps.

Tanjiro's poisoned eye is restored and his left arm regenerated, while the young slayer unleashes a savage state against the rest of the Demon Slayers and manages to defeat the sun. Although the new Demon Lord is basically invincible, Tanjiro's consciousness struggles to regain control with the help of Nezuko and Kanao, the latter having used the humanizing drug as a conduit for everyone's calls to reach Tanjiro. The memory of Muzan's will used deception and psychological torture to convince Tanjiro to embrace his new demonic heritage. However, in stark contrast to everything the demonic ancestor has always stood for, the young man rejects immortality and the demon's powers to live out his few remaining years in peace as a human in the company of everyone, leaving Muzan's spirit behind to finally end his reign of terror once and for all, avenge the deaths of their tragic victims, and atone for his sins for eternity.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Skills and Competencies


Black Blood, Brambles (黒こっ血けつ・枳き棘きょく Kokketsu: Kikyoku ?) - Muzan uses his own flesh and blood to create several black-tipped barbed wires to entangle his target.

Fighting Form: In battle, Muzan can take on a more monstrous form, with a dark red mass covering his limbs, with large mouths with sharp teeth, with his torso exposed. His hair becomes longer and messy. His speed, strength, reflexes, and power are greatly amplified in this form to the point that, despite having lost a large amount of stamina and endurance while fending off Tamayo's human transforming drug, he was still quite capable of easily outmaneuvering several low-ranking demons. Killers and consuming dozens of them within minutes of emerging from his cocoon. The sharp jaws/toothed mouths located all over his body in this form not only serve as his primary form of attack in battle, but also serve the purpose of helping him recover more quickly as he can use the jaws to tear into his opponents and eat their flesh, simultaneously killing his opponents and regaining his strength at the same time.

Arm Whips: Muzan can stretch his arms and grow several sharp blades in his outstretched forearms and turn his hands into several bladed protrusions, each ranging from 90 centimeters/35.4 inches to 10 meters/32.8 feet, which he could then swing like whips to easily tear his opponents apart. The swing speed of his attacks is extremely fast and the accuracy of his attacks is also extremely precise. And, because of the length of his arms, Muzan has such a huge attack range that even three Hashira couldn't get close to him.

Mouth Sucking: Muzan's arm whips also have many mouths full of sharp fangs all along them. Muzan can use these mouths to breathe with absurd force and suction that he can change at any time from extremely long ranges, which he uses to pull his opponents into the striking range of his whips. This will prove to be severely inconvenient for the Hashiras' movements, as avoiding them will consume much more stamina.

Spine Whips: Later, after becoming even more enraged, Muzan grows 9 slender tubes, each 4 meters / 13.1 feet long, spine-like protrusions from his back that extend into whip-like bladed tentacles. With them, Muzan is able to greatly increase his attack range and number of attacks in tandem with his whip arms, allowing him to easily mow down hordes of Demon Slayers and pin down four Hashira. In addition, it is incredibly difficult to read the trajectory of each whip, making it even more nearly impossible to counter.

Leg Whips: Muzan then grew 4 tubes on each thigh, each measuring 7 meters/22.9 feet long. Unlike his spinal whips, they are much faster, and due to his immense shape-shifting ability, he can quickly grow the whips and then dissipate them faster than human senses can perceive, allowing him to easily attack from his blind spots, shown when he manages to use them to severely injure four Hashira and Hashira level demon slayers without them feeling or perceiving that Muzan's body has altered and transformed.

Shockwave Scream: Later, after being forced into a corner by Tanjiro and Obanai and weakened by Tamayo's four-step drug, Muzan exhibited another unique ability of his Blood Demon Art, in which he transformed his torso and upper body into a gigantic beastly mouth. From there, he emitted a powerful shockwave scream, capable of severely injuring anyone caught within its reach on the inside. When Tanjiro and Obanai were caught in the blast, even Kiriya and her sisters, who were connected to them by the crows in the area, took the brunt of the attack. This technique is capable of causing convulsions, paralysis, and breathing problems. It is mainly used as a defensive technique, however, intended to ward off attackers. This technique requires a charge time before use and therefore cannot be used consecutively, although it is widely suggested that Tamayo's medication further compromises his ability to use this attack. Its impact can be mitigated through the use of a Nichirin sword, as the self-stabbing can dispel some of its effects.

Flesh Shield: After being cornered by the Demon Slayer and pinned down by Tanjiro until dawn, Muzan, in a panic, transformed into a gigantic mass of flesh, resembling that of a gigantic demon child, in an attempt to protect his main body from being burned by the sun so quickly. It was shown that this form possessed immense physical strength, as Muzan was able to crawl easily and push away an entire car that had been pushed by several Kakushi, and later he was able to break Gyomei's chain despite holding Muzan with all his strength and being supported by several Kakushi.


  • Muzan's name contains the kanji of "demon dance" (鬼き舞ぶ辻つじ, kibutsuji) and "miserable, pitiful, merciless" (無む惨ざん, muzan).
    Muzan's first name may also be a pun on the words six (六む, mu) and three (参さん, san), which is why the official Twitter account of Kimetsu no Yaiba refers to June 3 as "Muzan Day".
    • Muzan was born and became a demon during the Heian period in the early 900s.
    • Muzan was ranked 11th in the first popularity poll of the series' characters, with 285 votes.
    • After becoming a demon, Muzan settled with five different women throughout the Heian period. However, due to his lack of empathy and sensitivity as a demon, he verbally abused his five wives to the point of driving them to suicide.
    • Kagaya Ubuyashiki has suggested that the Ubuyashiki family is descended from Muzan's original blood relatives, who, because the family gave birth to the original demon, were cursed with an unknown, incurable, and untreatable recessive genetic disease that killed all family members - past and present - before they reached the age of thirty.
      • Later, after his defeat and death, it is revealed that this "curse" was successfully removed from the Ubuyashiki clan as Kagaya's son, Kiriya Ubuyashiki, lived a full life, even surviving to become the oldest person in Japan in the modern era.
    • As we can see, Muzan and Kagaya Ubuyashiki have a very strong resemblance with each other, almost to the point that they could be mistaken for twins.
    • Muzan is the only antagonist of the series who appears on the cover of the manga volumes (2 and 22).
    • A recurring gag among Kimetsu no Yaiba fans is that Muzan is often compared to the famous "King of Pop" Michael Jackson because of the similarity of their clothes and even their facial structure.



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