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Naruto Uzumaki




Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and the second jinchurriki of Kyûbi, Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto's parents named him after the main character of Jiraya's first book, making the Sannin his godfather. Fearing that the stress of childbirth might break the seal that held Kyu-bi in Kushina, the Third Hokage agreed with Naruto's parents to go to a top-secret location on the outskirts of the village guarded by the Anbu, with midwives Biwako and Taji helping Kushina deliver her child while Minato kept the seal in place. Shortly after Naruto was born on the night of October 10, a masked man, who managed to find their position, killed the midwives and the Anbu, and took the newborn child hostage in order to get Minato away from Kushina and free Kyûbi for his dark purposes.

Naruto Uzumaki
Minato and Kushina protecting Naruto from Kyûbi.

Minato moved quickly, however, during the time that he took Naruto to safety, the masked man managed to free Kyûbi and used him to destroy Konoha. Minato managed to save Kushina and asked her to take care of Naruto before leaving to protect the village. After breaking the masked man's control over the tiger demon, Minato realized that the only way to stop Kurama was to seal him into Naruto, believing that his son would need the power of the fox to defeat the masked man when he returned. Because Kyubi's chakra was too immense for the seal to hold in such a small body, Minato was forced to sacrifice his soul in order to weaken the fox by separating his Yin and Yang chakra into himself and his son before succumbing to his wounds by his wife's side after receiving a fatal blow from the fox meant for their son. Orphaned, Naruto lived without ever knowing anything about his parents, receiving only his mother's last name - because Hiruzen thought it best that no one knew he was related to the Fourth Hokage.

Although Minato's last wish was that his son be seen as a hero, only the Third Hokage and some villagers managed to put aside their sorrows and honor this request. Much of Konoha, consumed with bitterness over the loss of life and damage to the village during Kyubi's attack, resented Naruto - unable to ignore the demon sealed inside the boy - and some saw him only as the fox himself. In order to protect Naruto, Hiruzen decreed this a secret, formally forbidding adults from disclosing to Naruto that he is a host. This policy was not entirely effective, since without even knowing why, many children followed their parents' example and ran away from him. Naruto's social isolation developed his need to be recognized by playing unpleasant pranks.

One snowy day while preparing to enter the academy, Naruto first met Hinata Hyuga, who was being attacked by a group of three bullies. Although he didn't know her, Naruto refused to let the bullies insult Hinata and came to her defense, but was outnumbered and easily beaten, with his red scarf being trampled by them. After Hinata thanked Naruto deeply for his efforts, he left her scarf as it was ruined, not knowing that it was at this moment that the young Hyuga started to feel affection for him.

In the anime, one day, he was confronted with Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Chôji Akimichi. They accused him of hurting a child named Yota, who was a stranger in the village and who had disappeared. Seeing that they all looked at him with a contemptuous look like everyone else in the village, Naruto got angry and ran away, deeply offended that people love a stranger more than him. He heard a young boy crying who seemed to strangely control the weather, making it rain while shedding tears. Befriending Naruto immediately, the young boy asked him to teach him to whistle as he saw him doing earlier. The moment Naruto started to teach him to whistle, both became close friends. Later, Naruto and Yota started to play with other children who knew Yota. One day, while playing hide and seek, Yota insisted on hiding with Naruto. When Naruto asked him to hide somewhere else, Yota mistakenly thought that Naruto didn't love him anymore, and left crying. His crying caused another rain, which alerted the Anbu. As they took him prisoner, Naruto and the others tried to stop the Anbu, but without success.

Determined to save his very first friend, Naruto and the others devised a plan with Naruto causing a diversion. Although they found Yota, the Anbu easily foiled their plan. Naruto quickly joined his comrades, refusing to let Yota be taken prisoner. Seeing how much Naruto cared for him and then being hit by the Anbu, Yota summoned lightning to stun the Anbu. Greatly weakened by this attack, Naruto carried Yota out of the village with the others, determined to take him where he would be free. Having reached a river, unable for the moment to walk on it, they decided to swim. Their attempt proved futile and they almost drowned, but were saved by Yota. Being exhausted himself, Yota felt that his life was ebbing away. Happy to have had friends, Yota did not want them to suffer any longer because of this unfortunate memory and erased all traces of him from their memories.

Naruto Uzumaki

The rivalry of Naruto and Sasuke during their childhood.

Naruto finally became a student of Iruka Umino and met his classmate Sasuke Uchiwa when they were ready to fight each other. Excited to become popular by beating Sasuke, Naruto was easily defeated. Looking at Sasuke's eyes, Naruto realized that they were full of hatred, even if it wasn't directed at him. When Iruka asked them to make the seal of reconciliation, both refused. Since then, Naruto saw Sasuke as a rival and was determined to beat him. When Naruto found out that Sasuke was also an orphan, he was secretly happy that he wasn't the only one and wanted to talk to him, but couldn't because of his jealousy of Sasuke's skills and reputation. However, Naruto wished that one day Sasuke would recognize him as an equal. Despite this, when Naruto and Sasuke met their eyes as children, they would quickly look away in indifference but would secretly smile soon after, meaning that Sasuke basically considered Naruto a friend.

In the anime, when Naruto made a joke to a group of boys who didn't invite him to their "courage test", he refused to return to the Academy after being reprimanded by Iruka who had the same resentful look that everyone else had towards him. Later, Naruto was deceived by the leader of the boys, Hibachi, and was about to be killed by enemy ninjas in the hills. Upon hearing this, Iruka ended up saving Naruto from a trio of Taki kunoichi before Kakashi Hatake went after them. Soon after, Naruto started attending the Academy again from the time when Iruka, who was now acting as a surrogate brother to keep the boy on track, gave a lecture on the Will of Fire which inspired Naruto to become the next Hokage one day to be able to get the recognition he was looking for. Besides Hiruzen and Iruka, Naruto also found a surrogate family with the owner of Ichiraku Ramen, Teuchi and his daughter Ayame in a way.

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Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto is a loud and exuberant individual. He regularly finishes his sentences with "Dattebayo" (だってばよ!) when he is excited or frustrated. He has a number of childish traits, such as the fact that he is very picky at the table (he eats ramen almost exclusively), is afraid of ghosts, and carries a chubby green frog wallet that he calls "Gama-chan". Naruto doesn't care about formalities or social positions and has a habit of giving nicknames to people he meets or addressing them without the proper honorific title, as shown when he opted to call the Second Hokage with a name he could hardly remember instead of simply "Second of the Name" (二代目様, Nidaime-sama). He can also be very kinky, creating different forms of his Sexy-Meta and once tried to peek into women's baths when the opportunity presented itself. Despite this, as well as other quirks and subsequent criticism, Naruto is said to possess a personality that brings people to him, inspiring friendship, loyalty and love from most people he meets through acts of kindness and sincerity that could change a person's entire worldview. For example, during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto's kindness inspired the loyalty of the biju, and when he was linked to the entire Shinobi Alliance through telepathy, he rekindled the fighting spirit of the demoralized armies, choosing to continue the fight despite the losses there might be, being a shinobi means enduring hardships. On several occasions, the Second Hokage said in many ways that Naruto was very much like the First Hokage.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto promising to bring Sasuke back to the village.

The years of loneliness and scorn from the villagers made Naruto crave recognition and love from his peers. He would pull pranks around the village just to get a response from anyone and his desire to be Hokage was in hopes of becoming someone of importance. Because no one in the village cared about him except Iruka, Naruto was completely oblivious to the villagers' rebukes of his pranks, only answering for his actions when Iruka showed up. The time spent at Truth Falls showed that part of Naruto hated the villagers for treating him as an outcast, turning on him after he saved them during Pain's assault on Konoha. This hatred allowed Kyubi to manipulate Naruto into his fits of rage, causing havoc on several occasions until Naruto faced the problem and learned to let it go. As he evolved in his career as a ninja, his goal of becoming Hokage changed from a desire for recognition to a desire to help and protect the people close to him, which Tobi attributed to the Will of Fire. Naruto developed his nindô of never going back on his word, never stopping to keep his promises. This was most notably shown in Naruto's promise to Sakura to bring Sasuke back after his desertion of Konoha, although Sakura herself grew to see that this was impossible due to Sasuke's later becoming a dangerous international criminal, as well as the pain that this and his unrequited feelings caused her.

According to Kakashi, Naruto is the type of person who learns by experience, as he is relatively naive, simple and slow to understand principles or situations, often requiring a simplified analogy in order to grasp what is being explained to him, much to the dismay of his teachers. Naruto is aware of his own ineptitude and admits that he plays hard to get in front of others so that people around him don't know about his embarrassment and frustration, despite all his accomplishments. Naruto responds best to competition, using it as additional motivation to learn new techniques, so he doesn't hesitate to ask for help when needed. Despite his naivety, Naruto can be quite observant, noticing things that others may have missed and retaining information occasionally gathered in conversations. In battle, Naruto is shown to be a quick thinker, devising strategies on the fly or using his techniques in inventive ways to catch his opponents off guard. While he can be calm and collected most of the time during a fight, Naruto can also be frustrated when he is unable to defeat his opponent and can forget certain concepts or weaknesses that he himself noticed before.

The death of his master Jiraya and Pain's assault on Konoha caused a great change in the world for Naruto. During his mourning for Jiraya, Naruto vowed to take revenge on Pain and left the village to learn senjutsu. During his training, Naruto read a copy of Heroic Tales of Shinobi Hermits, which told him that he was named after the hero of the book. Although he was angered by Pain's actions during the invasion, Naruto spoke with his father soon after, who explained the cycle of hatred in the shinobi world. After finally listening to Nagato's story and what the cycle of hatred created, Naruto vowed to break the cycle and bring true peace to the world. Although this desire led him to a direct confrontation with Sasuke and the rest of the Akatsuki, Naruto continued on this path, ending both the Fourth Great Ninja War and the cycle of hatred.

After realizing that he is in love with Hinata, Naruto not only became protective of her, but also shy and confused in her presence until he accidentally confessed his feelings for her. When Hinata "rejected" him so that she could be with Toneri Ôtsutsuki, Naruto fell into a deep depression, almost giving up on everything, until Sakura helped him realize how deep and unwavering Hinata's feelings for him were, and that she had rejected him only to have a better chance to save Hanabi and stop Toneri. This made Naruto more determined than ever to save the Hyuga sisters, stop Toneri and make his desire to be with Hinata for the rest of his life a reality. After several months of dating, Naruto and Hinata got married and started a family together with a son and daughter.

As an adult, Naruto became calmer and wiser in his approaches, but retained some of his childish enthusiasm. After becoming Hokage, Naruto matured and became more serious and strict with his duties, took on important responsibilities and eventually became overwhelmed, leading him to create clones to be with his family, which complicated his relationship with his son, who occasionally pulls pranks such as scribbling on the Hokage Monument to get his attention. However, Naruto still shows that he cares deeply and loves his family, and is willing to protect them in case of danger, and tries to make time for them in person, proving to be a loving father and husband.


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Due to his friendly nature, tenacity, empathy and unique charisma, Naruto formed many relationships throughout the series that brought a lot to him and to others.


Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto jeune.

As Jiraya stated, Naruto bears a striking resemblance to his father, having the blue eyes and spiky blond hair of Minato. From his mother, Naruto inherited the shape of her face and eyes. During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Dan Katou mistook him for Nawaki because of their close resemblance as well. The most notable physical feature of Naruto, however, is the three mustache marks on his cheeks. His most frequently mentioned physical feature before the second part of the series (which easily annoyed him) was his small size for his age. As time went by, Naruto continued to grow so that after the time ellipse, he was taller than his teammate, Sakura. Two years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War and the time he became Hokage, Naruto became one of the tallest of his generation.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto respectively in Part II (left) and Part I (right).

In part I, Naruto's outfit consisted of an orange tracksuit with the top of the shoulders and the waist in blue color, a white swirl with a pendant on the side, a red Uzumaki swirl in the back, a large white collar, orange pants, with a hem of the leggings at mid-calf, a shuriken holster attached above his right knee (because he is right-handed), blue sandals and a blue headband that was given to him by Iruka after he graduated from the Academy. Naruto usually wore a black t-shirt under his sweat jacket, but sometimes wore chain mail under his clothes. During his early childhood, Naruto usually wore a t-shirt (white, navy green or black) that had either a Uzumaki or fire symbol on the front, also wearing shorts. He also had green glasses with "Naruto" written on them that he wore on his forehead sometimes, which he eventually stopped wearing and replaced them with his forehead band.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto's appearance during Pain's invasion.

In Part II, Naruto's outfit undergoes modifications after the original was torn to shreds during his training with Jiraya. The outfit kept the orange color as well as the white (without the pendant) and red swirls, but the jacket fit him better with the blue parts changed to black and the color extending around the neck and shoulders, around the closure and on the sleeves. The metal part of his headband was moved to a longer black bandana and he wears black sandals instead of blue ones. Naruto was sometimes seen wearing a navy green t-shirt with a fire symbol and white shorts occasionally or on his days off. During his battle with Pain, Naruto briefly wore a red short-sleeved cloak with black flame designs around the bottom hem and carried a large summoning scroll on his back; the cloak was destroyed after his transformation into the six-tailed Version 2. After his encounter with Hagoromo's spirit and receiving his chakra and thus the Hermit Mode Rikudo, Naruto got a clear sun mark on his right palm, which disappeared after sealing Kaguya. After his final battle with Sasuke following Kaguya's defeat, Naruto lost his right forearm. Shortly after the end of the war, Tsunade constructed a fully maneuverable forearm prosthesis for Naruto made from Hashirama Senju's cells, completely surrounded by bandages from his fingers to half his biceps.

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto in The Last: Naruto the movie.

Two years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto continued to grow with his hair cut shorter and moved the metal part of his headband to a simple black elastic band. He wears a uniform jacket with an orange closure that has several buttons on the waist and sleeves, allowing him to fold up his left sleeve and the bottom of his jacket, giving him easier access to the pouch on the back of his belt. He wears a red armband with the Uzumaki symbol around his left arm. When he is at rest, Naruto wears an orange hoodie and orange and black shorts with sandals. He originally wore a blue striped scarf that was knitted by his mother, but later took it off when he discovered that Hinata was knitting a long red scarf for him. When he married Hinata, Naruto wore a traditional black wedding kimono.

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto's Hokage outfit.

As an adult, Naruto stopped wearing his headband completely. He now wears an orange sweatshirt that has the Uzushio symbol on the back with black stripes with black pants and sandals. Along with the traditional Hokage headgear, he also sports a white cape decorated with the red flame patterns on the edges, with the kanji for "Seventh Hokage" (七代目火影, Nanadaime Hokage) written vertically on the back and holds it tied with a red rope, similar to the one his father had.

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Naruto Uzumaki


Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto and his Sexy-Jutsu.

At the beginning of the series, one of the techniques Naruto could do without fail was the Metamorphosis technique, and his own variant of the technique, Sexy-Meta, creative, but useless, except for creating a diversion. Throughout part 1, he learned a number of short-range techniques, which were developed during the month with Jiraya during the Chûnin Examination, and perfected them during the two and a half years he left the village with Jiraya for training. Naruto also improved his knowledge of ninja skills under Jiraya's tutelage, using taijutsu and ninja techniques, such as Multi cloning and Uzumaki Naruto Furie, during part 2, he started to master his own techniques, such as Fûton - Rasen Shuriken, and Bijû's Chakra Arms.

In part 1, Naruto was regularly considered to have great potential, mainly because Kyubi was sealed inside him. When Orochimaru saw him defeat Kabuto, he tried to kill him, fearing what he would become. His potential came to light in part 2, when he proved his worth in the battles against the Akatsuki members. His victory over the Six Corps of Pain brought him the greatest fame in the ninja world, even more than when he defeated Gaara's demon: villagers in Konoha began to believe that he should become Hokage and Zetsu, after seeing the battle, saw that Naruto had become stronger than Sasuke.

Being a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, Naruto has an incredible resistance and vitality, moreover the fact of having Kyûbi in him increases his capacities. He apparently has some knowledge about fûinjutsu, because he knew how to use the key to undo and redo his seal after seeing Gerotora. Jiraya had left Naruto with the key to help him complete an unknown technique that he, Naruto and Minato worked on, but never finished. Naruto said that he was ready to complete it.

While searching for the Uchiwa brothers, Itachi gave Naruto some of his powers, in case Sasuke chose to revolt against Konoha.

Transformation of Kyûbi's Jinchûriki

Naruto is Kyûbi's jinchûriki, giving him a huge amount of chakra and stamina, and an accelerated healing (recovering from minor wounds in a few seconds and from serious wounds in a day) and that depends on the amount of Kyûbi's chakra he uses, like in his fight against Sasuke, it took a few seconds to heal the hole left by the Chidori. The chakra of Kyûbi gives an increase of strength and speed.

Naruto's chakra level is considered to be very high, partly because of the nine-tailed fox demon. According to Kakashi, Naruto's chakra level is about four times higher than Kakashi's own. As such, he is naturally suited to jutsu that use a large amount of chakra, such as Multi cloning. While most ninjas are only able to create a few clones safely, Naruto is able to create hundreds, while maintaining a decent amount of chakra in each one.

The demon's chakra came to Naruto in situations where his life was in danger, but after training with Jiraya, Naruto learned to communicate with the fox and ask for his chakra. Otherwise, when Naruto gets angry, it allows him to take chakra from Kyûbi, which allows the fox to have influence on him.

If a lot of his chakra is taken by Naruto, the spirit of Kyûbi present in the chakra makes Naruto lose control of his senses, which becomes an animal that attacks everything at hand, and damages his own body, slowly shortening his life span. Although a number of methods were developed to break his influence on Naruto such as the Chakra Suppression Seal, created by Jiraya and Yamato with the Hokage Arcana - The Six Decades - The Rampart of Return to the Source.

After Naruto managed to separate Kyûbi's chakra, and imprisoned Kyûbi himself with a new seal, he was able to access his chakra directly whenever he needed it without interacting with him. In doing so, he gained a shroud of chakra that resembles the Rikudô Sennin. In this form, Naruto gained great powers:

  • His physical abilities are significantly increased, his strength allows him to inflict heavy damage with one punch to a weakened Kisame Hoshigaki, his speed allows him to surpass that of the Raikage and his resistance remains unchanged. It seems that his chakra has an effect on the Mokuton making it grow. When he used his chakra for the very first time, Yamato's Mokuton reacted and small trees grew. When he hit White Zetsu, it turned into a tree.
  • Like the hermit mode, he can improve techniques like Rasenshuriken or Rasengan. He can create chakra arms which can allow him to create a rasen-shuriken with one arm and two chakra arms without his technique causing any damage. He can also create a Mini Rasen-Shuriken with his finger, which is powerful enough to make a giant Zetsu lose his leg. He can create up to five chakra arms and can do a Rasengan with one chakra arm. He invented new Rasengan techniques with his chakra arms: Planetary Swirling Orb, Rasengan, Absorbing Swirling Orb. His chakra arms can be very long and helped him in many situations to get rid of powerful enemies like the Third Raikage or the Second Mizukage, they were even powerful enough to prevent Yonbi's hand from crushing him even if it took five arms to block it.
  • He can feel the negative emotions of people, their desire to kill, their hate... This is very useful against Zetsu's clones which are undetectable even for the detector ninjas or in a fog, where his eyes can't help him anymore, and he can spot his enemies with their hatred.

The biggest flaw of this mode is the amount of chakra it requires. Indeed, the more Naruto uses it, the more Kyûbi draws from Naruto's chakra and risks to kill him. However, during the war, Kyûbi stopped pumping his chakra at one moment to avoid Naruto's death and even lent him his chakra against Madara because he ended up befriending him and at the end believed with the other bijû that he was the reincarnation of Rikudô.

Afterwards, Naruto mastered Kyûbi to the point of being able to transform himself into Bijû Mode, so that his powers are even greater:

  • His strength and his speed are increased tenfold because he acquires the body of Kyûbi. With this one he can give very powerful blows which can be equal to three bijû.
  • He can throw the Orb of the Tailed Demons, the one of Kyûbi in particular is very powerful since it is the most powerful of the bijû being able to equal those of five bijû. With his own bomb, Naruto deflected the one of the five bijû towards the sky which indicates the enormous power of Kyûbi whereas he has only half of his power.
  • His tails can transform into chakra arms. These are much longer and more powerful than Naruto's in Kyûbi's chakra mode, they can immobilize the five bijû just by holding them by the neck.
  • He can also create Kyûbi's head to catch objects or to use an orb of the Tailed Demons.


Naruto had always been average in taijutsu, since the Academy where he got a B in this category. Throughout part 1, his taijutsu slowly improved, he had first shown himself in his battle against Kiba Inuzuka during the Chûnin Examination where he was able to stand up to him and avoid the multiple attacks of Kiba and Akamaru. Naruto's taijutsu improved greatly under Jiraya's tutelage, where he was able to stand up against Sora, Chiyo, Kakashi Hatake, Yamato and Sai. Throughout the series, his taijutsu continued to improve. He learned Fukasaku's Toad Kata, which allowed him to defeat Gakidô, and fight hand-to-hand against Tendô.

In addition to his taijutsu skills, Naruto showed a high level of physical strength. During the Chûnin Examination, he stopped a giant snake of Orochimaru by using Kyûbi's chakra. During his senjutsu training in part 2, he was able to move one of the huge statues without using the special oil. After the training, he acquired an extraordinary strength, maybe equal to Tsunade and Sakura Haruno, if not more.


Multi cloning

Although Naruto had difficulties with Multi Cloning at the beginning of the series, he quickly learned to use this Jônin level jutsu. The technique that would become his first favorite jutsu. This jutsu takes advantage of Naruto's massive chakra reserve thanks to the fact that he is the Jinchûriki of Kyûbi. Naruto is able to create at most two hundred clones, and to have a good amount of chakra in each of them. For this reason, Naruto can use his shadow clones for almost anything, for fighting, training, searching, etc...

In the second part, Naruto learned that he was the main spirit of the clones. By using many clones to learn a jutsu, he was able to learn what usually took months or years in several days, which greatly accelerated his training. Naruto creates a clone to send to an opponent to determine his power, as he did with Kakuzu. He can even use metamorphosis on all the clones without exhausting himself.

However, Naruto can't use multi-cloning with his new Jinchuri form anymore, because Kyubi could devour his chakra faster and he would risk dying. This problem was solved when Kyubi stopped consuming his chakra.


Also called "Swirling Orb", it is a technique created by Jiraya's student, Naruto's father, Minato Namikaze, who was the Fourth Hokage. It is a sphere of very concentrated chakra that you create in your hand and then you apply it on your opponent. This technique is quite destructive, since when he received it, Kabuto Yakushi did not have enough chakra to heal himself completely. According to Killer B, this technique was created by copying the principle of the Tailed Demon Orb used by the biju. Jiraya had learned it from his student, and was able to use it in several forms, such as a hermit mode version with an approximate diameter of 5m, Mega Swirling Orb.

Rasengan became Naruto's favorite attack and he invented other techniques based on it, such as Fûton - Rasenshuriken, a shuriken made of a Rasengan combined with the wind element that he managed to throw in Hermit Mode. In the movies, there are also new forms of the Swirling Orb, sometimes combined with a characteristic element of another important character in the movie.

He can also use other techniques of Rasengan in Ermite Mode or Kyûbi's Chakra Mode:

  • Rasenrangan: He uses it in Kyûbi's Chakra mode and it consists in inflicting a Rasengan to several targets at the same time thanks to his chakra arms.
  • Rasenkyûgan : He uses it in Kyûbi's Chakra mode and it consists in catching several targets with his chakra arms and bringing them in a big rasengan.
  • Senpo - Rasenrengan : He uses it in hermit mode and it consists in creating two Rasengan.
  • Senpô - Chô Ôdama Rasen Tarengan : He uses it in hermit mode and he creates a real barrage of swirling mega orbs with a barrage of clones. This technique is probably his most powerful attack after his fûton - Rasen shuriken.
  • Ôdama Rasen Tairengan : After executing the Multi Cloning Supra, he creates several Giant Swirling Orbs. The clones then charge towards the target with a horizontal line formation and hit their target with their Rasengan, causing heavy damage.

After obtaining some chakra from each bijû, he can combine the chakra natures Yôton and Jiton with his Rasengan and a seal technique to restrict the movements of his target.


Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto using the Fûton - Rasengan

To help him catch up with Sasuke's level, Kakashi taught Naruto to use the transformation of nature into an element of his chakra. The learning started with the discovery of his affinity which happened to be the Futeon. To learn how to transform his chakra, Naruto first had to successfully cut a tree leaf in half with the sharp power of wind chakra. Thanks to Kakashi's learning technique (which consisted in using clones to multiply the experience), Naruto managed to master this step and then the next one which consisted in cutting a waterfall.

Once the wind chakra was mastered, Kakashi tried to make Naruto combine the Rasengan with this new ability. Using two clones, one for shape manipulation and one for nature transformation, Naruto finally managed to create the technique Futeon - Rasengan, and finally Futeon - Rasen shuriken, an S-rank technique that he could not throw because it caused severe damage to his arm. Naruto improved this technique with the Hermit Mode which allowed him to throw the shuriken without suffering any damage.

After receiving chakra from the Rikudô Sennin, Naruto can combine the Fûton with his Tailed Demon Orb thanks to Kyûbi.

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Naruto Uzumaki

Invocation of the toads

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto with Gamatatsu using Futton - Toad Cannon

Naruto had first learned to use the summoning technique from Jiraya. The type of toad that Naruto could summon at any time was only tadpoles. At first, Naruto had trouble summoning specific toads, he would summon either Gamakichi or Gamatatsu. But when he used Kyûbi's chakra or when he was really motivated, Naruto could call Gamabunta.

In part 2, Naruto learned to do Collaboration Jutsu with the toads. Also called synchronized techniques or combined techniques, it refers to a form of jutsu that involves techniques that are composed of two or more techniques that, when thrown at the right time, will merge to become a technique of greater power than the sum of the component techniques. Naruto was introduced to this technique by Jiraya in the anime, to allow him to synchronize with a toad, and to develop a collaborative technique. Naruto finally managed to synchronize with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu to develop Futton - Toad Cannon, and then Futton - Toad Firebomb. The second version had enough power to temporarily stun Sanbi. Naruto had also done some collaborative techniques with Gamabunta and Yamato.


Later Naruto learned senjutsu from one of the hermits of Mount Myôboku. Senjutsu (hermit techniques) consists in sharing three different energies; in addition to the spiritual and physical energy which produce classical chakra, there is a third one, the natural energy. Indeed, if he doesn't manage to share these three energies equally, he won't be able to use the senjutsu chakra. So if Naruto doesn't accumulate enough natural energy (less than one third), he won't be able to use the senjutsu chakra and too much (more than one third), he will turn into a frog, then into a stone statue.

After this training, Naruto could switch like Jiraya to Hermit Mode by using senjutsu chakra (perfectly balanced mixture of classical chakra and natural energy). He managed to master it completely, better and faster than Jiraya. When Naruto switches to this mode, he does not have any partial frog transformation; his eyes turn yellow with a pupil shaped like a horizontal rod. In this form, Naruto gets a boosted ninjutsu and taijutsu: his techniques are more powerful and have a wider range. He can also feel and distinguish the chakra of all the people around him on a large perimeter. He is also able to completely finish his Orb shuriken, which can now be thrown from a distance and avoid the effect of it at close range. However, he can only stay in hermit mode for five minutes and has to stay still again to switch back to this mode, which is not practical during a fight. To remedy this, there is a method called fusion, which consists in sharing the tasks: while the hermit is moving and using the senjutsu chakra, the two fused hermits on his shoulders stay still and accumulate the natural energy for the hermit to use. Unfortunately, because of Kyûbi, Naruto can't merge with Fukasaku and Shima that the demon rejects. So he fills this gap by letting clones accumulate natural energy (two at the most), then uses a reverse invocation to make one of the clones appear and finally cancels the technique to recover the natural energy that this clone had accumulated. One of the consequences is that during the fight, he can only help himself with three shadow clones, if he doesn't want to disturb the clones that accumulate natural energy.

After having discovered that senjutsu is the only way to reach Obito, Kyûbi allowed Naruto to combine his chakra with his senjutsu, increasing tenfold Naruto's power and the speed of natural energy accumulation.

Rikudô technique

Naruto Uzumaki
After meeting the Hermit Rikudo and obtaining the chakra of the bijû, Naruto obtained a new chakra coat with nine Spheres of Truth floating behind him like the jinchûriki of Shinju. Naruto can use the powers of each bijû and is in hermit mode permanently. By placing his right palm on someone, he can perform miracles like saving Gai's life after he opened the Eight Heavenly Gates or recreating body parts like Kakashi's eye.
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Strategy capacity

Although intelligence is strongly minimized for Naruto most of the time of the series, his skills in deception and strategy are in fact extremely high, which allowed him to defeat extremely powerful ninjas like Kakuzu and Pain, and also other ninjas like Neji Hyûga and Shura. He also has the ability to formulate complex plans in the midst of battle.

Naruto's strategies usually involve shadow clones; either directing his opponent's attention to one of his clones to conceal his own movements, or transforming them into various forms (such as shuriken) to enable surprise attacks. His deception skills showed exponential growth during his fight against Pain, allowing him to triumph with elaborate and unpredictable plans such as turning his clones into rocks to blend into the environment. He also tricked many enemies without defeating them, like with Zabuza Momochi and Kidômaru.


Naruto Uzumaki
Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Force Speed Endurance Sceaux Total
Premier 2 1,5 1 1 2 2 4 1 14,5
Second 3 2 1 1,5 3 3 4 1 18,5
Third 4 3,5 2 3 3,5 3,5 5 1,5 26

Part I


Naruto Uzumaki

Group photo of Team 7.

The story begins with Naruto, a 12 year old boy who spends his time getting into trouble. He is labeled the "eternal last" of the Konoha Ninja Academy, failing once again to obtain his headband. Disappointed that once again his dreams of becoming Hokage were going up in smoke, Naruto was approached by one of his teachers, Mizuki. Mizuki told him that if he could steal the scroll of forbidden techniques sealed by the First Hokage and reserved for the jonin, the highest level shinobi, in the Hokage's Residence and learn one of the techniques written in it, he would pass the exam without any problem. Naruto complied and spent the night training his body and soul to master one of the techniques on the scroll, the Multi Cloning, without knowing that the ninjas of the village were looking for him.

Iruka Umino found him and discovered that Mizuki was involved in the incident, having tricked Naruto to steal the scroll. Mizuki then attacked them and revealed to Naruto that the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon was sealed inside him, and declared that Iruka actually hated him. However, as Iruka risked his life to protect Naruto from a giant shuriken, Naruto realized that Mizuki's words were a lie. So he created a thousand clones and lynched Mizuki. For mastering such a difficult technique, Iruka gave Naruto his headband.

In the following days, Naruto befriended Konohamaru, the grandson of the 3rd Hokage and became his unofficial master, teaching him mainly naughty techniques, but sometimes also powerful techniques in the course of the story, which made Ebisu, Konohamaru's tutor, angry. Naruto was also appointed to Team 7, becoming the partner of Sasuke Uchiwa and Sakura Haruno, under the tutelage of Kakashi Hatake, a jonin.

Kakashi took them to the heights of Konoha and asked them to introduce themselves. Naruto said that he loved ramen and that his dream was to become the greatest Hokage. Sasuke revealed that his goal was to eliminate a man, which freaked Naruto out, and Sakura said that her dream was to marry Sasuke, which did not surprise Kakashi. First, Kakashi gave his new students a test to see if they were really ready to become ninjas. They had to try to catch one of the two bells that Kakashi kept on him, and Kakashi didn't fight them seriously, he fought them while reading a book. Naruto tried to use the advantage of numbers with his multicloning but Kakashi escaped from him after sending him waltzing with two fingers in his buttocks. Sakura was defeated with a very simple Genjutsu. Sasuke did better but he was finally defeated by the jonin. The real purpose of the challenge was to test the ability to put teamwork above the fact that each of the three members could not get a bell. Although they failed miserably at first, all three eventually decided to cooperate, passing the test in the process.

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Land of Waves

After completing a number of simple and unexciting D-rank missions, Team 7, due to Naruto's stubbornness, was given a C-rank mission by the Hokage: to escort Tazuna, a very unpleasant carpenter, to the Land of Waves. Having been attacked by the Demon Brothers, nukenin from Kiri, the hidden village of the mist, who came to kill Tazuna on the way, they soon realized that the mission was more dangerous than a simple escort. Tazuna revealed that the country was under the yoke of Gato, a billionaire industrialist who was actually a mafioso, who appropriated the reserves of the inhabitants, plunging them into a black misery. Tazuna explained that he was unable to pay a B rank mission. Moreover, Tazuna had launched the construction of a bridge connecting the Land of Waves to the continent, hoping to free it from Gatô's grip, which explained why he was in constant danger of death. Team 7 then decided to help Tazuna, serving as his bodyguards until the bridge was completed.

They were soon attacked by Zabuza Momochi, another assassin under Gato's orders, who engaged in a fight with Kakashi, who revealed his trump card, the Sharingan. As he was captured by Zabuza in a high density water bubble, he ordered his students to flee with Tazuna. Naruto, frustrated at having been useless against the Demon Brothers, decided to come to his master's aid. With the help of Sasuke, he managed to free him with a combination of stealth shuriken and metamorphosis techniques, allowing him to defeat Zabuza by flooding the forest with a Suiton tidal wave. However, Haku, disguised as a deserter hunter, intervened by pretending to kill Zabuza with a metal needle in the throat. In reality, he only put him in a state of lethargy in order to bring him to safety. Kakashi later became suspicious of the hunter's actions and, fearing that Zabuza was still alive, trained his apprentices to control their chakra by making them climb trees without their hands. Sakura managed to do it without difficulty while the two boys got stuck at the bottom of the tree, which made Naruto angry. Naruto and Sasuke kept up a competitive spirit, each wanting to be the first to complete the training, creating a mutual motivation at the same time.

While resting after a hard night of training, Naruto met Haku, not realizing that he was facing the boy he had met before. The two of them had a discussion about their loved ones and the strength they had to protect them. With Haku gone, Naruto finished his training, but came out so exhausted that the rest of Team 7 let him rest while they continued to escort Tazuna. When he woke up, Tazuna's grandson Inari and his mother Tsunami were being attacked by samurai paid by Gato. Naruto saved little Inari, who was about to be cut by the two samurai, by substituting his body with a log. Then he created a clone and knocked out the two mercenaries with a kick, proving to Inari that heroes really exist. Then he asked her to prepare the villagers to fight before going to join his friends on the Tazuna bridge, in the middle of the battle against Zabuza and Haku. Naruto came to Sasuke's aid in his fight against Haku, in a very clumsy way as they both got caught in the Demonic Ice Mirror technique. After several unsuccessful attempts to destroy the mirrors with his clones, Naruto found himself riddled with needles and drained of chakra. While Haku tried to kill Naruto at first sight by aiming his needles at him, Sasuke came between the two, and seemed to die while saving Naruto.

In rage at Sasuke's apparent death, Naruto unconsciously drew on Kyûbi's chakra and destroyed the Ice Mirrors. Just as he was about to finish Haku off, Haku's mask broke off, revealing his face which Naruto recognized. Haku encouraged Naruto to do what he had to do, thinking that he could not be of any use to Zabuza anymore. Although Naruto resigned himself to do it, Haku stopped him at the last moment to go to Zabuza's rescue as he was about to be killed by Kakashi. When Naruto realized what had happened - Haku had given his life for Zabuza who didn't seem to feel any real gratitude - he was disgusted and shouted to Zabuza that Haku had always acted for him and that he thought it was monstrous that Zabuza considered him a tool. Moved to tears by Naruto's speech, Zabuza rebelled against Gato and beheaded him, hoping to bring justice to Haku, but he ended up dying from his wounds, pierced by Gato's mercenary battalion. The bridge (newly named "Naruto's Great Bridge") was completed, the Land of Waves was liberated, and Team 7, including a healed Sasuke whom Haku had never intended to kill, returned to Konoha after Team 7 buried Zabuza and Haku.

Chûnin exam

Back in Konoha and after completing some simple missions, Team 7 registered for the Chûnin Exam. During the first test, a written exam, the candidates were evaluated on their ability to cheat without being detected. Although almost all of the candidates eventually understood the real purpose of the test, Naruto continued to despair over his paper which obviously had questions that were far too complex for most young ninjas. Hinata Hyuga, sitting next to him, offered to copy on her, but Naruto refused for fear of disqualifying Hinata as well as himself. Naruto then counted on the tenth and last question to get out of it. When this question was revealed, it offered the candidates present the possibility to give up because if they didn't answer correctly, they would never be able to take the exam again. Naruto, who did not let the prospect of answering incorrectly deter him, declared that even if he could not take the exam, he would still become Hokage by force of will, refusing to give up. Determination in the face of the unknown being the real right answer to the tenth question, Natuto and Team 7 qualified for the second round.

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For the second trial, Team 7 was sent to the Forest of Death in possession of a scroll, with the goal of taking the opposite scroll from another team and bringing it back to the center of the forest within the time limit of five days. On the first day, a Rain shinobi took the appearance of Naruto but Sasuke unmasked him because of his excessive memory, and planted a kunai in his arm, the shinobi fled. Shortly after they entered the forest, they were attacked by Orochimaru, a mysterious deserter whose simple aura frightened Sasuke and Sakura. Naruto was even swallowed by his giant snake, but he blew it up from the inside with a super multi-cloning and went to join his friends. Before Sasuke gave up their scroll in exchange for their lives, Naruto intervened by tapping into Kyubi's chakra and called Sasuke a coward. Orochimaru stopped him by attacking Kyubi's seal, but Naruto's courage determined Sasuke to fight. Sasuke showed his skill by hitting Orochimaru with the Uchiwa clan's Katon technique, "Dragon Fire", which consumed his face. He bit Sasuke on the neck and imprinted his Cursed Mark on his skin, causing him to pass out after a few seconds. Meanwhile, Orochimaru told him that they would meet again soon because Sasuke would come to him in search of power. Once Orchimaru left and Naruto woke up, they faced Oboro's team, genin from the Rain village specialized in genjutsu. After freeing themselves from their illusion and defeating them with the help of Kabuto Yakushi, a repeater of the exam, the team took their scroll and passed the test. Their former sensei, Iruka, congratulated them on their progress.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto vs Kiba

In the combat hall, the Third Hokage explained that the exam was a war between the hidden villages, pitting talented young shinobi against each other. Due to the large number of qualified genin, a preliminary test began, during which the candidates fought one-on-one. Naruto found himself facing Kiba Inuzuka and his dog Akamaru. Remembering Naruto's mediocrity during their time at the academy, Kiba thought he could win easily. He and Akamaru teamed up against Naruto who found himself in trouble from the start of the match. He was sent to the ground several times by the "Lacerating Fangs" and the "Beast Man Bite", both heartbreaking techniques of the Inuzuka clan. After combining the Metamorphosis Technique with his clones to make Kiba hurt Akamaru, Kiba went on a rampage by swallowing a military pill. Naruto, however, managed to turn his overdeveloped sense of smell against him by dropping a fart on his nose before finishing him off with his "Naruto Fury" inspired by Sasuke's "Lion Fury", winning the match with a masterful kick to the head.

Staying to watch the following matches, Naruto witnessed Neji Hyuga's hateful treatment of his cousin Hinata. Furious with his opinion that Hinata was a failure who could never escape her mediocre fate, Naruto swore to Neji that he would crush her during the third match a month later. During the time between the two events, Naruto started to train with Ebisu to control his chakra in his feet to walk on water. However, Ebisu was eventually knocked out by Jiraya at the hot springs, so Naruto forced the Sannin to take over. Jiraya noticed that the young boy he was training was Kyubi's jinchurriki and the seal that Orochimaru had put on him. Jiraya weakened the seal so that Naruto could better control his chakra. While teaching him how to summon the toads, Jiraya taught his student how to use the demon chakra to his advantage. Although Naruto was not very skilled at first since he only summoned tadpoles; but he was able to summon Gamabunta by tapping into Kyubi's chakra after Jiraya threw him into a ravine. Gamabunta decided to take Naruto as a student before the third trial started.

In his fight against Neji in the last round, Naruto was clearly not up to the task. Although his clones surrounded Neji, none of them could hit him and they were all neutralized by Neji's Juken. Convinced that a failure like Naruto could never defeat a genius like him, Neji used the 64 Fists of Hakke to neutralize his opponent and prevent him from mixing chakra. Then he told Naruto how the Soke members had sacrificed his father Hizashi, a member of the Bunke, to save his uncle Hiashi, the heir of the Soke, and showed him the seal of the caged bird on his forehead. Shocked, Naruto swore to change the Hyuga clan once he became a great Hokage. Determined to prove that Neji's philosophy was wrong, Naruto drew on the chakra of the Fox Demon, which impressed all the spectators and even the 3rd Hokage and managed to compete with Neji. He avoided all his attacks and then sent a shuriken with such force that Neji was forced to use the Divine Whirlwind of the Hakke to repel him. Naruto then threw himself at Neji to hit him with Kyubi's chakra and Neji protected himself from the blow with the Divine Whirlwind. The impact propelled them both several meters away but Neji was the only one to get up and taunted Naruto, who was motionless and rolled up on the ground. Naruto faked his defeat by using a clone, with the real Naruto emerging from the ground to deliver a final uppercut to Neji's chin. This fight allowed Neji to realize that a failure could beat a genius, nothing was ever written in advance and that one could change one's destiny. During the match between Sasuke and Gaara, Naruto was envious of Sasuke's progress, but the fight was interrupted by the beginning of the Invasion of Konoha by the shinobi of Suna and Oto.

Konoha Invasion

Naruto was put to sleep by a Genjutsu at the beginning of the invasion but was woken up by Sakura to go and find Sasuke, who was chasing Gaara. Guided by Pakkun, Kakashi's ninja dog, they arrived in time to prevent the sand ninja from killing the Uchiwa with the chakra of his bijû. Intrigued by Naruto, Gaara forced him to fight by threatening to crush Sakura with his sand. Naruto tried to summon the giant toad but failed and summoned his 10 cm son, Gamakichi, who asked him to eat if he wanted to play with him. He then started, with the help of Ichibi's power, to play with his opponent for sadistic pleasure, hurting him several times with his sand shuriken. Although Naruto, aware of Gaara's suffering as a Jinchuri, didn't want to kill him, he didn't want anything to happen to Sasuke and Sakura so he started to fight seriously. He started by sticking an explosive kunai in his buttocks, using the "1000 years of suffering". He then did a multi-cloning supra of 1 000 clones and started to drown Gaara under a chain of blows, Naruto's ninpo repertoire. He wounded Gaara with his "shuriken whirlwind" and beat him with his "Narutornade of 2000 fists". He was about to finish him off with his kicks but Gaara totally transformed into Ichibi, Shukaku the one-tailed tanuki bijû. Ichibi covered Naruto with sand and tried to kill him with the Sand Sarcophagus but this one ended up invoking Gamabunta by drawing from Kyûbi's chakra. Gamabunta refused to help him at first because he was not his official sensei, but Gamakichi managed to convince him. Gamabunta then engaged in a titanic fight against the bijû, which ravaged a part of the forest. He managed to cut off one of Ichibi's arms with his Toad Blade but Gaara appeared on the biju's head and used the tanuki's sleep allowing Ichibi to take full control, the tanuki launched a Fûton technique, the Wind Surge. Bunta avoided it and sprayed his enemy with water bombs, which were sent back to him by the Wind Surge, hurting him quite badly.

Naruto managed to wake up Gaara with a huge headbutt after turning Bunta into a fox, thus pushing Ichibi back. Once the toad and the biju were gone, the two shinobi, barely standing, resumed their fight. The last to strike was the Konoha ninja, before the two opponents, unable to fight, collapsed. Gaara, stunned by Naruto's strength, listened to Naruto's speech about their similarities and the different paths they had taken. Gaara, changed forever, withdrew with his brother and sister while Naruto left with his friends.

Naruto and the other Konoha ninjas gathered several days later for the ceremony to honor Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Hokage who died protecting Konoha from Orochimaru during the battle.

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Search for Tsunade

After the death of the Sandaime Hokage, Jiraya was asked to find a candidate for the position of Godaime Hokage. He convinced Naruto to go with him and promised to teach him a technique that could surpass Sasuke's Chidori. On the way, they met Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiwa, two members of Akatsuki who came to capture Naruto for the bijû sealed in him. Jiraya managed to push them away. This was Naruto's first contact with the organization that would cause him many problems several years later. In order to prepare him, Jiraya taught him Rasengan, a technique created by Minato.

Naruto and Jiraya found Tsunade, the ideal candidate for the position of Hokage. When she refused the offer and insulted the memory of the previous Hokage, Naruto, furious, challenged her to a duel and attacked her with an incomplete Rasengan. Surprised, Tsunade challenged him to a bet: if he could master the technique in one week, she would give him her necklace (the Shodai Hokage Necklace), but if he couldn't, she would take all his money. Naruto accepted the challenge and started to train relentlessly, but after a week, he still couldn't perform the Rasengan. Tsunade was disappointed and left to meet Orochimaru, the murderer of the Third Hokage, although Naruto, Jiraya and Shizune, the Sannin's assistant, tried to stop her.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto using the Swirling Orb for the first time on Kabuto.

It turned out that Tsunade had no intention to help Orochimaru, so she started to fight against him and his right hand man Kabuto Yakushi. As she was knocked out of the fight by Kabuto, Naruto came to help. Although he was beaten by Kabuto and despite Tsunade's pleas for him to run away, Naruto, with the help of a clone, finally managed to execute a Rasengan against Kabuto, winning his bet. As promised, Tsunade, awakened by Naruto's determination, put the necklace around the neck of the unconscious young ninja. Taking courage and believing in her ideals again, she managed to chase Kabuto and Orochimaru away and agreed to become Godaime Hokage. They returned to Konoha, Naruto having now the full confidence of the new Hokage.

Country of Tea

Detailed article: Tea Country Arc

Mission of recovery of Sasuke

Sasuke started to fall into the trap of corruption set by Orochimaru. He attacked Naruto as soon as he left the hospital, and after a short fight on the roof, tried to kill him with his Chidori. Sakura came between them and almost got killed, but they all escaped unhurt thanks to Kakashi's intervention. Sasuke was willing to stop considering them as teammates and start considering them as enemies, and finally deserted Konoha to find Orochimaru in search of power, escorted by the Sound Quartet, Orochimaru's close guard. Naruto joined Sasuke's Recovery Team to bring him back, commanded by Shikamaru, after Sakura failed. Before entering the village gate, Naruto made a promise to Sakura in tears to bring Sasuke back. Jirobo, one of the members of the Quartet, stopped them on the way to prevent them from continuing their way to Sasuke. After locking them in a rock prison, Jirôbô started to pump their chakra, but Chôji freed them with his Human Ball and stayed behind to confront Jirôbô. After being caught in the spider web of Kidomaru, the six-armed boy, Naruto's clones were deleted one by one by golden web kunai. Just as he was about to be pierced by the Oto ninja, Naruto was saved by Neji who stopped to face Kidômaru. After that, Kiba and his dog Akamaru engaged in a duel against Sakon while Shikamaru fought against Tayuya with the flute. While each member of the squad fought against a member of the Quartet, Naruto ended up facing Kimimaro, the fifth member of what was the Sound Quintet, who is also the keeper of the barrel where Sasuke is locked up. However, despite all the clones deployed to fight him, he didn't manage to defeat his enemy, because of his lightning speed and the bone techniques of his clan... As he was about to be killed, he was saved by Rock Lee, just out of the hospital, who allowed him to continue to pursue Sasuke while Lee was taking care of Kimimaro. Afterwards, Lee was helped by Gaara of the Desert, who neutralized Kimimaro with his sand.Naruto Uzumaki

Rasengan against Chidori.

Naruto finally caught up with Sasuke at the Valley of the End, the site of the legendary duel between the First Hokage and Madara Uchiwa, where a battle ensued between the two young ninjas. The fight was brutal: Sasuke fought a duel to the death in order to test his newfound power while Naruto was convinced that he had to fight seriously to bring Sasuke back, and also to survive. At the beginning of the fight, on the head of the giant statue of Madara, Naruto pinned Sasuke on his back and hit him in the face with all his strength. Sasuke spat his blood in his face and told him that he would remain weak if he stayed in Konoha, and that his companions had been nothing but a drag on him. Then he stood up, grabbed Naruto by the throat and sent him waltzing from the top of the statue with an impressive hook in the stomach. Amazed by his newfound strength, Sasuke ran down the statue vertically armed with Chidori while Naruto, having fallen into the river, steadied himself on the water and ran towards him with his Rasengan. The two techniques met and exploded, sending both shinobi to the ground. Sasuke realized that their attacks were of equal strength, and that he should first take advantage of Naruto before finishing him off with the Chidori. So he activated his mark, his body was covered with black marks and his strength increased tenfold. He then sent a rain of fireballs to Naruto, the Balsam Katon of the Uchiwa, and Naruto had to jump high to avoid it. The young Uchiwa caught him in the air and sent him to the bottom of the water with a back kick. He then lifted him up by his jacket and pierced him with his Chidori, just missing the heart and piercing the right shoulder. He withdrew his hand, blood spurting out, and tried to finish him off with a blow to the heart, but he was pushed back by a wave of red chakra. Naruto started to cry when he saw that Sasuke had tried to kill him and let himself be invaded by the fox's chakra, his wounds closed in a few seconds. Frightened by this unknown power, Sasuke asked him: "But who are you?" and he replied: "I am... your friend!"

Naruto took advantage of Sasuke and managed to make him dive under the water and beat him before emerging and blocking him on the cliff. At that moment, Sasuke remembered the murder of the Uchiwa clan by his brother Itachi and his words: "Come back to me when you have the same eyes as me, but for that, you will have to kill your dearest friend". He shouted to Naruto that he could never understand him because he was always alone, without parents or brother, and he had never known real pain. Overflowing with hatred, the young Uchiwa managed to awaken the third tomoe of his Sharingan, and the course of the fight changed. Sasuke managed to anticipate all of Naruto's blows with his pupils and countered them, despite his speed. However, when Naruto found himself in a bad position, Kyûbi's chakra cloak covered him and Naruto took the advantage over Sasuke, the latter predicted Naruto's movements but not those of Kyûbi's chakra which acted independently, Sasuke used a Katon technique; but it was without effect because of the cloak that protected Naruto, Naruto used the chakra arm that allowed him to grab Sasuke and to hit him, Sasuke let himself be invaded by the Cursed Mark until the stage 2, making wings appear and allowing him to block an attack of Naruto. The final blow was delivered at the same time: Sasuke with a black Chidori and Naruto with a big red Rasengan. The energy of the shock was so great that it cancelled the effects of their techniques and created a huge sphere of black chakra that engulfed them: Sasuke ended up hitting Naruto in the stomach and Naruto managed to scratch Sasuke's headband, taking up the challenge that Sasuke had given him. While Naruto remained unconscious, Sasuke decided not to kill him, ignoring his brother's advice, and left to join Orochimaru, deciding to gain strength on his own.

Kakashi and Pakkun arrived too late and brought Naruto back. The other members of the repatriation team were escorted back to the villages by shinobi doctors. On his hospital bed, Naruto promised Sakura that he would bring Sasuke back at the risk of his life. Jiraya came back to offer Naruto to go to training with him for three years. Jiraya also advised Naruto to give up the idea of bringing Sasuke back, as it had become exclusive to the Sannin himself about Orochimaru. Naruto agreed to go with Jiraya but refused to let his friend down, saying, "If being a jerk means refusing to abandon your friends, then I'll be a jerk all my life."

Special episodes

Detailed article: Non-series arcs - Part IAfter the original story was finished, in order to make sure that the anime would not exceed the part 2 of the manga, the decision makers added a lot of missions after Naruto made his fight against Sasuke and before he left with Jiraya for his training. Naruto was sent on different missions with the other members of the 11 genin of Konoha. The off-series episodes tend to develop the secondary characters, as well as Gaara. In the manga, when Naruto had just finished his fight against Sasuke, 3 months passed and then he left with his master. Moreover, these episodes show what Naruto had done during these 3 months.


In the anime, shortly after leaving Konoha, Jiraya and Naruto discussed the fact that Naruto should learn to counter the genjutsu if he hopes to be able to face Sasuke in their next meeting. Naruto trained with Gamariki to dispel the genjutsu, but he had trouble doing so and his chakra kept hitting Gamariki, who became angry. Naruto followed Jiraya to the Genjutsu Forest Village to try a different approach, but they discovered that the village was being held hostage by Kandachi. As they left the place, Jiraya was happy to see how similar Naruto was to Minato Namikaze and hugged him, which made Naruto feel uncomfortable.

On the Trail of Naruto: The Paths of Friends

Detailed article: Arc On Naruto's Tracks: The Paths of FriendsTwo years after the beginning of their training, Naruto's control over Kyûbi's chakra improved considerably. Jiraya tried to give him better access to the power of the bijû and used Gerotora to weaken Naruto's Hakke Seal. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Kyubi mocked Naruto for his inability to save Sasuke, using Naruto's negative emotions to force him to enter the version 2 of his transformation. Having lost control of his body, Naruto attacked Jiraya and almost killed him before he managed to suppress Kyubi. Naruto had no memory of what happened and Jiraya didn't tell him anything, preferring to redirect Naruto's training towards other activities, especially anger management, in order to avoid Kyubi to take over the boy again.

Part II

Rescue of the Kazekage

Back in Konoha after three years, Naruto joined Team 7 with Kakashi and Sakura. Kakashi put them through the bell test again, only this time he used his Sharingan against them. Although they made remarkable progress, Naruto and Sakura were still unable to beat Kakashi: they decided to threaten him to reveal the end of the last volume of "Paradise of Frolic": the ruse worked and they took the bells. Naruto found his old friends, all of them having become chûnin or higher, and he heard that Gaara, who had become Kazekage, had been kidnapped by the Akatsuki. So Team Kakashi left for Suna to offer their help.

When they arrived in the sand village, thanks to the medical ninjutsu she learned from Tsunade during those three years, Sakura saved Kankuro from death, poisoned by Sasori of the Akatsuki while trying to save her brother Gaara. They set out, accompanied by Chiyo, on the trail of the Akatsuki. On the way, they came across a double of Itachi Uchiwa and started to fight him, thinking that he was the real Itachi. Chiyo and Sakura freed Naruto from his Genjutsu by pouring chakra into his body. Kakashi managed to keep the fake Itachi busy and Naruto came out with a big Rasengan and shoved it into his stomach. They realize that the man they just defeated is in fact a dead Suna shinobi into which Itachi breathes chakra from a distance. Once the decoy was defeated by the Kakashi/Naruto duo, the team headed back to the Akatsuki's lair. After breaking the 5-seal barrier that protected the place, they found Gaara's corpse, which Deidara took with him on his clay eagle. Naruto and Kakashi went after him, leaving Sakura and Chiyo to fight with Sasori of the Red Sand, the most talented shinobi puppeteer and Deidara's partner. Kakashi used his newly awakened Mangekyo Sharingan to distract Deidara, even ripping off his arm with the "Kamui" technique, allowing Naruto to retrieve Gaara. Furious at the death of his friend, Naruto let Kyubi's chakra invade him, activating two tails of the biju and started to hit Deidara with a mad rage, before realizing that he was a clay clone. Kakashi then chased away Kyubi's chakra by putting a scroll on Naruto's forehead, it was Jiraya who gave him this scroll just in case. Deidara managed to escape and left them a clone filled with explosive clay as a souvenir, which almost killed them all before Kakashi made the explosion disappear with his Kamui. This second use of the Mangekyo Sharingan left Kakashi drained and unable to move. After that, the team was back together.

Gaara had lost his life during the extraction of Ichibi by the Akatsuki. Furious to see the unjust fate of his friend, jinchurriki just like him, Naruto attacked Chiyo, the one responsible for the sealing of Shukaku in Gaara. As compensation for his past mistakes and in the hope of a better future, Chiyo, with Naruto's help, revived Gaara with a forbidden technique that took his life in exchange for Gaara's. After his funeral, Naruto and Gaara, still alive, shook hands as a symbol of their brotherhood. Naruto and the other Konoha ninjas then returned to the Leaf Village.

Sai and Sasuke

Naruto Uzumaki

The new team 7 on mission.

At the end of her fight with Sasori, Sakura learned from him that a spy close to Orochimaru had arranged to meet her at the Heaven and Earth Bridge, giving them the opportunity to track down Sasuke after three years of absence. Kakashi, resting in the hospital after abusing the Mangekyô Sharingan against Deidara, was replaced as the head of Team 7 by Yamato, one of the Hokage's personal Anbu, while the new fourth member was Sai, an agent of the Root and Danzo's subordinate in place of Sasuke, although neither Naruto nor Sakura accepted this decision.

On the way to the rendezvous point with the spy, Yamato tried to optimize the teamwork, although Sai did nothing but to create discord within the group by provoking Naruto. Sasori's spy turned out to be Kabuto. Yamato, disguised as Sasori, in the form of Hiruko, tried to extract information from him, but Kabuto unmasked him and slashed his arm, after which Orochimaru himself joined them on the bridge. Enraged by the way Orochimaru talked about Sasuke (as his property), Naruto became enraged and let Kyûbi's chakra overwhelm him, going to the third tail.

Orochimaru managed to avoid Naruto's attacks and told him that he was still far from Sasuke's level, so he let the fourth tail out, losing all consciousness of his actions: he hurt Sakura with a blow of his tail. Orochimaru spat out many snakes in order to defeat the jinchurriki but the latter got rid of them with a single movement of his arm causing a shock wave. He then attacked Orochimaru, who continued to escape from him by crawling quickly on the ground like a snake. Naruto accumulated a Tailed Demon Orb and swallowed it, which made it swell up like a balloon, he then released it all, creating a huge explosion that devastated the forest. Orochimaru tried to protect himself from the blast by summoning Sanju Rashomon, a triple armored rampart, but he was still swept away by the technique. Lying on the ground, he tried to pierce Naruto with the Kusanagi Sword but Kyubi's cloak protected him. As Orochimaru withdrew from the fight, Sakura ran towards Naruto begging him to stop but the latter being no longer conscious of his actions injured Sakura with a tail, Yamato then used a Mokuton technique of Fuinjutsu of the 1st Hokage and managed to push Kyûbi back. Sai, on his side, joined Orochimaru to form an alliance between him and Danzo, who hopes to become Hokage. Yamato took Naruto aside and explained to him that he was the one responsible for Sakura's wound, even if he was not aware of it: he advised him not to rely on Kyûbi's power if he wanted to protect his friends and to become strong by himself, because he has a great potential.

Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke took out his sword.

When they arrived at Orochimaru's underground hideout, hidden in the desert, they infiltrated it and captured Sai. Sai declared that his superiors had sent him to organize a new invasion of Konoha, but that his real mission was to eliminate the nukenin Sasuke. Having met Sasuke earlier, he asked Naruto why he wanted to bring him back. Naruto explained that the bonds they had created were indestructible and that he was going to protect them. Intrigued, Sai switched sides, helping them to capture Kabuto, eager to understand the meaning of the bonds. Sai also revealed to them that he had undergone training in the Root that had erased all his feelings, and that the day his brother Shin died, he had felt nothing. The team finally found Sasuke.

More committed than ever in his quest for power, Sasuke forced them to use force: however, exhausted by his fight against Orochimaru, Naruto was unable to compete with Sasuke's new powers. Sasuke tried to kill him with his sword, made from the Kusanagi, but Sai saved him by parrying the blow. Naruto and Sai attacked him in pairs but Sasuke electrocuted them with his new Chidori Nagashi technique, the "Thousand Birds Flow", an electric field that spreads through the air and the ground. Yamato was then pierced by Sasuke's Chidori blade while protecting Sakura with his sword. Exhausted, Naruto got up, and Kyûbi took advantage of his state to try to pour his chakra into Naruto to free himself. In his subconscious, he informed him that he didn't want to use his power anymore: that's when Sasuke entered his subconscious and made Kyûbi back off. Kyûbi examined his Sharingan and his look full of hatred and he told him that he looked a lot like Madara Uchiwa, former leader of the clan. Sasuke then tried to finish with his former teammates, but he was stopped by Orochimaru, who told him that it was still too early. They withdrew and Team Yamato returned to Konoha, Naruto and Sakura vowed to become stronger and bring Sasuke back to the village when they next met, no matter what.

Twelve Guardian Ninjas

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Hidan and Kakuzu

After his release from the hospital, Kakashi, determined to prepare Naruto for his inexorable confrontation with Sasuke, trained him to use the chakra linked to his element, which turned out to be wind, useful for sharp techniques. The training was done in a unique way: Naruto practiced using the supra multi-cloning (1,000 clones), a feat that only he can accomplish thanks to his monstrous amount of chakra, in order to reduce considerably the time needed. The first step of Naruto's training was to slice a leaf in half with his wind chakra, which took him one or two days despite the experience he had accumulated with his 1,000 clones. After that, Yamato made a huge stone wall with his element Dôton and then made a waterfall flow over it with his other element Suiton, which revealed to Naruto that it was better to master several elements to reach the rank of jônin. Naruto's job was to separate the waterfall in two with Futeon chakra, a task that was almost impossible because of the pressure and weight of the water. Naruto, on a rock attached to the waterfall, worked at it without stopping for several days using several hundred clones, and finally succeeded before collapsing, exhausted by the effort and running out of chakra. He did not resume training for several hours of rest. Kakashi then revealed to him that he should combine the Futeon with the Rasengan as Minato intended to use this combination before his untimely death. Naruto tried to do this by dividing his 1000 clones in groups of three: one to create the chakra vortex, the second to shape the Rasengan and the third to integrate the Futton chakra into the orb. Yamato was watching him to intervene with his Mokuton as soon as a clone of Naruto would turn into Kyûbi because of the excessive chakra expenditure, which exhausted them both very quickly, but they continued. Once Naruto had mastered the technique, Yamato explained to him that his Futton chakra would give him an advantage against Sasuke's Chidori, made of Raiton, but that the wind would be a handicap against his Stick techniques, because the wind fuels the flames.

While Naruto was training, Konoha's new priority was to deal with the Akatsuki criminal duo Hidan and Kakuzu. After the murder of Asuma Sarutobi, Kakashi left Yamato alone to monitor Naruto's progress while he helped Team 10 avenge their sensei's death. As soon as he was able to develop a working technique, Naruto and Team Yamato came to the rescue of Kakashi and Team 10 from Kakuzu, the nukenin of the 5-hearted village of Taki. Naruto confronted him by creating his Shuriken Orb with the help of 3 clones. The first attack was a failure, because the Rasen shuriken was cancelled just as the original was about to strike. Kakashi and the others offered to help Naruto, but Naruto asked them to let him do it, otherwise he would always be a kid. Naruto retried a Rasen Shuriken with three clones and Kakuzu went after the user of the new technique; but the user was a clone and the original hit Kakuzu from behind with a Rasen Shuriken. The shock of the attack, once the target was hit, created a sharp tornado and caused the destruction of the three remaining hearts of Kakuzu in one blow. Exhausted by the backlash, Naruto was healed by Ino while Kakashi finished off the Akatsuki member with a Raikiri, telling him that the younger generations always outdo the older ones in the end.

Back in Konoha, Tsunade forbade Naruto to use the Rasenshuriken again, because despite its efficiency, it was very dangerous for Naruto's health and he ended up with a broken arm.


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Pursuit of Itachi

Once the news of Orochimaru's defeat of Sasuke reached Konoha, Naruto thought that his friend would return to the village, but Jiraya revealed to him that Sasuke was still consumed by revenge and planned to eliminate his brother Itachi. Naruto concluded that they should track down and capture Itachi Uchiwa without killing him while following the trail of Sasuke and his team. Team 7 decided to renew their attempt to find him. Knowing that Sasuke would be looking for his brother, they teamed up with Team 8: Kiba, Shino and Hinata, to try to find one of the Uchiwa brothers. Their tracking unit consisted of Akamaru and Kakashi's ninja dogs, following Sasuke by scent, led by Kiba, whose sense of smell surpassed that of the most trained dogs. During the search, a team came across Kabuto, who had absorbed some of Orochimaru's remains. As a tribute to Naruto's efforts to overpower Kyubi, which he compared to his own efforts to overpower Orochimaru, he gave him a book containing vital information about the Akatsuki and its members and told him that they would meet again soon.

Once the teams were regrouped and Kiba Inuzuka was back on Sasuke's trail, Naruto deployed clones all over the area to speed up the search. One of the clones met Itachi, who signaled, despite Naruto's attempts to assault him, that he just wanted to talk to him. He restrained him with Genjutsu and asked him about his dedication to Sasuke and Konoha, and told him that one day he would have to make a final choice. When Naruto insisted that he wanted to protect both of them, Itachi gave him an unknown power that he might need later by making him swallow a black crow before leaving, saying that more important things were waiting for him. A clone eventually found Sasuke, and Sasuke destroyed it before raging about "that pain in the ass Naruto" and speeding off.

As the squad went to intercept him, a masked Akatsuki shinobi named Tobi got in the way. Naruto tried to hit him with a Rasengan but it went through Tobi's body as if he didn't exist. Shino trapped him in a cloud of tracking insects, but he reappeared a few meters away without the insects reacting. Even Hinata's Byakugan did not detect anything unusual, and Kiba, with his Gatsuga, missed him and crashed to the ground. None of their attacks were successful because of this mysterious power, so he managed to hold them back until the news of Itachi's death at the hands of Sasuke reached them through Zetsu, whom Naruto nicknamed "cactus head". Before Tobi left, Kakashi saw the Sharingan on his right eye through the hole in his mask. A few hours later, teams 7 and 8 arrived at the former Uchiwa's lair, the place where Sasuke and Itachi fought, and found it devastated (because of Sasuke's Kirin), and eaten away by Amaterasu's black flames. Yamato opened a passage for them in the black flames by spreading the ground with Dôton but they found nobody. Tobi and Zetsu found Sasuke first and took Itachi's body, and the Konoha shinobi were forced to give up the search after losing him. Disappointed at having failed so close to the goal, Naruto and his companions returned to the village in the rain.

Forbidden technique of Tsuchigumo clan

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Bread Invasion

Back in Konoha, Naruto learned that his master Jiraya had died in the land of Rain during his fight with the Akatsuki leader, Pain. On the spot, Naruto accused Tsunade of being responsible for it because she let him go knowing the danger. He then cried for his missing master and regretted that he couldn't see him become Hokage. After his former sensei Iruka and Shikamaru cheered him up, he helped Shihô, a secret code specialist, and Shikamaru to decipher the coded message left by Jiraya on Fukasaku's back before he died. Once the mystery of the code was cleared up, Naruto decided to go and learn Senjutsu with the toads at Mount Myoboku, knowing that Pain was after him and ready to do anything to defeat him.

Naruto was teleported from Konoha to Mount Myoboku, where Jiraya had trained in his youth by a reverse summoning of Gamakichi. Under the guidance of master Fukasaku, he learned to capture nature's chakra with the help of toad oil. He learned that if you control it badly or absorb too much of it, Senjutsu chakra can turn its user into a toad and then petrify him. But fortunately, as soon as he starts to transform, Fukasaku hits him with his hermit stick and so he returns to his normal form. At the end of one day of training, Naruto was covered with bruises and still made no progress. He still continued to try the next day and even dived into the pool that contains the toad oil. After a few days, under the impressed look of Gamakichi and Fukasaku, he stored a lot of Senjutsu chakra in him and lifted the giant statue of a toad without effort. He then moved on to the second phase of training: sitting on a shelf on top of an extremely sharp rock, dozens of meters above the ground, and kneading as much Senjutsu chakra as possible. After more than a week of sitting on top of the rock without moving a muscle, he managed to stabilize the Senjutsu chakra and concentrate it inside him, going into Hermit Mode completely, something Jiraya had never been able to do. Since it was impossible to stay in Hermit Mode while fighting, Fukasaku tried to "merge" with Naruto by resting on his shoulder, without success because of Kyûbi's influence. Naruto was then forced to find an alternative: to use clones in order to learn to keep the hermit mode while moving. When the news of Pain's attack on Konoha reached him, he prepared for battle.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto arriving on the battlefield.

Naruto, Gamakichi, Gamabunta, Fukasaku, Gamaken and Gamahiro were summoned to the center of Konoha by Shima, Fukasaku's wife. Naruto didn't immediately realize that he was in the village, because the village was devastated by Pain's Shinra Tensei, until he saw the Hokage monument on the mountain in the distance. Crazy with rage, Naruto destroyed Shurado, the mechanical Pain, with a Rasengan, as he threw himself on Tsunade with his blades out. Naruto asked Gamakichi to take the Fifth Hokage to safety and she gave him a mini Katsuyu with all the information about Pain and his techniques, which he put in his pocket. As Naruto can feel the chakra of the others thanks to the hermit mode, he understood that Kakashi was killed by Pain, and this made him very angry. After seeing his hermit power, Tsunade entrusted him with the fate of the village and made sure that nobody would interfere with his fight.

Pain lined up in front of Tendô, who could not use his Heavenly Repulsion for a while because of the previous attack that destroyed Konoha. Pain's Chikushoo summoned several creatures to attack Naruto. With his hermit strength, he stopped the charge of the giant rhinoceros with his bare hands, grabbed it by its horn and sent it flying. Chikushôdô then summoned the huge ram and the winged dog that had faced Jiraya, who charged Naruto. Fukasaku and Shima then paralyzed them with their frog song while two clones of Naruto went underneath them and lifted them up from the ground by smashing their stomachs with two Ôdama Rasengan. Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamahiro caught them in the air (the rhino too) and hit them with their weapons: Bunta pierced the dog with his sword, Hiro slashed the ram with his two swords and Ken bludgeoned the rhino. Naruto continued to run towards the Bread, but the Gakidô stood in front of him. Katsuyu taught him that he can cancel all ninjutsu, so he attacked him with the toad kata. He avoided his black blade of the 6 ways by bending down and hit him with a powerful punch that sent him rolling on the ground. Naruto created 2 clones and started to shape his new Rasenshuriken infused with Senjutsu chakra. Pain then tells him that Jiraya was also his master once. Naruto yelled at him and told him that his destructive acts had nothing to do with the peace that Jiraya wanted, and launched his Rasenshuriken, which started to spin at high speed. The last 4 Buns managed to narrowly dodge it but at the last moment the Rasenshuriken grew and hit Ningendô before exploding in a chakra tornado. The Chikushôdô then sent a giant bird at Naruto but he avoided it. Meanwhile, the three big toads were challenged by the winged dog, as it split into two as soon as it was hit. Naruto felt that the hermit mode will end soon, so he tried to remove the Chikushôdô before. The old Shima covered the battlefield with a cloud of sand while Bunta swallowed Naruto and the blinded Chikushôdô. In the mouth of the big toad, Naruto hit the Chikushôdô with his Rasenrengan, "Fury of the Orb" before being spat out by Gamabunta, but the hermit mode ended. Tendô then threw himself on Naruto to kill him but Bunta blocked his way with his huge body and tried to crush Pain with his sword.

Naruto then sent a scroll to Fukasaku before confronting Tendô in hand-to-hand combat and asked the toads to move aside. Having exhausted his natural energy reserves to maintain the hermit mode, Naruto asked Fukasaku to summon one of the reserve clones of Mount Myoboku, which had accumulated natural energy. Back in hermit mode, Naruto kicked Tendo away. Naruto then attacked again with Rasenshuriken, which was absorbed by Gakidô, who was restored by Jigokudô thanks to his mysterious ability. Naruto distracted Tendô with smoke bombs and sent them another Rasenshuriken. Gakido tried to absorb it but it was actually a transformed clone that knocked Gakido to the ground while the real Rasenshuriken followed behind and came straight at Tendo. Tendôn then regained his repulsion power and disintegrated the Rasenshuriken with a Shinra Tensei. Naruto didn't play all his cards yet, and he surprised Tendô by falling from the sky right on Jigokudô and destroying him with a Rasenrengan. Naruto and his clone then threw themselves on Tendô and Gakidô but as 5 seconds passed, Tendo pushed them back with a new Shinra Tensei. The three toads tried once again to flatten the two remaining Pain with their huge weapons, but they were not fast enough. This gave Naruto time to develop a strategy to counter the Shinra Tensei. After dodging their blows, Tendô jumped into the air and swept Ken and Hiro out of the Bunta with a Shinra Tensei. Gamabunta rolled several hundred meters into the forest, Gamaken crashed into a cliff and Gamahiro hovered through the forest before falling into a lake, so Naruto will have to manage without them. Fukasaku and Shima set up a tactic to defeat Tendô but Tendô drew Naruto to him with his Banshô Tenin and Gakidô sent a right hand to Naruto before standing on his back and blocking his arms. Gakido started to absorb Naruto's Senjutsu chakra and Naruto sent as much as he could. The tactic worked and Gakido gradually turned into a toad before becoming a stone statue that Naruto, having lost his hermit mode again, broke with his bare hands. Once Naruto was free, Fukasaku and Shima prepared to launch their hermit Genjutsu but Tendo lured Fukasaku with his Bansho Tenin and pierced him in midair with his Six Path Sword.Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto nailed on the ground by Pain.

Tendô managed to capture Naruto and pin him down with his chakra blades. Pain then told Naruto about his concept of war and peace, and his plans for the future, which is to create world peace through fear and suffering. Naruto then expressed his anger towards him and his desire for revenge. Pain then revealed to him that during the 3rd Great Shinobi War, his country and village had been the battleground of Konoha, Iwa and Suna and had been devastated. Pain then asked him to find a better solution than his own to guarantee peace, a question he was unable to answer. Shima tried to give courage to Naruto by reminding him the prophecy but Tendô silenced her.

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Hinata Hyuga then came to Naruto's help and revealed her love to him, engaging Tendô in a fight. She tried to hit him with Jûken techniques and then with Jûho Sôshiken, but he avoided her easily. Once Hinata was on the ground, Tendô pierced her belly with his blade and revealed to Naruto that his parents had been killed in front of him in the same way by shinobi from Konoha. As Tendô seemed to have killed her, Naruto unleashed his rage and let out the six tails of Kyûbi, releasing a carapace of bones around him. The Shodai Hokage's necklace reacted to the transformation to stop him, but Kyubi crushed it and attacked Pain. Tendo sent him a Shinra Tensei but Naruto resisted and sent it back, sending him into the air. Naruto started to form a mini Tailed Demon Orb but Tendo threw a huge rock at him. The rock crushed Naruto but the bomb still exploded and created a huge shock wave. Yamato, who was on a mission outside the village, was alerted by his seal and ran back to Konoha when he saw that six tails had been activated. Tendô, injured by the explosion, and Naruto emerged from the rocks. Unable to contain Kyubi's power, Tendô withdrew and, pursued by Naruto, ran away from the village.

Naruto Uzumaki

Kyûbi took the total control on Naruto and uses the eighth tail.

While running between the trees, Tendô created a ball of black chakra between his hands and projected it in the air to execute the Chibaku Tensei, a technique of the Rikudô Sennin. In Nagato's hiding place, Konan advised him not to use it because it requires too much chakra but Nagato told him that the Rikudo created the moon with the same technique. The sphere then started to attract all the rocks in the air around it thanks to its huge gravity force, and formed a ball of rocks in the sky. Naruto was also attracted and because of the mass of rocks that were growing in number, he found himself suffocated in the center of the ball. In his subconscious Naruto thought about Pain's plans for peace and begged for an answer. Kyûbi made him give in to the temptation to let him take over: the eight tails were formed and, looking more and more like Kyubi, half emerged from the ball. However, before Naruto could break the seal and Kyûbi was free, Minato Namikaze, his father, appeared in his subconscious to stop him.

Naruto Uzumaki

Minato transmits all his hopes in Naruto.

Minato revealed that he had elaborated the seal of Kyûbi so that the day he was about to be broken, his spirit would appear to protect his son. Naruto then realized that his father was the Fourth Hokage, happy to finally know who was one of his parents, he cried with joy while being furious that Minato had sealed the demon inside him. Running out of time, Minato explained that he sealed Kyûbi in his son in the hope that he would use it against Tobi, the man who sent Kyûbi to Konoha 16 years ago and who runs the Akatsuki in the shadows by manipulating Pain. He also told Naruto that it was hatred that gave birth to Pain, and that he should find a way to stop this hatred. As Naruto expressed his doubts that he would ever be able to do it, Minato replied that he had confidence in him and that he thought he could find an answer, before restoring the seal and disappearing. Naruto, back in his normal form and in hermit mode because of the dissipation of the second clone at Mount Myôboku due to the transformation into Kyûbi which disturbed the chakra of the clone, came out of the Chibaku Tensei. Nagato lost his strength and the Chibaku Tensei was cancelled so the sphere and the rocks fell back to the ground. Naruto learned from Katsuyu that he had destroyed a part of Konoha under the influence of Kyûbi and that Hinata had survived. Naruto then asked Pain to take him to see her real body but Tendô refused and the two shinobi prepared to finish.

Naruto broke a piece of Tendô's stick and kicked him in the stomach. He stuck it in his arm and managed to trace the chakra flow and locate Nagato with Senjutsu. Camouflaged by a smoke screen, Naruto threw a Rasenshuriken on his opponent, who cancelled it with a Shinra Tensei but a second one came behind. Two of Naruto's clones turned into rocks and tried to immobilize Tendô to prevent him from dodging but he managed to do so within a few centimeters. The end seemed near for Naruto who had no more hermit chakra, but suddenly the mountain of rocks Tendô was standing on turned out to be an army of Naruto's clones who threw themselves at him but Tendô swept them away with a new Shinra Tensei. The remaining clones protected Naruto from the shockwave and threw him at Tendô with a Rasengan, which hit him hard and was finally destroyed.

Naruto then went to Nagato's den to have a conversation with him. Inoichi, Shikaku and a Hyuga tracker found Naruto and tried to stop him from going there. Naruto then told them that if Konoha sent a punitive expedition to remove Nagato, the cycle of hatred and revenge would never be broken, so Shikaku decided to trust him. Naruto arrived at the hideout, Nagato tried to control him with his Disruption Blades but Naruto pulled him away and they started to talk. Nagato told him how his parents had been killed by Konoha, how he had met his friends Yahiko and Konan and then Jiraya. After 3 years of training with Jiraya, the three orphans had created the Akatsuki and a few years later, Yahiko, the leader, died in front of Hanzo the Salamander, followed by all the first members of the Akatsuki. Naruto then decided to stay true to the Naruto of Jiraya's novel and to change the shinobi world by breaking the cycle of hatred, never giving up. Convinced by the answer given by Naruto, Nagato decided to believe in him and entrust him with the future of the world. He gave life to all the victims of Konoha, causing his death.

Naruto helped Konan to gather the bodies of Nagato and Yahiko and bury them in Ame. After announcing his departure from the Akatsuki, Konan gave Naruto a bouquet of eternal paper flowers to symbolize the hope he represented.

Naruto then created a memorial to Jiraya on a rock and engraved it with the kanji "Professor", placing Konan and Nagato's bouquet and Jiraya's novel on it.

History of Konoha

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Summit of the Five Kages

Naruto, exhausted, was brought back to the village by Kakashi. He was welcomed there with cheers, glorified as a new hero. He learned that Tsunade was in a deep coma after her superhuman efforts to try to protect everyone in Konoha with her medical ninjutsu. Sakura tried to comfort him, but Kiba interrupted them by arriving at full speed on Akamaru's back to inform them that Danzo Shimura was replacing Tsunade as the Sixth Hokage and ordered the execution of Sasuke, who was classified as an S-rank criminal accused of high treason. Naruto and Sakura asked Sai what to do to hopefully change Danzo's mind, but the Root Seal on his tongue prevented him from saying anything about his master (Danzo's Junejutsu).

They then attracted the attention of two young ninjas from Kumo, Omoï and Karui, who came to Konoha with their captain Samui to transmit a message from the Raikage to the Hokage and to collect information about Sasuke. After a short Taijutsu fight, they asked Naruto and Sakura about Sasuke, revealing his connection with the Akatsuki and their desire for revenge for the murder of Killer B. In order to prevent Sakura from being harmed, Naruto dedicated himself, but in the end he was unable to sell his friend. He proposed to the Kumo ninjas to take out their anger on him. Karui started to beat him violently with her fists before being stopped by Sai, who asked Naruto why he continued to support Sasuke when he was only hurting him. Samui arrived and yelled at Omoi and Karui, Naruto asked her to take him to the Raikage to talk to him but she refused. Naruto was then treated by Sai and revealed to Kakashi and Yamato that his father Minato had saved him from Kyûbi the day of Pain's attack and that he had told him that Tobi, the masked man of Akatsuki, was behind the attack of Kyûbi on Konoha 16 years ago.

Once he recovered from his injuries, Naruto asked Kakashi and Yamato to take him to the Iron Country because he wanted to ask the Raikage to forgive Sasuke. They agreed and followed the Samui team with Yamato's tracking skills. Naruto asked the Raikage on his knees to give up his revenge, Yamato and Kakashi reminded him that Konoha had maintained peace during the Hyuga affair, for the good of both villages, but their speech was not enough to convince the Kumo leader, who despised Naruto for trying to save a criminal. They went to a local inn where Naruto started to think about the future, but they found themselves facing Tobi, who was curious to know why Nagato had turned away from his path. Naruto hit him with a Rasengan at the beginning but he passed through him. Yamato caught him with his Mokuton and Kakashi threatened him with his Raikiri. Naruto was furious and asked him about Sasuke. Tobi then told him about the Sage of the Six Paths, the Uchiwa clan, the truth about their massacre by Itachi, leading to Sasuke's obsession for revenge. Naruto remained determined to help Sasuke, but Tobi laughed at him, declaring that Sasuke and Naruto were destined to fight each other. Then he disappeared and told Naruto that one day he would turn Sasuke against him.

While trying to find Sasuke with the help of the Hermit Mode, Naruto was interrupted by Sakura, who came to the Iron Country to tell him that she loved him and that she didn't feel anything for Sasuke anymore. However, Naruto didn't believe her, saying that she was lying to herself. Sakura insisted and said that he didn't need to keep his past promises anymore. Naruto retorted that his future choices were no longer related to his promises but to his desire to save Sasuke. He chose not to reveal the truth about the Uchiwa Clan that Tobi had revealed. Sakura then left with Sai, Kiba and Lee who had escorted her, declaring that she was returning to Konoha.

One of Sai's ink clones then approached Naruto and divulged the will of the 11 of Konoha, including Sakura, to kill Sasuke in order to avoid a new war. Sai thought that Sakura was still in love with Sasuke, and that was the reason why she didn't want to see him continue in the horror. Gaara arrived in turn, informing them of the declaration of the Fourth Great Ninja War and the decision to protect Naruto from the Akatsuki. He told Kakashi that he had to take Danzo's place as Hokage as soon as possible, to ensure the smooth running of the Shinobi Alliance, he assured him that Suna would do everything to help him. He then advised Naruto to do what was right concerning Sasuke, as everyone was ready to fight. Naruto, overwhelmed by all the events, started to have a hyperventilation attack and collapsed. When he woke up, he heard from Yamato that Kakashi had gone to arrest Sakura and take care of Sasuke.

Using a clone as a decoy, Naruto escaped Yamato's surveillance and followed Kakashi's trail with the help of the Hermit Mode. He arrived just in time to stop Sasuke from killing Sakura with his own poisoned kunai. He then made a last attempt to reason with his friend, announcing that he shared his suffering and that he understood the consequences of Itachi's sacrifice. In vain, because Sasuke made things clear: he intended to destroy Konoha. Shocked by the intensity of his former student's hatred, Kakashi decided to finish with him, but Naruto stopped him: Sasuke and Naruto clashed once again, using the Chidori and the Rasengan. The clash separated them, while Tobi and Zetsu came to Sasuke's aid. Before they left, Naruto pointed out that they had both become high ranking ninjas, and if they had to fight again, they would die together. Nevertheless, he said that he accepted this fate, determined to take all the hatred of his friend by himself. Sasuke replied that he had no intention of dying, and that he would not hesitate to kill him. He left with Madara, Naruto returning to Konoha with his teammates, taking Karin with them.

Back in Konoha, Naruto explained the situation to his friends. When he insisted on taking care of Sasuke alone, Neji and Shikamaru didn't understand why they didn't take advantage of his weakness after his fight with Danzo to finish him off. Naruto answered that at his current level, he thought he was unable to compete with Sasuke. While Shikamaru blamed Naruto for wanting to solve everything by himself, Naruto pushed him aside and went towards Ichiraku. Sakura realized that he was hiding something from them.

Excursion to Kumo

Detailed article: Arc Excursion to Kumo

Fourth Great Ninja War: Beginnings

About to eat, Naruto was summoned to Mount Myoboku by Fukasaku who told him that the Great Sage of the Toads wanted to talk to him about the future. The Wise Man prophesied that Naruto would meet "an octopus" who would take him to a paradise island and fight a "young man with powerful eyes". Gerotora was then summoned to give Naruto the "key" of the tetragram seal of Kyûbi, in order to allow him to have access to all the power of the bijû. Although he was hesitant, Naruto decided to finally learn how to control Kyûbi and finally accepted the key, which he thought would be useful for the future. He was then sent back to Konoha where some villagers asked him for autographs.

To keep him out of the Akatsuki's reach, Naruto was sent with Yamato, Gai Maito, Aoba Yamashiro and other ninjas from Konoha and Kumo to a remote island in the Land of Lightning. Under the pretext that his next mission was to study the environment of this island. Upon arriving at the island, the Kumo boat carrying them was attacked by a giant squid, the only hostile creature on the island. Naruto thought it was the octopus from the prophecy at first and was caught by a tentacle, but Killer B, transformed into Hachibi, saved them by knocking out the squid while throwing a rap. When he arrived, Naruto met Killer B, and was amazed by his complicity with Hachibi and the other giant animals of the island. He then asked him to help him train in Kyubi, but B was not really willing to do so. However, Naruto proved that he could also rap but he accidentally insulted B's look, and even the Harem Technique was not enough to persuade him. Motoi then took Naruto to the Truth Falls, where B had started training to control Hachibi. Anyone who sat in front of the falls and concentrated would see what was hidden inside. Naruto came face to face with the dark Naruto inside of him, who tormented him by denouncing how quickly the people of Konoha had changed their opinion of him, suddenly becoming so grateful.

The two Naruto started to fight, but they were of equal strength. The fight was actually an internal one, and Naruto managed to come out of his meditation. He then asked Motoi about Killer B's past in order to understand how he could defeat his demons. Motoi told him how B, as a vessel, was hated and excluded by the people of Kumo, like Naruto and Gaara. He also revealed that he tried to stab him in the past to avenge the death of his father, who was killed by Hachibi a few months before he was sealed into B.

Motoi finally told the story of B and Hachibi. Naruto reproached him for using him as a substitute for his guilt. While he was thinking about how Killer B and Gaara changed people's opinion of them and deep down, Naruto was not sure if the villagers really trusted him, Motoi was attacked by the Giant Squid. Fortunately, B saved Motoi and Naruto was happy to see the two ninjas renew their friendship thanks to B's forgiveness. Back at the Falls of Truth, Naruto was confronted with the dark Naruto again. This time he tried to regain his confidence. He accepted the other Naruto as a part of himself and thanked him for making him the person he was. Once the dark Naruto disappeared, B took Naruto to a secret temple behind the waterfall, the place where he would have to face Kyûbi.

Together with Yamato, Naruto was guided into the biju temple by Killer B. They entered a white room where Naruto went into his subconscious. He used the key to open the seal. Kyûbi then attacked Naruto but B held him back with Hachibi and helped Naruto to drain his chakra.

Naruto facing Kyûbi.

The confrontation started: Kyûbi attacked with a Tailed Demon Orb and Naruto was saved from the explosion by B, who told him that it would be his last intervention. Naruto then switched to hermit mode and launched a giant Rasengan, which Kyûbi blocked with his tails before annihilating it. Naruto, thanks to a multi-cloning, pretended to be captured by Kyûbi before attacking him from behind, grabbing one of his tails and knocking him down on the ground. Naruto threw a Fûton - Orb Shuriken which hit him with full force and Naruto took the opportunity to catch his chakra and sucked it. But Kyubi's hatred poured into his chakra and made Naruto lose his mind. He then started to transform into Kyûbi, but then his mother, Kushina Uzumaki appeared in his mind.

Naruto met Kushina.

She immobilized Kyûbi with her sealing chains and then the mother and the son started to talk. She told him about her arrival in Konoha and the Academy when she was a child and how she met Minato. She used to beat up the kids who called her a tomato because of her red hair and round cheeks and they called her Habanero the Bloody One. She also told Naruto about the dream that she and Minato shared, to become Hokage in the future, which was now their son's dream. She told him about the incident that happened a few years later. She had been captured by Kumo shinobi because of her special chakra and had left a trail by discreetly pulling out strands of her red hair. Only Minato was able to follow the trail and he saved her. Then, when Kushina asked who the son of "Yellow Lightning of Konoha" and "Bloody Habanero" was, Naruto answered that he was the "Orange Hokage of Konoha". The explosion of joy due to his mother's words pushed back Kyûbi's influence, to the great surprise of Yamato and B.

Naruto did a multi-clone and his clones threw themselves on Kyûbi, each armed with a Rasengan. The Fox-Demon swept some of them away with his claws but then Kushina grabbed his back leg with one of her chakra chains and knocked him on his back. Naruto then switched to Hermit mode, his Rasengan became Odama Rasengan and he hit Kyûbi full force with his mega-chain of Orbs.Naruto took advantage of the shock to grab Kyûbi's chakra with his clones and as the fox stood up, he sent him a full power Orb Shuriken. The bijû resisted the whirlwind for a few moments but he was finally pushed back, impressed by Naruto's power. Kyubi's chakra, drawn out by the clones, rushed into Naruto, who then transformed, his body being covered with seal marks. Kyûbi, overwhelmed by fury, formed a gigantic Biju Bomb, determined to pulverize Naruto with the chakra he had left. Swinging the seal on his belly, Naruto immobilized Kyubi with seal pillars inherited from the Rikudo Sennin which dislocated the Biju Bomb before forming a cell which locked the demon permanently. Naruto then apologized to the Fox Demon, promising that everything would get better with patience. Before regaining consciousness, Naruto asked Kushina what she was going to do. She told him that she was going to join Minato, but before that she revealed to his son the truth about her past as a jinchuri of Kyûbi. She had been transferred from her native village of Uzushio to Konoha to become the 2nd jinchurriki of Kyûbi, then locked up in Mito Uzumaki, wife of the 1st Hokage, Hashirama Senju. Indeed, the Senju and the Uzumaki were related and had a good relationship, as shown by the Uzushio emblem on the back of the shinobi jackets of Konoha. She also told him that, thanks to her friends, Minato and the words of Mito Uzumaki, she had been a happy jinchuri. She told him the truth about the attack of the Fox Demon on Konoha 16 years ago, and the sacrifice of Kushina and Minato to protect Naruto from the masked man and Kyûbi. Naruto then said that for the first time he felt the love for his family and that he was happy to be their son. Kushina kissed her son one last time before disappearing.

Once again conscious, Naruto revealed to Yamato and Killer B the new form of Kyubi's chakra, which led him to spot Kisame, hiding inside the Samehada sword, because of his negative impulses. As Kisame tried to escape, Naruto proved to be much stronger and faster than before, able to catch up with Kisame and hit him. However, he was still unable to control this power and his foot got stuck in the wall, allowing Kisame to leave the room. B went after Kisame. When Naruto and Yamato left the temple, Kisame and Gai engaged in their last fight. After Kisame was defeated, the Kumo and Konoha ninjas captured him and took him into custody..


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 Discover the figurine of Païn

Fourth Great Ninja War: Confrontation

After Motoi sent a messenger owl to inform the Shinobi Alliance Headquarters of Kabuto's attack and Yamato's capture. Naruto and Killer B began to evacuate the giant animals from the island, which turned out to be a Turtle Island allied with Kumo Village, in case of an attack. Naruto, who had still not understood the reason for his confinement on the island, continued to carry out his environmental mission of surveying the flora and fauna. However, the battle raging around him started to make him suspicious.

A transformation that was, to say the least, incomplete.

When Yamato was kidnapped by Kabuto Yakushi, Naruto asked where he had gone, but Aoba lied and said that he was investigating outside, in order to keep the real reasons of their presence on the island secret. Naruto decided to go back to Konoha to wait for Sasuke, but B, in order to keep him there, offered him to train in Kyûbi's Chakra Mode. Naruto accepted and started to learn how to use the chakra arms of the bijû as parts of his own body to form a pyramid with stone blocks of different shapes. The exercise was difficult because the chakra arms of Kyûbi were crushing the blocks because of the power of the chakra mode, Naruto took some time to measure his chakra well. After a few hours, he finally formed a pyramid as balanced as B's, and then moved on to the last stage of the training.

B again took Naruto inside the temple to a special room to teach him, assisted by Hachibi, the Tailed Demon Orb technique, which requires the complete transformation into biju. Unfortunately, Naruto was still far from being able to transform completely because of the hostility between Kyûbi and him, and he failed miserably. Taking over, Hachibi then explained to Naruto the risks of using this mode, including the necessity not to use clones and not to use it for too long. While trying to perform the Rasengan by himself with the help of the Chakra Arms, Killer B realized with surprise that the Rasengan was surprisingly similar to the Biju Bomb. However, in order to use it successfully, Naruto had to maintain a certain ratio of positive black chakra to negative white chakra, 8 to 2. The training was hard for Naruto, and B offered him to rest when he saw that his hands were burned by the chakra, but Naruto insisted on continuing, determined to continue until he produced a perfect Biju Bomb.

While the battle was raging on the coast guarded by the Darui division, Naruto felt Kyûbi's chakra in Kinkaku and asked B where the toilet was so he could get out of the temple, but a Konoha troop was standing guard in front of the temple entrance. His former sensei, Iruka, who was part of the troop, tried to convince Naruto to stay in the temple and explained to him what was going on outside but Naruto insisted on going anyway. Switching to hermit mode, Naruto pushed back the two Akimichi clansmen with a shoulder charge. Shibi Aburame tried to block him with a cloud of insects but Kyûbi's chakra disturbed them and scattered the swarm. Taking him by surprise, Iruka approached him and immobilized him with a seal barrier. Switching to Kyubi's chakra mode, Naruto broke the barrier and fled through the forest. Naruto managed to defeat the troop despite Iruka's attempt and escaped with B after B promised to protect Naruto with Iruka. Naruto and B managed to break through the 36-layer barrier set up around the turtle island by the special Kekkai unit of the Alliance thanks to B's Biju Bomb pushed through the barriers by Naruto. The head of the Kekkai unit then sent a report to the headquarters mentioning the escape of the jinchuri. The Raikage and Tsunade went to arrest them.

Naruto then discussed with Kyûbi who asked him how he was going to stop this war and all this hatred, reminding him of his failure with his friend Sasuke, who he knew was devoured by hatred since their first meeting, and tried to discourage him but Naruto, who had total confidence in him, told him that he would stop them and that he would also try to make all the hatred that the Fox-Demon felt disappear one of these days, which Kyûbi found ridiculous. Just as Naruto was feeling the confusion and suspicion caused by the White Zetsu infiltrating the Alliance, Naruto and B met Tsunade and the Raikage who had come from the Headquarters to stop them.

Naruto talks about his family

Naruto first tried to convince them to let them pass, saying that he couldn't go on living if all his companions died in this war and that he was going to end it alone. He jumped into the air, propelled by Kyûbi's chakra but the Raikage intercepted him in the air, wearing his lightning armor and sent him flying with a powerful punch. Naruto and the Raikage then put their speeds to the test as Tsunade and B looked on in amazement, and the Raikage told Naruto that now that the Fourth Hokage had died he was the fastest shinobi in the world. He accused Naruto of making the sacrifice of his parents in order to lock up Kyubi in vain but Naruto, remembering the words of Minato and Kushina and their trust, was more determined than ever. The Raikage then decided to kill him, to destroy Tobi's plan and to make Kyûbi disappear for a few years. He threw himself on him but B intervened, blocking his blow with his Hachibi arm. B declared himself ready to give his life and Tsunade shouted at the Raikage, saying that he has no right to kill Naruto. As he slammed his fist into B, the Raikage remembered how they had become brothers and how B had later become a jinchuri. He also remembered the words of Hachibi's previous host, which were eerily similar to Minato's words: "A jinchuri needs something to fill the hole in his heart".

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Naruto ran towards the exit but he was pushed back again. After several failed attacks, B decided to help him and attacked A with a Lariat. His older brother easily took the attack and swept him away with an elbow before going back to attack Naruto but B had not given up. He grabbed the Raikage with a tentacle of Hachibi and ordered Naruto to run but A used it to throw him on the young jinchuri. Remembering the will that Naruto had always shown, Tsunade decided to trust him and stood between the two jinchurriki and the Raikage. Determined, B started to run towards his brother to try a new Lariat. The Raikage, determined to show who was stronger, strengthened his lightning armor to the max and rushed in with his own Lariat.

Both brothers A and B were pinned together for a moment, their arms pressing against each other's necks with all their might, but then the Raikage was thrown backwards and smashed against the rocks, sealing B's victory. Naruto revealed to the Raikage that his father had entrusted him with the task of being the savior of the world and that he would do anything to achieve it. Turning away from B, the Raikage wanted to try a final test: he pushed his Raiton charge to the maximum to hit Naruto at full speed, as only Minato had ever managed to avoid this blow with his "Flying Thunder God" technique. And as Naruto instantly moved in a big yellow flash to avoid the blow and the rocks behind him exploded from the punch, the Raikage was sure that he was the savior. He gave Naruto his consent and, accompanied by B, he went towards the battlefield as the sun was rising.

Soon after, Naruto and B were contacted by Shikaku from the Shinobi Alliance Headquarters. He informed them about the problem with the White Zetsu's transformation and chakra imitation abilities, and he revealed to Naruto that he was the only one who could differentiate them from the real Alliance shinobi thanks to Kyubi's chakra mode. He also asked him not to try to reason with the masked man as he had done with Nagato and to be merciless with him, because he is not an enemy like the others.

Some time later, Naruto and B came face to face with a troop of thirty Alliance shinobi led by a certain F from Kumo who pretended to retreat to protect the Headquarters. Naruto unmasked them and kicked F in the head, sending him to the ground and revealing his true identity as White Zetsu. He then formed a batch of Rasengan with his Kyubi chakra arms and launched a revisited Rasenrangan that sent six enemies to the floor. He caught some of the other white Zetsu with his Chakra Arms and crushed them with his new technique, the Rasenkyugan. The six or seven surviving Zetsu merged to form a kind of plant monster. Naruto formed a mini-Rasenshuriken on his index finger and threw it at the white Zetsu, slashing its leg, then summoned Gamahiro which crushed the monster under its giant weight. He used a Multi Cloning Supra and sent a clone to each battlefield to help defeat Tobi's army. He left Gamahiro behind in case of an attack by White Zetsu and set off towards the masked man, still followed by B.

As Toroi, a Kumo shinobi resurrected by Kabuto's Edo Tensei, was about to eliminate two isolated Alliance shinobi with his magnetized shuriken technique, Naruto burst in. He fell on him from the air and threw a Rasengan at his back, smashing his head into the stone. The two shinobi then tied him up with a sealing scroll, B informed them that F's unit were White Zetsu and advised them to join one of the five divisions as soon as possible before leaving with Naruto.

The terrible fight against Nagato.

Continuing their journey, they found themselves facing Itachi Uchiwa and Nagato reincarnated thanks to the Edo Tensei. Nagato told him that he had changed a lot, Naruto answered yes thanks to Kyûbi's chakra but Nagato talked about the expression on his face and Naruto answered that it was thanks to him, his parents and B that he knew how to master this power. Then, Itachi said that he didn't suspect that he would have gone so far and B said that it was thanks to him and that before Naruto was a total loser what Naruto refuted. Then as Itachi was about to ask Naruto a question, Kabuto took control of his body and he threw a supreme fireball that B sliced in two with Samehada, scattering the flames on both sides. Itachi then attacked them from the air and Naruto, while parrying his blows, told him about the decision that Sasuke had made since his death. While dodging B's blows with Samehada, Itachi confirmed Tobi's revelations about his top secret mission to exterminate the Uchiwa clan. Under Kabuto's influence, Nagato entered the scene and drew Naruto and a huge rock together with his Bansho Ten'in. Naruto pushed the rock away with an arm of Kyubi's chakra, showing his progress since his fight with the six Buns. To compensate for his inability to move, Nagato summoned his two-headed winged dog and his giant bird. While B was fighting Itachi and his Katon shurikens with Samehada and his seven swords, Naruto tried unsuccessfully to knock down the giant dog with the Futton - Orb Shuriken, but its heads kept multiplying. Itachi then stood up in front of Naruto and looked him in the eyes with his Mangekyo Sharingan.

Seeing the blood flowing from Itachi's eye, Naruto thought it was Amaterasu but a black raven with a sharingan on the left eye came out of his mouth. He remembered that during their last meeting, caught in Itachi's Tsukuyomi, the crow entered his mouth and Itachi said: "I'll leave you some of my power". The sight of the crow freed Itachi from Kabuto's grip and he launched his Amaterasu on Nagato and his summons. Taking advantage of the fact that his opponents were being consumed by the black fire, he pulled Naruto and B aside and explained to them that the crow possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan of his deceased best friend, the legendary Shisui Uchiwa, and that it contained the most powerful genjutsu of the Uchiwa clan, the Kotoamatsukami, which can control people's minds without their knowledge. He told them that Shisui, who had already been deprived of an eye by Danzo, had wanted to give him his remaining sharingan before sacrificing himself for the village of Konoha. At first he thought of using the Koto Amatsukami to bring Sasuke back to the right path but finally he decided to entrust the fate of his little brother to Naruto, who really considers him as a brother.

Suddenly, Nagato used Shinra Tensei to move the black flames away from him. He then hid himself in his invisible chameleon and resurfaced with a Shinra Tensei that swept through the forest and missed the three shinobi by a small margin. B then threw himself on him in Hachibi version 2 and charged him with a powerful Lariat, but Nagato used the power of Gakidô to absorb Hachibi's chakra and regain his strength and youth. Drained of his chakra, B was sent down by a Shinra Tensei. Naruto went to help him but his Rasengan was absorbed by the Gakidô power and he was captured by Nagato's chameleon. B attacked Nagato but the redhead grabbed him by the throat with the mechanical arms of Shurado. Immobilized and powerless, Naruto almost had his soul sucked out by the Ningendô and Jigokudô powers but Itachi intervened, his Susanô grabbed Naruto and B, and pulled them to safety while tearing off an arm from Nagato. While his arm was being reformed, Kabuto decided to end it all and made him throw Chibaku Tensei. The black sphere began to attract more and more rocks that clumped around it and the three shinobi were dragged down by the monstrous pull of the technique. But Itachi, jumping from rock to rock, found the weak point of the technique, and he asked the two jinchuri to launch powerful long distance attacks in any direction: they would automatically go to the chakra sphere because of the attraction force. Naruto threw a Shuriken Orb, Killer B a Tailed Demon Orb and Itachi a triple Magatama from his Susanô, and they hit the target at the same time. Taking advantage of the explosion and the cloud of smoke from the falling rocks, Itachi pierced Nagato with the Totsuka sword of his Susano in such a way that he was sealed forever in the holy blade. While being sucked into the sword, Nagato asked Naruto to continue Jiraya's adventure trilogy to make the world forget about the part about him, which was a failure.

Itachi told Naruto that he would take care of stopping Kabuto and his Edo Tensei while he would take care of the masked man. Naruto refused, insisting on dealing with the conflict alone. Itachi told him that if he kept on trying to do everything by himself, he would never realize his dream and one day he would end up like the masked man. He advised him to always trust his friends and told him that it is by getting recognition from others that you become a Hokage and not the other way around. Seeing that Naruto agreed to let him take care of the Edo Tensei, Itachi burned the raven to ashes with his Amaterasu, and Shisui's left eye with it. Watching Itachi walk away, Naruto and B, more determined than ever, headed back to the battlefield.

One of Naruto's clones burst onto the battlefield of Gaara's division as Gaara and the Third Tsuchikage Onoki were grappling with Kabuto's resurrected Nidaime Tsuchikage Mû and were about to take on one of his formidable Jinton techniques. He appeared from the air behind Mû, armed with his new technique drawing on Kyûbi's chakra, the Planetary Rasengan, and tried to hit him with it at close range. But Mû, thanks to his perception abilities and his power as a flying shinobi, dodged it by moving to the side at the last moment. Naruto, falling towards the ground, called on Gaara who, making a cloud of sand appear under his feet, provided him with a support to propel himself towards Mû again with an arm of chakra. Naruto saw that he would not reach Mû before he launched his Jinton technique, so he projected his Planetary Rasengan towards him and hit him. Mû received the technique with full force and, thanks to his quadruple chakra rotation, he went to the ground.

On the way Naruto informed them about the situation, Gaara then asked worried if it would be alright for Naruto to go like this on every battlefield with Kyûbi's chakra and so many clones. Naruto replied that he would not collapse until he became Hokage and told him not to take him for a kid just because he became Kazekage. Naruto then proposed that he go to the right battlefield while the two Kage went to the left battlefield.

While the Gaara Division unit under Temari's command desperately needed Futeon users to counter the Raiton of the Third Raikage, the father of the current Raikage resurrected by Kabuto, Naruto's clone appeared and declared that he was a Futeon manipulator. He fashioned a Rasenshuriken out of Kyubi's chakra and swung it directly at the Third Raikage, combined with a chakra arm to guide him from a distance. The Third Raikage dodged it once with the speed of the Raiton armor, but Naruto turned it around and caught the former Raikage off guard. He dodged the Rasenshuriken a second time by a short distance. Naruto made a third attempt and waited for the Third to land on the ground before throwing the technique, he didn't have time to dodge and received the Rasenshuriken at close range. He was swept into the sharp whirlpool and sent violently to the ground, slashed by the Fûton. The sealing team deployed their scrolls to seal him but, having already recovered from the Rasenshuriken, he got up and tore the scrolls apart with his bare hands using Raiton. He then activated his legendary Raiton technique of the Hell Stab.

Dodai, the former advisor of the Third Raikage, ordered the Doton users to build a stone wall and all other shinobi, even Naruto, to retreat behind it. The Raikage charged straight at the wall and pierced the first layers with his 4 Fingers charged with lightning. Dodai used his Yoton technique of the elastic lava wall to reinforce the Doton barrier. The Raikage was delayed but then switched to 3-Finger mode, multiplying the power of his technique and piercing Dodai's lava barrier. The shinobi of Gaara's division then attacked him en masse and bombarded him with shuriken, sword blows and Fûton wind blades, but their attacks ricocheted off the indestructible lightning armor and he wiped them out by the dozen with his 3-Finger attack. While thinking of a strategy, Naruto noticed the scar on the Raikage's chest and wondered who could have inflicted such a wound on him, who was known to be the most powerful human shield. Dodai told him that he owed this scar to a one-on-one fight with Hachibi.

Naruto then tried his last chance: he tried once again a Tail Demon Orb. As in training, he concentrated to keep the ratio of 80% negative and 20% positive but he failed, as Dodai had predicted. He burned his last reserves of Kyubi chakra in the attempt and lost his Mode chakra, returning to his normal appearance. The Raikage then destroyed the rock pillar on which Naruto and Dodai were talking, and he threw himself on Naruto to kill him with a punch. Dodai saved Naruto's life by creating an elastic lava ball and making the Raikage believe that Naruto was hidden inside. Naruto asked Dodai to talk to Killer B and Hachibi, and Hachibi, being part of the Intelligence unit, connected him to Inoichi Yamanaka, the head of the Alliance Intelligence unit, who established a mental connection between him and B. Hachibi told him that during his fight with the Third Raikage, they had both collapsed with their techniques activated, the Tailed Demon Orb and the Ultimate One-Finger Blade, which gave him an idea.

Naruto won against the Third Raikage.

Meanwhile, the Third Raikage had cut the rubber ball and discovered the deception. Naruto, hatching a plan, went into hermit mode and conjured up a clone. He fashioned a simple Rasengan and waited patiently for the former Raikage, who was charging it at full speed. Getting closer and closer to Naruto, the Third switched to One Finger of Hell, also called the Ultimate Blade. Naruto then ran towards it with his Rasengan in hand, while the sealing team, standing back, prepared for the worst. Just as the Ultimate Blade was about to pierce him, Naruto, his reflexes multiplied by the Toads' Katas, dropped to the ground, swinging his Rasengan at the Raikage's elbow at point-blank range. Deflected by the impact of the Rasengan, the Ultimate Blade pierced his right lung, injuring him so severely that the sealing unit bound him with their scrolls and finally applied the seal. As Naruto guessed, the Raikage's scar was caused by his own Raiton blade turned against him by the impact of Hachibi's Tail Demon Orb.

When he saw the explosion caused by the Second Mizukage's infinite explosion technique, Naruto rushed to the battle area and found Gaara had locked the Second Mizukage in his desert tomb which Naruto mistook for the Mizukage's body. According to Naruto, he had no excitement and no desire to fight him unlike Gaara and thought that both of them were a good team before they were sealed. Gaara then announced that Naruto was in fact a clone and asked where the original was.

The original was finally caught by Killer B who had finished his pee break. He told him that one of his clones had contacted him and asked him about the status of the other battlefields. Clones were seen on all fronts helping to find the transformed white Zetsu. One of his clones arrived on the battlefield where Darui, Shikamaru, Ino, Chôji, Darui, Chôza and some other shinobi were still present to maintain the kekkai "Cube of purple flames" where Dan was locked up. Dan found the resemblance between Naruto and Nawaki striking, and was even more surprised to learn that his dream was to become Hokage.

Another Naruto clone arrived at the headquarters of Shizune's medical unit as two White Zetsu transformed into injured shinobi were about to stab Sakura. He took them out with a Rasengan to the back of each, pinning them to the ground. Another clone arrived on the battlefield of the Kitsuchi division and saved Hinata from three white katana-wielding Zetsu. He blocked their sword blows with his bare hands and then, apologizing for taking so long, put them out of action with his chakra arms, turning them into trees. Unaccustomed to his Kyûbi chakra mode, Neji, Kiba and Shino wondered if it was the real Naruto, but Hinata confirmed it.

 Discover the figurine of Païn

Just as Kakashi's division had sealed Fuguki Suikazan with Sai's predator-hunting fûinjutsu technique, an army of white Zetsu came out of the forest to overwhelm them. A new clone of Naruto appeared and told Kakashi that he could not make any more clones but that he was going to help them with quality rather than quantity. Naruto also appeared in the forest to help Mifune and his division to defeat Kimimaro and the old Chiyo. When he came to help the Mizukage's unit to counter the Black Zetsu's attack to protect the Daimyo of the Five Great Countries, another of his clones crashed into a tree while trying to attack the Black Zetsu, which did not surprise Genma and Raido, knowing well the former worst boy of Konoha.

Fourth Great Ninja War: Paroxysm

Mû, having escaped Gaara's seal thanks to his secret technique of Body Division, appeared in front of Gaara, Onoki and Naruto, closely followed by Madara Uchiwa, also resurrected by Kabuto's Edo Tensei. The question was soon on everyone's mind and lips: if Madara Uchiwa had died years ago, who was the mysterious masked impostor who had been leading them on all along, using the threat of the legendary Madara to force the Big Five to start the Fourth Great War? From the top of his rock, the real Madara began to argue with Kabuto, who was talking to him through the mouth of Mu. Gaara tried to catch them with his sand, but they dodged and Madara launched a colossal Katon attack of the Uchiwa clan, the Infernal Destruction. Hundreds of Suiton users joined together to build a huge water barrier that blocked Madara's technique. Madara then began to slaughter shinobi with a sword he picked up from a wounded man, but Gaara intervened to save them with his sand.

Naruto threw himself at Madara from the air, armed with an Odama Rasengan, and the old Oinoki helped him with his Chidokaku technique which threw Madara against the giant Rasengan. Madara blocked the technique by summoning Susanô's cage and then, revealing his Eternal Mangekyô, he summoned his Susanô with a double face and two swords, which swept away Naruto's clones. While Madara's Susano was decimating Gaara's shinobi with his swords, Naruto concentrated on entering the hermit mode. When he succeeded, he formed a Rasenshuriken and ran towards Madara with it. Gaara's sand, lightened by the Third Tsuchikage, grabbed Madara and pulled him out of his Susano. As Madara hovered in the air, Naruto threw his Rasenshuriken straight at him. To everyone's surprise, Madara Uchiwa's Mangekyô changed into a Rinnegan and he absorbed the Rasenshuriken with the power of Gakidô. Stepping back a few meters, Madara revealed to Kabuto that by surpassing the limits of the Eternal Mangekyô, one could reach the Rinnegan and become the equal of the hermit Rikudô, and that he himself had achieved this shortly before his death. Madara's Susano then began to compose mudras and a gigantic meteorite appeared over the desert, darkening the sky. The Tsuchikage flew towards the meteorite and ordered all the other shinobi to flee, including Naruto and Gaara. He tried to block the fall of the meteorite by making it as light as possible with his Doton techniques. Madara recognized the old man as the young flying boy from Iwa whom he had once defeated. Lightened by the now exhausted Tsuchikage and held up by a colossal pillar of Gaara's sand, the meteor momentarily stopped its fall.

Suddenly a second meteor appeared above the first one and pushed it towards the ground. The huge tremor was felt everywhere, in Kitsuchi's battlefield, in Darui's battlefield, in Mifune's battlefield, and even in the Shinobi Alliance Headquarters, where the news of the fake Madara's deception had just arrived, relayed by Inoichi and Ao. It was a horrible massacre. Thousands of shinobi belonging to Gaara's Fourth Division were crushed to death, most of their bodies beaten to a pulp, but some were only seriously injured. Those who were farthest from the fall point, those who had retreated the fastest, were saved, although some were injured by huge meteor debris. The battlefield was a ruin, with the two meteors, half dislocated by the impact, standing in the middle. The thousands of scattered survivors were just starting to get up and heal their wounds, Naruto's clone was one of them, sheltered by Dodai under a shield of elastic lava, as well as Gaara and Temari, protected by the sand. In the middle of the carnage stood Madara and the Nidaime Mû, their tattered bodies slowly recovering thanks to the Edo Tensei. Naruto went over to old Onoki who was lying on the ground half dead, almost all his bones broken and one eye flooded with blood. A shinobi told him that he was still alive, breathing weakly, but that he would not wake up for a long time.

Kabuto revealed to Madara that he was aware that he had not died against Hashirama Senju in the Valley of the End, and that he had stolen some of his power. Madara tried to summon Kyûbi, which made Naruto feel strange, Kabuto then told him that his capture was the purpose of this war and that Naruto was his jinchûriki. Madara decided to test the strength of this famous Naruto, and thanks to the technique Mokuton: Jukai Kôtan of Hashirama, he made break on the surviving shinobi a wave of giant roots. Kyubi, full of hatred for Madara who had once manipulated him, decided to lend some of his chakra to Naruto to defeat him. Naruto, creating an army of clones, ran towards the roots and, strengthened by Kyubi's power, destroyed them with a powerful Chô Rasen Tarengan. With a huge effort, the Tsuchikage stood up and declared that it was up to him to fight with all his strength, to defeat Madara and change the Shinobi world. He said that by watching Naruto and Gaara help each other, he was able to find the way to peace.

Meanwhile at the headquarters, Tsunade and the Raikage were preparing to join Gaara's division instantly with the help of Mabui's Tenso no jutsu. The latter openly stated that this technique was meant for carrying objects and that only the Third Raikage had ever survived it, but Tsunade revealed that she could ward off the technique with the seal on her forehead. Shikaku mentally contacted the Genma unit and asked them to teleport the Mizukage Mei Terumi to the battlefield using the technique that the Yondaime Hokage had once taught them. Just as Madara and Mû threw themselves on Naruto, Gaara and Onoki to finish them off, the Raikage and Tsunade materialized in front of them and pushed them back with their fists, closely followed by the Mizukage. The five Kage, for the first time in the history of the Big Five, faced one opponent and, determined as never before, prepared to do battle with Madara Uchiwa. Tsunade healed Onoki's wounds and they threw themselves at Madara, knocking him down once despite his Susano thanks to the Raikage's Taijutsu Raiton and the Tsuchikage's weightlessness and lightness techniques. Before he got up, the five Kage asked Naruto's clone to disappear and let them deal with Madara, and to give the original Naruto this message: "You must defeat!"

The clash between Tobi and Naruto

As the words of the Kage reached the original Naruto, he and Killer B crossed paths with Tobi, who was accompanied by the six jinchurriki killed by the Akatsuki and resurrected by Kabuto: Yugito Nii, Yagura, Roshi, Han, Utakata and Fû. Naruto and the masked man then ran head first into each other, making their skulls shock, but neither of them got the upper hand and they retreated. Seeing that Naruto had not even managed to scratch his mask, he laughed at him and threw the six resurrected jinchurriki at him. Roshi, a former Yonbi receptacle and Yoton user, started the hostilities and threw a rain of solidified lava balls on Naruto and B. Naruto dodged the blow, but Roshi was able to keep his hands to himself. Dodging the blow, Naruto made a huge leap in the air and rushed at Yagura with a Rasengan, alongside B armed with one of his swords. Yagura raised his mysterious black staff and used his Suiton - Water Mirror technique, creating two clones of Naruto and B who parried the Rasengan and the sword strike before exploding. Pushed back violently, the two shinobi were surrounded by a multitude of air bubbles produced by Utakata's weapon which, at Utakata's signal, triggered a tremendous explosion but B, catching Naruto with a tentacle of biju, saved them both from the blast. They didn't have time to breathe and were caught in the luminous fog of Fû which dazzled them violently. Naruto was then assaulted by the power of Han's fist and B by Yugito's sharp claws, and they retreated a few meters before receiving more blows.

Naruto and B then noticed that Tobi had grafted a Sharingan on each of their right eyes and a Rinnegan on their left eyes to optimize their fighting abilities, which made them deeply revolted. The masked shinobi told them that now he didn't need a name, that he could be called Madara or Tobi, it didn't matter, and that he was no one. Beginning to lose his composure, Naruto announced that he was going to tear down his mask and the masked man, switching his six jinchurriki to one-tail bijû mode, told him that he would have to defeat them all first. Slipping a sword between his jaws and grabbing Samehada, B attacked Fû.

The girl, deciphering his movements thanks to the Sharingan, dodged his sword strike, then he threw Samehada at her but, taking flight thanks to Nanabi's wings, she dodged again. Seeing that she had her back to him, B projected two blades wrapped in lightning towards her but, sharing the vision of the other five jinchuri thanks to the Rinnegan, she dodged both of them with a movement of her head. Naruto then explained to her the principle of the connected Rinnegan before being charged by Roshi, covered by the chakra of the bijû mixed with a thick layer of molten lava. He narrowly avoided it and, guided by B, ran to lose the fireballs looking for Yugito, who chased them and cut B's scarf with his claws, just missing him.

Hidden in a bush, Naruto and B noticed that Yugito had a black chakra stick on his chest similar to those of the six Pains, and that the others must have had it too. Naruto decided to pull them out and got out of his cave and stood in front of the old Roshi to stop his charge. Burned by the white-hot lava that covered Roshi, he grabbed his arm and, summoning a chakra arm, swung a Rasengan into his chest to break the black chakra stake. At the decisive moment, Han burst in and, reinforced by the chakra thrusters of his armor, threw Naruto several meters away with a kick to the chin. B caught him, and immediately transformed into Hachibi to regain the advantage. He placed Naruto on his head and wrapped his eight tentacles around his body, before spinning at high speed, creating a tremendous tornado of the Eight-Tailed Biju that leveled part of the forest and sent their six enemies flying violently through the air. While the dust was clearing, Naruto found the six jinchuri on the ground. Hachibi then spat out a wave of ink. Clones of ink with B's image were formed and then threw themselves on the jinchurriki to engulf them before sealing them.

Tobi, sensing the urgency of the situation, emerged from the ground and made the six jinchûriki switch to bijû version 2 and the ink clones dissipated under the effect of the chakra of the bijû. Making prodigious jumps, the six jinchurriki threw themselves on Hachibi and Naruto, most of them attacked Hachibi and Fû, in his Nanabi version 2, then lacerated Naruto's arm with his sharp wings. Yugito in Nibi version 2 mode then hit him with his Nibi claws. While Utakata was poisoning Hachibi's hand with his leech venom, Yagura in Sanbi version 2 hit Naruto violently in the back, very strong coral was growing on his back. Taking advantage of the fact that Naruto was on the ground and Hachibi was struggling with Roshi's Yôton, Tobi made Gobi take his full form, who charged Hachibi and lacerated his shoulder with a blow of his horns, causing a spray of blood to gush out. Tobi took advantage of this moment to try to capture Naruto, who had taken refuge in Hachibi's huge hand on the ground, with his dimensional ninjutsu and to imprison him in his parallel dimension. But Gai and Kakashi, who came from the battlefield to support Naruto, took advantage of this moment to attack Tobi and force him to dematerialize. Tobi, after ducking a few meters away, told them that they were annoying but that two specks of dust would not make a difference to the powers of the eyes and the beasts. They told him not to underestimate Kakashi, the Copy Ninja, and Gai, the Jade Panther, because they were not afraid of anyone when it came to the eyes and beasts.

Naruto explained the situation to his two elders and Gai cleared him of Sanbi's coral on his back with his Konoha Rock Fist. Gobi, rebelling against the masked man, charged in his direction but the masked man conjured up a sealing chain that caught the biju on the neck before turning him on his side and turning him back to version 2 to be able to control him better. Hachibi then said that he had heard Gobi's call for help and that he was outraged that the other bijû were being used in this way. To counter a new charge of the five enemy jinchuri, Kakashi did a Chidori and Gai opened the sixth door, they pushed two of them back before they were both pushed back by a whip of Utakata's tails. Kakashi was surprised that the six jinchuri didn't use the six powers of the Rinnegan but he understood that Tobi was using too much chakra to control them. Deciding to get down to business, the masked man made Yonbi and Rokubi take their full bijû form. The six-tailed bijû projected a tide of extremely corrosive acid on Kakashi and Gai who, while dodging it by jumping backwards, were impressed by the sight of trees and rocks dissolved by the noxious liquid.

Yonbi then went into action, grabbing Hachibi's tentacles with his hands and lifting him off the ground before slamming him down hard. Naruto, running out of Kyubi's chakra, was blown away by the movements of the two gigantic monsters and ended up in Yonbi's jaws. Kyûbi intervened to save him by triggering his transformation into Mode chakra, allowing him to block the jaws of the monkey demon with his hands and feet for a few seconds. Meanwhile, Kakashi and Gai were caught between Rokubi's tide of acid and the Biju arms of the other four jinchurriki who unexpectedly appeared from the ground. Kakashi, doing a multi-clone, launched his Raiden (chain of lightning) technique cutting Biju's arms while Gai dissipated the acid with his Morning Peacock. Hachibi grabbed Yonbi with his tentacles in an attempt to make him let go of Naruto, who was still trapped between his jaws, but the giant monkey opened his mouth wide, making the young shinobi let go, and swallowed him.

Yonbi is talking with Naruto.

Entering Yonbi's mind, he met him then, chained, who was wondering if he was yet another shinobi who came to steal his power. Naruto was surprised and wondered if it was really Yonbi. Yonbi was tired of being called like that and told Naruto his real name, Son Goku, King of the Monkeys, and revealed to him Kyubi's name, Kurama. Yonbi talked about the attitude of the humans towards them, which reminded Naruto of his childhood and the hatred of the villagers of Konoha. This one told him that he sincerely wanted to become friends with the bijû and wanted to free Son Gokû from his chains. Son Goku, intrigued by this young shinobi like no other, revealed to him that the chakra stake which was holding him to Roshi had been planted by Tobi at the base of his neck and that he had to be careful not to kill him by removing it. Naruto, coming back to the real world, created a multitude of clones in order to make Yonbi vomit by dilating his stomach.

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As soon as he came out, Yonbi tried to crush him in his hand but Naruto, switching to Chakra Mode, prevented him from closing it before climbing on the bijû's chest. Finally free, he found the location of the chakra stake and grabbed it but was immobilized by the chakra chains coming out of the stake, a safety device developed by Tobi. Another clone of Naruto, who remained inside Yonbi, switched to Hermit Mode and, strengthened by natural chakra, struck from inside the place where the chakra receiver was located to remove it. Combining their efforts, the two Naruto managed to pull out the stake before breaking it between two Rasengan. Yonbi was then separated from Roshi's body and sucked into the Gedo Mazo which swallowed him again. Before that, tapping his gigantic fist against Naruto's as a farewell, he gave him a "gift" that would be useful later.

Naruto and Kurama formed a team.

Standing on the head of the Gedô Mazô, Tobi laughed when he saw the extreme tiredness of Naruto who thought he was victorious after having neutralized only one bijû. Composing a sign with his right hand, Tobi triggered the transformation into bijû of the five remaining jinchûriki. At their feet like insects, Kakashi and Gai were terrified in front of the five monsters that were facing them. Seeing that Naruto was about to collapse, Kyûbi proposed to Naruto to lend him his power. Naruto began by thanking him for his help against Madara Uchiwa and Kyûbi, wounded in his pride of bloodthirsty monster, got angry by telling him that it was just a way to kill time. He then stretched his fist through the bars of his cage. Naruto stuck his fist through the bars and they mixed their chakra. Coming to, Naruto told Hachibi that he was ready for another attack. Hachibi saw his new communion with Kyubi and nodded. Naruto remembered Iruka's words and said these words to Kyûbi: "You are not a monster anymore, you are one of my comrades from Konoha. Let's go, Kurama!"

Naruto being in Kyûbi's Chakra Mode.

As Naruto began his unprecedented transformation, the five enemy bijû, each with a large bijû bomb in their mouths, prepared to fire at close range at Kakashi and Gai. The two jônin, seeing no way out, were about to be disintegrated. The five bombs of the biju were deflected by an incredible explosion of chakra emanating from Naruto and went to waste several kilometers away, destroying several mountains and valleys in the area. The two sensei were then stunned when they saw Naruto's new appearance and the monstrous chakra that was coming out of him. As the five bijû charged together to crush them, Naruto totally transformed into Kurama. With a roar, he sent them into the dust, releasing a surge of energy against them. Kurama urged Naruto, telling him that this transformation would only last for five minutes. Naruto then charged forward and with a huge leap caught Nanabi flying over the plain and immobilized him. The two demons fell together right on Sanbi, still on the ground, but the turtle demon dodged with a roll. Rokubi then grabbed Kurama's fist and immobilized him in his acid-filled mouth while Sanbi, curled up in his spiky shell, rolled towards the fox at full speed.

But Hachibi, extending his tentacles, stopped his race in time before making Gobi bite the dust and charge him with a big punch. To push Nibi back, Kurama took advantage of the fact that Rokubi had trapped his arm in his mouth to make him turn and hit Nibi head on. With a gesture from Tobi, the five bijû gathered in a line and put their powers in common to create a huge Bijû Bomb bigger than all of them together. Naruto, having never been able to throw this technique during his training with B, managed to do it thanks to his fusion with Kurama and created one as big as the other. The two black spheres collided at close range. But Naruto had managed to get his slightly underneath the other one, so both bombs were carried high into the sky before exploding with a blast greater than a nuclear explosion. Naruto and Kurama took the advantage at that moment because they had time to protect themselves from the blast by wrapping themselves in the tails of the fox demon. Tobi's five bijû, destabilized by the dust and the flying rubble, were shackled by Kurama's tails that spread out towards them before turning into giant arms that caught them at the base of the neck. Pulling with all his might, Naruto tore the chakra stakes from their bodies.

At that moment, the six biju entered into communion and entered a special room where they could speak freely. Each bijû had his former jinchûriki on his head and none of them seemed to be dead. They informed Naruto and Kurama that it was Son Goku who had asked them to meet here before disappearing and that at that moment he and his jinchuri Roshi had finally found peace. Naruto met Yugito, Yagura, Han, Utakata and Fû under their real personality and not under the control of the masked man. The five bijû also revealed him their true names that the hermit Rikudô had given them before dying: Matatabi, Isobu, Kokuô, Saiken and Chômei. They then put their hands together and remembered at that moment the words of Rikudô: "One day you will all be together again". As the five bijû were sucked together into the Gedô Mazô, Naruto's transformation stopped and he returned to his normal form. With a confident look on his face, bringing his hand to the seal on his belly, Naruto taunted the masked man saying, "Things have changed, because I just learned a lot of very hard to remember names!"

The Alliance HQ, having sensed Kurama's chakra from their detection sphere, decided to mentally contact the entire alliance to tell them to join Naruto and B as soon as possible to help them in their fight. The story moves away for a few hours from Naruto and Tobi to leave the place to the fights of the 5 Kage against Madara and especially that of Itachi and Sasuke against Kabuto. After Itachi defeated Kabuto and forced him to cancel the Edo Tensei with his Sharingan, Naruto, Kakashi, B and Gai, in the middle of the fight against the Gedô Mazô, noticed that the bodies of the resurrected jinchûriki were slowly returning to nothingness and Naruto, encouraged by Itachi's victory, prepared to fight Tobi. Kakashi attacked Gedô Mazô with his Raiden (chain of lightning) technique and hit him in the hand. Gai then took the opportunity to make the ground collapse under the monster's feet with a devastating kick. Hachibi and Naruto, in Kyubi's chakra mode, hit together the statue on the chin, the Gedô Mazô collapsed backwards.

Birth of Jûbi's Jinchûriki

The masked man decided to get down to business and summoned the crimson gourd and the amber vase, the treasures of the Rikudo Hermit in which the Kinkaku and Ginkaku brothers of Kumo are sealed. Then he made them swallow the Gedô Mazô who became like mad and started to scream and to give off a powerful chakra. Kurama explained to Naruto that Tobi was reviving Jûbi and told him that the hermit Rikudô had predicted that the return of Jûbi would trigger the end of the world. Speaking through Naruto's mouth, Kurama revealed to Kakashi and Gaï that Jûbi was the ultimate ancestor of all the creatures of this world, a kind of god who had created the different countries of the shinobi world and who was given many names like Atara or Deidara Bocchi. Naruto, refusing the idea of the infinite Tsukoyomi which would lock the world in an illusion, a perpetual lie, revealed to Tobi that his dream is to become the greatest of the Hokage and that it is this dream which makes him go forward. Naruto then switched to Chakra Mode and threw himself at high speed on the Gedô mazô, a Rasengan at arm's length. But Tobi intercepted him and countered his Rasengan with his strange ninja weapon marked with the Sharingan pattern, which absorbed the shock and mysteriously sent the impact back to Naruto, before declaring that he would not touch the Gedô mazô.

Naruto during his fight against Tobi.


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Gedô Mazô continued to convulse and started to bleed from his eyes. Naruto launched a multi-clone and ran towards Tobi making a mini Biju Bomb with his clone. Going ahead, Naruto's clone threw himself at the masked man but he ran through him and received a blow from his weapon, then disappeared. The original threw his mini Biju Bomb at Tobi with a chakra arm. The attack failed again but at the same time, Gai came from the air with his nunchaku Sôshuga but Tobi parried the blow with his weapon. Tobi counter-attacked by throwing kunai but Gai sent them back with a nunchaku reel. After another fight with Tobi, Gai gave an opening to Naruto who came back with his mini Biju Bomb. Meanwhile, Kakashi activated his Mangekyô Sharingan and tried to suck the Gedô Mazô into his Kamui. But Tobi saw it in time and after avoiding Naruto's attack with a leap to the side, he cancelled Kakashi's Kamui and Kakashi was left speechless. Then as Naruto's chakra arm came at him again, he dodged it and as the mini Tailed Demon Orb smashed rocks to pieces, it came out of the ground below Naruto. Naruto then started to jump higher and higher between the rocks floating in the air because of the chakra emanations produced by the Gedô Mazô. Kakashi, propelled by Hachibi and armed with a kunai in which he channels his Chidori, came to his rescue and projected his kunai Raikiri on Tobi. Tobi let the kunai pass through him before kicking it back at Naruto. Kakashi made it disappear with his Kamui while Naruto directed one of his chakra arms towards Tobi's face but it went through him again. Kakashi then noticed a slight crack on Tobi's mask.

Hachibi took advantage of Tobi's concentration on his fight to punch the Gedô Mazô hard but Tobi kept an eye on him and summoned a chakra barrier around the statue, against which Hachibi burned his hand. Kakashi guessed that the scratch on their enemy's mask was made by his kunai Raikiri, so he asked Naruto and Gai to obey him in the next attack. Hachibi took all three of them in his right hand and threw them with all his strength at Tobi. Gai attacked him with Shoshuga but Tobi easily read his movements with his sharingan and took the nunchaku from his hands after dodging his blows. Taking advantage of the fact that Tobi materialized to absorb So-shuga, Naruto then charged at him with a Rasengan. He first passed through him and deactivated his orb and then, as the two opponents were standing back to back, Tobi received the impact of the Rasengan on his right arm, which even Naruto didn't understand. After getting up from the blow, Obito understood that it was Kakashi who had transported the Rasengan to the other dimension with his Kamui.

After explaining to his two companions how the masked man's technique worked, Kakashi deduced that Tobi's dimensional technique was linked to his Kamui. Tobi revealed that he got his Sharingan during the battle of Kannabi Bridge in the Third Great Shinobi War. He then asked Naruto how he would feel if he betrayed and gave up everything that his father and Jiraya had entrusted to him. Kurama told him that he was part of the legacy that the Fourth Hokage had left to Naruto, that it was sealed inside him in order to defeat him and that he had better count on him in this battle. Covered in Kurama's chakra and determined not to fail, Naruto rushed at Tobi.

Naruto destroyed Tobi's mask.

One of Kurama's arms came out of Naruto and fell on Tobi, who went into the other dimension to avoid it. Opening a portal to the Kamui dimension, Tobi took out giant shurikens of several meters in diameter and sent them at Naruto. Hachibi intercepted two of them with his tails but the third one cut the end of a tentacle. Naruto then blocked it by summoning Kurama's head which broke it between his jaws. Activating his Mangekyo Sharingan, Tobi provoked Kakashi by telling him that he was going to show him the power of the authentic Kamui. The two jônin then entered the dance while Tobi opened the other dimension again to throw a rain of sealing stakes on them which limited the power of the bijû. Hachibi was quickly trapped but Naruto did not give up and made a clone appear which he armed with a Rasengan while the original made a Biju Bomb. Jumping from rock to rock while dodging the stakes that kept raining down, the clone climbed up to Tobi but a stake hit him and made him disappear before he could hit his enemy with his Rasengan. At that moment, Naruto threw his biju bomb on Tobi who quickly fled to the other dimension. But Naruto's clone, who didn't disappear because of the stake but was actually sent to the Kamui dimension by Kakashi, was waiting for him and he threw his Rasengan at him while shouting "Who are you?

We then saw a retrospective of Obito Uchiwa's history, how he had passed the Chûnin Examinations, his entrance to the academy and then his missions and finally his supposed death... and we distinguished Obito's face, with a scar on the right side of his face caused by the rock fall triggered by the shinobi from Iwa. Kakashi and Gai recognized Obito and were very surprised, Naruto asked who Obito was and Gai told him that he was one of their classmates from the Academy. Kakashi was dismayed by Obito's remarks and blamed him for Rin's death, Naruto told him to pull himself together. Obito said that he had nothing more to say to them and that they were going to die with this reality and then he cast a Katon spell combined with his Mangekyo Sharingan. Naruto blocked the flames with Kurama's tails. A person came from the sky near Obito, Madara Uchiwa was seen and told him that he must be having a good time here.

Naruto was very surprised and almost instinctively asked where the Kage were. Madara told him that they were in pretty bad shape after defeating them and the fainting bodies of the Kage were seen. Naruto pulled out the sealing stakes that were on Hachibi and sent them at the two Uchiwa. Madara countered the stakes by summoning a barrier with his fan that Obito had just returned to him. Madara found Obito impatient to have started the plan without having captured Kyûbi and Hachibi. He found it strange that he was not resurrected by Nagato and his Rinnegan. Naruto was inflamed when he heard that, Obito explained that Nagato had betrayed them. Madara didn't seem to be upset then Naruto charged at him with a mini Biju Bomb which Madara sent back with his Uchiwa fan then he sent the impact of the sphere back with the powers of this mysterious fan. Naruto was swept away by the blast, but it was actually a clone of Naruto who disappeared. Kakashi then asked Obito how he came to be like that, he who was remembered as a hero who would do anything to save his friends.

Obito then recalled the events of about 17 years ago, at the end of the Third Great Shinobi War, which had led him to join forces with Madara to achieve his goal. At that moment, Naruto, boiling with anger at Madara, emerged from the rubble in a burst of chakra and told Madara that he was the son of the Fourth Hokage and that he would not be defeated so easily. The old Uchiwa then decided to get serious and summoned the legendary wooden dragon Mokuton of Hashirama which had once sealed Kurama's power. Naruto then turned into a biju and the two monsters charged at each other in a clash of titans. The wooden dragon tried to wrap his body around Kurama to smother his chakra but the fox demon bit him and struck him relentlessly with his claws, sending shards of broken wood flying across the battlefield. While the two creatures clashed, Obito decided to start his last fight with Kakashi and this time end the old friendship for good.

Naruto supporting Kakashi during their fight against Obito.

After wounding him in the leg, he sucked him into the Kamui dimension. Meanwhile, Madara's dragon Mokuton had formed several loops around Naruto and Kurama, and the chakra of the bjû, limited by the Mokuton chakra, finally dried up, Naruto then returned to his intermediate form. Hachibi and Gai tried to go and help him while Kakashi, who had returned from the Kamui dimension, was badly beaten by Obito who hit him mercilessly with his fists and slashed him on all sides with big shuriken. Hachibi, also sensitive to Mokuton, was immobilized by Madara's giant roots. At the very moment when Madara summoned his Susano to strike Hachibi with his sword and Obito raised his shuriken to strike Kakashi, Naruto did a multi-cloning and saved them both. And without meaning to, he repeated Kakashi's fetish phrase, inherited from Obito: "I won't let you kill my friends! Both Naruto were then attacked simultaneously by Obito and Madara. But Kakashi and Gai, drawing on their last reserves of chakra, pushed Obito away with a Raikiri and Madara and his Susano with the Noonday Tiger respectively. Kakashi then told Obito that he had not betrayed and abandoned all the things he had entrusted to him and that he had passed them on to Naruto, that's why he was willing to die to protect him.

Obito then pulled out a branch of his artificial arm in "Zetsu" and used it to immobilize Naruto while he ran towards Kakashi, who was about to pass out, to try to suck him back into the Kamui dimension. Naruto broke free and stood in front of Obito and then gave him a powerful headbutt. Naruto was happy to see the pain on the Uchiwa's face at last and the Uchiwa retorted that he should rather take care of his sensei before saying that. Kurama asked Naruto to let him control his body. He grabbed Kakashi by the hand and threw him on Obito, who transported him to the Kamui dimension. Naruto asked Kurama what he was doing but Kurama told him to go ahead without thinking, so he laid a biju arm on Obito, who carried his lower body into the other dimension. Naruto then saw Obito spitting blood because Kakashi had punched him in the stomach in the other dimension. Kurama then explained to Naruto that he had restored Kakashi's chakra and healed his wounds by taking him by the hand. This way, whenever Obito went to the other dimension to avoid his attacks, Kakashi would be able to welcome him there. Obito also sent his torso and head into the other dimension to escape Naruto's blows and Kakashi sent him a right in the head. Then Kakashi came back from the Kamui dimension with his Mangekyo Sharingan.

They then noticed that the ninjutsu barrier which protected the Gedô Mazô was cracking, which was the sign of Jûbi's rebirth. Kurama and Gyûki then shaped the biggest biju bombs possible and threw them in the direction of Gedô Mazô. The explosion was huge and everybody thought that Gedô Mazô had been destroyed and thought that it was the end. Obito answered them: "Yes, it is the end of this world". Jûbi then appeared, bigger and scarier than all the bijû together, his ten tails beating the air and his huge single eye staring at Naruto and his friends. Obito and Madara then jumped on his head to bind themselves to him in order to start the ritual of the Infinite Lunar Arcana. Kurama, Gyuki, Naruto and the two jônin decided to stay at a distance to observe Jûbi's reactions before acting. Naruto found it strange that he didn't feel any negative emotion coming from Jûbi anymore. Kurama explained him that Jûbi was a pure force of nature like air, water or earth and that he was devoid of feelings. Naruto then passed in hermit mode to be able to feel the natural energy and to evaluate the power of Jûbi. He was then submerged by a flood of sensations which terrified him, Kurama then said to him to stop that at once because he wanted to evaluate what cannot be evaluated. To test Jûbi's power, Madara made him sweep the air with his huge tails, which caused a real surge so powerful that Kurama and Gyûki had to hold on tightly to the ground not to be dragged away by the gusts and the rocks. Preparing for the fight, Kurama gave chakra to Gai as well before the attack.

Suddenly Jûbi ran on them so fast that he crossed the distance which separated them without them being able to move a muscle and he swept the two bijû in one blow of his enormous claws. Kurama and Gyuki flew for several hundred meters before getting up and throwing a rain of Biju Bombs on the monster. He then revealed his own version of the Biju Bomb, a huge beam of black chakra that he could direct as he pleased. Swept away by Jubi's huge beam, the Biju Bombs exploded in flight. The black beam then went towards the two bijû, who wrapped themselves in their tails to protect themselves. Kurama, the more powerful of the two, managed to escape despite the destruction of several of his tails, but Gyûki was disintegrated by the beam, leaving only a piece of tentacle. At that moment, Kakashi, accompanied by a clone of Naruto, appeared from the sky above Jûbi. Activating his Kamui, he opened the door to the other dimension. A tentacle came out of it, then Hachibi, who had been sheltered by Kakashi and who was now charging at Jûbi, a Biju Bomb in his mouth.

He shot the chakra sphere right at the huge eye of the monster and the attack was about to succeed when Jûbi, tired of these insects which attacked him without respite, deflected it with a simple flick and sent it back to Gyûki, who received it in the chest. The Biju Bomb carried the octopus demon into the air before exploding. Kakashi and Naruto's clone reached Jubi's height and were almost caught by the monster's tail, but Naruto pushed his sensei violently to the side, saving him from certain death. As the clone disappeared under the shock, Obito saw himself about 17 years earlier saving Kakashi from the collapse of the cave by throwing him out with all his strength. He thought that this young jinchurriki was very much like him but he was sure that like him, life would take his dreams and his friends and that he would change sooner or later. Kurama caught Kakashi in the air and also stretched his tails on the ground to break Gyûki's fall, who was falling from the sky, seriously injured by the explosion of his own Biju Bomb.

Naruto and the alliance.

At that moment Naruto's transformation into Kurama ended and the three Konoha ninjas fell. B, at the end of his rope, also returned to his normal form. Kakashi, exhausted from absorbing and releasing an entire biju with his Kamui, and Gai, overcome by the side effects of his Noonday Tiger, were not in much better shape. Naruto then prepared to use a supra multi-cloning, both sensei advised him against it, and Madara and Obito laughed at him, telling him that he could create as many clones and use as many S-rank techniques as he wanted, he would still be incompetent. Naruto told him that he would never become like them and that he would pursue his dream to become the greatest Hokage. Obito told him that he would make him a great Hokage inside the Infinite Lunar Arcana and, as Jubi was modeling his original Biju Bomb, he said goodbye to him. Jubi then launched his death ray which disintegrated straight ahead for dozens of kilometers and was lost in the horizon. When the dust cleared, the beam was seen to have passed within a few dozen meters of its targets. Naruto and his friends wondered if this was intentional, at that moment two pairs of Alliance shinobi arrived from the air. The first one was composed of Ino and Hinata and the second one of Hiashi Hyuga and another Yamanaka, who had launched a collective Shintenshin and took control of Obito's mind for a second in order to deflect Jubi's beam. Behind them came one after the other the different divisions of the Shinobi Alliance, Kitsuchi's, Gaara's (commanded by Shikamaru), Darui's, Kakashi's led by one of his deputies, Mifune's, Shizune's medical unit and the Stalker unit led by C. Jûbi, with a colossal flapping of his tail, unleashed a veritable hurricane on the Alliance shinobi, thousands of Fûton users combined their attacks to counter the surge. Naruto, finally regaining his confidence, told Obito that he was going to show him the most powerful ninjutsu technique in the shinobi world, a technique that far surpassed his Infinite Lunar Arcana. After the Hyuga clan protected Naruto from Jubi's attacks, but Obito launched a Mokuton attack. While protecting Naruto, Neji lost his life, which encouraged Naruto to give up but Hinata prevented him. She reminded him that his life didn't belong to him anymore. Kyûbi reminded him that Neji had died in the same way as his parents. He pulled himself together and distributed Kyûbi's chakra to everyone. Seeing Lee crying about Neji's death, Naruto told him that he would keep the real Neji inside him. With the combined attacks of each of them, Naruto and Lee managed to attack Madara and Obito, and they lost control of Júbi. After Kyubi completely recharged his chakra, Naruto distributed it to the members of the shinobi alliance in order to revitalize them and protect them from the attacks of Obito, Madara and Jubi. Obito tried again to reason with Naruto that his efforts were useless, but Naruto retorted that he was willing to endure any suffering to protect them and that losing them would be the worst suffering. Sensing that the situation on the battlefield was at their disadvantage, Kyubi announced to Naruto that he was going to use the Tenpen Chi technique.

Team 7 reunited

Jûbi launched his attack. At that moment, a kunai hit the ground and Minato appeared. He warned his son that his friend was coming. This friend was neither more nor less than Sasuke. Reassured by Sakura, Naruto joined Sasuke to resume the fight and asked his teammate to stay back, but she refused to let her comrades fight alone and Team 7 was reformed again. Clones of Jubi appeared, Naruto and Sasuke had trouble getting rid of them, so Sakura created the same Supreme Creation and Renewal Seal on her forehead as Tsunade and attacked them. Her phenomenal power surprised Naruto and brought her even closer to her companions in power. After having succeeded in defeating the clones of Jûbi thanks to the help of Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke faced Obito transformed into Rikûdo with a Shakujô in his hand.

 Discover the figurine of Sasuke Susano

Afterwards, Naruto found himself with Obito in another dimension and tried to convince him to stop his madness but this one didn't want to listen. Later, Naruto and the Shinobi Alliance managed to defeat Obito by extracting Jubi from his body but the latter survived the extraction.

Disappointed by Obito's failure, Madara sent Zetsu Noir to control his ally's body. He then caught the seven demons, Killer B and Naruto with the chains of Gedô Mazô and managed to extract Gyûbi and Kurama from the last two hosts, the latter having just had time to transmit a message to Gaara. Gaara retrieved Naruto in agony and took him to Sakura so that she could take care of him. Sakura first tried to heal him but she was out of chakra and could not do anything. Sakura operated Naruto on the left side of his body and put her hand in to keep his heart going and at the same time gave him mouth-to-mouth to keep him alive. Obito, controlled by Black Zetsu, prevented Minato from transferring the Yin half of Kurama into his son's body by absorbing it into him, and Madara intervened in the guise of the Hermit Rikudo. Madara wanted to rally Obito to his cause, but the latter having understood that he had been manipulated and having remembered Naruto's words, attacked him with a punch. Ready to die, Obito finally joined the Shinobi Alliance and teamed up with Kakashi in order to take Naruto to the other dimension. The two former friends came up with a plan: together they used the Kamui technique, Obito teleported to the other dimension and used his powers to save Naruto.

Thanks to Obito, Naruto came back to life but suddenly met Hagoromo Ôtsutsuki, the real Rikudô Hermit, who revealed him to be the reincarnation of Asura. He guessed that Sasuke was the reincarnation of Indra. Hagoromo explained to him why Madara had awakened his Rinnegan, because the reincarnations of his children from the previous generation were Madara and Hashirama. Hagoromo told Naruto to give him his dominant arm and Naruto gave him his right arm. When he woke up, he went to the battlefield and has since a drawing of the sun on the palm of his hand. On the side of the battlefield, Madara, dying after having attacked Gai, told Gai, who was at death's door, that he hadn't had so much fun for a long time.

Sasuke and Naruto back.

Then Naruto arrived, pushing away Madara's attack with a kick, put his hand on Gai's chest and infused him with reviving energy. He then attacked Madara and cut the Divine Tree with his Senpo - Yôton Rasenshuriken, which was then absorbed by Madara. He made a new chakra cloak appear while Sasuke was teleported by Tobirama to him.

Naruto and Sasuke faced Madara and were soon confronted with Madara's Rimbo - Hengoku, an invisible shadow, untouchable by conventional means. But Sasuke came up with a plan to immobilize Madara by sandwiching the two young ninjas with Naruto's seal technique using Shukaku chakra. But Madara substituted himself with his shadow before he specified himself on Kakashi to steal his Sharingan, before being sliced in two by Sasuke before entering the other dimension.

Naruto used sticks made with the Gudôdama to completely immobilize Madara's shadow and left his guard to a clone before joining the other former members of Team 7. He replaced Kakashi's missing left eye before learning of Madara's departure and his imminent return with his two Rinnegan. When Madara returned with the help of Black Zetsu controlling Obito's body, Sakura attacked him by activating the Byakugo but was stopped by a shadow of Madara, before being saved by Naruto while Sasuke was pushed away by another shadow. Madara rose up and used Chibaku Tensei to form many meteorites while his four shadows attacked. Naruto sent four clones to fight the shadows while Sasuke flew with the help of Susano to destroy meteors. While the two ninjas were busy, Madara tore off the plate on his forehead and a third eye opened on his forehead, an eye similar to Shinju's, which reflected on the moon to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Kaguya Ôtsutsuki Attack

Naruto and the other members of the team, protected by Sasuke's Susanô, analyzed the situation and Kakashi decided that Sasuke would be the leader since he had the best information. Once the spell was dispelled, they dispelled the Susanô. Zetsu Black faced them and then Madara but Zetsu Black betrayed and merged with him making Kaguya Ôtsutsuki appear before them.

Team 7 defeated Kaguya.

Then began a fight between Team 7 and Obito against Kaguya during which Obito lost his life. However, Kaguya passed on his chakra to Kakashi, granting Kakashi the power of his eyes. With the gift and his sacrifice, Kakashi led Team 7. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura combined their efforts to try to seal Kaguya, which was successful.

When the war seemed to be over, Sasuke said that he would kill the five Kage and challenged Naruto. So he took him to the Valley of the End after he put Sakura to sleep and Kakashi was put out of action. Before starting their fight Sasuke explained to Naruto what the word Hokage meant to him: it was about bearing the weight of the world's hatred by being alone in the shadows just like Itachi had done during his life and declared to Naruto that he was going to erase the past to start again on a new basis by starting to kill Naruto and get rid of the links that united them, then by killing the five current Kage and the tails demons.

The beginning of their last fight.

The fight started with taijutsu between the two ninjas, even if Naruto was defending himself well in his usual form, Sasuke had the advantage thanks to the Sharingan and the Rinnegan combined and this despite the clones of Naruto who were attacking him with several Whirling Orbs. Sasuke then showed an incredible mastery of his new powers with the Enton - Lightning Flames technique which eliminated Naruto's clones, this one called upon Hagoromo's chakra to manage to stand up to Sasuke. Sasuke then used a Katon technique to distract Naruto and used the power of his Rinnegan to teleport behind Naruto and used the Thousand Birds to propel him into the lake. Sasuke then used Susanô, Naruto turned into Kurama to contain the Susanô of his rival.

Kurama vs Susanô.

Naruto exchanged blows of incredible power, Sasuke pushed Kurama back and then used Susanô several Katon techniques that Naruto managed to dodge. Naruto managed to knock down Sasuke and his Susanô. But Sasuke thanks to the Katon techniques he had used was able to use Kirin on Naruto. Kyubi's host remained unharmed after receiving the blow of this technique and still faced Sasuke. He then used a Tailed Demon Orb which collided directly with the Thousand Birds of Susano. Naruto and Sasuke talked and Sasuke confirmed to Naruto that he was going to kill him, that he would control the world and that he had gained immortality through the Rinnegan, then he was going to use the Tailed Demon Chakra to strengthen his Susanô.

Sasuke amplified his Susanô with the chakra of the tail demons and put Naruto and his clones in difficulty for a short time, But Kurama accumulated a lot of natural energy and sent it to Naruto who merged with his clones and formed a three-headed, six-armed Tail Demon to create a Fûton - Giant Shuriken Orb combined with a Tail Demon Shuriken Orb while Sasuke created a bow with an arrow by infusing Raiton chakra. The shock is very powerful and creates a huge cataclysm destroying the stone faces of Hashirama and Madara.

Naruto and Sasuke give each other their last shots.

The two ninjas fell to the ground out of chakra and Sasuke could not use his Rinnegan anymore. They used their taijutsu to conclude and the fight lasted until sunset. Kurama transferred chakra to Naruto but Sasuke absorbed it with his Rinnegan, so he threw a Thousand Birds at Naruto saying goodbye but his Sharingan deactivated and Naruto sent him against the wall and hit him. Sasuke retorted several times that Naruto should disappear but because he was his friend Naruto retorted to Sasuke that he would not get rid of him because he is his only friend.

Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke prepared the Thousand Birds which he combined with his black flames. Naruto talked with Kurama who gave him his own chakra and then went into a deep sleep, he then told Naruto that he was special to him and the tiger demons were sure that Sasuke thought the same. Naruto, determined to end it too, prepared his ultimate Swirling Orb with Kurama's chakra and the collision between the two attacks completely destroyed the statues of their predecessors.

Both of them had their arms cut off. Sakura intervened and healed them both. They then dispelled the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Later, before Sasuke left, Naruto gave him back his renegade headband. At some point, Tsunade transplanted a new arm created from Hashirama's cells to him. The Yang part of Kurama was also sealed back into Naruto and seems to have merged with the Yin part to finally return to his full form.

Discover the figurine of Kakashi Susanoo

Hollow period

Naruto and Sasuke split up.

A few months after the war, Sasuke was forgiven for his crimes thanks to Naruto and Kakashi who had taken his defense. Just before Sasuke left Konoha to travel the world, Naruto joined him to return his headband.

Kakashi Hiden - Lightning in a Frozen Sky

Detailed article: Kakashi Hiden - Lightning in a Frozen SkyAlmost a year after the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto and Sai were sent to the Land of Waves to capture Garyo, the leader of the Ryuha Weapon Alliance. Once they had located the Alliance's hideout, Naruto launched an assault with several clones and although he was still missing an arm, he had learned to perform mudra with one hand. He easily overpowered most of the Alliance members, but was briefly blocked by the Hyôton of Garyo's bodyguard. Naruto distracted the bodyguard with a clone long enough to stop Garyo. Garyo tried to convince Naruto that the Alliance was doing a good job of freeing the world from the corrupting influence of money, and although he was sympathetic, Naruto couldn't stand their terrorist actions and escaped by taking Garyo with him on the Sai Bird.

Two months later, Naruto received a prosthetic arm to replace the arm he had lost during the war. One day, while eating at Ramen Ichiraku, he saw Kakashi passing by and asked him when he would officially take over the responsibilities of Hokage. He tried to convince his sensei by listing Tsunade's many faults, not knowing that she was standing behind him, and she knocked Naruto out. Kakashi finally accepted the position of Hokage shortly after the mission involving the Ryuha Weapon Alliance and the Hôzukijo. When he learned about this mission and more precisely that he was expressly forbidden to know about it at that time, Naruto started to spread rumors about Kakashi's relationship with the new director of the blood prison, Kahyo. Kakashi hit him angrily and then bought him some ramen to apologize.

Shikamaru Hiden - A cloud floating in a silent darkness

Detailed articles: Shikamaru Hiden - A Cloud Floating in Silent Darkness and The Story of Shikamaru: A Cloud Floating in Silent Darkness (novel arc)Naruto joined Shikamaru early one morning and they discussed their heavy workloads for the Shinobi Union. As Naruto's missions were assigned to him by Shikamaru, he took the opportunity to complain about it. Shikamaru told him that he should get used to it, since he was a prime candidate for a possible Hokage position. Naruto later discussed what Shikamaru had said with Sakura, feeling that there was something that Shikamaru was hiding from him. Sakura reminded him of all the efforts Shikamaru was making to prepare Naruto to become Hokage and that this probably had something to do with it. Naruto was aware of all that Shikamaru was doing on his behalf, but he wondered if it was worth it for Shikamaru to take care of him.

A few days later, Naruto was approached by Temari, who was concerned about Shikamaru's recent behavior and asked him where he was. But Naruto didn't know and was disturbed to see that Chôji or Ino didn't know either. He finally asked Kakashi, who admitted under pressure that Shikamaru was on a secret mission in the Land of Silence. Naruto joined Temari's Suna ninja team to go to the Land of Silence to help Shikamaru. They questioned the locals when they arrived and learned that Shikamaru had been captured by the Revolutionaries. They attacked the prison where Shikamaru was held and managed to free him, allowing him to accomplish his mission by taking the leader of the country, Gengo, into custody. Afterwards, Naruto demanded that Shikamaru should never hide anything from him again, otherwise their future Hokage-counselor relationship would be very problematic, so Shikamaru agreed and apologized. While Shikamaru returned to Konoha, Naruto and several other shinobi from Konoha and Suna stayed in the Land of Silence to help the country recover from Gengo's control.

The Last: Naruto the movie

Detailed article: The Last: Naruto the movie

Naruto against the puppets of Toneri.

During the Rinne Festival, Naruto, due to his status as a village hero, was bombarded with gifts from various young people in Konoha. To distract Naruto from all this attention, Konohamaru invited him to his grandfather's storeroom, where Naruto found a scarf that his mother had knitted for him before she died. He then wore the scarf, considering it a precious souvenir. Naruto tried to discuss his new popularity with Hinata while eating ramen, but she was uncomfortable and ran away in embarrassment, which confused him and made him chase her. While searching for her, Naruto came across a horde of puppets who were trying to kidnap Hinata. After rescuing her, they were informed that Hinata's sister Hanabi was kidnapped by Toneri Ôtsutsuki and were assigned to a team to go and rescue her.

Kakashi informed the team that the Moon was about to crash into the Earth and asked them to do their best to stop it in case Toneri was somehow connected to the case. They followed Hanabi's trail, which led them to a cave. As they passed through it, they were caught in a genjutsu formed from their own memories. Seeing events from his and Hinata's past, Naruto remembered her feelings for him and realized that he felt the same way. Sakura released them from the genjutsu and they continued their mission. After the team met the Moon Gate Guardian, Naruto noticed that Hinata was missing and went to look for her, but he discovered that she was in the middle of a discussion with a Toneri, in disguise, whom he quickly defeated. Hinata didn't want to share what she had discussed with the puppet, so Naruto vowed not to let her out of his sight again. They continued through the cave and finally arrived inside the moon and the team decided to split up to investigate the surrounding colony.

Naruto confessed his feelings to Hinata.

After the team regrouped, Naruto looked at Hinata who was fixing her scarf which was in bad shape. She was worried that she wasn't doing enough to save her sister, but Naruto reassured her and told her how he felt about her. Toneri appeared before she could answer, so Hinata gave Naruto the scarf and left with Toneri. Naruto chased them, thinking that Hinata was being taken away against her will. When Hinata did not deny Toneri's statement about their marriage, Naruto was too shocked to react. Toneri attacked him, destroying the scarf and leaving him badly injured. After three days of constant medical care from Sakura, he woke up. Naruto was distraught, thinking that there was no reason to continue if Hinata had chosen Toneri. Sakura reassured him that Hinata couldn't really have feelings for Toneri, because she loved Naruto too much and had a reason to do what she did. As his strength returned, Naruto swore that he would save Hinata and that she would wait for him.

Naruto confronting Toneri.

The team quickly infiltrated Toneri's castle and after locating Hinata, Naruto went after her while the others went to rescue Hanabi. He arrived in time to interrupt Toneri and Hinata's wedding ceremony. Toneri, who was controlling Hinata, made her attack Naruto, but Naruto broke his control over her and Hinata escaped with Naruto. Hinata led him to the Tenseigan, who controlled the descent of the moon, which they tried individually to destroy without success, but together they succeeded. After joining the others, Hinata gave Naruto a piece of the scarf she had knitted for him, which he gladly took. The team then tried to flee the castle, but Toneri appeared and separated the group, giving him the opportunity to take Hinata back. During their intense fight, Naruto managed to overcome Toneri's new power and dominate the fight by concentrating all his chakra in his fist, defeating him with one punch and freeing Hinata from his grip.

Naruto kissing Hinata.

Toneri tried a last attack, but was unable to control his power, which made Naruto intervene and save him from drifting into space. Afterwards, Hinata informed Toneri of Hamura's true decree and he regretted what he had done and allowed the team to return home. As they returned to Earth, Naruto reaffirmed his feelings for Hinata and declared that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life, much to her delight, and they later shared their first kiss.

Sakura Hiden - Love feelings carried away by a spring breeze

Detailed article: Sakura Hiden - Love on a spring breezeWhile Naruto and Hinata were on a date in Konoha, they came across Sakura. Feeling that she was overworking, they invited her to join them, but she declined.

One day, while Naruto was teaching hand-to-hand combat to a student class at the academy, he noticed Sakura wandering around Konoha, looking upset. Sensing that she needed a distraction, Naruto insisted that she help him, which made her forget about the recent events. As a thank you, Sakura informed Naruto of something she had been avoiding telling him: there were rumors that Sasuke was trying to destroy Konoha. She didn't believe that the rumors were true, but no one had been able to get in touch with Sasuke to confirm it. Naruto told her that Sasuke should not be worried about these rumors, otherwise he would answer the messages that were sent to him. Sakura, convinced by the words of her friend, was reassured.

When Naruto and Hinata later learned that Sakura was kidnapped by Kido Tsumiki, they joined Kakashi in rescuing her. When they found her, they discovered that she had already defeated Kido and congratulated her on her victory.

Konoha Hiden - A perfect day for a wedding

Detailed article: Konoha Hiden - A perfect day for a wedding

Naruto and Hinata getting ready for their wedding.

Naruto and Hinata decided to get married and invited their friends and family. Since his parents had passed away, Naruto asked Iruka to attend as his father, which Iruka gladly accepted. On the day of the wedding, however, Naruto kept his real father in his thoughts, gazing in awe at Minato's face on the Hokage Monument as he and Hinata were about to cross the altar.

Sasuke Shinden - Book of Sunrise

Detailed article: Sasuke Shinden - Book of sunriseNaruto appeared in the novel.

New Era

The Uzumaki family.

Several years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War, he realized his dream and became the Seventh Hokage (七代目火影, Nanadaime, Literally meaning: Seventh Fire Shadow), while marrying Hinata Hyûga and having two children, Boruto and Himawari. In the anime, over the years, Naruto was constantly busy, which led him not to take the Chûnin Examinations. On the day of his installation as Hokage, Boruto accidentally destroyed Himawari's toy, which prompted Naruto to intervene to defend his son against his sister's Jûken, but he ended up taking the blow instead, rendering him unconscious. He ended up missing his own investiture, forcing Konohamaru to pretend to be him during the ceremony. As Hokage, he organized a summit of the Five Kage in Konoha, which Sasuke and Sakura attended along with the other four Kage and their bodyguards. During the meeting, Sasuke informed them that a threat greater than Kaguya might still exist somewhere, which Naruto and the other Kage decided to keep the information confidential to avoid causing a general panic.

Beginning at the Ninja Academy

In the anime, Naruto participated in the Academy's entrance ceremony, which led him to be mortified when Boruto arrived and damaged the Hokage Monument. After the incident, Naruto heard from the president of the Kaminarimon Company that Boruto had a positive impact on his son, which made him smile. Later, as a mysterious presence continued to cause the villagers to randomly attack citizens, Naruto decided to investigate, which revealed that the victims' chakra was severely drained, to the point of being hospitalized.

In the anime, as the mysterious attacks started to happen all over the village, Naruto's efforts to find out the truth exhausted him and Shikamaru insisted that he go home and rest. When he arrived, he learned that Boruto had been acting very strangely lately. After telling his son, Boruto insisted that he had finally activated his Byakugan, which led them to tell Hiashi. Upon arriving at his house, Hiashi, like Naruto, had doubts about whether Boruto had awakened the Byakugan. Deciding to test her grandson, Hanabi confronted Boruto, which concluded that the young boy had not activated the dôjutsu. Afterwards, Naruto talked with Hiashi about his grandchildren.

After assigning Sai to investigate the attacks in the village, he returned home late and confided in Hinata about his difficulty in interacting with his children, believing that it was due to the fact that he had grown up without parents. Some time later, Naruto saved some civilians at the Konoha sewage plant. While Boruto decided to visit his friends in the hospital and realizing that his son was conducting his own investigation into the attacks, Naruto took Boruto into the operating room, showing his son what happened to the victims after a while. While he hoped to convince Boruto to stay out of this case, he only strengthened Boruto's resolve. Shino then appeared, encouraging Naruto to have faith in his son, as the teacher himself was recently saved by Boruto's efforts. Although he was tired, Naruto decided to trust Shino's judgment.

While having dinner with his family and Mitsuki, Naruto left abruptly to take care of a matter concerning a strange chakra spreading in Konoha. Soon after, Sai discovered that the culprit behind these attacks was Sumire Kakei. Naruto learned from Kakashi that Sumire's intention was to unleash the Gozu Tendo on the village. Later, when Sai found Sumire, she unleashed the Nue. Naruto soon joined the unit to fend off the creature, but Kakashi warned Naruto to stay away from it, having understood that the purpose of this creature was to gather enough chakra to produce an explosion powerful enough to destroy the village. The Konoha Barrier Guard tried to keep the creature at bay, but it suddenly teleported away. Naruto then tried to find the creature in Hermit Mode and Kakashi deduced that the creature was functioning differently from normal summonings, existing in its own separate dimension.

When Sumire surrendered, Sai and Shikamaru told him that it was thanks to Boruto who relied on Sumire's sincere love for his friends at the Academy, which relieved Naruto who decided to admit it first. Later, he informed Boruto that even though he had to look after the welfare of the whole village and did not have the absolute right to speak, he promised to help Sumire. Finally, he decided to forgive her and let her return to the Academy. Later, Naruto sent a clone to meet Sasuke, handing over the research on the Gozu-Tenno to him. Sasuke quickly deduced that it was an attempt by Danzo to recreate Kaguya's technique. Before leaving, Sasuke asked Naruto to apologize to Sakura for his prolonged absence, which made Naruto feel responsible for her.

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

Detailed Article: Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring (arc)In the anime, when Himawari fell ill with a fever, Naruto rushed home worried about her and Boruto pointed out that her Hokage coat was on backwards. When Naruto and Boruto started to argue about what Himawari should eat, Hinata got angry and kicked them both out of the house for being noisy. Naruto then invited Boruto to eat with him at Ramen Ichiraku to try to get closer to him, which he accepted. While they were eating, Naruto told his son about all the precious memories he had in that shop, such as being recognized by Iruka, being in Team 7 and having his first date with Hinata.

On the day of the Five Kage Summit in Konoha, Moegi and Udon informed Naruto that Boruto was vandalizing the Hokage Monument. Before Boruto could do any more damage, Naruto caught him and stopped him. Afterwards, he lectured his son that the whole village was his family. This ordeal caused Naruto to arrive late to the meeting, for which he apologized.

As Boruto's graduation exam from the Academy approached, Naruto used a clone to help him train. Meanwhile, the real Naruto received a report from Sasuke about a boy with the Sharingan. After consulting Kakashi about this, Naruto decided to accompany Sasuke to a meeting with Orochimaru, leaving behind a clone to manage Konoha in his absence. He wanted to leave the village before Boruto could come to say goodbye, although he asked Shikamaru to apologize to Boruto on his behalf.

Naruto protecting the children.

As he was walking to the meeting point, Naruto felt that he was followed by Sarada Uchiwa and Chôchô Akimichi. At first he tried to ignore them, but finally decided that it would be better to confront them than to let them continue following him. However, when he arrived to talk to them, he saw them being attacked by the same boy that was mentioned in Sasuke's report. Although he was glad that they were able to defend themselves against their attacker, Naruto decided to get personally involved when he saw that the boy had a Sharingan. The boy couldn't do anything against Naruto's Kyûbi Chakra Mode, so he escaped thanks to a Time-Space Ninjutsu from a creature that was nearby. As the boy was apparently after Sarada, Naruto allowed them to come with him so that he could protect them.

While eating lunch, Naruto told Sarada what his father was like when he was growing up, and then informed Sarada and Chôchô how much they took after their parents. Sarada was not only interested in hearing about Sasuke, but also found that she and Naruto got along quite well. As they approached the place where they were supposed to meet Sasuke, Sarada used the bathroom as an excuse to sneak away from Naruto and Shosho so she could see him first. Naruto followed her and when he arrived he was reprimanded by Sasuke for bringing children with him. Sarada explained that she had come without permission, because she wanted to know if Sakura was her real mother. Sasuke ignored the question, which only upset her and made her run away. Naruto tried to comfort her, but his assurances that Sasuke meant well did not improve her mood. Before he could continue, he sensed the boy's return and defended Sarada as the boy and his father, Shin Uchiwa, attacked them.

Sasuke helped push Shin and his son back, but Shin was able to manipulate Sasuke's sword and use it to stab Naruto. Naruto continued to attack Shin despite his injury, but tried to use the fact that he was impaled by the sword to gain his sympathy. Kurama mocked Naruto for letting himself be stabbed, but assured him that it wouldn't kill him. Sakura suddenly arrived to help and dealt a powerful blow to Shin, forcing Shin to run away taking Sakura with him. Unable to detect where Shin had taken Sakura, they continued on to Orochimaru's lair. Orochimaru informed them that Shin was one of his old experiments that he had since lost control of. Naruto noticed Sarada slipping away with Suigetsu during Orochimaru's explanation and followed them, listening to Suigetsu perform a DNA test which suggested that Sarada's real mother was in fact Karin.

Not knowing what the truth was, Naruto was at first angry at Sasuke for the secret he seemed to have kept, but also at Suigetsu for getting involved. He approached Sarada to discuss this with her, but she became angry with him, believing that he had knowingly participated in the lie that Sakura was his mother. When she tried to insist that not being related to Sakura did not mean that they were not family, Naruto took a firm stand, he was not related to most of the villagers in Konoha, but he still considered them his family because they were important to him. In the same way, Sakura and Sarada were family because they were important to each other. Sarada realized how much she loved Sakura and decided to help her save her. They joined the others and headed to Shin's hideout.

Naruto confronting Shin.

Using Sasuke's Rinnegan, they were able to reach the place where Shin had taken Sakura, but Sakura was doing well on her own fighting him. As the number of his opponents increased, Shin called on his sons to help him, but they turned on him and killed him because he had always mistreated them. The clones then turned to Naruto and the others, whom Naruto fought with his own clones. Since they were only children, he scared them into surrendering by making Kurama appear. After learning that Sakura was his biological mother, Sarada reconciled with his parents, much to Naruto's delight. They all returned to Konoha and Shin's clones were taken to the Konoha Orphanage.

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School trip to Kiri

In the anime, in order to improve relations with other villages and symbolically show that the era of war was over, Naruto set up an official class trip for the Academy to go to Kiri. Arranging the details with Chôjûrô, he also got a tour guide for the class.

Graduation exams

Detailed article: Arc Graduation ExamsIn the anime, as the classes of the Academy started to prepare for the graduation exams, the different students were asked about their future goals by a parent. However, Naruto could not join his son because he was busy discussing with Orochimaru about his research on Danzo's old experiments. Orochimaru was delivering promising results to help Sasuke in his own investigations, while Shikamaru was expressing his lack of confidence in Orochimaru and Naruto was reassured that Orochimaru was roaming the village.

On Boruto's first day as a genin, Naruto managed to get some time to have breakfast with his family and accompany Boruto to be assigned to his team. After Boruto left, Shikamaru went to Naruto's house to pick him up and inform him of his various tasks for the day. Later, Naruto was in a field to test the skills of several shinobi in Ninjutsu Barrier to better protect the village with Mirai Sarutobi as his escort for the day. When Boruto and his teammates came to him, he thought they wanted to change teams, but was pleasantly surprised when instead they wanted their team to be named Team 7.

First mission of the new Team 7!

In the anime, as the newly promoted genin began to prepare for their first missions, Naruto prepared to introduce them to them, as was his custom. As Boruto began to boast about how easy his mission was, Naruto sternly warned him not to be so arrogant. He gave Team 7 a D-rank mission to help the village of Verte-Rive which was attacked by bandits for their crops. Naruto insisted that the team should show teamwork to complete this mission.

White Nights

Detailed article: White Nights Arc

Naruto calming the crowd.

In the anime, when the White Nights gang began organizing robberies throughout Konoha, their action of distributing their stolen wealth to the poor began to gain a lot of support from many villagers, leading to a protest after the group deceived the villages into believing that the Kaminarimon Company was corrupt. After the shinobi determined that the protest leaders were being manipulated by genjutsu and released them, Naruto and his clones appeared in front of the crowd and began to calm them down with his speech. Immediately afterwards, Naruto headed to the border of the Fire Country where he apprehended Gekko, who had used the riots as a distraction to steal the Magnum Opus from the Ninjutsu Research Center.

Naruto Shinden: Family Day

Himawari and Naruto.

After announcing the Family Day, Shikamaru took care of Naruto's paperwork, allowing him to spend time with Himawari. Despite the lack of sleep, Naruto accepted his daughter's wish and went in search of a Kurama doll with her. After being joined by Kiba during their unsuccessful search, he bought Himawari a Shukaku doll, which she liked. Later, when Himawari went to bed with Hinata, Naruto approached Boruto and apologized for not spending time with his son on that holiday. He gave him a personalized shuriken and father and son decided to spend the rest of the evening training together.

Fight against Momoshiki

Detailed articles: Boruto: Naruto the movie and Fight with MomoshikiIn the anime, because of his work, he was unable to attend Boruto's birthday party, returning only late at night with a birthday gift to make up for it. Later, as investigations into everything related to Kaguya continued, a third ruin of the Ôtsutsuki clan that was directly related to her was discovered. Determined to find out everything he could, Naruto prepared to examine it personally. On his way out, Naruto was approached by his son, who demanded that his father promise to attend Himawari's upcoming birthday, which he did.

Later, Naruto, still busy with his Hokage duties, continued to have a strained relationship with his son. Konoha became a big city under Naruto's leadership, but he was overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the Hokage, which led him to create clones to take care of his family and the villagers. When Boruto and his team reported to Naruto after a mission, Naruto asked his son to address him as "the Seventh" instead of "Dad" and reminded him of the importance of teamwork, which annoyed his son because he thought he could handle everything alone. Boruto warned his father to come home for Himawari's birthday party or he would never forgive him. Katasuke Toono then entered his office, asking Naruto's permission to allow the participants of the upcoming Chûnin Examinations to use his new invention, the Shinobi Gauntlet. However, Naruto refused on the grounds that it did not show the true abilities of a shinobi. Naruto could not attend his daughter's birthday party and sent a clone instead. However, the clone eventually dissipated and dropped the cake when Naruto got tired, which made Boruto angry and threw Naruto's battered old jacket out the window. Naruto felt guilty for letting his family down and Shikamaru suggested him to go home and rest. The jacket was found by Sasuke, who returned to Konoha to ask for help in deciphering a scroll he had found in Kaguya's abandoned castle. They ended up in Naruto's office where Sasuke mentioned his meeting with Boruto and this led them to make a bet that the nature of a shinobi changed in Boruto's eyes, to which Sasuke replied no and Naruto with a yes.

Naruto was not surprised when Boruto won the first challenge, but after Shikamaru advised him to talk to him face to face, Naruto congratulated him by email, much to Boruto's displeasure. While the scroll was being deciphered, Naruto sent a clone to meet Sasuke and ask him if it was true that he was training Boruto. Naruto said that Sasuke might be right about the nature of shinobi remaining the same, which Sasuke agreed with. Naruto was nervous about the result of the second test, but after hearing that Boruto had passed it, Naruto was overjoyed. Later, he went to his son's room to congratulate him and told him not to lose to Shikadai. Naruto proposed him to make fist against fist, but Boruto only smiled because he didn't want his father to discover the shinobi gauntlet that he was wearing on his wrist. For the third round, Naruto chose to sit with Hinata and Himawari instead of the other Kage as they watched Boruto fight against Shikadai Nara. Towards the end, Naruto suspected that something was wrong after Boruto's victory. In the anime, he didn't realize that something was wrong until Boruto's next match in the finals, when he defeated Shinki. He asked Hinata to use her Byakugan and she noticed that Boruto was wearing a shinobi gauntlet while in the anime, he realized the truth by himself. Realizing that Boruto was using the gauntlet which was however forbidden to improve his techniques, Naruto, disappointed, went to the arena to ask him for explanations, then ordered that Boruto be disqualified from the exam and confiscated his forehead band, thus suspending his ninja status. He told Boruto that they would talk about it at home, but Boruto said that Naruto wouldn't know how to lecture him since he was never at home.

Naruto captured by Momoshiki.

Suddenly, Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ôtsutsuki appeared and started to attack the arena. Naruto was thrown out of the arena by Momoshiki but he rushed to defend his son when he was in danger and was soon joined by Sasuke and Sarada. Sasuke informed Naruto that the two enemies were the new threat that was mentioned in the scroll. Naruto realized that he was their target and demanded to know what they wanted from him. After Momoshiki revealed that he wanted Kaguya's chakra and eventually Kurama's chakra from the Seventh Hokage, Naruto and Sasuke combined Kurama and Susano to protect themselves and their children from the enemies' attacks. Naruto also sent clones to protect the civilians who had failed to flee the arena. Determined to protect his son and friends, Naruto finally decided to let himself be captured by Momoshiki's jutsu and asked Sasuke to take care of Boruto for him. Just before he disappeared, Naruto looked over his shoulder and smiled at his son. Naruto was then teleported to another dimension and tied by Momoshiki and Kinshiki to a D-Tree.

Kurama versus the Monkey Rocket.

Naruto, surprised to see Boruto wearing his old jacket, told his son that he felt like he was looking at one of his own clones. When he tried to apologize to Boruto for not being there for him, Boruto replied that it was okay and that he just wanted to know more about Naruto's past. After the other Kage failed to defeat Kinshiki and Kinshiki was absorbed by Momoshiki, Naruto and Sasuke joined forces to fight him and first got the upper hand until Naruto was briefly trapped by rocks and Sasuke was severely burned by Momoshiki's Yôton. Naruto became furious when he saw Sasuke injured but was relieved to find that he was fine and was still able to fight after being healed by Kurama's chakra. Combining Kurama and Susano again, they managed to defeat Momoshiki and cut his lava creature in half, but Katasuke rushed in and began firing ninjutsu attacks from his Shinobi Gauntlet at Momoshiki, which he absorbed and used to attack Naruto and the others. Naruto was held back by black sticks while Momoshiki prepared to eliminate the rest of the Kage. When Boruto used his Disappearing Swirling Orb against Momoshiki to free his father and the other Kage, Naruto was very surprised to see that his son was able to use the Swirling Orb. As they prepared for the final assault, Naruto helped Boruto create a Parent and Child Swirling Orb, which Boruto threw at Momoshiki himself and eventually killed him.

After the battle ended, Naruto sat down with Sasuke and the Hokage agreed that Sasuke had won their bet. Naruto looked proudly at his son and said that he would always be there to see him grow up. Back home, Naruto posed for a picture with Boruto, Sasuke and the other four Kage. One morning, as Boruto left to join his team members and Naruto left for work, both wished each other well and made a fist against each other. While Boruto was talking to a reporter on Konoha TV, Naruto looked at her from his office.


Detailed article: Chôchô ArcIn the anime, when the two main actors of a popular TV series received a death threat, Naruto charged Team 7 and Team 10 to protect them.

Disappearance of Mitsuki

In the anime, when two guards were attacked by unknown assailants, the village was put on lockdown. Naruto and his advisors watched Ino as she probed Uo's mind for answers, learning that Mitsuki had gone willingly with the attackers. When Naruto revealed to the others that Mitsuki was in fact Orochimaru's son, there was great indignation, which prompted Naruto to explain why he had accepted Mitsuki in Konoha. Later, Naruto was informed that Boruto and Sarada had left the village to find Mitsuki, which led him to send Team 10 to retrieve the pair. When Naruto learned that the attackers were on their way to the Land of Earth, he contacted Kurotsuchi, who promised to investigate on her own and make sure to send the genin who were chasing Mitsuki back to Konoha. While discussing Mitsuki's apparent betrayal, Konohamaru insisted that he should be the one to bring back his student, which Naruto reluctantly accepted. Naruto then tried to contact Kurotsuchi, but he was told that she was not available, which made him suspect that something was going on in Iwa.

Naruto attending the funeral of Onoki.

Later, Naruto's fears were proven correct when Shikadai called his father by phone, revealing that Iwa had been invaded as part of a plan by Onoki. Knowing that they could not act hastily, Naruto discussed with the other officials and decided that he would join Shikamaru in meeting with the other daimyô to get their support in solving this personal matter. After getting approval, Naruto and an escort left for Iwa and allowed his son's friends to accompany him. Upon arriving, Naruto applauded Konohamaru's work during Iwa's infighting. The Hokage stayed in the village and attended the funeral of Onoki, which made him say that the Tsuchikage left behind a great legacy and a lesson on perseverance. After returning to the village, while personally applauding Boruto and Sarada for loyally supporting Mitsuki, whose own efforts saved Iwa, he was once again reluctantly forced to strip the genin of Team 7 of their shinobi status as punishment for deserting the village. Later, Kurotsuchi's gratitude and recommendation convinced Naruto to rehabilitate them.


Detailed article: Lemon arcIn the anime, because Konohamaru had spied on Asaki, a complaint was filed against him, which led Naruto to place him under house arrest.

Ichibi's escort

In the anime, after Sai delivered to Naruto a Shukaku sealed in a tea kettle, since Gaara could not protect him in the Windy Country against Urashiki Ôtsutsuki, Shukaku explained to him that he could only reach Konoha thanks to Boruto who had acted as a decoy against their pursuer. Informing Shikamaru that he was on his way to the scene, Sasuke approached the duo and told them that it was not necessary, as Sasuke had previously protected Boruto and forced Urashiki to retreat. Three days later, Naruto and Gaara discussed the incident in his office. Afterwards, Naruto asked a clone to accompany the Kazekage to the Lightning Convoy. Some time later, Naruto took Shukaku to his house until an official place of refuge was decided. Later that evening, Naruto had a telepathic meeting with some of the biju to discuss how to handle being targeted. After guarding Shukaku, Naruto was able to spend time with his family, before escorting Shukaku to his safe house.

Time jump

Detailed article: Time Jump ArcIn the anime, Naruto was informed that Urashiki was moving again and stealing more and more chakra. Although he was happy that the Big Five Ninja Countries were on high alert and ready to share all the information about Urashiki, Shikamaru expressed his concern about Mirai's sudden disappearance and wondered what their enemy's real goal was in collecting chakra. Later, Naruto decided to have the genin test a new surveillance device designed to track their location. During the test, Urashiki was spotted in the area, which prompted most of the Konoha ninja to join the fight, while Shikamaru stayed in the Hokage office to help protect Naruto. Urashiki managed to get hold of a device that allowed him to travel to the past, which led Sasuke and Boruto to be sent with him to the time after Sasuke's desertion. Naruto, then a teenager, and Jiraya met the duo, who hid their identities and pretended to be travelling artists. Since they were strangers, Tsunade asked Naruto and Jiraya to keep an eye on them. While spending time with Boruto, Naruto was intrigued by the things he was told and allowed him to sleep in his apartment.

Boruto practicing with Naruto.

The day after cleaning a public bath together, Urashiki targeted Naruto. Unable to extract Kurama's chakra, Urashiki captured him and imprisoned Boruto, Sasuke and Jiraya in a stone prison before retreating. Using a cave as a hiding place, Urashiki forced Naruto's seal to appear and used his chakra in an attempt to force Kurama's chakra inside the jinchuri. Urashiki's actions caused Kurama's chakra to appear, forcing Naruto to undergo his version 1 transformation. Arriving to save Naruto, Boruto tried to reason with his father, but Naruto lost all sense and attacked Boruto. Jiraya managed to control Kyubi's chakra with a seal and Sasuke forced Urashiki to retreat. Afterwards, Jiraya offered to train Naruto and Boruto to prepare them for Urashiki. The next day, Naruto started to work with Boruto to synchronize their chakra to create a new cooperative ninjutsu under Jiraya's guidance. After Boruto left to clear his head, Sasuke approached Naruto with some food given by Jiraya and told Naruto how a friend had struggled for years to help him after getting lost, but never gave up until finally succeeding, which renewed Naruto's conviction.

Continuing their training the next day, the duo was approached by Sakura, who had found the note that Sasuke had on him and asked why it had Sasuke's name on it before quickly leaving with an answer. Naruto and Boruto resumed their training, which finally exhausted them. They were approached again by Urashiki, who quickly overpowered the pair. Jiraya and Sasuke joined the fight. Deciding that the enemy's new technique was too dangerous, Sasuke threw himself and Urashiki over the edge into a river to allow his allies to escape. While they tended to Jiraya's wounds, the group tried to find a way to deal with Urashiki. Boruto realized that during the fight, the blood splattered on Urashiki was drying much faster than Boruto's. After engaging the enemy again to test a theory, they concluded that Urashiki's technique allowed him to turn back the clock by a few seconds, giving him a pseudo-vision of his experiences. Urashiki attacked the Konoha ninjas again, where Jiraya locked everyone in his Summoning - Toad Stomach. Meanwhile, Naruto unleashed a continuous barrage of clones on Urashiki. Although he easily countered the onslaught with his technique, Urashiki inadvertently got poisoned with the acidic fumes from the big toad's belly much earlier than Naruto due to his repeated time warp. Once Jiraya cancelled the summoning, Naruto and Boruto then proceeded to assault Urashiki with a Rasengan.

The final battle against Urashiki.

Enraged, Urashiki woke up and consumed all of his accumulated chakra as well as his eyes, which caused him to undergo a transformation that strengthened him. Jiraya and the two genin were quickly overpowered by Urashiki's continuous onslaught, even with the help of Sasuke, who arrived shortly after. Urashiki deliberately held back on Naruto, hoping to anger him enough to release Kurama's chakra. His efforts were finally successful when Jiraya received a blow that was intended for Naruto, triggering his transformation. Boruto, however, managed to approach Naruto and together they were able to perfect their new collaborative technique. With the combined effort of Jiraya and Sasuke, the two youngsters were able to get through Urashiki's last attack and annihilate him. After the battle, Naruto and Boruto both passed out from exhaustion. A few days after their recovery at the Konoha hospital, Naruto and Boruto were upset to learn that Boruto and Sasuke had to leave now that their mission was over. Before they left, Naruto gave Boruto a gift. Sasuke used his Sharingan to erase the memories to preserve the timeline. When Naruto saw the Sharingan, he seemed to recognize Sasuke before he lost consciousness.

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When they returned, Naruto was approached by Sasuke who explained the recent situation of Boruto and him, Naruto was amazed at such a story. Later, while visiting Jiraya's grave to pay his respects, he was approached by Boruto, who decided to share with Naruto the special ramen gift given by his former self. Some time later, Sumire was officially transferred to the Ninja Science Team. Naruto contacted the Iron Country and asked for a student exchange to take Sumire's place in Team 15. Shikamaru was concerned about his experimental decision to mix shinobi and samurai, but Naruto insisted that it would help bridge the gap between the two. Later, Naruto attended his father-in-law's birthday party, impressed by Boruto who suggested taking a family photo.

Sasuke Shinden - Teacher's Star Student

Detailed article: Sasuke Shinden - The Star Student of the teacherNaruto appeared in the novel.

Mujina Bandits

Detailed articles: Mujina Bandits Arc and Shikamaru ShindenIn the anime, Naruto set up a mission for Team 7 to infiltrate Hôzuki's castle in order to verify the information about the Mujina Bandits offered by Kokuri in exchange for protecting him. After losing contact with Mujô, the prison guard who was working with Konoha, Naruto sent Sai and a team to investigate. Eventually, the ninjas managed to bring "Kokuri" back to the village to question him about the Mujina Bandits before releasing the man.

In the Hokage's building, Naruto organized a Five Kage Summit, where the Kage] bickered about matters concerning Konoha, which led Kurotsuchi to ask Konoha to disclose all its confidential information as proof of the village's peace before the next summit and declared that Iwa would leave the Big Five Ninja Country alliance if they did not. After that, the summit ended. Naruto was then informed by Shikamaru that the reason Kurotsuchi was acting the way she was was was because she was being pressured by the Earth Daimyo to invade the Land of Flowers for the body they had to offer and he expressed his sadness that Kurotsuchi had not told them because he thought that the Shinobi Union would have certainly helped her with the food shortage as well as other problems and the potential of another war, remembering the losses of the last war. Shikamaru did not want to use and present the horrors of war to the next generation. Naruto found hope, however, when Shikamaru told him that they could negotiate with her so that the invasion would not take place.

Unfortunately, at the next summit, Naruto's revelation of Kurotsuchi's true intentions only angered Darui, who threatened to kill Kurotsuchi, and to make matters worse, Naruto and Sasuke's strength was used as an advantage for Kurotsuchi's cause, as they had the power to take control of the mainland, and the imbalance of power between Konoha and the other villages was therefore immense. Despite Naruto's attempts to make sure that Konoha would not try to take over the world, Shikamaru responded by immobilizing and threatening to crush Kurotsuchi's neck, shocking and angering Naruto. Quickly, Naruto used his chakra to free himself from the grip of Shikamaru's shadow and put Shikamaru in his place before trying to plead for peace, but he could not influence Kurotsuchi or Darui, who clearly stated that they would go to war if the invasion were to happen. Furious with the result, Naruto angrily confronted Shikamaru as they were going home, but he was rebuked by his friend, who told him to think about it and started to answer him quite harshly.

Several months after the mission at Hôzuki castle, Naruto discussed with Sai and Ibiki the fact that Katasuke was under mind control and asked them to continue their investigation while Shikamaru took care of Katasuke. Afterwards, Mirai Sarutobi informed Naruto that Team Konohamaru had succeeded in capturing the Mujina Bandits, much to his delight. While they were discussing Shojoji, Naruto told everyone that they should hurry up and take care of the Nukenin. Shikamaru then informed Naruto about his next meeting with the Fire Daimyo Ikkyu Madoka, who Naruto had forgotten that he should meet him later that day. During this meeting, he discussed financial matters with Ikkyû.

Switching on Kara

Detailed article: Arc Kara's start-up
Later in the anime, Team 25 and Sasuke were sent to investigate the information extracted from the captured Shojoji about Kara's existence in Ame. Upon their return, they learned that Kara had long since abandoned his lairs in Ame and was leading a life of crime.

Naruto learned that Victor, president of a large medical manufacturing company in the Land of Valleys, was a member of Kara who had obtained a sample of the First Hokage's cells. Naruto was very concerned about Team 7's defeat of two members of the group. Seeing Boruto under treatment, he was sure that his son would be fine. Afterwards, Naruto discussed the next step with his advisors. Shikamaru proposed to use his connections in the Land of Valleys to get permission to investigate Victor's company. Three days later, Naruto was granted to send Mugino and Konohamaru to investigate discreetly. Later, Naruto sent Team 10 on a joint mission with Team Shinki to retrieve Urashiki's puppet. He then listened to Shikadai's report on the mission, which worried and disturbed him greatly.

After Boruto recovered from his new training, Naruto granted his son permission to return to the Land of Valleys to give their recent client her husband's wedding ring. After Victor and his amoral experiments were defeated, Naruto received a report on the events.

Upon Konohamaru and Mugino's return, Konoha's leaders discussed how they would confront Kara, having learned that influential figures like Victor were associated with the organization and having found evidence in their investigation that Kara had spies everywhere. While many considered closing the gates of Konoha to stop the flow of information, Naruto was divided on this point, appreciating the new peace between the village and the rest of the world. After talking to various village officials and seeing Boruto and his friends working on an experiment to improve wireless communications, Naruto decided not to close the gates, as this would discourage cooperation with the outside world, but rather to increase security.

Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiwa descendants and the celestial stardust

Detailed article: Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiwa descendants and the celestial stardustAt some point, Naruto began to suffer from a disease due to being a jinchuri and was suffering damage to his Chakra Circulatory System that would eventually deprive him of his ability to use chakra entirely. To avoid this, Sasuke went on a mission to the Land of Redaku to find the polar particles that the Rikudô Sennin had used to cure himself of this very disease. Naruto himself did not appear directly in the novel, but it was suggested that the illness prevented Naruto from fulfilling his duties, as Shikamaru was exhausted from having to take on Naruto's workload. Naruto wished that his children did not know about his condition.


Detailed article: Receptacle bow

Boruto facing Naruto.

In the anime, Naruto attended the memorial ceremony for the fallen of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Later, Naruto joined his son to fight in the training room, where he tested Katasuke's new invention that was installed on his arm. During the match, Naruto defended himself against Boruto and used the invention to absorb his son's techniques, Raiton - Lightning Bolt and Suiton - Surge, before defeating him with one kick. Then, in the Hokage's office, Naruto informed his son about the technology he used against him, which made Boruto angry. Before Naruto could explain himself, Sasuke arrived and interrupted their conversation, calming Boruto down by pointing out their necessity especially when they would have to face an upcoming danger, such as enemies of the Ôtsutsuki clan members.

Naruto also admitted that he was aware of Boruto's mark on his right palm, which was another reason why Naruto approved the development of this advanced weapon. While Boruto still insisted that they rely solely on ninjutsu as in the Chûnin Examinations, Naruto noted that the Chûnin Examinations were meant to test a person's progress as a ninja, as they were now in a fight for their lives. Katasuke then arrived to retrieve his prototype and Naruto assigned Team Konohamaru a C-rank mission to escort the head of the science department to the laboratory in Ryuben City. As Boruto left, Naruto asked his Genin teammates to watch over him if anything happened to his brand.

When Konohamaru did not report back on his mission, Naruto contacted Boruto's team at the Ninja Science Tool Team laboratory, which was closest to Konohamaru's last reported location. He asked them to search the area, but to be careful and not to engage the enemy recklessly. While Shikamaru reminded him that Team Konohamaru was very competent for his age, Naruto insisted that he was more concerned about the possibility of them running into the Kara organization, as Konohamaru's mission was to investigate a mysterious airship.


Detailed article: Kawaki arc

Kawaki confronting Naruto.

When Team 7 returned with news of Mugino's death at the hands of Ao, who worked for Kara, the team also revealed the existence of a boy with ties to Kara named Kawaki. In the anime, he was being held at the Ryutan Advanced Research Center, which prompted Naruto and Sai to immediately go and meet the boy. During the train ride, Sai noted that it was risky to bring such a mysterious boy back to the village, Naruto understood Sai's fear, knowing that Kara's desire for the boy could lead to the village becoming a new battleground. When they arrived at the station, they learned that Kawaki had escaped and was on a rampage. Before Naruto and Sai could act, they ran into Boruto and Sumire, the latter insisting on not hurting Kawaki. She noted that Kawaki's outburst came from the emotional wounds caused by his troubled past. Taking Sumire's words to heart, Naruto stopped Kawaki, subduing him until he tired and collapsed.

Naruto comforting Kawaki.

Naruto decided that he was the best person to watch over Kawaki and held a Five Kage Summit to discuss the situation. After the other Kage unanimously agreed with Naruto, he took the boy to his home, during which he thwarted Kawaki's attempts to escape. There, Kawaki tried to escape, but Naruto intimidated him to make him not want to do it again. His escape attempt led to the destruction of Himawari's vase. Naruto intervened when Boruto and Kawaki started to fight and later heard Kawaki talking about his difficulties because of his Kama. Afterwards, Naruto took Kawaki to Ino's flower store to choose a new vase, where he took Kawaki in his arms after he had a panic attack. Some time later, Naruto and Boruto had a fight, with the father beating the son, even though Boruto had used his Kama. Naruto suggested Kawaki try to train with Boruto next time, but Kawaki refused because he couldn't use chakra, so Naruto insisted that anyone could learn to do so and that having strong rivals would help him achieve great things.

Later, Boruto decided to accept Kawaki's offer to tell him everything he knew about their Kama. Deciding to do so through hand-to-hand combat, the two children quickly activated their respective marks. While Boruto fought in hand-to-hand combat, Kawaki used his modified body to put Boruto on the defensive. Kawaki then threw an energy ball at Boruto with the intention that he would absorb it as before, but instead, Boruto damaged his hand. Naruto called off the fight and asked the two boys to perform the Sign of Reconciliation, which caused their marks to react and allowed Boruto's hand to heal instantly. Before going any further, Naruto was alerted to the presence of an intruder. Naruto told his son to take Himawari away while he stayed with Kawaki, certain that the intruder was after Kawaki. His assumption proved to be correct as they were soon confronted by Delta, who demanded that Naruto hand over Kawaki and Kawaki confirmed his identity as a member of Kara. Naruto asked Boruto to protect Himawari and Kawaki to be careful.

Naruto facing Delta.

Facing Delta, Naruto first overpowered her with taijutsu, but she started to use her weapons to launch sneak attacks and absorb his Rasengan, Naruto then entered his Rikudô Hermit Mode, but Delta managed to stab him and immobilize him. He tried to make her confess the reasons why she wanted Kawaki, but she saw through his deception and noticed that he was already healing, considering Naruto a monster too. While Naruto was continuously forced to hold back for fear of hurting the children, he continued to gradually deplete his enemy, which led Delta to use her ray of destruction against Naruto to combat his regeneration ability. Finally, Delta aimed at Himawari, Naruto then tried to block with his body, but was not hurt because Kawaki sacrificed his right arm to block the attack. Enraged by her tactics, Naruto resumed the fight and quickly dominated her. Naruto, having seen her send back her Rasengan which she had absorbed, deduced that there was a limit to the amount of chakra her eyes could absorb since the chakra or attack had to be stored somewhere in her body rather than dissipating and disappearing, which prompted him to overpower and defeat Delta with his Hyper Mega Swirling Orb. Defeated, Delta's body self-destructed, forcing Naruto to flee the area with the children.

Naruto attacking Jigen.

Later, while taking Kawaki to Katasuke to repair his arm, the scientist informed him that the technology in Kawaki's body was too advanced for him to handle. Finding an alternative solution, Naruto gave Kawaki one of his prosthetic arms and channeled some of his chakra into Kawaki to make it work. Shocked by Naruto's sincerity and kindness, Kawaki asked to learn ninjutsu, which Naruto accepted and began to train him. Long after Delta's defeat, while Naruto and Kawaki were at the Hokage's house, he noticed that Kawaki was panicking, which caused his Kama to create a portal from which Jigen emerged. Wanting to take his son back, Naruto tried to attack him but was pushed back and impaled by chakra-draining sticks. Activating his chakra mode, Naruto kicked Jigen away from Kawaki. Jigen then proceeded to activate his own Kama. Fearing for the Hokage's safety, with Jigen's power entirely superior to Delta's and capable of killing or seriously injuring Naruto, Kawaki stepped in and submitted, agreeing to join Jigen if he spared Naruto. Although Jigen agreed to the conditions, Naruto refused to comply and Jigen responded by teleporting with Naruto to another dimension.

Jigen confronting Naruto and Sasuke.

As Jigen tried to block Naruto, he was attacked and stopped by Sasuke. Away from Konoha and free to fight with all their power, the two men engaged Jigen in a fight, which allowed Sasuke to understand that their opponent's fighting style was to shrink himself and his sticks. Putting pressure on Jigen, the Kara member tapped into his Kama and grew a horn. Seeing Jigen's development, Sasuke revealed to his friend that he looked like an unknown member of the Ôtsutsuki clan and that Jigen was related to a young Jûbi. Sasuke also revealed that Jigen's goal was to empty the whole planet of all its chakra, so the two shinobi decided to fight with all their power.

Naruto and Sasuke defeated by Jigen.

Despite the strength of their avatars and their teamwork, Jigen managed to break through their defenses and as he quickly exhausted his enemies, he immobilized them with sticks and decided to keep Naruto alive because he had Kurama inside him and to kill Sasuke because his Rinnegan's Time-Space Ninjutsu could cause him problems. Accepting the truth, Naruto asked his clones to hold Jigen back while he convinced Sasuke to escape despite his friend's protests. Jigen revealed that he was after Boruto Uzumaki for his Kama and sealed Naruto in a giant pot which he shrank, leaving Naruto trapped in the parallel dimension. Then, Boro stood guard in front of the pot, whereupon Boruto and Kawaki used their Kama to carry Naruto's unconscious body outside before killing the Kara member.

Check out the Boruto Uzumaki figure

Back in Konoha, they were all taken to the hospital for treatment. Naruto, who recovered quickly, was impressed with the work of the genin and joked that the rebel genin still seemed to be relevant. In the anime, they discussed the recent events. Kawaki informed them that each member of Kara had been modified by a scientist named Amado, giving them abilities other than ninjutsu. After everyone else left, Shikamaru discussed with Naruto the best way to deal with Kawaki, because his Kama could guide the Kara members to Konoha. Upon learning of the existence of the Boro sect, Naruto instructed Sai and Konohamaru to investigate it, hoping to discover new information about the new location of Kara's Jûbi. They returned and reported Boro's plan to get new followers and use them as subjects for Kara's receptacle experiments, as well as the fact that despite her defeat of Naruto, Delta was still active, having destroyed the cult's base.

Amado's interrogation.

Later, Naruto was informed by Ino that Shikadai was being held hostage by Amado. Although he wanted to talk to Shikamaru, he was happy to hear about Naruto's rescue, and revealed that he wanted to ask for asylum in Konoha, offering in exchange information about Kara, Jigen, their Jûbi and the Ôtsutsuki. After Naruto gave his word as a Hokage not to go back on the agreement, as long as his information was good, Amado started to explain everything he knew. He revealed that the Ôtsutsuki have been traveling from one planet to another since time immemorial, collecting his chakra in order to evolve, while destroying the planet in the process, using Jûbi. He also revealed that Jigen himself was transformed into Otsutsuki after being marked by the Kama of Isshiki. Amado added that he sabotaged the airship to free Kawaki and to make sure that Sasuke would get the information about Isshiki. Amado's glasses began to beep. His glasses were removed, revealing a holographic projection of Jigen talking with Amado's accomplice, Koji Kashin, who was responsible for killing Jigen. As Naruto was intrigued by Koji's techniques and fighting tactics, Amado insisted that Naruto accept his request to officially join Konoha with full amnesty and protection in order to hear more of his secrets, which Naruto agreed to. Amado continued his explanation, sharing what he knew and insisted that a full revival of the Ôtsutsuki should be avoided, saying that he would teach them how to kill an Ôtsutsuki. When Jigen's death triggered Isshiki's resurrection in his body, Amado explained that it also erased Kawaki's Kama to avoid duplication, which led Shikamaru to realize that without any Kama left, Isshiki was vulnerable to permanent death.

Naruto stopping Isshiki.

After Amado was officially made a citizen of Konoha, made aware of his rights and limitations, he warned them that Isshiki would now focus on Kawaki to affix a Kama to him again. He advised Naruto not to fight Isshiki and emphasized that he should protect Kawaki from having a karma applied to him. Naruto followed his advice and ordered the evacuation of the civilians, as Isshiki would be looking for Kawaki in Konoha. Naruto was against Boruto staying to confront him, but was interrupted by an alert of Isshiki's arrival. Naruto ordered his son to join the evacuation and went to confront the enemy. Isshiki was surprised to see that Naruto had escaped, but demanded to have Kawaki. When Naruto refused, Isshiki started to shrink various targets in the village to destroy him. Naruto activated his Rikudo Hermit Mode, but Isshiki easily overpowered him. Sasuke soon joined the fight, balancing the forces on the battlefield. He then threw his sword at Isshiki, but as the Ôtsutsuki held on to his sword, he was unable to stop him..

Naruto dominating Isshiki.

Realizing that he was out of options, Kurama asked Naruto if he was really willing to sacrifice himself to stop Isshiki, Naruto confirmed it and Kurama offered him a last chance strategy which had a high risk of death. Accepting his duties as Hokage, Naruto faced Isshiki and took a new form by activating the Baryon Mode. Kurama explained to Naruto that this form was like a nuclear fusion, consuming all their respective energy and that he had to be careful not to make unnecessary movements. The new form disconcerted everyone with its power. Naruto quickly began to crush Isshiki, constantly countering and dodging the various assaults of the enemy. Soon after, the tension of the Baryon Mode began to be felt and Naruto was slowly getting tired. Kurama noticed that this form was gradually draining all the life force, including Naruto's. However, it also drained Naruto's life force. However, it also drained Isshiki's life force with every touch, which meant that they only had to keep pressing on Isshiki until his already shortened life span was exhausted. As Isshiki began to despair, he took advantage of Naruto's connection with Kawaki through the latter's prosthetic. From there, he teleported Kawaki to them in order to modify Kawaki before his time was up.

Kurama saying goodbye to Naruto.

In his subconscious, Naruto had a last conversation with Kurama, in which he told him that he had no hard feelings towards him despite losing his parents. As Naruto was ready to die and expressed his concern for the village, Kurama revealed to him that he would wake up soon and in good shape, since it was his life force that was consumed by the Baryon Mode. Kurama assured Naruto that he had never really lied to him, but knew that he would never have agreed to risk his biju's life and that was why he hid the truth from him. As Kurama's life began to fade, he warned Naruto that he would lose all access to his chakra and abilities, which meant that he would have to be more careful from now on. Naruto desperately reached out to Kurama before waking up to see Boruto, Sasuke and Kawaki standing in front of him. With Sasuke's Rinnegan and Kawaki's Kama gone, it was up to Boruto to use his mark to bring everyone back to the village with Kawaki's help. Back in the village, Naruto was relieved.

Ironing of the Chûnin Exam

In the anime, after the attack of Isshiki Ôtsutsuki, Naruto asked Shikamaru to reorganize the Chûnin Examination which had been interrupted by the attack of Momoshiki. During a meeting, he explained that his intentions were to help boost the morale of the villagers and to prepare more strength to protect the village. The night after Boruto passed the first trial, Naruto expressed his confidence in his son to pass the next trials. During the second trial, Naruto watched them with the other supervisors to evaluate the respective skills of the genin. After the second round was over, it was explained that the third round would be a one-on-one fight between each of the remaining 10 participants.


Detailed article: Arc CodeLater, Naruto and Shikamaru decided to remove Boruto from active duty for an indefinite period of time while they decided how to handle his Kama, while helping him pass the time with various media interviews about his victory against Isshiki. After Amado finished restoring Kawaki's arm, he told Naruto about the remaining members of Kara and explained that once all the active members were gone, the various external members would cease to function. He also noted that Kara's Jubi seed had to be dealt with quickly to protect the planet and that it had probably been moved since the defeat of Isshiki, but fortunately, there were methods to travel through Space-Time in addition to ninjutsu. Finally, Amado shed light on the impending danger of the last member, Code. Although he proved incompatible with the Kama as a vessel, he survived the process of imbuing his power. Moreover, despite his modifications giving him far greater power than Jigen, Code's fanatical devotion to Isshiki allowed him to avoid being eliminated, even accepting that limits be imposed on him by Amado. As such, Code would inevitably seek to kill all those who were responsible for Isshiki's death. Upon hearing such a threat, Naruto asked Shikamaru to set up a Five Kage Summit.

Naruto participated in a video conference with the other Kage, reviewing the information they had about Code, his objectives and how to avoid them. He admitted that he did not trust Amado completely, but was willing to continue to work with him because of his contributions so far. The issue of Momoshiki's control of Boruto was raised and Naruto vowed to take care of it as Hokage if the need arose. He then asked Amado to take care of his son's Kama and Amado sympathized with him, having been a father himself years ago, and then provided him with some pills that he had developed as a means to defeat Jigen. Since the Byakugan came from the Ôtsutsuki clan, he theorized that weakening it would interfere with the progress of the Kama. Amado also warned him that it would only be a stopgap measure and advised him not to let his wife and daughter near it.

As Boruto received the pills and explained their nature, Naruto was horrified by the carelessness with which Boruto had decided to take them. Boruto insisted that he had already accepted the fact that his life was in danger and that he was willing to accept any help available. Later, Naruto watched the training of Team 7 and Kawaki. When Kawaki found the basic exercises useless, he asked for more extreme combat training. Konohamaru decided to intervene, but Naruto convinced him to let things go. Boruto and Kawaki made a bet with each other on who would dictate their training style and Boruto finally won in a training match. Naruto and Konohamaru were impressed by how much Boruto seemed to have grown when he reasoned with Kawaki to accept his friends' help.

Later, Naruto found Kawaki lamenting his lack of acceptance in the village. Naruto took him home, where a welcome dinner was arranged for Kawaki. Naruto and his family made it clear that he could stay as long as he wanted and Naruto insisted that this was the reason he had become Hokage. While Kawaki took the magazines out of the trash, Naruto dozed off at the dinner table. When Boruto discovered Kawaki's deception to avoid being watched, he told his father about it. His father confirmed it by talking to Nishi since Kawaki had created a clone to escape. He informed Ino and Shikamaru of the developments and objected to Boruto going to look for Kawaki as he was under surveillance for the same reason and went back to discuss the search for Kawaki with Ino. When Ino determined that it was futile to search by sensory means, Naruto thought back to Boruto's words and looked for him, then confirmed with Nishi that he was nowhere around.


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