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Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado is a senior student in Yuei high school. She is one of the top three students in the academy along with Tamaki Amajiki and Mirio Togata who form the Big 3.

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Nejire is a light-skinned girl of medium height with large, curious eyes. Her upper lashes are long and thick, and her irises are a royal blue. Her hair is periwinkle, and it reaches down to her knees, twisting around her waist and curling inward around her legs. She has side-swept bangs nestled behind her ears on the right and hanging just above her eyes on the left, and two short tufts of hair on either side of her face, curving toward her face on the right and behind, below her ear, on the left. According to the boys from UA and Yuyu Haya, Nejire is more of the "cute kind" than the "sexy kind".

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Nejire Hado

Nejire wears a vest instead of the normal UA blazer with his school uniform as Kyoka Jiro sometimes does.

Nejire's hero costume consists of a tight royal blue bodysuit with a high black collar, pale mint green markings covering her torso from over her shoulders to between her legs, framed in turquoise, a matching band of the same two colors around her upper arms. On her feet, she wears a pair of tall boots, a thin flap buttoned over each thigh, with turquoise spirals around her ankles, matching the thicker ones above her yellow gauntlets and wrist guards. She has a black strap around the top of each thigh, two small attached purses, and two spiral hair horns sticking out from behind her ears that are shaped like a reference to her Quirk .

After Dabi attacked her with his flames, Nejire's hair was burned down to shoulder length and the right side of her body was burned, her right cheek being healed. After the Paranormal Liberation War, Nejire's burns have completely healed and her hair is now cut much shorter, just reaching her chin.

Le cosplayeur de My Hero Academia fait des vagues avec le parfait Nejire  Hado - Crumpe


Nejire is naturally a very sweet, talkative and inquisitive girl who shows great interest in people's unique physical characteristics and is easily distracted by them. For this reason, Nejire can be very outspoken, often asking rather intrusive or off-putting questions. Nejire is a loving person and a "free spirit," someone who has a genuine passion for learning new and strange things and is not afraid to speak her mind or show how she feels. She seems to enjoy knowing more than others, but not in a proud way, as she just likes to explain things to people and share her knowledge. She is mentioned to act like a kindergartner because of her childlike joy. She is very enthusiastic, affable and cheerful, and is always seen moving around. She is enormously attracted to Tamaki Amajiki when she learns from her attack, perhaps due to having a more optimistic outlook than everyone else. Due to her curious and talkative behavior, she is a particularly level headed person, although she presents herself as an "airhead" most of the time. Despite her happy personality, Nejire is fierce in battle. When the situation calls for it, Nejire can be very calm and focused. Her curiosity never seems to extend to the enemy and she always keeps her attention on their downward grip. Her strong heart is what allowed her to rise through the ranks as one of the top three students in Yuei.

Skills and Competencies

Overall Abilities: Nejire is one of the most powerful students at UA High School along with Mirio and Tamaki, who are all collectively known as The Big 3. Like the rest of the Big 3, Nejire's abilities can rival or even surpass those of most Pro Heroes.

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Nejire Hado

She has repeatedly shown great mastery of her powerful and versatile Quirk, Wave Motion. Despite Wave Motion's lack of speed, Nejire uses energy bursts to increase her own mobility. In doing so, she can quickly close the gap between herself and the target before unleashing shockwaves at close range. The waves have proven to be very effective against large enemies that also lack speed. Nejire can control the amount of energy she wishes to produce and can release it from her palms and feet. By releasing small amounts under her feet, Nejire can levitate herself with precise control. She can defend herself and use the waves to attack at long range. A combination of the above applications is effective for Nejire controlling a battlefield and keeping her distance.

Nejire's abilities not only earned her the opportunity to be mentored by Ryukyu, the professional hero No. 10 (formerly No. 9), but also proved sufficient to allow Nejire to take on villains much larger and physically stronger than her. At the beginning of the Shie Hassaikai raid, the Ryukyu squad acted as the first line of defense against Rikiya Katsukame of the eight bullets and managed to subdue him. During the Paranormal Liberation War, Nejire's abilities were proven to surpass most professional heroes as she, along with Shoto Todoroki, managed to overwhelm the enhanced Tomura Shigaraki (although he was severely weakened due to his previous battles). Later, she held several Near High End Nomu alongside Mirio Togata , Tenya Ida and Katsuki Bakugo although she was burned by Dabi just before the encounter.

Enhanced Stamina: Due to the disadvantage of his Alter, Nejire has built up an intense amount of stamina through training. Due to this feat, as well as the nature of her Alter, facing Nejire in a never-ending battle would eventually become a battle of endurance. After her stamina was siphoned off by a Trigger-enhanced Rikiya Katsukame , Nejire was still able to defend herself against the Yakuza member for 20 minutes until the Trigger drug wore off, allowing the Ryukyu squad to defeat him once and for all. When she was blasted by Dabi's flames, Nejire recovered and helped conjure 4 Near-High Ends despite the burns she suffered.
Improved Durability: Nejire has proven to be quite resilient, as she was able to survive being burned by the flames of Dabi and only comes out with moderate burns. This is an exceptionally impressive feat of Nejire's resilience, as Dabi's firepower exceeds that of Endeavor, and can turn her targets to ash in an instant.

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Her Alter allows her to convert her vitality into energy and thus generate shock waves. When she fires her shockwaves, they are rather slow.

Wave Motion: Nejire's alter gives him the ability to convert his own vitality into energy and release it in the form of exceptionally powerful spiral shock waves. Since the energy travels in a spiral, it is not very fast. Since Nejire uses her life force, she has had to train her stamina enormously in order to overcome the disadvantage of her Alter. Thus, excessive use of this Alter will cause Nejire to suffer from great exhaustion, as it uses her own stamina as a source of energy.

Nejire can release very powerful shockwaves from her hands like an offensive explosion. She can also release energy from her feet to increase her mobility and allow herself to fly. Nejire can attack with her Quirk in close combat, adding more strength and power to her kicks and punches.

Nejire also uses his Quirk for support and capture. During the destruction of Jaku City, she used her waves as propellers. She carried and pushed vehicles and citizens inside her waves to safety. When saving civilians in Kansai, she held a mud giant villain inside her Alter, capturing him. This further illustrates Nejire's great control over her alter as she was able to lower the vitality level to the point where it did not cause physical damage to objects or people.

Great shots

Nejire Wave: Nejire charges her Wave Motion output to 30. She then blasts her enemies with two powerful waves from each hand, creating two giant spiral waves. It is strong enough to take out two bad guys simultaneously with gigantic alters.
Nejire's Flood: Nejire charges her Wave Motion to its maximum power of 100. She twists her hands into a spiral formation and releases a massive explosion of concentrated energy in both hands toward her opponent. The energy forms a downward spiral cascade, hence the name "Nejire Flood".

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Nejire Hado


Arc Stage
The woman introduces herself as Nejire Hado and wants to talk about the hero stages with the Second A. However, Nejire instead asks about some unique features of the Second A because of her curiosity, Nejire asks about Mezo's mask, Shoto's burn, Mina's horns, Minoru's hair, Tsuyu's kind of frog and Mashirao's tail.

During his internship, somewhere, a fight between two groups of villains breaks out. The fight between two giant villains causes carnage and destruction. Suddenly, Nejire Hado appears and uses his Special Technique, Full Charge. Flow: 30. Wring Wave!!! to knock them to the ground, which stuns them. Hado then criticizes them because she finds it illogical that they are fighting when they have the same Alter.

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