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Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro is a major secondary character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Army and the current Pillar of the Serpent.


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Obanai is a young man of short stature and pale complexion. He has straight-edged black hair of varying lengths, the longest reaching down to his shoulders and the shortest stopping at his cheekbones, which he wears with two shorter strands hanging between his eyes. His eyes are almond-shaped and slant upward on the far sides, and are unusual because of Obanai's heterochromia-his right eye is yellow and his left eye is turquoise. He is partially blind as he can barely see out of his right eye. Obanai's mouth is also unusual in that, when he was twelve years old, it was cut off from its corners to his ears to make it look more like a snake's, leaving a large wound that he keeps hidden under the bandage he wears on his lower face.

He wears a navy blue version of the standard demon slayer uniform, as well as a black and white striped haori, with the hem and cuffs striped lengthwise rather than vertically, which covers his hands. Obanai also wears bandages in place of leggings around his calves, as well as another set of bandages that cover his mouth and blue-striped zori on his feet. He is also always seen with his white snake, Kaburamaru, wrapped around his shoulders.

During their battle with Muzan, Obanai and the other remaining Pillars are attacked by the demon's whips, and Obanai is left with three long stripes on his eyes, causing him to go blind.

As a child, Obanai had medium-length hair that he wore tied down his back with a long white bandage and a regular-looking mouth. He wore a plain white kimono.

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Obanai Iguro


Obanai is a very tough and strict person who doesn't care about those who don't follow the demon slayer code. His expectations for his fellow demon slayers are almost unrealistic, chastising Tengen Uzui for taking heavy wounds against the "weakest" Upper Moon and telling him to "fight to the death" when Tengen insists on retiring. In reality, the Demon Slaying Army had gone 113 years without killing a Superior Moon and Shinobu Kocho later estimated that each Superior Moon is equivalent to three Pillars in strength.

Obanai's devotion to the future of the Army is almost at the expense of others, such as when he tries to force Tengen to stay with the Demon Slayers even after losing an eye and an arm, and when he ties up a Lower Rank demon and uses them as obstacles in the formation of the Pillars for relatively petty reasons. He also sees the new Army recruits as weak and unable to improve, expressing surprise when Tengen informs him that Tanjiro Kamado survived the mission.

Despite his ruthless personality, there are two people he cares about: Kagaya Ubuyashiki and Mitsuri Kanroji. He has a crush on Mitsuri, which is implied by most of their companions, except for Tanjiro and Mitsuri herself; even giving her his green socks that she wears as a gift. He threatens Tanjiro for getting too close to her (for his tastes) and is the first person to meet her in the Infinite Dimensional Fortress.

Obanai is also known to possess an immense sense of self-loathing due to the fact that he was born into a selfish and immoral clan that would ruthlessly sacrifice to a demon for their own monetary gain. Obanai sees himself and his family as so tainted that, for him to ever be worthy of Mitsuri, he would first have to die and reincarnate into a whole new life before confessing his feelings to her.

Obanai has an incredible sense of determination, continuing the fight against Muzan even after he is completely blinded and covered in wounds. His ability to protect Giyu and Tanjiro throughout the fight, as well as thank Tanjiro for helping him see, proves that Obanai is able to let go of grudges and become friendlier to people he was previously rude to.

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Obanai Iguro




Obanai was born into a clan of thieves who lived off an excessive amount of wealth that had been stolen from those who had been killed by the demon they worshipped. This demon took the form of a woman with a lower body and a face resembling a snake, and had a great taste for newborns, which the family sacrificed to him in exchange for their wealth.

As the first boy born into the family in 370 years, Obanai lived all his days locked in a wooden cage spoiled by his family, who insisted on bringing him so many plates of rich food that he grew tired of the overall pungent smells of the food and the poor ventilation of his room. . The snake demon also took a liking to Obanai, as he was a rare male child with heterochromia, and spent nights crawling around his cage in the dark and looking at him, which frightened Obanai so much that he couldn't sleep.

At the age of twelve, Obanai was finally allowed to leave his cell for the first time in his life. He was taken to a room that appeared to be an expensive shrine and brought face to face with the snake demon for the first time, immediately causing him to tremble with fear and terror at the appearance of the demon and the realization that it was exactly the same thing. thing that sneaks into his room and watches him every night of his life. The Demon noticed that Obanai was very small and wondered if she should wait to eat him until he was a little bigger. Deciding that she would, she arranged his mouth to be wider, all the way to his ears, to match hers because she "loved him." The blood he shed from this procedure was then collected in a chalice which she then drank like a good sake.

Back in his cell with his wound now covered with a bandage, Obanai only began to think about escape and survival when he realized his fate. He began scratching the fence of his cell with a stolen hairpin that he took from one of his relatives and would then use at night to prevent anyone from noticing his escape attempt. Day after day, he would be in a constant state of worry and fear and would tremble in terror at the thought of what would happen if the Snake Demon or his family discovered his attempt at freedom. The only person he could trust was a small snake that had somehow strayed into his cage and become his only friend, Kaburamaru.

After some time, Obanai finally managed to completely remove a piece of wood from his bars and escape into the night as fast as he could. As he ran, the Snake Demon began to chase him, almost catching him and killing him before Flame Hashira happened to come to his rescue. Because of Obanai's escape, the Snake Demon had killed all fifty of his family members, and the only surviving member of his bloodline was his older cousin, who had also been saved by the Pillars. When they were reunited, however, Obanai's cousin rejected him and began to violently attack and scratch him because she blamed him for the death of their family at the hands of the demon because of their mess and allowed him to escape and shouted at him that he should have let her eat him.

Because of these harsh words from his cousin and his own feelings of self-loathing and guilt for being born into such a family and allowing them to die for his survival, Obanai joined the army of demon slayers and decided to turn all his rage on any demon he could find, thinking that he would feel like a better person if he risked his life for the good of others and somehow alleviate his guilt.


Bow Recovery Training

While the other Pillar discusses what to do with Nezuko Kamado, Obanai, lounging in a nearby tree, asks how they would handle Giyu Tomioka's violation of the Demon Slayer's conduct. When Tanjiro insists that Nezuko would never harm humans despite her transformation into a demon, the Pillar of the Serpent tells him not to make such reckless remarks, as the girl would obviously be protecting her family, and as such, he cannot trust anything the young Demon Slayer says. Soon after, he notes with interest that even though Giyu had intervened to stop Tanjiro and Sanemi Shinazugawa's brief fight, the former had still managed to land a blow on the latter.

When Kagaya arrived, the Pillar of the Serpent climbed down from the tree and bowed to his superior. He then reiterated his distrust of Tanjiro and Nezuko when his boss asked them all to accept the two, stating that they all hate demons. He then listened to Kagaya's attendant read Sakonji Urokodaki's letter about Tanjiro and Nezuko, and how Sakonji, Tanjiro, and Giyu would all slice their stomachs if Nezuko attacked a human. When Kagaya revealed that Tanjiro had made contact with Muzan Kibutsuji, a bunch of questions and arguments erupted, but Obanai and the other Pillars are silenced by a simple gesture from their leader.

After Sanemi purposely injured himself to bait Nezuko, Obanai reminded his compatriot Hashira that he should take shelter from the sunlight for her to appear. He then quickly pinned Tanjiro to the ground to prevent him from intervening, maintaining his hold despite Shinobu's protests.

Tanjiro continued to struggle heavily, but before Obanai could do anything more to him, Giyu grabbed his hand, allowing Tanjiro to escape his hold. Obanai angrily removed his hand from Giyu's grip, demanding to know what he was planning. The Pillar of the Serpent was then reprimanded by Kagaya for his treatment of Tanjiro, causing him to reluctantly agree to refrain from such methods in the future.

Arc Train de l'Infini

Obanai stands alone on a rooftop after learning of Kyojuro Rengoku's death, looking away as he expresses his disbelief.

Arc Quartier des plaisirs

Obanai appears at the very end of the mission, after Daki and Gyutaro have already been defeated. He partially congratulates his compatriot Hashira for the victory against the higher rank, but greatly emphasizes the severe injuries suffered against the "weaker" higher rank. He presses the Pilots to stay with the Demon Slayers, pointing out the void left by Kyojuro's death and the increased losses of lower-ranked Demon Slayers. To his surprise, Tengen maintains that the young Demon Slayers-in particular Tanjiro-"were definitely growing up.

Bow Pillar Training

Obanai was present at the emergency meeting of the Pillars at Ubuyashiki estate. After Sanemi complains about not having met a higher rank himself, Obanai comments that it's rare to meet one, then asks Mitsuri and Muichiro how they are doing. Amane Ubuyashiki arrives and apologizes for her husband's absence. Obanai and the other Pillars bow in tribute. Amane informs the Pillars about the demon slaying marks and asks Mitsuri and Muichiro how and what are the conditions to acquire one. Obanai is visibly surprised when Amane mentions that these marked demon slayers were about to defeat Muzan. When Mitsuri tries to explain how she got her mark, Obanai expresses his embarrassment. After that, Muichiro tells his theory about the conditions to acquire a demon slayer mark to Obanai and the others. When Giyu comments that he envies those simpletons who think that earning a mark is simple, Obanai looks at him, but says nothing. At the end of the meeting, Giyu prepares to leave and tells the remaining Hashira to make future plans to acquire marks by themselves. Obanai angrily retorts that Giyu doesn't understand his position as a Water Hashira and asks if he plans to get ahead of them. Giyu simply states that he is not like them. The other Hashira also protests Giyu's decision, but before the situation escalates into a fight, Gyomei claps his hands, causing Obanai and everyone else to freeze in their tracks. Gyomei declares that he has a proposal.

This proposal turns out to be a special training session called "Pillar Training". Obanai is in charge of teaching proper sword techniques. When Tanjiro arrives at his training, Obanai says that he is waiting for him. Tanjiro tries to introduce himself, but Obanai tells him to be quiet. He tells Tanjiro that he heard about him from Mitsuri, but warns him that unlike her, he is not a nice person. Obanai reveals that his training consists of swinging his sword while avoiding obstacles. He leads Tanjiro into a room where he has tied up all the students, turning them into a kind of obstacle course. When Tanjiro questions Obanai about the students and the crimes they committed to be tied up, he menacingly replies that they committed crimes of weakness, forgetfulness, taking their time and pissing him off. For the next four days, Obanai trains Tanjiro to beat him without touching any of the tied students. On the fourth day, Tanjiro finally managed to slice the haori Obanai was wearing, thus completing the training. Immediately afterwards, Obanai tells Tanjiro to "get out of there" and never talk to Mitsuri again.

Infinite Dimensional Fortress Bow

Obanai Iguro

Obanai rushes to the Ubuyashiki estate after hearing the call that Muzan was there. However, Kagaya blows up the estate before he or the other demon slayers can arrive, killing himself, Amane Ubuyashiki, Nichika Ubuyashiki, and Hinaki Ubuyashiki while severely injuring Muzan. Gyomei Himejima is the only demon slayer who knows this plan in advance, because Kagaya knew that the other Pillars would oppose his decision. After seeing Muzan, Obanai prepares to unleash his first form on him, but Muzan transports him and the rest of the Pillars into his Infinite Dimensional Fortress. Obanai clashes with Mitsuri and kills a group of demons with the Breath of the Serpent, Fifth Movement: Serpent Ripples.

Later, he and Mitsuri meet Nakime. Mitsuri jumps off a wall and pounces on the demon, but Nakime uses his Blood Power to build a wall and knock Mitsuri down. Obanai jumps in and grabs her, bringing her to the safety of another of the Fortress' pillars. As Nakime begins to manipulate the Fortress in hopes of crushing the pair, Obanai is easily able to dodge. After Mitsuri attempts to attack and is sent through a window, Obanai tries to use the Breath of the Serpent, Second Move: Little Snake's Poisoned Hook to decapitate the demon. However, he too is sent through the window, expressing in a frustrated way how much Nakime's Blood Power has to deal with, even if it's not very deadly.

After fighting Nakime for a while, Obanai and Mitsuri are informed of Muzan's revival and are ordered to regroup with the other Pillars. After hearing how Muichiro and Genya sacrificed their own lives to defeat the First Upper Moon, Obanai chastises himself for not contributing as much to the battle as the others. He notices how Nakime's Blood Power prevents him from settling the fight. He thinks that he must find a way out of this situation.


Obanai Iguro


Dawn Counting Bow

With the help of Yushiro and his Blood Power: Blindfold, Obanai and Mitsuri manage to get away from Nakime and arrive to help Giyu and Tanjiro who were fighting Muzan. Obanai appears by Tanjiro's side, who was almost killed by Muzan, and tells him that he is a burden who must retreat. Tanjiro ignores Obanai's advice and instead says that he is glad that Obanai is still alive. Obanai tells him to worry about himself first rather than others.

As Muzan becomes furious at Nakime's failure, the battle between the slayers and Muzan resumes. Obanai uses his first form to attack Muzan, who blocks the attack. As the Fortress begins to change rapidly due to Nakime's manipulation of Yushiro, the ground beneath the slayers and Muzan disappears. Obanai falls and lands on his feet on the platform below. Muzan continues his attacks which Obanai avoids. Obanai worriedly thinks that they must get out of the Infinite Dimensional Fortress before it collapses, or they will all die. As Mitsuri is caught off guard by the rising platform, Muzan uses this chance to attack her, but Obanai jumps to get her away from Muzan's attack, saving her life. The Infinite Dimensional Fortress collapses, but thanks to Yushiro, Obanai and the others are safely transported to the surface.

As the battle rises to the surface, Obanai emerges from the wreckage of the Fortress. A raven informs the fighters that they have an hour and a half until morning. Muzan blasts the wreckage with his newly manifested spine whips and taunts the Pillar for trying to keep it there that long. Muzan begins to attack again. Obanai uses his Third Move and manages to get close to Muzan. He begins to cut his head off and notes that even if Muzan doesn't die from cutting his head off, they could at least weaken him by cutting him into pieces. This turns out to be the wrong decision as Obanai is shocked when his attack does nothing to Muzan. Obanai and the others realize that Muzan is able to regenerate instantly to the point that it is useless to try to weaken him using this tactic. As they realize their mistake, they also realize that they have gotten too close to Muzan and are about to be killed by him. However, before this can happen, Obanai and the others are protected by low-ranking demon slayers who use their own bodies as shields. Obanai is caught by someone whose entire lower half of his body is cut off. He is visibly shocked by this sacrifice but says nothing. Muzan reveals that just getting scratched once is a death sentence as he points to Tanjiro who is lying on the floor lifeless.

Obanai and the other two Pillars continue their fight against Muzan. Obanai points out that he can't breathe continuously even with the three Hashira because of Muzan's speed. As the battle rages, Obanai is cut once in the head and once in the shoulder by Muzan, but he continues to fight. Mitsuri, however, is immediately affected by Muzan's attack and falls. Obanai screams her name, but she tells Obanai and Giyu to protect themselves instead. Before she is killed by Muzan, Gyomei appears and deflects the attack with her flail. At the same time, Sanemi appears and takes the opportunity to cut Muzan in half and set him on fire. The battle continues with Obanai and the other four Pillars joining forces.

Obanai Iguro

As the battle continues and the Pillar continues to be pressed, Obanai believes that he can't even protect Gyomei from attacks anymore and will soon be unable to move. When Mitsuri is hit by another attack that forces her to the ground, Obanai is concerned and rushes to her side. As Muzan prepares to slice them both up, the other three Pillars protect them while Obanai carries Mitsuri to safety. He entrusts her to a Kakushi and tells them to find Yushiro. Mitsuri tries to argue that she can still fight, but Obanai tells her that she has done enough. He tells the Kakushi to take care of her and immediately rushes off to battle, ignoring Mitsuri's pleas. As he runs, he begins to wonder how many people would still be alive if the demons did not exist. He wonders how things would have been if he and Mitsuri had met under more peaceful circumstances. However, he rejects this thought and considers it impossible. He thinks back to his childhood and how he wants to die by beating Muzan in order to get rid of the impure blood of his family. Obanai hopes that when he dies and if he and Mitsuri are both reincarnated in a world without demons, he can tell Mitsuri that he loves her.

After joining the battle once more, Obanai manages to cut Muzan's arm by kicking and cutting the arm at the same time. Muzan notices that this hinders his instant regeneration but doesn't worry because it only buys them a tiny amount of time. Obanai figures that Muzan's arms have a mouth that has a dangerous inhalation capability. To avoid it, he has to make huge movements that require a lot of endurance. He proclaims to himself that they cannot afford to lose because he does not want all the sacrifices to be in vain so far. As the battle progresses, Giyu loses his grip on his sword, but Obanai protects him from Muzan's attack and at the same time, Sanemi throws a new sword at Giyu. After 16 minutes of fighting since returning to the surface, Muzan is surprised at how long the Pillars managed to hold on. As Muzan's poison begins to affect the Hashira more and more, Obanai realizes that the poison is affecting him more than the others because of his small body. At that moment, Chachamaru appears with antidotes to Muzan's poison. Obanai and the Hashira receive the antidotes, but Chachamaru is killed in the process. As Muzan becomes enraged, Obanai feels that he must find a more effective way to attack. He believes that he has contributed the least of all. Thinking back to the report that Muichiro had turned his blade red in his final moments, he speculates that by gripping the sword as hard as possible, you can raise the temperature of the blade and thus turn it crimson red. At this point, his demon slayer mark appears and he grips his sword turning it bright red.

After turning his blade red, Obanai's first thought was that he had made a mistake. He thinks that he was too eager to make his blade red and used too much force to do so, which almost made him faint from lack of oxygen. Sanemi shouts Obanai's name as Muzan sends an attack towards Obanai. At this moment, Obanai is unable to do anything but think about the fact that if even one of them falls, he won't be able to break Muzan's attacks. At the last moment before the attack hits, Obanai is thrown into the air by the invisible Inosuke. Muzan realizes that three new opponents have joined the fight, Inosuke, Zenitsu and Kanao, but they use Yushiro's Blood Power to make themselves invisible. As Muzan realized what was happening, Obanai landed on the ground. Using the distraction of the trio to his advantage, he sliced Muzan's hand with the Snake Breath, Third Move: Constriction. The sliced body part regenerates much more slowly, prompting the fighters to continue fighting even harder. Obanai attacks again and uses his third form against Muzan. This gives the other Pillars a chance to make their weapons red in their own way. A raven informs that there is one hour and three minutes until dawn, which means that the battle has been raging between the Pillars and Muzan for 27 minutes since they surfaced.

Obanai, the other Pillar and the trio continue to put pressure on Muzan by scoring several sure shots. Gyomei accesses the transparent world and discovers that Muzan has multiple hearts and brains. Gyomei yells at Obanai to focus on Muzan's body and tell him if he can see through it. Obanai tries it and sees through it for a moment which confuses him. At that moment, Muzan decides to go back to his body.

Obanai quickly gets up and saves Tanjiro, who was fighting Muzan alone, from death. Obanai, after catching Tanjiro, quickly dodges Muzan's attacks. Tanjiro is happy to see him, but is quickly horrified when he realizes that Obanai's face is mutilated. Obanai explains that the previous attack by the whips on Muzan's legs was the one that injured him. He tells Tanjiro to stop worrying about him, as his right eye was still bad and he could barely see out and because of that, he relies on his snake Kaburamaru to see instead. After confirming that Tanjiro had recovered, he let him go. Muzan, who had been chasing them, attacks Obanai, but he is able to dodge and block all attacks thanks to Kaburamaru. Tanjiro and Obanai join forces to attack Muzan using their respective techniques. As Obanai and Tanjiro continue to dodge and attack, Muzan's body suddenly changes, revealing old scars. Tanjiro realizes that these must be from Muzan's battle with Yoriichi and that they could be his weak points.

Obanai Iguro



Initially, Obanai had a somewhat positive relationship with his family. Having from the day he was born, been continually coddled and pampered by his family to the most extreme degree. Having raised him and housed him in a perfectly secure mesh cell for his "safety" since birth, fed him the finest and tastiest foods since he was a small child and kept him completely safe from anything and gave him everything he could possibly need and assured that he would never want for anything since the day he was born. However, Obanai himself admitted that although he did not know the real reason for their excessive indulgence and extreme protection of him, he himself was disgusted by the fact that they constantly coddled him, having greatly disliked the excessive amounts of refined food they would prepare and serve him due to the fact that the harsh smells of the food hurt his nose and the poor ventilation of the extremely secure room only exacerbated the problem and the severe isolation in which they kept him also increased his initial hostility towards his loved ones.

However, after learning the real reason for their overprotection of him, as he was their "offering" to their benefactor and the true source of his family's immense wealth and prosperity, Obanai became completely disgusted with the greed, selfishness and amorality of his relatives. So much so that he cared little or nothing about his attempts to escape, even though he suspected what the demon would do to them if he did so in order to prioritize his own freedom and safety.

However, upon the demon's death and learning of the mass murder of the fifty or so of his relatives at the hands of the demon for their inability to keep him imprisoned and the brutal, spiteful and selfish rejection of his last surviving cousin, who blamed him for not "selfishly" letting the demon eat him. Obanai always developed a deep sense of self-loathing due to being born into a clan of selfish and amoral people and later, despite knowing that he had no control over their deaths, Obanai always developed an immense sense of guilt for letting them die to save himself despite their selfishness towards him. So much so that it even prevented him from trying to find happiness for his own because he believed that he was not worthy of it because of his lineage and inherited the "selfishness".

Mitsuri Kanroji

Obanai Iguro

Obanai is deeply in love with Mitsuri, but pride, nervousness and the fact that he feels he is not worthy of her because of his "dirty blood" prevent him from being honest. He gives her gifts, maintains a letter correspondence, and protects her, and although she appreciates the attention he gives her, she seems oblivious to his feelings, but it is revealed that she loves him as well. After the battle with Muzan, Obanai is seen cradling Mitsuri's body, but although both are still alive, they already felt that they would die soon. Obanai recalls the first time they met at Ubayashiki Mansion and how Mitsuri saved him by making him feel like a normal young man and how he won't let anyone say anything bad about her. In the end Mitsuri confesses that she likes him and that the meals she ate with him were the best. She also states that he always looked at her so gently and asks if he would take her as his wife if they were reborn as humans. Obanai replies that if she agrees with someone like him, he will certainly make her happy and next time he will definitely protect her. This vow finally happens when their reincarnations are married to each other.

Giyu Tomioka

Obanai hated Giyu for unclear reasons, although Obanai's temperament may be an important factor. Despite this, it is clear that he sees him as an ally and shows some concern for Tomioka, as he showed when he defended him from Muzan's fatal attack when Giyu lost his grip on his blade.

Tanjiro Kamado

Obanai also hated Tanjiro with a passion, even more than he hated Giyu. This began with Tanjiro's violation of the demon slayer's conduct and insubordination at the Pillar meeting, but intensified after Tanjiro interacted with Mitsuri during the attack on the Blacksmith Village and ended his pillar training with glowing reviews. Throughout the story, Obanai shows something warm towards Tanjiro. One example is when Tanjiro gets his eye cut out by Muzan and Obanai jumps in to protect him. They also work together to fight Muzan when Obanai loses his sight due to an injury, Tanjiro gives Kaburamaru one of Yushiro's seals which allows Obanai to see what his snake sees, thus helping the battle. He then thanked Tanjiro for this.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Obanai seemed to deeply respect Kyojuro and held him to a high standard. He believed that he was extremely powerful, expressing disbelief when he died.

Tengen Uzui

Despite Tengen's victory over the Upper Sixth Moon, Obanai downplays this important achievement to emphasize instead the extent of his injuries. Tengen, for his part, dismisses Obanai's concerns, insisting on retreating and disagreeing with Obanai's sense that the demon slayers would decline.


Obanai Iguro


Skills & Competencies

Sword skills

Breath of the Serpent

It is not known if he developed it or if it was taught to him but as a Pillar of the Serpent, Obanai uses this breath. He focuses on twisting and bending the sword like the way a snake moves. This is similar to Mitsuri's Breath of Love, but his sword is much more like a typical sword with a blade that is shaped like a snake crawling, while Mitsuri's is long, soft and more like a cutting whip.

First Move: Crouching Snake Strike
(壱いちノ型かた 委い蛇だ斬ぎり Ichi no Kata: Idagiri) Obanai spins around and performs a strike in front of him.

Second Move: Little Snake's Poisoned Hook
(弐にノ型かた 狭きょう頭ずの毒どく牙が Ni no Kata: Kyôzu no Dokuga) Obanai goes behind his opponent at a blazing speed and decapitates his head.

Third Move: Constriction
(参さんノ型かた 塒とぐろ締じめ San no Kata: Toguro Jime) Obanai bends his sword like the repentance of a snake and quickly decapitates his opponent.

Fourth Move: Two-Headed Snake
(肆しノ型かた 頸けい蛇じゃ双そう生せい Shi no Kata: Keija Sôsei) Obanai jumps forward and executes a horizontal strike that cuts his target.

Fifth Move: Ripples of the Snake
(伍ごノ型かた 蜿えん蜿えん長ちょう蛇だ Go no Kata: En'en Chôda) Obanai uses his folding sword, bending it from right to left at incredible speeds. This technique is capable of decapitating multiple targets at once.

Obanai Iguro


  • Obanai considers Kaburamaru more like a friend than a pet.
    • After Obanai's death, Kaburamaru is entrusted to Kanao Tsuyuri by Sanemi.
  • Obanai is not very strong in terms of physical strength as he is listed as "a little weak" by Koyoharu Gotōge when asked about the arm wrestling strength between the Pillars.
  • Obanai's ranking in popularity polls is as follows:
    • Obanai ranked 26th in the first popularity poll with 90 votes.
    • Obanai ranked 8th in the second popularity poll with 6204 votes.
  • His double, Kenichi Suzumura, is married to Tamayo's double, Maaya Sakamoto.
  • His split mouth is similar to that of the Japanese urban legend, Kuchisake-onna.
  • He made a brief appearance alongside Mitsuri Kanroji in chapter 137 of Tonikaku Kawaii.
  • Obanai considered the other Pillars as follows
    • "She is hardworking and very patient." - Pillar of the Insect
    • "We had the opportunity to talk about our own past. He was troubled by his clan and consumed by regret for murdering his brothers with his own hands, but he was never discouraged and I respect him because of that." - Pillar of Sound
    • "I love her. She is so cute. I am sometimes unable to speak logically and I worry because of that." - Pillar of Love
    • "Very strong. I can count on him." - Pillar of Rock
    • "I hate him. His expression is always like he's unhappy and it irritates me." - Pillar of Water
    • "We talk a lot. I like him. He has a good personality." - Pillar of Flame
    • "I hope he doesn't die because he is so young. We talk from time to time." - Pillar of Miss
    • "A friend I get along with." - Pillar of Wind
  • Obanai's openness level is rated at 60%.
  • Due to his upbringing, Obanai developed fear and hatred towards women. This only got worse after seeing the weak resolutions of the female demon slayers. Mitsuri was supposed to be the first and only woman he found beautiful.
  • Obanai had always been concerned about his surviving cousin. After asking around, he found out that she was living a comfortable life with her remaining fortune, had married, had children and was living happily.
    • This revelation shocked Obanai. Although he didn't hate her, he feared and envied his cousin's attitude, being able to ignore the source of the fortune she possessed and living in luxury as if the tragedy hadn't happened.
  • Although Obanai doesn't like to eat much (seeing it as too much trouble), seeing Mitsuri happily eating her food made her work up an appetite and eat more than usual.
  • Obanai's meeting with Mitsuri was love at first sight. He was so stunned that Kaburamaru also started to panic, which for some reason led Kaburamaru to bite Obanai.
  • Although he is described as the second weakest member of the Pillars in terms of strength, Obanai is the only Pillar who was able to face Muzan before he awakened his brand of demon slayers.
  • Obanai has the smallest appetite of all the Pillars. He can go about three days without eating.
  • Born on September 15, his astrological sign is Virgo.



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