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Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

Obito Uchiwa was a member of the Uchiwa clan from the hidden village of Konoha and a member of Team Minato along with Kakashi Hatake and Rin Nohara.


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Obito grew up alone, not knowing who his parents were. He dreamed one day to become Hokage so that people would recognize his existence and his worth. He enrolled in the Ninja Academy, but was late for the initiation ceremony. While most of his class ignored him, he was warmly welcomed by Rin Nohara. After a few years, he was placed in Minato Namikaze's team with Kakashi Hatake and Rin.

As a qualifying test, Minato gave the team a test called "bell test", where they had to take the bells from him. Obito decided to team up with Rin and Kakashi to take the bells and they succeeded with their teamwork. The team then took part in the Chûnin Examinations, where Obito was defeated in the third round in a match against Gai Maito. Kakashi defeated Gai Maito in another match, making him a chûnin, while Rin looked on in amazement. Eager for Rin's attention, he trained relentlessly to become a chûnin. His excitement was short-lived, as Kakashi became a jonin, once again earning the praise of Rin.

During the Third Great Shinobi War, Iwa's troops from the Land of the Earth had begun to invade the Land of Grass with a front of a thousand shinobi in order to continue their expansion into the Land of Fire. In order to stop the advance of the Earth ninjas, Minato left for the front and entrusted Kakashi's team, who had just been promoted to jonin, with a sabotage mission; that of destroying the Kannabi bridge that the Iwa troops would have to use to access and invade the Land of Fire.

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

Before the beginning of this mission, when they went to the border with their master, Rin and Minato each gave Kakashi a present to congratulate him on his promotion. Although they had talked before the mission about this gift idea, Obito had totally forgotten about it and didn't give anything to Kakashi. Kakashi replied that anyway a ninja only needs useful things for his missions and that Obito would have only given him something useless and embarrassing. When they were close to the border Kakashi noticed the presence of a spy from Iwa and attacked him. Obito was attacked by a clone and saved by his master. At the end of the fight while Rin was treating Kakashi's wounds an argument broke out again between the two young boys. This time Minato intervened to put the two boys in their place and remind them of the team spirit. In the evening Obito went to discuss with his master. The latter, in order for Obito to understand why Kakashi was so strict with the rules, told him the past of his father Sakumo Hatake the White Fang of Konoha. The next day when the group separated from Minato, Obito, who understood his comrade better now, agreed to consider him as his team leader. But the lull between the two boys was short-lived.

As they were getting closer to their goal, the group was attacked by ninjas from Iwa who kidnapped Rin. Obito immediately wanted to go to her rescue, but Kakashi objected, reminding them that they had a mission to accomplish. Obito argued that Rin is their friend, that she had often saved their lives with her medical jutsu. Kakashi replied that she had only done her duty as a ninja and that the mission was more important. This provoked Obito's anger and he hit him before deciding to go alone to save her, not without telling Kakashi that for him his father was a real hero but that people like him who abandon their comrades are the worst kind of beings.

After he had finally found the trace of the ninjas of Iwa, Obito was attacked by one of them who was using a jutsu of camouflage. He owed his salvation to Kakashi who came to his aid. As the enemy used a camouflage spell again to attack them, Kakashi intervened once more to save Obito but took a kunai neck to his left eye which he lost. Seeing his injured friend, Obito first cried, then remembered the words of his master asking him to have more self-control and to be stronger in his head. It was while trying to protect Kakashi from the Iwa ninja who was still lurking around to kill them that Obito's Sharingan finally woke up.

Both of them went to rescue Rin. But while they were running away from the Doton attack of the last Iwa ninja, Kakashi who with one eye missing had a blind spot, did not see the stones coming at him and was knocked out. Obito rushed to save his friend and was buried in his place. Realizing that his vital organs were destroyed and that he was doomed, he asked Kakashi, who was trying to lift the rock that crushed him, to stop. He told him that he also has a gift for his promotion and that this one will not be useless for him. He then asked Rin to graft his Sharingan to Kakashi to replace his lost eye. This done Kakashi left to fight the last one of Iwa, while Rin stayed holding Obito's hand as he lived his last moments.

Obito regretted dying without having had time to declare his love for Rin and just as his relationship with Kakashi was improving to a true friendship. When Kakashi came back to look for Rin, Obito asked her to protect her, then he forced her to let go of his hand, the girl not wanting to abandon him, before being completely buried.

Her name is on the stele of the heroes who died for Konoha during this great war. Kakashi always blamed himself for Obito's death although Obito said before he died that for him Kakashi was a good jonin and a good team leader.

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

Saved from death

Obito was then found by Madara Uchiwa in a cemetery, the latter keeping him alive thanks to the clone cells of Hashirama Senju. Obito started a long rehabilitation process to be able to go back to Konoha and find his teammates. He received a new arm during his time in the cemetery and managed to use it with the help of White Zetsu and another spiral-faced Zetsu named Guruguru.

Towards the end of his recovery, White Zetsu informed Obito that Kakashi and Rin were about to be killed by Kiri ninjas. Obito insisted on going to help them, and Guruguru decided to help him by offering his body as protection. Before leaving, he thanked Madara for all his help and said that he would not come back. Madara told him the opposite and that they would meet again soon. After leaving the cemetery, Guruguru directed Obito to the exact location of Rin and Kakashi and informed him that Minato was absent from the group. When they arrived, they found Kakashi impaling Rin with his Raikiri. Obito became very angry and decided to exterminate all the ninjas of Kiri, developing his Mangekyo Sharingan, his Mokuton and his anger towards the world that took away his beloved Rin and was determined to create a world where she was still alive.

Obito came back to Madara and this one explained him his plan "Eye of the Moon" which consisted in gathering the nine jewels and to seal them in the Gedô Mazô in order to resuscitate the Jûbi then to resuscitate Madara so that he becomes his jinchûriki and can use the Mugen Tsukuyomi on the world. Madara then trained Obito and when the time came, he disconnected from the Gedô Mazô and died. Obito went ahead with Zetsu wearing the name "Madara", wearing a mask on his face. He encouraged Yahiko and Nagato to found the Akatsuki, making him the founder of the Akatsuki. When Yahiko died, Nagato turned to him, making him the new leader of Akatsuki.

Twelve years before the beginning of the series, he launched an attack on Konoha with Kyûbi as an asset. When Kushina Uzumaki was giving birth, he killed an Anbu troop in charge of the security during the birth. Capturing the newborn child, Naruto Uzumaki, he forced his father Minato Namikaze to teleport with his child to a shelter outside the village. Meanwhile, he took Kyûbi out of Kushina and controlled him with his Sharingan. Kyûbi started his carnage in Konoha while Minato was attacked by the man with the mask, a fight broke out between the two characters. As he was about to grab Minato, Minato teleported above him and wounded him with a Rasengan in the back, and Minato managed to free Kyûbi from his grip before he left saying that one day he would get Kyûbi back, forcing Minato to consider him a terrible threat.

Eight years after the attack, he came back to Konoha. Itachi Uchiwa discovered him and offered him to help him to take his revenge against the Uchiwa clan on the condition that he would not attack the village. During this period, Tobi met Danzo Shimura.

He took control of the fourth Mizukage in Kiri, Yagura, thanks to the Sharingan making him the true Mizukage. He led Kiri in its years of blood. Kisame Hoshigaki was one of the few ninjas who knew about Yagura's manipulation, making him complicit in Obito's quest.


Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)



Having grown up without knowing his parents, Obito had a childhood marked by dreams of recognition. He was motivated to become a great ninja, so that he could, in turn, become Hokage and thus get the attention of the whole village which would finally recognize his value. When Rin recognized him independently, Obito fell in love with her and aimed to win her love, in addition to the title of Hokage. But the presence of Kakashi, both in the classroom and later in his team, became an obstacle for Obito, since Kakashi was naturally more talented than him and had unintentionally won Rin's affection. Although generally kind and loyal to his friends and allies, Obito nevertheless formed a one-sided rivalry with Kakashi. When he wasn't competing with Kakashi, Obito was doing good deeds around Konoha, especially helping the elderly, which in turn made him late. This combination of factors and Obito's optimism gave Madara the advantage to exploit and eventually corrupt him.

Following Rin's death, Obito's determination and idealism were shattered. He became more calm and focused, no longer caring about his village, his friends, or even his name, as these had become useless things to him. His vision of the world also changed, considering him "miserable" since he had "killed" Rin. His only goal was Madara's Moon Eye Plan and the new peaceful world it would create; every crime was a necessary evil, killing them all was a sacrifice for the greater good. He was willing to sacrifice himself for this goal, and even his allies. Like Madara before him, Obito obtained allies by feeding on the darkness that was buried in their hearts and thus being able to manipulate them, either by subtly corrupting their own goals or by appearing to share their beliefs.


When he was a child, Obito had short spiky black hair and eyes of the same color. He wore a blue jacket with long sleeves and an orange collar. The jacket was attached to the rest of the outfit by two buttons on the collar and it had the symbol of the Uchiwa clan on the back. He also wore a white belt, ninja sandals, the Konoha village headband, and a pair of glasses with an orange visor connected to ear protectors. As a result of the events with the village of Kusa, half of his face became damaged, wrinkled. His hair became longer during his rehabilitation, and he would have cut it several times over the years.


During his time as a Konoha ninja, Obito's abilities were average at best, struggling to match his fellow academy students. Determined to improve, he trained for several months and eventually became a shunin. Madara saw great potential in Obito and chose him as his disciple. Madara's hopes proved to be correct, as under his tutelage Obito improved his late blooming abilities considerably, becoming a copy of Madara at his peak. At the age of 14, Obito challenged the Fourth Hokage and almost destroyed Konoha. As an adult, he defeated two of the most talented ninjas of the Root, killed Konan and held his own in a one-on-one battle with Naruto, Killer B, Gai and Kakashi. As a Shinju jinchurriki, Obito's power surpassed even that of Hashirama Senju, he was able to effortlessly fight three powerful Hokage, overwhelm both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiwa, as well as the entire forces of the Shinobi army, with minimal effort.

Chakra and physical prowess

Obito's chakra reserves were strengthened by the White Zetsu material equipped on his body, allowing him to perform several chakra-intensive techniques without noticeable depletion. He also has the ability to absorb chakra, as well as the ability to transfer his chakra to another person. Obito was skilled in taijutsu, he fought Kakashi several times, while controlling the outcome of their last fight. His physical strength was great enough to lift Konan by the throat with one hand while he was badly injured or to block easily a sword blow from Kubikiribôchô. He was also very fast able to follow Naruto's Kyûbi Chakra Mode.

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)


Obito learned from Madara how to perform different types of ninjutsu: he could create the Uchiwa Flame Formation to protect the demonic statue; he could sense chakra, allowing him to predict attacks and locate others from great distances, even in different dimensions; and he could perform a fûinjutsu powerful enough to seal Jûbi.

Nature of chakra

Obito was able to master all five natures of chakra as well as Inton and Yôton. A member of the Uchiwa clan, Obito had a natural predisposition for Katon techniques and was able to perform the Supreme Fireball technique at a young age. The size and strength of his flames increased as an adult, and through a combination with his Mangekyo Sharingan, he was able to perform the Katon technique - Vorticellian Blasts. He also had an ability with Doton techniques, including digging and moving underground, allowing him to use the battlefield to sneak up on his opponents.

Thanks to Madara's transplants to his body, he could use Mokuton. He was able to produce sharp pieces of wood from his body to make short-range weapons similar to makeshift swords. He could also use this technique through Jûbi. He could also make several thick roots emerge from the ground and use them to crush his opponents.


Like many Uchiwa, Obito was trained in shurikenjutsu, which allowed him to accurately throw the shuriken for attack and defense. After Madara's death, Obito was left with a number of weapons, which he used at various times over the years. He kept several of these weapons in the Kamui dimension so that he could access them anywhere and use them on opponents. He was seen using chakra receivers and giant shuriken combined with Kamui. When he fought Minato during the Konoha attack, he used a long chain attached to handcuffs that he put on his wrists and used in conjunction with his intangibility, allowing him to safely pass through his opponent before materializing to hold him with the chain. At the time of the massacre of the Uchiwa clan, Obito wore a sword on his waist. During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, he wielded Madara's iconic gunbai, using it both as a shield and as a kind of attack flail. The gunbai can generate storms.

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)



Obito awakened the Sharingan when he was 13 years old, during his last mission with Kakashi. He killed an invisible enemy with his eyes. He acquired a third tomoe after witnessing Rin's death. With his Sharingan, he can perform various genjutsu on targets with whom he has eye contact, either to create illusions, acquire information, or control their actions. Although he can be seen controlling six tailed demons with his Sharingan, his control over multiple targets is not as effective as over a single target and it is possible for some to break free of his control.

Obito has a number of Sharingan that he keeps in stock if he needs them. He used one of these Sharingan to replace the one he had given to Kakashi, although he kept it hidden under his mask most of the time. He later sacrificed this eye to use Izanagi, which allows the user to manipulate events around him such as his own death. Izanagi usually lasts only a brief moment, but with his access to Hashirama's DNA, he can retain it for several minutes.

Mangekyô Sharingan

He awakened his Mangekyô Sharingan after the death of Rin. The power of Obito's Mangekyô Sharingan is Kamui which allows him with his right eye to send his body into another dimension, making him pass through attacks as an "intangible" being but the attacks made in his dimension can hurt him. He can also share his intangibility with any person in physical contact with him. His other power allows him to teleport objects, people or himself into his dimension even if it takes longer to teleport himself. He can move at the speed of light according to Zetsu and also protect people by sending them to his dimension even if they are then blocked, unable to get out without Obito's help.

When he recovers his left eye thanks to Madara, he obtains the ability to open a portal to his dimension on a target at long distance. In possession of his two Mangekyô Sharingan, Obito can synchronize Kamui with another dimension but this requires a huge amount of chakra, superior to his reserves, and can then enter it. He can also open a big portal between dimensions but this puts a huge stress on his eyes, making them bleed, if the distance between dimensions is too high. When he is in possession of his two Mangekyô Sharingan, Kamui's execution is twice as fast as before.

With his Mangekyô Sharingan, Obito can use the Kamui technique. With this technique, he can transfer what he touches into another dimension which is specific to his Sharingan and only he can make them come out. He can also teleport parts of his body into the dimension to avoid attacks. This faculty proved its usefulness in all his fights where almost nobody could touch him except Naruto and Minato. Moreover, his ability made others believe that he could make himself "transparent" which was wrong and what Kakashi understood quickly during his fight. He seems to be unaffected by the loss of sight due to the use of Mangekyo Sharingan.


Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)



Once Nagato died, Obito had to recover the Rinnegan in order to continue the Eye of the Moon plan. He gained access to the Rikudô techniques as well as the control of the Gedô Mazô. He created his own Six Bodies of Pain in order to exploit the bijû in his possession via Gedô Mazô and maintained his bijû under control only thanks to his eyes but preventing them from using the techniques of Rikudô. He also masters the Rinne Tenseï, which allows him to resurrect a person in exchange of his own life.

Jinchuri of Shinju

Obito managed to become Shinju's jinchuri while Madara tried to force him to resurrect him. At first he had no control over Shinju, gaining power at the expense of intelligence, with an ability to form two very strong black orbs whose shape is easily changed. He eventually regained control, drastically changing his physique with the creation of ten black orbs as well as a shakujo of the same material as his orbs. The black orbs can protect Obito from attacks and Obito can cancel ninjutsu with his Yin-Yang mastery making all ninjutsu useless against him. He is very resistant and can regenerate almost instantly after receiving damage.

He can create a gigantic tree with four flowers each forming a gigantic Tailed Demon Orb, one being enough to wipe out the entire Shinobi Alliance at once. He can also form a barrier of power greater than that formed by four Hokage while still being able to move thanks to chakra receptors that he sends to the four corners of the battlefield.

He can also create Shinju from his own body to return it to its original form and use it to launch the Mugen Tsukuyomi. He also controls the roots of the tree at will and can use them to absorb all of a person's chakra, taking their life at the same time.


Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

Part II

Fourth Great Ninja War: Paroxysm

When Tobi's mask fell off, Kakashi recognized him by his true identity. Soon after, Kakashi asked him how he had changed so much. Then Obito revealed that the death of the girl he was in love with, Rin, had affected him a lot. After that, Madara then appeared on the battlefield to help him, and called him Obito, confirming his identity. Soon after, a small fight started between Naruto and Madara, and then Obito recalled how he had survived and his first meeting with Madara Uchiwa.

Madara revealed to him that he was still alive thanks to the energy of Mazo. Later, after being saved, Obito was reeducated by Madara's subordinates created by the Mazo Gedo, white Zetsu and a person made of the same material as Zetsu and who had a head in the shape of Obito's mask when he first appeared in the Akatsuki. Obito's rehabilitation took a few years since he had at the end the same hair size as Madara. He interrupted his training when Zetsu informed him that Kakashi and Rin were in danger so he tried to break the rock that was holding him prisoner with his right arm which was made of the same material as Zetsu, but he broke it, so Guruguru lent his body to Obito. Madara was sure that Obito would come back to him but the young Uchiwa doubted it, but he thanked the leader of the Uchiwa clan for his hospitality.

So Obito left to save his friends. On the way, he talked to the borrowed body and it turned out that the thing was a clone of Zetsu, and that Zetsu had hundreds of clones of himself stored under Madara's lair. When the boy arrived at the battlefield, he was horrified by the scene he saw: Kakashi piercing Rin's heart with his Chidori. The pain, sadness and rage of the two ninjas were so great that they awakened their Mangekyô Sharingan at the same time. When Kakashi left, Obito went to pick up Rin's body, but he was attacked by members of the Anbu of Kiri. Obviously they wanted the body of the girl. The rage of the young boy was such that he managed to awaken a power that no other Uchiwa had been able to do until then, the Mokuton, a feat since Hashirama Senju, as well as being able to teleport his organs thanks to his Mangekyô Sharingan. The young ninja used his strength to defeat all the ANBU of Kiri who opposed him. He called the scene he had created "Hell".

As Madara suspected, Obito returned to him. He now wanted to create a world where hate, death, and war would not exist, only peace would be possible. This world would be a dream where the dead could come back to life, where Rin could live. So Madara showed him how and called Obito the "Savior". He showed Obito his genjutsu, where the young Uchiwa could live, all thanks to the power of Mazo.

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

Madara spoke of Nagato, a person of the Senju lineage, who was able, like Madara, to summon the Gedô Mazô. Madara was about to die, but he awakened the Rinnegan and transplanted it to Nagato when he was still a child. Thanks to this, Madara was able to break a seal and summon the empty shell of Jûbi from the stone, which he called Gedô Mazô. Then Madara used Jubi as a catalyst to create several white Zetsu, which are like clones of Hashirama Senju. And Madara revealed to Obito that he could not awaken the Rinnegan but since half of his body was made of Senju cells, it allowed him to control the Mazô quite well. Then Madara created Zetsu Noir from his own will, which Obito used to employ Rikudô no Jutsu. Finally Madara died, but Madara had planned what was going to happen: he told Obito to gather all the bijûs and to make friends with Nagato to use his Rinnegan to revive Madara. It was at the moment of his meeting with Nagato that Obito started to call himself "Madara Uchiwa". He discussed with them his peace project, but could not convince them, especially Yahiko who saw the obtaining of peace in another way. So Obito left but told them that he would come back every day at the same time until he could convince them.

Back to the present, Obito faced Kakashi and Naruto, a hard battle happened between the ninjas. Obito had wounded Kakashi with a big four-bladed shuriken, this last one was at the end of his strength, and this event prevented Naruto from concentrating well on the fight. So Kurama took Naruto's place and threw Kakashi at Obito, who was teleported to the other dimension. Naruto was surprised by Kurama's gesture, but Kurama taught him that unlike the young ninja, he knew how to transmit chakra to another person, which he did with Kakashi who was in the other dimension but could come out when he wanted to thanks to his new amount of chakra, but he took advantage of it before leaving to attack the parts of Obito's body that were teleported in the other dimension. But this fight was interrupted by Jûbi who had just woken up. Once Jubi woke up, Obito and Madara climbed on his head to face Kurama, Gyuki, Kakashi and Naruto. Obito and Madara had a hard time to control him because of his extraordinary power. Kurama had the idea to teleport Gyuki with Tailed Demon Orb to Jubi with Kakashi's Kamui, but Jubi repelled the attack with a simple flick. The shinobi alliance came to help them against this power. Naruto then told Obito that nothing was impossible and that he would defeat them. As Obito was seriously injured during his fight with Kakashi in the other dimension, Madara realized that he was no longer useful and controlled Obito's body via the will he had transmitted to him to come back to life through Rinne Tensei. As Madara was about to be resurrected, Minato teleported to Obito and cut off his left hand to stop the seal. Sasuke arrived and, believing him dead, thought that only Madara and Júbi were left. Obito still alive, sucked Jûbi and became his jinchûriki.

Birth of Jûbi's Jinchûriki

Obito kept the Rinnegan and the Mangekyô Sharingan and on his back appeared nine magatama in a row and a spiral pattern just like on the back of the Rikudô Sennin. Hashirama tried to stop him with the arches in the barrier but Obito easily destroyed them and threw arms of chakra on the whole barrier which finally burst.

Everyone was impressed by such power. Hashirama admitted frankly that Obito was stronger than him. Obito violently cut Tobirama and Hashirama, who was in fact a wooden clone. Tobirama followed up with a technique that consisted in summoning explosive scrolls, which, when they exploded, summoned other scrolls that exploded in their turn and caused a chain reaction. Then, when the smoke dispersed, Obito was still standing without a scratch, Hiruzen Sarutobi attacked him with a multi-cloning of giant shurikens, but Obito cut the shurikens before they reached him with swords of dark matter, then, put his hand on Hiruzen's head to pulverize his upper body. Obito didn't have total control over Jûbi because at one moment he got bigger and fell to the ground, Jûbi trying to get the upper hand on Obito. Naruto and Sasuke took advantage of the situation to attack him, however Obito grabbed them but Minato brought them back to him thanks to Naruto's chakra arm. As Obito desperately struggled to prevent the Jûbi from taking control, the young boy remembered the memories of his team and especially Rin's, symbolized by the picture of his team. As he was about to lose, Obito managed to recover the control of his body and gained a total control over the Jûbi, taking a form even closer to the Rikudô Sennin and finally regaining his intelligence. He replied to his master's offensive and sent a bomb exploding when his sensei teleported to dodge his attack taking him with him and threatening to kill Naruto and Sasuke next to him.

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

Tobirama saved them by using a clone to teleport the bomb to Obito, having been marked by it during his previous attack. Sasuke and Naruto started to attack but were interrupted by Tobirama and Minato, the two Hokage using a synchronized teleportation to exchange places and thus sending Obito in Minato's place to take the combined attack of the two young ninjas without being able to defend himself with his black spheres. But the new jinchurriki could now use the Yin-Yang in the middle of the fight and cancel any kind of ninjutsu, which was revealed by the fact that the attack had no effect and that Minato's arm, cut previously, was not reconstituted. Gamakichi, tried a last surprise attack before he had to leave which was easily countered by Obito.

In front of his master, Obito started to mock him, saying that thanks to him he could forget his dream of becoming Hokage but Naruto interrupted him and thanks to Tobirama, was able to launch a senjutsu enhanced Rasengan and was able to hurt Obito, revealing that the senjutsu was not cancelled by the Yin-Yang and that he could defeat Obito thanks to it. Obito was surprised by the weakness of Jûbi and his inability to use Kamui, so he decided to be more careful with his back. He decided that it was time to clear the battlefield to prepare the Mugen Tsukuyomi, forming a gigantic tree to create four gigantic Tailed Demon Orbs to annihilate the Shinobi Alliance. He then created a six-sided barrier of greater power than the one previously formed by the four Hokage. He then launched his attack, leveling the battlefield, only to discover to his amazement that the Alliance had teleported out of the barrier thanks to the combination of Minato's Hiraishin and Naruto's chakra distributed to the entire Alliance.

Naruto and Minato then went into bijû mode to face Obito who retaliated by releasing the Jûbi from his body. He then transformed the Jubi into its original form: the Shinju, the tree of chakra origin, and started to absorb the chakra of all the ninjas within his reach through the roots, taking their lives in the process. Naruto had to face the death of his comrades despite his resolve not to let anyone die and was desperate. The Alliance started to give up in the face of such power despite Hashirama's pleas but Sasuke went on the attack to everyone's surprise and this motivated Naruto not to give up. Obito then faced the two ninjas while keeping an advantage but they then joined their strength by covering the Kyûbi of Sasuke's Susanô, they then launched nine Rasengan carried by Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Lee, Tenten, Chôji, Ino, Shikamaru and Saï to destroy his shield of black material and then cut him with the sword of Susanô.

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

Using the biju chakra to resonate with the biju chakra in Obito, Naruto managed to create a link between his chakra and Obito's chakra to extract the Jûbi chakra from his body with the help of Gaara for the Ichibi and Killer B for the Hachibi. He received help from all the Alliance to accomplish his task but during this time, Obito's memories passed in his mind because of the link between their chakra, understanding then his suffering and his reasons to create a world of dreams. He then entered Obito's inner world and explained to him his vision of the Hokage and that Rin didn't want the Obito he had become but the one who wanted to stop the war and become Hokage. Although against Naruto's reading of himself, Naruto managed to extract the chakra from the biju and to free them from Obito, making him lose all his jinchuri powers.

As Kakashi reappeared from Kamui's dimension to finish Obito off, Minato stopped him explaining that he knows about his discussion with Naruto and that it should have been Kakashi with whom he should have had this discussion. Kakashi then explained that Obito's goal could have brought peace and that Naruto could have failed but seeing him fighting for his dreams was what motivated him to help Naruto and what allowed him to find comrades to help him. Because the chakra of the biju was extracted from his body, Obito only had the Gedô Mazô and that kept him alive but he could not move. Then Obito decided that he had to repent for his crimes and activated the Rinne Tensei to resurrect all the dead from the war he had started but Black Zetsu came from underground and took control of the Uchiwa, forcing him to redirect his technique on Madara, resurrecting him in a young body but without his original eyes, absent when he died.

Obito was possessed by Black Zetsu to limit Minato's and Kakashi's attacks, and to carry out his mission of recovering Madara's Rinnegan transplanted into Obito. The Gedô Mazô was quickly extracted from Obito's body when Madara invoked it to seal the bijû and Zetsu noir mocked Obito for trying to resist his hold and oppose Madara as he had done, revealing that a white Zetsu had already recovered the right eye that he had hidden and given to Madara, explaining the extraction of the Gedô Mazô. He also explained that he was the reason why Obito was not dead yet because as long as he remains possessed by black Zetsu, he will remain alive. Obito's consciousness began to fade away, leaving his body under the control of Black Zetsu to fight Kakashi and Minato, while Gaara and Sakura arrived with a Naruto on the verge of death. Black Zetsu took the opportunity to interrupt the transfer of Yin-Kurama from Minato to Naruto by becoming his jinchurriki as Madara, who had become the jinchurriki of the Júbi, arrived on the battlefield. Black Zetsu tried to join his master but Obito came back to him and forced him to stay attached to him. He learned that for Madara, Obito was just another "Madara", sharing Madara's ideals and destined to be the savior of the world by his side even if it means not being Obito Uchiwa anymore. Obito then advanced towards him despite the attempt of Kakashi, Minato and Gaara to stop him and stabbed Madara with his hand, revealing that he had become himself again: Obito Uchiwa, the one who dreamed of becoming Hokage, revealing that he had kept his ability to manipulate the Yin-Yang chakra to form the same shakujo as when he was the jinchuri of the Jûbi.

Obito Uchiwa (Tobi)

He quickly stole a fragment of Hachibi and Ichibi from Madara under Madara's mockery because of his inability to steal more and then thanks to Kakashi, went to his dimension to transfer the Yin-Kurama and the other bijû to Naruto to save him. When Naruto woke up, he sent him back to their world, keeping Sakura so that she could destroy his Rinnegan and prevent Madara from getting his full power, but Madara, having stolen Kakashi's sharingan used it to enter Obito's dimension. He sent Sakura back to their world and was attacked by Madara without counterattacking because he didn't have enough strength. Madara asked him how he had removed the seal placed on his heart which kept him under his control and Obito revealed that it had been destroyed by Kakashi before he became Júbi's jinchûriki. He learned that Madara was responsible for the kidnapping and death of Rin to reveal Obito's full power and turn him into a pawn for Madara. He then fainted, leaving his body under the control of black Zetsu who used the left sharingan exchanged by Madara for his left Rinnegan to return to their world.

Kaguya Ôtsutsuki Attack

He was saved by Naruto after Black Zetsu left him. He learned that Naruto and Sasuke were the only ones who could stop Kaguya but they had been separated. He used Kamui at full power to synchronize Kamui with Kaguya's dimension, allowing him to enter it with Sakura and a clone of Naruto. They were spotted but Naruto made a diversion while they fled to Kamui's dimension. They returned to Kaguya's dimension to look for Sasuke and managed to get him back. Kaguya launched the Mutual Murder by Bone Ashes to kill Naruto and Sasuke but Obito and Kakashi intervened and Obito saved Kakashi from the attack thanks to Kamui but was hit by it.

Kakashi asked Obito why he sacrificed himself when he was still essential for the fight, but he told Kakashi to focus on the enemy instead, before saying that Kakashi still had to survive to help the new generation of ninjas and said that Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were crucial for the future. Kaguya decided to return to the first dimension to refill his chakra. Naruto used his power to save Obito, but Black Zetsu mocked not only Naruto's useless efforts but also Obito's lost life; and although Obito approved of this, Zetsu's words only angered Naruto. Obito took this time to say his last words to Kakashi and Naruto, thanking them for reminding him what he was. After telling Naruto to become Hokage, Obito disintegrated into a pile of ash.

Meanwhile, in the afterlife, Obito found Rin, who revealed that she had been watching Obito all these years and the two reconciled.

After joining Rin in the realm of the dead, Obito thought about the gift he had given to Kakashi for his promotion to jonin, and thinking that a gift should be eternal, he gave it to him, after using Kamui to join him in his dimension and allowed Kakashi to get Obito's two Sharingan. Obito was finally able to fight against Kaguya and thanks to a strategy set up by the man with the sharingan, they were able to defeat the goddess and black Zetsu. Obito talked one last time with Kakashi and Kakashi was happy to say goodbye to his friend in a friendly way. Obito thanked Kakashi and disappeared taking his Sharingan with him to find Rin.



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