Oolong is a protagonist in the Dragon Ball universe. The character will be more discreet in the TV series Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, or from chapter 195 of the manga.

He is a pig with the ability to transform at will during 5 minutes (he must wait one minute before starting again). He will join Goku and Bulma in their quest for the Dragon Balls, then he will settle at the Capsule Corporation, in the Western Capital.

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Appearance and personality

Oolong is an anthropomorphic pig, small in size and with light pink skin. He wears a uniform of the Chinese communist army of dark green color.

Like Kame Sennin, he is perverted and likes to collect women's underwear. Moreover, he has a cynical and cowardly behavior, and never denies that he is, on the contrary, he seems rather proud to behave like a coward regularly.

Oolong is subject to a running gag in the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z parts, as he is systematically hit by Bulma.


Dragon Ball

Oolong was born in the village Octagon, a village whose inhabitants are just like him: anthropomorphic and perverse pigs. He was expelled from kindergarten for kidnapping his school teacher. Later, he joined the Metamorphic Academy, where he met Puerh. Every day he would bully Puerh for his lunch money, and was expelled for stealing his teachers' panties.

He managed to acquire a sumptuous mansion by stealing money from the villagers.

Oolong then settles on the outskirts of Aru village, where he kidnaps young girls to serve him in his mansion. Unfortunately, the opposite happened: the girls had better living conditions and did nothing all day except for entertaining themselves.

While he wanted to kidnap another girl, the villagers set a trap for him and Son Goku took the girl's place. Oolong realized it when Son Goku peed against a tree. He first appeared as a gigantic bull. But his transformation time was over and he had to run away.

He came back to attack one minute later, as a big robot with a bowl of ramen. He challenged Goku hoping to intimidate him, but Goku was not afraid and was even happy to fight Oolong. Oolong got scared and turned into a bat to try to run away, but Goku caught him with his Kinto-Un.

After apologizing to the people, he joined Goku and Bulma on their journey. During the journey to Fry Pan Mountain, Oolong tried to escape by transforming himself into a fish but was caught by Bulma. It was at this moment that Bulma made him ingest a pill without his knowledge, which caused him violent stomach aches and the obligation to go to the bathroom as soon as she whistled.

While they were crossing a desert on foot to continue their journey, they came across Yamcha and Puerh. After a short confrontation between Goku and Yamcha, Oolong invited Bulma and

Bulma and Gokû in his camper. During the night, he learned that Bulma and Goku were looking for the Dragon Balls and that they had the power to grant any wish. He then tried to put Goku and Bulma to sleep by putting a sleeping pill in their drinks, in order to steal the Dragon Balls and touch Bulma while she was sleeping. His plan was foiled by Yamcha and Puerh who tried to break into the truck but both Oolong and Yamcha's plans were foiled.

The next morning, Oolong's truck was destroyed by a missile launched by Yamcha. After a fight with Goku, in which he lost a tooth, Yamcha gave the trio a car. Of course, this car was equipped with a tracking device.

trunks songoku vegeta dragon ball Z

Two days after these events, the group arrived at Fry Pan Mountain. Fearing to meet Gyumao at the edge of the mountain, he tried to run away once more. But his attempt to escape was quickly aborted by Bulma's whistles. When they found the Dragon Ball in the ruins of Guymao Castle, the group continued their journey and arrived at a small village terrorized by the rabbit gang.

After filling the tank of the car given by Gyumao with planium, they had to face the leader of the rabbit gang, To Ninjinka, who turned Bulma into a carrot. They managed to get rid of him with the help of Yamcha and Puerh and continued their journey.

When they reached a desert, five of their Dragon Balls were stolen by Shu, a subject of Pilaf. The group was forced to join forces with Yamcha and Puerh, but Pilaf managed to take Su Shinchu.

Just as Pilaf was about to make his wish and become the master of the world, Oolong and Puerh turned into bats and Oolong asked Shenron for a pair of panties. And with this ridiculous wish, Oolong saved the situation that seemed hopeless, and made the first wish of a long list in the Dragon Ball saga.

Pilaf then became enraged and locked the group in a glass-roofed cell, which could become a real oven under the midday sun.

They managed to escape after Goku turned into Oozaru and destroyed Pilaf's palace. He accompanied Bulma, Yamcha and Puerh to the Western Capital when the group split up.

Saga of the 21st Tenka Ichi Budôkai

oolong dragon ball

While flying to the Western Capital with Bulma, Yamcha and Puerh, their plane crashed in a jungle, forcing them to finish the journey on foot.

a jungle, forcing them to finish the journey on foot. Once they reached the city, he stayed with Bulma and Puerh while Yamcha trained.

On the day of the Tenkaichi Budokai he had to carry Bulma on his shoulders so that she could watch the elimination rounds of the tournament. Later, he is seen in the stands with Bulma and Puerh encouraging Goku, Kuririn and Yamcha.

figurine manga oolong dragon ball

Saga of the Red Ribon

Oolong is seen few times during this saga. The first time, he is with Yamcha, Puerh and Gokû in an amusement park. He then criticizes Bulma with Puerh and she appears and attacks Yamcha.

The second time, he is seen at Kame House with Bulma, then we see him again at the headquarters of the Red Ribon army to help Goku in his fight.

Saga of the 22nd Tenka Ichi Budôkai

Oolong appears only in the stands, to encourage his friends during the tournament. He will also be present when Kuririn's body is found lifeless.

Saga of the 23rd Tenka Ichi Budôkai

Oolong will appear once again to support his friends during the tournament. However, he will be the only one to guess the identity of the mysterious fighter that Goku had to face.

Later, in the anime, we discovered the existence of a village populated by anthropomorphic pigs, strongly resembling Oolong. Two of them, Jasmine and Oonaan, will say they know Oolong and will accuse him of being the biggest pervert they know.

Dragon Ball Z

The character of Oolong loses importance in this part of the manga. But in the anime and in the movies, he appears regularly for comical scenes.

Saga of the Saiyans

During this saga, Oolong asks Shenron if he can kill the Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta instead of resurrecting Son Goku. The latter answers him that it is impossible because their powers exceed his own. So he watched the fight against the Saiyans on television, in Kame Sennin's house, then he followed the fight through the crystal ball of Uranai Baba.

Saga of Namek

Oolong, with Puerh and Dr. Brief will assist to the departure of Goku for the planet Namek. Later, he will try to go to Namek with a group composed of Chichi, Puerh, Yajirobé and Kame Sennin, but the ship did not even reach the space and crashed on the ground.

Saga de Garlic Jr.

Oolong will fall under the influence of Aqua Mist but will be healed at the end of the arc with Sacred Water.

Saga of the artificial humans and Saga of Cell

One year after Freezer's defeat, Oolong still lives at the Capsule Corporation. He was there when Vegeta sensed Freezer's presence, but did not go to see the tyrant arrive.

Three years later, Oolong moved to Kame House and waited to hear from his friends. When his friends brought Goku, who had just suffered a heart attack, he was watching TV. That's when he saw that a monster named Cell had attacked a town called Ginger Town.

Later, when Kame House was flooded because of Cell's transformation, he went to the Capsule Corporation to try to find out where the Cell Game would take place.

Saga of the 25th Tenka Ichi Budôkai.

Oolong will be present, as usual, in the stands to encourage his friends.


Saga of Majin Boo

After Majin Boo is freed, he finds refuge in God's palace with his friends. But he will be transformed into chocolate and eaten by Super Boo after he managed to escape from the Spirit and Time room.

Later, during the fight between Goku and Vegeta and Majin Boo, he will be resurrected by Porunga and will give all his energy to create the Genki Dama which will be able to defeat the djinn.

He will then be present at the Capsule Corporation for a party organized by Bulma. Then 10 years later, he will be in the stands to encourage his friends during the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai.

Dragon Ball Super

Saga Battle of Gods

Oolong will be among the guests for Bulma's birthday. Beerus will choose him as his opponent in the scissor-stone, in order to decide the fate of the Earth. After two ties, Oolong will lose to Beerus.

Dragon Ball GT

He appears little in this part, and like Kame Sennin and Puerh, does not seem to have aged much.

Saga of Baby

During this arc, he will be transported with other characters to the new planet Tsufur. He will later reappear at the Capsule Corporation during a party.

Saga of the Evil Dragons

Oolong doesn't appear directly in this arc, but it's his wish to get a pair of panties that gave birth to Ryuu Shenron (who will be very embarrassed by revealing the wish that gave birth to him).

He then appears during the epilogue in a flashback recapitulating the series.


  • Metamorphosis : Oolong is able to transform into anything he wants for 5 minutes
  • Flight: By transforming into a bat, for example, Oolong can fly.


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