Pain Rikudô

Pain Rikudô

Pain Rikudô are six distinct powers that Nagato used through bodies that he controlled at a distance with the help of chakra receptors. These six bodies were thus extensions of Nagato and each possessed one of the powers of the Rinnegan.


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Tobi created his own version of the Six Bodies of Pain after retrieving Nagato's Rinnegan from his grave.


He is originally from Ame, the hidden village of Rain. During his childhood, Nagato had long red hair with strands covering his eyes. He was orphaned during a war between Konoha and Ame when Konoha ninjas mistakenly killed his parents thinking they were enemy ninjas. It was then that he unconsciously used his Rinnegan, the most powerful Dôjutsu.

He later met a stray dog, Chibi, and two other orphans from his village: Yahiko (who became Tendô, the main body of the "Kingdom of God") and Konan; all three of them had to fend for themselves to survive. While looking for ninjas to train them in Ninjutsu, they met the three Sannin who were on a mission in Ame, and Jiraya stayed with them to teach them Ninjutsu. Shortly after this meeting, Yahiko was attacked by a ninja from Iwa, whom Nagato unintentionally killed to defend his comrade. Jiraya discovered that he possessed Rinnegan.

He continued to develop the Rinnegan during the 3 years of training with Jiraya, until he mastered all types of chakra manipulation. After his departure, nothing is known about their history, Jiraya having heard about them from time to time, then false rumors that they were killed. It is worth noting that Nagato and his ideals as a child (which he found just before his death) inspired Jiraya for the character of the main character of his first book "Chronicles of a Fearless Ninja" to which he gave the name of... Naruto.

Pain Rikudô

Afterwards, Yahiko formed the Akatsuki organization with Konan and Nagato, as well as other ninjas who wanted peace in their country. Hanzo decided to eliminate them, seeing them as a potential threat to his power over Ame. He set a trap for them by inviting Yahiko, Konan and Nagato to a meeting, where he was accompanied by his men and Danzo and the Root Anbu, with whom he sealed an alliance to get rid of the Akatsuki and then to help him take Konoha. They took Konan as a hostage, with Hanzo ordering Nagato to kill Yahiko in exchange for her life. Yahiko committed suicide to meet their demands by rushing at the kunai held by Nagato, who was unable to kill his friend.

In a rage, Nagato summoned the Gedô Mazô and killed all the Ame ninjas before confronting Hanzô, who eventually fled. Nagato took Yahiko's body as well as the bodies of five other people that Jiraya met during his journey and with the help of chakra receptors like the ones on his back, he brought them back to life with his chakra, granting them the Rinnegan and a special power to each. He killed Hanzô and all his relatives before taking control of Ame. He went in search of the Bijû with Konan and sealed them in the Gedô Mazô in order to create a weapon of mass destruction to create cycles of peace in the ninja world through the fear of death.

Pain Rikudô


He is first seen in a retrospective of Jiraya as a child with red hair covering the upper part of his face. He has particular eyes containing concentric circles of gray and purple, the Rinnegan dôjutsu, which give him great powers. During the gatherings of the Akatsuki members, he always appears under the appearance of Tendô (Pain's main body and the corpse of his best friend Yahiko) who also wears the ring necessary to be considered a member of the organization.

Now an adult, he has changed little physically but has become extremely thin (due to his invocation of the demon of the underworld and the excessive use of Rinnegan). He is connected, by cables fixed on two hulls in which are lodged his arms, to a big machine of spider form, it seems that it is his only means of moving, but it remains to be confirmed. He is indeed completely emaciated, and has, literally, only the skin on the bones. In his back is also planted a dozen black metal bars (including a huge one piercing his back at the level of the spine) of the same metal as the piercings of the Bread, serving as transmitters and receivers to transmit his Chakra to them.

According to Tobi, his red hair is the distinctive sign of the Uzumaki clan and according to Madara Uchiwa, he is a descendant of the Senju clan, these two clans having common origins.

His Rinnegan was secretly transplanted by Madara Uchiwa when he was small.


Pain Rikudô




After the death of his friend Yahiko, Nagato connected himself to the Gedô Mazô via metal stakes which were planted in his back and rendered him unfit for combat. To compensate for this handicap, he created the Six Bodies of Pain from dead bodies and attributed to each of them a different Rinnegan power. Nagato can manipulate them from a distance thanks to the chakra waves that he emits and the receivers that are attached to the six bodies.

  • Tendô: Pain's main body, formerly Yahiko's, he can use attraction or repulsion spells on people or the environment; he can also repel all attacks. His ultimate technique is Chibaku Tensei (birth of the divine star): it consists in producing a black sphere which, once in the air, attracts to it all that is below. The only way to counter this technique is to destroy the sphere in the center which acts as a gravitational core.
  • Shuradô : Entirely mechanized, this avatar with a strong potential of destruction can make all kinds of weapons come out of his body: missile launcher, laser cannon, detachable fist, etc.
  • Ningendô : By touching a person with his hand, this avatar can read his thoughts and memories and tear out his soul.
  • Chikushôdô : This body can summon giant animals, all of which have the Rinnegan and the same receptors as Pain. It can also summon Pain's other avatars. This avatar came from a ninja of the Fuma clan defeated by Jiraya, before being recreated from Ajisaï's body.
  • Gakidô: This body can absorb any ninjutsu technique and drain the chakra of a person when it comes into contact.
  • Jigokudô: This avatar can summon the King of the Underworld, a monster who, by grabbing the tongue of the target, determines whether he is lying or not; if he is lying, the monster rips out his tongue and soul, but if he is telling the truth, he releases him. It can also repair bread destroyed in battle.


Pain Rikudô


Part I

Mission of recovery of Sasuke

Tendô made an appearance in the form of a hologram with the other members of Akatsuki while they were discussing about Orochimaru and Kyûbi.

Part II

Rescue of the Kazekage

He was present under the guise of Tendô during the sealing of the Ichibi in the Gedô Mazo and put in place the plan to hold the Kakashi and Gai teams. He ordered Sasori and Deidara to capture Kyûbi.

Hidan and Kakuzu

Tendô was present at the sealing of the Nibi and the Sanbi.

Soul Infiltration

He received the visit of Tobi in Ame and the order to look for Kyûbi. He felt Jiraya's presence which disturbed his rain and sent Konan to receive him. He used Pain to confront Jiraya with first Chikushôdô who summoned different animals to defeat him by staying hidden in a chameleon. Jiraya summoned Gamaken but Chikushodo's special summons put him in difficulty. Jiraya switched to Hermit mode and summoned Fukasaku and Shima. Chikushodô then summoned Ningendô and Gakidô to help him. All of Jiraya's techniques were absorbed by Gakidô and he couldn't get Chikushodô and Ningendô because of the power of the Rinnegan to share their field of vision.

Fukasaku and Shima decided to use Genjutsu and Jiraya occupied Pain while they were preparing. He killed them after they were caught in the Genjutsu and decided to leave. He was then attacked by Shurado who took off his arm. He then faced the six Pains. Jiraya stole the body of Chikushodo and wrote a message on Fukasaku's back after Shurado destroyed his throat. But Pain stabbed him with his black spears, killing his master.

Pain Rikudô

Forbidden technique of Tsuchigumo clan

In the anime, Tendô was assigned to capture Saiken, the six-tailed demon, which was sealed inside Utakata.

Bread Invasion

Nagato and Konan headed to Konoha to capture the Kyûbi. Between his fight with Jiraya and his invasion, Nagato replaced Chikushodô's body with another body with the same powers. Shurado threw Chikushodo which broke through the detection barrier around Konoha and summoned them. This disturbed the ranks of the Konoha ninjas who thought that there was only one intruder. Chikushodô, Shuradô and Gakidô disturbed Konoha and drew attention to them while Tendô, Ningendô, Jigokudô and Konan went in search of Kyûbi. Shurado and Tendo faced Kakashi, Choza and Chozi. Shurado was crushed by Chôza's Fracassante Palm and then pierced by a Raikiri of Kakashi while protecting Tendô. He seriously wounded Chôza protecting Chôji before he was out of the fight. Kakashi was left on the verge of death by Tendô after he used the Mangekyô Sharingan to protect himself and to protect Chôji reporting the information collected on Tendô.

Gakidô found himself fighting Tsume and Kiba and fled, being at a disadvantage in hand-to-hand combat. Jigokudô questioned the people he found and took their souls if they lied. Konohamaru used a Rasengan to save his master Ebisu.

Chikushodô found with Ningendô the room where Pain, Shizune, Shikamaru, Ino, Inoichi, Ibiki and his team were thinking about the secret. Chikushodô confronted Ibiki and his team while Ningendô read Shizune's mind to find Naruto's location. Once found, he killed Shizune by ripping out her soul.

Tendô went to meet Tsunade on the roof of the Hokage residence. He explained her his point of view about peace and the ninja world before receiving the information from Ningendo. He then decided to destroy Konoha with his Shinra Tensei technique. Shuradô was repaired by Jigokudô.

Pain met Naruto in Hermit mode from Mount Myoboku with Fukasaku, Gamakichi, Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamahiro. Shima came to meet them too. While Shurado was aiming at Tsunade who was exhausted and completely drained of chakra, Naruto destroyed him with a Rasengan. Naruto got rid of Chikushodo's summons and left them to Gamabunta, Gamahiro and Gamaken. He faced Gakido in hand-to-hand combat and defeated him with the toad katas. Then he threw a Fûton - Rasenshuriken on the Bread and Ningendô was reduced to dust. Chikushodô then faced Naruto without summoning and ended up in Gamabunta's mouth with Naruto taking advantage of the darkness to defeat him with a Rasenrengan. The next attack of Naruto was absorbed by Gakidô protecting Tendô having been repaired by Jigokudô. Naruto managed to make a diversion to defeat Jigokudô and as he was about to destroy Gakidô, Tendô recovered his powers and pushed Naruto and his clones back.

Pain Rikudô

While Fukasaku and Shima prepared a Genjutsu, Naruto was caught by Gakidô with Tendô and his chakra was absorbed and he came out of the Hermit mode. He then used the natural energy to turn Gakidô into a toad and then into a stone statue. Tendô then attracted Fukasaku and pierced him with one of his spears, causing his death. He took advantage of the disturbance in Naruto's body to lure him to the ground and immobilize his hands with one of his spears which disturbed his chakra. He planted more spears in his back. Hinata then arrived and confronted Tendô but this one wounded her seriously and put Naruto in a black anger and covered him with the cloak of Kyûbi with six tails.

Naruto then confronted Tendô who moved away so that he could prepare to use the Chibaku Tensei and lock him in a star. Naruto then released the eighth tail and freed himself. But he stood still and became Naruto again in Hermit mode after the safety mechanism of the Fourth Hokage was activated. Naruto then faced Tendô and finally beat him with a Rasengan, the technique that his master taught him.

Naruto then met Nagato who told him his story so that Naruto could tell him how he would bring peace to the ninja world. Naruto then quoted Jiraya's first book, The Chronicles of a Fearless Ninja, whose hero is named... Naruto. The mention of this book after his fight with Naruto turned Nagato's situation upside down. Now convinced that he must believe in Naruto's answer, he sacrificed himself to give back the life to all the people of Konoha whom he killed. After his death, Konan left Akatsuki and became the leader of Ame. She retrieved the bodies of Nagato and Yahiko and buried them in a shrine in Rain Village.

Confinement of the Jinchuri

Tobi decided to get the Rinnegan from Nagato. He went to Ame where he was confronted by Konan, who was determined not to hand Nagato over to him. A fight ensued, at the end of which Tobi trapped her in a Genjutsu to make her reveal the location of the shrine. The process killed her.

Having found Nagato's body, he was surprised that he died with a smile on his face. He then took the Rinnegan and implanted it as his left eye, replacing the Sharingan he lost when he used Izanagi against Konan.


Nagato is summoned by Kabuto to confront Team Kakashi, who are investigating the massacre that was caused in The Hole. Soon after being summoned, Nagato's coffin disappears and Kabuto wonders if the Reincarnation of Souls is incomplete.

Fourth Great Ninja War

Nagato was resurrected by Kabuto Yakushi to fight in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Unable to walk, he was carried by Kakuzu. But when he joined another group, he was carried by Itachi. He then met Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B. He complimented Naruto Uzumaki who had succeeded in taking control of Kyûbi and had thus overcome his hatred. He explained that he couldn't move by himself but made two invocations, his giant multi-headed dog and his bird with a piercing beak. Naruto tried to destroy the giant dog but he only added heads to it. When B tried to throw his swords at Itachi, he unintentionally deflected them. He was then burned by the celestial light of Itachi who had freed himself from Kabuto's grip. After a few minutes, he repelled the flames with the celestial repulsion. He attacked B, Naruto and Itachi by putting himself in his chameleon to make himself invisible. He attacked B from behind but he saw him and threw a Lariat.

Nagato took the full force of the blow but absorbed B's chakra and resumed his old appearance with his red hair. Naruto threw himself at him but Nagato blocked him and tried to suck out his soul. B tried to help him but the summonses saw him and so did Nagato. Nagato blocked B with two metal arms of Shurado and charged his cannon in his arm towards B. Itachi intervened and saved both jinchuri after piercing the eyes of the summons with his kunai. Nagato used Chibaku Tensei which attracted the three ninjas. But they destroyed the ball with their most powerful ranged attacks. Itachi pierced Nagato with the Sword of Totsuka who did not see him coming. He allowed Nagato to say his last words, Nagato asked Naruto to make a fabulous story that would make everyone forget his own pathetic story.


Pain Rikudô



  • In the anime, the Six Ways of Nagato speak with Yahiko's voice. However, Nagato's second Chikushôdô speaks with his own voice, due to the fact that it is a woman's body.
  • Three of Nagato's Six Ways of Pain are playable in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, while the other three appear as supporting characters. All six are capable of appearing simultaneously in 3-on-1 combat, and the playable ones are Tendô, Shuradô, and Chikushôdô, those whose primary function is combat, rather than support.


  • (To Jiraya) "Peace... I don't see how we can get it... but one day I will lift this curse. Once peace has returned, I will do everything to keep it!"
  • (To Hanzô, through Tendô's body, before killing him) " Have you forgotten my face? You betrayed us by associating with Danzo. You, who only cares about your own survival, are a common scum. There was a time when I had respect for you, but you've started to change... You can't even understand why you've been defeated... Go away, Hanzo."
    (To Tendô) "You will always be the leader of Akatsuki... Yahiko."
  • (To Jiraya) "Even the most innocent child can grow up knowing what a man's suffering is. It is his words and thoughts that make him a man."
  • (To Jiraya, through the Six Bodies of Bread) "We are Bread... We are God!"
  • (To Tsunade) "You all think you have the main role in this world, you think you are safe from death. Peace has made you superficial. He who spills the blood of man, by man his blood will be spilled. [...] You will feel pain, discover pain, bear pain, know pain."
  • (To Naruto) "In the end, you and I are the same, we act according to our own justice. What I did to Konoha... is no different from what you want to do to me."
  • (To Naruto) "We are just men who hide behind this pseudo-justice to take revenge. But by equating it with revenge, justice ends up becoming revenge... This is the beginning of a chain reaction driven by hatred."
  • (To Naruto) "It is because of love that sacrifices came into being... that hate was born... and that we can feel pain."
  • (To Naruto) "If we don't feel the pain of others, we can never really understand them. And even if you do, it's not necessarily reciprocal. It's just common sense..."
  • (To Naruto) "You're really something special... You sound like me, a few years ago... I couldn't believe in Jiraya, and I couldn't believe in myself either... But now... by taking a different path, you're showing me a new vision of the future... that makes me want to believe in you... Naruto Uzumaki..."
  • (To Naruto, before being sealed) "I will go to the place where my master is. From there, I will be able to see how your story will end. I think you're the third part of this trilogy... The first part being focused on Master Jiraya... a real masterpiece. But for me... I was really pathetic, a complete failure. The path I followed was not the right one... Even Jiraya won't be able to recognize me as a part of this trilogy... You are living the third and last part... I count on you to give it a nice ending! Naruto, splash them with your whole class so that people forget how bad the second part was!"



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