Panda (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Panda (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Panda is a major secondary character of Jujutsu Kaisen and one of the main protagonists of its prequel, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High. Panda is not really a panda, he is a cursed and mutated corpse created by Masamichi Yaga. He attends Jujutsu High as a second year student with Maki, Toge and Yuta.

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Panda has the appearance of a real adult panda. He stands much taller than his classmates with his bear-like frame and sometimes puts on clothes. He has been shown to sometimes wear armbands, scarves and jackets.

Figurine Panda Jujutsu Kaisen


Panda is generally a very optimistic and calm individual with his own sense of humor. When he was younger, he spoke in an extremely appropriate computer-like form, but over time, Panda has developed his own unique personality. Panda sees humans as strange creatures and does not strive to be like them, while respecting them as a species.

Panda is sometimes very sarcastic and tends to make light of every situation. Even while Mechamaru was trying to kill him, Panda continued to make fun of his fellow cursed corpse. It took Mechamaru almost destroying Panda's body for him to even go "a little crazy." After their fight, Panda was able to sympathize with Kokichi Muta and even promised to visit his real body one day.

Panda (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Capabilities and powers

Overall Skill Level: Panda is a grade 2 sorcerer and abruptly mutated cursed corpse, the most advanced of his kind. With a natural affinity for jujutsu, Panda is able to exorcise curses based solely on his physical abilities. He is very intelligent and able to stay one step ahead of his opponents in a fight. Panda's physiology also offers a unique challenge in battle. The only way to take him down is to destroy the cursed energy cores that act as his heart. In addition, his body is extremely strong and can be reinforced with jujutsu protection.

Enhanced Strength: Due to the size and strength of his body, Panda is naturally very strong physically. He can exorcise curses with simple blows, effortlessly carry allies on his back, and run through walls as a few examples of his basic strength. Panda has also proven to be a very powerful puncher, able to stun Aoi, an exceptionally durable fighter, with a right hook as well as the cursed metal corpse Mechamaru with straight punche

Improved Stamina: Panda's physiology as a cursed corpse allows him to absorb large amounts of damage. He was able to easily eliminate Mechamaru's Ultra Cannon and even took the brunt of his opponent's most powerful ability and survived.

High Tactical Intellect: Panda was very intelligent from a young age due to the circumstances of his creation and upbringing under Principal Yaga. In a fight, Panda is very analytical and tries to stay one step ahead of his opponent. Even Suguru Geto, a wizard with immense tactical reasoning, was surprised by Panda's intelligence in battle. Against Mechamaru, Panda constantly thought about every move before he made it. He was able to calculate the angle of Mechamaru's cannon so that it would not also hit his allies. In this same battle, Panda tricked Mechamaru several times by faking an injury to his hearts and won because his opponent underestimated his intelligence.

Panda (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Handling of cursed energy
High Cursed Energy: As a cursed corpse, Panda naturally possesses a high degree of cursed energy. With training, Panda has learned to strengthen his physical body to balance his attack and defense. Her jujutsu protection can envelop her body in cursed energy in a flash, able to defend against techniques that most wizards would need to avoid.
Cursed corpse cores
There are three cores in Panda's body: the Balanced Type Panda, the Power Type Gorilla, and a third core that has yet to be revealed. If one of these cores is damaged, Panda is unable to switch to that form until he recovers. Panda is able to manipulate his cursed energy to simulate the location of these cores, effectively compensating for these weaknesses.
By switching to his "brother's" core, Panda can transform into "Gorilla Mode". His appearance changes to that of a muscular gorilla while retaining the Panda color scheme. Panda is much stronger and faster in this form but at the cost of quickly draining his cursed energy.
 In Gorilla mode, any strike that Panda lands will resonate through the target's body using the "Unblockable Drumbeat". The impact of the blow sends a shockwave through the user's guard, so they feel the damage even if they are defending themselves.



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