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Piccolo (Satan Petit Coeur)

Piccolo - Dragon Ball

Piccolo aka Ma Junior, or awkwardly translated Satan Petit-Coeur in the French version of the anime, is one of the main characters of Dragon Ball. He is the child of Piccolo Daimaô, his reincarnation and rival of Son Gokû. A wise and expert strategist who was originally an implacable enemy of Goku, Piccolo later became a permanent member of the Z-Fighters, especially when he formed a close bond with Son Goku's son, Son Gohan, after training him in preparation for the imminent arrival of the Saiyans and other future threats.

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Characteristic and personality

Piccolo appears shortly after the death of his father Piccolo Daimaô. His origins are foggy, Piccolo thinks he is a double of Piccolo Daimaô while God sees in him his child. An outstanding fighter, he becomes a great rival for Son Goku. The match played at Tenkai Ichi Budôkai was the most intense among the three competitions played by Gokû.

Apart from Ten Shin Han, Piccolo is the one who has a wide range of techniques from the demons. The author puts a quick focus on the terrible Makankōsappō. The character softens thanks to Son Gohan who becomes a surrogate son for him, this is the very first time he says the word "friend" to a person. He then becomes a real father ready to defend him against threats, an element that the films of the time will carry forward.

He becomes a very serious rival for Son Goku and for Vegeta. The character beats Vegeta twice, and causes frustration to the latter. Piccolo, more powerful, allows to corner Freezer in his second appearance, or N°20 alias Dr Gero. When he merges with God, he becomes much more powerful than a first rank Super Saiyan. His fight with N°17 is unfortunately the last regular fight he has in the manga. His performance will not be ridiculous nevertheless facing the terrible Cell Jr in the animated adaptation. It is only with the arrival of new characters that Piccolo will be relayed as a strategist to defend the earth from the terrible Majin Boo. Without his intellect, Goten and Trunks could never have progressed to this point.

Piccolo et sangoku

At first very present in the movies, Piccolo is at first a rival of the same level (or almost) as Son Gokû facing Garlic Jr, he becomes little by little a kind of sidekick for the heroes arriving much later and protecting Son Gohan facing the enemies. The ninth movie is nevertheless rather poor on the interactions of the character since his fight against Bojack lasts only a few seconds, we will have to wait for the movie Battle of Gods to see Piccolo appearing with the rest of the gang during the whole movie.

Dragon Ball Super greatly attenuates Piccolo's power, since he is easily defeated by different opponents, notably by a trained Tagoma, by Freezer as well as Ginyu. The authors seem to prefer to focus exclusively on the Saiyans.

Piccolo Jr.'s outfit when he was a child is a very similar outfit to the one worn by King Piccolo, having exactly the same color scheme via the covers of the manga kanzenban.t, Piccolo also wears a white turban and a white cape with it, accoutrements that already appeared on the side of the villains of the Dragon Quest games as well as in the manga Emblem of Roto.

Like Goku, Piccolo usually wears heavy clothes under his cape, which is seen twice in the series: when his cape is damaged while fighting against Freezer in his second form, and against Slug's henchmen. In the manga, his belt is red while in the anime it is blue. However in some movies, the color is the one of the manga (In the 6th movie for example).

 Piccolo - Dragon Ball


His main strength is his tactical sense. On several occasions, he manages to stand up to stronger opponents than him. In particular, he managed to hold out against Nappa long enough to allow Son Goku to arrive. He also came up with a plan that would have defeated Boo for sure if he hadn't been so powerful.

Piccolo, like all other Namek, has the ability to regenerate his limbs if they are cut off. He can also lengthen them. Like all Namek, he simply needs to drink to live.

Piccolo also shows significant psychic abilities. At the end of the series, he is less powerful than the Saiyans, but he can make up for this deficit by being more intelligent than his opponents, as in Gotenks' fight against Boo in the Spirit and Time room of Dende's palace, where he takes Boo all over the palace to buy time for Trunks and Son Goten to be perfectly prepared for the fusion. Moreover, we can see the intellectual qualities of Piccolo when we see Boo's renewed intelligence after he absorbed Piccolo with Gotenks and Son Gohan during the fight against Vegeto, the warrior born from the fusion between Son Goku and Vegeta.


Since his birth, Piccolo wants to avenge his father by killing Son Goku, but he was finally defeated in the final of the Tenka Ichi Budôkai, beating Kuririn, who showed a great resistance, but much weaker than Piccolo and more difficult than God.

During the final, he fought against his long time rival, Son Goku, and tried to use all his techniques against him, each one more powerful than the other. But Son Goku's tenacity is intact, and the two participants are equal. Piccolo even explodes the whole Tenkai Ichi Budôkai stadium, but Son Gokû is still not defeated. He tortures him little by little at the very end of the fight, but Gokû comes back and wins thanks to Buku Jutsu.

Nevertheless, Son Gokû doesn't finish him, because he doesn't want to lose his biggest rival. Moreover, his death would cause the loss of God and the Dragon Balls.

san go ku vs piccolo

Nevertheless, Son Gokû doesn't finish him, because he doesn't want to lose his biggest rival. Moreover, his death would cause the loss of God and the Dragon Balls.

In the middle of his training, he is confronted with the fearsome Raditz, somewhat surprised by Piccolo's fighting potential, which is higher than that of the earthlings, but he is no match for the mysterious enemy. He discreetly pursues him and is present during the terrible revelations about Son Goku. He proposes to his greatest rival to face this threat together.

During the fight, Piccolo is hurt by Raditz, despite his relative speed without his training weights, but he loses an arm. He performs the terrible Makanko Sappo, the only truly deadly weapon capable of cornering Raditz. After Son Gohan's sneaky appearance, he performs his technique again and kills Raditz and Son Goku, who sacrificed himself to help him defeat Raditz, in the process. Aware of Son Gohan's hidden potential, he decides to train him for a year, before Raditz's companions arrive.

piccolo et son goku

This is how Piccolo decided to train the little Son Gohan (who displayed an incredible strength despite his young age), and this is when he started to settle down. During the fight against the two other Saiyans (Vegeta and Nappa), Piccolo showed great strategy, he eliminated a Saibaimen in two moves and resisted Nappa with Kuririn, wounding him several times. He sacrificed himself to save Son Gohan from a Nappa attack.




While training Son Gohan, Piccolo befriended him, although he did not want to show it, despite his apparent severity. He cuts off his tail when Gohan becomes an Oozaru and gives him a sword to better defend himself. Almost one year later, Gohan becomes a first rank warrior. Piccolo waits for the Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta come to meet them. Piccolo discovers that he is a Namek, which would explain why he was able to strike a deadly blow to Raditz.

piccolo et son goku ami

During the battle, Piccolo kills in a split second a Saibaiman who had the misfortune to attack Son Gohan. Despite his relative power, he is no match for Nappa, his blows are ineffective against him. He tries to hold his tail firmly, the weak point of the Saiyans but the colossus had already trained. He is finally killed while protecting Son Gohan from a deadly attack.

piccolo qui protège son gohan

Piccolo, with Ten Shin Han, Yamcha and Chiaotzu are training at Kaio's house. He doesn't seem to pay attention to the king's trials, and meditates on his own. He promises (falsely) to Kaïô that he will not fight Freezer.

He gives advice to Son Gohan so that he resurrects him thanks to Polunga. On Namek, he meets Nail, a very powerful Namek fighter who has already been defeated by Freezer. Piccolo merges with him in order to defeat Freezer, an opportunity for Nail to take his revenge. Piccolo intervenes in a spectacular way and routs the tyrant of the universe. Freezer however surprised by the high level of his opponent counterattacks violently ...

Piccolo takes off his training weights, Freezer transforms himself under a monstrous appearance. He ridicules the Namek who claimed to be the fastest until then. He is finally saved in-extremis by a furious Son Gohan. Proud of him, Piccolo congratulates him on his progress.

During Freezer's last transformation, Piccolo is overwhelmed and does not manage to reach the tyrant. Attending the death of Vegeta, then the beginning of Son Goku's fight, he interacts again during the preparation of Genki Dama thanks to the energy of Kuririn and Son Gohan. He stays by Son Goku's side during all this phase, the anime gives him a very punishing fight against Freezer, who takes a malicious pleasure to torture him slowly.

Figurine Son Goku Figurine Manga France

After the success of Genki Dama, Piccolo is seriously injured by a vengeful Freezer. He is finally evacuated on earth together with Gohan, Vegeta and the Namek.

Saga of Garlic Jr

Piccolo is visited by God, who sees in him an opportunity to replace him as God, which Piccolo refuses. Nevertheless, troubles appear on earth. Piccolo intervenes to save Gohan who was about to be captured by Gasshu and the other Garlic.Jr. subordinates. He fights against a Yamcha victim of the diabolical poison: The aqua Mist, he is finally intoxicated by Muten Rôshi, Puerh and Yamcha.

Becoming uncontrollable, Gasshu holds him back. Once Gohan eliminates Zard and Tard, Piccolo takes over, and unleashes powerful blows on his former disciple. His Gohan is in a bad state, when he finishes him, the Namek reveals that he was perfectly lucid and that this stratagem was only meant to put Garlic Jr's vigilance to sleep.

Garlic Jr., unhappy with the events, confronts Piccolo himself, but the fight quickly turns in favor of the Namek. Garlic Jr transforms himself thanks to the planet Makyo which came closer to the earth. Garlic Jr becoming a colossus crushes at first Piccolo, but the latter becomes in turn a colossus by changing the size of his body and immediately takes over. He is finally weakened by God who is in bad shape because of the old gods of the earth.

Piccolo at the time of the Dead Zone manages to distract Garlic Jr allowing Son Gohan to destroy the planet Makyo.

garlic jr

Saga of the artificial humans

Piccolo witnesses the incredible feats of the mysterious young man who is called Trunks, he briefly kills Freezer and his father. Piccolo hears the revelations of the young man thanks to his highly developed hearing. He trains with Son Goku and Son Gohan for 3 years to face the terrible artificial humans.

During the terrible battle, he witnesses Son Goku's illness, and understands that despite his Super Saiyan stage, he is not in his normal state. The fight with N°19 takes an unpleasant turn and Piccolo intervenes very briefly. We discover after the exploits of Vegeta, that Piccolo was not in rest and that his potential is far superior to No. 20. Dr Gero, who was no other than N°20, reveals that the models N°17 and N°18 are even more terrible. Piccolo starts to search with Kuririn and Ten Shin Han but Gero awakens his new creations before them.

C17 vs Piccolo

Vegeta goes to meet the new artificial humans, his defeat also leads to that of his companions. Piccolo is defeated with a terrible blow by N°17. Piccolo has no choice but to see God again to merge with him to complete himself. He finally becomes a Super Namek and his potential exceeds those of the Super Saiyan. He then goes to meet this mysterious creature called Cell.

Artificial human saga / Cell saga

Piccolo starts a fight with this creature, and manages to make it talk thanks to a trick. He understands that this being is another creature of Dr Gero coming from the future, and that he needs the artificial humans N°17 and N°18 to have a perfect body. Piccolo is the only defender of the earth who is able to counter the threat at that moment.

Despite his attempts to flush out Cell, he fails to intervene. His Goku, once again healed, asks him to be allowed to train in the time room. Piccolo, the next day at Kame House is joined by N°17, N°18 and N°16. He faces with his new powers N°17 and wins the first round. The fight is so intense that it alerts Cell who sees a golden opportunity to assimilate the artificial humans. Piccolo is finally of equal strength with the belligerent N°17.

The evolving creature arrives and soon shows its new power, gained by absorbing thousands of humans, Piccolo is quickly swept away from the battle despite a devastating technique that had no effect on Cell. He is later saved by Son Goku together with Ten Shin Han.

cell vs piccolo

After the defeat of Trunks and Vegeta, he trains in the time room to increase his level. During the Cell Game, although he doesn't participate, he alerts Son Gokû of his plan which he considers unconscious, and which concerns Son Gohan. This occasion shows that Piccolo knows more about Son Gohan than his father himself.

Cell pounces on Cell Jr and Piccolo fights back without flinching against them, although in the end, his defeat was inevitable.

Saga of the 25th Tenka Ichi Budôkai

7 years later, Son Gohan contacts Piccolo for the next Tenkai Ichi Budôkai. Piccolo naturally participates in the championship, and even removes all the cameras to protect Son Gohan's identity. He meets a mysterious Shin, whom he has to face in his first match. Piccolo is stunned by the aura of the character and gives up after almost guessing his identity. As a former god of the earth, Piccolo cannot oppose Kaïô Shin.

Saga Majin Boo

The young god then reveals to the Earth heroes the identity of Babidi, a terrible sorcerer who aims to get out of his cocoon the terrible Majin Boo. Piccolo is there to prevent this small group from waking up Majin Boo. He is finally transformed into stone by Dabra. When the latter is defeated by Majin Boo much later, Piccolo is a spectator of Vegeta's exploits. The Namek reveals that the prince of Saiyans will not go to heaven to join Son Goku.

piccolo vs babidi

Piccolo seconds Son Goku to teach the fusion technique to Son Goten and Trunks. As a trainer, he is firm despite some recommendations from Chichi and Bulma. He manages to manipulate Majin Boo who wants to face a terrible fighter that Son Goku promised him. Piccolo tricks Majin Boo by wasting time and shows him a ready-made training place: the time room. If he fails, Majin Boo will be imprisoned forever in this parallel world.

piccolo vs boo

At first overwhelmed by Gotenks' failures, he quickly comes back to his position in front of his particularly effective techniques. Piccolo then destroys the door to imprison Majin Boo who seems to be a step above Gotenks, but Boo manages to create a rift via a very powerful Ki.

Piccolo is shocked by the destruction of his temple, not bothering to watch the fight anymore. He is finally assimilated by Majin Boo because of his intelligence which will be useful to the demon.

Dragon Ball Super

Battles of Gods Saga

Piccolo is present at Bulma's birthday party, although he is always so embarrassed in festive environments. When Beerus starts to arrive, he is annoyed by Majin Boo's attitude, so a small battle begins. Piccolo is quickly outclassed by this divine opponent.


casquette dragon ball z

Freezer Resurrection Saga

Seeing a new imminent threat coming, Piccolo prepares to fight Freezer once again. He defeats an incredible number of henchmen in the absence of Son Goku and Vegeta. Contrary to the movie, Shisami directly attacks Son Gohan.

Afterwards, it is Tagoma, thanks to his progress by serving as Freezer's partner, who defeats the earth fighters. When Ginyu takes Tagoma's body, Piccolo is once again defeated and dies protecting Son Gohan from Freezer's attack.

However, Freezer will not be able to avenge him and his Ki allows him to alert Son Goku and Vegeta of the situation.

After Freezer's death at the hands of Goku, Piccolo will be resurrected thanks to the Dragon Balls.

Saga Champa : Dieux de la destruction

Piccolo and Son Gohan are training following the repeated failures of the last two arcs. Son Gohan will not be able to participate in the tournament that Champa has prepared, however Piccolo accepts.

He faces Frost shortly after Son Goku's defeat, the Saiyan warns Piccolo that he does not think he will triumph. However, Piccolo executes the Makankōsappō in hopes of reaching him. To do so, he projects clones, to fool him. By extending his arm, he immobilizes Frost but the latter uses his poison once again to defeat his opponent. Following this counter-attack, Piccolo is put out of the ring. However, following the cheating revealed by Jaco and the referee, it is Piccolo who is declared the winner but still he lets Vegeta take care of the rest.

piccolo champa

Saga of the Survival of the Universe

Piccolo is logically recruited by Son Goku and Son Gohan. Piccolo then trains Son Gohan relentlessly so that he comes back to his best level.

The Namek keeps telling Son Gohan to be careful and not to be too sure of himself during the fights. Son Gohan comes back to the level he had during the Majin Boo Saga. Soon after, Gohan and Piccolo have a duel with Son Goku and Ten Shin Han. The combined techniques of Son Gohan and Piccolo work wonders.

Afterwards, Piccolo greets N°17 who he had never seen since he was assimilated by Cell. During the tournament, Piccolo stays with Son Gohan and the other earthlings to fight in team.

He follows Son Gohan like his shadow and usually fights the same group of opponents as him. He eliminates Rubalt who opposed him. He is defeated by a Makuhoidan of Piccolo who deceives the vigilance of his opponent. While Son Gohan defeats Obuni.

Afterwards, Son Gohan and Piccolo are chessed by Prum. The latter collaborates with Harmira. Taking advantage of his ability to absorb Kikohas to reflect them and send them to their targets, he hits Dr. Rota, from Universe 6, who was facing Piccolo and Son Gohan, from Universe 7.

While Dr. Rota falls on the ground, Son Gohan and Piccolo understand that they are targeted by a sniper, they hide under the debris of the arena the time to locate the one who targets them, however, they do not know that they are targeted by 2 opponents. Prum and Harmira will manage very quickly to put them in difficulty.


broly dragon ball Z

After difficult fights, Son Gohan and Piccolo face Saonel and Pilina, the two Nameks of universe 6. They have merged with all the Nameks shortly before the tournament. Son Gohan is put in check several times by their amazing fighting skills. Preferring to finish in one go with a fatal attack, Son Gohan decides to fight them both together, so that Piccolo can prepare the Makanko Sappo. The fight takes another turn as Son Gohan uses the Kamehaméha protected by the Makanko Sappo which foils the irruption of Saonel's arm.

Shortly after this victory, Piccolo has to face a strange threat, Shantsa. Because of his small size, he takes advantage of a ruse to eliminate Piccolo.

Dragon Ball GT

Saga Baby

Piccolo made two short appearances in the Baby saga, having detected an evil power, Piccolo decided to go and see what was going on. The mutant baby had taken over Son Gohan's body. Then Makanko Sappo appeared. The attack passed right by the enemy. The Namek knew that Son Gohan is possessed. Baby Son Gohan sent a Kame Hamé Ha. Piccolo looked dead being hit and disintegrated, but still he survived with luck. After Baby's defeat, he sacrificed himself when the Earth exploded to destroy the Dragon Balls that were bringing misfortune to the blue planet.

Saga of Super N°17

Piccolo after his death went to Heaven. There he meditates until he learns that Goku is locked up in Hell, he wants to be sent to Hell to help Goku but Enma refuses. Piccolo, annoyed then starts to destroy everything, which forced Enma to change his mind and to send him to Hell. He will succeed in helping Goku to get out of Hell thanks to a telepathic fusion with Dende to open a door between the Otherworld and the Earth. It's thanks to him that the Earth was saved.

Saga of the evil dragons

Piccolo will be the protector by enforcing the rules in Hell. In the final episode, he built himself against a monster and won with one blow. Then came Son Goku who stopped in Hell saying a last goodbye to him by shaking hands and then told Piccolo that he will get out of Hell one day.


Piccolo is one of the characters to appear regularly in the movies, the writers often use him to defend Son Gohan or to exterminate the enemy troops through the character.


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