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Rengoku Kyojuro

Rengoku Kyojuro

Kyojuro Rengoku was a demon slayer and the Pillar of Flame of the Demon Slayer Army. He is the main character of the movie Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Infinity Train.

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Kyojuro was a young adult with a tall and athletic build. He had long bright yellow hair with red highlights with two shoulder length bangs and two chin length bangs on the side of his head, forked black eyebrows and golden eyes that turned red with white pupils.

Kyojuro wore a lighter brown version of the slayer's uniform, which consisted of a brown gakuran jacket, a white belt around his waist and hakama pants. Over that, he wore a haori with a white-yellow gradient pattern and red crests resembling flames at the end that his father Shinjuro once wore and more than likely his father when they were respectively the Flame Hashira. Finally, he wore a red Kyahan with yellow flames shooting from the bottom to the top, with light brown tabi socks and a pair of white zôri with red straps.


Kyojuro was very enthusiastic about his duties as a Pillar and often presented himself as cheerfully eccentric. He was kind, pure of heart and boasted extraordinary technique and fencing as a result of strict practice and discipline. He was an honorable warrior who adhered to his code of morals and principles that were instilled in him by his mother at a young age, the most important of which was his belief that those born strong have a duty to protect the weak.



Kyojuro was the oldest son of Shinjuro Rengoku. His father was known as the Pillar of Flame until his unexpected retirement. Kyojuro also had a younger brother who trained alongside him until their father stopped teaching them.


Recovery Training Bow
Kyojuro is present with the other Pillars when Tanjiro Kamado wakes up.

Shinobu Kocho notes that Tanjiro is on trial, which Kyojuro doesn't see the point of since he was protecting a Demon, which is a clear violation of the rules, he then declares that this is a matter that they can handle themselves. He then agrees with Gyomei Himejima's idea of killing Nezuko Kamado, witnessing Tanjiro's coughing fit shortly afterwards and remains silent when Mitsuri Kanroji asks if they should handle their subordinate's trial without Kagaya Ubuyashiki's advice. After Tanjiro headbutts Sanemi Shinazugawa, Kyojuro looks at Mitsuri who laughs with a neutral expression.

Infinity Train Bow
Kyojuro is sent to investigate a series of brutal attacks in a small village, believing that they are related to the incident surrounding the disappearance of forty passengers on the Infinity Train. He meets another demon slayer in a ramen store and they discuss their next plan of action. He is informed that the Mugen is being held in a maintenance facility after being taken out of service. After finishing their meal, they go to the nearby train station. They meet a young girl, Fuku, who is saddened by the lack of customers buying her bento boxes, as the news of the attacks scares everyone into staying inside after dark. Kyojuro tells her that he is looking for a demon, to which she angrily replies, throwing her bean bun, that demons don't exist. However, he is not impressed by her actions. After being calmed down by his grandmother, Fuku apologizes and asks her if he would buy some bento boxes. But, instead of buying only one, he happily buys them all and gives them to his companion, telling him to go back to Demon Slayers Army, because the bentos will make excellent gifts.

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Kyojuro, carrying a crate of bento boxes, boards a train headed for maintenance, thinking that he will be taken to the same facility as the Mugen. After being confronted by a train conductor and learning the actual location of the Mugen, he jumps off the train and heads for the repair shed. There, he sees the train and smells the faint odor of a demon, confirming that a demon is responsible for the disappearances. He is approached by a worker, to whom Kyojuro tells that he was sent to the facility and gives the workers the bento boxes. While the workers are eating, Kyojuro learns that the train is being repaired and that it will be put back into service, which disturbs him. Suddenly, a scream is heard, forcing Kyojuro to face the situation. A demon appears, the one responsible for the reported attacks, clutching a young worker in its claws and making him bleed profusely. Kyojuro asks the culprit to surrender, but the demon tells him that human food disgusts him, then stepping on a bento box, to which he adds that he only eats humans he finds palpable and kills those who are not.

Kirisaki activates his Blood Power, allowing him to speed around the Pillar and taunt it. Kyojuro recognizes his speed but warns him not to be too confident. He informs him that the woman he had attacked is being healed, which makes him angry. Seeing the bento box destroyed, the demon decides to kill the bento sellers to spite Kyojuro. He tries to kill the worker, but Kyojuro cuts both his hands and forces him to retreat. After treating the boy's wounds, he meets other demon slayers, telling them to take care of the workers while he fights the demon. Kyojuro heads to the demon's track and follows the train tracks, using the Integral Concentration Breath to run faster. The demon finds Fuku and tries to kill her but is momentarily distracted by Fuku's grandmother. Fuku tries to escape but he catches her outside and tries to crush her throat. Kyojuro arrives in time, cuts the Achilles tendon of the demon and saves Fuku.

He confronts him again as he tries to kill Fuku's grandmother, telling him again that he should not be too sure of himself. The demon tries to challenge him to find out who is really the fastest, if he is able to kill him before he kills her, to which Kyojuro answers that the challenge is useless. He mocks the demon for being slow and instantly rushes forward, decapitating the demon with his First Move: Sea of Fire. The scene reminds Fuku's grandmother that she herself had been saved by the Pillar of Fire, recognizing Kyojuro's haori and the way he sheathes his blade. To this, Kyojuro replies that it was probably his father Shinjuro Rengoku who had saved her and he is just following his footsteps to save people from demons. As Kakushi arrives on the scene, Kyojuro confirms him that the demon is dead and that the Mugen will be repaired to start again the next day. When his companion expresses his relief that the situation is finally over, the Pillar adds that there is probably another demon more powerful than the one he just confronted that is responsible for the disappearances of the train passengers.

As the sun sets, Kyojuro climbs into the Mugen for his investigation, when he meets Fuku and his grandmother again. They offer him beef bento boxes as a thank you for his heroic actions, which he gladly accepts and buys the whole stock from Fuku again. The two women wish him good luck for his mission and the train leaves the station.

During the ride, as he devours his eleventh box of bento, shouting that it is "delicious" (旨い, umai), Tanjiro, who has been asked to meet him, introduces the Pillar to Inosuke Hashibira, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Nezuko, whom he recognizes from Tanjiro's ordeal with the Master. After finishing his meal and Tanjiro asks him a question about the Hinokami Kagura, Kyojuro answers him energetically that he doesn't know what Hinokami Kagura is and that it is the first time he hears about it. He tells him that he is happy that Tanjiro applied his father's dance to his fighting style, then quickly changes the subject and tells him that he should become his Tsuguko. Tanjiro then asks him if he can at least try to help him a little more to answer his question.

Kyojuro answers that the Breath of Flame has a long history and that there has always been a Pillar that uses the Breath of Water and another one that uses the Breath of Flame. He adds that the other styles of Breath are derived from these two or from the Breath of Wind, Rock or Lightning. Kyojuro then asks Tanjiro what color his Sun Sword is, to which Tanjiro answers that it is black, Kyojuro then laughs and tells him that it must be unfortunate. Tanjiro asks him why and as the train starts to leave, Kyojuro explains that he has never seen a swordsman with a black blade become a Pillar before and that he has heard that people whose blades turn black don't even know what style of breath to master. Seeing Tanjiro's face, he tells him not to worry and that he will train him at home.

The driver then approaches the four to stamp their tickets. Tanjiro feels something unusual and Kyojuro seems to feel it too because he asks the driver to step aside, preparing his sword. A demon with a large body appears at the other end of the car and Kyojuro wonders if he was hiding with his Blood Power without him knowing, before rushing forward to decapitate him with the Breath of Flame, First Move: Sea of Fire. The demon's corpse falls to the ground, but Kyojuro adds that a second demon is nearby, prompting Tanjiro and Inosuke to follow him. As the frightened crowd flees to another carriage, they discover that the demon is trapping a single passenger, prompting Inosuke to charge in and ignore the other two. When he is almost hit by its long arms, Kyojuro rushes in to save Inosuke and the passenger, before using his Breath of Flame, Second Move: Flaming Ascending Sky to kill it. Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu, stunned, all declare that they would like to be his successors, which makes Kyojuro laugh and say that he would be happy to train them all.

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Some time later, as the four fall asleep, Kyojuro dreams that he is back home and tells his father, Shinjuro, of his promotion to the rank of Pillar. Shinjuro rejects him, saying that it is useless and that it doesn't matter because neither Kyojuro nor himself will ever become powerful people anyway. Kyojuro gets up and leaves the house, going to the garden. His little brother, Senjuro, comes to greet him and asks if their father is happy with the news and if he will also recognize him if he becomes a Pillar. Kyojuro remembers how his father was once a happy man who was passionate about training his children with swords and how he changed after their mother died.

He admits to his brother that their father was not happy to hear the news, but enthusiastically adds that his passion will not die out and that he will never be discouraged. Senjuro still looks upset, but his older brother comforts him by telling him that he is not like him because he has an older brother who looks after him. He reassures him that no matter what path he takes, he will be a wonderful person and as Kyojuro hugs his brother, he tells him to do his best and keep living, no matter what.

Still in the dream, Kyojuro teaches Senjuro to handle the sword. In reality, a girl, who works for Enmu, ties her wrist to his unconscious body with a special rope made by the Upper Moon, which allows her to enter Kyojuro's dream. Enmu sent her to destroy Kyojuro's spiritual core, which when destroyed would make him a lifeless shell unable to fight the Demon. The spiritual core is in the unconscious zone just outside Kyojuro's dream realm and she quickly sneaks between him and Senjuro without anyone noticing her. She finds her subconscious realm, which is behind the wall surrounding her garden, and enters it, only to find herself in an unusually hot and fiery realm.

The girl locates her spiritual core, but just as she is about to break it, she is suddenly lifted up by the neck by an invisible force. Indeed, in the train, Kyojuro grabs her throat but remains unconscious, it is his survival instinct that allows his body to feel the threat and stop it. But both of them are still unconscious, they are locked together in Kyojuro's subconscious.

Tanjiro soon wakes up from the dream he was having and asks Nezuko to burn the rope that connects Kyojuro and the girl, making the girl disappear from the Pillar's dream. After the young Demon Slayer's confrontation with Enmu, Kyojuro also wakes up and tells Tanjiro that he, Zenitsu and Nezuko will defend the eight cars of the train from the demon while Tanjiro and Inosuke go down to the front of the train to defeat it.
After Tanjiro and Inosuke manage to defeat Enmu and escape from the out-of-control demon train with Nezuko, Zenitsu and Kyojuro, the Pillar takes care of the injured Tanjiro while Inosuke goes to rescue another passenger. He applauds the young demon slayer for his newly acquired ability to use the Integral Concentration Breath all the time and tells him that this is the first step for him to become a Pillar.

Kyojuro then notices that Tanjiro is bleeding from his abdomen and tells him to concentrate his Breath in order to heal himself, which the young demon slayer manages to do with Kyojuro's guidance. The Pillar of Flame tells Tanjiro that if he can control his breathing, he will be able to accomplish much more and become stronger tomorrow than he was yesterday.

Just as Kyojuro starts to tell Tanjiro that he doesn't need to overdo it because everyone else has been saved, something jumps out right behind the two demon slayers with great force, scattering dust around them.

The dust dissipates to reveal a Third High Moon, which immediately lunges at Tanjiro with the intention of killing him, but he is stopped by Kyojuro, causing him to leap backwards, away from the demon slayers.

The Demon immediately heals his wounds and compliments Kyojuro's katana. The Pillar asks him why he was aiming at a wounded person, to which the Higher Rank replies that he thought Tanjiro would get in his way. Kyojuro asks him if they have any business together and that he already hates the Demon, even though this is their first meeting, and the Demon replies that he also hates weak humans. The Demon then offers him to become a Demon.

Kyojuro quickly refuses, but the higher rank persists. Kyojuro tells him that he is the Pillar of Flame and the Demon introduces himself as Akaza. Akaza persists, saying that Kyojuro would have more time to become stronger as a demon than as a human since he wouldn't have to worry about death.

Kyojuro explains to him that dying is the beauty of being human and that he thinks that's why humans are so unique and precious. He adds that Akaza should not insult Tanjiro and that he is not weak, then declares that he will never become a Demon.

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As he starts to use Destructive Murder: Compass, Akaza tells him that he will kill him if he doesn't become a Demon. He attacks Kyojuro as the Pillar runs towards him with his Breath of Flame, First Move: Sea of Fire, ready to use it. Akaza steps back and tells him that none of the Pillars he killed accepted his invitation to become a Demon and that he has trouble understanding them. He also tells him that he will have to die immediately, while he is young and strong.

Akaza then unleashes Destructive Murder: Air Type, which Kyojuro counters with Breath of Flame, Fourth Move: The Blazing Wave. The Pillar notices that Akaza is attacking him from a distance, striking in the air and moving at a fraction of a blink, he realizes that he will have to get closer to him if he wants to defeat him. Kyojuro suddenly appears in front of Akaza, who compliments his reaction speed as the Pillar attacks him with his flames. The Higher Rank praises his sword skills and asks him how sad it will be if he dies prematurely, to which the Pillar replies that it won't be sad because it is natural for people to die.

Tanjiro starts to get up, wanting to help the Pillar out, but Kyojuro tells him to stay where he is, as his wound could be fatal if it reopens. Akaza tells him to ignore the weak and focus on the one he's fighting and Kyojuro, furious, attacks the Demon with Fifth Movement: Flame Tiger while Akaza unleashes his Destructive Murder: Disorder.

The residue caused by their attacks dissipates and Akaza tells Kyojuro, who is now bloodied and beaten, not to die. Tanjiro and Inosuke panic, the latter wanting to go to help Kyojuro but quickly realizing that he would only be a hindrance, as the Pillars and Higher Rank seem to be of a much higher level than him. Akaza says that Kyojuro fighting with his body is useless since he can't heal his wounds instantly like a Demon and that humans will never be able to defeat Demons.

Tanjiro tries to get up to help Kyojuro, but he is unable to generate any strength in his limbs due to the after-effects of the Hinokami Kagura, which he used to defeat Enmu. Kyojuro turns to Akaza, smiles and tells him that he will fulfill his duty before he starts to prepare another attack. Impressed, Akaza compliments his fighting spirit and technique, then laughs and tells him that he really should have chosen to become a Demon, asking the Pillar to fight with him for eternity.

The two clash again, their respective attacks, Breath of Flame: Ninth Movement: Purgatory and Murder Destructrif: Obliteration, collide and the dust settles this time to reveal that Akaza has stuck his arm into Kyojuro's stomach. Akaza declares that he is going to die and asks him once again to become a Demon.

Kyojuro then remembers his mother, Ruka, and a retrospective shows one of their last moments together. Ruka asks a younger Kyojuro if he knows why he was born stronger than the others and asks him to think about it carefully. Kyojuro thinks for a moment, then cries out that he doesn't know the answer. Ruka explains to him that he was given such strength to protect the weak and that power should be used for the world and the people, not to abuse it to hurt others. Ruka hugs her son to her chest and, as she begins to cry, tells him that even though she will not live much longer, it is a blessing for her to have been the mother of such a strong and gentle child.

Back in the present, as he gathers his last strength to stick his sword in Akaza's neck, Kyojuro also thanks Ruka for being his mother. He lets out a scream as he drives his sword deeper and as Akaza tries to strike him in the face, the Pillar grabs his wrist and stops the attack before it can reach him.

Akaza is impressed by Kyojuro's strength, then he looks behind his enemy and begins to panic as he realizes that the sun is about to rise. Akaza tries to break free from Kyojuro's grip, but the Pillar holds on tightly to his wrist, not letting him escape.

Tanjiro finally finds the strength to pick up his sword, and begins to run towards the couple with the intention of delivering the final blow to Akaza. With a loud cry of effort, Akaza tries again to get away from Kyojuro, but fails again as Kyojuro's blade sinks deeper into Akaza's neck. Tanjiro yells at Inosuke to move for Kyojuro's sake, and just as the boar-headed demon slayer prepares his Beast Breath: First Fang - Pierce, Akaza manages to get away from Kyojuro.

The Higher Rank quickly jumps back, both of his arms now severed, and runs into the forest next to where they were fighting, letting Kyojuro fall to his knees, defeated.

As the Demon retreats, Tanjiro throws his sword at Akaza, shouting at him not to run away from the fight and calling him a coward. Tanjiro yells that Kyojuro is better than Akaza will ever be, because he fought to the end, while making sure that no one died and that Kyojuro was the rightful winner of their fight. Tanjiro lets out a last cry and collapses on his knees, crying, and Inosuke starts to shake. Kyojuro looks at him and smiles, telling Tanjiro to come to him so they can have one last conversation before he dies.

Kyojuro tells Tanjiro that he should try to visit the Rengoku House if he wants to learn more about Hinokami Kagura, as he remembered that his father had some notes that were left by the Pillar of Flame who came before him and his son. Tanjiro tells him that this is enough and asks him if there is any way for him to recover from the wounds that Akaza inflicted on him, to which he says no and asks Tanjiro to listen to him while he can still talk. Kyojuro asks him to tell his little brother that he should follow the path that his heart tells him, the one he thinks is the right one, and to tell his father to take care of him. He then looks Tanjiro in the eyes and tells him that he believes in Nezuko and that he fully accepts her as a member of the Demon Slayers Army after seeing her protect the humans in the Mugen.

Kyojuro tells Tanjiro to live with his head up and that he shouldn't worry about him dying here, because it is only natural for a Pillar to give his life to protect his younger brother. He looks at Tanjiro, then at Inosuke and Zenitsu, then tells them that he believes in them and that he thinks they will become the next generation of Pillars.

The Pillar of Flame then sees his mother's spirit in front of him and asks her if he has done well, to which she replies that he has done a wonderful job. As the last seconds of his life fade away, Kyojuro smiles.

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Skills & Competencies

Sword skills

Breath of Flame

This breath has been passed on in the Rengoku family from generation to generation, so this breath has been passed on to Kyojuro by his father, Shinjuro Rengoku.


Tanjiro Kamado

During their first meeting at the Ubuyashiki estate, Kyojuro develops a strong dislike for Tanjiro because he has broken the Demon Slayer Corps rule of not protecting a demon and he advocates killing Nezuko as well as demanding punishment for Tanjiro. However, as the story progresses, he begins to take a liking to Tanjiro after meeting him again on the Mugen train. The two boys develop a mutual respect for each other as members of the Demon Slayer Corps, to the point that Kyojuro offers to make Tanjiro his Tsuguko. Tanjiro develops a strong admiration and affinity for Kyojuro, to the point where he calls him "Aniki" showing their brotherly bond. Tanjiro is very impressed by Kyojuro's fencing and his ability to smile despite the pain of fighting. Just before he dies, Kyojuro entrusts Tanjiro with his will, suggesting that he had become very attached to the young Demon Slayer during the few hours they knew each other. Soon, Kyojuro's custody is passed on to Tanjiro by his younger brother Senjuro.

Nezuko Kamado

At the beginning, Kyojuro did not accept that Nezuko was in the body because the rule of not protecting a demon was broken. He is in favor of killing Nezuko because she is a potential threat because she is a demon. After the fight on the Mugen train, Kyojuro is grateful to Nezuko for protecting the passengers of the train. While Kyojuro was dying, he told Tanjiro that he believes in Nezuko and accepts her as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. He declares that anyone who protects humans from demons is a legitimate member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Inosuke Hashibira

As with most new people he meets, Inosuke does not particularly like Kyojuro when he first meets him. However, when he sees Kyojuro protecting people on the train and fighting Akaza, he grows to respect Kyojuro's strength and fencing. After Kyojuro's death, Inosuke is the one who recovers Tanjiro and reminds him of the words that Kyojuro shared with them before his death and the fact that the Hashira believed in them.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Kyojuro was Mitsuri's mentor, and the two were very close, with Mitsuri even considering him an older brother. While training under him, Kyojuro was particularly strict with her training, but always showed patience and was sometimes crazy about her. Both share a greedy side and enjoy snacking during their breaks. Mitsuri derived her own unique breathing style, Love Breathing, from her Flame Breathing. She is extremely grateful to Kyojuro for her guidance and kindness. Mitsuri was very shocked and saddened after learning of his death.


Kyojuro hates Akaza because of their contrasting beliefs; the Higher Rank believes that weak humans only hinder others and that their existences are worthless where Kyojuro believes the weak and precious and should be protected by the strong. Akaza takes a liking to Kyojuro because he can sense that his fighting spirit is strong and offers to become a demon, but Kyojuro says that he would never sacrifice the beauty of humanity for immortality.

Senjuro Rengoku

Senjuro is Kyojuro's younger brother. Kyojuro cares deeply for him and acts as his mentor for Flame Breathing. According to Senjuro himself, he failed to master the technique due to his lack of skills, so he gave up. However, Kyojuro still seems to be proud of him. He was deeply saddened and depressed after learning about his death.

Shinjuro Rengoku

Kyojuro's father and former Flame Hashira. When Kyojuro was younger, he and his brother trained with their father and he described him as a passionate man. After the death of his wife and his retirement from the Demon Slayer Corp, their relationship drifted apart. Even after Kyojuro succeeded him as Flame Hashira, Shinjuro showed little regard for the new girl and rejected her. After his death, Shinjuro insulted his son in a drunken stupor and did not seem to care about his death. Kyojuro, on the other hand, never stopped caring about himself even after he became distant and his last message was that he should take care of himself and his body. After hearing this, Shinjuro came to regret his harsh words and wept with grief for his dead son. During the final battle against Muzan, Shinjuro joined the Demon Slayers with Tengen Uzui as the last line of defense protecting Kiriya Ubayashiki, vowing not to shame the Rengoku family and the memories of Kyojuro.

Ruka Rengoku

Kyojuro's mother who died of an illness when he was young. As we can see from his memories of her, she was very strict towards him and at the same time warm and gentle towards him. She proved to be a great influence in his overall philosophy by explaining to him that he was born strong to protect the weak and to never use such a gift for selfish purposes. She loved Kyojuro deeply as she expressed her tearful gratitude for being lucky enough to have him as a child, someone strong, kind and gentle. Kyojuro cared deeply for her and loved her in return, as her words to him gave him the final push to hold Akaza back in a last attempt to kill him despite his severe injuries. In his final moments, Kyojuro pictured his mother's mind expressing that he had done well and that she was very proud of him, allowing him to pass on the smile on her face.


Rengoku was respected and liked by all Hashira because of his constant positive attitude and passionate spirit. Even Giyuu, Muichiro and Sanemi, who are generally anti-social, considered him a good guy and fun to be around. They all recognized his strength, responding with both shock and disbelief that he had lost to a superior moon and were upset and saddened to learn of his death.



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