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Sacha Braus

Sacha Braus

Sasha Braus was a graduate of the 104th Training Brigade, in which she had graduated in 9th place. She later decided to join the Exploration Battalion. She was also one of the few survivors of the Battle of Shiganshina, as almost all of the battalion's personnel were decimated by their opponents. However, she lost her life during the Battle of Revelio, killed by Gaby Braun.

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Sasha is a rather tall and slender girl. She has long thick brown hair tied in a ponytail, with a few strands on the front of her face and bangs to the left. Her eyes, golden brown in the anime, are also slightly rimmed and she has a mature and determined look with a thin and refined mouth.

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Sacha Braus


Sasha's nature is rather impulsive, nervous and greedy. A bit of an airhead, she doesn't really seem to realize her surroundings or the situation she's in. She also seems to have a strong personality, but she still blames herself a lot when she makes mistakes.
Nevertheless, she is basically a happy girl who enjoys the moment. She loves her comrades very much and cares about them, as can be seen when the Colossal Titan reappears five years later in front of Trost's wall, and she saves Samuel Link-Jackson.

Since the attack on the Trost District, her fear of titans has grown. She nevertheless joined the Exploration Battalion.

Personal History

Sasha lived her childhood with her family in the forest village of Dauper, located in the southern part of the Pink Wall. She lived a peaceful life there, hunting game for food.

But one day, Sasha helped herself to her family's food supply. Her father tried to stop her, restraining her. Sasha inadvertently dropped the meat, then overpowered her father, making him abandon his action.

Finally able to eat, Sasha went to hide behind a tree to enjoy the precious meat.
However, her father took the opportunity to remind her of the reasons for the loss of forest land and the scarcity of game, asking her if she was thinking about it.

After finishing her snack, Sasha told him that she was not blind, and that the situation they were in was due to the strangers, who were stealing their land and their animals, thus causing her own hunger.

Her father replied that she was not entirely wrong, but that she was forgetting an important detail, the fact that these poor people had lost everything and had nowhere to go.

Sasha replied that they had better defend their village and that she personally did not want them in her home.

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Arthur Braus, upset by this answer, asked his daughter if she would have wanted them to fight against the Titans, when she knew that the monsters threatening humanity had pierced a hole in the Maria Wall, leaving them no other way out. The only solution was to clear the land to make it arable, allowing to feed many people.

This made the man think about the possibility of giving up hunting, and letting the government take over their land, in exchange for a large compensation and help to convert to horse breeding.

Sasha, who had listened to this explanation calmly, reacted vehemently to this idea.
For her, it was absolutely out of the question to give up hunting, to lose their identity, asking why she should do such a thing for people who mocked them and did not care about their traditions.

Mr. Braus told her that it was very simple. He explained that it was because of the rest of the world that they were still alive, because of the social nature of humans and their gregarious instincts, and that even if some humans lived differently, if space ran out, they would join the herd, just like all the others.

Sasha again expressed his strong disagreement with this idea, because their way of life had been passed down from their ancestors, and they had a duty to keep it that way, they owed absolutely nothing to these outsiders.

Once again, her father admitted that perhaps she was right, that they could continue to live among themselves, recluse in the forest and see things in the same way.
But he asked her to think about the consequences of such a decision, that if she faced danger, she could never ask for help from others, as an immutable rule, for those who shirk their duty can never expect anything from others in return.
He then said that he was ready to give up his traditions to ensure the future of his family, having accepted the idea that nothing existed in harmony in the world.

He then addressed Sasha's problem, her fear of leaving the forest, of meeting strangers.

This discussion caused a change in Sasha's mindset, and was the catalyst for her desire to join the Human Army and the 104th Training Brigade.

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Sacha Braus


Like any soldier, Sasha wears the military uniform of the Army.
When she joined the Exploration Battalion, she was given a green cloak with the wings of liberty symbol, a horse, and a smoke gun for Remote Sensing Training, in addition to the basic equipment.
Following her promotion to the Tactical Squad, she can also regularly use a bow.
Outside of military operations, Sasha also has the Exploration Battalion trench coat.
For the Battle of Shiganshina, the lightning spears are added to her equipment.
In the Battle of Revelio, Sasha wears the new black gear of the Exploration Battalion, but unlike her comrades, she does not use the Three Dimensional Anti-Human Equipment.

Skills and Competencies

Martial Arts

Having undergone hand-to-hand training during her years in the 104th Training Brigade, Sasha has learned the basics of martial arts.
Due to her ranking at the end of the military training, she must have a fairly high level, but still far from other members of the top 10.

Three-dimensional maneuver

Sasha's skills with her Three Dimensional Maneuvering equipment are very impressive. She is able to run vertically up Trost's wall, but also to drop less than 1 meter from the ground with her 3DM and get up very quickly. She is very fast and it is difficult to keep up with her.
Unfortunately, her eccentricity is a hindrance to team operations, although she uses her dexterity to save the life of one of her comrades when the Colossal Titan suddenly appears, even running vertically up the Pink Wall in Trost.

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Because of her background as a hunter, Sasha is an excellent shot with either a bow or a rifle. She can hit a target with great accuracy, and provide cover for her fellow tactical squad members during operations.

Flight and Discretion

As a thief, Sasha is able to make herself very discreet in order to steal foodstuffs. Having learned to use this stealth to her advantage, it allows her to hide from the view of others during her squad's operations.


Sasha has tremendous hearing ability. Combined with her knowledge of animal life as a hunter, she can recognize a type of call and warn her comrades of a danger, as when she warned Mikasa Ackerman of the terrible cry coming from the Forest of Giant Trees during the 57th Extra-Muros expedition.

Moreover, her hearing is so acute that she can hear sounds that are inaudible to others from several hundred meters away. This allows her to warn her comrades of the arrival of an enemy or of a very important danger, as during the invasion of the Pink Wall by the titans.


Sasha is also a professional cook. She cooked a giant boar to make a dish for Dot Pixis.
Sasha uses a dialect that is only spoken by people in her village, and she never used it during her military training because she was too embarrassed.
Only, this dialect is also spoken by the Mahrs of the south.
Sasha seems to have some knowledge of military medicine, as she stitches up Livai Ackerman's wound after his fight with Kenny Ackerman.


  • "Hey! You people! I don't think we were taught to let a comrade go off alone! Shake a leg! You didn't all leave your courage in the locker room, did you?!" (Sasha calling for the other young recruits to follow Mikasa).
  • "So, this is it... We're going to be the very first intramurals to set foot on the outside world!" (Sasha realizing the significance of their visit to Mahr land).
  • "It's okay, don't bawl... Tss... I'm dying... of hunger... I want a steak..." (Sasha's very last words).
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    Sacha Braus


    Arthur Braus

    She had a conflicting relationship with her father because she ate too much without thinking of others. This became even worse when he decided to give up hunting to become a farmer after the fall of the Maria Wall. After one too many arguments about this, she left him and joined the army. Three years later, when they met again during the invasion of the Pink Wall territory, Sasha reconciled with him.f

    Lisa Braus

    She was Sasha's mother. Lisa seemed, like any self-respecting mother, to love her daughter greatly, her sobs when she came to visit her grave attesting to this.

    Conny Springer

    She was often seen with him in the anime and in the manga. They seem to be very close and get along wonderfully, by their rather simple and impulsive behavior. They are also a bit the "comical" duo of the anime. We can say that they look alike and have common points.

    Sasha's death has a huge impact on him. At her funeral, he says that he has lost his "twin sister", half of himself, and only wishes to see her again. Moreover, he is very angry at Eren for having laughed at the announcement of her death.

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