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Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Uchiwa is one of the main characters of the series. She is a ninja doctor of jônin level from the hidden village of Konoha and a member of Team Kakashi.


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During her early years at Ninja Academy, Sakura was often bullied by other girls because of her large forehead. To try to fight this, Sakura hid her forehead. But Ino Yamanaka, a girl in her year, gave Sakura a ribbon to wear as a way to draw attention to the cuter boys, which really helped Sakura and created a strong friendship between the 2 girls. Sakura felt that she was living in Ino's shadow and wanted to prove her equality. Later, when Sakura learned that Ino had a crush on Sasuke Uchiwa, Sakura ended their friendship so that they could have Sasuke's love, thus starting a rivalry between the two.


Sakura is one of the characters of the series who sees her personality developing the most during the story. At the beginning, she appeared as a selfish and relatively full of herself young girl. She was also the perfect "brainless" preteen girl in love with the best looking and strongest boy in class (like all the other girls) and more concerned with her appearance than with her ninjutsu. Besides, this concern about the image she gave to the others made that most of the time, Sakura did not express what she really felt. It was her inner self that was expressing itself. She was on the other hand more direct with Naruto that she didn't support at the beginning of the story. Little by little, however, the character was forged. Sakura who only saw Sasuke as the "perfect boy" realized that he had flaws like everyone else and developed a more sincere love for him, she was the first to understand that Sasuke was ready to abandon the village of Konoha in his quest for power and that Naruto who annoyed her so much at the beginning became for her a friend and even a lever for her progress. It is by wanting, also, to be useful to her two comrades that Sakura matured. From then on, Sakura's "inner self" appeared less and less because she was now able to express herself.

In the second part of the manga, she became a strong-willed young woman (in every way). She also became aware that, because of her fault, Naruto had suffered a lot and she wanted to act so that her friend would not have to manage everything alone anymore. She even tried to kill Sasuke alone to avoid that this burden falls on Naruto.


Sakura has bright pink hair, green eyes, and fair skin. In part I, Sakura wore a red qipao dress with white circular designs, with or without sleeves, with a zipper, dark green tight shorts, and a forehead band which she used to highlight her face. But at the beginning of the anime, Sakura wore a red ribbon that Ino had given her before she became a genin and wore the Konoha headband afterwards. Sakura was often bullied because of her large forehead, hence her nickname given by Ino Yamanaka "Big Forehead".

In part II, Sakura, who became a chûnin, acquired a new outfit consisting of a top of the same red color as in part I, with black gloves, black boots with heels, black shorts, a short pink split apron-skirt and pink elbow protectors. Sakura is now armed with a shûnin tanto (with Shikamaru Nara and Ino, which she wears over her medical bag, but she has never been seen using it in combat). The fabric of her headband also changed color, becoming red. When she is not on a mission, she wears her usual red shirt, with a light yellow shirt underneath, and a navy skirt. In this outfit, she always wears her boots.

Another remarkable feature of Sakura's appearance is her hair. At the beginning of the series, Sakura's hair was very long (when she was young, there was a rumor that Sasuke was attracted to girls with long hair). Afterwards, Sakura was forced to protect the unconscious bodies of Sasuke and Naruto after their battle with Orochimaru. Kin Tsuchi grabbed her by the hair and taunted her for paying more attention to her appearance than practicing her jutsu. Kin held Sakura captive, holding her tightly by the hair and forcing her to watch Zaku Abumi attack Lee. This forced her to cut her hair to free herself from Kin's hold on her, and attacked Team Dosu, determined to overtake her teammates, who had become her new goal. Her hair became very short and badly cut at that time.

After the battle, Ino fixed Sakura's hair to make it look nicer. Sakura's hair grew back after the examination. Sakura kept her new shoulder-length hairstyle for the rest of the series. Later, during the time between part I and part II, she let her hair grow again, as shown in a retrospective, but cut it later. Her hair was totally different between the anime and the manga. Her hair was not too long in the manga when she first appeared. Sakura was seen without her headband, during her training with Tsunade. At that time, her hair had grown back.

Sakura Haruno


During the first part of the manga, because of her interest in her studies, Sakura's fighting abilities were not developed much. We see her mainly using basic techniques that she had learned at the Academy. This greatly limited her role in missions to the point that she often noted how much she relied on her two teammates, Naruto and Sasuke. Determined to change she underwent intensive training with Tsunade for two and a half years, improving her skills considerably. Following in her master's footsteps, many noticed that Sakura would inevitably surpass Tsunade, and was once again recognized for her talent after forming the Supreme Creation and Renewal Seal during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Two years after the war, she became a jonin, and was able to defeat Kido Tsumiki with her bare hands even though the Anbu was reinforced with a Tailed Demon Pill. As an adult, she was even considered as a replacement for Naruto as Hokage by Boruto Uzumaki.

Chakra control and physical prowess

While Sakura is rarely seen practicing taijutsu in Part I, she still managed to stand up to Ino Yamanaka, one of the best students in her class. After training with Tsunade, her taijutsu improved, allowing her to easily defeat several hundred Sasori puppets without a scratch. As an adult, his taijutsu only increased, capable of dealing with an opponent with Mangekyo Sharingan like Shin Uchiwa. In Part I, although not known for her strength, she was able to uproot the mast of a ship and use it as a weapon. Sakura also proved to have quick reflexes, able to catch Obito Uchiwa and get to safety just as the dimension he opened released acid.

As shown in Part I, the skill that most characterizes Sakura is her highly refined mastery of chakra control. Such precise use of her chakra allows her to perform a technique with maximum efficiency without wasting a lot of chakra. For this reason, Kakashi noted that she was pre-disposed for genjutsu. Although she was never seen using genjutsu, she was often able to quickly identify when a genjutsu was being used, and then free herself and others from it. In The Last: Naruto the movie she became resistant to genjutsu.

Sakura Haruno

After training with Tsunade for more than two years, her mastery of chakra increased tremendously, becoming a vital part of many of her skills. By concentrating her chakra in her fists (and at times in her feet) and releasing it upon contact with a target, it gives her what Naruto calls "monstrous strength. Sakura's strength is strong enough to destroy buildings or topple the ground. When this strength is used on living targets, Sakura can break bones, rupture organs or even kill in one blow. Sakura's strength was enough to damage Kaguya Ôtsutsuki with a single punch, shattering one of her horns and causing blood to gush from her wounds despite Kaguya's immense resistance. She can also run chakra all along her body and thus improve her ability to resist powerful blows.

One of the other goals of Tsunade's training was to increase Sakura's available chakra by forming a Seal of Supreme Creation and Renewal, something that would take three years to accomplish. When the seal is released, Sakura has access to all of the accumulated chakra allowing her to perform techniques of greater magnitude than she is normally capable of, including making her physical attacks even more powerful. She can also transfer this chakra to other people.


Sakura is able to summon Katsuyu, and to use her power like Tsunade, she is also able to heal several people in several places of the body, thanks to her chakra control. For Shizune this is a feat because it was the first time she had summoned Katsuyu and used her power.

Sakura Haruno

Medical Ninjutsu

The main purpose of Tsunade's training was to teach Sakura medical ninjutsu and thus make her a medical ninja, which required her to have perfect control of her chakra. As such, Sakura can heal even the most deadly wounds. Tsunade said that her healing skills are exceptionally rare. When dealing with an enemy with an extremely strong body, she can combine her chakra-enhanced fists with her medical ninjutsu to heal the resulting damage, killing the affected cells in the process from over-replication. By releasing her Supreme Creation and Renewal Seal, Sakura can put her body into a state where her wounds heal themselves so that she doesn't need to stop to heal herself or even be paralyzed by the wounds. In the anime, she was able to perform a very difficult operation alone to regenerate a missing body part by using an individual's body part as a medium by using four lines of formula to restore the missing body part.

If healing ninjutsu proves ineffective, Sakura can make incisions in her patients with Chakra Scalpels in an attempt to directly treat her patients' vital organs. She can also heal those who have been poisoned by extracting the poison from their bodies, while repairing the damage - something even poison experts like Chiyo cannot do. To ensure a full recovery, Sakura can create an effective antidote after analyzing the contents of the poison, even for poisons that Sasori believed only she could make antidotes for.

Her medical expertise also extends to more standard medicine, allowing her to perform autopsies and examine cells with a knowledge of genetics. Tsunade taught her how to make fast-acting sleeping gas, and Shizune taught her how to concoct poisons that, when smeared on weapons, can weaken or paralyze a person with a single scratch. In the anime, Sakura even created her own version of Energy Pills, intended to have better medicinal effects and be easier to consume.


Sakura Haruno



While at the Academy, Sakura consistently received high grades making her the top student in her class. It was because of her constant dedication to her studies that Sakura initially had difficulty in combat situations, which is why she was assigned to Team 7 so that she could benefit from the more combat-oriented Naruto and Sasuke. Her intelligence is such that she was the only one to answer all the questions during the first part of the chûnin exam without cheating unlike the other candidates, which is quite unexpected for a genin. Sakura's intelligence is still useful though, making her sense of observation quite effective to guess the tactics of the opponent from a brief scan of the battlefield and to pick up minor inconsistencies in a conversation. Sasuke felt that her analytical skills were superior to his Sharingan.

She has an excellent memory, able to quickly gather several pieces of information she had already encountered in order to form a hypothesis. In actual combat, Sakura often intends to deceive her opponents, either by letting them think they have outsmarted her so that they let their guard down, or by letting them think they have defeated her so that they approach her, and she can defeat them with a single punch.


 Sakura Haruno

Part I

Introductory episodes

At the time she appeared in the story, Sakura was a fresh graduate of the Ninja Academy, and was waiting to find out which team she would be assigned to. She was desperately trying to get the attention of Sasuke (like all the girls in the academy) who she had a crush on, and hoped to be in the same team as him. Her wish was granted as she and he were, under the tutelage of sensei Kakashi Hatake, in the same Team 7 with Naruto. Moreover if Naruto was grumbling about the presence of Sasuke in his team, he was very happy to be in the same team as Sakura for whom he had a weakness.

Sakura, on the other hand, at this moment of the story had little consideration for Naruto that she considered exasperating. She said to Sasuke that if Naruto was so unbearable it was because he had no parents and especially no parental authority to put him in his place. Sasuke replied to this reflection of Sakura, taking the defense of Naruto, and said to the young girl a sentence that he will often have for her "Sakura, you are heavy".

When Kakashi asked everyone to introduce themselves, it was clear that the young kunoichi was only interested, like other girls of her age, in boys (and more precisely in Sasuke) and in love. Kakashi put Team 7 to the test by giving them the bell test. Each of them tried to steal a bell from their sensei individually, but failed. Sakura was defeated by a genjutsu spell from Kakashi in which he showed her a mortally wounded Sasuke.

Kakashi exposed their respective mistakes and especially pointed out their lack of teamwork which had led to this fiasco. Sasuke, despite Kakashi's threats, shared his meal with Naruto who was deprived of it, and Sakura followed his example. They made the first move towards teamwork and Kakashi congratulated them for it.

Mission to the Land of Waves

Tired of the too simple missions of level D, Naruto demanded, from the Third Hokage, a mission of a higher level. That's how Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura started their first real mission, as bodyguards of Tazuna, whom they had to accompany to his home in the Land of Waves. On the way, following the attack of the group by a nukenin (ninja deserter), Zabuza Momochi, Kakashi was bedridden. He took advantage of his convalescence to teach his protégés the art of chakra control, asking them to climb trees without the help of their hands. Sakura proved to be the most gifted in this exercise, mastering her chakra much better than Naruto or Sasuke and proving that her knowledge was not only theoretical. When they were attacked again by Zabuza, assisted by Haku, Sakura didn't take an active part in the fight and was content to defend Tazuna. When Sasuke was apparently mortally wounded by Haku, Tazuna, seeing the girl worried about her comrade, accompanied her to the Uchiwa so that she would not fail in her ninja mission. Sakura crying in front of Sasuke that she thought was dead explained to the old man that she was violating the article 25 of the ninja code saying that a ninja should never show his emotions, and proving that she was not yet psychologically strong enough. She was greatly relieved when she discovered that Sasuke was alive and well. With this mission, while they initially thought they were going to accomplish a C rank mission, Team 7 had their baptism of fire on an A rank mission.

Chûnin exams

Shortly after this mission, Sakura who was still trying to make trouble for Sasuke, was pushed back once more by Sasuke who told her that her level was even worse than Naruto's. This touched the girl a lot and she became aware of the gap between her and her two friends. This affected the girl a lot and she became aware of the gap between her and her two friends. So when Kakashi told Team 7 that he had recommended them to take the higher level exam and that they had to choose whether or not to register, Sakura felt that she was not up to it. On the day of the registration, seeing that Sakura didn't seem to be in her usual state, it was Sasuke who cheered her up, explaining that the illusion put to block their way to the registration room couldn't fool them, and especially not Sakura who was "surely" the first one to see the illusion thanks to her natural gifts for genjutsu. Grateful for this compliment, and motivated again, Sakura urged her two friends to go and register for the chûnin exam. On the way, they met Rock Lee who fell in love with the young kunoichi. Unfortunately for him, it was not reciprocal, Sakura, disgusted by his improbable look and his big eyebrows, sent him away.

When they had finally registered, Kakashi explained that if Sakura hadn't registered, Sasuke and Naruto wouldn't have been able to register either, as registration could only be done in groups of three, and therefore by team. During the first test of the exam, the theory test, Sakura was, because of her great intelligence, one of the few students who could answer the questions without cheating. Ino did not make a mistake and targeted her for her possession technique to get the answers to the questions. During this test, we could see that Naruto had become, in Sakura's eyes, a true comrade. Following the ultimatum of the examiner Ibiki Morino forbidding to retake the exam, in case of failure at the 10th and last question, and knowing that Naruto did not have the level, she was ready to withdraw from the game not to see his dream of becoming Hokage one day broken. However, Naruto was not impressed by the psychological pressure of the examiner and reaffirmed his will to go to the end.

During the second test, the one of survival, the group was attacked by Orochimaru. Naruto and Sasuke tried in vain to defeat him, but he put them out of action, swallowing their scroll and above all putting his cursed seal on Sasuke. Sakura, the only one who was still able to fight, decided to watch over her two unconscious teammates. But very soon, she was attacked by the Oto genin who came, under the orders of Orochimaru, to kill Sasuke. The traps Sakura had set to protect herself in case of an attack didn't last long against the three Oto ninjas, and she was only saved by Rock Lee's intervention. Unfortunately, Rock Lee in turn was knocked out by an attack from Dosu.

Sakura, on the other hand, was held captive by Kin, who held her by the hair and mocked them for being too high maintenance for a Kunoichi. Sakura, in order to get rid of his hold and to help her friends, did not hesitate to cut her hair with her Kunai. Ino Yamanaka, who was watching the scene with the rest of her team, understood the importance of this gesture. Indeed, Sakura, like her, had started to grow her hair the day she had heard that Sasuke liked girls with long hair. They were thus, for the two girls, the symbol of their competition to obtain the heart of the Uchiwa. Sakura who wanted to defend her friends and not to be a burden for them threw herself into the battle with the force of despair. She attacked Zaku Abumi despite the violent blows he gave her in return. Team 10 stepped in to help her, but again they were no match for her. Finally Sasuke woke up from his coma, boosted by the Cursed Mark that Orochimaru had put on him, and very angry at those of the Sound who had hurt Sakura

He then made a real massacre, breaking Zaku's arms. Sakura, frightened by Sasuke's behavior that she didn't recognize anymore, threw herself on him to hug him and ask him, crying, to stop before he killed Dosu. From this ordeal, Sakura kept a great respect for Rock Lee who had protected her at the risk of his life. Once arrived at the end of the second test, Sakura who was very worried about Sasuke and the effects of the mark he had in the neck, wanted to ask the organizers to withdraw him from the competition, but Sasuke prevented her and made her promise not to speak to anyone about the mark, not even to Naruto.

The second round of the chûnin exam, because of the high number of qualified candidates for the third round, ended in preliminary fights. She was then opposed to Ino. The two girls were rivals and intended to use this match to settle their differences and to show to the other who was the strongest.

At the beginning of the fight, Sakura untied her headband and put it on her forehead. Indeed, when they became genin, Ino mocked Sakura for not wearing her headband properly. Sakura replied that she would wear it on her forehead when she became a real ninja. She showed the symbolism of this fight for her. Ino did the same. The fight turned out to be the longest one during the event, the two kunoichi being of equal level and not wanting to give anything up. Although she didn't use impressive techniques, Sakura mastered the basics perfectly and showed all her talent under the encouragement of Naruto and Rock Lee. To put an end to the fight, Sakura tried to provoke Ino and to make her lose her temper.

The Yamanaka seemed to answer to the provocation by cutting her hair and using her possession technique on Sakura. Unfortunately this technique only worked if the target was still, otherwise the user would be vulnerable for a long time before her soul would return to her body. Knowing this weakness, Sakura avoided Ino's possession. But it was actually a trap of the Yamanaka who didn't really use her technique and just made sure that Sakura was trapped in the hair left on the ground to be able to finally use it for real. Ino, in Sakura's body, was about to forfeit her, when, thanks to Naruto's encouragement, Sakura and her inner self violently regained control of her body. Ino had to stop her technique which was no longer effective against Sakura. They finished the match in a final face to face which resulted in a double knockout and therefore a draw. The two friends, once they regained consciousness and although still competing, regained a mutual respect for each other.

Konoha Invasion

One month separated the final exam of the selection of chûnin, from the previous tests. Sakura, who had been disqualified after her match against Ino, was busy visiting her friends in the hospital, especially Rock Lee, who was seriously injured after his fight against Gaara. She was waiting impatiently for the beginning of the exam, because since the end of the third test, Sasuke, who should have been in the hospital of Konoha too, disappeared to go to train. On the day of the exam, Sakura was present in the audience to encourage her two teammates who had qualified. She could not but notice their great progress, especially for Naruto. The exam was interrupted by an attack from the villages of Oto and Suna who had formed an alliance to destroy Konoha. They put the whole audience to sleep with a genjutsu spell. Sakura, naturally gifted in this discipline did not succumb to the charm. So Kakashi gave her a new A-level mission, to wake up Naruto and Shikamaru, and to go with Pakkun's help to help Sasuke who was chasing the three genin from Suna. When they finally reached Sasuke, he was in great difficulty, especially because Orochimaru's Cursed Mark had awakened.

Sakura Haruno

Gaara attacked Sasuke to finish him off, but Sakura stepped in to save him. Gaara didn't understand this move and asked Sakura why she did it. Sakura answered that she did it for Sasuke and Naruto. Gaara, unable to understand this feeling, he who lived only for himself, imprisoned Sakura, unconscious, with a hand of Shukaku made of sand whose embrace closed every moment until it totally suffocated its victim. The only way to prevent this was to defeat Gaara. Sasuke, who was no longer able to fight, asked Naruto to save Sakura by all means. The confrontation between the two jinchuri was also ideological, between the one who believed only in himself and the one who defended friendship. Later, once saved, Sakura went to thank Sasuke for saving her life, but Sasuke admitted to her that he had nothing to do with it and that it was Naruto that she had to thank. When Sakura smiled at Naruto with gratitude, a feeling of jealousy started to develop in Sasuke.

Mission of recovery of Sasuke

Shortly after the invasion of Konoha and the funeral of the Third Hokage, Sasuke was confronted by his brother Itachi, who with his powerful genjutsu put him in a coma. Sakura spent all her free time at the hospital with Sasuke, while Naruto went to look for Tsunade, the legendary Sannin, whose medical skills could save their teammate. When Tsunade finally arrived in the village, Sakura admired her talent and when he regained consciousness, she threw herself into Sasuke's arms, under Naruto's benevolent gaze. On his side Sasuke was completely eaten by jealousy towards Naruto. The latter had made incredible progress and seemed to evolve faster than Sasuke who had always been the best of the two. He challenged Naruto to a duel on the roof of the hospital. Sakura couldn't stand to see them fighting and using dangerous techniques like Chidori and Rasengan against each other, so she risked her life to come between them. She was only saved by the unexpected intervention of Kakashi sensei. After that, Naruto asked Sakura to never come between him and Sasuke again. However, Sakura was still worried about Sasuke's behavior and agreed to meet Naruto if he would listen to what she had to say. She then revealed to Naruto the existence of the cursed mark put by Orochimaru in Sasuke's neck, and confided to him her anxiety to see him join Orochimaru. Naruto reassured her that Sasuke would never do something so stupid.

However, at the end of their meeting, Sakura had a bad feeling and went to the village where she found Sasuke about to leave. Sakura tried her best to convince Sasuke not to leave the village. She told him that even though she knew that he never loved her and that he found her heavy, she could not live without him, and that if she had to, she would help him in his revenge. She told him that she loved him and that if he didn't stay, at least he should bring her with him. But Sasuke only answered her with his traditional "Sakura, you are heavy". Not being able to do anything, as a last resort, Sakura threatened to shout in order to rouse the village and to prevent him from running away. This time, Sasuke quickly slipped behind Sakura and thanked her before knocking her out. It was not until the next morning that Sakura was found by Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki, who alerted Tsunade who had recently been promoted to Hokage.

Before she left, Sakura went to meet Sasuke's Recovery Team, which included Naruto, led by Shikamaru. Shikamaru told Sakura that he didn't want her in his team, that she had already tried her luck to stop Sasuke and she didn't succeed. Sakura then asked Naruto, in tears, to bring Sa

Rice Country Investigation Mission

In the anime, Sakura accompanied Naruto and Jiraya to the Rice Country to investigate one of Orochimaru's hideouts and potentially get Sasuke back. However, the mission ended in failure. When they returned to Konoha, Sakura, as in the manga, asked to become Tsunade's apprentice so that she could better handle the challenges she would face in the future and the Sannin accepted.

Mizuki Tracking Mission

In the anime, Sakura concentrated on her training, which prevented her from helping Naruto in most of the missions he undertook. When he returned from one of these missions, she informed him that she had managed to cure a fish.

Let's burn the fat! Let's mix, stretch, and bake!

In the anime, Sakura helped Naruto and Chôji Akimichi to save Ayame who was taken hostage by the cooking ninjas. To save her, they had to prepare the perfect ramen and Sakura helped by pounding the dough to give it the right consistency to prepare the noodles.

Konoha Plan Recovery Mission

In the anime, Sakura and Ino examined a corpse supposed to be Genno's and concluded that it was not really him.

Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission

In the anime, Sakura helped Naruto to protect Yakumo Kurama from the Kurama clan. When Kurenai Yuhi was injured during the fight, Sakura healed her wounds.

Suna Support Mission

In the anime, Sakura and the rest of the 11 from Konoha were sent to Suna to help the Sand Brotherhood in their fight against the Shitenshônin. Sakura healed Gaara during his fight with Suiko. Ino, jealous of Sakura's new healing abilities, asked to train with her rival to become a doctor ninja as well. Sakura agreed, but Ino was dismayed when Sakura reminded her that she would be her kohai (younger sister) during their training.


In the Footsteps of Naruto: The Paths of Friends

In the anime, about two years after Naruto left Konoha to train, another Chûnin Exam was organized. As the participants had to register in teams of three, Ino invited Sakura to replace Shikamaru in Team 10, since he was already a Chûnin. In the first round, Sakura, Ino and Chôji were seated in different rooms and were asked to get a combined score of 100 points in their written test despite being separated. Ino contacted Sakura and Chôji telepathically to assign them the questions they had to answer. When the time was up, they were given a bonus question: each team had to unanimously choose one of their members to disqualify for the rest of the exam. Team 10 did not choose anyone, which was the correct answer and qualified them for the next phase.

Those who passed the first test had to reach the Demon Desert within three days in order to participate in the next test. Team 10 made it and was given the same objective as in the test a few years ago: to steal another team's scroll. They wandered the desert for three days, losing their supplies to an Ame team. While recovering in an oasis, they were attacked by Team Ameno. Ino again established a telepathic link with Sakura and Chôji to coordinate their attacks and help them locate their attackers, which resulted in the defeat of the opposing team. Once Sakura and Ino had healed their wounds, Team Ameno offered them their scroll. However, it was the same scroll as Team 10's, so they were allowed to keep it. They went their separate ways, agreeing to meet again at the third event.

Team 10 was then attacked by Team Saya. Saya took over Ino's mind and forced her to attack Sakura. When Chôji, meanwhile, began to overpower Saya's teammates, Saya took control of his mind instead and forced him to attack Sakura using the Jumbo Tenfold. Ino was able to free Chôji, forcing Team Saya to retreat. Team 10 was then trapped in a sandstorm, during which Ino and Chôji were poisoned by a masked Mamushi. Sakura escaped the sandstorm, defeated Team Saya, then returned to heal her teammates.

Team 10 was finally found by one of the exam proctors, who took them to where all the other genin were gathered. They were informed that the Chûnin Examinations were cancelled, because the reports on the participants' performance would be sent to their villages, leaving the choice of promotion to their superiors. When they returned to Konoha, Tsunade promoted Sakura, Ino and Chôji to the rank of chûnin.

Part II

When he returned to Konoha, after two years of absence to train with Jiraya, Naruto found his master Kakashi and Sakura. Sakura was impressed by the evolution of the boy who was now a young man full of confidence and a certain charisma. He even became taller than her. The reality caught up with her however quickly when she discovered that Naruto still had a penchant for perverted jutsu. So she hit him and said that he hasn't changed. Kakashi, curious to know the level reached by his two former students, then proposed them to retake the bell test. This brought back many memories, but especially the absence of Sasuke.

This time Kakashi had to take his little protégés seriously and use his Sharingan. Indeed Sakura, as a worthy disciple of Tsunade, now possessed a Herculean strength, and according to Kakashi, she could prove to be stronger than the Fifth Hokage herself because of her natural genjutsu skills. As for Naruto, he mastered an impressive array of devastating techniques and remained the "most unpredictable ninja in Konoha". After a hard fight that lasted all day, Sakura and Naruto finally managed to get the famous bells thanks to a trick of the latter. Back in the city after the training, Sakura and Naruto met Shikamaru and Temari again who were organizing the new session of the Chûnin Exam. When Shikamaru asked Naruto what he was going to do about the exam, he learned that apart from him, the whole class he belonged to had already been promoted, even Sakura who proudly told him that she had become a chûnin.

Sakura Haruno

Rescue of the Kazekage

After Gaara was kidnapped by the Akatsuki members, Team Kakashi was sent as a support team to Suna by Tsunade. On the way, they met Temari and informed her about the situation in her village and she guided them to the Sand Village. On the way, Naruto revealed to Sakura that, like Gaara, he was also a jinchurriki, the one from Kyubi. Although this information was supposed to be secret and unknown to all the ninjas of his generation, Sakura was perfectly aware of it. As a disciple of Tsunade, she had secretly researched Naruto and Sasuke so that she could help them by knowing the ins and outs of their respective stories. Once in Suna, Sakura treated Kankuro who was poisoned by the Akatsuki members he was chasing, managing to save him where the Sand doctors were powerless. She demonstrated her perfect mastery of medical jutsu, impressing Naruto and especially Chiyo who immediately recognized her as a disciple of Princess Tsunade, her former rival. In view of their next fights, Sakura took advantage of her short stay in Suna to elaborate an antidote to the poison used by Sasori.

Team Kakashi, along with Chiyo from Suna, then set off in pursuit of the Akatsuki members in order to rescue Gaara. On the way, the team was attacked by Itachi Uchiwa who tried to slow them down. At the end of this fight, Chiyo understood that the goal of the Akatsuki was to recover Gaara's biju, but this operation irrevocably meant the death of the jinchuri. When she heard this, Sakura started to cry. She had been hoping and searching for a way to remove the biju from her friend's body since she learned the truth about Naruto. The prospect that it could kill him saddened her deeply. When she found Deidara, Sasori and Gaara's lifeless body, Team Kakashi split into two groups: Kakashi and Naruto chasing Deidara and Gaara's body, and Sakura and Chiyo fighting Sasori, her grandson.

In order to defeat this formidable opponent, the two women had to combine Chiyo's experience in the field with Sakura's superhuman strength. Chiyo, in order to improve Sakura's dexterity, manipulated the girl like a puppet with the help of chakra strings. With this, they were able to defeat first the puppet armor of Hiruko and then the terrifyingly powerful puppet of the Third Kazekage. In order to stop Sasori, who had turned into a puppet himself, Chiyo summoned the Ten Pants of Chikamatsu, which had made his legend. But, in return, Sasori summoned a hundred puppets. Chiyo then asked Sakura to take cover, as the young girl had already used the antidote reserved for her and had no right to make a mistake. However, Sakura still refused and asked Chiyo to continue to use her as a puppet. Just as they thought they had finally immobilized Sasori with a Chikamatsu puppet technique, the Akatsuki puppeteer, who was able to change his body since he was only a "heart", attacked Chiyo by surprise.

Sakura stepped in to save the old woman, getting pierced in the stomach by a poisonous sword. Although she was mortally wounded, Sakura continued to use her chakra to heal herself and prevent Sasori from attacking Chiyo. Sasori did not understand this gesture at all, which he considered futile. Chiyo, on the other hand, impressed by the strength of mind of the young kunoichi, did not hesitate to give the antidote which was intended for Sakura (she had not used it since the beginning in this eventuality), and used to save her life a forbidden technique, the transmigration of her own energy. Although this technique capable of resurrecting a dead person was fatal to its user, as Sakura was only mortally wounded, not yet dead, Chiyo survived the fight and put an end to it by piercing Sasori's heart with the Mother and Father puppets, representing Sasori's parents.

Sasori, impressed by these two women who had managed to beat him, did something "futile" before dying. Knowing that Sakura was looking for information to find Sasuke, he rewarded them by revealing that he had a spy in Orochimaru's troops with whom he was to have a contact soon after. On the way there, he explained to Sakura that she would surely learn more about Sasuke's whereabouts. After joining the rest of the team, who had managed to recover Gaara, Naruto asked Sakura to take care of him. But Gaara was already dead and Sakura could not do anything. It was Chiyo who once again used transmigration of her own energy to bring Gaara back to life. Before she died, she confided her hopes for a new future to Naruto and Sakura. She told Sakura that she had a rare chivalrous spirit, but that she should not sacrifice herself for an old woman anymore. Sakura kept a lot of affection for Chiyo and mourned her death. A real bond was created between the two women.

Sasuke and Sai

After returning from their mission in Suna, the Kakashi team prepared to leave immediately on a mission to go to Tenchi Bridge where the meeting between Sasori and his spy was to take place. However, after Gaara's rescue, Kakashi was bedridden and the team was reduced in size. The village elders, informed of this new mission by Shizune, imposed a new member on the team under the command of Danzo Shimura, the ANBU of the Root, Sai. To counterbalance this, knowing full well that Sai was a spy in Danzo's pay, Tsunade placed a man trusted by the Anbu, Yamato, at the head of the team. The first meeting between the members of the new Team 7 was tense. Naruto who had already had to deal with Sai hated him, and Sakura who at the beginning was surprised by the physical resemblance between Sai and their former teammate Sasuke, quickly got angry too in front of this boy who found her vulgar and ugly. On the way to their mission, Sai, to the displeasure of the two founding members of team 7, criticized Sasuke violently. Naruto then wanted to fight. Sakura intervened to calm down, apparently the game, but took advantage of a false smile to strike a violent blow of punch to Sai and forbid him to speak badly about Sasuke in their presence. Yamato, as team leader, imposed more cohesion to his group.

Despite the fact that she didn't seem to really like Sai either, Sakura made sure, like Naruto in the end, to work as a team in order to maximize their chance to get Sasuke back. She was even interested in his drawings. For the meeting with the spy, with the help of the elements given by Sakura, Yamato went on the bridge disguised as Sasori. They discovered that the spy was Kabuto Yakushi. He had turned himself in and was now totally in the pay of Orochimaru. Under the provocation of Orochimaru who was also present, Naruto transformed himself into a fox demon, destroying the bridge on which they were standing. Sakura was stunned and fell into the void under the indifferent eye of Sai. She owed her salvation to the intervention of Captain Yamato. Later when she woke up and saw what Naruto had turned into, understanding that it was because of his promise to get Sasuke back that he was in this state, Sakura was distraught. Wanting to stop the pain of her friend and make him return to his normal state, she went in his direction begging him to stop and promising that from now on she would take care of Sasuke alone.

But Naruto, dominated by Kyûbi, not being aware of his actions anymore, attacked Sakura. Yamato used his technique to stop Naruto and made him return to his normal form. Kabuto tried to heal Sakura's wound, saying that they were both enemies of Akatsuki. Sakura, once she came to her senses, healed Naruto, seeing the damage that the transformation into Kyubi had done to her friend's body. She then begged Yamato to teach her his technique to stop Kyubi's power. He explained her that it was impossible, as it was a hereditary technique that only he, as the First Hokage, could master. But he told him that for Naruto the presence of the girl was already a great comfort. Thanks to Yamato and his snitches, they went after Sai who had left with Orochimaru. On the way, they had to make a stop because the wound that Kyûbi had inflicted to Sakura was acting like a poison on her. Sakura didn't want to hurt Naruto, who didn't remember being transformed into Kyûbi, so she explained to him that this wound had been made by Orochimaru. But Yamato took Naruto aside to tell him the truth. When they arrived at Orochimaru's hideout, they found Sai.

Sakura gave him back his picture book which he had lost and told him that contrary to what he said, he had human feelings and that was why he kept this book preciously, because it was what remained of his brother. Thanks to Naruto and Sakura, Sai became human and they all went back to look for Sasuke. They finally found him but Sasuke, far from wanting to follow them, started a fight against his former friends and was only stopped by Orochimaru before disappearing again. The mission was once again a failure, and in front of Naruto's tears, Sakura who was crying herself, said that it was useless to cry and that they should continue their mission.

Hidan and Kakuzu
When they returned from their mission, Sakura went to the Konoha library to do some research, believing that Sasuke's incredible strength came in part from drugs given to him by Kabuto. There, she found Sai who, very marked by his last mission with his new team, wanted to learn more about human relations by consulting books on the subject. Naruto and Sakura, happy with the efforts of their new companion, decided to help him. But when Sai, who had read in a book that you should give your friends nicknames in order to be closer to them, gave Sakura the nickname "Ugly", she, unfortunately for him, took it very badly. Later, while they were eating with the group of Asuma-sensei, Sai wanted to try again the experiment of the nicknames, understanding that it was not necessary to say the truth to the girls under penalty of being struck, he gave to Ino the nickname "Beauty". But offended by the preferential treatment of her rival, Sakura once again hit the unfortunate Sai. Later, after Asuma's death, while

Pursuit of Itachi

After his victory against Kakuzu, Naruto kept serious after-effects on his right arm because of his new technique, Fûton - Orb Shuriken. So Sakura took care of him. During this same period, while she was lecturing Naruto and Konohamaru about their perverted jutsu, she showed her own weakness by getting excited by Konohamaru's Ero-Technique - Male Stomachs technique representing Sasuke and Sai together. But these moments of relaxation were short-lived.

Jiraya came to inform them that Orochimaru had been killed by Sasuke. At first they were happy about the news, thinking that Sasuke would finally return to Konoha, but Sakura and Naruto soon realized that Sasuke would not return until he was done with his brother, Itachi. So it was decided to track down this nukenin in order to capture him and lure Sasuke to the village.

A group formed by Kakashi, Yamato, Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Hinata, Kiba and Shino went to look for him. On the way the group split up to widen the search and Sakura teamed up with two dogs from Kakashi's ninja dog squad, Shiba and Bisuke. In town, they picked up Sasuke's scent but lost his trail. Later, seeing a giant explosion in the sky, due to the fight between Deidara and Sasuke, the 8 team gathered again. They smelled Sasuke's scent at the scene of the fight, but also other scents that Sakura's group had smelled in town, and they realized that Sasuke was acting in a gang. Even if the dogs lost the trace of Sasuke there, Kiba, whose sense of smell was more developed, was able to trace the trail to him. However, Karin from the Uchiwa's team spotted their chakra, and the Taka group fled before being caught by the Konoha group. Naruto launched a multi-clone and spotted Itachi, but the group was stopped on the way by Tobi. They fought him, but none of their attacks hit him. The fight ended when Tobi was informed by Zetsu that Sasuke had finally managed to kill his brother. The Konoha team then went to the place of the fight hoping to get Sasuke before Tobi but it was a failure.

Sakura Haruno

Bread Invasion

When Naruto was told about Jiraya's death, he blamed Tsunade for not doing anything. Sakura, who understood the suffering of her master, asked Naruto, and later also Shikamaru, to calm down. Sakura was assigned with Shikamaru and Shiho to decode the last message, left by Jiraya before he died, about Pain's identity. When Pain attacked Konoha village, Sakura was still working with Shikamaru and Shiho to decode Jiraya's message. Faced with this attack, in order to make herself useful, she went to the town and then to the Konoha hospital to take care of the injured.

When the city was completely destroyed by Pain, Sakura, alone in the middle of the rubble, begged Naruto, who had left to train, to come back as soon as possible to save the village. Her plea was heard as Naruto arrived at once to save Konoha. While the fight was raging between Naruto and the Akatsuki leader, Sakura treated Hinata Hyuga who was injured while trying to save Naruto from Pain's clutches. If Neji and the other ninjas didn't understand Hinata's crazy gesture, Sakura realized that the girl did it because she was in love with Naruto.

At the end of the fight, when Naruto came back victorious, he was welcomed as a hero by the whole village. Sakura then came to meet him to punch him in the head and tell him that he had been too reckless, before taking him in her arms to thank him.

Five Kage Summit

While everyone was working to rebuild the village of Konoha, Kiba came to inform Naruto and Sakura that the Council of Konoha and the Fire Daimyo, due to the coma of the Fifth Hokage, had elected a new Hokage, Danzo Shimura. The latter, brushing aside Tsunade's leniency towards Sasuke, declared the Uchiwa an enemy of Konoha and added him to the list of wanted nukenin. Sakura and Naruto then decided to ask Sai about Danzo since he was one of her agents in the Root. Omoï and Karui, two ninjas from Kumo, hearing that they were talking about Sasuke, attacked them. Indeed, they had come to Konoha to get information about Sasuke, because he had attacked their master Killer B as a member of Akatsuki. When Sakura heard that Sasuke had joined the Akatsuki, she broke down in tears. She and Naruto had hoped that after Orochimaru's death, Sasuke would eventually come back to the village, or at least that he wouldn't choose the path of crime. Naruto told Sakura that he would take care of the problem in Kumo and left with the two ninjas.

Sakura stayed at the bedside of her master, Tsunade, who was still in a coma. Sai came to see her in order to talk to her. He explained to her that Naruto had accepted to be lynched rather than betraying Sasuke, and that he had also decided to go to the Fourth Raikage to ask for his mercy for Sasuke. He also explained to Sakura that Naruto was in love with her and that the promise she made to him caused Naruto's misfortune at least as much, if not more, than Sasuke's betrayal. He explained to her that she relied too much on Naruto, that she expected too much from him. Sakura cried at this truth. Shikamaru, who joined them at that moment, shared this opinion. Moreover, he came to her because the 11 former genin decided that they would settle Sasuke's account themselves in order to avoid a conflict with Kumo. He explained to Sakura that this was the only way to break the cycle of revenge, but before that he wanted the agreement of the former members of Team 7. Sakura wiped her tears and accepted Shikamaru's proposal on the condition that she would be the one to talk to Naruto.

So she left, escorted by Sai, Kiba and Rock Lee, to meet Naruto. Once in front of Naruto, Sakura made a declaration of love to him, explaining that she loved him, that she had realized that she couldn't love a nukenin, that the one who had always been there for her was him, Naruto, and that therefore she released him from his promise. At first surprised by this statement, Naruto told Sakura that he didn't like people who lie to themselves, that he didn't know why she was doing this, but that even without this promise he would continue to try to bring Sasuke back. Kiba then advised Sakura to tell the truth about their intentions to Naruto, but she kicked him and decided to leave. She then called on Kiba's tracking skills to look for Sasuke. She thought she could find him alone. A clone of Sai stayed to tell Naruto the truth. He explained him the decision of the 11, and that if Sakura had accepted it, it was because she knew the political stakes of this affair, and she wanted to take her responsibilities towards Naruto, even if he would blame her. She also wanted to kill Sasuke herself for love, she couldn't stand to see him sink into darkness anymore. It is in this optic, once Sasuke was spotted by Kiba, that Sakura put her comrades to sleep in order to go alone to meet the Uchiwa.

Once in front of Sasuke, Sakura could only notice the change of her former friend. She told him that she wanted to join him and leave Konoha. Sasuke replied that he wanted to destroy Konoha entirely and that if she wanted to join him, she should first kill, for him as a sign of loyalty, Karin a former member of the Taka group who had become a burden for him and that he was about to kill himself. As Sakura approached Karin thinking of a plan to kill Sasuke, Sasuke took advantage of the fact that she had her back to him to strike a deadly blow.

He was stopped by Kakashi, who came to put an end to his former student. Kakashi asked Sakura to take Karin with her and to leave because she was not able to kill Sasuke. After tending to Karin's wounds, taking advantage of a moment when Sasuke was blinded, Sakura launched herself, kunai in hand, on the Uchiwa. However, when she was about to strike, Sakura did not succeed and stopped her attack. She failed to kill Sasuke. Although still blinded, feeling Sakura's presence behind him, Sasuke prepared to give her a death blow.

She was saved only when Naruto arrived. Naruto reminded Sasuke that Sakura was a member of team 7 and that he should not try to kill her. A fight between the two young ninjas followed. Sakura then realized that she didn't have the level, nor the will to help her two comrades and that the only alternative left to her was to believe in them. Naruto who had finally been able to tell Sasuke what was on his heart, came out of the confrontation appeased and Sakura began to hope for a less dark end for the team 7. At the end of the fight, Naruto collapsed because Sakura's poisonous kunai had cut him when he had saved her. Sakura apologized to Naruto but also to Kiba, Rock Lee and Sai who she had left sleeping on the side of the road.

Fourth Great Ninja War: Beginnings

Back in Konoha, Naruto addressed the 11 of Konoha and told them that he would take care of Sasuke's case alone. Although he said this casually, Sakura had the feeling that he was hiding something. Soon after, Sakura happily told Naruto that Tsunade was finally out of her coma.


Sakura Haruno



Fourth Great Ninja War: Confrontation

Sakura, like the other ninjas from the various hidden villages, joined the army of the Shinobi Alliance. She was part of the third division, the close and middle distance fighters section, under the command of Major General Kakashi along with Gai and Rock Lee.

She took care of Gai, who was exhausted from his fight with Kisame, before the fight started. As Kakashi and his division arrived in extremis to save the lives of Sai, Zaji and Omoi of the Ambush Division, facing an enemy attack, Sakura discovered with astonishment that the opponents facing them were none other than Zabuza Momochi and Haku, the two nukenin that Team 7 had fought during their first mission. She was all the more amazed that she had seen them die then. The battle began in a battle formation with Kakashi, Gai and Lee. Lee swore, once again, to protect her at the risk of his life. Sakura also advised him to watch his back. She then took care of the wounded in battle. She then went to Shizune's side and did an autopsy on one of the Zestu. They discovered that Zestu had the same cells as Hashirama Senju, so Sakura assumed that Yamato had been captured to increase the power of Zestu. The medical team and Sakura were attacked by two Zestu but they were saved by Naruto.

Fourth Great Ninja War: Paroxysm

With the alliance, she joined Naruto to help him to face Tobi. When she arrived, she treated the wounds of Gai and Kakashi and then stood ready to launch the offensive on Jûbi by positioning herself behind Darui to lend him a hand. She narrowly avoided Jubi's Mokuton attack but witnessed Neji's death.

While Sakura was healing Naruto who had used all of Kyubi's chakra, she motivated the Alliance to defend Naruto while she was healing him. When Minato Namikaze arrived and made the Tailed Demon Orb of Jûbi disappear, Naruto told his father that Sakura was his girlfriend which made her angry. Minato found a similarity in character between Sakura and Kushina Uzumaki, his wife, and asked Sakura to take good care of his son.

When Sasuke arrived, she was shocked when he announced that he wanted to become the next Hokage but was happy that he joined their side against Madara. As they went on the attack against Jubi's clones, she created the same Yin seal of Tsunade on her forehead, bringing her closer to Naruto and Sasuke in power. As the advance was restricted by the multiplying clones, she summoned Katsuyu to heal everyone. Although the fight against Madara was still going on, Sai joined her friend and told her that even though he had changed sides, he didn't trust Sasuke and asked Sakura what she thought. Sakura answered that she was happy that he was fighting with them and that she trusted him. Sai did not doubt her sincerity but realized that the smile of her friend was false.

Sakura Haruno

Birth of Jûbi's Jinchûriki

Later, the five Kage arrived on the battlefield after recovering from their fight with Madara and while Naruto and Sasuke continued to fight Obito, Tsunade came in person to congratulate her disciple for her progress and determination. They both decided to summon Katsuyu again to heal all the Alliance ninjas. However, following this invocation, Sakura was completely exhausted but came nevertheless to help Naruto followed by all the Alliance in order to extract Jûbi from Obito's body, which he was.

After the extraction of Kyûbi from his body during his fight against Madara, Naruto was taken by Gaara to the place where Minato was. Gaara met Sakura on his way and took her with her to take care of Naruto while explaining to her what had just happened. Sakura first tried to heal him but ran out of chakra and could not do anything. Sakura tried to do the impossible, she operated on the left side of Naruto's body, put her hand in to keep his heart going and tried to save him by giving him mouth-to-mouth. Once they reached Minato, Gaara came to help Kakashi while Sakura asked Minato to save her son. As Minato was about to seal the other half of Kyubi into Naruto's body, Obito, controlled by Black Zetsu, prevented him from doing so by coming between him and his son, shortly before Madara arrived in the guise of Hermit Rikudo. Madara tried to rally Obito to his cause but the latter, understanding that he had been manipulated and remembering Naruto's words, hit him with a punch. Ready to die, Obito finally joined the Shinobi Alliance and teamed up with Kakashi in order to take Naruto to the other dimension. The two former friends came up with a plan: by simultaneously launching the Kamui technique, Sakura and Naruto were teleported to the other dimension and Obito, having joined them afterwards, used his powers to save Naruto.

Sakura then helped Naruto and Sasuke, who had their new powers thanks to Hagoromo Ôtsutsuki, the real Rikudo Hermit, in their fight against Madara. She activated her Byakugô and attacked the enemy but was stopped by a shadow of him before being saved by Naruto while Sasuke was also pushed away by a shadow. She told Naruto not to worry about her but realized that Sasuke was less worried about her. Then Madara summoned meteorites which Sasuke destroyed. After that, Madara used his Infinite Tsukuyomi spell.

Kaguya Ôtsutsuki Attack

Naruto, protected by Sasuke's Susanô, and his gang analyzed the situation and Kakashi decided that Sasuke would be the leader since he had the best information. Once the spell was dispelled, they dispelled the Susanô. Zetsu Black faced them and then Madara but Zetsu Black betrayed and merged with him making Kaguya Ôtsutsuki appear before them.

Then began a fight between Team 7 and Obito against Kaguya during which Obito lost his life. However, the latter transmitted his chakra to Kakashi, granting the latter the power of his eyes. With the gift and his sacrifice, Kakashi led Team 7. Naruto and Sasuke combined their efforts to try to seal Kaguya. Kaguya dodged another attempt by Naruto and Sasuke to seal her, but Sakura came from above and shouted at her that she shouldn't have neglected her, that she was a woman too, and with these words, she hit her so that her two teammates could reach her, which they did brilliantly.

The fight won and the war over, Sasuke strangely changed his behavior by declaring that he wanted to eliminate the five Kage in order to establish a revolution and challenged Naruto to a single combat. Sakura, in tears and anger, knowing that she could not do anything to prevent the confrontation between her lifelong comrade and the one she loved, told Sasuke that she had always loved him, begged him not to leave and repeated that together again they would find their life before. But Sasuke answered that he found her boring and put her in a genjutsu using his Rinnegan. Sakura woke up a few minutes later and immediately asked where Naruto and Sasuke were. She started to worry when Kakashi told her that they were in their final battle. She arrived at the Valley of the End with Kakashi, finding Sasuke and Naruto lying on the ground, badly injured. When she tried to stop their bleeding arms, Sasuke apologized to her for everything he had done, which she accepted with tears in her eyes, Kakashi watching the scene with joy.

Off-peak period

After the war, Sasuke was forgiven for his crimes thanks to the huge support of Naruto and Kakashi, the latter having become the Sixth Hokage. Sasuke left Konoha to travel the world on a journey of redemption. Sakura asked him to wait until his prosthetic arm was finished, but Sasuke refused. Sakura then offered to go with him, but he refused again, explaining that his journey was a journey to atone for his misdeeds and that she didn't belong there, which disappointed Sakura. He then promised to see her again and thanked her, Sakura blushed as she realized that he was returning her feelings.

Kakashi Hiden - Lightning in a Frozen Sky

Detailed article: Kakashi Hiden - Lightning in a Frozen SkyOne year after the end of the war, Sakura was part of a group from Konoha sent to the Blood Prison in anticipation of an escape attempt by the Ryuha Weapon Alliance. When they arrived there, Sakura helped collect the ejected passengers from the approaching Tobishachimaru and then, after it crashed nearby, treated the survivors.

Shikamaru Hiden - A cloud floating in a silent darkness

Detailed article: Shikamaru Hiden - A cloud floating in a silent darknessTwo years after the end of the war, Naruto talked to Sakura about Shikamaru Nara's recent cold behavior. She reminded him that Shikamaru was working hard to prepare Naruto to become Hokage one day, which made Naruto wonder if it was worth the trouble Shikamaru was going through. When Shikamaru disappeared in the Land of Silence, Naruto and Sakura joined a combined coalition from Konoha and Suna sent to rescue him. When they arrived, Temari was confronting Sai, who had been brainwashed. Sakura punched Sai away from Temari and then healed the young woman's wound. After Shikamaru's rescue and the completion of her mission, Sakura became part of the group that stayed behind to help the Land of Silence stabilize.

The Last: Naruto the movie

Two years after the end of the war, Sakura noticed that Hinata Hyuga was knitting a scarf that she was going to give to Naruto for the Rinne festival. Sakura encouraged her, but warned her that Naruto didn't really understand how Hinata felt about him. As a result, Sakura arranged for Hinata and Naruto to spend some time together, but due to Naruto's lack of understanding about love, none of them worked. Soon after, Hinata's sister Hanabi was kidnapped by Toneri Ôtsutsuki and they were assigned to a team sent to rescue her. They followed Toneri's trail to a cave and when they entered the cave, they were trapped in a genjutsu. In the movie novel, Sakura quickly recognized that her dreams of Sasuke were not real, she forcefully woke up and woke the rest of the team. At the end of the cave, they found the Guardian of the Moon Gate, the creator of the genjutsu, which Sakura, Shikamaru and Sai destroyed together.

When they came out of the cave, they found themselves in the middle of a vast landscape, which they later learned was the interior of the Moon. While they were resting after a day of exploring the nearby ruins, Hinata voluntarily joined Toneri and Naruto was seriously injured by Toneri while trying to stop her. Sakura spent three whole days treating him, during which Naruto talked in his sleep and told Sakura that he shared Hinata's feelings. When he woke up, Naruto visited Sakura while she was recovering from exhaustion, thanked her and expressed his fears that Hinata had fallen in love with Toneri. Sakura reassured him that Hinata's feelings for him were too strong to change so suddenly and that she must have had a reason for following Toneri. She added that she believed that Naruto's crush on her was due to his desire to defeat Sasuke, whom she loved. When Sakura was ready, they stormed Toneri's castle. Sai and Sakura went to look for Hanabi while Naruto and Shikamaru went to look for Hinata. While rescuing Hanabi, Sakura found the tattered remains of the scarf that Hinata had made for Naruto, which she gave to him when they met again. Later, Toneri was defeated, Naruto and Hinata expressed their feelings for each other and the team returned to Konoha.

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Hiden - Feelings of love carried away by a spring breeze

When the Fourth Great Shinobi War ended, Sakura helped care for those injured and displaced by the conflict. Although the adults recovered quickly and were moved to a safe place when the war ended, the children had a hard time recovering from the stress of the war and the deaths of those they knew. To help them cope, Sakura and Ino opened a clinic within Konoha Hospital to assess and treat the children's mental health. The program proved to be very successful, in part because Sakura worked tirelessly to make it so, a dedication that worried her friends. Two years after the end of the war, Sakura and Ino went to Suna to help the village lay the foundation for its own mental health clinic. On the way, Ino told her about the romantic relationships their classmates - including Ino - were getting into, which made Sakura wonder about her long-distance relationship with Sasuke.

In Suna, Sakura and Ino were summoned by Gaara, who informed them of the existence of a man with Sasuke's appearance and chakra, who was obviously planning to destroy Konoha. They insisted that it was someone disguised as Sasuke, but could not find any explanation as to why the man had chakra similar to Sasuke. Hoping to keep Sasuke's apparent plans secret, Gaara asked Sakura to personally inform Kakashi of the plot against Konoha. Sakura and Ino did so as soon as they returned to Konoha and Kakashi shared their belief that it was an imposter. When, a few days later, rumors of the impostor's actions began to spread, Kakashi sent a message to Sasuke asking him if he knew anything about it, but Sasuke did not respond. Sakura became concerned and confided in Naruto, who speculated that Sasuke found the rumors too ridiculous to pay any attention to.

Naruto's words put Sakura at ease. She joined Tsunade to discuss possible ways to imitate another person's chakra signature and came up with a theory that someone had extracted Sasuke's chakra from samples of his skin and hair that were collected in large quantities. Sakura went to Sai afterwards and told him his theory, which he believed to be true based on the information he had found during his own investigation of Kido Tsumiki. Since it was obvious that they were all working on the same case, Kakashi made them a team which Ino named "Ino-Saku-Sai". While returning from talks about Kido and the Anbu who worked for him, Sakura came across what appeared to be Sasuke, being arrested. She realized after approaching him that it was a genjutsu, but she was injected with a drug that rendered her unconscious before she could escape.

Sakura woke up and found herself tied up and trapped. She tried to escape, but the drug she was injected with hindered her strength and chakra. Kido came to visit her soon after, explaining that he wanted to lure Sasuke with the news of her kidnapping because of their relationship. Once he captured Sasuke, he would kill Sakura to strengthen Sasuke's Sharingan, which would make the synthetic Sharingan that Kido planned to create more effective. Sakura continued to entertain Kido by continuing their conversation, while she gathered enough chakra to free herself. Having finally seen Sasuke's impostor, she explained to Kido his many minor flaws that made him inferior to the original. When she was ready, Sakura escaped from the basement, crossed the upper floors and finally reached the roof with her Cherry Blossom Impact. Outside, she found Sai and Ino, then teamed up with them against Kido and his men. Sakura was drawn into a fight with Sasuke's impostor, who strangled her using one of Kido's synthetic biju capes. Sakura freed herself and, while knocking him out, warned him never to pretend to be Sasuke again.

She regrouped with her teammates and decided to find the rest of Kido's henchmen, but found them defeated by fire and genjutsu, they then realized that it was Sasuke's doing and that he had just disappeared. Although sad that he didn't at least say hello, Sakura was happy that Sasuke cared enough about her to rush to the village to save her. After handing Kido over to Ibiki for questioning, Sakura returned to her duties and decided to wait for Sasuke's return, which she thought was imminent, so she could talk to him. The last page mentioned that Sasuke returned to the village to be with Sakura, as he said to her "I'm home, Sakura".

Konoha Hiden - A perfect day for a wedding

Detailed article: Konoha Hiden - A perfect day for a weddingWhile looking for a gift for Naruto and Hinata for their wedding, Sakura found a frame that she thought was perfect. But Ino found the same frame at the same time and while arguing about who was going to buy it, they both got kicked out of the store and neither of them could finally buy the frame. Ino accused Sakura of being responsible for what happened, insisting that her supernatural strength and large forehead made her rude and especially unlikely to ever get married. Sakura was deeply insulted by this accusation and challenged Ino to a cooking contest to prove that she would make a good wife.

Sakura and Ino made their own energy pills, Sakura put pudding, Ino's favorite dessert, in hers so that Ino would have no choice but to approve her recipe. When she joined Ino the next day, however, she discovered that Ino wanted to use Chôji Akimichi as an impartial judge. The latter tasted each of their pills and found them so delicious that he began to swallow them by handfuls until he collapsed on the floor, blood dripping from his nose. Both suspected that the other had put poison in their pills and tasted them in order to identify the poison and save Chôji. Neither of them could detect any poison, but they could taste their favorite desserts: Ino liked Sakura's pudding and Sakura liked the anmitsu of Ino's. Chôji got up shortly afterwards, having finally recovered from the excess sugar in his blood, and he praised their pills. Sakura and Ino reflected on their similarities and how their rivalry always pushed them to improve. So they decided to go shopping together, helping each other find a gift even better than a picture frame. Later, Sakura attended Naruto and Hinata's wedding alone, but thought about Sasuke who was traveling somewhere.

Sasuke Shinden - Sunrise Book

Detailed article: Sasuke Shinden - Book of SunriseSakura was summoned to Kakashi's office, along with Naruto and Sai, about the disappearances of shinobi from Kumo and Kiri. Sakura informed Kakashi that she was doing some research on her own and that she had discovered that several shinobi from Konoha had disappeared, including a family friend of Ino. When Kakashi told them that Sasuke was investigating these disappearances, Sakura became anxious, frustrated with their long-distance relationship.

Konoha was then attacked, Sakura and the others discovered that the attackers were the missing shinobi, who were under the effect of genjutsu. The leader of the attack, Taidachi, was a friend of Ino's family. Sakura helped Naruto, Sai, Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino and Shoji to deduce that the shinobi would explode if they were injured and that they had to develop a new strategy: Shikamaru used his Shadow Manipulation and Hinata used her Jûken to immobilize them. Ino tried to use her Transposition on Taidaichi, but fell into a genjutsu trap and Aoba saved her, but they both fainted. Sakura healed them and the rest of the injured from the attack.

When Sakura learned that Sasuke had captured the perpetrators and helped them repent, Sakura, though tired of waiting for Sasuke to come home, was proud of him for all he had done to redeem himself.

Sakura was mentioned in a letter written by Naruto and given to Sasuke during his trip. In this letter, Sakura compared her current duties of protecting the village in the shadows to her childhood dream of joining the Konoha Police Department. It was Sakura's words in the letter that made Sasuke decide to return to Konoha to be with her. The end of the novel strongly implied that they met again some time later, as Sakura said "Welcome home, Sasuke".

New Era

When Sakura and Sasuke started dating, they had their first date overlooking the ocean, although it only lasted two and a half minutes. Four years after the war, Sakura, pregnant, accompanied her husband, Sasuke, on his travels because she refused to leave him. When her pregnancy was over, Sasuke took her to one of Orochimaru's hideouts and asked Karin to help her give birth. Sakura gave birth to their daughter, Sarada, and returned to Konoha with her family. Afterwards, Sakura and Sasuke raised their daughter together for a while, but he left the village on a mission to investigate Kaguya, leaving their daughter with few memories of him. When Sarada asked about Sasuke, Sakura assured her that he loved Sarada and promised that he would come home after completing his mission, Sakura then slapped her forehead.

Eventually, she became the director of the medical clinic and its best healer. She also started to teach medical ninjutsu to the genin. When Naruto became Hokage, Sakura attended his investiture with Sarada. Later, Sakura attended a Five Kage Summit with her husband, who informed the Kage of the discovery of evidence that Kaguya had created a new White Zetsu Army to deal with a greater threat. Agreeing to keep this information secret and wanting to save the future of their daughter and the new generation, Sasuke continued his wanderings trying to find more information, using his Rinnegan to inspect other dimensions.


Sakura Haruno


Start at the Ninja Academy


In the anime, while the village was under repeated attacks from an unknown culprit, Sakura treated a Konoha sewage plant worker, whose chakra was drained, at the village hospital. When it was discovered that the culprit behind the attacks was Sumire Kakei, a unit was deployed to arrest him. Indeed, Sumire released Nue in the village. While Kakashi organized the unit to defend the village from her attack, Sakura worked with a unit to treat the injured.

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

In the anime, Sakura was about to go on a trip with Ino, when she realized that a patient's teddy bear, which she took home so she could sew it, had not yet been recovered. Sakura promised to return the bear the same day, but Sarada promised that she would do it for her. Later, Sakura and Ino went to the seaside cliff, where Sakura and Sasuke had gone on their first date. Ino asked Sakura if Sasuke had contacted her, but she said he hadn't and wondered what Sasuke was doing right now. Later that night, Sakura went home and asked her daughter if she had returned the teddy bear and Sarada told her that it had been a piece of cake. Sarada then asked Sakura how her trip was and her mother said it was wonderful.

As graduation from the Academy approached, Sarada began to ask Sakura to talk to her about Sasuke more seriously. Sakura tried to answer her questions about her husband's childhood in order to hide his past from Sarada, which made Sarada wonder if Sasuke and Sakura were really married. This upset Sakura and she hit the ground, inadvertently destroying their house. Sakura fainted when she realized what she had done. She woke up later and found herself under the supervision of Shizune, who informed her that Sarada had left the village in search of Sasuke and told her about her daughter's doubts about her parentage. After being surprised by her daughter's recklessness, Sakura went after her.

Sakura arrived in time to save her family from Shin Uchiwa, breaking his organs in the process. She apologized to her daughter for not being honest with her, but Sasuke insisted that he was to blame. A creature then teleported her and the two Shins to his lair. There, Shin held her hostage and asked her to transplant her injured son's organs, which she refused. While Shin performed the operation himself, Sakura was disgusted by his philosophy about his clones and said that he had no idea what a real parent was. After the operation was over, Sakura revealed that she was pretending to be a helpless hostage to get information about Shin for Sasuke and she started to fight him. When Sasuke arrived, he saved Sakura, took out some scalpels and she thanked him. After the clones stabbed Shin, Sakura stood in front of Sarada as they prepared to attack them, but Sarada rushed towards them and defeated them with her strength. When the fight was over, Sakura hugged Sarada and expressed her relief that she was okay, before confirming that they were biologically linked.

Sasuke drove them back to Konoha and spent some time with his family, even posing for a family photo that was missing from their home. Sakura and Sarada accompanied him when he left Konoha again. Seeing his daughter saddened, Sasuke took her in his arms and slapped her forehead, promising to return under Sakura's smiling gaze. Sakura then gave him a lunch she had prepared for him and hoped for a kiss in return, but he left without further comment smiling, depressing Sakura as she waved goodbye.

Naruto Shinden: Family Day

During the new Konoha holiday, Sakura had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. Later that day, she was shocked to discover that Sasuke had returned to the village. He confided in her about the problems he was having in his relationship with Sarada and Sakura noticed that having spent much of her life apart and having only heard stories about her father and his various exploits, Sarada had probably been bathed in illusions about who Sasuke was as a person as well as his attempts to be a caring father seemed to surprise her. Finally, Sakura suggested that he approach their daughter much like he had done with his father and brother when he was young, enjoying their time together and talking about their goals. Later that evening, the Uchiwa family gathered for a hearty meal.

Final exams

In the anime, Sakura noticed that her daughter lacked enthusiasm for going camping and her complaints about Boruto reminded her of her complaints about Naruto in the Academy days. When Sarada's class began to prepare for the Genin Exams, Sakura joined her daughter to discuss her progress and future goals with Shino.

Fight against Momoshiki


Several months later, when Sarada had to train for the next Chûnin Examinations, Sakura accompanied her. Before leaving, Sarada remarked that her mother must have been happy since Sasuke returned to Konoha, to which Sakura replied that Sarada was also happy. Later, during the finals matches, Sakura watched the matches with Temari and Ino, cheering loudly when Sarada won her first match. The finals were interrupted by an attack from Kinshiki and Momoshiki Ôtsutsuki, who proceeded to destroy the stadium. Sakura punched the falling debris above her, creating a shockwave strong enough to destroy it to protect herself and the other spectators.

After Kinshiki and Momoshiki kidnapped Naruto, Sakura nursed Hinata, who was seriously injured in her failed attempt to save him. When Boruto was preparing to join Sasuke to rescue Naruto, Sakura took Hinata to him so that she could reason with him. However, seeing Boruto as he was reminded Hinata, as well as Sakura, of a younger Naruto, and she finally let him go. Naruto was successfully rescued and life returned to normal when they returned to Konoha. As Sarada and her team left on their mission, Sakura watched them alongside Sasuke.

Disappearance of Mitsuki

In the anime, when Mitsuki apparently betrayed the village by attacking two guards, the village was quarantined. Sakura was in charge of treating the injured and when one of them started to recover and show signs of regaining consciousness, Sakura gave her report to Yurito to give to the Hokage. Meanwhile, Boruto and Sarada left the village without permission to find Mitsuki. While Hinata worried about the consequences of their children's actions, Sakura insisted that they knew what their actions could lead to but was confident that nothing bad would happen to them.

Later, suspecting that the enemy would try to kill the recovering guards again to cover their tracks, Moegi transformed himself into one of them. The suspicions turned out to be correct because a brainwashed Yurito had tried to poison him. Although Moegi and Sakura cornered him, Yurito used the poison as a smoke screen to escape. Eventually, Yurito was captured and freed from his brainwashing, but he fell victim to an Explosive Clay trap by the enemies to cover their tracks. While Sakura was treating the deeply wounded Yurito, she gave Naruto permission to speak briefly with the recovering guards.

Later, Sarada joined Boruto to get Mitsuki. When the genin returned, Sakura, angry but relieved, hugged her daughter to welcome her.

Time jump

After helping Sasuke bring Shukaku back safely to the village, he was allowed to rest. Sakura was happy that her husband was back, but she was dismayed at how little time he spent at home. Nevertheless, she decided to prepare her favorite dinner to welcome him back.

Meanwhile, Sasuke and Boruto were sent to the past, shortly after Sasuke's desertion, when Sakura came upon them. Fearing to change the future by interacting with her, Sasuke decided to keep his distance, but Sakura noticed how similar Naruto and Boruto were to each other, which both of them flatly denied. Later, Sakura joined her friends to help Boruto and Naruto clean up a bathhouse to make up for the mess Naruto and Jiraya had caused.

A few days later, as Sakura was walking home after another exhausting training session with Tsunade, she came across the adult Sasuke on her way. He quickly apologized and ran off, dropping a piece of paper, which was none other than a letter from Sarada and Sakura examined the contents. Although it was a letter whose message was too garbled to read, Sakura could see Sasuke's name written on it. Suspecting that Boruto knew something about Sasuke, she decided to ask him about it, but the boy, nervous about being found out, told her that he knew another Sasuke than the one she knew. Seeing that he was hiding something, Sakura decided to go and find the teacher of the unknown boy to ask him directly.

She later found the mysterious man, fighting an assailant alongside Boruto and Jiraya, who was after Naruto. When Sasuke's efforts proved futile due to his continued fatigue and the enemy's strange abilities, he threw himself into the river with him. As the man emerged unharmed but angry at Sasuke's intervention, Sakura fished Sasuke out of the river and hid him while using her new medical ninjutsu to heal him. Finally, Sasuke woke up, accidentally addressing her by her first name. As she started to ask him questions, her efforts to heal Sasuke exhausted her and she fainted. Sasuke laid her down gently before going to help his allies.

A few days later, after Urashiki was defeated and Sasuke and the others were released from the hospital, Sasuke and Boruto were ready to leave. Before they could do so, they were approached by Sakura, who was still determined to find out the connection between the stranger and Sasuke. As Sasuke was looking for an excuse, Jiraya intervened, telling her that they were ardent fans of Sasuke and wanted to train under his supervision, hence their injuries. Sakura finally agreed to believe their story, but found the traveler strange.

Before leaving, Sasuke used his Sharingan to erase Sakura's memories, as well as those of all the other members of the past concerning recent events in order to protect the timeline. After Sasuke and Boruto returned to the present, Sasuke found his wife asleep on the table, waiting for him. After waking up and greeting him, she decided to make him some food, for which Sasuke thanked her warmly.

Starting up Kara

In the anime, when Team 7 was defeated by Deepa, the genin were taken back to the village for emergency treatment. While Sakura took care of Boruto, Shizune took care of Sarada. After a successful operation on both genin, Sakura expressed her concern about the mental impact of the defeat on them. Three days later, Sarada and Boruto disappeared from their respective rooms in the hospital, Sakura quickly deduced that they were going to meet up with Konohamaru and Mugino, ready to go on a mission to investigate Kara. However, to her relief, the children simply wanted to express their confidence in their ninja elders to handle the mission while they would stay in the village and commit to becoming stronger through intensive training.

Later, as Sarada trained intensively with Sasuke, Sakura watched them from afar, worried about her daughter. As she continued to observe the grueling conditions her daughter was being subjected to, Sakura went to talk to them and expressed her concern that her daughter was overexerting herself after barely recovering and was even more horrified to hear her talk about the Mangekyo Sharingan. While Sakura insisted that she couldn't go beyond her limits so recklessly, Sarada was furious to hear her mother coddling her like this, refusing to see why she wanted to get stronger and left. Alone with her husband, Sakura admitted that as a mother, she could not bear the thought of their daughter hurting herself again as she had. She also feared the path that Sarada could potentially take if she were to acquire the Mangekyo Sharingan. Sasuke insisted that as parents they had to prepare Sarada as much as possible to face the world and be as strong as they were then.

Unable to fully accept her husband's point of view, Sakura remained depressed. Later that night, Ino and Hinata decided to take Sakura to a girls' night out to talk. They insisted that as mothers they too feared for their children's well-being, but that they should have confidence in them knowing that they were strong enough and could endure. Ino insisted that Sakura, as a child, had a strength that pushed her forward and that Sarada had inherited her power as well as Sasuke's. Ino's words succeeded in lifting Sakura's spirits.

The next day, Sakura decided to personally supervise her daughter's training. She insisted that blindly accepting the challenge would not work. So she forced Sarada to face her and quickly defeated her. She then pointed out that Sarada's biggest weakness was her inability to control her chakra well, since she consumed it quickly in her various actions and released it randomly when she attacked. This affected both her combat performance and the development of her Sharingan. Sarada's second problem was that her determination was still too weak, as she feared defeat. Determined to overcome her limits, Sarada faced Sakura again, using her Sharingan to mimic the movements and timing of Sakura's attacks in order to reach a dead center. While Sakura criticized her recklessness, she was proud to see that her strength was similar to his, deciding to put Sarada through the same grueling combat training that Tsunade had put her through to improve her chakra control.



While buying flowers for Sasuke's imminent return, Ino disapproved of the idea of a husband who was hardly ever home, to which Sakura replied that she only wanted him to come back to the village safe and sound despite the fact that she was sometimes lonely. When Sarada asked Sakura about the seal on her forehead, she explained and revealed that it had existed since the Rikudô Sennin era. She also revealed to her that Sasuke was coming back soon, when Ino suddenly shook when she felt a sinister chakra near Naruto, to Sakura's shock. Sarada left the store and told her mother that she was going home. Later, while returning from the flower store, she found an injured Sasuke teleporting behind her on the road, which shocked her again. She took him to the hospital and treated him, saving him from his serious injuries.

After Sasuke and Naruto recovered completely, Sarada and her team were also treated, having saved Naruto in a daring way. Sarada explained to her parents how in their fight against Boro, it was only because of a strange new evolution of Boruto's Kama that they were able to defeat him. She noticed that not only had a horn appeared on Boruto and that he had activated a Byakugan in his right eye with his massive increase in power, but that he was acting differently. This worried Sasuke and Sakura told her daughter to rest.

Arc Repassage of the Chûnin Examination

In the anime, Konoha organized a new Chûnin Examination. Sarada was one of the four chûnin promoted at the end of it, to the great joy of her parents. A few days later, Sakura commented that Sarada's appointment as team captain meant that Konohamaru would no longer be part of their team, which Sarada found difficult to accept. When Mirai returned to the village poisoned after what was supposed to be a simple mission, Sakura nursed her back to health until she could report what had happened to her.

Creation and design

Although Sakura is one of the most recurring characters in the series, Masashi Kishimoto did not originally want to make her one of the heroines of the manga, although when he said so, he found it difficult to consider her as the heroine. Kishimoto attributes this initial desire to his inability to draw good heroines. So he made Sakura a girl unable to understand men which was, for him, the best of what he could do. The creation of Sakura is the result of Kishimoto's desire to make an irritating but well-intentioned character. Despite these elements, Kishimoto says that he greatly appreciates this character, feeling that her character traits are common to many people, giving her a very human side.

In designing Sakura, Kishimoto focused on her figure and created a costume that was as simple as possible, unlike many other characters with more elaborate wardrobes. One of the features of her costume are her leggings, which Kishimoto says serve to show that she is a very active girl. At the beginning of the series, these fall below the knee and look like pants. Throughout the first part, they become shorter and tighter. When designing Sakura for the second part of the manga, Kishimoto decided to give her more practical clothes for fighting, with her arms and legs more exposed. Also due to his initial inability to draw good female characters, Kishimoto failed to make her "cute" at the beginning of the series. Although he thinks that she became more and more cute throughout the series, Kishimoto and most of the Naruto staff agree that Sakura was "far from cute" at the beginning of the series.

Another characteristic of Sakura is the width of her forehead. Because of this element, Kishimoto takes a long time to draw her, both in the manga and in the promotional and artbook drawings. Kishimoto said that Sakura's pink hair was originally intended to give her a unique style and make her look like cherry blossoms.


  • The name Haruno is composed of two kanji meaning "Spring" (Haru) and "Fields" (野) respectively, meaning "Spring fields" and Sakura, which can be written with the kanji 桜, means "Cherry blossom". The cherry blossom is one of the iconic flowers of Japan, it is associated with the image of the samurai, with ephemeral beauty (like this flower), with the brevity of life. In Hanafuda, a traditional Japanese card game, the Sakura flower is associated with the month of March, Sakura's birth month
  • However, phonetically we can also understand its name as "Haru no Sakura" which means "Spring cherry blossom".
    • From the databook:
      • Her favorite foods are anmitsu (Japanese pastry made of sweet azuki bean paste, liquid sugar and jelly) and salted plums (umeboshi) and what she does not like is spicy food.
      • She would like to have a fight with Ino Yamanaka again.
      • Her hobbies are quizzes and learning the names of new instruments for her medical studies.
      • Her favorite phrase was "My life will be nothing but love" (Issho ai no jinsei yo!), then from the second databook it became "Courage" (Yûki).
        In total, she accomplished 34 official missions :
        • Rang S : 0
        • Rang A : 7
        • Rang B : 6
        • Rang C : 9
        • Rang D : 12
    • Sakura appears as a secondary character in an official comic spin-off series: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden (Rock Lee and the Spring of Youth - Full-Power Ninja Training) published in Super Strong Jump.
    • Although sometimes criticized, Sakura remains the most popular female character of the manga, probably due to her heroine status, often ranking in the top 10 of the readers' favorite characters. However, Hinata Hyuga managed to steal this place three times in the second, third and seventh popularity poll. She was :
      • 5th in first popularity poll
      • 14th in second popularity poll
      • 9th in the third popularity poll
      • 10th in the fourth popularity poll
      • 8th in the fifth popularity poll
      • 12th in the sixth popularity poll
      • 6th in the Third Databook popularity poll
      • 12th in the seventh popularity poll



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