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Sculpture de figurines

Sculpture de figurines

Figurine Manga France proposes to write some articles about one of the facets of the sculpture of figurines in any kind but particularly about manga figurines.

Let's start with the beginning. To sculpt you need paste but with all that the market offers it can be difficult to make a choice so we will try to be simple and concise

To shape your manga figure, you will have to find something more practical than your fingers!

I suggest tools again there are all sizes, shapes and materials.

How to choose your tools when you don't know anything about them? Here is our review of these tools so you can have an idea.

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1 Metal spoons/spatulas

Sculpture de figurines


The first must-have is a classic metal spoon with a blade on the other end that doesn't cut... you know, I'm sure!

This tool can also come in other shapes as needed by using small files; you can make them any way you like... round, square, flat, curved, hollow, and you can also use it to make a "stamp" tool for "stamping patterns", it can end with a small blade or needle...

The tool is relatively immortal, so that means safe access. Feel free to tinker with a small series... and feel free to put a sheet on it to perfect them because the new ones are not at the top...

Another advantage is that it is very difficult and allows you to trace your coordinates very precisely!

However, the metal tool has one minor flaw... it sticks to the filled green. Just put your tool on a damp paper towel before working so it doesn't stick. Do this regularly!

In short, this tool is the Swiss Army knife of figure creation!

Mickasa Ackerman VS Titan Cuirassé

2 Wooden tools

Sculpture de figurines

Generally made of boxwood, it is very effective in "roughing out" work. You can also cut or sand it to give it the desired shape. This tool will certainly only be used on figures larger than human size.

It must be the cheapest tool on the market.

You can also improvise with chopsticks... it does a good job!

Try it for free !

3 The soft tools

Figure carving

They are called "gum brushes" and look like a paintbrush, but instead of bristles they have a soft rubber tip; the hardness depends on the color.

NOTE: "white=soft, gray=medium; black=hard".

Nothing anatomical or drapey like this type of tool, folded in cloth, in short, anything that requires a soft shape is a very nice tool.

It has the advantage of being the only tool that doesn't stick to green materials!

You won't be able to score or chisel the dough with these flexible tips... you will also need a metal spatula.

These tools are very expensive and wear out over time, but they are so cool to use!

For 30mm people, size 0 is preferred, for 54mm trolls or monsters, size 2 is preferred.

The basic cone is definitely the best for you.

4 The brushes

Just get your old paint brushes and turn them into a smoothing or texturing tool. (This will depend on the stiffness of the hair).

Recovered tool therefore free tool!

To test absolutely!

5 The looptool :

Sculpture de figurines

Titan cuirassé

These are sometimes twisted ring tools used to remove material.

These tools are rarely used by figure sculptors because our models are too small to use this tool... but for those of you who like to rub shoulders with the "BIG FIGURE" it is the ideal sculpting tool for bulky objects...

In short, a non-priority tool...

6 The ball tools

Sculpture de figurines

A set of ball tools, providing several tools that end in metal spheres.
This set also offers us a combo of sizes that allows us to do many different things.
We will be able to smooth concave shapes, but also print very regular circles of different sizes, fans of Eren titan love it!

In a word, this tool is quite beneficial, and very functional... it's our favorite tool to size the grid.

7 The homemade ones

Sculpture de figurines

Do you have an old brush handle, an old bent paint gun needle? Do you need a specific shape? Prints? Do you have a bit of a DIY soul, a pair of pliers and some super glue? It's up to you to create the tools you need for a specific job!

Sometimes we spent 1 hour making a special tool that was only used for the model but ultimately saved me hours of work! In short, don't forget to be creative! ! You can now choose your weapon !

Sculpture de figurines


Sculpture de figurines

There are also a lot of things needed for carving that every good hobbyist has in his workbench (or bazaar for some)

Just a quick list:

Hand drill, cutting and flat pliers, super glue, wine bottle stopper, miniature files model scalpel.

But also some less common tools:

Dremel or drill, vise, soldering iron or lighter, soldering tin and of course the wire that will be used for your armature.

Many other things can still be useful...

But I think I've already listed a lot of stuff...

Sculpture de figurines



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