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Sieg Jäger

Sieg Jäger

Sieg Jäger is the captain of the Mahr Warrior Unit, charged with stealing the Original Titan from Paradise. He is the current holder of the Bestial Titan, and is considered by Reiner Braun to be the most powerful Warrior in the Mahr army, in contrast to Livaï Ackerman who is said to be the most powerful soldier on Paradise Island. Sieg is the son of Grisha Jäger and Dinah Fritz, the older half-brother of Eren Jäger, and a member of the Royal Family by his mother.

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Human form

Sieg is a young man of about twenty years. He is tall and has a very muscular torso, as can be seen when he is shirtless.

In 850, he had blond, medium-length hair, blue-gray eyes, a short blond beard and round glasses.

In 854, when he returned to Paradise, he had short hair and also maintained his beard. Following his passage down the path, that same year, his hair and beard are longer than ever and are greying, as his father noticed when he saw him through his memories.

Titanic shape

His titan is 17 meters high and has the particularity of looking like an ape. His face has human features but the rest of his body is covered with thick red fur. He has pointed teeth and ears, red eyes and seems to have a beard around his mouth. His titan has a small head compared to the rest of his body and has long, slender arms that make it easier to throw projectiles.


Sieg Jäger is an intelligent and strategic man. However, he does not think about his words before he speaks, but dares to speak the truth and what he thinks. He often has euphoric or sarcastic manners. Sieg is not sentimental and seems to have difficulty feeling pity for others, even children. He even finds amusement in stoning enemies, seeing it as a baseball game. This lack of empathy is explained by the fact that not only does he, like Eren Kruger, put his cover for his plan far above his humanity, but he also has a nihilistic philosophy, for he has liberated those he has killed by making them leave this sordid world.


Personal history

Born in 825 in the Eldian internment camp of Revelio, Sieg is the first son of Grisha Jäger and his first wife, Dinah Fritz. He is therefore of royal blood. His parents, respected members of the Eldian resistance against the Mahrs, had planned to infiltrate Sieg among the Mahrs by enrolling him in the Mahr-Eldian warrior project, which consisted of training Eldian children to select the best ones who would have the honor of receiving the power of the titans in possession of the Mahrs. Unfortunately, Sieg was mainly raised by his grandparents who were entirely devoted to, and submissive to, the Mahr authority. Sieg, who was then 7 years old, denounced his parents to the authorities. Grisha and Dinah were arrested, and taken to Paradise Island. A few years later, Sieg finally became a proud and devoted Mahr soldier, able to receive the power of the Bestial Titan.

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Sieg Jäger

Clash of the Titans Arc

The Bestial Titan made its first appearance in Chapter 35, (corresponding to episode 1 of Season 2 of the Anime), when the Titans were gathered around the Pink Wall even though the Wall remained mysteriously intact.

The Titan displayed remarkable intelligence when he met Mike Zacharias. He prevented his escape by killing his horse and ordered the other Titans not to eat him so that he could interrogate him about the Three Dimensional Maneuvering equipment. He took the trouble to search Mike for information, although Mike was terrified and could not answer. Then he left Mike to the Titans. As he left, he heard him yell and then added, "Well, he could talk then."

He later appeared next to Utgarde Castle. He passed by, apparently ignoring those who had taken refuge in this Castle. Instead, he used his incredible strength to climb the Pink Wall and disappeared on the other side. Curiously, the reaction of Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover when they see him is later described by Ymir as "that of excited children." As the soldiers managed to fend off an attack, he suddenly changed his focus to them. He began to break off pieces of the wall, hurling them like missiles at the members of the Exploration Battalion, trapped in Utgarde Castle. The first blow killed their horses, and the second killed Line and Henning. He then shouted, gathering more Titans to continue the assault on the Castle. Nanaba noted angrily that he seemed to be intentionally playing with them. Then he climbed the Wall and disappeared again into the lost territory of the Pink Wall. The Bestial Titan seems, according to Ymir, to be directly responsible for the appearance of the Titans in the enclosure of the Pink Wall, perhaps in order to "test" the strength of Humanity. She revealed that its location was one of the main objectives of Reiner and Bertolt and that it is essential for them to return to their village.

Major Turning Arc

Following the kidnapping of Eren Jäger by his former comrades, an investigation was carried out in the village of Ragako. The investigation confirmed the hypothesis that the villagers had been transformed into Titans, even if the means used by the Titan Monkey remain unrevealed. This confirms the hypothesis that the Titans are all originally humans. Later, we will see Reiner in his titanic form (the Dreadnought Titan), on the ground against the Titan Monkey. He tells them that Annie Leonhart will have to wait for her release and that they will wait for Eren to come and find them.

Return Arch to Shiganshina

After the Exploration Battalion found Reiner, the Bestial Titan appeared with other Titans and threw a huge rock that destroyed the gate, leaving the battalion no way to retreat. In order to eliminate the human mounts and transports, he sent a signal by striking the ground, causing the smaller Titans to lunge at the mounts positioned in the center. While Livai Ackerman's and Hansi Zoe's squad were dealing with Reiner in the district, at the Titan's cry, Sieg sent a barrel into Shiganshina, where Bertolt was located, to join him. While Reiner and Bertolt take care of capturing Eren, Sieg sets up a trap to eliminate the rest of the Battalion.

With the help of his sidekick the "Titan Cart", he grabs large rocks and breaks them in his hand and sends them towards the front door where Erwin Smith, Livai and the others are. Despite the despair of finding no way back, Major Erwin attempts one last assault on the Titan Monkey. The plan is to head straight for Sieg and divert his attention while Livai works his way back up to him, taking out every Titan on Sieg's right. The Exploration Battalion then sends all their smoke to create a cloud of smoke behind which they can hide. This makes it harder for Sieg to hit the target.

Sieg doesn't care about the Exploration Battalion's plans and it reminds him of his father. He is aware that Rhodes Reiss was the rightful king of the Walls and that his family has erased the memory of the majority lineage. He accuses him of making the Men senseless since to him they would be willing to go on a suicide assault to make themselves look good. After decimating most of the battalion in his titanic form, hurling rocks at them, Sieg is fooled by his own game. Indeed, according to Major Erwin's plan, the suicide assault in his direction was meant to be a diversion so that Master Corporal Livai could attack him by surprise, after having climbed up to him thanks to the 50-foot Titans that surrounded him.

Livaï being much too fast, the Bestial Titan doesn't have time to harden his skin and his neck becomes vulnerable. This flaw allows Livai to cut the neck and the limbs of Sieg's human body. By having the limbs cut, it is impossible for him to transform again into titan in the immediate future and he becomes at the mercy of the Master Corporal. Since Livai has a serum that transforms into a Titan, he must choose between saving Erwin who is seriously injured or Armin Arlelt who has faced the Colossal Titan and can hardly breathe.Livai chooses to save Armin following the requests of Eren and Mikasa Ackerman, Armin then transforms into a "stupid" Titan and devours Bertolt, whose limbs have been cut off earlier by Eren. After that, he comes out of the Titan, regenerated and now possessing the Colossal Titan.

It was without counting the fact that Livaï had lowered his guard towards the Charette. The latter arrives just in time to retrieve Sieg from Livai's hands and takes him in his mouth before turning around and heading for the interior of the Shiganshina district. Enraged by his defeat, Sieg orders the remaining 50-foot Titans to kill Livai. The Titans obey Sieg even when he is in human form, showing that he has a power similar to Eren's.

On the back of Peak, Sieg tries to recover Reiner and Bertolt, still inside the District, to finally withdraw. However they were both caught by the Battalion. It is while going to find Bertolt that Sieg faces Eren for the first time. But the latter does not intend to yield to him so easily. Sieg tries to negotiate a little with Eren by taking him by the feelings and evoking his father, Grisha Jäger. He tells him that he is not like him and then that he has trouble thinking because his father has confined his mind. When Sieg talks about Grisha, Eren notices an uncanny resemblance between the two men, especially in their facial features.

It is by seeing Livaï appearing again, still on his feet and ready to fight, that Sieg gives up going further and decides to abandon Bertolt to his fate. He leaves the place, after announcing that he will come back, to go to another corner of the city where Reiner is. Since Reiner was not covered by Mikasa or Livai, the two biggest threats to Sieg, he managed to get him back more easily by attacking Chief Hansi by surprise. Although Jean Kirschtein saved him at the last moment, she decides not to pursue them because of the lack of supplies. Sieg, Reiner and Pieck then all three climb to the top of the Wall to disappear outside.

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Sieg Jäger

The warriors of Mahr

In his native land, Sieg Jäger is a warrior respected for his great dedication and unfailing loyalty. Despite his sincere allegiance to the Mahr people, his Mahr superiors find it difficult to understand him even after 20 years of rigorous work at their side. Indeed, Sieg possesses extraordinary abilities, since despite his Bestial Titan, he is able to transform anyone into a titan who has been injected with a serum with a simple howl. He can also control titans by day or night, as long as the moon reflects enough sunlight. However, he is the only one who knows his family secret: the royal blood is what makes him so exceptional. None of the scientists specializing in titanic chemistry have found the answer. Only his successor will know, when he recovers all his memories. Being an orphan, he lives with his paternal grandparents, whom he meets again when he returns home, after 4 years of war against the Middle East.


Grisha Jäger

Grisha was Sieg's father. Sieg did not seem to like his father. Indeed, the latter did not take into account the dreams and aspirations of his son, considering him only as the savior of Eldia. This relationship is reflected when Sieg, without any remorse, denounces his parents to the Mahrs authorities.

Dinah Jäger

Dinah was Sieg's mother. When Grisha shouted after Sieg's failure during the race, it was Dinah who defended Sieg by saying that he did his best. She then took her son a little more into account than the father.

Mr. Jäger and Mrs. Jäger

Sieg is very fond of his grandparents. As a child, he made sure that his grandparents would not be deported when he denounced his parents and the Eldian Resistance network to the Mahr authorities. After that he lived with them.

Eren Jäger

Eren is Sieg's half-brother, they have the same father, Grisha, but not the same mother. Sieg is very fond of his half-brother, he is convinced that together they can save the world.

Tom Xaver

Sieg and Tom met by chance. They played catch and developed a friendly relationship. Sieg trusted Tom so much that he talked about his parents in the resistance. He took Tom's advice and turned them in. It is while exchanging with him that Sieg decides he wants the "euthanasia" of the Eldian people. Since the transfer of the bestial, Sieg wears Tom Xaver's glasses. Later, when Sieg was trapped by Livaï, he pushed a last cry thinking to die: "Look at me Mr Xaver!"


Skills and Competencies

Titan Shifting

Sieg is able to transform into one of the nine primordial Titans, the Bestial Titan.

Creation of Primary Titans

In human or titanic form, Sieg is able to transform eldians into primary Titans, provided that they have received his own Cerebrospinal serum beforehand. To do this, he just has to scream. This ability is used a lot by the Mahrs during the wars, especially during the Battle of Shiganshina and the Battle of Slava Fortress.

Primary Titans Command

Sieg is able to give orders to the primary titans, in the same way as the Original Titan, although he cannot give them too complex orders. Another notable fact is that Sieg is able to command primary titans by night, provided the moon is shining. This ability applies to both his human and titanic forms.


Like almost all Primordial Titans, Sieg is capable of hardening into titanic form.


Sieg is one of the few people who can communicate fluidly in titanic form. Indeed, he was seen talking to Mike Zacharias before Zacharias was eaten, asking him how the Three Dimensional Maneuvering device worked.


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