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Sir Crocodile

Sir Crocodile

Crocodile, better known as Sir Crocodile, was the president of Baroque Works and the main antagonist of the Baroque Works Saga. His code name in the organization was Mr. 0. He was the first enemy in the series to last this long and was the first enemy to actually defeat Luffy. He was first introduced as one of the 7 privateer captains, but was stripped of his title when he tried to take over Alabasta, the desert kingdom. He was first presented as a major enemy of Luffy, however, the two formed an uneasy and unlikely alliance during their escape from Impel Down and the second half of the Battle of Marine Ford.


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Crocodile is a tall man with a broad chest, muscular arms and thick legs and neck. He has pale skin and black hair with purple highlights neatly slicked back (which tends to fall over his face when he fights). He has a few battle scars from previous fights, a scar that cuts his face horizontally and a gold hook on his left hand. He always has a frown, half-closed eyes and a wrinkle on his forehead. He has a deep, husky voice and is constantly seen smoking a cigar. He was present at the execution of Gold Roger, he was seen from behind. His long fur coat is reminiscent of the Italian mafia bosses. During the Alabasta adventure, he wears an orange shirt with black checks, a blue scarf, black pants, black polished shoes and his usual green fur coat with black stripes. During the Marine Ford Arc, he wears a prisoner's outfit at first, then a black shirt, a green scarf, black pants with shiny highlights, black polished shoes and a black fur coat.

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Sir Crocodile


Crocodile has a very high opinion of himself and is far too powerful to look down on common pirates. He is arrogant and contemptuous: "we don't box in the same category" is one of his favorite phrases. Moreover, he is a cruel man who does not hesitate to eliminate his collaborators when he has no more use for them.

He is a true criminal genius: in spite of his rank as a Corsair Captain, he spends a lot of time elaborating complex machinations, each more perfidious than the other. He has built a powerful crime empire, Baroque Works, which he runs in the shadows under the code name of Mr. 0.

What is important to him is military power. That's why he's trying to get hold of Pluto, an ancient weapon capable of reducing an island to ashes in just one second, he wants to build his own empire and conquer the world with this power.

He also considers that "weakness and presumption are two unforgivable sins". Furthermore, he qualifies acts of pure bravery (such as putting one's life in danger knowing that a fight is surely lost in advance) as those of "a complete moron".

Crocodile also believes that only the strong have the right to talk about justice and ideals. The others (especially the Navy) can only mope about their weakness, and all their talk of justice is empty.

One Piece of Laughter
Like most characters in One Piece, Crocodile has a unique laugh: "Kuaa-ha.-ha.-ha.ha."

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Sir Crocodile



Crocodile, a genius of crime and betrayal on all levels, trusts no one, not even his subordinates, and relies only on himself. However, Mr. 1 has managed to gain his respect because he is strong enough and above all devoted to Crocodile that Crocodile keeps him in his crew and delivers him to Impel Down.

Skills and Competencies

Crocodile is a former member of the 7 Corsair Captains, showing his status as a powerful pirate. His former bounty was 81,000,000 Berry, and would have at least doubled if the World Government knew about his actions. He is a very intelligent and far-sighted pirate, able to run the Baroque Works organization without the knowledge of the World Government, and able to create almost perfect and ambitious plans. During Operation Utopia, he attempted and almost succeeded in overthrowing a government, provoking a war, and becoming the ruler of a country as large as Alabasta. His connections with the underworld are enough to fake a Dance Powder deal for which the government is responsible. He is also aware of his reputation and is anxious to protect his image. For many years he has been able to maintain his reputation as a Corsair, hide his true identity from the members of Baroque Works (except for Nico Robin), and appear as a savior to the people of Alabaster. His thinking and deduction skills are also very advanced, even with little information. He was able to deduce from just looking at Luffy's bandage that it was a plan to protect himself from Mr. 2. He has extensive knowledge, especially in the area of the Demon Fruit, he knows more information about the Fruit than most people. For example, he understands that the Demon Guards are users of the Awakened Zoan Fruit, while many of the prisoners at Impel Down didn't even realize they had eaten a Demon Fruit. He has mastered his Demon Fruit to perfection, being able to launch powerful and varied attacks, which allowed him to beat Monkey D. Luffy twice with this power alone, almost killing him. An enemy not using Haki and not knowing his weakness against liquids would not stand a chance against him.

His status as a Corsair Captain and the fact that he has been placed on level 6 of Impel Down shows that the World Government considers him a very powerful pirate, especially for a pirate operating in the first half of the Grand Line.

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Sir Crocodile

Fruit of the Demon

Crocodile was Luffy's first great opponent and the first to defeat him in single combat. Crocodile ate the Suna Suna no Mi (or Sand Fruit), a Logia Demon Fruit, which gives him the elemental power of sand. His body is in fact made of sand which makes him immune to physical attacks: hitting or cutting sand is useless. He declares that in a desert, he is invincible because in his element. Moreover, he has developed his powers to the maximum, unlike "those fools who are just satisfied to have obtained a power" (Crocodile talking about his perfect mastery of his demon fruit). He is able to project large waves of sand or to trigger real sandstorms. His hands have the ability to absorb water: he can dry someone out in seconds and turn large buildings into dust by absorbing moisture from stones. However, like all Logia fruit eaters, he has weaknesses. In addition to attacks imbued with Haki, or Sea Granite, Sand has an opposing element, any type of liquid. Any part of his body that comes into contact with a liquid (water, blood...) loses the ability to change into sand. Luffy who discovers this Achilles heel will be able to fight Crocodile "fair and square" and will be able to hit him. This does not apply to his own blood, since during the Battle of Marine Ford, Joz made him bleed in the face without Crocodile losing his ability to turn into sand.

Sir Crocodile


Since Crocodile lost his left hand in an unknown accident before he made his appearance, he has a huge golden hook instead. It has a giant base where it connects to his arm, and the hook itself is strongly curved.

His hook is made of a very strong gold alloy, making it very difficult to break, the alloy is strong enough to block a blow from the sword of the greatest fencer in the world, Mihawk. It is very sharp and can slice through a person easily, as it proves with Luffy and Nico Robin.

The golden part is actually hollow, and can be removed to reveal a second hook. This second hook is of a gray metallic color and has holes all over it. This hook contains a highly concentrated scorpion poison that can dissolve rock with a single touch, and paralyze its victims before they die of cardiac arrest. This poison is so powerful that it gives off a poisonous mist. Nico Robin has an antidote to this poison. However, this hook is less resistant, since Monkey D. Luffy manages to smash it on the ground.

If the hook should break, Crocodile can bring out a blade from the broken end of the base instead.

Crocodile usually uses the hook in conjunction with his Suna Suna no Mi powers to expand the weapon's range of attack.

Sir Crocodile


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