Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers est le stand de Bruno Bucciarati, l'un des protagonistes de la partie 5 de JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Golden Wind.

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Sticky Fingers is a humanoid stand. Only his mouth is visible, the rest of his face is covered by a kind of helmet, provided with spikes. On his wrists, he has two zipper pulls, and also one on his belt.

Bruno Bucciarati


Just like some JoJo's stands, like Star Platinum or Crazy Diamond, he has a war cry to throw in case of a flurry of blows, "ARRI ARRI ARRI ARRI". The difference is that it is Bucciarati who launches this cry, since he ends his assault with "ARRIVEDERCI" (=Goodbye)

Bruno Bucciarati


Sticky Fingers is a close combat stand, its range does not exceed two meters. Its attacks have a strange effect, especially on living beings:

  • Zipper installation: By hitting any object, he can insert a zipper that only he can open or close as he pleases. This is very useful to get through walls or to hide objects.
  • Zipper Strike: Zippers disable living creatures, preventing them from moving properly or launching attacks. If Sticky Fingers zips around its target, it will shatter.
  • Replacement: Sticky Fingers can use his power on himself to replace a body part that is too damaged or weakened. However, he must have a valid arm to use this technique.
  • Tunnel: Used in the fight against Secco, this is a technique copied from his stand. Buccellati moves underground with a tunnel created by Sticky Fingers.


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