Susamaru also known as the "Temari Demon" was a demoness who aspired to join the Twelve Demonic Moons of Muzan Kibutsuji.

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Susamaru is a pale skinned woman with bright hazel eyes with cat-like pupils and black hair with orange tips. She has bangs on her forehead and the ends of her hair look like brushes.


Susamaru wears a pair of long silver earrings and an orange kimono that matches her hair. She wears a black jacket over it but removes both when she enters battle, revealing a small bra that covers her chest.

Although she is normally of average height, when she fights seriously, her arms become noticeably more muscular. She can also develop two new pairs of arms.


Susamaru almost always smiles and enjoys a challenge. Her favorite phrase is "What fun!" and she repeats it constantly if she is engaged in fights that she thinks are fun. Her immaturity contrasts sharply with Yahaba's seriousness.

 Nezuko Kamado


Susamaru was a young girl who loved to play handball before being taken over by Muzan. He implanted in her the desire to become one of the Twelve Moons while killing her enemies with his balls.

Due to Muzan's guidance, Susamaru is a carefree demoness who wishes to please her master while having fun.


Asakusa Arch

Muzan Kibutsuji calls two of his disciples to track down Tanjiro. Susamaru and Yahaba scour the streets of the city in search of their next target. Yahaba uses his Blood Power to follow the Demon Slayer's trail.

Yahaba sees that Tanjiro is accompanied and excited to kill them all, Susamaru asks how they should destroy them. Yahaba answers that of course they should execute them with vengeance and cruelty for their master, to Susamaru's great satisfaction.

Susamaru uses his temari to destroy the seal that hides the building. Having tracked down their enemy, Susamaru agrees with Yahaba that they must kill them all brutally and they notice Tanjiro. Susamaru tells Tanjiro that it's time to die and throws one of his bullets at him which he stops with his sword, impressing Susamaru. One of the bullets decapitates Yushiro who regenerates and he curses her for having ruined his peace with Tamayo. Susamaru pretends he is babbling and takes off his kimono to develop four extra arms and tells them all that they should be honored to be killed by one of the Twelve Demon Moons.

She prepares six bullets and asks her opponents to continue playing until they die. Yushiro gives Tanjiro a way to see Yahaba's arrows and he is able to counter the temari. Meanwhile, Nezuko attacks Yahaba and dispels his arrows.

Nezuko Kamado

Without the help of Yahaba's arrows, Tanjiro manages to cut against Susamaru. Tanjiro even manages to cut all the arms of the demoness at the same time and he swears to Tamayo to extract the blood of the demons close to Muzan. Amused, Susamaru asks Tanjiro what he wants to do with their blood. She instantly regenerates her six arms and reminds Tanjiro that she will take his head. Yahaba comes back to the battlefield and throws Nezuko against his brother. Susamaru tries to kill them both at the same time but they are able to avoid it. Tanjiro fights the Arrow Demon while the other three take care of the Temari Demon.

Yushiro becomes invisible by using his Blood Power and puts Susamaru on his knees while telling him to repent for having hurt lady Tamayo. Yahaba then recognizes Tamayo's name as Tamayo a fugitive. Susamaru resumes the offensive and cuts Nezuko's leg before sending her back to the house. She asks if four heads will be enough for muzan but Yahaba says that they only take Tanjiro's and Tamayo's.

Susamaru raises a lot of dust by bouncing six of his balls, creating a smoke screen. Yushiro is able to escape the temari despite the dust and tries to get closer to her enemy. She can see him moving in the dust despite his invisibility and throws another bullet directly for his head. He is almost decapitated again but a healed Nezuko arrives in time to push the ball away.

Nezuko Kamado

She continues her attack, but this time Nezuko is able to deflect the balls with kicks. Annoyed, Susamaru calls Nezuko a kid and challenges her. By sending back a temari ball at incredible speeds, Nezuko proves that she gains in strength. Nezuko is even able to push back the ball so fast and so strong that Susamaru can't even send it back. Impressed, Susamaru decides to concentrate on Nezuko but Tamayo interrupts her. She questions Susamaru about Muzan, calling him a coward for having manipulated them. Furious, Susamaru tries to defend his master's honor but accidentally says his name out loud. His brain functions were inhibited by Tamayo, forcing Susamaru to tell the truth.

Susamaru runs away and asks his lord for forgiveness. However, after saying his name out loud, Muzan's curse takes hold of Susamaru and three demonic arms appear from his body. The arms completely crush Susamaru's body, leaving only his eye and a pool of blood. Tamayo notices that her eye is not marked with a number, which means that she is not really one of the Twelve Moons.

Skills & Competencies


Demonic abilities

Susamaru has an incredible physical strength and his fighting style is based on the use of temari.

Blood Power

His Blood Power gives him the ability to create and use temari balls at will. It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with Yahaba's Arrows. Together, they were able to drive Tamayo the Fugitive from her hiding place and destroy her lair.


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