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The 10 Best Quotes of Sukuna !

Sukuna may be the ultimate evil of Jujutsu Kaisen, but he has said many intriguing things throughout the series. Here are the top 10 quotes from Sukuna !

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10/ "I Alone Am The Honored One"

Along with one of Satoru's quotes in later arcs of the manga, Sukuna recognized the strength of the jujutsu wizard. Satoru is one of the most powerful characters in the series, along with Yuta Okkotsu . If the strength of the blindfolded sorcerer is enough to make Sukuna nervous, it is a true testimony of his power.

Sukuna said, "By all heaven and earth, he alone is the honored one." In his rematch against Toji Fushiguro, Satoru said exactly the same thing to the witch killer. It is said that when Satoru was born, the balance of the world was changed.

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Les 10 meilleures citations de Sukuna!

 9/ "You Jujutsu sorcerer still are a pain in the ass"

When Satoru told Yuji to give up control of his body to Sukuna for ten seconds, the wizard fought the king of curses within the allotted time. Although he tried to ambush Satoru, Sukuna was caught off guard by his quick reflexes.

As this was his first fight in ages, Sukuna made a hilarious observation. He shouted, "It doesn't matter how long ago it was, you jujutsu wizards are a pain." Even though Sukuna had only ten seconds to fight the best wizard in the world, he quickly realized that he was no match for him.

8/ "To help a lot of people ?"

Les 10 meilleures citations de Sukuna!

After the first battle with Mahito, Yuji felt guilty and insecure. Everything he stood for was in question in this new world of jujutsu witchcraft. However, Sukuna did not let this tragedy go to waste. He took the opportunity to get inside Yuji's head and attack his vulnerable mind, taunting him for his shortcomings.

Sukuna said, "To help many people, right? Brat! A lot of people will die because of you." This is a direct attack on Yuji's very belief of becoming a wizard since he swore to help people and allow them to die honorably.

7/  "Put more curse energy behind it."

During their fight, Sukuna kept trying to draw more and more power from Megumi . As soon as the fight started, Megumi was instantly overwhelmed by Sukuna's power. However, that didn't stop the curse king from taunting him and being even more condescending.

For some reason, it seemed that Sukuna was very interested in Megumi's cursed technique. However, he wasn't impressed with how little cursed energy Megumi was giving off. Sukuna said, "More! More! Put more curse behind it!" with an arrogant smile on his face.

6/ "I will show you what is the real Jujutsu is"

Les 10 meilleures citations de Sukuna!

During his battle with the special grade curse in the detention center, Sukuna first tried to taunt her by mocking her weakness. After regenerating his limbs, Sukuna provoked him again by asking if he expected praise, even though healing with cursed energy is not a difficult task for cursed spirits.

Then Sukuna told the special class that neither she nor Yuji understood what curses really are. Then he said, "I will show you what real jujutsu is," and activated his domain extension: Malevolent Shrine, stunning the other special grade with the sheer difference of their power.

5/ "Any hierarchy other than force is boring"

Sukuna believes that if a hierarchy is to exist in jujutsu society, it should be based solely on the strength of a sorcerer. After all, this same system objectively states that he is the strongest cursed spirit, while Satoru Gojo is the most powerful sorcerer.

Speaking of Satoru, while taking Yuji to meet Masamichi to see if he could enroll in Jujutsu Tech, Sukuna started talking with his mouth on Yuji's cheek. Satoru openly chattering, Sukuna exclaimed, "A system that is not based solely on strength is boring if you ask me. When I make this child's body mine, you will be the first one I kill."

4/ "It will be a massacre !"

Les 10 meilleures citations de Sukuna!

After waking up for the first time in centuries in Yuji's body, Sukuna was quick to take in his surroundings. First, he observed the physical sensation of having a vessel. He exclaimed, "Light is best appreciated in the flesh! The flesh of a cursed spirit is just no fun!

Then he looked around the city and observed the passers-by. Then, maniacally, Sukuna shouted, "Where are the people?

3/ "You dare to touch my soul ?"

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Les 10 meilleures citations de Sukuna!

Sukuna put Mahito in his place several times during the Jujutsu Kaisen . In this case, it was when the patchwork curse tried to use his inactive transfiguration on Yuji. He inadvertently put his hand on Sukuna's soul by touching Yuji, instantly provoking the wrath of the curse king.

This instantly shook Mahito in his heart. Then, Sukuna asked, "You dare to touch my soul?" Then, he continued, "Since we shared a laugh at the expense of the brat, I will allow it only once. There will be no second time."

2/ "You are strong."

One of the best things Sukuna did in the series was to praise the abilities of another cursed spirit. Although he defeated him soon after, the king of curses proved that he could recognize the strengths of others.

Before delivering the final blow to Jogo, Sukuna praised his strength and perseverance. Although he was completely overwhelmed, he recognized that Jogo had never intended to give up. Sukuna said, "Stand proud. You are strong." Then he finished Jogo and continued with what turned into a rampage through Shibuya.

1/ "Know your place."

Les 10 meilleures citations de Sukuna!

After Sukuna warned him not to touch his soul again, Mahito did exactly that. Although he had no intention of doing so, when Yuji burst into his domain expansion, he inadvertently touched Sukuna's soul again.

This time, Sukuna was much less forgiving. He said, "Know your place, fool." Then he hit Mahito on the chest, deliberately damaging the soul of the patchwork curse. Mahito decided to flee the scene afterwards, running away like a frightened animal with its tail between its legs after coming face to face with an angry Sukuna.


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