The 5 Best Quotes from Hunter x Hunter ! Anime Figure Store

The 5 Best Quotes from Hunter x Hunter !

Hunter x Hunter is widely regarded as one of the best anime of all time. This series contains several powerful quotes that can attest to its greatness, here are 5 of those best quotes!

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5/ "In the hands of an incompetent, power brings nothing but ruin." - Meruem

Les 5 meilleures citations du manga Hunter x Hunter!

Meruem is the key antagonist of the Chimera Ant arc, an award-winning arc revered by anime fans around the world. Meruem is a genius and extremely powerful, initially determined to destroy humanity. Given his high intelligence, he has qualms with certain aspects of human society.

Upon learning that human hierarchies were based on lineage and relationships as opposed to merit, skill and power, he speaks this painful truth. He desires to purge the earth of haughty officials who have everything while oppressing the poor and creating a world without inequality.

4/ "You think I can't pray with one arm? A prayer comes from the heart." - Isaac Netero

Les 5 meilleures citations du manga Hunter x Hunter!

Netero was the 12th president of the Hunter Association. The most powerful nen user of his youth, Netero has retained much of his prowess and abilities even in his old age. As Meruem's opponent, Netero is overwhelmed by Meruem's power. Having lost his right leg and then his left arm, Netero tells Meruem the above.

Netero's resolve is unwavering and he continues to fight after losing all his Nen. This causes Meruem to honor him, marveling at humanity's ability to overcome its limitations and hailing Netero as the standard. Netero's words leave a deep impression and remind us to always strive.

3/ "I'm not afraid of death. I only fear that my rage will fade with time." - Kurapika

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Les 5 meilleures citations du manga Hunter x Hunter!

Kurapika is the last surviving member of the Kurta clan. At the age of 12, his entire clan was massacred. The clan's eyes are considered rare gems and 35 pairs are scattered around the world. After obtaining his hunter's license, Kurapika embarks on a destructive journey to avenge the murder of his clan and retrieve all remaining Kurta eyeballs.

This leads to his ruthless actions in the Yorknew City arc and his eventual triumph over the Ghost Troop. His rage, this quote and his subsequent actions serve as a warning. Letting go of hate and anger frees up space to experience love and companionship, which Kurapika ignores.

2/ "An apology is a promise to do things differently next time and keep the promise" - Ging Freecss

Les 5 meilleures citations du manga Hunter x Hunter!

Ging Freecs is not obtuse to the fact that he is an absent father. He is, in fact, quite aware of this, and in his first meeting with Gon, he admits that he is unsure about seeing a son he has left for selfish reasons. As the two talk and share stories about their escapades, Ging reminds Gon of the importance of apologizing honestly.

Maintaining connections and being true to one's words are useful qualities that will help Gon on the path he has chosen. As much as Ging is not present in Gon's life, the life lessons he imparts during their brief encounter are timeless.

1/ "If I were the only person who really loved you in the whole world, well, would that make you sad?" - Kirua

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Les 5 meilleures citations du manga Hunter x Hunter!

Alluka Zoldyck is the younger sister of Killua. Under undisclosed circumstances, she was possessed by a dark spirit that the family named Nanika. The spirit's power is to grant wishes, but at the cost of human lives. Because of this and the family's fear and inability to control her, she is locked up and ostracized.

Kirua decides to escape with her to get Nanika's help in healing Gon. After Gon is healed, Killua demands that Nanika disappear. This angers Aruka when she comes, causing Killua to realize his mistake. When Nanika reappears, Killua speaks the above words, and the power of sincere care to move even a dark mind produces one of the most beautiful emotional moments in the anime.


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