The 5 Best Quotes of Gojo Satoru ! Anime figure store

The 5 Best Quotes of Gojo Satoru !

Satoru Gojo is one of the most compelling characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. Coming from one of the most powerful jujutsu families, Satoru is the de facto most powerful Sorcerer on the planet.

He has quickly become a fan favorite because of his wonderful sense of humor, his dazzling displays of power, and his seemingly unshakable confidence in himself, here are his top 5 quotes:

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5/ "When you are given everything, you can't do anything"

Les 5 meilleures citations de Gojo Satoru!

During his first fight with Jogo, Satoru launched his domain extension: Infinite Void. Instantly, Jogo noticed that he was experiencing everything imaginable, but nothing at the same time. The amount of information and stimulation the cursed mind experienced in a few seconds was enough to paralyze him. To anyone experiencing this domain extension for the first time, it seemed like a surreal experience.

Then, mockingly, Satoru grabbed Jogo's head and explained, "Perception, communication... every action associated with life is forcibly repeated an infinite number of times. It's ironic, isn't it? When you are granted everything, you can't do anything... ."

4/ "Don't worry, I'm the strongest."

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After meeting Yuji for the first time, he challenged him to let Sukuna take over for ten seconds to test his control. Yuji was apprehensive about this at first, probably fearing that Sukuna would go on a killing spree, putting Megumi and Satoru in danger.

However, Satoru stopped Yuji in his tracks and reassured him, saying, "Don't worry, I'm the strongest." Then, Sukuna took control and soon after, started fighting with Satoru for the allotted ten seconds. Fortunately for Yuji, he passed Satoru's test by regaining control after the time was up.

3/ "Dying to win and risking death to win are completely different"

Les 5 meilleures citations de Gojo Satoru!

One of Megumi's most significant character flaws is her overly sacrificial nature. While this is generally considered a noble trait, one must question their true intentions when they do it excessively. In Megumi's case, he believes that if needed, he will pull out his trump card and solve the problem at the cost of his own life.

Satoru recognized this immediately. He told Megumi that he would never reach his full potential if he continued in this way. Then Satoru said, "Dying to win and risking death to win are completely different, Megumi."

2/ "Love is the most twisted curse of all"

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Les 5 meilleures citations de Gojo Satoru!

In Jujutsu Kaisen 0 , Yuta concluded that Rika might not have been the one cursing him. Instead, he might have been the one cursing Rika and preventing her from passing to the afterlife.

Satoru seemed to think this was a plausible theory. He said to Yuta, "I believe that love is the most twisted curse of all." After Satoru said this, it was quite inspiring for Yuta to declare that he would become a Sorcerer strong enough to unravel Rika's curse at Jujutsu High.

1/ "I Alone Am The Honored One"

In his rematch against Toji Fushiguro, Satoru proved how much he wanted to assert himself as the strongest wizard in the world. Even though Toji thought he had succeeded in killing Satoru, the wizard stood before him and arrogantly said, "Yo. Long time no see."

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Les 5 meilleures citations de Gojo Satoru!

During this fight, fans saw a new side of Satoru. Instead of the casual and fun-loving man that everyone had become accustomed to, fans now saw a ruthless warrior, fully determined to prove his dominance in the jujutsu society. Just as the fight reached its climax, Satoru scorned Toji and declared, "By heaven and earth, I alone am honored." Then he delivered the coup de grace.

The only other character having said these words in the series is Sukuna...


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